Big Brother Canada 4 April 6 Evening Live Feed update


POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony April 4th
HOH Winner: Raul Next HOH: April 6th
Original Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Current Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas
Have Nots Joel, Ramsey, Brothers and Maddy

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White iverson

Mitch has been a common floater from Day 1and has some how adopted the nickname of “Mastermind”.
I’m glad he’s on the block because it exposes how weak his game really is.


Mitch is anything, but common. Mitch has been an extremely active Floater that has never bowed down to the power the way Joel, Cass, and Phil do. He’s pushed his own agenda, and made the moves he felt were best for him.

Mitch is on the block because of a twist. Had Kelsey and Loveita not come back into the game. Mitch wouldn’t be on the block, and Cass, Joel, and the Brothers likely would judging from Raul’s shortlist.


Good luck getting some more dislikes. :P


You get to have fun with the people you care about. Who is she trying to fool by repeating this over and over. I don’t see her having fun and she does talk very negatively a lot (accusing Maddy of doing it). Kelsey is a bitch who has been entitled to a lot in the house for no reason but blonde hair and touching people.


Why do all the girls SUCK!!!!! holding on to a guy to carry them through the game
Why r all the guys in love with Jared? and doing whatever he says
Ram get away from that cheating hobag

Eight Toes

This is the way of the world. Unfortunately, the cameras take away a woman’s greatest strength in modern society–the ability to falsely accuse a man of rape if things don’t go her way. So sexist, Big Brother.


Mitch was working Raul soooo hard tonight, and it was honestly great to watch. Raul won’t even tell Jared and Kelsey what Mitch told him. He finally realizes that he made a move that is completely a detriment to his game since he cut his best friend and is stuck with a showmance that will cut him at some point.

I hope Mitch can keep this ball rolling tommorrow, because Raul might keep him in the event of a tie.


As a super fan, it is sad to see a really great player to leave because of this unlucky situation. If it wasn’t for that twist, he could have gone all the way to the end.


His exuberant campaign to get rid of Dallas ruined his game long before Kelsey came back.
He wasn’t on anyone’s radar until he snitched on the brothers and Cassandra to Jared.
Tim also renewed his desire to get rid of Mitch. If his snitch game was revealed to three players in the house, he was already in trouble.
Kelsey made it worse, undoubtedly, but he was already having some problems because he revealed too much last week.

lol what?

Mitch the snitch? Great player? WTH are you smoking? You need to watch more BB Seasons! LoL these noobs that come here to comment…


I’ve figured out why I don’t actually have a preference between Joel or Mitch leaving.
The selling point Mitch is trying to push is he’ll go after the 3w. So will Joel (he’s already put them on the block once), he knows pawns can go home so won’t owe 3w anything, they risked his game.
Motivations: 3w don’t want to keep Joel as much as they want to get rid of Mitch.
Brothers and Cass want to keep Joel because they know they can beat him, and he’s a loyal number until then.
Maddy and Ramsey want to keep Mitch because he’s full of vinegar right now. Maddy is comfortable with vinegar. As long as Mitch hates Kelsey, Maddy is all about the Mitch.
Nikki wants to keep Mitch because he misted her.
Tim wants to get rid of Mitch because Mitch doesn’t idolize Tim. If Tim figures out Mitch has any measure of fame in any way, he’ll vote Mitch out even quicker.
If they get rid of Mitch: Nikki would not stay with Maddy and Ramsey. She might suck back on to Tim but targeting 3w. Ramsey and Maddy are on their own but targeting 3w. Brothers and Cass with Joel are targeting 3w, secondary Ramsey and Maddy. Third wheel are clueless.
If they get rid of Joel: Nikki Mitch Maddy and Ramsey are targeting 3w. Bros, Cass and Tim are targeting 3w. Third wheel are clueless.
See why I think it’s irrelevant?


Although it is kind of irrelevant I don’t think you have the targets right. When it comes down to it, the brothers value the 3w a lot more than I think comes out. Cassandra also never mentioned getting them out to anyone so I don’t think she would target them either simply because of emotional bonds. Both would vote the three out but not necessarily put them up.
Mitch could win a lot more if he put his mind to it if he stayed- I don’t know if Joel would have such luck. So, for them at least, they’ve already started a target so they may as well finish Mitch off. Which is sad too because he could’ve won, his game was pretty perfect up until two weeks ago


Starting last week when Jared pushed too hard on the brothers and Cassandra, the brothers have been secretly telling each other Jared’s gotta go. Cassandra has said to Maddy and Tim in the last 36 hours they’ve got to go. The brothers know Jared has trash talked them this week. Joel has kept the brothers in the loop since week two. They believe he’ll be on their side. Mitch has ratted out the brothers before. That’s why Jared got pushy and demanding with the brothers in the first place.
Right now the brothers and Cass are playing nice to the 3rd wheel. As soon as the next hoh is played there may be a different story.

Ariana Grande stinks!

I feel sorry for Mitch but that’s the way this game goes. I can only hope Kelsey and Jarred get their asses kicked, followed by Ramsey, disgusting brothers and the greatest airhead ever Cassandra. By the system of elimination — I cannot root for Maddy but I would be the least disgusted if she wins.


While I appreciate your opinion I beg to differ. Let me ask you a simple question: Were you a fan of Danielle Reyes? Dr. Will or Dan?

If you answered yes to any of those then you’ll understand why so many of the BBCan fans are incensed by what has happened to Mitch. Danielle Reyes actually got shafted in a similar fashion, but it was at game end and only b/c everyone saw her DR’s. It was deemed so intrusive to quality of game play the jury was implemented the following season.

In terms of great players like Dr.Will, Dan and almost every winner since for that matter, none of them would have made it to jury if they would have had to endure this twist.

And the irony is Jared & Kelsey are doing exactly the same thing (or TRYING to) that Mitch did by making side deals with Cass, the Bro’s, Ramsay & Maddy and even Tim. Though Raul felt betrayed by Mitch he’ll be the one who suffers most as Jared/Kelsey are already making deals w/o him and planning to cut him. His true shaft will come at the hands of the 3W and then he’ll truly understand the meaning of betrayal. Whereas Mitch would very likely have pulled him to the end forfeiting Jared along the way.

Personally I’m disappointed with BBCan b/c unlike seasons where a twist can add balance to a one-sided power similar to the second season with Canada’s vote. This interference is only serving to give overwhelming power to a group most fans aren’t interested in watching let alone seeing win.

I had hoped production would offset this overt assistance to TTW via another twist to balance the scale.
Instead for the third time in a row they stand to lose yet another “real” player. (and that’s not a comment on Dallas or Lovita other than they were definitely playing the game).

This will leave a house with:
*An overwhelming power of 3 who make public school cliches look innocent
*Tim who is quite possibly smarter than all of the remaining players combined but afflicted with his own ego,
* The Brothers who will are already on EVERYONE’s radar despite them refusing to believe it,
* Cass the best liar/manipulator remaining,
* Ramsay blindly following a girl who believes it’s okay to mess around b/c her future fiance & his parents will understand it was just for the $$,
*Joel who may be the only nice guy left in the house, but who also has no true partner
* And Nikki who at least keeps us entertained.

I honestly would rather the house replace TTW (or at least the prom King & Queen) and Ramsay who I find particularly smarmy with Dallas, Loveita and Mitch. Whether you liked them or not, at least they’d watched the show and were gamers.

But apparently the powers that be are fine losing Mitch to keep Kelsey who got the one week “how to play BB course tutorial” from Lovita, since they think viewers are more interested in TTW inane autocracy.
Perhaps when viewership & online watchers take a dive they’ll recognize the error of their ways.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t cost BBCan5 from ever getting off the ground!


Big brother production always ruins the best player’s game. This year it was Mitch. Last year it was Bruno with that double veto crap. Can’t they just let the best player win?!?


Sorry but Mitch is an overrated lil bitch. He’s not that great of a player.
Please. So glad his rat game jig is up. See ya Mitchy boy


His game is still better than your rude and unnecessary comment :)