Michelle to Tiffany- “Tell me everything you can now.. At least I can soak it all in”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 20-04-36-696

7:49pm Corey took a shower! (Yeah it’s been slow)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 21-07-57-737

Nicole gets a makeover

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 20-29-49-752

8:20pm James and Natalie
JAmes doesn’t want her to be sad if ends up going home one week. They’ll see each other in jury.
Natalie says she use to get sick as a kid because she ate so many mangois. In venezuela there’s mango trees everywhere, ‘Whenever I wanted a Mango I had one”
Natalie – do I look curvy.. Do I look like a curvy girl .. I don’t want to be curvy
James – you look fine.. What do you want to look like
Natalie – skinny.. Like I use to be.. I feel huge like a whale

Cameras shift to outside for a moment..

Natalie – no napkins.. Awesome
James – you can use my shirt
Natalie – that’s OK i’ll use my shorts
Natalie says Paul and Bronte are getting close, jokes theres another showmance in the house. \
Natalie has cut up a bowl of fruit. Her and James eat it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 20-35-51-499

8:38pm Coreys slippers

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 21-04-04-008

8:42pm Tiffany and Michelle
Tiffany thinks COrey, Nicole, PAulie, Zakiyah and Da’Vonne are in an alliance. She points out how they spend a lot of time together now where they use to not. Tiffany adds nobody wants Frank in the house. Nicole, Da’Vonne and Zakiyah aren’t with Frank they are with them but they also have a smaller group they are not part of.
Tiffany – it’s almost like we’re all just working together one big group..
Tiffany says the good thing is Da’Vonne is telling Tiffany things and Tiffany is telling Michelle things so they are both in the know. TIffany told DA’Vonne

Michelle – James is up Natalie’s butt.. I tried warning James last night he’s so oblivious
Tiffany – it’s good to have showmances in the house they’re targets..
Tiffany says Da told her theres a lot of things that is going on between Paulie and Zakiyah that they don’t know about..
They were kissing and cuddling
Michelle – they are good at hiding it..

Tiffany says Frank made a final 2 with Da’Vonne day 2.
Michelle – why do you trust her this stuff..
Tiffany – I told her point blank you and her are the only two I trust in the house
Michelle – did Frank make final 2’s with anybody else
Tiffany – yes Zakiyah.. I think Corey..
Michelle – tell me everything you can now.. At least I can soak it all in..
Tiffany – I’m trusting you like a vault
Tiffany – don’t you see Paulie and Corey always talking.. Game.. They have a true final 2 i’m 99.99% sure.. Paulie wants someone he can trust and doesn’t know the game very well.

Tiffany says she wants a final 3 with with Michelle and Da’Vonne.
Michelle thinks three girls in the end would be awesome.

Tiffany now says Frank making all those final 3 final 2 deals way too early why not stick to the plan they had.
Michelle – ya get all those girls out (Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette)

Tiffany asks if the order is Frank Bridgette Natalie Paul
Michelle says it’s so disgusting that James chasse’s Natalie
Michelle thinks it’s all strategy
Tiffany thinks Natalie likes james as a brother but james is seeing it differently.

Tiffany – they might rope you in and say to me Say?nara
Michelle – No that’s not fair
Tiffany asks her to let her know if she’s in trouble

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 21-56-30-787

9:56pm Bronte and Natalie
Talking about getting closer to Paul, “It’s amazing what a little bit of flirting will get you in this house” Bronte for Paul’s image/style Paul is attractive, “I would never date Paul” Bronte likes nerds.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 22-42-17-341

10:42pm Frank and James
Frank’s telling him they should keep Bridgette over Michelle, says Michelle is emotional. James is worried they down too many guys the girls may get toegether won night and decide hey there’s never been a season of all girls.
James- this is crazy we’re taking all the guys out..
Tiffany joins them.. chit chat..
They start talking about movies. James says the first thing he’s going to do when he gets out of here is watch the new independence day he loved the first one.
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 22-53-49-447

10:53pm Bathroom
Paulie to Nicole “There’s votes to keep Everyone safe”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 22-56-20-151

10:57pm Michelle and Tiffany
Tiffany says every time she enters a room Nicole leaves.
Tiffany – I cannot deal with Bronte.. Jesus.. I want her gone.. Her voice..
Tiffany – James and Natalie were cuddling.. UGH

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 23-05-41-968
11:00am Tiffany decides to scare JAmes..

Tiffany goes to get James but he sat on the box… He moves eventually but doesn’t get scared.. 🙁

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-11 23-40-17-289

11:25pm HOH Bridgette and Frank (Brdigette’s messed up ank;e)
Talking about Michelle being sick again from the sun. Bridgette can’t understand why the girl doesn’t wear sunscreen they all have been telling her. Frank thinks that it’s in her programming when you tell her to do something she won’t do it.
Frank wishes there was a Big Brother reunion every year. Frank says the wrap party is super low key, it’s the size of the kitchen and dinning room.

Frank doesn’t think Bronte and Natalie will ever fully trust him. Bridgette thinks Zakiyah will break if Paulie leaves first.
Frank – she’ll last longer than Paulie.. unless I send her home… that’s the point she’s tied for the least threatening person in the game.
BRidgette – whose the least threatening..
Frank – you should know this
Bridgette – NAT NAT
Frank brings up Natalie’s comp performances, “she f***g walks around the house pirouetting all the time how is that threatening”

11:50pm Frank starts talking about Southpark.. Bridgette never watched it before. Frank goes on about how great the show is..

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wow. much stuff going on


Alright. Things seem to be picking up between Michelle and Tiffany in terms of the game. Hope something gets sparked and flips the whole house around. All of this the house voting as one gets annoying and repetitive.

Also, I can’t help but have this itching feeling that this whole James and Natalie thing won’t end up going well. Everything seems too perfect and I see someone getting hurt or someone getting bitter at the end of it. Just my own prediction (most likely will be false but why not explore it).

And Corey, oh Corey, Corey. This dude has got to be hiding something other than his love for pink and feminine things. Either just be proud about it or cover the stuff up, man. like wtf

Corey's Game

In my opinion, Corey is playing the “dumb jock” on purpose. That’s his strategy to stay under the radar. I also think he throws comps. Even though he flirts with Nicole, I wonder if he’s gay. In the beginning of the show, Corey made several comments in the DR about the other guys’ bodies. That got me wondering. Perhaps he’s hetero, but just super comfortable commenting on other men. Who knows? It reality, it doesn’t matter if he’s gay, straight, bi, or whatever, and I don’t care. I’m just making an observation in response to yours. I DO, however, believe that Corey is acting “ditzy” when that’s not who he really is. Sometimes people who play as if they’re clueless get pretty far in the game. We shall see.

I'm gonna wake up my woman

Zakiyah looks hella good, that dress is tight yo

Powder Puff Girls

I think Zakiyah would do very well on America’s Next Top Model she is very beautiful.


Is she over 5’9″? because under that is considered a petite model on ANTM and a lot of the industry.
I agree she’s very beautiful.

Corey's slippers

Hey Frank ready for a shower?

Misty Beethoven

Frank’s one of those people who can step out of the shower and still look likes he’s stanky.

Franks Farts Are Juicy

Stanky rich when he wins

Powder Puff Girls

Michelle there are bigger fish in the house than Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette – I have a feeling no one wants to make a big move and take out Frank they will only do it BD. It would only take Frank to win POV to keep noms the same to keep him off the block. I think someone will tell him he is in a bad spot prior to next HOH.


I have a feeling Bronte will spill to Bridgette. She’s told Natalie she would keep there information secret before and ended up telling Bridgette.
Bridgette will tell Frank.
The only alternate scenario I actually see is Nicole running her fool mouth.
Or Grodner’s flying monkeys.

Powder Puff Girls

I agree Bronte would be the one to say something if it happens.


Question for Simon or Dawg or anyone with a better sense of recollection than me:
Did the new five person alliance of Pa/Za/Ni/Co and either Da’vonne or Michelle ever actually inform Michelle of the alliance’s existence… or did they just back pocket her as a possible member?


Thanks Simon. Wasn’t sure if they ever bothered to have the “hey you’ve been in our secret alliance for a week but we forgot to tell you before, don’t tell anyone” talk.


Tiffany is that sibling that tries to live up to the other one’s potential but never quite will. And will always be second to them. She’s the Eli Manning, the Beau Bridges, the Venus Williams, the Ashlee Simpson of Big Brother.

I dunno

She is the better looking sister

VanASSa's Sister

That’s not saying much, though. A frog is better looking than Vanessa.


That’s true. She just doesn’t have the better brains.


Eli Manning has 2 Superbowl rings and MVP in his resume.
Thats something you do not pashaw!


Yeah but he still will never be as good as Peyton.

Daenerys Targaryen


Elissa > Rachel

The last thing you will see is a Stark looking down as you die!

Just so you know, Eli Manning has WON 2 Super Bowls. Not sure that he is a good example.Maybe a better example would be, Billy Carter, President Jimmy Carter’s brother.

Wtf is up with Corey?

For the love of God, someone needs to bitchslap Corey with his slippers.


Dude says he’s working on an app. I’m sorry, but that has to mean he’s financing much smarter people to work on an app.


“Michelle – ya get all those girls out”

Holy crap this girl has a one track mind.

Alice in Flames

Nothing will change until someone actually tells Tiff the plan is to get her out this week. Michelle or Day talking to her does nothing. They aren’t actually flipping until they fill her in.

Her giving Michelle info and Michelle not returning the favor just means Michelle is still against her.

Sad that the two people Tiff feels she can trust are still working against her along with the other morons in house.

Maybe at some point Day or Michelle tell Tiff she is going and then they work with her to flip it. But until then nothing will change

I dont see it happening

I think it a bit too late now …the guys wont vote out Paul and all the 3 guys have a girl that d probably vote with them which is already 7 votes(w Frank)…it d take a lot of work to persuade anyone of those 6 to risk their game for…Tiffanny …none of those 7 likes her enough to risk their games for her..as usually the Rousso mistake ,no solid alliance, she had Mischelle, like Vanessa had Steve…didn t have her


Van didn’t have a core alliance?? Really, well what about Austin? He was who she chose, to protect, that 1st week, and what happened, same thing that happened with Day this season, got pushed out by a showmance. Yeah, Day is right to be upset, Z and Nicole added the boys and now she is left further out in their alliance. Too bad she worked so hard to make Tiff seem paranoid and untrustworthy. I hope Tiff does come back in, maybe she can unite with what ever is left of the Fatal5/4. Frank might cause a lot of problems in the coming week, before the battle back. Won’t he be surprised to see Tiff or whomever goes out next week, come back in. You know that is how it is going to go. BB wants a girl to win this season so bad. I want a girl to win too. Please Day, Tiff, Z, get yourselves together.


It was difficult to watch feeds yesterday because 3 of the 4 cams weren’t working. But day and tiff had a pretty long convo in the bathroom, it was reported on here. But in the convo day was giving Tiffany “hints”. She never came out and said it directly but you could tell Tiffany did pick up on it. That’s why you see her talking a lot more game now instead of just laying low.

There has been this whole thing from day and Michelle both (and Nicole) not to tell Tiffany anything because she will freak out. I think day wants to tell her but is afraid Tiffany will blow stuff up (especially with Frank).


This house is brewing, and there is still 3 full days to go until the vote. Tiffany spilling her guts out to Michelle about the fatal 5, the closeness (and attempts to cover it up) of Paulie and Zakiyah, the secret final 2 Paulie and Corey think they have. That’s a lot of information and I could see Michelle spilling some of it unintentionally. On top of all of that, Bronte and Natalie know the house wants Frank out next week. If that piece of information gets to Bridgette, it very well could then get to Frank. I could even see someone else, like a Nicole (who is thinking it might be better for her if Frank stays) going to Frank and telling him about the house plan to backdoor him next week. With the amount of damaging information that is about to be spread amongst the house, there are a whole bunch of people that could knowingly blow things up in an attempt to cover themselves. It’ll definitely be interesting to watch.

Corey the Doufus

Corey can’t be anywhere without Nicole for 5 mins or else she hunts him down and comes in and plops down no matter who is there. Then starts trying to show off for him or make it clear to others they are couple like trying to start little fake fights with him then laugh..hoping someone says “you two are already like a married couple” Thats her dream.

Barf. I have to turn off AD. They are focusing too much on Nicole and I can’t stand the Bit*h


Her heart is going to break when she finds out the dude likes boys.


My Little Moany and her constant whining is an instant feeds change for me. Spank is another one…


All Michelle is doing is soaking up information from Tiffany. She practically told Tiffany she was a goner. ” Tell everything you can now… At least I can soak it all in.”

Donald Trump

The mood in the house changes more than my hair color.


Corey what kind of slippers are those did you steal it from jozea there’s something wrong with that boy.

Fuzzy Num Num

Ring riiiiinnnng, tiff “hellooooo” , “ummm, like tiff, this is ummm, you sister, umm I Really need to ummm tell you something. But, like, you, umm have to understand, umm, I pulled out the skittles and ran some numbers. And ummm,
You really don’t have the votes. So umm you need to umm get creative, ok? You have to promise anyone like anything. You need to cry, you eyed to skulk around slumped over. You need to lack mail these twits. Umm Ike, so, like Bye!”

Right On!

I’m sick of seeing these guests lay around all day in bed acting cool. Hey Big Brother, take them on fields trips to clean the beach, feed the homeless or let them plow some fields. Give them something to do. I guess I’m just sayin’ let’s get this season rolling.
Stop playing the game with your emotions. And start using strategy! Hey James, your game is played out. You are not a comedian nor a jester; you are using the same tricks as last time.
Thanks Simon and Dawg, this is the best website in town


Not sure about cleaning the beaches or plowing the fields but I do think they should have more penalty/reward comps spread out throughout the week and have some strict rules about not revealing who you voted for. I watched one season of BBAU and saw a couple of cool things. They offered a couple of people some cash (which came out of the prize $) and if they took it everyone had no food for a week. Then I think they set up a food stand in the back yard and you could buy food. I also liked they way everyone secretly voted two people for eviction and the ones with the most votes were the ones on the block. You are spot on with Simon and Dawg giving us the best updates and spoilers. I found this site maybe 3 years ago and it is the only place I come to see what is going on. I look forward to seeing the regular commenters who for the most part are diehard fans of the show and provide great amount of differing views and opinions that make the comment section as interesting as the updates.


I don’t think Tiffany will stay. I don’t think Tiffany is a carbon copy of Vanessa. I don’t think she has a chance of combating the perception. I think the others did too well in their campaign to paint her as a copy of Vanessa.
Da’vonne and Frank said she was emotional and she freaks out so she’s Vanessa got to get her out.
When she keeps her cool and doesn’t freak out, Frank says she’s lazy and brings nothing to the game got to get her out.
Corey says she sucks at comps (and she’s done better than him in most) for a week so got to get her out.
Paulie says she can win comps like her sister so got to get her out.
There’s no combating she freaks out / she doesn’t freak out so gotta get her out.
There’s no combating she sucks at comps / she can win comps so gotta get her out.
They’ve created an argument where she cannot stay because whatever she does she’s in the trap.


All so true. When Corey said that I was thinking really? She’s done better than you idiot.

skeptical onlooker

Neither Da’vonne nor Michelle will tell Tiany that she’s the target. I think because they’re worried she’ll spill some info.
At this stage..it will be a blindside for Tiffany, I thought she was quite observant…and am quite surprised she hasn’t twigged yet.
It will be a hell of a shock to the House if Tiffany wins the buyback. Heads are going to roll if that happens.
If I remember correctly..the returnee can’t be voted out for one week.
I feel for Tiffany. She’s trying really hard to be more social..and she’s on slop.
Frank is a disgusting POS. He looks more dirty every day. Does he ever shower?
I really think he hates women. I can’t wait for him to be evicted..and when he is..I hope it’s a blindside.


Day said if she can’t get it flipped and thinks tiff is definitely going, she’s going to tell her an hour before so she’s not blindsided.


Weird observation / question.
If Paulie hosted some of the castings, and Boogie tried to build a bridge between Vanessa and Frank so Frank and Tiffany could work together ( I said Vanessa’s sister, no way she’s outta there)….
exactly who didn’t know the siblings were siblings before they entered the house?
Why do I keep smelling something weird? I doubt it’s the shower or the poo smell in the kitchen of the bb house, but it’s starting to smell just as rank.

Majorfail Tiffany

Imitating Vanessa – fail
Imitating James – major fail


So if you are Tiffany and you are evicted would it be against any big brother rule to say, “thanks fatal five women’s alliance and 8 pack, hope your plan to get frank out next week works.”
you know, as far as backstabs go….


Did i just hear that right? 1:27am Frank saying he’s addicted to morphine and they give him some every morning then FISH?

Canadian Kev

She is safe unless I decide to send her home.

Ugg. Please send Frank’s arrogant ass home this week!

Lennon's Ghost

Battle Back –

Here is what CBS has said about the Battle Back Competitions and when we see them:

Instead of permanent eviction, the first five evicted houseguests received a chance to return to the game. The first two evictees faced off in a duel, with the winner advancing to face the next evicted houseguest, while the loser will be permanently eliminated. Following four duels, the remaining evictee will re-enter the house. All four duels will air in a special episode on July 22.

How the HG’s have guessed about this pre-jury buyback is anyone’s guess, but it’s not too much to believe that Production is leaking info during their DR sessions.

It will be interesting to see what happens on the July 22nd episode.


The fact that the headless powerpuff girls are tighter than the other females are embarrassing.


The problem is that everyone walks on eggshells around Tiffany because she has melt downs. They all agreed not to give her any game talk in case she has a blow up and spills it. The fact that she is going out before a Puff girl says a lot about how disliked and distrusted she is. It is smarter to keep her as a vote against Frank but no one can really trust what the heck she may do. She in essence has been responsible for her demise by being such a drama queen in an environment that has zero tolerance for the drama. The players in her sister’s season accepted a whole lot of drama, this one simply does not.


What meltdown? So she cried a few tears of frustration when Frank was extremely rude to her. That’s nothing compared to Day’s meltdowns. Michelle cried because she looked fat in her pixel outfit, Paul cried, not sure why….Tiff is getting a bad rap because of her sister, who was a mess, I get that, but Tiff is not Vanessa. But then again, Tiff doesn’t have much game and she obviously has no idea how she is perceived.