DaVonne tells Tiff “I’m going to be PISSED if Thursday comes & something else happens!”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 17-36-52-370

5:25pm In the bathroom – Davonne and Tiffany are talking. DaVonne says maybe the 5 doesn’t exist any more. They do the same to me. That’s why its important to mix and mingle. Tiffany says I know right now I’m fine but.. Davonne says not to sound cliche but “friendship”. Tiffany says Nicole never wants to talk personal. DaVonne says maybe we just linked up with the wrong people. Tiffany asks and who’s the next target. DaVonne says after Frank it would have to be Paulie because he’s going to be hard to get out. DaVonne says it sucks because Nicole doesn’t even realize she’s on the outskirts of that. Tiffany says DaVonne says Corey isn’t smart enough to do anything. Tiffany says I’m starting to see who really has my back .. and its only you. DaVonne says I’m going to be PISSSED if Thursday comes and something else happens and I’m out of the loop about it.. because they see us talking. I’ma be PISSSED! I don’t understand why when I walk up they be quiet .. when you walk up they be quite.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 17-32-57-005

5:55pm – 6:30pm Backyard – Paul and Bronte are talking about his brand. Bronte asks Paul waht made you audition for the show. Like how did you find it. Paul says that they found me .. kind of .. I think someone signed me up. Bronte asks did you go in to an open call? Paul says no, I did interviews and sh*t. I never thought I would get it. I was too intimidated by it. Like they pick random people. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Paul says there’s a few more favours that I need to do for this crew for them to trust me. Like I’m literally walking on egg shells. Bronte says me too. Paul joins the backyard crew tossing oranges back and forth.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 17-46-25-262

6:50pm The game ends and they all sit on the backyard couches chatting about random things. Nicole joins Zakiyah on the hammock. Nicole tells her that she felt the same way about her birthday when she had it in here. Being locked up in here and having your birthday is just different. I felt kind of numb. Zakiyah says yeah that’s how I feel. I’m just trying not to cry in front of anybody. Nicole says today Frank and I screamed about your cake. I was using vegetable oil and he screamed to substitute butter. I said I was going to make it how I wanted to. Then Bridgette said don’t help her. He said I bet all your cakes at home suck! Then he had 2 pieces.. I was like oh hows that vegetable oil?! Zakiyah says he’s a f**king a$$hole! Excuse my language but I don’t like him! Nicole says I hate how he brings out the worst in me. He says he’s just joking. Zakiyah says joking is going to get you evicted. Someone should say that to him. DaVonne joins them. DaVonne says he’s a fan of the show .. why would you play like that.. he knows when you play like that you go home.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 18-54-25-299
7:20pm Bronte touching Paul in the HOH room. (Natalie and Bronte suggested she do some game flirting.).

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 19-21-51-683

7:05pm – 7:30pm Michelle says I might be next.. I had a fight with him. He was bossing me around about how to cook the cake. I told him he was so bossy and he told me to shut up. I said you shut up. Tiffany says I just hate feeling like the outsider. I feel really alone right now. Its so stupid I know. I know people don’t know what’s going on inside but its not fun. If I wasn’t on the block I would be way more carefree. Michelle says I’m so afraid that next week won’t work out. Tiffany says I want people that I can trust .. and I want you to be one of those people. Michelle says I want Bridgette gone so bad. Tiffany says she’s seen me upset and she hasn’t checked on me once. She’s checked on Zakiyah. I’m on her team, isn’t that weird. Tiff tells Michelle about the fatal five alliance (Corry, Paulie, Zakiyah, Nicole and Day) Tiffany asks her not to tell anyone. I trust you. Michelle says she won’t say anything, it doesn’t benefit me. It would hurt me more than anything. Tiffany says that Day tells her things and she is going to share everything to her (Michelle) from now on too. Tiffany tells Michelle that she is in a good position in the game and that everyone likes her. Tiffany says Day, me, you and James could be a potential other situation in addition to our Fatal Five alliance.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 19-13-38-534

Bridgette’s ankle

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 19-50-12-892

7:50pm Kitchen – Corey, Tiffany and Nicole are chatting. Tiff asks so what would happen if I ate.. I won’t but? Nicole says penalty vote. Tiffany says that would be bad.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-11 19-49-42-303

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Big Jim

Tiffany or Bronte going?

Slim Jim

Bronte stayin, Tiffany slitherin, (out the front door Thursday)

Fuzzy Num Num

oh Da, smh, the lowes to which you have stooped.

Num Num Fuzzy

Not to mention the Home Depots!

Scuzzy Gum Gum

There is Tru Value to what you say!


Your an ACE at this


You are right on Target.


Wa-Wa What do you mean?


Does anyone else think Davonne talks a big game? Both her seasons she didnt win a comp. only way she can get an HOH is by asking them to throw it to her. I just cant stand her game, its boring always saying who your targets are when you never win HOH is easy.


well she did go home week two her season so not many comps to win


Tiffany but it’s only Monday.


But hey im glad they brought James back, guys hilarious. And is playing a great low key game.


Love James! For a small guy he has a lot of moxy. He stands up for himself in any situation. Confronting Clay, standing up to Victor and Paul when they were talking behind his back. Only one who had the guts to make a big move last year. He is not the best player but he does not back down and stands his ground. When someone is down he is always the one to help them out(Audrey making her food when she was depressed).Helping Day out when she was crying.He is just a good old boy!


James confronting Clay, I loved that.


Yeah there’s no height requirement to have balls.


I bet he’s glad too. Meg rejected him last year, but he’s pulled in a serious upgrade this year.


Boring. Boring. Boring.
Same shit, different day.


Corey’s squirty shit, he’s gay


I’m not sure if day has your back all the way but it’s improving FOR NOW on Thursday if it’s a unanimous vote then you’ll know if day really has your back
The problem is day needs to win comps and tiff needed to win veto to be safe , but frank was going to convince bridgette to put up day so there was no way around that everyone would vote day out in a heartbeat except zak and tiff * if she got off the block*

Donald Trump

Tiffany is a very very good looking woman. I’d date her even if she were my daughter.

Sgt. Hartman

Frank walks and talks like he’s from pansy land.

Texas Star

The 1950’s called, they want their homophobia back.

Sgt. Hartman

Glad to know you support fairies. Only steers and queers come from Texas.

Texas Star

LOL! I literally haven’t heard that expression in decades! Usually expressed by someone deeply closeted. How quaint! ????


watching last night bbad must be disturbing for bridgettes bf having to watch her with frank alone in hoh room snuggling and groping all over him like they about to throwdown a serious makeout session wth


I hope the guy watches tonight with another girl cuddled up to him.


Yeah it was so weird, plus they were both trending on twitter. Bridgette’s boyfriend won’t be too happy with Fridgette.

Paulie is a b*tch

That’s right it’s only Monday. Plemty of time to flip this house on it’s ear. If Day was really on Tiffs side she would confirm to her what Tiff is feeling is up.

Day has this feeling she needs Nicole. Like this board people have this false positive feeling about Nicole. She is not someone you work with. She is shady as fk. Thats why she thinks everyone else is.

Day just tell Tiff the plan is to get her out. You two can flip this mofo. Natalie James Zak and Corey are four votes. Don’t think Corey would go against Nicole? Watch him. And Nicole would flip if her obsession is dead set on it. Corey has made clear he thinks it’s best to keep Tiff. James and Natalie will be on board if James sees that Corey and Zak and Day are flipping.

Monday night is early. Let’s flip this house by Weds morn!

Powder Puff Girls

You are correct. But Da’Vonne was a big player wanting Tiffany out she has flip-flopped between her and Frank maybe she does not want this exposed.


Tiffany can flip the house into disarray, but I don’t see the scenario in which it makes her stay. The play was when the veto had yet to be played and she needed to sell a backdoor target. But she didn’t and with no better targets on the block, all she can really achieve is chaos….which would be fantastic, but I don’t see the scenario under which she can get the votes.

There’s 2 plays:

1) Pick a fight with Frank and expose how everybody hates him, then hope with his target status out in the open, defying him is ideal by keeping her, especially if the tension balloon popping causes a realignment, say guys vs girls….but it would only confirm her unreliability, instability, and far more trouble than help.

2) Go to Frank in confidence, telling him everybody is plotting against him, and propose a plan in which he changes his mind, telling everybody Bronte is the bigger threat. They’ll do what he says just to keep him happy so he’s ripe to be backdoored (Corey’s mouth watering…). Then they both fight for HOH, however it shakes out, she’ll work to protect him, while keeping him in the loop…except Frank likely won’t believe her without an ally backing her story, assuming it’s just game talk for her benefit, making her think they’re with her or he’ll completely blow up and out her as the source.


Uh, to answer your question, no Corey is not going to go against Nicole. They are sleeping in a frickin’ bumper car together.

Tiff just made mistake

Telling Michelle sht is bad. She is your enemy Tiff.

This is not going to end well.


I hope Frank flips the script! Everyone in that house has a group on their right, left, center & up their rear… Why is it so terrible when Frank does the same? Besides, if Frank leaves, what would y’all have to b@i*ch about?


Couldn’t agree more!

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Tru Dat!!! I guess if I wasn’t a Frank fan I’d be upset too. He’s running the house and it’s not his fault they are all dumb as hell. Can’t wait to see who he gets out next. Hopefully Da


Bronte and Paul look naked


It took me a while to even call her Tiffany. It was just “better looking Vanessa” for a while.

Natalie is Winnie Cooper all grown up.

If Da’Vonne would use those fingers she keeps waving around in the DR to count the women still in the game, she would see they have the numbers for a potential all girl final. If Da, Zak, Nicole, Natalie, & Michelle could get together and vote to evict Paul, he would go. They would then hold an 8 to 4 numerical advantage over the men, with an endurance comp coming up. Are they capable of getting together for their own good, or are they going to be like ewe’s led to the slaughter? I think petty bickering, and petty jealousy will get in the way of the opportunity that has been presented to them this week.


I really hope Tiffany throws Nicole & Z under the bus as soon as she’s evicted, then wins the battle back!! Hopefully Frank would already be out of the house too!! Bridgette would be sooo lost without her puppet master.


If I were on Big Brother I would make it my mission to bang every girl in the house. Especially these girls.


I hope your real life ambitions are higher


Banging every girl in a BB house would be an unprecedented achievement. How many opportunities do you get to do something that has never been done before in the history of the world? I say its a fine aspiration, well worth focus as a life goal.


Grats on first one out.


Z has a nice juicy ass. I like her.


Nicole, Z, & Michelle make no sense voting out Tiffany lmao. Tiffany definitely has their backs more than Bronte & Paul do and that’s for damn sure. Plus she’s Frank’s MAIN TARGET. The enemy of your enemy is your friend… Not that difficult of a concept to understand.


Tiffany finally getting smart & leaking valuable information!! ABOUT TIME. Say more!!!

Powder Puff Girls

loose lips sink ships!


Da’Vonne is just all snapping gums, she can talk shit about Frank all she wants fact is that she has done all the same side deals and trash talking. Frank will be target 1 next week but that can change fast, people have already started to catch on Da’Vonnes lies. Can someone tell Michelle to just stop complaining, she is walking around all paranoid that she could go up next week. Like seriously? maybe Michelle if you spent less time trash talking about Frank or Nathalie you could do better in this game. Cant stand her, dont agree with Frank’s BS but he is 100% right when he says Michelle is a B


Michelle is coming out of this looking like crap. She does talk so much crap about Nat who has never said anything bad about her. Total mean girl


She was been behaving like a total mean girl online (as a so called super fan… more like super mean insult machine) on Reddit. user/michello
Also as a nutritionist she is a mean spirited fat shaming b***h


The problem with Davonne’s gameplay is it always revolves around who she doesn’t like at the moment, and who she can get to pile onto that target with her. Through trash talking and lack of organized resistance, she’s actually been successful this season rallying people against her targets: Jozea, Victor, Tiffany, Frank.

But that’s the only play in her playbook. I never see her engage with people on an empathic level – i.e. she never talks to people about what’s the best thing for *their* game, why such-and-such a move will *benefit* someone else. That’s something that all good players need – even some of the less-skilled winners like Jordan and Rachel could tap into this ability at least some of the time.

Powder Puff Girls

well said thumbs up!

Powder Puff Girls

Paulie, James, Frank want to use their teammates to put up their threats by letting their teammate be HOH if team wins HOH.

Is this a cowardly move or good strategic planning? To be able to say at final 2 I manipulated these players do my dirty work. Does a player loose BB street credit for putting people on the block themselves?

I would not trust my teammates I would want to win HOH an do it myself.


It’s a good move in the sense that each person is hoping that they can use someone else to start breaking the dam within their own alliance. Everyone wants to fracture the 8 pack, but not be the first person to do it.


It is considered good strategic planning these days were most HGs are cowards with very weak social games… too afraid to give anyone a chance to outplay them… imo, the back door eviction is used way too much.


where not were…

wish the boards had an edit / remove delay for posts… since I seem to be too dysfunctional to actually proof read prior to hitting the post comment button.


Can Michelle go 5 minutes without talking crap about the girls not in her alliance?


I totally agree. The girl is a hater, complaining about everything. It’s gotten old.


The only thing I’ve really noticed about Michelle is that she is ALWAYS EATING!!! She’s gonna be the first BB House guest to get her own reality show – My 600 Pound Life – right in front of America’s eyes!!! She is ALWAYS stuffing that face and it’s nasty to watch. I stopped watching BBAD a couple times cause she’s nauseating to watch (and listen to) while she’s eating. YUCK!!!!

Powder Puff Girls

On BBCan4 a HG always ate with mouth WIDE open and perched on kitchen counters like a gargoyle it drove me crazy. This HG did not care her feet were all over the eating surface. I started to think that Production watched the HG’s prior to hiring them to see if they have peculiar eating habits for us to rant about.




A few pieces of information are close to blowing up this house. The first is Tiffany telling Michelle about the fatal 5, and the second if Paul telling Bronte that the house wants Frank out. Those pieces of information spread to a few more people and it’s going to turn into a shit show. And in my opinion, I think Frank is the one who probably benefits the most. The outing of the fatal 5 just shows that everyone is doing the exact same strategical maneuvering throughout the game that they are upset about Frank doing, and Frank finding out about the intended backdoor next week allows him to really go out there and win the HOH (which he is capable of doing) while also stringing together a few allies as the house goes into discord and more defined lines of allegiance are drawn. Nicole seems like she wants Frank in the game, and if the fatal 5 send Bronte home, then that’ll upset Bridgette and Natalie, who has James.

And on a side note, am I the only one noticing how much Michelle and Zakiyah are haters? Geez, they hate everything. Always complaining.

the internets

it appears you are complaining about people complaining


I do not see the side deal conversations as being the justification / reason for wanting Frank out but rather they are used to plant seeds of doubt and mistrust in the minds of people Frank might be working with to gain leverage themselves. Side deal conversations are inevitable and a big part of the game however trustworthy players always have a core alliance in who they consistently keep in the loop. The returning players believed they were tight (even as Da’Vonne filled out the 4 newbies that made up the 8 pack… channeling Devin). Had Frank kept the other 3 vets in the loop with all but a select few of his plans / intentions they would have supported him and worked together a bit longer. Also, had he not gone rogue leaving the others out of the decision to; and act of, informing Paulie of the 8 pack they would have trusted Frank and not felt betrayed by him.

The season was structured in a way to set up the returning players for a ready made climatic battle as they were split up onto separate teams each with 3 new players and told they must work together as a team. With the entire team sharing fates commensurate with their performance on HOH comps. Each vet was working their team and communicating back to the other vets with the exception of Frank who jumped on the opportunity presented by the 8 pack and his realization that there were a number of HGs interested in working with the vets; so he was working the other vet’s teams behind their backs, saying nothing. Frank was first to realize that most of the new players were not motivated to get the vets out; that he had other options besides ride or die with the vets; and he took advantage right away while not committing; nor limiting himself to any one group. The latter being the big problem. As Frank monopolized the house the others were left with scraps… but, in doing so, Frank spread himself thin trying to keep allies in the dark about each other. This weakness is being exploited.

It isn’t that the other HGs are hypocrites with double standards. They are simply countering Frank’s empire by exposing his actions and letting others come to their own conclusions with respect to how much they trust Frank’s loyalty / commitment to them… they are doing it with a hard sell (and in my opinion too wrapped up / invested in establishing overwhelming majority votes).

Discussing Frank’s side deal conversations might be considered a lever; not a justification.


I was dumbfounded when Paul told Bronte. Information is currency in the house, but I don’t know why Paul had to spend it so soon. That is good information to have, and maybe to share, but NOT while you are on the block and to someone else who is on the block as well.

I have been impressed by Paul’s ability to adapt in the game, but he has to figure out when to share information.


erm… user/michelleo


somebody brings Evil Dick or Dani DOnato back please….this seaosn is no “melow”


There is no way Michelle will get Americas Favorite Houseguest.


DaVonne acting like she doesn’t know what is going on. Wait until Tiffany gets out and sees DaVonne was the reason she is in this situation.