Frank “You can write me scripts & sh*t! I’m addicted to morphine!” “I love it!”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 03-05-16-706

12am – 12:40am Bedroom – James, Bronte and Natalie are talking. Natalie and Bronte both say they don’t even want to be friends with Jozea and Victor. Natalie says if I see them I will… turn my back to them. James asks Natalie if she went to the open casting call or if she submitted a video. Natalie says neither. I was recruited. From my friend Tiffany that did The Amazing Race. Natalie tells James he needs to win. I’ll win it if you don’t want to take it.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 03-06-33-568
12am HOH room – Frank and Bridgette are talking about books and movies. At 1:28am Bridgette says who knows where I’ll be at when I’m 28 or 29 but I would love to apply to Doctors without boarders. Maybe I’ll get my MP. Bridgette says 2 or 3 years. Frank says you can write me scripts and sh*t! Bridgette says yeah! Your Alprazolam (Xanax). Frank says yeah something like that. I’m addicted to morphine. Bridgette says no you’re not. Frank says I love it! Bridgette says I know what withdrawal looks like. Frank says they give me some every morning. Bridgette says Shut up Frank. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Bridgette says you wouldn’t be able to get 4 months supply of methadone. The talk about heorin. Frank says I don’t f**k with that, anything that can get you hooked for life. Bridgette says the worst I’ve tried is Cocaine. Frank says I’ve never done acid or anything like that.
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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 04-56-06-849

12:50am – 1:20am In the living room – The house guests are playing charades. Zakiyah does Austin Powers. Tiffany does the Big Lebowski. Michelle tries to do Reservoir Dogs. Zakiyah does Bourne Identity.

1:30am Havenot room – Nicole and Corey are talking. Nicole says all I know is that James and I have to work on our relationship. Its awkward. Corey says we need to break up him and Natalie. Nicole says he’s going to be so heart broken. Corey says she said I was sexy. Nicole asks do you encourage it? Corey says no. Nicole asks do you say it back? Corey says no. She is persistent. Corey says once I’m no on something, I stick to it. I can’t go from day 1 or 2 of her coming on to me strong to being like okay. When I set my mind on something its pretty set. Nicole says I can’t believe she keeps doing it. She must think she has a chance. Corey says I think she just likes the attention, which is weird because I don’t give it back .. I don’t give her attention.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 03-34-35-226

1:50am Nicole asks James do you guys kiss? James says we haven’t taken it to that level. James explains how they cuddle. James demonstrates how it went from this to this. Corey sasy this was me and Nicole last night.. James asks how did ya’ll get into that? Corey says we’re into some freaky sh*t bra!
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 03-46-04-389

2am DaVonne is talking to Michelle. Michelle asks do they want me to throw it so they can get me out. DaVonne says that I haven’t heard. Even if they try and throw it I still have to win HOH because he (Frank) is definitely coming after me. Out of everybody he’s coming for me. And you know if I’m HOH I would never put you up. And I’m trying my damnedest to win this roadkill. I want to put his a$$ on slop! DaVonne says Thursday’s going to be hard. Here’s the cold part .. I know you guys have issues with Bridgette. I’ve got issue with Bronte.. But if we ever got together and kept that girl in the house and kept Bronte in the house and unfortunately sent home Paul .. We would have 8 women in this house .. SOLID! Nobody is trying to hear that. In order to get Frank to trust us, Tiffany has to go home. That’s how they’re going to prove they can be trusted. It sucks. It’s almost like she’s being sacrificed. Michelle says its almost like I’m going to be expendable next week. DaVonne says Na, these people love you Michelle. Michelle says I feel like everyone has someone except for me. DaVonne says I love Zakiyah and Nicole but they have their showmances. We all we got. Michelle says I’m sad how everything falls a part. DaVonne says you’ve got to mix and mingle. Because if they decide to flip and choose their showmances over me, then I have other people. DaVonne says it sucks because I thought it was going to be us girls to the end. People love you. Michelle says I think people think I’m a clown. DaVonne says no people think you’re funny as sh*t. Michelle asks do you think we should give her at least 1 vote? DaVonne says I will. Michelle asks will you tell anyone? DaVonne says no. And if its the one vote to keep her oh well! Oh well .. and if she stays she’s going to be guns blazing! Davonne says I’m not scared of Frank’s a$$… he’s a punka$$! Michelle asks do you think he (Frank) wants her (Bridgette) as his Boogie? DaVonne says he thinks he’s Boogie.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 03-50-19-720

2:25am Havenot room – James tells Nicole and Corey would make some cute babies. Nicole says I think we would. Corey tells Nicole you’ve got some good genetics .. you’re a breeder. Nicole tells Tiffany that she is doing really good and being chill. You’re good.

Backyard – Paulie, Zakiyah and Paul. Paulie says next week if we do it a certain way, you (Paul) shouldn’t need to be on the block at all. Paul says I don’t mind. Paulie says if we can’t get Frank next week .. we’ll get his second half (Bridgette). Paul says the more Frank is around the more he is going to be on to people wanting him out. Paul says just because I hang out with Bronte and Natalie doesn’t mean I’m with them. Paulie says you’re not guilty by association. Paul asks what is the plan to get Frank out? Paulie says to backdoor him. We’ll basically tell Bronte and Natalie if we don’t get him out, one of them are going.

2:50am In the bedroom – James, DaVonne and Michelle. Michelle asks do you know why Frank wants you out? Probably because of our argument, probably because he can’t beat me, probably because he’s bored. DaVonne says I don’t like that he’s up there with all those girls. I don’t like that he slept up there in in drawers. Michelle says I know.

2:55am DaVonne tells Tiffany that to my knowledge people want Bronte out of this house. If some underlying BS is going on, I don’t know. Tiffany says I told Nicole obviously I would keep you guys safe. Bronte who knows who she is going after. I’ve got 5 right there .. you, Nicole, Corey, Michelle, Z.

3:15am – 3:45am HOH room – Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette. Bridgette says if I was in the finals with Zakiyah I would be pissed because she’s not playing. We’re playing! Not that she needs to go now but at some point. Birdgette says this is perfect that Michelle thinks that I don’t know what I’m doing, she thinks its Frank. Natalie says I like Nicole a lot, she’s cool. Bronte says I like Nicole a lot too. If I put her and Corey up I would hope she didn’t go home over him. They agree she wouldn’t.
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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-12 04-30-20-647

4am – 5:10am Backyard – Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey and Paul are up chatting. Paulie says that if we don’t get Frank out next week .. we will keep putting him up. He will need to win out to the end. Paulie says Frank pretending like he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty .. when like people have seen his season and know he’s a competition beast. Paulie says the last HOH was a crap shoot .. there’s no way the next HOH is another crap shoot. Frank doesn’t want to win HOH this week. We’ve decide to use the power of veto .. and Frank take a seat! Corey says I can’t wait to see his face.

Paul and Corey play a game of pool and then head to bed.

FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: CBS All Access FREE Trial!

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Vanessa Rousso

My sister is trying too hard to copy my game play and it’s pathetic. She will never be the legend I am. Always trying to copy me just like when we were kids”eyeroll”.


Legends don’t finish 3rd.


That was a troll posting. Vanessa would never say that about Tiffany.


Janelle’s a legend. Never higher than 3rd place.

lol what?

Legends don’t finish third? You and the 100 people that thumbs up that comment obviously are Big Brother noobs!


Tell that to Dr. Will who placed third in All-Stars.


That is a troll posting. No way would Vanessa say that about her sister.


…………………. speechless

Shut up troll

There’s no way Vanessa would ever say that to her sister stop trying to pick up fights behind ur screen

Vanessa Rousso

F*ck all you haters! This is Vanessa. I don’t care if you don’t believe me. I came in 3rd place and I’m a multimillionaire poker player. What do any of you have going on in your pathetic lives that compares to mine!? Yeah that’s what I thought. Keep hating I don’t care.


Just when you think Frank can’t get any worse, he thinks joking about morphine addiction is funny. Bridgette is an idiot. Doesn’t even recognize her weaknesses, ala Frank calling her shots. They are sad, pathetic people.


And you’re watching them, writing comments about them, so what does that say about you?

I think it says you’re absolutely humorless, perpetually on the look out to be offended by jokes….think about that and how people in your life view you: you want to not only ban humor, but context. All jokes are offensive and it doesn’t matter if a person is clearly just goofing around, trying to battle the Groundhog’s day boredom, but to you everything we say is now vetted as though we’re running for president.

Frank is a flawed person, egocentric, arrogant, and sometimes inappropriate…but here’s the news flash: everybody is flawed. That you think you’re perfect makes you a bad person, way worse than Frank.


Geeze, Louise, lighten up. Are you new here?


The person telling people to lighten up and stop fishing for offense needs to lighten up….makes sense…Martha…


I don’t think Frank was joking about morphine addiction. I think he was joking that he was joking about it or we would not have gotten fish right after. Production does that when it’s true.


Actually, production does that any time someone says or does something that might get them in trouble, regardless if it is true or not.

does the cat really have nine lives...?

I can’t imagine Frank’s girlfriend, or Bridgettes fiancé is happy about how touchy, feely, cuddly they have been. He may be using her for his game, but that would still be hard to watch…


I guess Da is setting up her game wifh Tiffany in case she returns. Cause why else spend so much time and reassure someone whose demise you plotted. She might think she’s playing well and covering her bases but as it stands, both her and Michelle are sending home an ally who would be really loyal. Dumb move.


Day is just trying to keep her feeling confident leading up to the vote. Tiff knows too much info on all the layers of alliances, and Day doesn’t want her spilling the beans. In order to blindside Frank, they can’t keep Tiff, or else he’ll know the 8-pack lied to him about who they were going to evict, and he’ll go full on to win the HOH.


No day is letimately trying to save her. She had a talk with James this morning too and he’s going to try to feel out Natalie about it. Day wants Paul out and James is onboard with that because he said he feels like Paul will end up still being here in the end since everyone uses him as a pawn on the block.

Day said well Nicole’s going to be ticked and James said “better to ask for forgiveness than for permission”. So far it’s day, meech, and James on board. Today they are going to try to get 2 more.


If they really wanted to save Tiffany and James, Da’Vonne, and Michelle were on board, I could see Natalie rolling with it and that really only leaves Zakiyah if you can turn her late. You wouldn’t want Paulie to know because that could be a problem. Nicole and Corey are a pair and of course Frank is a no go.


That’s old news Eli. Much has happened since then.

James is a Creeper

watching after dark last nite was horrible, watching them play that clapping game, im surprised they didnt have milk and cookies afterwards….


OMG a clapping game! What horrible people.

They’re stuck in a house with no outside entertainment. They have to fill the hours somehow. Being bothered by that is serious first world problems.


Been reading your updates for 2 or so years now, but have never posted. Just wanted to thank you so very much for all the work you guys put in! Between you and RHAP, I feel like I’m watching the live feeds without actually having watched them. Haha. Will be donating some as a thank you ASAP! 🙂


Thanks! Glad you have stuck around.


I hope Da’vonne and Michelle campaign to keep Tiffany. it’s better for their games if she stays and will make the game more interesting.


Day is for sure. She said she’s going to on the down low.


Going on the down low?? If she gets any lower, she’s going to be underground.
I get that she’s wary because of the whole ass slapping thing, she probably thinks it made for a bigger target on her back with Frank. Instead of laying low, win something Da! I’m rooting for you.


If Tiffany escapes eviction this week, it will remind me of the numerous times Vanessa was to be sent packing, but somehow ended up in the F3


Really surprised Bronte hasn’t told Bridgette about the anti-Frank mood of the house. Proves that she like Natalie can keep a secret which to me makes them much more dangerous than Tiffany since they have no alliance with the girls of Fatal 5 (or Slightly Toxic 5) And they are making showmancy relationships with the guys (Frank, James, Paul). I think in a match between Spy Girls vs F5 the SGs might have the edge.


It is interesting that the 2 girls Tiff trusts the most, Da and Michelle, have the most to lose if she is voted out and yet they don’t help her! Frank has thrown both of their names out for next week’s targets AND they know it. Yet they want to keep Bronte who is a BFF of Frank’s hand puppet HOH Bridgette in the game. Frank can’t win if he has no one to play with. Take out his options. Corey’s instincts are right that Bronte should go but he is isn’t being vocal enough and doesn’t seem to really be in the game. A shame since depending on HOH and Roadkill him, Da and Michelle could find themselves on the block.

All Spy Girls are not equal

Bridgette is a lost cause as Frank’s puppet.

Bronte is just there. No opinion from me at all.

Nat is the only one worth pulling for.


Bridgette knows about the anti frank sentiment. she doesn’t agree as she is so star struck to get any attention.


So wait; is Davonne going to vote Tiffany out?? She needs to keep Tiffany so Frank can go next week. She is stupid if she votes her out. So dumb.

does the cat really have nine lives...?

They feel that if they keep Tiffany, it will tip Frank off, and they want to make him feel comfortable so he wont feel the need to play so hard.

Bridgettes BF should dump her

Paul recruited for show

Natalie recruited for show.

This tells you they were looking for clueless players that don”t know the game to play with their weak ass returning vets. When Vanessa, Ian, Derrick and other quality players all turned them down they were desperate and Nicole, James, Day and Frank were their last option because those four total losers were only vets who.said yes.

So now we have this crap season with weak desperate to be on show again Vets vs. Recruits and Fake “Super Fan” Michelle and siblings Tiff and Paulie.

You are all addicted so you will lie to yourself and say this season is great because you know it sucks but can’t stop watching. Simon and Dawg watch because they are making money off it. They can lie and say it’s a good season, but they know it’s not.

Me? I watched to this point and now I’m out. I’m neither a BB Addict or making money off so thank god I can exit this epically bad season.


Zingbot says:

I’d say you have gotten something out of this. The opportunity to feel superior and dump on a lot of people you don’t know. See! BB has something for everyone!


ZING !!!!


Nobody gives a crap if you watch or not. Get over yourself.


Well if a random person on the internet isn’t watching anymore I won’t either!

See you next update, gotta get my fix before I start withdrawing.

An ornery mouse

I’ve never understood why people like this feel the need to make a grand pronouncement that they’re no longer watching the show. You’re done with this season — great, nobody cares….. no need to notify the rest of us.

There are recruits every single season (except All-Stars), big deal. Paul is funny and Natalie is a total babe.

We’re only three evictions in and already the house is getting ready to move against a returning arrogant asshole who thinks he’s running the show….. I’m pretty entertained so far and the real fireworks are about to start.

Well, back to deluding myself.


Exactly. I’m firmly aware that nobody gives a crap if I’m watching either. Which is why I won’t post a rant about it.

And I’m with you about recruits. I’m not sure why I’m supposed to care how the people I’m watching got there.


No, I don’t think anyone is raving about this season in fact I’ve seen many complain they have no one to root for. That’s my problem this season too, I don’t actually like anyone much. But it never stops me from watching, maybe getting Frank out next week will bring out some real playing. Altho getting Tiff out this week instead of Bronte is bordering on stupid it doesn’t rise to the level of some dramatic evictions we’ve had over the years. This season just looks like it will never get going, there’s no groups forming that will stick and no Derrick to lead it.


For me BB16 actually stands out as one I didn’t enjoy. The winner was pretty easy to spot about 3 or 4 weeks in. Nothing against Derrick as he was a hell of a player, but almost too good for me to enjoy the show. It was just a waiting game for everyone else to get evicted.

Grandma G

I always wait to find someone to root for. We really don’t know the HGs in the first week because they haven’t revealed themselves yet. If anyone told me I would like Paul in the 1st or 2nd week I would have thought they were crazy but here I am thinking he’s a pretty nice guy. I disliked Frank in his first sseason but during the first few weeks I thought he was a little older, had matured and I started to like him. Then he revealed himself and I’m hoping their plan to evict him next week is successful.

I agree that Tifffany staying over Bronte would be better for a few of the HGs games. She has no game play but she would be loyal to a few. She is looking to belong somewhere but she proved last night while talking to. Michelle that the majority would not benefit by her staying. Bronte is not an ally but voting her out over Tiffany would alert Frank that he might be in danger and they want him to feel comfortable . A tiffany eviction is a strategic move and really not much of a loss to the majority. They don’t need her to get Frank out. She isn’t good at comps. Bronte could win HOH though and although she would be a vote to evict Frank she would not put him up forcing the rest to win the roadkill and POV to get Frank out.

Enjoy the show. It evolves. I think there are some interesting and possibly exciting things to come.The only time I am disappointed is when I have no one to root for in final 3.


Good grief! Goodbye! Good riddance!


I don’t care for Frank, God knows would never want to be trapped in a house with him if only for 24 hours but…
despite all his blunders the rest of the 8 pack + Paulie really stink at this game. At this point there really are no alliances. The other side of the house still has 4 people which could turn into a majority voting block very soon. Especially if Vic gets back in the game. The 4 remaining Josea followers (who probably have not forgotten how the cool kids lorded their majority power over them} are playing a better social game while the 8P+P are turning on each other. They just don’t see the danger because they are so wrapped up in getting out Frank, their petty grievances and making side deals/showmances with the other side that they just don’t see that sacrificing one of their own (Tiff) is a risk. It’s too early for them to be this comfortable. Your alliance has been infiltrated! Your “majority” shrinking! This season is shaping up to be more interesting because there is no one mist master or one big house alliance calling the shots week to week. More chances for a coup.


Wow, amazing how some people take a simple TV show so personal! They can correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think these guy actually make much if any $ running this site. if you account for the amount of time and effort they put in they could probably make more $ flipping burgers at the local Tim Hortons!

Natalie is using James

Dan it seems you are the one taking it personal. Let people have their opinion. You should ask yourself why it bothered you enough to take time to post about it.

“Not much if any money” LOL. Simon and Dawg I don’t know personally but I’m sure are great guys. But if they were making no money on this site it would very shortly cease to exist.

No one said they became millionaires off it but don’t kid yourself that they are just here because they are addicted to the show like you.

I happen to enjoy the show and this site. Think this season is decent. But I also understand where the poster was coming from and don’t take it as a personal knock on myself or anyone else here.


In the beginning years yeah the site was 100% for fun with a little cash on the side for beer. LOL one year we went out for a dinner.. Over the last 4 years ads have played a larger part of the site but is not the only reason we do it. Many times we find ourselves wondering if it’s really worth going through all this for the $$ it provides. I find myself doing it more for the love of the site and y’all not really love for the show. Though I still like Big Brother a lot.


I hope this comment breaks the record for thumbs up.


Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated! But that of course is just my opinion 🙂


So to recap, They can have an opinion, you can have an opinion on my opinion but I can’t have an opinion. Sounds right! I wasn’t taking it personal at all and don’t care if they watch or not. Just pointing out that I find it funny when people fell the need to bash the show and even OBB and declare they are done watching. Thanks for you opinion. Even your name is an opinion which like a**holes we all have one.


Actually his name isn’t an opinion. It’s just wrong. Lol


My guess is it’s more part time job type money. I assume they enjoy Big Brother and the money is more bonus than paycheck. That being said, it’s always nice to get paid for doing what you enjoy.


The amount of work we put in is insane. We work 8-12 hours a day minimum on the site/BB related stuff. Many of these times are at extreme hours with little rest, we train our bodies to sleep in 2-4 hour intervals. 3 days a week I start watching the feeds at 2am and go until they sleep.. crazy hours! There is no way working on the site would pass any labor laws in Canada. Plus both of us hold down full time jobs on the side. PLus I have a large family with lotsa kids.. A lot more than anyone would imagine 🙂 We’re not making money hand over fist but we are making some and having fun doing it.

We love this site and Big brother and are driven to the brink every year to keep the shop open. It’s such a big part of our summers now. With that said things will eventually change here at OBB as they always do but we’ll figure it out in the end.


Simon & Dawg, Please don’t let a hater get you down. For the last 3 years I have been recovering from a severe illness and most days my computer is my lifeline to the outside world. I love this site. I wouldn’t care and I hope you make mega bucks running it. God bless and keep up the good work.


If I find that hater, I’ll resuscitate them and shave off their eye brows!

Anonymous, not the real

Well, you guys are doing a kick ass job.




I for one look forward to your site every year since you started it. I have always chose to donate to Dawgs and Simon instead of purchasing the live feeds. If I bought the feeds, I would still come here for updates. By not watching it live myself, I am able to enjoy my summer off. I am a teacher and don’t want to spend all 60 days watching live feeds. Thanks again guys!!!


You’re welcome tomasa and your support is very appreciated.

BB Addict

Simon and Dawg … You guys are the best website out there for Big Brother! I’ve been reading your site since the second year you started…indeed way better than watching the feeds! I’ve donated every season and will do again! I’m even going to double my donation this year …. You guys should get some $$$ from CBS as well since I’m sure you’ve brought them many new viewers! Haters can just move along…. As my grandfather used to say “take a long walk off a short pier” … Thanks for all the hard work you both do during the summers … I can’t even believe you have full time jobs and continue to entertain the masses!


You both work full time, PLUS do this site? Wow. Then I hope you do make a ton of money off it and are just being humble about it. I can watch the feeds for about 20 minutes before I want to puke. So I’ve often wondered how in the world you can do it between just the 2 of you day after day, all summer long. Not only watch, but capture the conversations in print for us to read, with pictures and all. Amazing. You also both remain upbeat, level headed, objective and kind in your comments and replies to people. So kudos to you both for running an amazing site! It’s been my go-to for the past several years and enjoy it much better than the feeds or the show itself. Never missed an episode in 18 seasons (my guilty pleasure), and this site makes it so much more fun! Thank you!!!


Big Brother first started the summer after I met my husband… We watched from the beginning every summer… We loved to watch and debate with each other and argue and laugh… He found your site and that added another fun layer to our Big Brother summers… This would have been the 18th year for us, but we found out he had cancer and I lost him in 6 months (he was only 46)… I am having a super hard time without him, but I am continuing our tradition of the Big Brother summers and OBB… Love your site, thank you for all y’all do…


Hey Pammy, Thanks for sharing your story. Glad OBB is a part of your summer.

Take care 🙂


Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Paulie are becoming more and more unlikable every day.


These are my questions thus far-
Will Bronte’s helium supply ever run out?
Will Natalie pirouette herself out the door before or after James?
Will Bridget still have a boyfriend when she gets home?
Will Zakiyah be salty about the crappy birthday party for the rest of the summer?
How many shades of red will Michelle turn by the end of summer and will she ever learn to use sun screen?
Will Corey ever realize he took a wrong turn somewhere and he is not currently on America’s Next Top Model?
Will Paulie ever realize he is not Derrick-he’s Cody?
Will Tiffany pack her suitcase this week or pull a Marcellas?
Will DaVonne be the hinky vote to keep Tiffany and try to blame it on Frank?
Will James ever learn what it means to be friendship zoned?
Will Nicole stop trying to play BB and just go sign up for some dating sites? (Please, for the love of God, just find this girl a boyfriend already.)
Does Frank even know how to spell morphine?

Most of all, will Paul leave his BB experience with the only thing that really matters in life-friendship?




so the plan is to vote out tiff so frank isn’t tipped off the house is against him and throws the hoh?

wish people were strong enough socially and strategically to vote out bronte (who really should be the obvious boot) and convince frank to still throw the hoh. it’s not like frank has strong ties to bronte anyway, and no one who wants frank out has any reason to let bronte hang around.


Yeah they still don’t seem to realize voting her out is doing exactly what he wants. Who cares if it tips him off? There’s ways around that.

Frank is going bald

So keeping Tiff tips off Frank and thus he will try hard in the HOH is reason to boot Tiff?

Who cares if Frank wins HOH. He has one person on his side..Bridgette. Plus thinking that he will for sure win any comp he tries hard to win is ridiculous. Fact is when people are freaked out when they find out they aren’t running the house like they thought they normally don’t perform as well under more pressure.

The fact production has steered no one to even try and save Tiff is very telling. Maybe it comes today but I think the script calls for Tiff re entering and either have her beat him in battle back in comp or she re enters as is reason he exits.


Also if she stays and he wins HOH she is his only target. If she goes and he wins one of rhem is going home. He sure as hell isnt going to target Bronte or Natalie. They are no threat to him at all.

There is no logical reason for them to cut Tiff now. None.

Frank is scared of Tiff

Michelle secretly is in love with Frank. This whole obsessive Bridgette hate is because Frank has her as his little lap dog and not her. She would kill to be in Bridgettes shoes.

Michelle has some deep seeded issues. The girl needs help.

I fear for Franks life after the show if she never receives the attention and love she wants from him.

franks morphine overdose

if i was in there i would dislike frank and bridgette too

alot of the house guests said their favorite player was frank, and he was one of michelles favorite players too

nicole and james and da are in that list too and are all shocked how much of an a-hole he actually is

the only reason he is being fake nice to bridgette whilst treating most of the other women poorly is because she is easiest to manipulate and beat final 2

frank is toast…he now has to win veto or hoh every week or he is done(and some of the worst early game needless overplaying you will see, really embarrassing especially for a vet)

i enjoy hearing michelle saying to frank how awesome dan gheesling is – it really gets under his skin as frank was a dans funeral mist victim, and michelle also says she wants to marry ian terry(ian nominated frank twice and had him evicted) lmfao

An ornery mouse

I’ve got a question for the hardcore feedsters:

Every night now, it seems like Corey has some new story for Nicole about how Natalie has come on to him that day. Yet, I’ve never really seen any updates or anything else to indicate that’s she’s doing this as aggressively as Corey is making it sound.

Natalie is a flirty chick, and she obviously loves the attention she gets from the guys (nothing wrong with that). But is there any evidence that she’s actually trying to snake Corey away from Nicole? Or is Corey just flat out lying for strategy purposes? Or is it possible Corey is just blowing Natalie’s normal flirtations outta proportion and jumping to the conclusion that she wants him?


I agree I don’t know where Corey is getting this all from, I haven’t really seen much of the flirting between those two. For what it’s worth.. Bronte and Natalie both have discussed Corey not being that good of a catch as Nicole thinks.. .. It’s Paulie and James who Natalie flirts with the most with james being like 3/4 of it.


Thanks Simon, been wondering about this too.


Natalie can be a little flirty but mostly just excessively friendly. I’m sure some of that has been directed Corey’s way just like every guy and girl in the house. For Corey though it seems that he thinks it means she’s obsessed with him. Him and his crew are convinced she can’t really be into James. Which honestly is really an insult to James. They crap talk her and call her fake. Which is funny since they do all the talking behind backs. Her and James are the least fake in the house. They are the same to your face as behind your back. That crew has talked about “letting James know” she doesn’t like him. Not only is it mean spirited and purely for selfish game reasons, it’s also wrong. We as viewers get to see the whole picture and it’s clearly genuine.


Frank will probably win HOH. Davonne is trying to play the game but is bad at it, you campaign for Tiffany and keep her, Bronte and Paul are wild cards they will never make a move to get Frank out but Tiffany will. If these people were smart they would evict Bronte! I think Davonne’s days are numbered…once Frank gets word she’s trying to get him out he will gun for her…I dislike almost everyone this season…there certainly is no derricks this season 🙁


Frank is gunning for DaVonne. He has been almost since the beginning .


Nope….sorry he only stated gunning for her after she called him out for his skeetchy, sleezy ways. He’s a total douche canoe

Powder Puff Girls

Da wants to keep Tiff to evict Frank which is not a guarantee. Tiff is no comp beast she would have to win HOH or RK. The HG’s have trust issues with Tiff like Da’Vonne had last week when she wanted her. The longer Tiff is in the game Frank is not gunning for Da so it only benefits her game. Tiffany could learn that Da wanted her out real bad. No one wants blood on their hands they all want others to do their dirty work.


Hey guys. Natalie complimented me once so that means she really wants to be with me. No way she would be into James. I gotta let James know!


Looks like the house is flipping to save Tiffany..

Next update won’t be until this afternoon but nothing will be missed 🙂

Brody Schiller

awesome if tiff is saved i wanna see frank lose his shit and turn into the hulk haha

then frank evicted next week by davonne only to return in battle back for extra drama

let the house erupt, i want fireworks, no more pussy footing around

michelle youre awesome – keep telling frank how great ian and dan are haha, frank fuckin hates that, its hilarious


This always happens during the middle of the week. I think Production has something to do with it and influences them to pretend they are shifting a bit for better television. So that it can be less predictable.


I can see it flipping this week, especially if they are going to target Frank. Tiffany is definitely a vote to boot Frank. That being said I think there’s a push to get the house guests to at least talk about alternative votes so production can air some back and forth during Sunday and Wednesday’s show to create some uncertainty for TV viewers who don’t check out feed related sites.

Fuzzy Num Num

I think Corey is just so vain, that he really believes there is no way a woman like Nat could possibly choose James over him. But, some people do find humor, intelligence, and character are, in fact, more important than looks.
I have not seen Corey exhibit much in the way of any of those three. I’m suppose in real life it’s barely possible, maybe, that he has one or two.


I did have a question.
I’m not sure if i heard correctly last night.
Michelle and Da talked to James about keeping Tiffany (small hints).
Tiffany directly asked Nicole and Corey and they said they would vote to keep Tiffany.
Tiffany directly asked Zakiyah and she said she was voting Bronte.
There was a good 1/2 hour where my insomnia was starting to be overcome by sleep before I finally went to bed (somewhere between 230 and 3am bb time so between 530 and 6 am here). Did that stuff happen, or did i wake up having made that up?

The last thing you will see is a Stark looking down as you die!

I think Corey thinks everyone in the house wants him, both men and women.


Don’t feed the trolls!


These HG’s are blind right now. They are not seeing the bigger picture with Tiffany. If they keep her, they could use her to go after Frank ( his biggest threat in the game ) – because they both HATE each other. – He knows she would put him on the block or back door him. No one would have to do anything except throw the HoH this Week so she could win it !! – Basically she would ONLY be getting her hands dirty by getting rid of him and everyone else would be coming out smelling like Roses. But NO they want to get rid of an ALLY and keep a dim wit like Bronte around who doesn’t even know what the F*CK is going on in the house most of the time. – Sure keep Bronte only to have her work with Bridgette and Frank later on down the line – watch it will happen, that girl is a snake – Never trust someone who says nasty jokes and lies behind other people’s backs especially MEAN GIRLS !!!!

Powder Puff Girls

That would require Tiffany winning HOH or RK – correct me if I am wrong she has not won anything so far. If everyone wants Frank out they do not need her vote.

Tiff owns them all

Go Tiff!



I realize I’m in the minority here but I didn’t really see Frank sway Bridgette on who to put up. He gave two options of what he would do after asking her what she was thinking, and she picked them but not with any coaxing… Bridgette sees it as she nominated who she wanted out .. they just have a common target..Frank wants to get everyone out.. and he has mentioned pretty much everyone name at some point. I don’t think he is going to be that freaked out if Tiffany stays.. he would rather Tiff leave of the three but he will be cool with Bronte going too.


keep bronte and power puff girls together!

Powder Puff Girls

hmmmm don’t you mean the Powder Puff Girls

Powder Puff Girls

The Powder Puff Girls are annoying but it is interesting to watch them scheme having no game play. Out of curiosity I would like to see how far they will they go? So keep Bronte. But if it came down to Paul and Bronte I would pick Paul he has grown on me.


Well, yes and no. Bridgette’s first instinct, going back to their initial conversation, was to put up Nicole and Corey. That would have been a huge move, striking right at the heart of the majority alliance and at the most influential couple in the house right now.

Frank talked her out of that almost instantly – mostly because he wanted Tiffany out. But she probably would have backed down from that plan anyway, since it would have almost definitely backfired and made her a huge target.


Bridgette was originally going to nominate Nicole and Corey (or that’s what she talked about with the spy girls + Frank). Frank informed her that nobody would care if she nominated Paul and Tiffany and that everyone wants Tiffany gone. Without that info, she probably would have targeted Corey, so it depends what you mean by “sway”ed.


Love these Suboxone ads that keep popping up now, lol.


What is the difference between tipping off Frank by keeping Tiffany, and tipping off Frank when Paulie and Michelle say their just going to sit down during the hoh if it’s a team hoh? Ten minutes?


If they sit down I wonder if it’ll be like Frankie’s BotB. The only comp where it was better to play alone than with a partner.


Michelle: Why does frank want you out?
Da’Vonne: Probably cause he can’t beat me
Lmfaooo omg I’m deceased! Girlllll, win a damn challenge first


i bet paul get dov!


Maybe you shouldn’t reveal on camera that you have done cocaine Bridgette! Just a thought.


And she is dating a DR. That doesn’t look good for him.

Butters Mom

Bridgette seems to be completely unaware that everything she says and does is being shown lol. First cuddling with Frank and now admitting she used cocaine. I see problems in her future outside the house on many levels.


She might not be a great BB player but Bridgette is fascinating. Cute exterior personality but with a definite dark side. Hope she stays for awhile just for feed-watching purposes.


Yeah, maybe. Could reflect on her soon to be a “wifey” of a doctor, too.


Jeesh! I thought I was the only one that was wondering what in the world she’s thinking. You’re a nurse…wyd?

Bob Hope

This show can get pretty ugly at times. The ugliest it gets is when Kathy Griffin comes into the house.


btw… who’s michelle?


So annoyed with davonne changing her target everyday , when she can’t even win a competition


it’s 3 weeks into the game and that dora chick thinks she’s tough shyt. People like her get on my nerves. Has nat or bronte done or won anything??? This floating crap was legit when Rachel used it, throwing it out now so early in the game goes to show jealousy and nothing else is running this girls mind.

Guy From Canada