Michelle “When I make to jury.. I’m going to bust my balls to make sure people vote for you.”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 17-16-06-875
5:30pm HOH room – Frank is digging for information from Bridgette. Frank asks do you want to tell me something else you know? Bridgette says I just know what people think. Zakiyah is lost as F**k and will do what ever Paulie says. People see the house in different groups. Frank asks what are the groups? Bridgette says people are afraid of the vets. People see the groups as 4 girls and Paulie (Nicole, Zakiyah, Michelle, DaVonne) Frank asks and Paulie .. like a 5 group. Bridgette says maybe, I don’t know. Frank says I don’t know why Paulie is grouped with that. I think it was just people who wanted Jozea and Vic out. Frank asks and why would Nicole be grouped with Paulie. She put him up. Bridgette says because he was a pawn. Frank says but he’s a big threat. Nicole messed up on her season by putting up a target and a pawn and the pawn went home. So now she put up two threats. That’s the way she explained it to me. Frank says if Tiff won she would put me up. I don’t think Nicole or Corey from her team would put me up. Bridgette says that Tiff said she doesn’t want to get blood on her hands. She doesn’t want HOH. Frank says I would like for Michelle to get HOH and then we get her to do what we need. Frank says I like Paul. Bridgette says he’s a good guy but he can’t keep his mouth shut. You can’t use him if you can’t keep his mouth shut. Frank says I don’t really know about Corey .. I see him with Nicole and Paulie a lot. I see him in that group of five. Frank says I want Tiffany out as soon as possible. Obviously I’m going to put as much heat on Tiffany as possible .. subtly. Paul joins them.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 17-53-58-982
5:50pm Paul and Frank are talking. Paul says he (Vic) is a great guy but I think you’re right it will be more creamy smooth butter. Frank says I really don’t get the thing between Michelle and Bridgette. And they’re on my team. I asked Bridgette to try and squash that. And I’ll work on Michelle. Paul says I tried to too. Frank says shaving your eyebrows is a really tame thing to say.

5:55pm Bathroom – Michelle, Tiffany and DaVonne. Michelle asks do you think my attitude towards her (Bridgette) will get me sent home? Tiffany and DaVonne say no. Tiffany says do I think its helping you…no. So I would squash that as best you can.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 17-43-59-288

6:25pm – 6:30pm In the bedroom – Michelle says apparently DaVonne asked Tiffany to do an all girls group. Day mentioned it to her and Tiffany was like no. Frank asks did Tiffany tell you that? Michelle says yeah. Frank says she’s lying. She’s trying to get in with them because she wants me out. That’s why I’m telling you to do your best to squash you thing with Bridgette. Michelle says when I make to jury, I know how you played in BB14, I know how much you got screwed over .. I’m a huge fan of yours .. I’m going to make sure I bust my balls to make sure people vote for you. Frank says I know that.. and I told her to squash her beef too. I don’t want it to be know that you don’t like Bridgette. Michelle says the only reason I wanted her out was because I noticed you and her getting real close. Frank sasy the only people I don’t want to make it to jury is Vic, Bronte because you guys want her out and Tiff. We’ll get Nicole and Corey to throw the next two HOH’s and James to throw the next two as well. I don’t want teamunicorn or freakazoid to win HOH the next couple weeks. I don’t trust her (Tiff) one bit.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-04 18-27-22-165

6:55pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. ..likely for their 4th of July dinner / celebration.

7:55pm Still blocked..

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I think the reason why Da’vonne wants Tiffany out so bad is because she’s scared that Tiff will flip on her (like Vanessa did last yr with big moves) and DAs ego is getting in the way of thinking clearly….no one trusts Tiff and few ppl like her, I would keep her as long as possible bc she can be used

Zzzz Shuuuut Up

The obsession with Da is getting old fast. She is playing the game like everyone else. What is she supposed to do? Sit around in the corner and not say a word? Frank is the main one in the house saying he wants Tiffany out but I guess we’re just going to ignore that and obsess over Da. You people are racist af and showing your true colors. On here criticizing her hair and everything she does and says. WTF does her hair have to do with anything???


It is proven in genetics that the concept of race is a social construct / fabrication. There is only one race of humans. Accept the facts and stop supporting divide and conquer tactics used to keep everyone holding each other back.

A person’s complexion has nothing to do with my comment about any person who spends that many hours in a day doing their hair. It is so far beyond anything I have ever witnessed and completely boggles my mind that anyone would spend that much time on their hair?

Yeh Yeh

Her hair has nothing to do with anything. You’re just desperate for SOMETHING to complain about.


Finally, someone speaks the truth about double standards for gender & race which are rampant on this show. Apparently all the fake boobs, lip injections & bikinis are meant to service the shirtless men who demean them but demand their objectification, unquestioning obediance, throwing comps and winnings. Da’Vonne & Tiffany are savaged ruthlessly while Frank is adored & hero worshiped for his brutal tactics, like Boogie, Dan, Evil Dick & Derrick before him. Listen as everyone gives poor Paul who saves all his violent rhetoric for girls a second chance cuz he’s tempered down his threats to punch them & curses they get melanoma. Production put all these adult women in ridiculous eye-candy wigs, extensions and baby clothes, so Da’Vonne has the added task of managing 30 pounds of braids in every comp. No more ugly Amanda, make-up free Christine or Goth Naomis or Danielle, these chicks were picked from a head-shot catalogue and told to goo-goo like a baby for the strange online basement dweller demographic who law prevents living near schools anymore.

I hope all the posts with “b*tch” “fat a$$” “skank braids” insults and “natalie’s boobies & ass” obsession can be deleted as clearly racist, as well as the “POTUS Donald” “Crooked Liar Hillary” because they are designed to attack Posters not HG or the Show. If we wanted a porn site, neo nazi parade or Trump Rally we would have clicked on one. Posting Rules don’t have to be crazy, but clearly the great job Simon & Dawg do is deminished in clicks & financial support by those who discredit them and their Posters.

um Hello

How is talking about nats boobs racist?

Bolt Uprite

Your theory breaks down. Explain Bronte.

Never worse then Bb15



Point blank and the period


This world we live has had thousands of years of hatred, bigotry and racism generated through heritage. Lets face it, some people are just plain nasty, ignorant racist bigots who won’t change their ways of thinking and will continue to defend their right to say what they want and then have the gall to say “how is that racist”? This site and others like it have nothing on what you see in the BB chat rooms. I don’t take the bait because I know in my mind these type of people are not worth it because Karma always finds it’s way back to you.


Corey is not gay, he just fantasizes about naked men.


Maybe it’s like prison, you look at whatever nakedness you can…


I don’t know if Corey’s gay or not nor care. He’s a jock. Naked men are just a day in the life for him. He’s probably not gawking. He’s just doing what he always did as a jock. Talk to naked guys in the shower. I hate the gutter.


What? What sport did you play where guys sat and stared at other guys while they showered? WHAT?

Misty Beethoven

ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!! STOP TELLING FRANK EVERYTHING! What is he, the twit whisperer?!?

Musty Beetroot

Some typical characteristics of bullies include the following:
~. Have a need to control and dominate others
~. Impulsive and quick tempered
~. Deny wrong doing
~. Good at talking their way out of situations
~. Feel superior
Frank displays these particular characteristics and it’s difficult/unpleasant to witness. Of course he has a few sycophants that will need to have their lips surgically removed from his butt should he be evicted.

An ornery mouse

The word “bully” is so overused now. I’m no Frank fanboy, but the guy hasn’t bullied anyone. He’s playing a GAME of deception, loyalty, manipulation, and betrayal….. overplaying if you ask me.

Frank Checks All the Boxes

The Archetypical BB Winner must be:
~Narcissistic, Delusions of Grandeur
~Anti-Social, Lack Empathy
~Pathological Liar, Destructive
~Con Artist, Thief, Manipulator
~Masochistic, Pleasure in others Pain
~Sexist, Humiliate Gender Identity
~Rule by Fear, Intimidation, Psychotic Breaks
~Demand Obedience, Destroy others Self Worth
~Surrounded by Ignorant, Self-Loathing Sheep
~Production Assistance Advantages
~Rewarded for Anti-Social Behaviors

This is not a “game show” or a “social experiment” but a competition of how low can a network go for “kill or be killed” entertainment. Expecting HG’s to play nice, behave honorably or with empathy is considered weak, poor game and something Jenelle would do.

Underpaid models, actors who never saw the “show” pitted against advantaged Game Sharks ie. overpaid Vets, Sibs, Friends with cue cards is a modern-day Roman Colosseum event, where spectators eat popcorn and bet which poor, unclothed, disadvantaged soul will be the tigers & lions next meal. Will they feed others to the bloodthirsty super-monster to earn one more week fish-food stipend, band together & share tools of survival, or lay down & die, praying to Gods of Production to even the playing field?


Some typical characteristics of the weak include the following:

– When unable to influence others, call those who can “bullies”
– Docile in the face of every confrontation, while calling those who are plainspoken “bullies”
– Believe you are always right and those who disagree are villainous “bullies”
– An inability to explain oneself and therefore unable to lead…and call those who can effectively communicate “bullies”
– Feel inferior and call those who don’t need the affirmation of strangers “bullies”

Frank is actually playing the game to win…not to find a boyfriend, not to trade on a sibling’s game success or lack thereof, not to sell an app, not to be on TV and hope it last all the way to jury, and not to fix the mistake he/she perceived cost him the game 1st time around. He’s a competitor. You need to like or relate to your favorite players and know deep down if you played with Frank, he would do to you what he’s doing to those favorites…so he has to be a bad guy, evil, a bully.


LOL I’m sorry but I spit my drink out at twit whisperer. So true. What is the deal with these girls?! Blahhhh


Oh my gosh I get so annoyed listening to Frank. He thinks he’s the puppet master! He speaks and you better do what he says. The almighty knows all. I’m over it. I can’t wait for him to get blindsided. I can dream can’t I ? Lol


Lol!!. The Twit Whisperer! I Luv It!!!


About to watch Killer klowns from outer space, reminds me of Corey, a repressed homosexual serial killer.

Nicole Pure Michigan

I’m not sure why your ignorant vitriol is allowed here. Little of it really has anything to do with the game of BB; it’s usually a despicable attack on one of the players in the house…….Josea, Corey for example. You need to spend more time cogitating about how your orange-spray-tan monster of a presidential candidate can remain viable as the supposed Republican nominee!!!! He needs your complete devotion and attention!!!

Big Jim

Frank is playing too hard he won’t make it to the end at this rate. People on his side are already taking note


I completely agree! I loved him in 14, but he’s trying to play the “Boogie” game now, and that’s just not him. He is so overbearing and arrogant this time. I’m just not liking it and I think some of his cast mates are getting tired of it, also.

Shelli's Chompers

The picture of Corey and Frank…..GOLD!


Frank must have taken interrogation lessons from Vanessa. He is getting creepy. Michelle, you’re coming off as a creeper. Get a grip brown nose.


Frank needs to pull the plug note get Tiff voted out this week. He could swing a deal with Vic for a week in exchange. Use him to vote out Momma Da Drama.

Tiny hands

Michelle didn’t say that “says apparently DaVonne asked Tiffany to do an all girls group. Day mentioned it to her and Tiffany was like no.” What Michelle actually said to Frank was that Tiffany came to Day and her to say that the 3 girls wanted to join them (the truth) Franks said, no, Tiffany was lying, that it was Tiffany that approached Bridgette, Natalie and Brionte, (not true)


don’t hate the player hate the game

#chilltown brigade

Tiny hands

I hope this season isn’t as boring as BB16, but it is shaping up to have a pecking order as predictable as Derrick’s. (Not counting buy-back, which wont affect final outcome) Let’s see if it ends up like this:
3. Victor
4. Bronte
5. Tiffany
6. Paul
7. Natalie
8. James
9. Zakayah
10. DaVonne
11. Corey
12. Paulie
13. Nicole


It’s becoming pretty clear to me that this is going to be a season controlled by the girls. With the exception of Frank and Paulie, the male houseguests don’t even appear to understand the game. I’m wondering if the composition of the house was set this way intentionally by the producers in an effort to break the norm of male dominated seasons. In private Natalie talks about wanting a female winner (even if it’s not her) every chance she gets. It seems that Bronte, Michelle, Da’vonne, Nicole, and Bridgette are all on board with that premise. Along the way they will work with some of the guys to achieve their objectives. However, when push comes to shove the safety of their female counterparts will take priority. And now Paulie is stupidly plotting to evict Victor (wrong time to cut him loose) which will place the women in an even stronger position (8-5 headcount advantage). I find alliances based on gender to be boring but I really feel that the house is heading in this direction.

Min O'Pause

Happy Birthday USA!
Thank you veterans for my FREEDOM!

Hand of the king

I love frank I think he is playing a mike boogie style game and he won so I can’t hate on that I did root for him on all stars with Will. Not saying frank is gunna be an all time great or anything but he’s playing a similar way that a lot of great alpha male type players have played. Personally find him funny and a smart player. Don’t hate on me just my opinion!


Happy Birthday 50 states! I look forward to serving you. Exercise your right to vote.


Yikes. Are there really that many Donald Trump fans on here?

Awesome Man

Yeah, we like the 50 states. Not for what we can leach out of them, but for what they allows us to do for ourselves. Go, 50 states!


Happy 4th of July!!!
God Bless America and our Veterans:)


When Da lies but tells Frank what he wants to hear he believes her. Even though both he and Corey comment on how crazy Tiff is to say such a thing to Da they never call B.S. on Da. They prefer to believe Tiff is stupid while at the same time a threat. Very strange the way people see weakness in players and still fixate on them as threats over real threats to them in the game. So Frank believes lies that feed in to what he wants to hear and dismisses the truth as lies when what is being said goes against what he wants to hear / what he is selling.
Frankly, I am sick of hearing Frank and Da talk about Tiffany to everyone and none of them calling b.s. on the fact that all they hear is people talk about what she is doing but are not witnessing any of it personally. I guess the only thing that matters to these people is that as long as they aren’t being targeted then who cares. I was sick of hearing Bruno do the same crap in BBCAN3. Making up lies about her…Going on and on and on and on about how evil and untrustworthy Sarah was. Planting seeds is one thing but force feeding everyone a constant diatribe of conspiracy and lies should have people choking on it rather than buying it.


erm, sorry BBCAN2; not 3.

Michelle needs too go

Michelle is going to help Frank win, she doesn’t even envision herself getting to finals, just to jury. She is going to be like Caleb and just ruin everyone else’s game.

Michelle needs to GTFO

It seems she’s only here to help Frank win like wtf. She sucks, she’s going to ruin other people game.

Furless Bat

If Michelle were serious about this, wouldn’t Frank already know about Fatal Five. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions on Michelle’s motive in being a Frank kisserbutter.

Natalie Yum Yum

I’d like to do all sorts of things to Natalie. She looks like she’d be fun to throw around and lick from head to toe.


Ok perv… get a grip.

Natalie Yum Yum

natalie looks like the type that would be fun to throw around!


I like James. Last year he showed potential but once his side lost the numbers and the other side started winning all the comps it was a sinking ship. To his credit, he never gave up and ended up lasting a long time. I don’t dislike Nicole the person but as a player she obviously puts more value on not upsetting the boys than on winning the game. However, if James or Nicole are willing to throw another comp when Frank is going to be the only one with all of his team members and they still don’t know how long the teams will last or how important they could be to game twists, well then, they both deserve to lose. As for Michelle, in the second week making the statement “When I make it to jury I’m going to bust my balls to make sure people vote for you”-that is just gross. She didn’t say IF I make it to jury, she didn’t say if I don’t get to the final two, and she has already decided the winner without even waiting to see how people play the game. She has now taken the honor of my least favorite HG. Can there be a twist where a 4th person gets nominated and vote her out asap. BTW Michelle, Austin thought he could control the jury house last year. It didn’t work out too well for him. He got shot down and ended up looking like an idiot. If hardly anyone wants to talk to you in the house what makes you think they will listen to you in the jury?

production rigged it

It’s a shame that Michelle took somebody’s spot in the game who might have actually played to win. Apparently she’s just here to kiss Frank’s ass, other people who tried to get on this season should be pissed as hell at her. The way she’s talking about getting him jury votes makes me wonder if she’s not his girlfriend in real life or a family member. I mean who in their right mind comes on a show with a chance to win $500,000 and is basically playing for someone else, she’s just pathetic.

Tiny hands

It is a shame.


It is likely that Frank will occupy positions of power (HOH and/or Roadkill) once the four team concept is over and everyone is playing entirely for themselves. Are you sure that Michelle isn’t just kissing Frank’s butt in order to cover herself in the event this does occur?

Another Anonymous

Just wondering. I assume that they won’t have a double eviction until BB Roadkill is over, or that they would suspend BB Roadkill on a double eviction night. I can’t imagine them squeezing in all of those competitions on a live show.

Disappointed Fan

I’m amazed at this poor casting. I can’t imagine anyone winning at this point. It seems rigged to have Frank or Paulie to win. None of the girls is competent enough to have a cogent strategy. Weak, weak women. As for the men, all tools. James is too wrapped up in hanging with the women to think with his big head. Unfortunately this season will end up being a season of comedic errors.


I totally disagree. Strong females… Nicole is coming out stronger and admits that she let love get in the way, last year; Da’Vonne!!! No words here, except that she’s bringing it; Michelle, superfan, that is playing well socially; Tiffany, intelligent player that just won Sequester, trying to set herself apart from being associated with her sister, Vanessa; Bridgette, intelligent and easy-going, has good character assessment; Natalie, fem fatale, sweet, genuiene, and nonasssuming; Bronte, strong self awareness and attitude, spunky personality.
All girls seem strong to me this year!


I disagree about Vanessa’s sister, everything she’s done is framed by Vanessa. She keeps bringing up about the pressure of being Vanessa’s sister. Vanessa wasn’t an impressive player, when told by production she can’t promise players money she said she didn’t know or that it was a figure of speech. Meanwhile, when you guys come to Vegas, we’ll have a party and I’ll stake you some gambling money.

Da’Vonne has aligned with the dominate side of the house this year but her game hasn’t changed. She’s gotten her core buddies and no one else is worth talking to now. When her side goes at each other she’ll be isolated with Zakiyah.

Nicole also aligned with the dominate crew this year. She has her group and hasn’t made serious efforts to pull in anyone to her. That’s a short game waiting to happen. She’ll be in the same position as last year, even when she won HoH, she couldn’t do much because she didn’t have anyone willing to work with her.

They have potential, they just need to make some overtures to certain folks to remove players like Frank or Cody’s Brother. That way when the numbers are down a solid group of 4 or 5 can run the board.


Vanessa wasn’t an impressive player? You’re letting you dislike get in the way. Only 10 hg in all of big brother have won 4 or more hoh in their season, one of those 10 is Vanessa. If she didn’t win hoh, she basically got the person that did to do what she wanted. Regardless of her antics, she is definitely one of the top female players in big brother history.


I can’t believe Michelle is talking as though she will only get to Jury and Frank will be in a position to be voted upon for the win. Totally conceding defeat 2 weeks into the show!! Production can’t sell us a house full “rabid, money hungry, $500k obsessed HGs” if the HGs themselves don’t believe it. They’re in a it for a check, no questions asked, just let em make it to Jury, which is really just a s#!++¥ vacation away from friends and family. These HGs are sooo desperate for attention and cash you’d think they’d play the game that is guaranteed to give them attention and possibly cash! But instead they mope around all day telling each other their strategies, soaking up the easy fame instead of making a name for themselves in the BB universe through actual strategy, drama and Cunning, and talking about how they’re gonna spend their lump sum weekly stipends when they get out. Embarrassing, this season has 12 Victoria’s, a James, Frank, Da and Nicole.


Bitch is star struck. Pitiful


Zakiyah has a yeast infection – skanky. Paulie get far away from that. She must smell really nasty.

You Dummy

That shows right there, how much a male knows about feminine things… I.e. a yeast infection smfh


I loved Frank in 14, but he just seems to need to keep talking, and being condescending, to the girls, this year. He’s alienating each and every girl in there. He is too overbearing and I think it will cost him.

Alice in Flames

Bronte was really trying to get info out of Tiff on AD. And Tiff was giving her nothing. Tiff doesnt fully trust her yet which is good.

Tiff is playing these mother fukzers She is more laid back than Vanessa and its hard to read sometimes what she is doing. But she has a game plan.

It’s just a waiting game. And she drives me nuts cuz I wanna hear more of the plan in her head. Like when Vanessa talked to her core group of who she was working with u got to hear her strategy somewhat. Tiff has no one she can really lay it out to so its hard to watch right now. But she is playing.

Stay tuned.

James is still so friggin bitter over Vanessa takiing him out. He is up trying to bro up with the guys lying his ass off. Hate that little fool.

The “bros” Paulie Frank James Corey are worried as fuck that Tiff wins HOH.

Get it this week Tiff!

Lets start this show!

Smart Guy

It’s hard for Tiffany to say anything to anyone without a certain person saying CALM DOWN!, CALM DOWN!, plus, at this point in the game last year, Vanessa didn’t have a core group to talk to. She was getting closer to Shelli but she didn’t really start playing until the night before Da went home.

Bolt Uprite

You will hear more of the plans in Tiffany’s head when the voices in her head tell her what they are.

Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut uppppppp......

There are so many bitchy people here right now. Seriously, it’s a friggen game. If it upsets you so much with all of the racism, sexism, etc. then don’t watch it! For fuck’s sake!


Holy hell. I can’t believe you can see in the shower so clearly. And more importantly, I can’t believe Corey is sitting there staring at Frank. Lol. It’s kinda funny ????


I can’t wait to see how Michelle’s jealousy of Bridgette due to the attention she’s getting from Frank, continues to play out.