Frank “I’m in a pretty good spot, better than I was my last season. Everybody wanted me out.”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 14-05-00-313
2pm Frank is alone in the kitchen eating and talking to the cameras. Frank says Mom, Nana, I miss ya’ll. I hope I’m not embarrassing anybody. Mom I hope I’ve been cussing less and less. I feel like I’ve been doing a little bit better but I’ll continue to work on it for you. I hope I’m not being too harsh on people but its kind of fun .. maybe I’m a jerk. But it’s kind of fun some times. Its not fun.. its just .. I know I’ve been hard on Tiffany but she kinda made it personal. She said she wanted me out before jury. Trying to get my own alliance members to turn their backs against me. I mean, I might be a little cocky but she was real cocky to think that she could do that. Ashton Bonnie Evans I miss you and love you.. I hope I’m making you proud. Frank finishes his eggs and opens the sliding glass door to yell “YA’LL KEEP IT DOWN!!” Just f**king with them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 14-10-34-945

2:15pm – 2:30pm Frank heads into the safari room. Frank gives shout-outs to his friends and Mike Boogie. He says I wish I knew what you all know .. who voted that one stray vote. Obviously the POV hasn’t happened … Tiffany stays on the block and goes home on Thursday. Working with the 7 pack ..still kind of an 8 pack if you include Paulie. I’m getting closer with Bridgette, Bronte and Paul. Natalie. I’m in a pretty good spot right now, better than I was my last season. Everybody wanted me out. Obviously I’ve had to be a little more dishonest this season. ..telling people the way the votes were going to go. But I don’t really feel too bad about pulling the wool over Jozea and Victor’s eyes. They would have done the same to me. If fact they were trying to .. they jsut weren’t good at it. Tiffany is doing the same thing… and I was nice to her. I am nice, she’s jsut confrontational. I am too but I forgive and forget. I don’t know where my true allegiance lies.. I did make a final 2 deal with Nicole .. we’ll see if that sticks. I think she probably has my back but I think Bridgette does too. I think Paulie and Corey do too. With soon to be 12 people left in the house .. that’s a third of the people that have my back. That’s not bad. Other people have my back too just I’m not their first priority. I could be being lied to too. I’d love to see me, Nicole and Bridgette in the final 3. Or me Nicole and Natalie in the final 3. I need to get Day and Michelle out. And Paulie and Corey out And James. Then I’ll get Zakiyah locked in with me. Paul and Corey join him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 14-21-09-515

3pm Frank says I’ll tell you what … I don’t think Bronte is a threat right now. Zakiyah agrees. She’s been put up so many times it broke her. Frank says it seems like she cracks in all the roadkill comps. I just wonder who we should get to be HOH next week.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 15-12-36-363
3:20pm – 3:40pm Frank tells Corey .. if we get a chance next week I want to take a shot at Day. I don’t want her in jury talking sh*t. Corey asks what do you mean. Frank says I don’t want her talking sh*t in jury. You can taint a jury. I’m just worried about if we end up cutting her and stabbing her in the back .. she will taint the jury. Corey says oh that’s true, I know what you mean. Frank says she’s a good speaker. Ideally I would like to get Michelle to win HOH. And put up Bronte and Natalie. Then we win the roadkill comp and not tell anyone. That would be another big target out the door. Another successful week. Frank says the thing is Day is dying for a win right now .. and I’m not sure what she would do. I don’t think she would put me up .. I think she would put up you or Paulie. Like lets get one of these strong dudes out. Frank says I don’t want to compete against Day in some of those mental comps in the end. I don’t want to compete against Michelle in some of those either. You’re right, everything is going great right now.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 15-24-40-151

4pm – 4:15pm Paulie and Corey are talking. Paulie says he basically said he wants to clip me, you or James by 7,8, 9. Paulie says if it doesn’t sink we’ll just have to do it the traditional way. Corey says we’ll get him out. Corey says he wants to keep Bridgette and Paul around. Paulie sasy yeah he said that to me too. He wants to get Day out. Paulie says I told Paul that Frank was the roadkill winner 1st and 3rd week. Corey says and he (Paul) was probably up because of Frank too. They talk about filling in Paul on the backdoor Frank plan. Paulie says once it gets down to 7 people we just have to turn on.. You keep Nicole close and I’ll keep Z close. Corey says we got him bro! Its good because the girls love us. Paulie says we just have to get rid of the one person to tag us. Its also good to have Paul around. He’s over there with Bridgette, Bronte and Natalie and he’s definitely someone that can win stuff. Paul joins them. Paulie tells Paul just be careful when you’re talking to Frank. Paulie says I’m just reassuring. He’s been trying to make a bunch of different alliances in the house. Paulie says we’ve got to bite him (Frank) before he bites us. Paulie says when the time is right’re going to tell Bronte he (Frank) was the one that put her up (Roadkill nom). Paulie tells Paul that Frank is going out the backdoor not the front door. Paul says I don’t care if I go up next week as a pawn. I’m a trooper.. I don’t care. Corey says its friendship! Paul says I thought he was like that with you guys. James says no, he’s playing everyone. Paul says I’ve noticed the tone he has. Paulie says charming.. warm. James says like a pedophile.. come on in..
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 16-08-09-471

4:25pm In the bathroom – Frank is talking about how the other people on his season talked bad about him behind his back all season. He said he loved when he won the power of veto on the live show and the crowd went crasy. I was like you see that!? You’re on the wrong side! America hates ya’ll!! Bronte says and then you won America’s Favourite. Frank asks didn’t you say Dan Geesling made a face when he read it. Nicole says he read it before Julie did. You could tell he was not happy about it. Frank says that’s why I don’t really care for Dan either. Nobody S’s their own D as much as Dan does. Bronte asks what is S’s his own D? Frank says sucks his own d**k. Nicole asks what does that even mean? Frank says it means he kisses his own a$$ better than anyone else does. He’s so far from humble.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 16-29-42-603

4:45pm Bathroom – Corey tells Nicole that they talked to Paul about getting out Frank next week. Literally the hole house is against him. Corey tells Michelle that Frank wants to target Day next week and then he wants you out. Corey leaves. Nicole tells Michelle not to repeat that .. we don’t want him to flip the script. Michelle says oh I know, I won’t. Its pretty much old news already. Nicole leaves. Michelle says I frickin hate Frank.

5:30pm Havenot room – Tiffany says he wants me to freak out and make myself a threat .. which I haven’t been. Paulie tells her to try not and sleep as much. Try to get up and pop around.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 17-30-28-169

5:30pm – 5:48pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return all the house guests are leaving the HOH after being locked down.

6:20pm Paulie, James and Corey are working out in the living room with their “prison gym”

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This cocky lil shit, it’s awesome to watch though lmao he honestly thinks he’s playing that good of a game huh? When it all comes crumbling down (or should I say if it does lol) it will be B-E-A-utiful lol


CBS has been giving Frank the golden edit so far. Any chance they’ll show him and his delusions this week or next? Jozea and Victor came off pretty stupid and Frank’s heading down that same road now.

Timy Trump hands

Safe to say, that Frank smacking DaVonne on the butt wont’ make the prime time TV edit


They just proved you wrong. His behavior made it to prime time even if they condensed it to a 3 minute segment


My mistake. They have devoted a chunk of this episode to that incident


Lovely edit though, didn’t show Paulie had to talk to Frank to explain why Da’Vonne was pissed, I’m sure the DR told Frank to act like he was sorry to smooth it over and later in the feeds basically said Da’Vonne over reacted to a little tap on the booty. The slap was loud enough to be heard in the other rooms but that audio didn’t make tonight’s cut.
They made it seem like Frank realized right away when several people had to point it out and explain. It reminds me of Frankie’s edit as they avoided anything that paints him in to negative a light. But now Da’s a target of Frank and the main reason for that is she got all uppity about getting her butt slapped. The audacity of that woman! just in case there’s confusion.


Frank makes my skin crawl ugh! Creepy sleez bag ugh! I feel so sorry for mama Da, she’s a mom, it’s heart breaking. I wonder how sleez balls would feel if someone slapped his mother on the booty and saying sexually inappropriate comments.. Creepazoid


Swing and a miss.

Motorboat Natalie

Frank has no earthly idea how horrible of a situation he’s really in. Barring a debacle, he will be getting backdoored next week. Meaning him and Tiff could have an epic battle with one of them likely coming back. Could you imagine their faces if Frank came walking through that door after getting backdoored. Would be epic and chaotic and that’s what I root for!

Powder Puff Girls

Sounds like the purrrrfect plan to me!




An epic battle between Frank the Tank vs the Pillow Gnome!?!?
Oh yeah, better make that one a Pay-Per-View!!
Quit living in LaLa Land.


Thumbs down doesn’t change the fact that I’m correct. It’s Power Puff. Google is your friend geniuses.


No. The fatal five calls them ( Bridget Natalie Bronte) powderpuff girls. Not powerpuff.


If Frank gets backdoored next week and somehow manages to win back in, he’ll be in the exact same situation Nicole was. He’ll come back, Bridgette will know he nominated her and Bronte, Paul will have moved up the pecking order and everyone else will have just agreed to eliminate Frank. He won’t even have a Donny to align with. He’ll go right back out the moment he’s not immune.


LOL I’m glad he’s just as clueless as Tiffany at this point.

So anyway...

Wake me when Frank gets evicted

Big Jim

They still all want you out homeboy


You give Frank a inch
And he thinks he’s a ruler.


well they keep doing his dirty work….cowards is all they are! Tiffany is such a threat! now that’s comical.


Wow. It’s like he’s getting his own little d/r type special. And all of that will make it’s way into episodes to engender sympathy for poor Frank who has just given justification to all of his underhanded actions by blaming others. I won’t be surprised if there is tinkly piano music for poor victim Frank as the rest of the evil houseguests sharpen their knives and go after Mr. Forgive and Forget.
Oh come on. We’re all thinking it.

Unbattled Block

Frank…You keep right on believing that…All the way to your exit interview with Julie. And that might be in less than 2 weeks unless you get your game back on track

Brody Schiller

ha ha Frank “I’m in a pretty good spot right now”

Jimmy 64

Frank everyone wants you out .
Mike boogie was a bad influence on him . Quit trying to be him!!
I always thought Mike was shady . The only reason he won all- stars
is Dr. Will carried him . And most of the all stars were stupid that year .
Mike was nothing but an average player.


LMAO frank doesn’t even know his day are number maybe he can give us the blindside we’ve been waiting for that he took during jozea’s eviction now that would make for good TV.


Frank, can you say KARMA? Let me spell that out for ya K-A-R-M-A !!! So long, see ya again NEVER!!!

Corey the Doufus

Meanwhile Corey drinks water from his orange sippy cup and if you look in his eyes there is absolutely nothing there. Blank stare. Dumb as dirt. Nicole going around saying what a prize he is. She can’t even get that doufus. No wonder this girl is so desperate for a man.

They are all so confident Tiffany is leaving that it leads to me believe by Tuesday a plan will be in the works to save her.

Writers of this show seem to be on strike this season.


Did Nicole as well as everyone else in the house forget doufus Corey and his frat boys attempting to lite a goat on fire? Get Corey out of the house – please!!!


Nicole really came off shallow tonight. Out of her own mouth the Corey thing is all about looks. What’s even worse is they followed it with the James and Natalie segment that was way better.

Min O'Pause

Well one of Corey’s eyes is blank. The other one is looking…I’m not sure where….kinda sideways.


Hahaha! You always make me laugh out loud reading your comments….I so agree that his eyes are just not right somehow and that stare sometimes…???


The power puff girls are going to derail Frank’s plan.
Frank’s eviction will be 8-0.

Paul or Natalie or James for the win

Powder Puff Girls

not sure if the Powder Puff Girls have it in them? Bridgette appears to be very tight with Frank. Who do you think will put up Frank? I think it will come down to Da.


Of the girls, Bronte might surprise us
and nominate Frank if she gets HOH or Roadkill

Min O'Pause

And monkeys may fly outta my ass.


Ok but I imagine that would be just a little messy

Min O'Pause

Kinda tickles.

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Is it bad I want Nicole slowly tortured for year then shot?


So, How often is it in the Big Brother environment with thirteen people left in the house, does someone get camera time in the middle of the afternoon to talk about his feelings and motives and his place in the house as a soliloquy while moving from to another of the typically busiest environments on feeds with not another soul around for a half hour?
Shenanigans for episode. Assigned task, and if he’s not a complete dunderhead an absolute hint that he is indeed the target of people within the house.


If Frank would of played this game in a low key manner he would of not been in this situation. He could of been in a good spot. You think people would know how to play Big Brother by now. Try not to ruffle feathers, don’t make to many alliances(it will get back to others that you are making final 2 deals with others). Stop being a dictator to everyone and keep your ego at the door.Haven’t they watched enough Big Brother to know that this behavior will get you voted out.

Frizzy Num Num

The problem with operation backdoor frank, is it’s too soon for so many people to know about it. Corey is going to tell Nicole, and wham! Frank will know. And once he knows, he will start working Brigitte, who will work Brate and Nat. if they just had waited til Wednesday or Thursday. I think they are gonna miss the window.


Those two weeks of safety really messed with Frank’s head.

He came in playing a pretty good game – then as soon as he was immune from eviction, he started feeling like he was untouchable.


Had to laugh at Frank saying “Day would taint the jury”……Frank should know about tainting a jury…he is still mad at Dan. Frank is a very poor sport, and he certainly did not learn anything from his previous appearance on BB. Frank…..the world still does not revolve around you.


Hard to believe Frank is a vet. He’s literally thrown everyone’s name out. Is he another twist? In the house to betray everyone? Lol

An ornery mouse

You forgot: Throw comps to appear weak (especially if you have a beast reputation) unless you absolutely need a win. And definitely don’t run around the house bragging that you won after anonymous comps.

Frank’s ego is like a runaway train this season….. and the crash is gonna be glorious.


I just can’t believe it. I am stunned. You wouldve never gotten me to believe after his experience 4 years ago, that he would be playing so careless like this. It’s almost like the dr is instructing the vets what role to play to keep this whole thing interesting b/c let’s face it, this is not a very savvy crop of newbies by any stretch of the imagination. Damn Frank, wake up son!!! Get a clue from the dr or SOMETHING! IF you don’t win that hoh or that veto nexct week then u gona have to battleback. But like another poster said above, the producers are probably hoping that he gets booted then comes right back. I’m hoping he stays til jury and teams up with Victor.


So what happens when frank comes right back in the house? They are setting his eviction up to be such a blindside that i guarantee cbs will set up a comp that frank will win to come back in the house.

Natalie's Boobs

Returnees never last long. Not worried.


Except in BBCAN4. Kelsey Faith made it to the final as did Gary Levy in Season 1.

Not saying the dynamic within the BB18 house right now is anywhere similar to what it was for Kelsey or Gary. Just that there is precedent. In 2 out of 4 BBCAN Seasons the returnees went to the final.


How were have nots chosen this week? I missed it. Thanks


Yeah…he’s leaving soon. Frank’s working too hard and makes a little bit too much noise when trying to sneak around. Loose lips sink ships Frank. Talks too much. Maybe he should a came in with a better strategy this time around, the bully approaches really isn’t paying the dividends he thought it would.


Speaking of loose lips….I think Paulie telling Paul everything now might not have been the best thing. Paul is floating along and hasn’t really picked a side yet that I have seen.


I think Paul’s getting the read that Frank’s on the outs with everyone. He’s going to be extra cautious about hitching up with another Jozea who thinks they are running everything. Paul’s not going to Frank with anything incriminating.


Frank will find out next week unless he is safe or HOH that he is in the same spot he was in BB14. That said, Paulie’s obsession with getting Frank out also shows that his game has flaws. Paulie is using the argument to everyone else that Frank should leave because 1) he can win comps 2) he has alliances all around the House. Well Paulie those 2 things apply to you as well. If Frank goes, Paulie will be the next big male target, he should keep Frank as a shield to protect his own game. If getting Frank out means the target moves on Paulie’s back after I think he could regret it later


getting rid of Tiffany will be a big mistake! why do they say they want to get rid of frank but keep doing his dirty work!….i can’t wait to see this blow up in their face. Can’t believe i’m rooting for Frank now!


I agree with everything you said but the last sentence. I think getting rid of Tif is wrong, she has no one and is definitely a vote against Frank, can’t say that for the other 2 on the block with her. I would just keep her as she would be a target every week versus the possibly of 3 of the 8 pack members being put at the same time.


I honestly tried to like Tiffany but what in the hell is wrong with this woman. Hiding under hats, peeking from under covers. She knows about the peanut puffs(Nat, Brontae, Bridgette)plan to get rid of strong male players, the back door plan against Frank and she’s not doing anything! What the hell?!?!


Ya Frank like you tainted the jury against Dan

Frank the tank

Frank gets booted next week, house happy;then frank wins the by back, house scared going to be really good next couple of weeks


Frank isn’t such a bad guy. More stupid than anything. Poor social game but strong strategic game. Another Vanessa but instead of being emotional he’s obnoxious.

Still trying to see what Michelle brings. Seems like a floater to me but slowly progresses as a dark horse. Strong social player but still can’t figure out where her head is at. Seems like her follows more than lead.

Overall if someone can give Da and Nicole a run for their money, it should be an interesting season.

Natalie's Boobs

But Frank actually isn’t stupid at all. He can’t use that as an excuse. He’s just being an a**hole.


I wonder if Paulie has sat down and instead of just talking about Frank looked at his situation in that House(if Frank does get evicted next week). Who are his real allies other than Z? who would stick their neck out to protect him? Other than Z I dont see anyone doing it. He needs to really think about his game, starting with who would Day go after if Frank goes? (wink wink..thats you Paulie) James would certainly not go out of his way to defend him, James is more aligned with the girls. Nicole? not really she will keep Corey around for safety. Powerpuff girls will also target Paulie….come on Paulie start thinking about your game !!! and not what the House wants


BB edit of tonight’s show didn’t put Frank in a nice light. He’s coming off like a total asswipe.
He needs to go but not next week. Don’t want him to have a chance at the buy back.


Frank has zero chance of making it to the end or winning. I want him to stay just to see some alliances get tested in that House. We have had “house votes” up to now of voting out the unpopular HG’s. If Frank did stick around you would see some cracks in the rest of that House, people that have been doing a lot of double talk…starting with Da.


Why does that matter? Giving him an extra week or him coming back would still be the same situation. Frank would be in the house with 12 left either way.


Actually my bad. Your idea is worse. It guarantees Frank in the house for an additional week.


This Frank thing is blown way out of proportion. He stepped over the line and apologized. Da is just as wild as tiffany and everyone is babying her. It’s a game so all is allowed. Can we stop making everything a event.


That is because this game is often played on an emotional level. People want out the ones they dont like, same with many fans…I dont like this girl/guy I want them out. You should vote out the people who can stop you from making it to the end.


You’re delusional. No woman wants to be slapped or popped on the butt or have anyone touching them in any manner without permission. Calling any woman a slut or Hoe is also unwarranted and not funny.

If you think debasing a woman for your amusement …. you’re part of a bigger problem.


His apology was basically, I slap your butt because I’m comfortable with you girl. I won’t do it any more…walks out the room and says she gots to go!


Not a fan of Frank but could not agree with you more.. I mean we have Bronte making racist asian jokes and people care more about attacking Frank.

Donald Trump

Frank is an ugly disgusting creep. And just because he has big hands doesn’t mean anything else is big if you know what I mean.


Frank is such an unlikeable person, I was actually pulling for Michelle when she basically told him to piss off. Yes, she’s a human slug, but who the hell does he think he is to say he’ll vote her out? Not if you get booted first, scooter. Ugh – really don’t like him one iota.


It’s Power Puff.


Word of advice to Paulie and Big Brother, chairs are not made for bench pressing as I found out years ago when I dislocated my shoulder doing the same moronic stunt….


Then they are idiots. They are obviously trying to referencing the show. And the show was Powerpuff Girls.