Michael- “you have told us who the target is and switched it back and forth literally every single day”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

Reward / Punishment Veto Results:

– Kyle won the veto
– Alyssa won $5000
– Jasmine won a trip to London, England
– Terrance – “Ink 182” 182 temp tattoos
– Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” for 1 week and perform concerts
– Taylor and Joseph will be chained together for 24 hours.

1:04 pm Joe says they have 5 more hours until their freedom

1:04 pm Brittany and Michael
Britt – like you were saying yesterday if it comes down to who formed the leftovers that’s a side. The more they don’t see it the better it is for us.
Britt – how can we keep them focussed there.
Britt – we’ve been viewing it like a Monte, Joe, Taylor and A Kyle, Turner and us. If it’s actually a Turner/Kyle Vs Joe/Monte and they are fighting it out. You me and Taylor we slide through.
Britt – how do we do that without showing we’re doing that..
Michael- Kyle not using the veto has already started the fighting
Britt – I know Taylor is
Michael – I talked to Monte ‘it doesn’t matter to me how the order goes it’s more how people act when deciding’
Britt says up in the HOH yesterday it was Taylor, Monte, and Joe in the HOH. “I caught the tail end. When Kyle came in the conversation switched.. I was like Sh1t when are we. I expect that from the other side I don’t expect that from the leftovers.
Michael- right
Britt – is the conversation every switching when we walk in
Michael- I’m not sure.
Michael- Monte goes to bed so early now all of a sudden he’s staying up.
Britt – I think he’s sensing .. the thing is I would love to buy some goodwill.. We expose Kyle too soon for all he’s been talking about and he gets win we’ll take the blowback. It’s not worth it. We have to plant seeds like very very carefully
Michael- I agree
Britt – when Taylor interrogated .. that’s too strong of a word, Questioned me. I told her exactly where we were (With Kyle using the veto and Alyssa going up)
Britt – what he’s doing right now is not good for his game. I’m okay with that but when you start ropeing us in on that.
Michael – I do trust Kyle, Hes given us a lot that we could blow up his game.
Britt – for sure I do . Out of the seven other than Turner we’re his closest.
Michael- Turner isn’t one the same thinking (as Kyle)
Britt agrees.
Britt – these sides that he has come up with are not solid.
Michael- I agree. I don’t think anyone knows we’re as close to Taylor as we are.
Michael says he was fed up having to stay up until 5 last night. If they go to bed then the people staying up will talk about them.
Britt – I don’t want to be locked into anyone else’s narrative. if it’s Joe or Kyles. We could be in the best position if we played it right. \
Michael – If we play it right. Do you think they will bring Terrance
Britt – I think so
Michael – I shouldn’t push too hard with giving Indy a sympathy vote. it’s one of the four I would like to do it on.
Michael – Taylor said the worst case is if it goes to a tie-breaker.. I’m like that’s not the worst-case scenario. Taylor you were like ‘let’s target Terrance, let’s target Indy, Let’s target Alyssa back to Indy.. You have changed your mind soo much’
Michael- you have told us who the target is and switched it back and forth literally every single day and now that it might fall to you .. no you don’t get to tell us who the target is. I am so annoyed
Michael – we are doing what we made fun of them for doing. We’re up there to 5 o’clock and we all come down the stairs we are doing exactly what they did
Britt – I know. If we go to bed early they talk about us.
Michael- I may have said I would like SLEEPING RULES ENFORCED (OMFG ME TOO)
Michael- it’s impacting the game at this point so I hope this happens. I didn’t nap for the first 30 days.. like I didn’t take a single nap. The game talk doesn’t happen during the day it happens at night when everyone is asleep
Michael – I hope Kyle wins and takes a shot.. Honestly I do
Britt – that is the best case scnario.
Michael- I can’t decide between Monte or joe who I want to see go first.
Michael says Monte is the better competitor but Joe has the social bonds.
Michael – I wish we could have a conversation and trust Jasmine
They agree they need to hang out with Taylor just the three of them.
Britt – I don’t like a Taylor HOH it’s too chaotic and it really goes to her head
Michael – yeah
Britt – I would never sit on the bed I would sit on the couches. If she paints a bigger target on herself it’s fine.

3:22 pm Jasmine and Terrance
Jasmine tells him she’s voting to keep him.
Jasmine – this is the best. Hopefully moving forward.. I got to break it to Indy tomorrow. Not today but tomorrow. I think that is the best decision in my game.

3:24 pm Terrance is almost done with the tattoos. He’s been told he has to wear them until tomorrow night after the show.
Terrance – two more to go.. yes yes
(he’s got more than two)

3:35 pm Kyle and Michael
Kyle says he’s saying he’s undecided and tomorrow morning let her know. “She’s starting to freak out. I feel bad that’s gotta suk for any of us to be in that position”
Michael says last night before Brittany and Kyle came up the rest of the leftovers were talking about how Alyssa and Terrance are studying and preparing for a mental competition. He asked them why not send Terrance out maybe they should discuss it. They were all like “NO NO NO he can’t win anything he’s come last in everything.
Michael – You were just saying.. between the two no matter what indy and Terrance will be more on their side.
Kyle brings up when they were over at the pool table and he asked “what’s the plan for next week” they said “it’s simple jasmine”
Kyle – if it’s so simple next week why was it CHAOS this week?
Michael – Yeah
Kyle – Monte, Joe, and Taylor I’m almost 100% they have something
Michael brings up how all the sloppy things they would accuse the other side of doing they are doing now. “We shouldn’t be staying up until 5am every night.”
Kyle – Indy wins HOh she will never put up Monte/Joe. If Alyssa wins HOH she will never put me and you up. She will put up Monte and Joe. At its core that is why they were fighting for.. They never came out and said it.

Michael – there would be a reason to target Alyssa that would make some sense but they went with the ‘She clowned Taylor on her HOH’
Michael – I don’t care about that.
Kyle – it comes down to winning comps now
Michael – yeah .. yeah
Kyle – if I hadn’t won the veto Alyssa is gone. I won’t be throwing any comps. It’s hard for me keep sticking my neck out for Alyssa when she’s proving to be so emotional.
Michael – once we can fill her in

indy jumps in and wants to talk to Michael.

3:36 pm Indy, Alyssa, Brittany and Jasmine
Indy asking for their votes.. “at least three like Ameerah did”
Indy – I don’t know how this happened. I didn’t do sh1t I didn’t talk shit I had no alliances. I don’t get it.

3:55 pm Jasmine and Michael
Jasmine says she doesn’t want to see Indy go. If Jasmine does vote to keep her she doesn’t want to be the only one.
jasmine – she is someone I wouldn’t put up. you are one of them. If it’s final 3 you have to do what you have to do
Michael – you have 10 people next week
Jasmine says she’s close to Terrance but nothing like Indy
Michael – I don’t have a reason to vote either of them out. Indy has more positives.
Michael says it’s been tough to talk to joe and Taylor alone because of the punishment.
Jasmine – how does she feel if it’s a 4/4 vote?
Michael – she won’t want that. No HOH would want that.
Michael doesn’t think the 5 locked in votes Indy is saying she has are really Locked in.
Michael – I’m leaning towards wanting Indy to stay
Jasmine – I just can’t be disloyal at this moment.
Michael – I don’t want either to go.
Jasmine says next week Kyle and Alyssa are off limits to her. Wonders who the target will be.

4:06 pm Turner and Indy
Indy – told me people are talking but I have this feeling in my heart that I am okay at the same time you never know
Turner – is this your first time on the block during eviction
Indy – yeah .. I’m so nervous.. I dreamed so much to be here I fight so much to be here. You guys can only imagine coming from another country another background.. Everything is so new. It was a lot of work and a lot of faith to come here.
Turner – I hate to say this but I’m in the same boat as everyone (undecided)
Turner – I do love you being in this house. I haven’t talked to Terrance yet. I will keep you updated. I am very close to Terrance.
Indy – I Know you are I want to give myself the opportunity to ask for your vote. I would love your vote your vote could be the one that saves me.
Turner- I hope you appreciate my honesty
Indy – if he stays and you vote for him I will never take that against you
Indy – I have your back when it’s your turn.
Turner says he’ll talk to her later today or tomorrow when he knows what he’s doing.

4:12 pm Britt and Michael
Britt – jasmine told me she was undecided and I said I was undecided. I asked her does Indy know you are undecided.. she was like ‘yeah yeah I told her I told her’
Britt – I knew that was bullshit so I went to Indy and asked do you have the votes Indy and she said YES. She said she had Jasmine and Alyssa. I told Indy you better double check I am hearing things from the girls you are saying you have that they are not 100%
Britt – that is when I told her I am undecided. I said I am not getting the full story
Britt adds at that point Indy pulled all the girls into the HOH and of course, Jasmine had to talk first and she said she was decided
Britt is hoping if Indy can find out that she was honest with her that she can get Indy’s jury vote. “I’m not as close to her as the other girls but I was more honest with her that might mean something at some point in time”
Michael – I feel like they are voting Indy out.
Britt – they are.
Michael – I’m going to vote for Indy to stay

4:37 pm Chinese checkers

5:20 pm Makeup and a shower

5:43 pm Terrance tries on Joe’s costume wigg. Kyle tries on Taylor’s wigg “Grandma Pat”. Joe tries on Taylor’s “I feel like a IT guy that is a little rebellious”

5:51 pm Taylor and Britt
They are free from the punishment costumes.
Britt goes on about Jasmine saying she’s undecided and Britt says she’s undecided. “I asked her Does Indy know and she goes yeah yeah”
Britt mentions talking to Indy and warning her.

Taylor says nothing happened between her and Joe while they were chained up. “I’m attracted to him I will never ever ever ever EVER let what happened between Kyle and Alyssa happen between me and him”
Taylor- Alyssa is trying to get us to be closer and more public with our affection.. She was like take some of the pressure off us. why would I do that.

5:51 pm Joe and Indy
Indy – I have Michael and Jasmine’s votes for sure.. they didn’t say.
indy – you are going to vote for me to stay?
Joe – of course, baby.. I will be honest with you I will check with the house. I am voting for you to stay. From what I heard people are saying you are staying. You know how stupid this house is. I haven’t received any updates I’ve been chained to Taylor. No one would talk to me.
Joe – of course saving you baby is the priority
Indy – Kyle, Alyssa, you and jasmine you need to talk to them.
Joe – you are counting Kyle?
Indy – no I am not
Joe – what did Michael and Brittnay say?
Indy – Michael for sure. Britt is more let’s see by tomorrow.
Indy says the person who is for sure is Turner because he’s close to Terrance. Monte told her he’s voting with the house.
Indy – and we’re the house

6:00 pm Feeds cut to cats.. must be the halfway party
7:00 pm feeds still down

8:10pm Still blocked..

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un autre nom

five swatters reveal. Kyle game is alliance but heart is Alyssa. ED. about that.
Alliance wants Jasmine, or Indy. Taylor wants Terrance.
Backdoor hint.
Are cracks starting to emerge in Leftovers? Ed. considering leftovers is a con for Pound?
me: how are they going to edit this chaos of target changing so often and keep it making sense????
Taylor says Terrance target jury management
Indy is worried.
Monte she wanted me and Turner up?
Terrance… 4th time on the block waah.

Taylor sells Monte to Terrance. ED. by this point target was now INDY.
Terrance thinks Monte and Taylor are together.
Taylor sells the same crap to Indy. INDY: If I don’t win, are you going to use veto on me?
TAYLOR: A girl isn’t leaving on my HOH.
The reveal of the promises Wednesday. ED. NO reveal of the promises Thursday night.
Joseph says forced into alliance…. ED. he made it. poor Joseph, nobody is targeting him at all.
Joseph talks spying to get information. ED. skips no target on him and jury votes?
Jasmine thinks Joseph is their spy.
Joseph / Taylor: option talk. Alyssa. Joseph pushed it. Taylor doesn’t want to.
ED. Joseph says Alyssa as much as Jasmine says chicken wings.
Terrance Joseph. Bigger target talk. Is it Monte?
Terrance just wants Taylor to have to show her cards.
Monte or Joseph are options brought to Taylor by Joseph.
JOSEPH VOLUNTEERS. *he can stay undercover in the middle… only option not discussed.
Joseph and Terrance are the nominees options at the moment.
Michael… don’t be an idiot volunteering. um… he liked the idea of maybe flipping.
Monte and Kyle like the idea.
Michael and Britt say… if we could swing a Joseph eviction and stay covered…. could we?
Michael D/R: Pooch and Ameerah, playing middle and it only benefits himself.
Lay low until veto.
ED. AT this point Britt might know that Joseph has approached Taylor about the back up shield alliance plan with the wicked stepsisters.
Veto picks:
Taylor hg choice Alyssa. Terrance: Jasmine. Indy: fly swatters please… KYLE.
Taylor and Alyssa talk. Use the veto.
Monte is pushing INDY as the target. ED. Leaving out his female talk. a choice.
Taylor wants noms to stay the same. THE POUND PUSH INDY.
Taylor caves and now is on board with Indy going.
KYLE is excited INDY is the target. ED. Leaving out his… him. A choice.
Skipping Kyle telling Alyssa to throw veto to him before Veto?
SO, WE’VE GONE FROM Terrance to Indy SO FAR.
VETO: PUNKAROO. My head still sees POLKAROO.
Bouncing balls down guitar neck.
Kyle: 5 Alyssa: 4 Taylor: 2 Jasmine milking injury. 3 Indy: 5 Terrance: 0 VETO
Taylor: 4 Kyle: 14 Alyssa: 7 Jasmine: 2 Indy: O INK 182, takes veto.
Kyle: 5 Alyssa: 4 Taylor O Jasmine 3 London trip ***TAYLOR DIDN’T TAKE VETO.***
Alyssa 0 Jasmine 3 Kyle: 3 Alyssa: SKID AND FANCY Alyssa didn’t take veto. took vacation.
Taylor threatens don’t take my prize I’m HOH. Taylor is pissed she didn’t get the prize. Petty? Kinda.
Monte: smiling ear to ear.
Jasmine: 2 Kyle: 5 WINS COMP.
Jasmine: THE CASH. 5k. Jas takes the trip.
Kyle: Punkitard. Takes Veto.
Kyle still thinks Joseph is the renom.
Alyssa: big mistake.
Indy: fly swatters
Taylor: i want my trip. REVENGE.
Alyssa is worried now. Kyle thinks Taylor is not keeping her word. Alyssa says she knows better to fall for the bait.
Always take the veto. Alyssa is target number one.
Joseph is saying oh it’s fine with me. ED. He’s pushing Alyssa since week 2.
TARGET CHANGES AGAIN. ED. She had a solid plan? She’s had 5 or 6 her plans changing daily.
Michael: this is rash emotional and stupid.
Now they’re trying to figure out how to trick Kyle or get Kyle to lie.
TAYLOR: USE THE VETO KYLE or you aren’t with us? Alyssa go to Jury.
KYLE: alliance or showmance i don’t want this.


I sure wish Jasmine was leaving. I want to forget she ever existed.

Jenny jen

I can’t take any more —“sweeter than my grandmas Mississippi mud pie” jokes!! ??


Michael should not give Indy a sympathy vote, it should be a unanimous vote to evict Indy.

Reason I say this is because this will help Jasmine, Jasmine will whisper in Indy’s ear when she’s walking out the door, she tried, I did not sway, even though everyone else voted you out, I still voted to keep you.

Also, Joseph might do the same thing and take credit for the sympathy vote when he hugs Indy, but that might not be so bad, because now Indy will see either Jasmine or Joseph is not telling her the truth.


I’m confident she’ll know it’s Michael – AND he’ll tell her in his GBM it was him anyway.

He tried to get the group in the HOH (Monte, Taylor, Joe & I think Turner at the time) to see why keeping Indy could be better since Terrance is studying & will undoubtedly do much better than Indy in a memory comp & they shut him down.

Joe will likely do his typical run around tonight in an effort to push for a split vote or maybe even to keep Indy. Michael has always preferred Indy staying & in truth isn’t committed to working with Ally deep into the game she’s simply on one side he wants to pit against the other whereas Indy has ALWAYS been in his ideal F5 plans.

Joe was the one in Taylor’s ear all week impacting the multiple shifts in targets – not Michael who she didn’t sit down with to discuss plans (with Britt) UNTIL AFTER the POOL TABLE LO MEETING. That’s why BM weren’t thrilled with how this week went.

As Britt/Michael are wont to do on a daily basis they’ve talked through where the house stands & their best moves (albeit they rarely act or solidify anything other than wanting the two sides to attack each other). In their most recent chat, they’re recognizing it’s Monte/Joe vs. Turner/Kyle in the Pound 4-some so they are keen to pull Taylor back to them for their F3 plans & are clearly also open to dragging Terrance to that position if he stays.

Anyway, I think Michael has a solid reason to vote for her to stay & if the house thinks it was Jas or Joe so much the better for Michael.


Ok, having watched it I understand Taylor’s annoyance. Alyssa could have taken the veto instead

un autre nom

I see that. I also see that Taylor didn’t take the veto. If she’s out in round three she knows someone is going to take that prize rather than punishment. Would JASMINE Have let Taylor keep the trip? Doubtful.


No but then Taylor would have had 5k instead of the punishment. I am trying to think about whether anyone else throughout the seasons has done what Alyssa did and I can’t think of anyone

un autre nom

Big Brother Canada 2. the HOH ended up in a Hot dog costume after 2 or three switches.


Taylor could have taken it as well, she actually had the first chance to do so!


4th place – Taylor acting like she kicked ass earning that London trip prize? Its as if she’s Jackie Moon in Semi-Pro screaming 4th place winning the Flint Michigan megabowl. Speaking of Miss Michigan Taylor has admitted that it’s PETTY. No chance in hell its Alyssa’s fault. Taylor should’ve placed higher than 4th. It’s ridiculous to expect Alyssa to take a punishment placing better. The veto would have been stolen regardless. Purely emotional and arrogant to think that Alyssa should bow down to her. It’s not Taylor’s God-given right to receive prizes. Taylor finished in the bottom 3 and picked Alyssa who beat her.That is not guaranteed a prize. Taylor is literally the most blessed week one nominee in big brother history. No recollection of that privilege. Taylorgang has no accountability for her chaotic HOH. Stop blaming others for her mistakes. Joe & Monty are looking for any excuse they can to get rid of Alyssa. Monte lied about Alyssa being the target during his HOH. Joe even said it tonight. We haven’t had anything to target her for looking for anything we can. According to Taylor, Monte, and Joe’s rationale. Brett should have taken out Tyler as soon as he could. Given him instagranny instead of the trip to Hawaii. Monte is giving shades of Jessie Godderz. Trying to rile up Michelle over Libra taking Hawaii. Taylor is clearly suffering from Michelle Costa red unitard syndrome. Right now, Michael is the most respected player in the game. He agrees that it’s rash and overly emotional Cuz Taylor is dividing her alliance early for no reason. Taylor has been shady with her decisions. Can’t make up her mind. It was obvious Michael was sketched out by her thinking it was a good idea to the backdoor Alyssa- All for a prize? Taylor has been sloppy and expects things to be handed not earned.


Personally, I think Alyssa did the logical thing. She got a punishment (: SKID AND FANCY ) and had the choice of the tattoos, the veto which would be taken & replaced by a punishment by Kyle, and the trip. Of course, she’d take the trip, which of course, was taken by Jasmine and replaced by money. Everyone who has seen BB knows that there is always at least 2 punishments. The first one out gets the veto, knowing it will be taken. The last almost always is a punishment and they can trade for the veto, although in some years the winner takes a good prize if they aren’t on the block. Taylor was just being as petty & stupid as she was earlier in the week, jumping from one target to another.


Alyssa didn’t even end up with the trip. Jasmine did. Taylor should be mad at Jasmine. First of all, Taylor didn’t want the veto. Even if Alyssa took the veto, Jasmine was determined to get that trip. Taylor thought of it as HER TRIP the minute she pulled it out of that guitar. It wasn’t because that is not how the game is played. She’s dumb. Too dumb to know that whoever got first or second place would have that trip. Kyle could’ve ended up with it and if it was for the need to protect his girl, he would have taken it. He’s the one who should be wailing about it. Not Taylor

Jenny jen

Yeah besides jasmine .. Taylor’s gotta to. Her “my shit doesn’t stink” attitude is terrible!!!!


Taylor has really screwed up the trust with Michael and Britt, it did not help that she got a bit of a big head thinking she is the Queen just because she was HOH, she said several times this week, Jasmine’s Birthday is taking the spot light off of her.

Taylor showed her ego this week, and it was not a good look. Not to mention her HOH was the HOH from Hell, I agree with Michael when he said she changed the target everyday, he was so confused and frustrated with her HOH, and don’t mention not nominating Jasmine, who is what the entire Alliance wanted, maybe not Joseph, but everyone else wanted her to Nominate Jasmine.

Taylor in my opinion, she’s acting a little “THIRSTY” when it comes to Joseph, she said they are joking and created a Fauxmance, I get the feeling, Taylor would not object if Joesph made a move, Taylor would love the attention she would get from BB, and most likely more Camera time.

Her and Joseph are very much into trying to make Great TV, too bad her HOH was not Great TV, it was a missed opportunity not evicting Jasmine, I’m looking forward to seeing how this upcoming week with 2 separate games, this is first time a Double Eviction worked out this way.

I would not mind if Jasmine and Taylor are both evicted next week on the Double Eviction.

I’m off of the feel sorry for Taylor Train, after her hectic crazy all over the place HOH, and the way she wanted to put Turner on the block, when Turner saved her, I’m over Taylor.

I did not really like her HOH, ego tripping, petty behavior regarding not being able to evict Alyssa, because Kyle would not use the Veto. Alyssa played in the Veto Comp because Taylor picked her as Houseguest Choice, Taylor’s HOH was a big Mess !!

It’s ok for her NOT nominate or backdoor the most annoying houseguest Jasmine, but how dare Kyle not play the Veto, so Taylor could switch her target for the 10th Time this week and evict his Showmance.

Just Sayin'

Taylor’s HOH consisted of her nominating Terrance and indy and them remaining on the block…… the fact that she talked about options with her alliance is the entire point of this game. I have seen 100 times worse HOHs. The way this post is written makes me think that you haven’t been following the live feeds at all and only watched the episode. Originally Britney and Michael pushed for Alyssa on the block, and Kyle didn’t use the veto because he had his 10 seconds of pleasure and didn’t want that to stop. The entire LO alliance except Kyle wanted the veto used. Have you even been reading these posts??


Kudos for the honesty! I’m 100% over Taylor and her ego.

Jenny jen

Taylor’s game all the way around is terrible. She needs to go next. Hopefully they’ll get her in there w Indy! And make Indy HAPPY!!

Jenny jen

They messed up by putting the most emotional “play honest” person in the JURY #1. I think they realized when she said her speech at the door. :/.
Nevvvvver should the first person in jury be the emotional one.


I am thinking that the 1st half hour is the veto meeting, the punishments, and *sigh* Jasmine’s birthday


Scratch that. They are showing bunnies right now so maybe the 1/2way party will be shown instead of Jasmine’s birthday

un autre nom

If they do the rumored 1/2 way party tonight:


Lol. I am sure that Production will make it clear. They also might make it clear that anything left over needs to go into the storage area for Production to take/dispose of so that somebody doesn’t stash it away


I just can’t standdddd Terrance: “No hugs, No hugs, this is my 4th time on the block”. N*GG@ what do you expect?! if you don’t want to be put on the block, win some s#$t! Besides Jasmine, this brother is the 2nd useless person in the house. This guy being the oldest, he’s probably the dumbest. His comment when Taylor nominated him was; ” I thought me and Taylor were good”, N$GG@ you tried to flip the votes to get her out! You also allied yourself with people who hate her, who tried to get her out…are you F#cK$ng…. or something?! If you can’t win physical comps for whatever reason, but the least you can do is to play a good social game. I just don’t know what this brother is trying to do!


He also said about Taylor, “I hate that F&ck^ng bitch!

Julie Chen

Maybe the “bullies” were right about Taylor week 1.

un autre nom

Say what you want about bbcan production (and believe me, I do), but you know what?
They for damn sure would have had Jasmine in a costume either as the new cleaning lady or the valet forced to do for everyone else.
Another thing, the level of ignoring production has gotten a bit much. How many times did they tell them to get up this morning? Oh yeah, they’d ALL have been on slop for a week.
The fact that Have nots appears to be over… disturbing. I understand that the antibiotics Britt was on were possibly take with food? Is that correct? But it does feel to me more like they are, for some reason, protecting Jasmine. Two weeks of have nots during the portion of the game where comp placement determines have nots? sideye.

Indy has gone to Taylor to keep her word, and push for Terrance to leave. I don’t fault Indy for doing that in the slightest.
If you had to chug a beer every time Jasmine mentions her birthday, we’d have already pumped your stomach you boozehound. And you’d be dead. Jasmine called it her birthday week. Turner called it her birthday year. It feels like that, doesn’t it? I mean we’ve been hearing about this damn birthday since week…one???? dear god, we’ve been hearing about her frickin birthday for over 40 DAYS. That’s it, let me off the ark, Noah, I’ve had enough. Unicorns probably talked about their birthday for 25 before the rest of the animals threw them off the damn boat for some peace and quiet.


I’m watching BBCAN 4 this week. Today Nikki was evicted in double eviction. It was her birthday & NOTHING was done to celebrate it. I love BBCAN. They are not afraid to make fun of the houseguests & have them do things that feature their peccadilloes. They even had the token weird guy get fake married to the crazy English lady, who he was crushing on. Although their prize amount is much smaller, it’s obvious that production spends so much more on the show with special affects & great themes.

un autre nom

Nikki and Tim were paid more than the grand prize to appear.
What I knock about production is on their casting end (too many people that are connected in the real world) mixed with game interference in d/r.


I didn’t know that about Nikki & Tim but it doesn’t surprise me at all. Neither actually acted like they were playing to win, just to entertain & annoy. The way Nikki wailed & threw tantrums when anything went poorly for her was unbelievable. But she was entertaining.
I also was not aware of the casting people who were connected, except for the brothers but hasn’t that been a problem in the US show also? I don’t mean the season when they purposely put in pairs, I mean seemingly innocent relationships. Maybe sorority sisters?

un autre nom

Season 4 bbcan web of connections:
Cassandra knew/possibly dated Jared whose best friend was dating Kelsey at the calgary stampede (Jared had gone with best friend that year, so they most likely met, there was a pic floating around of them together but it was never confirmed as real). Kesley’s family knew Joel, and both previously worked for the network parent company. Their contracts overlapped.
Loveita grew up down the street from Ram. Their families knew each other.
There was unsubstantiated talk that Mitch and Ram knew each other from youth hockey leagues? That one never got confirmed.
Christine and Maddy knew each other from other casting calls for other reality programs. Well enough that they had conversed many times.