Michael WON The VETO! Pooch “just keep the noms the same I’m not asking you to use it on me.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Lock your ranks in before midnight


1:03pm – 3:01pm The live feeds were blocked for the power of veto competition. When the feeds return we learn that Michael won the veto!

Bathroom. Pooch, Daniel and Turner.
Pooch – all I know is that Taylor was one ball away from me being f**ked. Turner – did you talk to him (Michael). Pooch – I talked to him and I was like just keep the noms the same I am not asking you to use it on me. And I will keep you and Brittany 100% safe next week if I win. Daniel – was that before or after (the veto)? Pooch – before. Daniel – dope! Pooch – He was cool about it .. the thing is if they try to rally votes.. the only way we might get f**ked is if they want to use Taylor’s vote and then they f**king .. or if Michael uses it on f**king you and I lose a vote. Turner – uses it on me? Pooch – uses it on Taylor and you go up. And then they use Taylor to help get me out .. but that would be f**ked. Turner – you mean Jasmine picks? Pooch – oh yeah Michael doesn’t get to pick. Turner – I think they will just keep them the same.

Living room. Brittany and Jasmine.
Brittany – he (Michael) is going to keep them the same? Jasmine – I think so. I hope he (Michael) wins HOH next week. Brittany nods. Jasmine – that’s why you never judge people and that is a prime example. I love when people look at people and judge them .. because that is always going to be their downfall.. like the other person that is judging. Brittany – yeah, always. Jasmine – It just worked out perfectly that neither one of them won. Pooch must not be good at comps. Brittany – he made it sound like he was.

3:12pm Bedroom – Terrance and Michael
Michael – he literally took me into the storage room this morning and said if you win, don’t use it. I was like this is grand, I won’t use it on you. Terrance – Like I definitely wouldn’t!

3:20pm Living room. Terrance, Brittany, Jasmine.
Jasmine to Terrance – do you think she (Taylor) thinks she knows she’s not going home? Terrance – She thinks she’s going home. Terrance leaves. Jasmine – okay, I’ll talk to her. This is a lot you have to mentally keep track of everyone’s conversations. Jasmine to Brittany – I’m going to make sure Taylor knows that she still could go home. You know what I mean? Brittany – yeah. She’s not safe but she is a good one to have on standby to go home. Nicole, do you trust her? Jasmine – yes, she hasn’t given me a reason not to. I feel like she is playing a good game.

3:30pm Bathroom. Taylor and Pooch.
Pooch and Taylor talk about the comp. Pooch – Well, I’ll probably see you on Thursday. F**k! Taylor – fight! Social game! Pooch – no doubt! I just feel like we’ll both be sitting there. I will be shocked, weirder things have happened. Taylor – I would rather not sit next to you. Pooch – absolutely. Pooch leaves the room. Taylor to the cameras she laughs and says I am not going no where!

3:34pm Bathroom. Pooch and Turner.
Turner – all you need is six (votes) right? Pooch – I’m going to need f**king seven. Turner – okay, Joe, Alyssa, Monte.. Pooch – count the definite votes. Daniel, Joe, you, Monte, Kyle… Turner – that is only two more you need. Its going to be a long week.

3:40pm HOH room. Ameerah and Taylor.
Ameerah – I don’t want to take a shot at Kyle and Monte not even Joe… because one I think they would win the veto but two I don’t know who they’re aligned with and that scares me. I would rather wait until the lines are drawn so that I can actually see confidently who they are. Taylor – do you think that Monte is aligned with any girl? Ameerah – I don’t think so. Taylor – neither do I. Ameerah – I think once we figure out who they’re aligned with .. that’s when we can make the f**king move. I think that Turner and Joe might come after us because we’re backdooring.. well we’re getting rid of Pooch. I feel like Joe we can smooth over but Tuner we can probably get out next week. Taylor – yeah because he will be losing his mind with Paloma and Pooch. Ameerah – right. Taylor – Turner’s got to go.

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The guessing game of who actually goes home begins….

un autre nom

Monte and Kyle call this week a test of the women.
Nic and Ameerah call this week a test of the men.
Nic and Ameerah KNOW for a fact there is a men’s alliance… Monte told Ameerah, Daniel told Nic.

NOW there is a new test:
Pooch is now saying Ameerah is the head of the snake. To Turner so far… but really when has Pooch not gone to Joe who goes to Monte?
Monte said Pooch isn’t after anyone in the alliance (well Michael but…) while Taylor is after Monte. He said more than once if someone said Ameerah’s name Boom out the door.
We already know Kyle failed that test. He heard Pooch say every woman in the allaince’s name last night and hasn’t said a peep.
Let’s see how Monte does.

This is his test to pass or fail that will tell us Monte’s real priority.


Joe has been saying Nicole & Ameerah forever it seems. I’ve heard him say it more than a handful of times to Monte and/or Kyle. When everyone was saying Taylor/Brit he was saying HEY – Nicole & Ameerah are going to be problems we need to take care of earlier than later.

As for Monte – I just put up a long post on this – but essentially Monte screwed himself by telling Bleep about Oasis (it’s not just Ameerah who knows – so does Ally. I think Michael was also in the SR for that conversation when Monte said ‘my priority is this (Bleep) not Oasis”.

un autre nom

I think they’ve decided bleep is Po’s Pack or something Paloma dedicated.

Joe started saying NIcole after Nicole told Joe he only talks game with 1/2 the house, so maybe he should pipe down.


Someone is getting blindsided and whichever one goes Michael definitely needs to make sure he has trustworthy allies because Michael is doing better than I think anyone expected

The Beef

I will say this….Taylor is one cocky BB player, and considering she’s OTB for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, I don’t know why. I realize she “thinks” she has Jasmine and the other women behind her, along with Michael, but that’s still just 6 votes while she needs 7 to stay, and they could be telling her what she wants to hear anyway just to “maintain peace” in the house. If I was her, I’d be a little less cocky and a little more concerned about what’s really going on in there, or what may happen over the next 5 days, especially considering she’s not too good at keeping other players names (*cough* MONTE *cough*) out of her mouth.

un autre nom

12 votes. 6 is tie. Jasmine is tie breaker.
Taylor should not feel comfortable.
Pooch should not be saying don’t use veto on me.

The Beef

Exactly, so she needs 7 to stay. Right now it seems Jasmine is of a mind to keep her, but before Pooch made the monumental blunder of volunteering to go on the block, Jasmine wanted Taylor OUT post haste! Pooch’s offer was also made with the understanding Taylor would be backdoored, and not be OTB with him initially, which Jasmine totally ignored (as she had every right to do), but still, that wasn’t the “deal” he made with her.

Given Terrance offered to go up as the replacement nominee, and Jasmine told him to his face she would never do that, and then only a little while later she completely reversed course on that and was telling her girly girl homies, if a replacement nominee was needed, Terrance was her man because “he volunteered”.

My point being, Jasmine seems to change her mind according to which way the wind is blowing at the moment, so if I was Taylor, even 7 solid votes wouldn’t make me comfortable at this point in time. She may never get the 4 “bro” votes (Monte, Turner, Joseph, Kyle), but I would certainly be working Daniel, maybe through Nicole to secure his vote to try and make it 7. She also needs to be working Terrance, with any strategy she can use, to try and make it a solid 8.

Pooch’s only hope is if Monte can turn Ameerah and Nicole to his side, in which case Daniel, Alyssa and likely the whole house would follow, because you know, nobody wants to be on the losing side supporting somebody like Taylor.

Palm Oil's Meds

It doesn’t matter if she’s cocky, quiet, confident, nice, shy, or whatever. It’s a no win situation for her. She has been doomed in this game since day one. She has nothing to lose so she should just do her. lol

Reality TV

Doomed? It does matter how she acts. There is always a way out out of any situation and it’s on her to control the outcome. Taylor is not good with the game because she doesn’t know her audience. She can’t read situations on how to position and make proper decisions on whom to work with and talk game. Let alone how to be personable.At least Palo had a heart to heart with Jasmine about her dad and Taylor never did that. As a result, Taylor is on the block again. It’s pretty clear her downfall.
She should be fortunate to still be there. Since she got thee second chance of all second chances- to still be playing after she was getting backdoored for eviction! The girl is getting opportunity. It’s on her what she makes of it.

Palm Oil's Meds

She is doomed because the popular girl (Paloma) sealed her fate from day one. She was excluded from the game since day one. I have seen her make an effort but they just want give her a chance. They judged her since day one. When she’s quiet they complain. When she talks to them they walk away and complain. When she’s tries to play the game they won’t let her in. She’s doomed.


Remember when I asked if Bleep would look to fill the void left by Paloma leaving?

I went through the logistics of who the alliance would consider suggesting Ameerah/Alyssa (& Michael) would want it to be a female & listed the reasons why it wasn’t an easy assignment.

Much of my hesitation centered around the fact I simply couldn’t see Monte/Kyle being cool to add Nicole. I was surprised when she was the replacement but SHOCKED it was Monte who pushed for it to happen.

Anyone that saw the exchange in the SR & how aggressive Nicole got with Monte (aggressive in that she didn’t back down from her opinion & wasn’t bowing to HIS WILL) can see why her being added to Bleep seemed like the farthest possibility.

I assumed Monte would recognize Nic isn’t that far removed from Taylor’s mindset about alpha males in the house. In fact, Tay was more open to working with them until the top dog screwed her over.

With Michael winning POV it’s likely noms stay depending on how pissed off Ameerah/Nicole were from that SR convo or if Monte gets more aggressive prior to Monday’s ceremony. If that happens I could see TPTB pushing Jas/Michael for a renom & Turner going OTB to ensure one of them leave.

Monte is no mastermind:

Monte may still get his way this week but moving forward he is no longer safely hidden away nor will it be as easy to maintain his position as house voice/director/decision maker.

And he has no one to blame but himself because he made a series of poor decisions. He preaches when he should listen, views every situation ONLY for his personal gain, makes decisions without consulting his allies & is demonstratively throwing comps while simultaneously trying to push the agenda as if he is the HOH (hence Ameerah’s comment to him)

As for him becoming Taylor’s target – it’s his own fault.

The move to paint Taylor out to be a liar in order to set the target on her was his first huge mistake. Spineless Daniel already wanted to go in that direction & a far less aggressive campaign would’ve netted the same result (but he wanted to push this isn’t Cookout 2.0).

With his oversell, it led to Daniel’s gaslight speech essentially telling Tay she is rude & needed to apologize to everyone. Post Tay nom Monte did nothing to patch up the situation (forgetting the cardinal rule of expect the unexpected) taking the lazy route by blaming it all on Tay for not being more specific & on Paloma for blowing it up. B/c he didn’t try to help smooth over the ‘misunderstanding’ with the other hamsters Taylor knew he was punking her & became her enemy.

It’s humorous that the house has pegged him as this year’s Xavier. Granted, he shares the commonality of his Godfather position in the house, being in multiple alliances & throwing comps. However, the more vital parts of X’s game he doesn’t have. X didn’t even get out of bed barely until after they got to jury & he certainly wasn’t orchestrating anyone’s eviction – he made sure he/his alliance were safe & otherwise laid low. He also was MUCH better at masking the fact he was throwing comps.

Monte had full control of the house & could’ve maintained it if he wasn’t in such a hurry to play 10 weeks at once or driven to become BB24’s dictator. The extra to get Taylor re-nomed (paint her as a liar), not consulting everyone in Bleep about adding Nicole to the alliance, the heated SR convo today etc, etc.

Why didn’t he just wait to see who won POV before trying to switch the target?

He jeopardized pushing Ameerah/Nicole so hard they still might try to get Michael to use it on Taylor to ensure her safety. (Note: I doubt Michael uses it – but let’s see what TPTB pushes for).

Monte could also switch things up by blowing up Mamba/Bleep but that’s asking for trouble b/c any hint of that happening will lead to the men learning Monte outed Oasis, that he set up Taylor, & is pretending to work with people while selling them out behind their backs.

If Monte wanted to replicate X’s game then once he chose Bleep over Oasis he needed to FULLY commit. It’s what’s best for the SIX not just him that is causing him issues atm & he’s caught between a rock & a hard place.

Post POV early stages have him “directing” Pooch on what to do – who to speak to. So at least in the immediate aftermath it appears he’s going to coach him behind the scenes to try to ensure he stays. We’ll see what he says to Michael and/or Jasmine.

Gender rules:

Ultimately, we’ll learn a lot this week in terms of who is more tightly aligned & has the most control. And by that, I mean the men or the women.

It was clear early TPTB were hoping for a long Paloma run based on her edits in the opening few episodes. It got me thinking perhaps the plot line this season IS men vs. women & Grod (maybe) wants a primarily all-female end group. Consider both Daniel & Michael stated desire early was to go deep into the game with the women.

I had high hopes for Nicole on night one but then she let Daniel essentially toss aside anything she said. Now we’re getting to see the opposite end of that spectrum when she’s saying too much with force.

We can’t forget her strong house read was bolstered by the fact her F2 partner was just HOH plus Ameerah also got tight with her early, kept her in the loop & my guess was the voice that got Monte thinking so highly of her.

Similarly, I tapped Ameerah as having the best house read of the women & most complete game (social/comps/strategy). She’s been far too successful in the comps though, which put a spotlight on her (and was another reason why I loved her calling out Monte for throwing).

Overall this cast is still meh – but today I’m smiling just for that SR convo and the fact Pooch didn’t win POV.

un autre nom

I can’t find Taylor telling Alyssa she’d put up a woman as a pawn.
I found Taylor saying it’s okay if the women ice Taylor out until the vote.

But now Alyssa is telling Jasmine the pawn story. Is this because Alyssa is trying to make sure her meat shield Kyle is safe?

Monte passed the test. He told Ameerah Turner would come for her if Pooch leaves. Now… motive i’m less sure of: to inform Ameerah or scare her?


Ameerah and Nicole already knew that since they said, with Michael in the room, that Turner could not win HoH next week. I think they are the only 2 that recognize Turner as a threat

If plans for Thursday remain the same I wonder what Big Brother will do in terms of Thursday’s episode; would they tape it and air it Friday instead?

un autre nom

The test was if Monte would inform because he said to the women multiple times if one of your names comes out of someone’s mouth boom, they’re gone.
He did inform, but didn’t say Turner is gone. So he passed the test for informing an alliance member when he heard their name.
Kyle failed. He’s heard Ameerah, Nicole and Alyssa’s names out of Pooch’s mouth. said nothing.