“He [Turner] gets a free pass to take a shot at you and be safe for the week.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players: Monte, Alyssa, Michael, Terrance, Taylor, Brittany
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Terrance and Alyssa will be nominated. Terrance is the target. (Not confirmed but if Veto is played there is a chance Turner is a target)

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12:50pm Cams on Alyssa and Brittany sleeping..

12:50pm HOH room – Terrance and Michael.
Terrance – I just wanted to find out what your thought process was with me playing this veto or just the nominations.. like what was your thought process? Am I your target or what your goal was? Michael – out of everyone in the house I have heard that you are in some way shape or form been part of a plan to get me out so that obviously factored in. I brought that up yesterday and you didn’t deny it. Between you and Alyssa, I would be more concerned about keeping someone that has plans to get me out. Coming into the game I always said that adaptability is something that I wanted to embody so I am not saying that 100% because yesterday that was how I was feeling. We see especially week to week that things change last minute. I want to play this game where I am adaptable.. so I am not going to say that anything is set in stone. Terrance – so its just funny when you think you’re apart of something .. and then you find out that everyone in it put their hands up .. information is .. as soon as power shifts people put their hands up and certain people stay loyal to what it is. Coming back in from Dyre fest everyone was lets backdoor Michael, and I can’t play for HOH. So yes, that was the plan coming back into the house. But I in no way had any opportunity or the ability to devise a plan to go after you. And I am not going to hold the bag that I am the mastermind about getting you out of the house. I am just not going to be the weight that is carried on my head. That wasn’t the thought process in my head. There were multiple people. Michael – can I ask who did the idea come from? Terrance – from the backyard… basically everyone out there (Turner, Kyle, Alyssa, Terrance). Once Joseph was solidified to go home, Kyle brought up that we had to go after you and take the first swing. Michael – so if you were me what would you have done in this situation? Terrance – if I were you, and hearing the information I would have done my due diligence to say damn there was a plan in place to get me up and yes I did promise sanctuary to the person that was plotting to get me the f**k out of here. And it was like damn, you promised safety to Turner ..so what the f**k am I going to talk to Turner about .. you promised him safety already and you don’t go against your word. Me personally, I would have put him up! I guarantee you safety, but I don’t guarantee you did some f**k sh*t to me in my game! He gets a free pass to take a shot at you and be safe for the week. What do you think he going to do when he plays again. Do you think you get a free pass? Michael – no, I don’t. Terrance – do you think its going to be the same situation. Michael – and looking at everything that happened last week, I just don’t feel comfortable going back on it. Terrance – and I am paying the price for it.

Terrance brings up how Michael and Brittany didn’t bring up the information about Kyle until after the veto. As sensitive and damning as it was nothing was said from Thursday to Sunday. Those are the questions you will have to answer to the jury. Michael – During the slit house we did not know if Kyle was going to come back and did not want to say it without Kyle there to say his side. Once we got back together Brittany and I wrestled with what do we say, when do we say it. Being in the game any information that is said or shared is always going to be under a microscope.. what the intention is and why? So if I do it before noms, I am trying to save my a$$ and stay off the block. If I do it before the veto, I am trying to throw people off before the veto. Because I won the veto, regardless of the information I can’t go home this week. This isn’t my last ditch effort to save myself. I was hoping that would make it feel like it was more genuine. I have nothing to gain here. In my mind I felt it was the best time to do it. I thought intentions would be called into question. No matter when I brought it up it was always going to look like it was self serving. Terrance – if there was nothing for you to gain from the information .. I think to me in my opinion… as soon as we came in the house the information should have been told. Big Brother switches the feeds. Michael – I know there are a thousand different ways things could have been done differently and if I could have done it differently I would. I know how it looked like he (Michael) is trying to manipulate all of this in a way to win money and that was not what I was trying to do. It was not a decision I took lightly. I respect however you feel about and I hope that you understand there was no malicious intent on my end. With the information I had, I did the best I could. I know I made mistakes and I am willing to own up to that. I do appreciate you having the one on one with me.

2pm HOH room – Brittany and Michael.
Michael fills Brittany in on the above conversation he had with Terrance. Michael – its not even about me. How this whole situation plays out is not about me. Terrance, Taylor, Monte and to a greater sense some of the jury people as well… are the ones that would have been directly affected if Kyle had gotten power to do something about it. And its definitely not poor me, poor me… is definitely not the take away that I want this to be but it just feels sh*tty that I am just trying to play this game and I am probably going to lose because someone thinks my intentions were something that they weren’t. Brittany – I don’t think jury is going to be swayed by this, I really don’t. Michael – I don’t know .. I just hope the facts are stated as the facts. And if Terrance wants to state how he interprets the facts, that is fine. But I just hope its not him going into jury and saying that Michael and Brittany manipulated the situation for their game and doesn’t give any of the context behind it. But again .. its not about me.

2:39pm The live feeds switch to the kitten cams..

6:03pm Still blocked

7:25pm Still nothing… Tell me what your guess is for what veto competition this is? Hide the veto comp? BB Comics / Super hero veto comp?

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Oh, Michael! It obviously is all about you and how it affects your game. At least own it.

Game shows lover

Michael is 100% right. Morning, evening, night, same day, next day was never going to be a good timing because they are set on getting him out.
Now that he told you (Terrence) leave him alone and see you in the jury house where you need to be.
Micheal needs to explain it to Monte also.

The Corey's

Holy shiz. Michael is actually going to deny that bringing up what Kyle said wasn’t a game move hahahhahaha. This guy is evil.

Own it bro. You know what you did.

The irony of sending home a black man after talking about racism and equality all week.

This dude is a legend. In all the wrong ways.

Christime Ahrens

Hes lawyer and he’s not gonna own it ip.


You just don’t understand that Michael is playing BB. Did Kyle play BB when he got Joe evicted to save his own hide? Of course he did. Michael is playing game, and better than I’ve seen any play in a decade.

The Corey's

I understand that Michael is playing the game but dropping a race card during a very fluid weak couldn’t of been any more telegraphic than if he just flat out said here is what I’m doing.

Terrance called this white trash scrub out on that and Michael couldn’t come to the honesty of it and thus is why he won’t win the game. Jurys are bitter and they don’t forget the bullsbit


The problem with the game this time like many other times it’s not a game it’s all personal things against the other leave all the personal business out the door whether you like them or you don’t you have to go on how they played the game and Michael is playing a good game and I hope he goes to the end and wins even though the jury is being poisoned by everybody’s thought process because they feel like he done something wrong he was not the one to say the things that was said so I hope you’re wrong and he wins it all


What is the difference in what Kyle said about the cook out and what the cook out ssid the whole game and who said I will not put up a black women on my HOH….so she was targeting white people…so tired of the race card being pulled out.


Taylor was not targeting white people, did you forget her target was Terrence at one point and she gladly voted out Jaz & Ameerah. Also the Cookouts target was not only white people, Derek X & Alyssa were targets outside of their alliance as well. So there is a big difference between with what Kyle was suggesting. Kyle wanted to split the house by white & non-white, heck he even threw Indy & Joseph to the other side, and neither of them are black so they do not have the same race in common. So when Kyle said their commonality is Race, the only truth to that is that their race is not white. Kyle admitted he was wrong and based his thoughts purely on race despite him not having any proof or actions from Monte or Terrence that they were plotting. Kyle sees the difference in what he was thinking and what happened last season and he said alot more and admitted to more than what we saw on the edited version. CBS tried to soften his blow but unfortunately the damage has already been done.


Only jury members that are bitter ate the ones that have been racist and calling Taylor names all the time I think with people in jury micheal will still win if he is at end.



The Pale Man of the Labyrinth

“White trash scrub”??


He is Evil he is disgusting Jim and Brittany make me sick!! She talks about allysa well she has done nothing but ride Michael’s coattail.i hope they both burn a whole in there butt! Lol


I agree Britney is nothing but a tail hugger. But as far as Michael he’s just playing the game like the others they’re just making it personal I think he should win all the way



The Pale Man of the Labyrinth

Calm yourself down, you sound totally unhinged.


So to save a black women and yes of course to help his game that’s what it is a game cut throat game people lie say stupid shit but he shouldn’t be blamed for what Kyle said or was doing

BB whatever

Kyle shouldn’t be blamed for what he said. It’s CBS fault for letting The Cookout happen last season. You knew at some point someone was going to question if their was another alliance like that happening. I think CBS has a mess on their hands because now that they are having more than just 2 POC on a season I think that its ok for them to be able to form alliances together but not ok to nominate and vote ppl out just because of the color of their skin. It would definitely be wrong if a white person was saying that and it should be as equally as wrong the other way around. Also BB where are all the Latinos???

BB whatever

Exactly he even says before he has the conversation with Brittany “I’m trying to figure out, how do we all stay this week” he was totally scheming on how to flip the house on Kyle. This guy is cutthroat…can’t wait until the rest of the house start taking their shots at him.


Michael is the best player and deserves to win .it’s not about what anyone did he is and has been playing to win Friday one at least he isn’t going around lying to everyone like everyone else is .he deserves to take it all


The time to address it would have been when it happened. You ask Kyle to clarify and deal with it right then. That’s the ONLY way he could avoided what he’s dealing with now. Yes it most certainly is a game move.. and Brittney is just as guilty. The way they brought it up was telling everyone what Kyle said. Alyssa is the one who told Kyle about the situation. Michael and his little minion Brittney did not handle the situation appropriately.

Rachel E Kennedy

You’re joking, right?
B/M tried talking to him about “optics” when he brought it up several times…
He had plenty of opportunities to alter his comments, knowing his “observations” weren’t actually rooted in fact.
“Alyssa was the one who told Kyle about the situation?” LOL
Alyssa KNEW about Kyles stance several weeks ago….she’s ignored it….why isn’t ANYONE talking about this, saying she’s just as complicit with M/B? Is everyone claiming she’s not smart enough? She knew full well what Kyle was saying. It’s now all back on M/B, the messenger is damned more than the message? Yes, their timing is suspect, but why is everyone putting the ownership on M/B?
Why isn’t there any blowback on Alyssa for knowing and agreeing with Kyle?
It’s so twisted how people judge certain people, yet ignore the blatant obvious about others…..(BTW, nothing to do with racism….just throwing that out here in case I get shit on for my observation)


Exactly – and if we’re to base things on the edit – they vilify MB more than Kyle so we can ascertain TPTB told them NOT to say anything & this is their punishment for doing it.

I’m sort of hoping the feed guys fall asleep & we get Michael saying to Terrance or Taylor or Monte – “I was specifically told in the DR to NOT say anything & was repeatedly brought back inside with that message reiterated. And when I was safe having won the POV & knowing Monte was in danger I said – enough, I have to say something.”

Why I want this to happen is bc Monte is the one benefiting from the reveal more than anyone (it saved his life in the game ffs – & he just refuses to acknowledge that fact) as he pokes & prods Terrance to ensure he’ll turn the jury against someone who has danced circles around him in the game.

Although there is video evidence Ally was aware of Kyle’s thoughts unfortunately there isn’t any on Turner – and it seems rather unlikely Kyle never downloaded those thoughts to his F2 guy.

un autre nom

There is a reason Kyle NEVER brought out his plan to Turner.
Remember when he brought up the subject at the pool table, and Pound for life Turner said first person to break the seven is the target of the rest of the alliance? That is what stopped Kyle from revelaing.

For his part, Turner camtalked after getting the promises we didn’t see on feeds, and putting Kyle on the block and said HIS target was still Taylor. So by week 8… Turner didn’t give a shit about what Kyle said (except for lumping in Turner with him), used the reveal to get safety promises for this week, and STILL wanted Taylor evicted.


Yeah, my issue is I don’t believe it was just ONE conversation. Britt/Michael kept showing Kyle his perceptions were wrong but he kept doubling down – so it doesn’t make sense to me one comment by Turner was enough for Kyle to stop asking him.

Plus, if Turner was Pound/LO loyal (which in fairness I also believed UNTIL Dyre Fest) then why didn’t he make any effort to get Ally put OTB?

Simple- he thought he was safe & that’s ALL he cared about. And, he sure jumped off the Pound/LOs immediately upon hitting the block to form a F3 with the showmance.

Not once did he sit down with Joseph & Kyle to say – look we need to offer Terrance some sort of protection in order to get Ally put OTB.

Back inside he initially wanted to reconvene the LOs & Pound but one word from Kyle switched that up. My point is Turner “says” he’s loyal but he’s not — his loyalty is to himself & his fear is not having an alpha to shield him. The minute Kyle was revealed Turner’s only concern was making sure he got a new F2 shield (Monte).

Had he not received safety or if Britt/Taylor were to win F6 HOH I have no doubt he’d bury Monte in a sec so sure – he’s loyal when it benefits him but I no longer view him as Mr. Loyal as I did through 8 weeks of the game.

un autre nom

if you add all of the times Kyle and Turner actually talked strategy one on one together, you don’t even get to five: the fifth being Pound for life, break the 7 pact you’re dead.
Kyle was working on the premise of better to ask forgiveness than permission with Turner, hoping that the final 2 deal would be enough to get Turner to join his band. This is why Turner didn’t know much. But what DID Turner know? Alyssa longer? Knew that. Taylor a problem? Knew that. Keep Britt and Michael close? Knew that. Monte and Joseph final 2 to Kyle? Knew that. So he knew just enough that a logical brain would say…. deflect when the information was revealed.

The POUND was the point of loyalty. The Leftovers were ALWAYS second, and of lesser import. Britt Michael and Taylor were always just the extra numbers to ditch later.

Leana Lee

The irony of sending Terrance to Jury after the long talks about race, Michael your in the wrong


I agree Michael used the information for game play. But wasn’t Terrance willing to keep Kyle in the game likewise. He claimed he could mentor him in the house. All he really wanted was to keep an ally in the house. They both were willing to use Kyle’s situation to further their game.


This is Big Brother everyone is trying to win the money. They are in a house cut off from everything. Kyle sold out the left overs to save his game and get rid of Michael so it’s fair for Michael to sell out Kyle to save his game. Any of the others would have done the same if they were in Kyle and Michael’s place.


Well said !!

Alexis Katz

Wrong. To call someone or imply they are racist is a whole different game. It’s cowardly and he is not worthy nor Brittany of winning.

Rachel E Kennedy

M/B did NOT call Kyle a racist. Kyle’s own WORDS defined him as having “racial” tendencies, biases, ignorance or sheltered views. They tried several times to tell Kyle that his views were wrong and that the “optics” (stupid production vocabulary) weren’t favourable to him….Kyle still didn’t listen, instead he kept talking about it, trying to make an issue out of it…


So I guess you missed the numerous conversations MB had with Kyle where they outlined why his perceptions of Taylor were incorrect.

Or how they pointed out who was getting evicted (five of the first seven evictees were POC). Or how they specifically broke down how THEY saw the house divides which were NOTHING like the Cookout. I suppose you didn’t see Michael ask Kyle to give him any evidence that would erase the divides existing between the LOs & the group on the other side (Jasmine, Indy, Daniel, Terrance etc).

Should Michael & Britt have exposed this sooner – YEAH — but as per Another Name’s post it wouldn’t have mattered when they exposed it. MB could’ve gone from talking to Kyle & 20 seconds later told Monte & he would’ve found a way to spin it into being a reason to target MB – bc that’s what he’s been trying to do since week 3.

Serious question – if you believe MB shouldn’t win the $ for exposing the truth… do you also believe the other players using that reveal for their game shouldn’t win? If so then Taylor is the only person who can win under those assumptions.

Ally hid her knowledge of what Kyle was saying, MB are painted as the snitches, Turner used it to gain safety & form new bonds, Terrance used it to try to keep his majority numbers in the house, Monte was saved by the reveal and the latter two continue to use it as a way to paint a picture on Michael (Britt) for not being worthy winners.



Christime Ahrens

No tgey woukd not


It’s on the feeds he 100% did it to further himself who’s he kidding !!! Own it Michael not saying what Kyle cluelessly did was right it was his thought process going off last season … was taken way to far !!! Now there paying for it!!!!


So Michael does not want Terrance to go into the jury house and do what he did to Kyle?


I was listening to Cody and Derrick’s podcast about this and they had a lot to say about M/B, much of which I agree with. One thing they mentioned was that Kyle talked to both of them on day 31, which was on or around August 5. Therefore what Michael is telling Terrance is complete crap. He is acting like he knew just before the house split, but in fact it was much sooner. However, it did not benefit his game to say anything at that point. The reasoning he is giving Terrance makes sense, but it only sounds logical not apologetic nor particularly sincere. Also, this was supposedly weighing on their conscience, but yet in all this time I do not hear them talking about it or saying, “Wow, this is bad. This is inappropriate. What should we do? Do we tell some people? Do we tell everyone? I just feel so bad knowing this, we should probably do something, but what?” No nothing like that was said or discussed for more than two weeks. Right now Michael is trying to justify his actions to put himself in the right so that he does not have to face consequences in the house or in the world outside. Kyle, Michael and Brittany have all behaved badly in this situation, but Kyle is the one getting the brunt of it.

Rachel E Kennedy

Look back to things when Kyle first talked about this…..they BOTH said to Kyle that this doesn’t look good….they tried to warn him ahead of time…a few times that what he was saying A) didn’t make any sense and B) it looks like shit (optics).
Kyle didn’t listen, instead doubled down on his stance.
M/B talked about bringing it up however D/R sessions kept interfering, along with SOOOO many live feed cuts.
Kyle is responsible for what he said, ignorant, life sheltered or not.
M/B bringing it up despite D/R sessions telling them not to, is good in my books….timing is suspect, even though they tried to warn Kyle against what he was pushing.
I really hope to see real game/competition played. The HG need to start winning comps so that they can say to jury that they played the game….instead of Michael winning everything.

I Spy

How do you know that D/R told them not to? Was that part of their D/R sessions?

Rachel E Kennedy

It’s inherently obvious. D/R sessions are productions way of getting the HG’s to follow the storyline, the story “arc” that they’re trying to fuel. If you watch the live feeds, you’ll see that HG’s opinions and narrative changes if things don’t match up with what production wants for the show. It’s no longer a reality show, it’s a program that seems to be manufactured, that already has “favourites”.
Again, look back to the feeds….M/B TRIED to tell Kyle what he was saying was unfounded (based on the poc’s already voted out).
M/B went against what they were informed of, what they were told to NOT say, choosing to expose Kyle’s narrative.
If you look back, after D/R sessions, the HG’s change their tune drastically.


Actually, M/B were quite anemic in their attempts to address the situation with Kyle.

It came off as it may in real life, when say you feel uncomfortable to correct your coworker, so you tread lightly and hold back your true thoughts.

Brit’s approach would have very easily been interpreted by the recipient (Kyle, in this case) as someone expressing some unease as a reason to reject the white alliance.

He was half agreeing but smiling, like yeah, I guess, but……

There was no absolutely no clear communication that M/B found his comments to be harmful and did not want in any way for Kyle to follow through on plans to pick off the POC in the house.

Wishy-washy, 101.

That optics comment alone was problematic. It implied that M was more concerned about the look of the plan, rather than the content. As in, hmmm I understand where you are coming from, but it could seem inappropriate.

There was no fire, no internal disgust or horror about Kyle’s comment.

The DR and feed interruptions would not have been able to hide 2 people who were very troubled by the situation.

They did not care enough, plain and simple.

Rachel E Kennedy

They tried to warn him a few times


Cody and Derek. Really? Oh my now I am worried for the rep of Michael and Brittany. What a pair of low life exclusionary asshats. Not who I would have chosen as a go to . Bottom feeders


At the end of the day, do any of these people affect your personal life? Obviously the answer should be no. When you call people “asshats” that you personally do not know, it’s not a good look for you. And this is not just for big brother past and present players. This goes for life itself.

At the end of the day, don’t let anyone live inside your head rent free. Your quality of life will be better and you’ll be happier. Idk just giving my thoughts about stuff that’s all. Have a good day.

Backseat Driver

J C ….. I don’t know you but I like you!


Except for not adding pretentious, moralistic know it alls, you were pretty spot on.


Tell me something – if you were a lawyer, would you be taking a low paying lawyer job defending poverty level clients who cannot afford to pay for an attorney? Well guess what: in real life Michael is a Public Defender and helps the needy day in a day out.

Oh I suppose you think that’s a “bottom feeder”…..if you do, you’re dumber than Terrance the Blob


Yeah, ask DayVonne & Bailey what they think about Cody & how he plays the game before taking into account his spin on this situation.

Only Reading Feeds

Their podcast said everything I was thinking but could not express it.


Actually, Terrance is giving Kyle “grace” and helping him grow but not offering grace to Michael or Brittany. Seems disingenuous since Kyle was one of his numbers. Not ringing as sincere.

Christime Ahrens

Terrance just likes stirring the pot. Don’t like him.
He and kyke and alyssa thru Joe under the bus.


Ya, but Joe deserved it, he was playing both sides hard. Don’t like T either. Pot stirrer.


Terrance is a vile human being who just whines away all season. He’s a person pity party and a Blob all summer.


He’s probably one of the most pathetic players I’ve seen in a while….what a hypocrite…..surely Taylor is smart enough to see this!

Christime Ahrens

Hes a sneak and Britney cant standvon her own darn feet.


I agree with all that, but also feel that if they were truly uncomfortable with Kyle’s conversation they could have requested to talk to production and DR to ask for advice. As soon as Kyle was aware of them spreading it around he did exactly that.

Rachel E Kennedy

Kyle only went to the D/R (and was turned away twice) because he realized his “optics” were shot. He didn’t go to ask for advice, he went to self evict.


Comment of the season! You spelled out exactly what it would have looked like if M/B did truly wrestle with this information.

BB whatever

Exactly right. Michael even said to Brittany after the nominations were made “I’m trying to figure out a way for all of us to stay this week” meaning him, Brittany, and Taylor.

I Spy

I don’t believe the jury holds this against M/B, but if they did, that would be shitty. It was a game move, and they are all here to play the game.

So long as Kyle was was an ally, it made no sense to blow up his game. As soon as Kyle became a foe, M/B were in the right to blow him up (and save an ally in the process).

Terrance is just being pissy because he was collateral damage. Using intel timely and strategically is the BB way.

I believe M/B’s problem is they tried to dance around and justify the timing. They should have been forthright and unapologetic from the start: “Yes. We held onto the intel for weeks and used it at a time when it was to our advantage.” The info wasn’t so detrimental to the house that it needed to be shared promptly.

The Kats Meow

My fav comment of the day, kudos


boo hoo Michael your game hinges on winning the veto during the double or Brit winning the hoh(unlikely)


I’m sure the powers that be will rig it for him in the double

Daniel Sucks

Why are you so sure they need to rig it for him? He’s been winning all season.


Are you insinuating the only way a gay man can win is if they rig it for him?


I think that’s much what the homophobe is saying. Michael has more talent and has worked harder than any of the sloths this summer.


My ass rn: “searches up ‘Is Michael Cancelled'” and I learned the term Race Row (ig it means like having someone’s racism as a means to keep a target off of someone and it becomes your argument). Cool, hopefully I won’t have to use those words again next season ?


Michale is not cancelled, Kyle is. Say stupid things, win stupid prizes. Michael didn’t put Kyle on the block, Turner did, and his own gf voted him out. Look at the facts, not your emotions.


Literally Google Searched it-, I mean I gave Michael a 5 Star rating for the past weeks, but was like “huh, people REALLY are disliking Brittany because of that thing, does that affect Michael?” Nothing more, nothing less, and above all: Daniel eats ass


Was Terrance threatening Michael with that comment about the jury? How does Terrance figure he is the one paying the price? What about M/B blowing up Turner’s HOH last week? Kyle telling everyone he had a final 2 with Turner? That had nothing to do with anything…I think he did it on purpose hoping to get Turner voted out this week and from being in the house with Alyssa. What punk ass moves on everybody’s part. Ugh.


Terrance is fugly, dumber than a box of rocks and was tricked into evicting Joe. Instead of facing it, he’s deflecting the blame. I heard he made a disgusting yiutube video. That’s all he’s worthy of doing.


Seriously, Michael? Could you be more of a self-serving lawyer in that conversation?


Michael is not a self serving lawyer. His job is that of a low paying Public Defender which means his clients are poverty level and cannot afford to pay for a lawyer.

Please tell me how that is “self-serving”?


I’m so mad at Terrance for not picking Turner for veto. He’ll get backdoored now, especially after that convo with Michael. Of the veto players, who would NOT use it if they won?


What is the benefit to Turner? It would be antagonistic for him to mess with M’s targets, when M followed through on keeping him safe this week. And then who would go up? :Monte. That would be a risk to his F2 with Monte.

Terrance has no one to help him here.

I would much prefer Alyssa go this week, as there is a chance that Terrance could win a mental comp in DE next week, and then take out M.

But I don’t want to risk Turner being put up as renom. He’s a better shot to take out M next week.


If Turner got picked and won, he’d be safe! I am afraid they will backdoor him – especially after what Terrance told Michael


Terrance is a Dumbo. Don’t forget, he allowed Kyle to trick hi. Into evicting Joe.


Like Terrence has anything to bargain with! He is a piece of s**t!

Crossed Fingers

Terrence could win if the comp is driving a bus in a big city.

Rachel E Kennedy

Truly can’t believe how Terrance (the terrible?) is trying to talk to Taylor after all the weeks in the house after bashing her! He is honestly reprehensible!


Yep, he sure is. A real Nasty Blob.


Good one, but seeing how dumb he is this summer, I sure wouldn’t step foot on his bus.


I seriously doubt he could if he was driving the only bus in town! He’s worthless….hope his deacon parents, Kyle’s mom and Alyssa’s get together to compare notes on their precious children!


I’m glad Michael is starting to sweat it. I don’t think he realized that by exposing Kyle and trying to ruin his reputation he would also ruin his own reputation with the jury and the fans. Karma is a B.


The sad part is he had to work 4 times harder than any HG this summer. While the rest of the floats did nothing but blab and eat, he had to pull out all of his intellect and physical skill and focus to make it from one week to another.

Do you remember in the early days, an all boy’s alliance formed and Michael knew he was being left out of it. Then and there he told the camera he was going to have to work incredibly hard to stay. And that’s exactly what he did!

Christime Ahrens

Terrance can’t win the veto. Monte or Michael needs to win it.
Terrance needs to go and Taylor and alyssa need to go this week in double eviction this week


Terrance the Pity Party Blob needed to go a month ago.


I recall that M/B went to Kyle before the veto (or before noms?) to imply they had information on him that they could reveal. Being they knew he had a lot of influence during Turner’s HOH regarding the targets.

Does anyone have the particulars on that?

If it actually played out that way, that is a smoking gun that M/B were using that info for leverage.

It would be helpful to know the details of that conversation, to confirm there was no wiggle room on the interpretation of intent.

I think M would say he was just giving Kyle a heads up.

Hello, help me out! Do we have a link to that conversation?

Wait. . .what???

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Somewhere I read it was going to be Bb comics.


The comp is when they have to look at pictures while holding onto a moving rope and whoever has the least time wins?


Bb comics where they hold onto moving rope.


Well if its holding on to a rope, u dont have to worry about Terrance winning


More evidence of M’s unscrupulousness and Brit’s complicity.I recall these developments, but they had gotten lost in the oceans of information from last week. Those two do not have a leg to stand on once the game is over. It’s all on record and indefensible. Below, from an EW interview with Julie:

“The timing of it feels questionable. It’s interesting though, because when Michael first discusses the idea with Brittany of using this information as leverage, she says let’s wait and see what happens with the Veto. Yet despite winning the Veto, Michael still moves forward in sharing this information. He flat out says it’s to try and keep him and his Big Brochella housemates (Brittany, Taylor, and Monte) safe. He adds: And it would be nice as a result to send Kyle out. It looks like, to me, he used this information at a time he had little to lose and a lot to gain. That’s how I see the dots connecting.”  


Out of curiosity – do you think ANYONE using the reveal for their game should be punished/not allowed to win?

IF you do then:

  • Turner used it to gain safety this week (and wants us to believe his F2 never had discussions with him about working with Ally/MB – although he told MB he did)
  • Terrance’s ‘keep Kyle so he can grow’ (read: so I stay on the side with the majority)
  • Monte being saved bc he would’ve gone OTB & Kyle/Ally/MB would’ve evicted him PLUS his current stance of the reveal should be used against MB
  • video evidence that Kyle did discuss this with Ally (and worse)

So basically the only clean person who hasn’t used the reveal tied in some way to their game is Taylor. Right?


Michael playing victim now. More and more of his flaws coming out.

Poor me, it’s so unfair that people can’t see how deserving and genuine I think I am.


He IS deserving and genuine.

If you look at the fact that in real life Michael works as a low salary Public Defender, defending clients at poverty level who cannot afford to pay for an attorney, you’d see a clearer picture.


I am aware of his occupation choices.

That is not evidence of his full functioning or generosity of spirit. It does not mean that he has no unhealthy, distorted or self-serving traits.

There is plenty of evidence that he is problematic.


I wonder if all you Kyle-haters realize Kyle didn’t actually do anything wrong. He hasn’t caused a black person harm, he hasn’t committed a crime against a black person, he hasn’t voted or lobbied to ostracize a black person; he is merely guilty of a thought.

All this obsession over his supposed-racism has gotten way out of hand. There are thousands if not millions of people in this world causing us all harm every day, in various ways. Yet you sad internet bullies want to cancel him literally over a thought.

That’s it. It was a thought. Not even a malicious or dangerous one, just possibly an ignorant one. You guys are bad people, and your obsession with him speaks more volumes about you.

Leave the fucking guy alone and wake up to see the real world around you.


The thought would have been in speculating on a Cookout 2.

The harm was in wanting to target POC in the house, based on no evidence of a Cookout alliance.

That’s exactly how it happens in society.

Actually POC being held back in their jobs, in their schools, in their communities.

Bc someone White finds them threatening for no reason at all except some imagined loss of status and advantage.


Not racist, it’s just stereotyping, and even then, that’s a stretch. Last year, an alliance of POC, & this year… Thought is “uh I don’t wanna be a victim of that” mindframe. Can’t blame the kid thinking that this just happened & what if. I’m pretty liberal & even I think he got pegged wrong.

Rachel E Kennedy

Do us all a favour….look at all Kyle said since being in the house.
If you can ignore it, continue to think Kyle was pegged wrong….


Michael won the Veto so hopefully it’s goodbye Terrance


There is always pain/struggle for the one about to be voted out. How that struggle plays out is different with each person though; Terrance didn’t impress me in his efforts. I agree with you that Terrance’s time is well past; I won’t miss him from the game.


I most certainly wouldn’t miss him at all either. I have been wanting him out since day 1, I was hoping that he would go prejury.

un autre nom

BBCOMICS was veto. Possibly a week early but given it’s a double I can see why. I think comics is usually final 6…. except for 20 where they did the stupid altered comics comp.
Michael has tied Janelle’s all time record, and has the new record for vetoes.

If Britt’s comic wasn’t hypnotic circles eyes and called HypnoBritt…. they really missed an on the nose comic character. If Alyssa’s isn’t flying on a butterfly pool floatie… another great opportunity down the drain. Terrance… I want it to be DJ La-z-boy…. but so doubtful.

Stupid expectations: Kyle’s will be about twerking. Daniel’s will be Elvis theme. Jasmine’s will have a chicken wing grenade launcher in her armored foot….

Rachel E Kennedy



I’d love to see all of those!


Veto Comp: Find the Racist…GinaMarie; Aaryn; Lol Kyle; Cookout Lmao; & Production.


Michael won POV tying Janelle’s single-season record for nine comp wins & set a NEW RECORD for POV wins with 6.

If he can survive to the game end he’ll play in three more POVs & with four more HOH comps he can’t play in F6 but could win two of the last three HOHs so has the potential to win a total of 9 POVs & 5 HOHs which would shatter the existing record and also set a new HOH win record (4 is the current record held by 12 players).

Comp was BB Comics.

un autre nom

Keep this in mind: Michael has thrown at least 3 comps.


which ones?

un autre nom

Jasmine’s HOH week two. Britt’s veto week 7. Turner’s HOH week three.


Don’t forget he threw the 1st HOH by letting go of that bar before Daniel. And Evil Elvis went on to win by completing a simple puzzle. Michael “Mensa” Burner has thrown more comps than any other houseguest has won.

Gillis wilson

Michael, brittany ,andtaylor have a final three??

Game fan

Yes definitely, but i think Tylor is against that lately.

Jeffrey Layell

Kyle had every right to suspect a racist alliance since they just had one last season. Michael and Brittany need to go and should’ve went before Kyle.


If I was micheal I would tell Alyssa and Terrance if I put up Turner and vote him out you make me safe next week. He can get away with putting Turner up by saying you lied to me and was going to back door me so I have to put you up

Diana Virant

Do you really think Britt won’t put you up michael. She wants to win just like you do.


I think M could have have a very great argument as to why he brought up Kyle then. Because after he won the veto, most likely Monte was going up on the block and that meant 2 poc with one going home. That he felt sick knowing the things Kyle said it just wasn’t right, they went home before Kyle!
That should be M/B argument!!!