Michael – “of course Alyssa and Terrance were the first two up.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Alyssa and Terrance
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Terrance and Alyssa will be nominated. Terrance is the target. (Not confirmed but if Veto is played there is a chance Turner is a target)

Lock your ranks in before midnight

9:25 am Terrance and Alyssa (Hard to hear Alyssa has a tooth brush in her mouth as she talks)
Alyssa – how was your conversation
Terrance – I was okay.. I still think I’m going up though.
Alyssa – I might be too
Terrance – really? why I didn’t think that from him.
Terrance – it’s going to be me and Monte
Alyssa – really?
Terrance – definitely me
Terrance says if he’s on the block he needs her vote.
Alyssa – I got you

10:16 am Alyssa and Terrance
Alyssa says people watching won’t even know she’s ion the show. “Who is that one girl I can’t remember her name.. What did she do? I liked her though”
Terrance – At least you won’t be the old guy
Alyssa – you’re not the old guy.. weren’t you and Nicole pretty close in age.
Terrance – Nicole was 42
Alyssa – how old are you?
Terrance – 47
Alyssa – Kyle was really thankful that you helped him with what to do going into Jury.
Terrance – I just wanted him to have as best of a landing as he can possibly have based on the situation I just feel like… he did not act alone in his though process. It wasn’t just him you know what I’m saying.
Terrance – Yeah he got ahead of himself and he felt a way but I play attention to just his thoughts when we had the house meeting. ‘Brittany Michael you guys were really comfortable you guys really made me feel okay.. ‘
Terrance – I believe him that he wasn’t alone in that thought process.
Feeds flip to Turner sleeping……

10:27 am Michael and Alyssa
Alyssa came up to see if he had any thoughts after his night conversations. Michael says he does he has one person in mind.
Michael – I’ve heard they’ve thrown my name out in the past.. I get the feeling is still holding some things back.. I’m just trying to figure out who to put next to this person. that’s where I am struggling ..
Alyssa – that makes sense.
Michael says she is not the person he’s referring to
Alyssa – I would love to work with you and make you feel comfortable so you don’t feel like you have to win everything. I would love to sit next to you a great player. WE ddi what we could we worked to get here, we played different games but we’re happy to be in the final 2.
Alyssa brings up Cody and Derrek and how Cody took Derrek to the final 2 knowing he would lose but he made a promise to him. He went out in a respectable way and then came back to win Allstars.
Alyssa – If that could be my story in the Big Brother House that would be the most insane thing ever.. (LOL)

Michael says in deciding who the second nomination is he’s been going over the conversations he’s had. “where I think the votes may fall that will be important”
Michael – I want to make sure if I have a target in mind that is what happens this week

Alyssa says the backyard is closed and “they are doing work out there”

10:42 am Terrance and Michael
Terrance says he know Brittany and Taylor are his girls and he’s not putting up Turner so that leaves Monte, Terrance and Alyssa.
Terrance – I know I’ve been up a million times I would respect the game if you did or didn’t. where would you see your forward game going with that decision with the three we have?
Michael – I’m not sure your breakdown is pretty accurate.. I’m kinda at the place for me Okay I have a target on my back do I go forward to try and maximize my chances of winning competitions do I trey to go forward with keeping people that I thin that maybe wouldn’t put me up if they Won.
Terrance says it would be DOPE if the two guys that were on the block week one are the two that made it to finale.
Terrance – I’m nostalgic I can see that.. mathematically how everything is playing out I can be more of an ally than an enemy to you.

Michael asks if there’s been talk downstairs about taking him out.
Terrance fumbles around “you know … you know.. nobody saying.. you know.. we got to get him.. you know.. ”

10:50 am Brittany searches for food

10:52 am Brittany and Michael
Michael – of course Alyssa and Terrance were the first two up.
They agree Terrance and Alyssa know they’re nominations.
Michael goes over his conversation with Terrance.
Brittany – what’s his pitch to you like what is he..
Michael – he’s staying he wouldn’t put me up if he won
Britt – that’s so not true. if he’s talking to me like ‘Plan A is out the window’ .. to me
Britt – he got too caught up in the .. ‘I know about the leftovers…. we came in with a plan then that plan went out the window’
Britt – meaning when you won the veto. he’s like ‘onto Plan b’

Michael says Terrance saying things like you have to think about who you can win against in comps.
Michael – implying Monte is coming after me.
Brittany says Monte is smart enough to not say that to her. He is saying it to Taylor “unless she’s lying to me”
Michael – I don’t think she would lie about that
Britt – I think it’s a lot more up in the air if she would take me to final 2 in that scenario than us three.. Us three I think she for sure would.
Britt – I think Monte’s whole threat level is assuming he’s throwing things.
Michael – He’s been up and nobody’s taken a shot. It’s because he’s so good
Michael – what do I say in my speech?
Britt – you could go the non leftover route.. with the two nominees.
Michael – I don’t want to say that. I kind of hinted to Alyssa.. you know I’m not making any promises I have someone in mind I would like to see go home this week. Whoever I put next to them it’ll come down to votes. I think can tell her you and Terrance are close.
Michael – other people are supportive of Terrance going this week
Britt – there was a reason Terrance and her were up this morning
Michael – Yean
Britt – they know

12:14 pm For the last hour it’s been sleeping houseguests, eating houseguests, daily pleasantries type chit chat

1:34 pm Terrance enjoys a sandwich.
2:05 pm nothing
3:10 pm Nominations haven’t happened yet. Chit chat or sleeping houseguests on the feeds.


3:30 pm we cut to the pound for noms

4:30 pm Feeds return Alyssa and Terrance are nominated
Turner reassures Alyssa she has the votes to stay it will be Terrance leaving.

4:45 pm Michael and Terrance
Michael says it’s not personal this is a smart move for him

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And people were doubting me when I said Alyssa and Brittany were seen and the 2nd seat in the Final 2 material by different people in the house

Let's be kind

Michael practice all the comps at home before coming on the show. To me I am tried of him winning it is taking the fun out of the game. BB production team should’ve change all the comps to new and different comps to the game each season and changed the order comps went in so HG don’t know when double eviction or any game play is going to happen. BB did make some changes to the game but not enough. I hope Michael or Brittney doesn’t get to F2. This is all planned and I won’t be surprised of BB production team involvement.


He was smart to practice all of them at home all of them I could’ve done that but they didn’t I haven’t seen a good player like Michael in ages I’d like to see them take it all the way


Michael used the racist card when it benefited him. I hope he doesn’t make it to final 2


What’s wrong with practicing the comps? Many of the good, smart players do that!

Michael is the best, most skillful, strategic player of this boring bunch. What a Ho Hum group. He’s the only reason I’m watching BB beyond my usual two weeks, when I usually fall asleep with boredom.


Every year people say the same thing…”oh, they are too good, this is boring”. Far from it! Finally someone knows the game and is working hard to win the game!!


That should have been “seen as the 2nd”

The Corey's

Is anyone surorised Michael is hoh? And guess what, when he survived the double eviction, he will win next week’s HOH too because that’s how this shows script usually goes.

Remember you read it here first.


Is it his fault no one else can win there not all hard comps. Maybe try

Meatloaf steak head

I agree. It’s not that difficult to win when the competition is limited. Michael’s only strong competition left in the house, would be Turner.
Come on, Terrance won by clearing the lunch trays in the cafeteria. Lol


Michael needs to win the veto on the first of the double and the HOH or veto on the second of the double


Yeeea, the effeminate gay man always wins everything on BB. WTF I’m tired of the LGBTQ man winning season after season!!!!


Ouch! Homophobic much??


it was a sarcastic remark.i guess i didn’t express it correctly .A openly gay man has never won BB I’m not homophobic I’m a friend of Dorothy’s. you’ll have to talk to a old queen if yoy don’t know what that[s.


We have an “old queen” in our family and we all love him!
ok thanks for explaining it was sarcastic.


Andy won BB15


Don’t worry, RGD, I got you! I caught that sarcasm a mile away!

wesley sims

Michael wins again i would like to see him go up with Brittany


I agree but sadly at this point everyone wants him out. The main goal of everyone in the house is eviction for the Comp King. He’s just too good for them to keep him around. He knows it too..


Sadly they waited too long to get rid of Michael. Don’t care for his sucking up to all the juror members either. However it’s the way the game is played. Lying and manipulation are part of the game. Whatever it takes to win the money! I do believe that Kyles comments were blown way out of proportion. It was a legit question considering what “the cookout” did last season!

Meatloaf steak head

Have a feeling Monte or Turner will win, and put Brittany &Michael on the block together.


That sounds like beautiful music. I hope you are right.


I sure hope you are right. Both Michael and Brittany played the race card to their advantage.


Oh, Rose, boo hoo. They played the game! They wouldn’t have had a race card to play if Kyle hadn’t opened that door!



L.L. Bean Dip

Kyle was obviously wrong for assuming everyone would join together and target the white people in the house. Considering none of the POC in the house are anything like last seasons racist houseguests. But CBS did condone and enable the racist behavior last seasons. Which lead to Kyle thinking that way. I don’t think he’s a racist. But CBS did create this Frankenstein Monster that was the cookout. Tiffany and that lawyer dude who won last year bragged multiple times about getting all the white people out. Also, like Terrence & Monte stated, Britney & Michael are just as bad. They are like these typical white people who claim to be woke and wear BLM t shirts but will say the N word to their close friends and are really closeted racists deep down. I think their behavior is worst than Kyle’s. Because they exploited this for their own personal gain.


well said.

Ravens Pacemaker

Why are you still talking about this? Stuck in time a bit much pinto bean dip?

L.L. Bean Dip

Maybe because a houseguest left last night due to this. This was last night. Not last month or last year. Understand now, tard?


I am really sick of people calling the cookout alliance racist. Do you even know what racism is, or are you going by the woe-is-me sentiment of conservative media? Is an all womens’ alliance gender biased or reverse misogyny? The cookout was not formed to relegate, disenfranchise or oppress white people. It was formed to ensure a fair opportunity to play and win for the black contestants in light of a certain history notably attached to the game. And if you’re so bothered by white people being voted out by black people, where is your concern for all the black people who have been summarily voted out, leaving all white house guests to vie for the win? Where is your citation to those instances of inequity? Get over yourself. Rather than focusing on the creation of a poc alliance, ask yourself has there been a need for such an alliance to exist in order to give poc’s a solid shot in that game? That’s the real question, and one that cbs has sought to address. But CBS did not create racism (arguably…) and should not be expected to cure it. The cure starts with you. So stop feeling victimized whenever you no longer get the benefit of a structure designed to give you privilege at someone else’s expense. Whatever you perceive as losing in this regard is simply the calibration of equity and fairness. I.e. the correction of racism. Thank you.


there’s a difference between racism and prejudice which i wish so many people on these forums who use the terms interchangeably understood.

un autre nom

The word you are looking for in the case of reverse misogyny is “misandry.”
I fear you are tilting at windmills trying to inform people of the difference between bias, prejudice and racism. I tried for the bbcan9/bb23 season. Nobody that clings to the word racism wants to hear the difference, their mind is already made up.


Equity is racist.

Only Reading Feeds

Well said!


Explain Azah and Big D’s bias against anyone who isn’t a true blood? African Black, not bi racial.

Monica Fletcher

Black people had just as much chance to win as white people, so your basically saying the only way a black person could win was for all the black people to target all the whites… how is that not racist? How could anyone take pride in last years win …. They didn’t win because of good game play they one because of the color of their skin!


No, Black people do not have as much chance as White people to win.

Just saying so does not make it true.

Refusal to accept that at this point in time is pure willful ignorance. The information is out there for anyone to educate themselves.

The Corey's




prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

Tell us how that isn’t what the cookout did?

un autre nom

minority and marginalized. it’s right there in your definition that you chose.
The basis of the inclusion of minority and marginalized is to emphasize the understanding of the systemic power differential between the oppressor and the oppressed. This is the part of racism definitions that most dictionary producing publishers admit has been curated.
The cookout operated with prejudicial bias by their own statements during the game, but said it was in effort to reverse 20 some odd seasons of biases faced by previous black contestants. It was viewed as being about more than JUST that season. If you look at it from the perspective of a single season, then prejudice is involved.

The Corey's

You can’t read can you? It says TYPICALLY, not EXCLUSIVELY. So do I need to provide the definition of what that means too?

un autre nom

You want to be a smartass when someone answers a question you asked? Be my guest. Your flippant and rude response basically confirms that you didn’t want anyone to answer, you just wanted to cling to your preconceived notion that provided you with some smug sense of righteous indignation. Fine. be that way..

The Corey's

It’s rude and smartass or me to not tolerate your or anyone else’s manipulation of words to get the answer you want?

I don’t have time for losers who think only one race can be racist. It’s an embarassing take but even more so when starring down the face of facts.

Furthermore, I believe what the cookout did was the literal definition of racism. However I don’t believe any one of them were racist.

Which is more than most here is willing to say about the minute remarks Kyle made.


Racism is a sociological concept.

Idk why someone would try so hard to make a definition fit so precisely, when it is so clear that POC experience significant oppression and harm in this country.

Why is it so important for you to prove otherwise? What harm has the Cookout done to White people?

Do you fear losing your societal dominance?

Why can’t you embrace a movement to uplift minority groups?

Do you deny that POC are marginalized?

Or is it just easier to get hung up on verbiage, rather than open your eyes to what is right outside your own front door?

The Corey's

The only thing I’m trying to do is to get those off their high horse on what Kyle did admit that that it was exactly what the cookout did.

Don’t tell me what racism is, I provided the definition and I comprehended it perfectly fine.

How interesting of you to say what the cookout did provided white people no harm and for you no of to extend that same nonsense to Kyle.


I asked you a question. What harm do you see in the CO towards White people?

Answer that.

Do you believe there is no bias or harm towards Black people in this country? In the game?

Please address why you reject the large mass of sociological data and analysis regarding what constitutes racism.

If you can’t respond directly to those queries I will consider that a forfeit of this discussion.

Please, go on. Make a substantive argument.

The Corey's

You’re question is absolutely horse crap. What the cookout did toward white people? Is that a serious question?

Do you mean white people in general? Nothing.

Do you mean white people in the game? Literally cost them all 750k because the idea the 8 white House guest could come together and vote as a unit would of ended the show.

Now ask your self the same question, what did Kyle do that affected non whites so badly?

Why do you assume I’m white because I don’t unconditionally support the cause?

The cookout didn’t work with white people cause they were white. That’s a fact. Trying to somehow connect this to a larger American issue of white vs black is insane because no one gives a crap about the game. In game though, we saw what happened with poc came into a controlled environment where they were not ainoeity but a equal and they decided to align with each other based on nothing more than skin color. Oops. Racist. Lolloool


People feel justified by what the cookout done. If that had been a group of white people that came together and made a pack who targeted a person of color each week, they would have sued and shut BB down!! It’s called hypocrisy. The white man freed my ancestors and you will pay every single day. I will smear your face,your kids, their kids and your great grandchildren kids, in my ancestors past. I live in the past not in present I come to you in sheep’s clothing but I’m a raving wolf inside. That is what all this back and forth hypocrisy is telling the world. Until the blacks can be honest with themselves the world will never move forward in peace.

Seriously Though

So….you’re laying the peace of the world on the backs of black people now? Since we are considered minorities to whites, was brought here by whites, abused, used, raped, killed, oppressed, etc (the list is too long) by whites in a world run by and damn near destroyed by whites, we are now responsible for world peace? Don’t get mad because you got beat by your own set of rules that you happily live by


Well said! The All lives matter people refuse to educate themselves on what real racism is. They have never lived one single day of experiencing racism or never took any type of class or even a workshop to learn the true meaning but act like they are experts on the subject. It’s so old, but but the cookout…?


RACIST= cookout
equity & fairness?? quit your self victimization bs. No one except the woke believe that any longer, Its old and worn out.


Well if people are saying Kyle is racist then the cookout is 100% racist.


I agree – Cookout is racist and so is Kyle. There may be hope for him though ..At least he has more awareness now. But his game was ridiculous from the beginning when he set himself up to be known as a racist and secondary as the 10 second man child! Totally dumb game play seen half the summer by him.

L.L. Bean Dip

You’re a left wing woke nut job that everybody laughs at and makes fun of. And no I don’t watch right wing media. Nor am I right or left. Im just logical. And You’re probably vegan too right? So Tiffany and all the other people talking about eliminating white people from the house and laughing about it wasn’t racist? If that isn’t racist then you obviously live in your own pretentious woke bubble. Get over yourself!


Well said.


His comment has 34 likes. Doesn’t that make you the liar?


This comment is so ignorant. First of all, not all people laugh at and make fun of people on the left. Get out and expand your horizons if you seriously think this. And, what does being a vegan have to do with anything that is being discussed?


Thank you! Well said! Typical white people..is the reason for so much of this in 2022!


you are a joke…move on with your racist bs


blah blah blah it’s a game


You’re completely wrong . Michael works as a public defender and it is a low paying lawyer job where he represents clients who cannot afford to pay for an attorney. And as such he helps people at very low income levels from very diverse backgrounds. He chose this profession! So you’re comments are all wrong.


Well written


closets are good


OMG Alyssa tells Michael that she wants to, “make you feel comfortable so you don’t feel like you have to win everything.” So… Is she saying she’s suddenly going to start winning comps if Michael forms a F2 with her? LOL.

Mad Max

Only in her mind!


Hahahaha, the girl is dumber than a box of rocks! Worst game of anyone this summer. Kyle next as her 10 second man!!

Ravens Pacemaker

Alyssa looks pregnant sitting there in the picture with that shirt hanging off her slutty shoulder.

Daniel Sucks

Slutty? Seriously?


I see a picture with Brittany ‘s shirt off her shoulder and have seen Taylor several times with her breasts partially showing are they slutty too?

Ravens Pacemaker

No, they are Class A women of god.

Sue G

Wouldn’t be a bit surprised !! They both admitted to not use protection !!


Yes she does!


I don’t think she’s slutty but she’s played one of the dumbest games I’ve ever seen. At least she’s good at floating in the pool and laying in the sun, and keeping 10 second man happy all summer! But slutty, nah.


You just have a problem with woman demonstrating comfort with their sexuality in ways that feel threatening to your sense of order regarding gender and society.


Your name and your comment are too much.

Big Sister

It has been posted elsewhere that she wanted a pregnancy test…


And with this, I am seeing a predictable pattern for a future if Michael is gonna win all these comps and stuff lmao


I would love for this to happen, but I think he’s gonna have to slip up at some point. Sadly..


They need to go after Monte or they’re doomed. That guy is too emotional, entitled, and petty. Him and Terrance are bad mojo.


I said that yesterday and got head bit off Terrance is messy and always trying to make someone who isn’t going on block that they will go on block lmao and yes monte always crying may be it’s gameplay


I dislike Terrance immensely. If he’s so offended because Michael’s playing the game he should self evict. Oh, maybe Michael can do that!


Terrence sure does receive great edits. If all you do is watch show you might think he’s just funny and nice.

Judy Benton

Two of the best people in the house! I would really like one of them to win

Ravens Pacemaker

Picture of Alyssa with her knees clasped together is First time this season I’ve seen her legs closed this entire season…..(I wonder if its because Kyle is gone)


Yee protest too much against Alyssa! Me thinks you would sell your soul to be her.


I sure wouldn’t! I’d be embarrassed to go back to work when the summer’s over.


Wow can you be anymore disgusting! Was your comment really necessary?


HAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m sure she misses her 10 second man.


The nuns are calling you back in. Go, go, before they see you soiling yourself with this smut………

The Kats Meow

Not gonna lie but last night’s highlight for me was imagining a bunch of the “Poor Kyle Saviors” cussing at their TV’s and phone screens as he was unanimously voted out for his ridiculous unfounded paranoid delusions lol.

Feeling normal

If Brittany didn’t have Michael, she wouldn’t have even made jury.


Just a few reflections on the hate toward Michael and Britt. When Kyle approached them about his suspicions of Cookout 2 and his counter plan, they dissuaded him from that thinking. They said there’s no evidence of Cookout 2 and it’s not right thinking. They would not agree to the new alliance. Think about that; when does anyone say no to an alliance? It just doesn’t usually happen out of fear of being targeted. That’s why you have people in multiple alliances, most fake. Why didn’t they tell the house about it at the time? Probably because it didn’t seem to be coming to fruition and announcing it could ruin his reputation. (I think they were being thoughtful and discrete.) However, when the split house re-united they saw how the LO had been destroyed and suspected Kyle had a big part in it. By seeing Joe (Cookout 2?) sent out they may have felt the problem continued in spite of their efforts to squash his plan. They may have felt the need to warn other houseguests of his proposed agenda. Did it help their game? Yes! Since they were being betrayed (as were who knows how many others) they may have felt the others deserved to know what had transpired. I believe their primary intent was honorable, with game advantage being secondary. I just don’t believe they deserve to be portrayed as more “evil” than Kyle, ie. let’s forgive Kyle but never let Michael win. Try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Finally, and somewhat unrelated; I miss the days when strategy and success in competitions were respected and rewarded. For the last several years mob mentality (alliances) try to gang up on the uncool and good players, eliminating real competition. Remember how the LO started; they were the ones not invited to the big mean girl’s alliance. I wish they could have lasted and had a fun, respectful final 8 of left outs, playing a fair game and not ganging up on each other. That’s what weak players do–hurt your competition so they can’t beat you fair and square.


absolutely agreed.


good spin.
but disagree

Michael Albano

What discourse do you bring against this analysis/opinion?


So well said. Thanks for being able to articulate so well. I wasn’t able to do that.


SIMON AND DAWG Just Donated!!


You’re Welcome

Only Reading Feeds

Can Brittany just go. I really cannot stand her. I rather hear Jasmine than her

Terrence’s big crack

Oh, gawd no….. Jasmine’s voice in the DR is pure torture


Her shrill voice made me wish I could fast forward! And what a phoney personality.

Only Reading Feeds

Just caught up on the episodes. And I honestly hope either Turner, Monte, Terrance or Taylor win. The grace and forgiveness they showed goes a long way. They would represent this season well. I was Team Michael, but seeing him say Bye Kyle and the way this all came out, he could have showed some grace to Kyle as well. Kyle will be dealing with a lot when he gets out and it looks like he really wants to right this. He did the hardest thing by acknowledging and owning it. Michael and Brittany could have outed this info August 5th when Kyle said it. A house meeting could have happened then. So I don’t believe a lawyer and meditation lady that they felt this was the right time to tell the house.

Ravens Pacemaker

Your name contradicts the 1st sentence you wrote. This makes you a liar and worse than Daniel, Nicole, Kyle Trump, Michael, Brittany & Nicole Franzel!


There is not a damn thing wrong with Trump. It’s all you Biden Dummy Dems that have no life whining on here


Over half the population disagrees with you.


“Michael and Brittany could have outed this info August 5th when Kyle said it.” Yes they could have, but they are not obligated to throw away their game because of someone else’s mistake. That’s nuts to think they have some sort of obligation to mess their game up because of Kyle. Kyle doesn’t get the luxery to say the stuff he did, be forgiven, and ruin people’s game. NO!


Oh please anyone of them but that obnoxious self righteous Terrance!!

Michael is the only one that deserves to win but he’s way too much of a threat.

Only Reading Feeds

Watched the winners circle with Derrick and Cody and also Tiffany’s take on this week. Michael’s ratings has gone down. They are calling Michael and Brittany very good actor’s not genuine people. I do agree.


Derek X was by far my favorite houseguest last year and also a favorite among other houseguests. Too bad he walked into a season where another group didn’t see his dream of winning and representing his culture as valuable as theirs. I also loved Xavier and Kyler and Claire. Could have been a strong 4.

Only Reading Feeds

The commentary by Derrick and Cody was spot on.


It looks like Micheal is going to waste another hoh and put up Terrance and Aylessa and Leave Turner and Monte safe to come after him next week. IF he makes this dumb decision then he deserves to lose.


I understand what you’re saying, but Terrance wants him out with a vengeance. They all do since he’s such a threat but Terrance is taking it personally. I can’t wait til obnoxious Terrance is outta there!


To the people complaining about Michael winning HoH yet again: Everything comes down to who wins Thursday’s HoH since it is double eviction. As long as what happens every season doesn’t happen this time then there’s a chance Michael will leave on Thursday

Only Reading Feeds

I hope this happens. Hoping Turner and Monte survive DE

Paul Sucks

It all comes down to Turner, Monte and Terrance against Brittany and Taylor. I think Alysa will go this week. If that holds true, is Taylor truly a lock to keep Michael off the block? Then the only way Michael stays for that round is veto where it is 5 on 1 so there is a chance. If not, Brittany gets the axe. That’s my prediction.


Sadly, everyone will be pushing to get Michael on the block, or backdoored. Even Brittany is now strategizing with Monte to get Michael out.

Unfortunately the really skilled and intelligent players like Michael are just too much of a threat to stay in the game. It’s how BB is structured. Survivor too, the weak floats are usually the ones who are pushed through.

But Michael, you’ve provided great BB entertainment this summer!!

Ravens Pacemaker

During the slip n slide competition when Brittany fell , my whole t.v. shook …thats one heavy chick!


Your f’in rude


You are disgusting

La La La

Just saw Kyle’s interview with JC. No goodbye messages from Michael and Brit.


Why should Michael say goodbye? Kyle wouldn’t speak to him when he came back from Dyre after weaseling up to Terrance to get Joe evicted. And betray the LO alliance. Michael knew for certain Kyle would push to get him out next.


Everyone saying that Michael and Brittany should have told Terrace and Monte sooner about those conversations, shame on you. Michael and Brittany came on the show to win 750K, not teach people not to be insensitive. Had they told Monte and Terrace sooner, the house would have forgiven Kyle and then moved on with their plan to evict Michael. Michael didn’t come on the show to play someone else’s game and no one should EVER be pressured to throw away their game because of what someone else said no matter how much bigger than the game it is. PERIOD. The whole house is walking around manipulating and getting their way to the end, but oh my goodness, you should have mentioned that Kyle said that immediately, because it’s so much bigger than game. No one is at fault but Kyle. PERIOD.


People who are saying that need to realize that Michael is playing the game. Simple as that! And I might add, fabulously. His skill is the only reason I’m watching what would have been a typical boring season.


They both suck. Used race to their advantage. Brittney is a damn karen, calling the racist police only when she thinks it will help her and to show solidarity with poc. Mikie as a lawyer knows you cannot withhold evidence until you want to use it in court for a surprise. If you have it has to be reported immediately. Hope thats not his tactic at home. His law firm representing poc must be so proud of him. Not.


Lol! You do know that they are not in a courtroom, right? There in the BB House. It’s a reality tv show.


Big Brother is a competition but it is also a social experiment. I don’t understand why people are picking sides. You are not in the house. We all have racial biases and it is pretty clear that Kyle’s surfaced as a defense mechanism. It was understandable due to last season, however, there’s no denying it because we all saw and heard it. As in society, race was a factor and will always be a factor. What we are witnessing is how these people chose to deal with this reality inside the house knowing the world is watching.


Michael nominated Alyssa and Terrance. Has Alyssa ever sat in the nomination chair doing eviction night? I don’t recall seeing her sitting in the nomination seat on a Thursday night. If not, I believe that she is the only HG that has not. Maybe it’s high time she takes that seat on a Thursday night even if she is not the target


Each hamster – bracketed number represents how many times they’ve been nominated versus sat OTB on eviction night)

Alyssa: week 4, Daniel/Kyle won POV & removed her/Indy from block (1-0)
Brittany: week 3 – won POV, week 8 Michael won POV removed her (2-0)
Michael: weeks 1 & 3 – won POV both times (2-0)
Monte: week 5 – Michael won POV removed FB group, week 7 was OTB Thurs (2-1)
Taylor: weeks 1 & 4 was post POV nom & wks 2 & 8 OTB entire week- (4-4)
Terrance: weeks 1 & 6 OTB entire week, Wk3 post-POV nom & Wk6 – part of FB group Michael removed from the block. (4-3)
Turner: week 7 – Terrance won POV & removed him (1-0)

Of the seven hamsters, only Taylor & Terrance have multiple eviction night appearances & Monte is the only other hamster to make a Thursday night appearance (during the split house week).

Turner & Ally have the fewest block appearances (one each) & both were removed post-POV while Brittany, Michael & Monte have each been OTB twice.


I firmly do not believe that Kyle is racist. However, every time I read that white contestants are victims of racism (in general for that matter), I cringe. People just need to read history to get a better grasp of that term. I just can’t.


To be honest, talking about Kyle eviction. I think the house should of…..Monte got rid of Taylor, and made some sort if deal with Kyle. Which he might of depending on how he felt and if he wanted to stay. Monte hinted with others saying 5 against 2 is better. Monte could be voted out this week, who knows. Michael is awesome at comps, and yes both of them used what Kyle said to make it worse. I believe that. What he intended….(they are playing a game) and he thought about scenarios. I think, since Michael can only be hoh 1 week, they would of have multiple chances of taken him out. Monte trying to get Taylor to flip probably wont work. Again we don’t live in the house, or know what goes on in their heads. All these comments that I read are just ridiculous really. I guess just watch the show, and see. If Michael survives the double, he probably wins.


Big Brother is so boring, 2nd season in a row. Done with this show.. You can figure out who is going to win the first night. Gone are the days of Rachel, Brittany, Dani

Shanon Dirbin

Micheal you are going to lose because you are not playing the game!

Judy Dinndorf

Now’s the time to quit watching. The end is too predictable now. With the way they have edited the shows, they are not worth my time anymore. BB used to be entertaining


Who is dawg, dawg?


This is not about any cast member. It’s about you folks needing to spell correctly! I have found at least three words in a paragraph that were spelt wrong.

Dwayne Simpson

It seems to me like everyone was being too buddy buddy now Michael is going to win this doggone game because they don’t have enough votes to vote him out no one tried to win HOH The veto that’s why he wanted so many times now he want HOH again I think Monte the only person that can take him down Michael but do he have enough roles to take him down

Dwayne Simpson

And I don’t know how Alyssa is still in this game and she haven’t won nothing like I said buddy buddy


I don’t want Michael winning by using the race card was disgusting because he knew what would happen and he got his way with a little pouty face I’m sorry