“Once we get Turner out it feels like its smooth sailings”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation – Michael is putting up Terrance and Alyssa. Terrance is the target. Speculation at this point but we could see Turner on the block with the POUND being the reason.

2:40 AM Terrance and Michael
Terrance goes a long retell of what happened in Dyre Fest.
Terrance – It was just crazy

Terrance tells him he didn’t know about Turner’s nominations last week.

2:45 am Terrance and Turner
Terrance give him a debrief on what he told Michael about Dyre fest and Kyle. “Kyle told me everything but you held out and never told me anything”
Turner – did you tell him about the backdoor plan at all?
Terrance – no. nothing about that. He asked me if I knew who was going up initially I said I just knew I would be OK because I pulled him down.

2:45 am Michael and Alyssa
Michael – I want to talk everyone tonight. probably not the smartest thing to not talk game after what happened. I’m still feeling where is the house. After the house meeting I felt it was a bit of a reset. I didn’t think it was appropriate to talk game because Kyle did campaign. It didn’t feel necessary to do anything like that.

Michael – I’m hoping this week we can get back to normalcy
Michael – there’s no hiding my comp wins.

They talk about Kyle. Alyssa cries
Michael – I’m still not 100% certain what happened about Dyre Fest.. I heard Kyle said things and Joe said things .. I still don’t know
Alyssa – I think it was both that said things

Alyssa – can I tell you something to keep between you and me 100%
Michael – YES
Alyssa – before Kyle left he said I’ll tell you something that is about game that maybe you want o share wit someone you trust. Apparently inside the leftovers there was something called the pound.

Michael – the pound?
Alyssa – It was Monte, Joe, Kyle and Turner. They had a final 4
Michael – THe pound?
Alyssa thinks the name has something to do with POOCH.. “POOCH/pound”
Michael – kinda funny.. there was speculation because those were the four that stayed up late that night and got the conversations started. It’s good to hear confirmation.
Michael – I did tell Terrance after last week I won’t put Turner up this week I don’t want the moral of the story to be .. do .. Putting Kyle up wasn’t good for him. He did it because he felt it was the right thing to do I didn’t want that to be less of a story like do the right thing.. so I told Terrance.. Unless I find out something wild I don’t see myself doing that I’m just letting everyone know
Alyssa – that is really respectful and awesome.
Michael – I think people will be afraid to sit next to you at the end..
Alyssa – really?
Michael – Jasmine, Indy, Kyle.. You and Terrance have a great relationship you and turner have a great relationship your social game is really really good.

Alyssa – Whatever decision you make I respect and I will follow your lead.
Alyssa goes on about the events of Dyre Fest.
Michael says he plans to meet everyone tomorrow before nominations.
Alyssa leaves..

3:14 am Brittany and Michael
Michael – no one looked excited.. Terrance looked mad
Brittany – he looked pissed.. is that still the plan?
Michael – I would like Terrance out this week but I am afraid if I Put Alyssa up with him they are going to want ALyssa
Michael – Monte and Taylor will want Alyssa
Britt – Taylor will want Terrance out .. yeah
Michael – I feel bad I really do like Alyssa.. I do think the fact that her social gamer and the jury votes she has people will want to take a shot at her. She needs people. Maybe she needs us
Britt – She has Turner
Michael – she makes it sound like she doesn’t
Britt – but Now Kyle is gone. Turner is smart..
Michael – I don’t know ..
Brit t- I see arguments for both.
Michael – if there is a double I would much rather see Alyssa in it than Terrance. Terrance has proven he’s good at the mental comps..
Britt – he’s won more comps and he’s actively gunning for you and Taylor
Michael – did you realize Alyssa’s zing.. ‘you’re dead weight and useless’ .. he said let me say it again so you understand it .. it was a double you aren’t bright.
Britt – ohh my good..
Michael – it was so bad
Britt – she doesn’t understand the severity that she hasn’t been playing this game at all
Michael – she gets it.. she said ‘I wish I had a group I could talk to’
Britt – what do you do? it’s too late. Are you still thinking about putting them two up though?
Michael nobs “Yeah”
Britt – how will you handle it
Michael – talk to everyone tonight then check in tomorrow. what do you think of those noms?
Britt – those are good.. overall Turner is our biggest threat. I know we’re not doing anything this week because of what happened last week I’m totally onboard with that. I’m just thinking next week you can’t play HOH and Turner can. what puts us in the best position for that?
Britt – Getting rid of Alyssa or Turner this week gets rid of a number so that helps us.. who do we want competing against and who do we think will work I with us more. I am a little nervous if Alyssa understands her zing she will be more motivated to take a shot against you or..
Michael – How do we feel about Monte? I won’t put him up as the initial Nominee and I don’t even know if I would want to put him up as the backdoor or replacement but if he is not solid on the final 4.. Again also that doomsday scenario if we do take him out even if you or Taylor wins next week could be put in a position where one of us has to go up. So now I’m leaning towards not touching him I don’t know..
Britt – we’ll need as much force next week competing against Turner
Britt – we need to get Turner out soon.
Michael says if Monte is still around there’s a better chance that it will be Monte and him on the block over Brittany and him.
Britt – if it was ALyssa she would put me and Monte up. I feel we’re at the point where people will be like If I can’t hurt Michael there’s Brittany
Michael – I would hope they want Monte first.
Britt – I love Taylor but she is just waiting for somebody to take you out. She really thinks her and I are locked in for a final 2 and she doesn’t want to be the one that do it. In her eyes it’s me or her at the end and the one that takes you out wins.

Michael – we are the chenbots
Britt – we are no longer the underdogs here.
Michael – I don’t think they will introduce a power at final 7
Britt – you don’t think so? Lets hope so.. Doesn’t America vote for something?
Michael – usually something before the game.. you never know..

Britt says last week If Kyle wasn’t going up it would have been Monte “I don’t know if he recognizes that”
Michael – Turner has one more things that Monte and Turner’s HOH he’s done more
Michael wonders if getting rid of Terrance is a “waste of a HOH?”
Michael – I also don’t want to play like that.. there’s big moves and smart moves
Britt – Terrance has proven he can win more than we give him credit for and he’s a number for the other side.

Brittany – once we get Turner out it feels like its smooth sailings.. even Monte he hasn’t proven
Michael says they just have to win from here on in.
Brittany says Terrance is actively gunning for him but with Alyssa he’s good with her. “tell her she’s a pawn”

Michael is worried about what Kyle will say in Jury “I feel like he’s more mad at me. He pulled you for conversations and he never talked to me once”
Britt – really
Michael – Kyle will be throwing me under the bus
Britt – yeah there’s a chance of that noone can deny the facts of your game. the comp wins. you know..
Britt – that is why we need to go together (to Finale)

3:50 am Michael and Turner
Michael – obviously I am not putting you up
Turner – thank you you are the best.. where to begin.. is there any clarifying you need?
Michael says his obvious choice is Alyssa and Terrance.
Turner says if he wins the veto he won’t use it.
Michael – between them do you have any preference?
Turner – personally I like Alyssa more but I’m either way I’m fully onboard.
Michael – Terrance has thrown both Taylor and Monte’s names
Turner – they will be on the same page.
Michael – I am so worried about what Kyle is going to say about me in Jury.. He wasn’t happy with me.

3:55 am Monte and Taylor
Monte about Brittany “Is she fine with second place”
Taylor nods
Monte – you think so? Okay that is.. I have not comments about that.. what do you think about this?
Taylor – we all have different goals in the game..
Monte – she actually said she’s fine with second place
Taylor – She didn’t say that
monte- But you can tell?
Taylor – yeah
Monte – judging how she wants to get Turner out this week if she were HOH that seems pretty foolish in my opinion.
Taylor agrees
Monte says even if Brittany wins everything from now until the end. Michael throws her all the veto’s he will still win based on his social game. “it is a landslide”
Monte – what is your relationship with Brittany is there anything you wouldn’t do in regards to voting if she was on the block? where’s you head with that stuff?
Taylor – I would prefer to be final 3 with you and her

4:00 am Monte and Michael
Michael says he talked to Terrance and Alyssa first and said he’ll talk to them again tomorrow. He couldn’t tell them they are going up without talking to everyone else first.
Monte – that’s fair.
Michael asks if he has any thoughts about Terrance and Alyssa going up
Monte – there’s so few people.. you always need to justify it. it could be the good old we haven’t talked a lot of game this season. I kinda think they know they are on the outs.

Michael – Turner said he wouldn’t use it which was my biggest concern he would use it (Veto) on Alyssa
Monte – if he uses that veto he’s public enemy number one next week

4:12 am Monte and Turner
Talking about how they are safe this week and everyone on track for them to get to 5 but if they get a chance to take a shot on Michael they can take it.
Monte – we will look like fools if we didn’t ..
Monte says the thing that sucks about going to five with Michael is he will be able to play in that HOH. If he wins they might be able to convince him to put Brittany up as a pawn.
Monte – If Michael is sitting next to anybody but Brittany we might have a fighting chance because of all the shit him and Brittany did to get Kyle out this past week.
Monte – Terrance is PISSED about the way things came out. I am too because I feel like they were trying to play the situation. They forced your hand in putting up Kyle
Turner – they said it’s not good for our game. It’s SO good for their game.
Monte – yeah look where they are now both safe.
Monte – if we have a chance to take out Brittany I think we should
Monte says if the jury has to decide between, Him, Taylor or Monte VS Michael in Jury there may be “Enough Ruckus stirred in the jury where they are like YO that was some pretty low sh1t what they did to Kyle and How they enabled that for 2 weeks.. for a MONTH actually”
Monte – They wait for the final hour before you had to put up a replacement nominee to protect their numbers.
Turner – he’s taken out 1/2 of Jury anyways.. the management of Jury is pretty bad.

Monte says Terrance it telling him he’s not voting for Michael unless he’s sitting next to Brittany
Monte – if there’s a shot we can take a Brittany we have to take it
Monte – if I am the first out of the 5 to go to jury I’m telling them what Michael did.
Monte says he’s not voting to Michael to win unless he’s up against Brittany. “That wasn’t a good social move”
Turner – It was the most F***Ed up Big Brother move ever
Monte – Yes, definitely. you throw somebody under the dirt and essentially expose something that should be exposed and you time it to the point where it benefits your game and then play it like you are the victims and you care so much about people that you had to share it all of a sudden.. that is bullshit. They said it themselves. If in Dyre Fest Kyle went there would be no need to talk about it.

Monte says next week if they win HOH they put up Alyssa and Convince Brittany she is the pawn. “The only issue is If F***ing Michael wins another veto. if he does we have to encourage him not to use the veto. at this point why force any of us to make the decision to put one Taylor up or one of us when we’ve all been on the block already and Brittany hasn’t”
Turner says it would be amazing if Alyssa won HOH and took one of them out. (Brittany, Michael)

Monte says they need to get one veto on Michael “we’re scot free”
Turner – he’s out
Monte – he can’t be perfect..
Turner – that is crazy
Monte – he was born for this.. the thing is he f**8ed himself when he held that information. If he and Brittany would have shared it right when they heard it..
Taylor comes out of the HOH. they decide to play pool

4:50 am pool/cornhole

5:00 am Michael saying goodnight to Hayden

5:02 am these three are not feeling tired at all.

6:07 am zzzzzz
8:07 am zzzzzz

9:00 am lights on Only Terrance up.

Checking out his abs

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Love your recaps, thanks for up to the minute spoilers, I love to know what going on before the shows. Thanks


I hate how people throw around bad “jury management” as a cover for the fact that they are just bitter. When Turner and Kyle were in a good position last week, Michael and Brittany accused them of bad jury management. Now that Michael and Brittany are in a good position, Monte and Turner accuse them of bad jury management. Everyone just needs to admit that they are bitter betties who don’t know how to not get their way lol


And the worst bitter bettie is Terrance. I can’t wait til he’s booted!


Hey again exactly!! Shows people won’t Vote on who played the game the best don’t vote on their heart lol I miss the old days of big Brother when people actually voted on gameplay not being bitter that they can’t win shit


I remember back in BBCAN 1, where the majority of the jury had a bitter “Anyone but Jillian” pact because she’d sent most of them out, then on finale night, Topaz forgot she was voting to win, rather than evict, and voted for Jillian instead of Gary, giving her the win. It was historical Karma in action.

Sandie Bender

The best we can do now is vote favorite player on game play. To me that is by far Michael.


Nah, man. Michael might have blown up Kyle’s game but he also blew up his jury in the process. He’s a cold calculated player to a fault. He stands pretty much a zero chance of winning now. His smug ass just hasn’t realized it yet.


If Michael makes the finals I also don’t think he will win. However, if he doesn’t win this whole game is a joke. He will have to most comp wins total. He Had a target on himself the first week and had to win the veto to save himself. He also won it in week 3 to save himself and now this week he did the same. I liked him until his whole f’d up game move this week. I just hope Brittany and Michael do not make the finals.

Ravens Pacemaker

Nice pic Brian. What’s your instagram?

The Corey's

There’s a show on after big brother and on MTV for years now that is literally all about winning challenges.

Big brother isn’t about that and is only part of a more nuanced game than just winning your way to the end.

Michael isn’t doing a very good job in making sure the people who’s in the jury are going to vote for him but I think he wins if he gets there against anyone except Turner.

Turner deserves to go home this week on Michaels hoh after the see tunt Turner pulled last week. Magical.


I don’t like Michael I think he plays dirty! Also Britney! I hope they both lose at the end. The very first two weeks of big brother I’d like to Michael but now he’s a piece of garbage for the shit he pulled and Britney pulled. They hide what they said Kyle said which that’s not exactly what he said They twisted the words. They are lying and making Kyle look really bad. I hope Michael and Britney go out of the game. A matter of fact on this HOH that Michael got, he did not play the game right and I’m surprised big brother didn’t say anything . Turner was almost caught up to him and Michael needed to put at least another 1 to 2 cups and to be able for the ball to pop up out of the hole, but the ball did not pop up Michael, put his hand into the hole to grab the ball out he stretched and reached for it with his fingers and that’s called cheating and I’m surprise big brother didn’t say anything!


That is allowed and has been done for years. The object is to get the ball out with your fingers if you can grab it. Remember Fessy’s long fingers? He scooped the ball out when there was an inch from the top.


I like Michael he’s playing the game. Everyone is backstabbing someone. I feel like monte and turner are the sneaky ones. I do agree about Brittany she just hanging on Michael skirt tales. I really would like her to go next.


There is a difference in PLAYING THE GAME and putting a label on someone that can follow him for life. NOT COOL OR GOOD GAME PLAY

The Pale Man of the Labyrinth

This was painful to read.


I have read and listened to everything Kyle said and it was taken way out of context because Michael and Brittany twisted to sound like it was racist. Taylor has said she would never put up a black woman. Was that not as much if not more racist than what Kyle said. He said another cookout could be coming because of things Taylor and Terrance have said


Michael might be a gamer but he is a crappy person to use racism as game play, what a jerk


100 percent agree. That way of putting things out of context is why we have some of the issues in our country today. Kyle was not and is not racist


I totally agree, the way they played that wasn’t cool at all. They only came out with that info to help them selves, it wasn’t an act of Caring about the situation or the people, it was a out of, let’s expose this now so we can save ourselves and we can make it look like we are the victims as well at the same time. I do NOT agree at all with how they went about it. I think it was a calculated move on their part and was only told because they were in a bad spot and pretty much had no choice.

Christime Ahrens

U kniw they through joe under the bus including kyke, Terrance and alyssa.
Now Terrance says kyke shoukd had went not joe shame on all of them

Team Taylor

Alright I have a new boot order:
Terrance, Brittany, Turner, Monte, and Alyssa.

Taylor beats Michael at Final Two.


I am not so sure about that. Thursday’s 2nd eviction will tell all


I’m agreeing with you in how it will unfold.

But I want Michael to win, not Taylor. Even though I think he won’t.

And above all, I want nasty Terrance out.


I think Michael pull it off I just don’t want floaters to win Britney and Alyssa has not won shit Hell part of her strategy might be to float at the end and act like she couldn’t win shit


I could care less about both of them girls. They both suck


I hope you are wrong!!

The Kats Meow

I’m not sure Taylor can beat Michael in a F2. Not with those bitter petty women in the jury house and Terrance. Regardless of what he’s bitching about this week he would never vote for Taylor to win anything. Terrance is just a loud mouthed potato I can’t wait for him to be gone.


His petty hate for Michael runs deeper than for Taylor.

Kristy Voelker

Why would Taylor deserve to win over Michael??


Look at their posting name. Obviously some bias there.

Palm Oil's Meds

Taylor deserves to win because she had the best underdog journey.

Paul Sucks

That’s a lot of vetoes that Michael will need to win.

More thinking Alyssa, Brittany, Michael, Terrance and Turner

With Monte beating Taylor


Interesting turn of conversations all of a sudden. Michael and Brittany saying that putting Kyle up was a bad game move when they actively sought to have just that happen and in fact encouraged it. That said, they are correct. Turner felt pressured to put up Kyle for a non-game related reason and he bowed to it. Kyle was a number for his alliance and now there is essentially a 3/3 split with Monte siding with whichever one is in power. From a game perspective Michael put this together, so I get wanting weaken the other alliance. However, he should not have done it the way he did. I can understand it, but I cannot condone it. The situation of what Michael and Brittany revealed has not changed, but now the others cannot seem to stop talking about the timing of it and have sympathy for Kyle. To be fair, I believe Monte mentioned this last week and I can really appreciate the compassion he is showing here. However, many of these things should have been said and talked about sooner. Their expressions of condemnation for Michael and sympathy for Kyle seem a little hypocritical at this point. I would like for them to start thinking about everything that Michael has said to all of them and start putting the pieces together of how much he did to cause chaos in the alliance first and see what they think about that.

Paul Sucks

I believe the thought is that Kyle paid a price for the choices he made by eviction and that Michael has used Kyle and his choices to benefit his game not because he was appalled by it but he needed to protect his numbers.


He was safe, so was Brittany. He saved Taylor or Monte. If he wins out then he needed neither for his game.


Hey Brittany…are you really that stupid? Don’t you realize why Michael clings to you and carries you everywhere with him? He knows you are useless and have no possible chance of winning this game, so he is planning to take you to final two. it’ll be a no-brainer in the end!


Yes, Britney and Alyssa are the only two that have ZERO chance to win the game. Everyone else left has at least a smidge chance of winning.


what about brittany/alyssa final 2? i think people underestimate alyssa’s chances. she has no enemies on the jury, just a lot of people kinda indifferent to her. she beats someone with enemies (which is most of the people left).

this is jury management. it’s about either owning your moves …or in alyssa’s case, making no moves (brittany meanwhile made the unpopular move of aligning with michael, alyssa hasn’t really had allies almost the entire game, she’s just been floating).


She has not played the game at all. Relied on Kyle and now is there just because no one is threatened by her. She has zero chance.


she’s dodged most of this drama and has 3 people on the jury who like her. things between monte and michael are about to get ugly and she can easily pick up 2 more votes of whichever side ends up in jury.


Alyssa would win just like Jordan Lloyd did.



After watching the edit for last night I am hard pressed to find the “racism” in what Kyle said (or did). Watching his mea culpa, admitting his fault, thanking the group for bringing it to his attention, etc…. was nothing short of cringe-worthy for me.

Two weeks earlier, Taylor said several times individually and in a group setting that she didn’t want to be the reason a Person Of Color was sent home, therefore she would not put a POC on the block. I think that had a lot more to do with Kyle vocalizing his observation that there could be a “Cookout” alliance in the house than Kyle’s ‘hidden racist leaning”. His thoughts were a good observation to me based on Taylor’s statements.

The Wiki page for BB states:

In an effort to promote diversity, CBS announced a new rule for Big Brother that 50% of all contestants must be a person of color or an indigenous person for the 2021–2022 broadcast season.

What is this effort promoting? I am all for diversity and abhor racism in all its forms. Starting the show 50/50 seems to make it inevitable (aligning along racial division) at some point in the game. It’s also done for gender (50/50) and every year we talk about an “all girl/all boy” alliance because it becomes inevitable. It is a set up for Julie to pontificate what “bad people they all are” for actually playing the game.

I have no solution for Racism in BB. I can offer that better casting and screening would help more than a 50/50 must rule. What we saw last night was edited to to tell a story…. I’m certain the wrong story was told.

The real story should be how Michael and Brittany used “racism” to get a dominate player to become the enemy of the state and ULTIMATELY booted off. Imagine if one of the non-POC players said what Taylor said and then Monte said to Terrance I think the white people are working together….. would it have been the same outcome?

NOT TRYING TO STIR A POT HERE……. GENUINELY CONFUSED BY THE EDIT LAST NIGHT. I’m glad Kyle is gone, just don’t agree with the reason.


What you have posted around BB policy for the 2021-2022 year is BB stirring the pot. What they should have had a policy around was letting the players know that any form of mentioning differences will not tolerated. Taylor should never have mentioned what she did.


true statement


But she apparently wrote that on her application and was still cast.


I agree


Monte stated he will be sure to let the jury know what Michael and Brittney did and how they did it. Since this whole cast seems to be playing around tiptoeing the race card and pointing out morals, that should be enough damage that they don’t vote for Michael to win. Michael and Brit. should have thought about that….oh they are now!!


I agree with you 100%. Just bringing up race outs you as a racist. It is wrong. Most don’t see Kyle as racist. His interactions with POC shows that. He was running all the scenarios that could possibly play out. I think when Monte, Terrence and Taylor view the tapes they will see that. As for Taylor, Monte and Joe being aligned Kyle was correct they were aligned. Terrence will see that.
Where Kyle got it wrong was looping in Indy, Terrence and Jasmine. But as you see watching this show people get alliances wrong all the time. It is hard to know what is going on behind your back. Indy for example was so off with her assessments.

Not Jason’s Holly

I agree about Kyle’s assessment of Joseph and Monte. I think Kyle looped the others in because he saw Joseph playing both sides of the house. The only one he didn’t loop in was Alyssa. Not because she’s white but because he felt she was with him or could be persuaded.

Monte/Joseph and Joseph/Taylor had very strong bonds. Getting rid of Joseph was not racially motivated. Kyle couldn’t help that those were strong pairs. Just as Brittany and Michael have stuck together. Should they be considered because they chose to stick with a white person? The only difference is Taylor flat out said she would not put up a black woman. That’s racially motivated! Shouldn’t happen on either side!

I’m agreeing with you but just asking more to your thoughts.


I too wanted kyle out, however he statement and reason were valid after what the cookout did last season, which was racist


It’s exactly as you stated. It was just a thought from what Taylor said. The CookOut last year never should have been allowed to be played out. It’s a game and people are voted out by their game play. It was never about race until the CookOut was played. BB will never be the same. I wish people would see pass skin color and realize we are all the same..a human.


I have a strong opinion about the edit & how production handled this entire situation. Throughout this season the people who control the live feeds were quick to switch to a different room when Kyle would begin going on this tangent. They also edited Kyle to look like the golden boy so for many there is a good reason to believe he meant no harm & had one or two innocent statements blown out of proportion. That is not the reality. Although I don’t think he’s a racist (nor did Michael or Britt ever call him one) I do think his paranoia led to him spiraling & basing his assessments on his implicit biases.

The edit did not show some of Kyle’s worse moments like calling Monte, Joseph, & Taylor aggressive, loud, and worrying he would ‘get jumped’ by that trio or referring to the five white players as the silent majority. It didn’t show him saying Turner looked like a Filipino rice farmer with his bucket hat on, making fun of Indy’s accent or saying he wouldn’t bother traveling to any European countries where they didn’t speak English. It didn’t show him calling himself & Alyssa ‘Ken & Barbie’ – what people consider as the American couple. There were ample ick moments the producers neglected to show.

He also made other questionable comments (pull up ToomsBB on Twitter to see a great compilation video).

Michael/Britt should’ve said something sooner & definitely released it when they did believe that saving BOTH Taylor & Monte was better for their game. But, something that has bothered me in all of this is how much pushback M/B did initially. When Kyle first started linking POC his main focus was on Taylor. The trio had NUMEROUS conversations about Taylor that began even before the Leftovers was formed or the fauxmance started.

Kyle was sure she was tied to Jasmine & the other women or inclined to work with the POC. M/B gave specific reasons why his reasoning wasn’t true citing how Jasmine/Indy hated Taylor, how Terrance was constantly bad-mouthing her, noted her primary target was Monte & how the people leaving the show were primarily POC (five of the first seven evictees were POC). Since Kyle was the one who pitched to include Taylor in the LOs I think M/B thought they’d gotten through to him & would be able to manipulate future situations.

So when Kyle was freaking out about going OTB & even tried to talk the DR into getting him out of it I think Michael specifically just thought he was being paranoid. As an intelligent player, he registered the comment but it wasn’t until Kyle got adamant in his Cookout 2.0 rants (and the DR gave them a heads up the optics weren’t playing well externally) that they were like okay this isn’t good – but let’s hold onto this for now. The worst of Kyle’s rants occurred in the two days leading up to the split house twist so again just IMHO they looked at the situation as do we tell Taylor/Monte this week (when they were isolated inside) or do we wait to see if Kyle is evicted?

Inevitably they made the wrong call to wait but let’s not ignore Terrance tried to keep Kyle ONLY bc it benefited his game (numbers) & used ‘this would be good for him to grow’ as his excuse. Or that Monte is currently using the reveal as a reason to paint a larger target on Michael and Brittany while simultaneously saying they shouldn’t be allowed to win the game for waiting & using it to help their game – so HE TOO is using this as game (not to mention that while Taylor was OTB it was going to be Monte who went up as the renom prior to the reveal & Kyle already had Ally on board to vote him out – he believed he also had Terrance but it wouldn’t have mattered bc Britt/Michael would’ve also voted him out to keep Taylor – so the reveal LITERALLY saved Monte’s game.

The entire situation is really icky and it’s turned the game into a debate with strong opinions on both sides of the equation. Four different players have used (or are still using) this situation as a way to benefit their game. If we’re going to call out one or two of them then all four should be called out.

Regardless, of that truth, the fact remains Kyle was getting canceled & trolled on social media for more than a month so he was going to face a tough reality when he got out of the house anyway. Ultimately, he was the one who made the comments and will have to face the public for his choices.

But if there is anyone outside of Kyle who really deserves to atone for their actions it is CBS and the producers of the show who had a choice to air everything as it occurred not flipping/cutting the feeds while presenting a true depiction of who Kyle really was instead of the narrative that fit their storyline. OR they could’ve put an immediate stop to this via a simple DR session before it blew up with social media noticing how producers were purposely protecting Kyle. Unfortunately, The Powers That Be, doubled down & made it worse via his redemption arc storyline edit & chose to paint the two individuals who finally exposed his biases as the villains.

So while Michael & Brittany should’ve said something sooner they still did the right thing but based on the edit they now are the ones being viewed as the villains while the guy who made these comments in the first place has many feeling he’s the victim. I have a hard time accepting that regardless of when or why Michael & Brittany revealed the truth they should be the people being shunned and punished more than the person who made choices based on illicit biases & uttered the offensive comments.


I couldn’t agree more.


100% this. I wasn’t a fan of the move as a game move (the way it was done just felt wrong to me), but the timing wasn’t my issue. Chastising them for sitting on the info for a month (or even 2 weeks) isn’t really fair when you think of everything that was going on.

You laid out the timeline really well. The most problematic statements re: the M/B, Kylissa, and Turner alliance (which is the only info M/B really had–they wouldn’t have necessarily been aware of his other comments) wasn’t really discussed until the second half of Taylor’s HOH. To me, it makes total sense why it would take time for them to process that information and not know what to do with it. And they did express concern, directly to Kyle, after his statements. And remember, we as viewers are omniscient and have access to (most of) what all the HGs say and do; the HGs themselves do not.

Should they really have told just Taylor and Monte that info during the house split when not all of the HGs would have had the information? Maybe they could/should have said something sooner in hindsight, but was that realistic given the circumstances?


The problem with the timing, and why I think Monte is so upset, is it is now clear that Michael and Brittany were fine with riding with Kyle and keeping his racist viewpoints secret and letting him take the shots at the POC within the Leftovers until it was clear Kyle had turned on Michael. That makes them complicit and really just as bad as Kyle, maybe worse. Both said they would not have shared the info if Kyle left during dyre fest, and they clearly only shared it at a time they needed a Hail Mary. No way Taylor, Monte or Joseph would have stayed aligned with Kyle as part of the leftovers if Michael and Brittany would have shared the info when they knew it. From Monte’s viewpoint, Michael and Brittney let Kyle clown them. Monte and Joe would have played an entirely different game if they’d known when MB did. Joe would have known Kyle viewed him as a terrorist and may have been able to protect himself during dyre fest. May, because who really knows about Terrance. Either way, it’s just a greater betrayal when your “friends”don’t warn you that you have an enemy posing as a friend.


Omg, Kyle never said that Joe was a terrorist.


100% agree!!!!!

Big Sister

Wow, to me, this is the definitive statement about this year and should be shared to CBS, Production and all of those making Kyle out to be a saint, who would never have a racist bone in his body. People who watched the feeds know how many times Brittany tried to get him to slow his roll, but did he listen?? He kept on pushing his ridiculous theory, not based on any facts or behavior and it bit him on the butt. You reap what you sow…


Clearly u missed Michael’s soliloquy of diabolical thoughts to use this against Kyle. His only competition in the game.
His hateful statements, when only the cameras could hear. He purposely held the info after knowing g he was the backdoor plan last week. Get all the facts before expounding bs favoring Michael.

The Kats Meow

That’s the problem with the edit what they show you on TV is only 20% of what really went down. Great question by the way but any of the top BB sites especially this one, Twitter, and Youtube has videos and discussions where you can see for yourself what has been being said and clear up the rotten TV edit. The only thing I would like to say beyond that is Taylor said she did not want to put a black woman the block during HOH and explain why it was significant to her. She has had no problem voting them out. And I’m not assuming that you don’t know but it begs further explanation… is that “POC” refers to many minorities not just blacks. It includes Blacks, Asians, some Hispanics, Native Americans, and other groups who are not white. It’s not really a black and white thing when people reference that.


She said a woman of color totally different from one race black or white


What would have happened if she said I’m only voting for a non-woman of color? I think she would have said the same thing even if a guy POC was being considered. I get what you’re saying but I think you know what she meant when she said it.

Not Jason’s Holly

Somewhere I think Kyle asked Taylor what she meant and she said “Black,”


most of what kyle said i chalk up to ignorance instead of racism. i find much more fault in brittany and michael. yes, they tried to steer him and his ignorance kept him oblivious, but there’s a point where that should mean they should stop working with him that should have happened much earlier, because while kyle may not have known better THEY DID.


I saw nothing “racist” with what Kyle said. He was referring to the cook-out in a “what if” situation and he was right. The cook-out took ALL non-POC out and it wasnt called “racist” when in fact that is what it was. Just like Taylors comments so far this season. Micheal and Brittney were the “racist” ones IF ANY, for holding onto their little info for two weeks just to use it to their advantage.


I don’t think Michael and Britney’s intentions was to use it at that time I feel like they was going to keep it quiet


I can’t watch this trash tv anymore…used to love this show.


It has changed so much over the years I’m really getting tired of watching it too on to something better


I really don’t like that race is being used so much in BB.its a game and should not have anything to do with race it was the same last year it’s getting a bit boring


Hadn’t thought about jury make up till Monte mentioned “it’s minorities”. If Terrance does go this week and possibly Monte, from the jury perspective, it looks like the all white plan. M&B really screwed up jury management, by playing race card, as Monte said


So who’s playing the race card now?


Such bozos. Monte and Turner needed to get out one of Taylor/Michael/Britney. They wasted their HOH and turned it over to them the following week. Last week was not the week to send Kyle home if they wanted to win the game. They sacrificed their game because of Michael’s dirty strategic play of exposing Kyle as a “racist”. So stupid. They deserve to go home. My problem is this moved paid off majorly for Michael and Britney.


they are all not thinking, kyle and Michael should have been on the block to break up the couples an to get rid of the power players

Game fan

Paid off mostly for Tylor. I’m gonna oose it if she wins.


BB IS a dirty game and probably is the reason why most of us watch it. I suppose there is dirty and there is extra dirty. Kyle was playing extra. M&B fired back. BTW, It was Kyle’s game play, his words, that started the backlash on social media. THAT was his own creation. He is NOT victim here. He refused to listen when advised he was going down the wrong path. M&B should not be blamed for the backlash Kyle is receiving.

As far as game goes. It’s extra dirty vs. extra dirty. Who slung the mud first? Kyle did but everyone is using the big reveal to benefit their own game. Everyone! That’s BB. I hate to saying Evil Elvis was right about anything but in the end, only one person is cashing that big check.

Feeling normal


Kyle got paranoid when his brain went to CO 2.0. WE have the benefit of seeing what production allows us to see. So, we knew that thought was far from the truth. But, he didn’t. Is it really any different than the boys, EVERY YEAR, in the first two weeks fearing an all women’s alliance? In the realm of game, I don’t think so. His paranoia got the best of him.

Michael and Brittany… super shady. Great game play using this knowledge to shield themselves. HOWEVER, they used racial bias and fear to their own benefit. They know exactly what they are doing. This feels worse to me than Kyle’s paranoia.

Neither are good, both were game play, but it just feels like M&B used racial tensions to their benefit by manipulating the rest of the house. Kyle was just pointing out the potential of a second edition of a very successful alliance from the past. This happens all the time.

Kudos to Monte for KNOWING that Michael and Brittany are the power couple in the house. But, you got to win HOH. If Monte survives this week and if he wins HOH, he HAS TO nominate Michael. If he nominates Brittany and Michael wins POV, no bueno.

This season was a lot of fun until it became about race. Michael and Brittany, in my mind, will be seen as the two that gave this season a punch to the gut. And that is sad. This was a fun cast to watch. I genuinely like watching nearly everyone.

3, 2, 1… start hating on me.


No hating from me. You nailed it. Race is just such a sensitive topic. It is funny how we can have all male or all female alliances and no big deal


That would be the smart move.

Just Sayin'

So wait…. did Alyssa actually pull off a game move by exposing the pound?!?! Did she do that on purpose knowing it might save her this week?


Did they expose it during the round table?


Game move or her inability to keep her mouth shut. Lol!


Didn’t he promise Turner he would not put him on the block if he put Kyle on the block? If he did he will lose some major jury votes.

Not Jason’s Holly

Michael also said he would not honor that if “something” came up.

It would actually serve Turner right since he caved to them last week and couldn’t see through it. Unless Turner just felt like he was doomed if he didn’t do it because he would look like he sided with Kyle.


YUP – he even kept that Ally intel from Britt which tells me he sees the lay of the land. I could be off but I think Michael got annoyed with Britt last week bc she was the one who kept reiterating ‘this isn’t for game’ which only served to make it seem like it was ONLY for game. Plus he sees how close Taylor/Britt are as well as Tay/Monte so he’s keeping those cards held very close to his chest.

My guess is he GUNS for POV & then holds meetings again with everyone & asks more tough questions. I suspect Terrance in fear of getting evicted will spill this time including Monte’s new objective of poisoning the jury against Michael. It still makes sense for him to cut Turner bc he’s a bigger comp threat & it would cut Monte’s F2 while also reducing the After Party to the two goats.

Michael was PISSED by how Kyle/Turner lied to him, ghosted him & treated him after he’d been nothing but loyal so it just feels like he’s looking for a reason & Ally served it up on a platter.

Again, I could be wrong but it seems like Michael has felt like he’s always been the one ostracized or excluded from the core of alliances this season going all the way back to Oasis when he wasn’t deemed cool enough or manly enough to be a part of them. I keep visualizing his face when Kyle outed how the Leftovers started — his jaw tightening & that look he gets in his eyes when he’s really pissed. That news only reinforced that Monte, Joe, & Kyle never saw him as a core ally but for some reason they always included Turner.

The other giveaway is did you notice he asked Ally twice – ‘the Pound?’ – making sure he got the specific name correct?

Wait. . .what???

I think you’re right. It would not surprise me if this is exactly what Michael is thinking and planning. If so, it should be another interesting week!


Interesting that Michael seemingly has no way to win other than sitting with Brittany. That’s what I expected now but Monte/Turner basically confirmed it.

Michael would have been taking Brittany to the final 2 regardless.

If she beat him in the final HOH Idk if she would take him though. She would for sure if she was evicting Monte, Turner, or Terrance instead of Michael in a potential final 3 scenario but I think she would maybe take Taylor or Alyssa if they were in the final 3 with Michael and her.

Either way she would still get second place imo.

I’m good with the winner as long as it isn’t Brittany, Terrance, or Alyssa.

Donna w

I want anyone to win except tuner and terrace. Michael is a beast on competition so he deserves to win. I’m afraid Michael might be an easy target on double eviction next week. Let’s hope he put the targets on someone else so he can win the game. If not then let’s hope some female win the game! Girl power!

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

cant wait until michael is out of the game. sick of him.


turner totally ruined his game and the season by not throwing the last hoh.


Dear Michael,

It was cute when Macauley Culkin was ten (and looked even younger). It’s not cute on a grown ass man.




Michael and cute don’t belong in the same sentence that is unless ‘not’ is before cute.

Now having said that he already has a man and is at least very smart I’ll give him that.


I usually skim comments but have been reading all comments since the game blowup. As we can all see, comments are negative more so towards micheal for using what Kyle said for game puposes. Although I don’t agree with using race to benefit one’s game, does not make micheal a racist, nor Kyle for saying it (ignorance yes) To be fair I haven’t seen any outrage for when all the guys formed something early on, excluding micheal (LGBT) and Terrance (older). Is it because it wasn’t spoken so it’s okay? Before people go off, people need to check themselves and ask why they didn’t find that offensive!

Kathy Keller

This brother is so rig Michael I hope it blow-up in his face big time I hope the jury house give the winner to Terrance or Turner if the baby don’t send them packing someone needs to backdoor Michael but the producers won’t let that happen

The Kats Meow

I think the bigger problem is the rest of the houseguests aside from Turner have not been good competitors. The games have been fair, the rest of them just suck lol.That’s not Michael’s fault, that’s not productions fault, that’s their fault for failing to compete. Oh look at the wall competition. Aside from Jasmine jumping off in near seconds. I would have thought Terrance would have been next because of the way his weight distributed in his body, but no Brittany and Alyssa were, just pathetic. Other than Turner and all the other house guests have been embarrassments in the majority of competitions.


I would like Brittany, Michael, Turner and Alyssa out please. K Thanks 😉


So what! Michael told them when he needed to about Kyle! Michael and Brittany said they didn’t know what to do with the info. They didn’t want to get anything started. But, when they seen what Kyle was doing to them they thought they shouldn’t let Kyle get any further because of what he said. So, they decided to say something! Now their the bad guys because they didn’t tell everyone when you all thought they should have! THIS IS A GAME PEOPLE! A naive young man wondered about something that happened last year. He didn’t realize what he was saying was more than just about game. He’s gone and now everyone wants to jump on the people who let the others know! I hate to tell everyone but no one is perfect! Stop throwing stones and forgive freely. This is a game and I’m sorry but Michael deserves to win.


Yes….Michael Definitely Deserves to Win! He only Played the Game Dirty…When Kyle and Turner Started the Dirty Game Play 1st.



La La La

I believe Michael may have played the Kyle card a week late. He should have told Brocella, when he had Taylor Jas and Monte in the house. Telling them this past week and majority of the house being effected by the news and who will be in Jury will hurt his votes. Jas will be upset he didn’t say anything during her birthday week. If he told them last week, then once Dyre was back in the house he told the others, I think it would have been looked as he really did care. But now, he showed he did it as a game move and not morals. Also, is anyone not saying anything about him voting POC on his HOH’s?

Captain Caveman!

Lets be real. If you looked at the live feeds and not the little clips and edits. You would have heard the racist stuff that Kyle has said since week three to Michael, Brittany, Turner and Alyssa. Hence the name Kkkyle. However, everyone was so fixated on Daniel and Nicole blow up on Taylor and the out of control spiral of Daniel, it was overlooked. What really aggravated me was the Asian comment about Joseph and then he was acting like he was speaking Chinese or Japanese. along with the comment he was the only straight white male in the house. Nobody said anything to him then, either. That had nothing to do with game at all. Once the house started thinning out, now what was once overlooked has nothing to hide behind. So that brings us here today. Michael and Brittney did weaponize what Kyle said but they could not have done it if he didn’t give them the ammunition. Kyle does not get a pass because he said he didn’t know any better. As a black man I cannot use a derogatory word or comment towards or about another race being of color or not and say oh I just grew up in a bubble. I didn’t know I could not say that. Kyle is not that naïve as he is playing this up to be. He knew exactly what he was doing but got caught.

Now dumb Monte is a fraternity brother of mine but he still does not get a pass. He open the door to some of the rhetoric being said by Kyle. He wanted to prove so badly that he did not want to or did not want to be perceived as cookout 2.0 that he pretty much condemned them any chance he could get. Even when Taylor tried to warn him that they (the girls) were coming after him. He was so racially biased that he did exposed Taylor and set her up to be ostracized by the house. When all she did was try to look out for him. Because he did not want to be seen working with other black cast members. So I fault him as well.

Taylor also opened the door up as well by not wanting to put up Jasmine. Who clearly did not care what race Taylor was. She could have came up with something better than because she is a black female. Getting rid of Jasmine who was not a comp threat was a waste of a HOH. That’s all she had to say. But she also open the door up to some o Kyle rhetoric as well. By making a atmosphere of seclusion not inclusion based on race when it came to nominees.

Michael and Brittney, I am very disappointed in. I do understand based on BB History nobody says anything and once the person is booted from the game, they get booed and Julie Chen destroys them in the interview. I think that’s what they were tying to say but didn’t put it in the right context. Michael being from the LGBQ + community he should understand how sensitive some topics are and to use this a game move pissed me off, though. However, I did watch where Brittney and Michael both tried to softly let Kyle know to not go there and the optics of what he was saying. Kyle still did not get it and continued to push.

So in essence there is a lot of blame for this situation but I don’t think Michael and Brittney should be held responsible. Kyle is a grown man. If you are going to be mad. Be mad at Monte and Taylor.


It is funny how they complain about Michael and Brittany used this information but Turner you didn’t have to put Kyle on the block knowing that he be vote out also the others didn’t have to vote Kyle out they could have voted Taylor out and had the numbers still. I would have been like keep Kyle and take him to the end and anyone them would have won against him!


if i was in turner’s shoes, i would have said in the house meeting, that’s great michael but you should have said it before initial noms, the timing of this is suspicious and i’m not letting your manipulate this situation so you get your desired outcome of sending kyle home. if you don’t want this to affect the game, keep the noms the same. if you’d like race to be a part of the game you can choose to use the veto. two white people or two black people will be on the block, i leave the choice to you if you want alyssa/brittany or taylor/monte as noms. kyle is 100% safe, someone else can take him out. terrance is also 100% safe, he’s been on the block enough.

Mike Honcho

That would have been the logical choice if he was playing the game and not empty platitudes.


Couple of things.

Kyle had a point in challenging Brit on why she and M did not come speak to him prior to the reveal.

True, they owe him nothing and have every right to just leave him to face the fully devastating consequences of his comments without softening the blow.

However. When Brit spoke to him initially, the context of that conversation was grounded in her and M’s rejection of Kyle’s white alliance plan.

There was absolutely no clear condemnation on the harm of his comments.

I think Brit got caught up in things and made some erroneous conclusions about what had happened in that conversation. When Kyle challenged her after the reveal, she said she was concerned for Kyle’s well-being in advance of the reveal and did not consider him a bad person. Yet she did not think to give him that bit of consideration which she is claiming she had for him.

In other words, if she felt that Kyle had to brutally face his consequences bc he did it to himself, then just own up to that.

He then has a right as a human, on a personal level, to say hey I thought we had a relationship and can’t understand why you would want to throw me into the fire pit so coldly.

Whereas M has only been self-serving. Was he even aware that Brit had spoken to Kyle about the white alliance? Did he take the time to get the particulars on that?

Another point.

People now saying it’s more harmful or even hypocritical for the HGs to be holding Michael accountable for his timing while at the same time forgiving Kyle.

The difference is in a person coming clean, accepting ownership, asking for forgiveness and atonement opportunities, and working towards growth.

It’s also really obnoxious for any white person to judge the impact of decisions made by POC on these issues.

It could be argued that it was just as harmful for Brit and M to continue in the game for almost a month while hiding that info from the POC in the house. I think it was M who actually stated last week that they had been protecting Kyle regarding that info.

White people sitting on their privilege and then presuming to step up when it benefits them.

To say it discourages any White person from stepping up, better late than never, is missing the point. POC do not have to sit around grateful for the crumbs.

Do the right thing as an ally or be held accountable, otherwise it’s more of the same societal piecemeal pats on the head, here’s a bone go be happy now.

The message needs to be loud and clear. It’s not enough to just internally reject racist views. When you are silent on it in favor of protecting your own position in society, you are completely complicit.

White social justice boy M is just as problematic as White implicit bias Kyle. But M has not actually admitted that.

Big Brother Fan


Mike Honcho

But, Kyle has a completely valid reason for wanting to thwart a successful strategy used last season. Michael has no reason but personal gain. THAT is the difference.

If you’re looking at Kyle about his thought process, you need to be looking at the CO and CBS promotion of it.


Goodness, no. You’ve gone off on a completely unrelated tangent.

There is no reason to look at the CO or CBS’s promotion of it.

Kyle, problematic. CO, not.

See how easy that is?


Spot on!

Christime Ahrens

Something diff about Michael winning everything. He has to have adhd. Nobody goes like locomotive like he does. They shoukd had boit him out long time ago. Then he withheld information .


One thing going under the radar is Alyssa’s comments that Kyle never had her back. Lol. He blew up his game for you. He withdrew from LO for you! She had zero game! Then she breaks up with him at his toughest moments. Some girlfriend.

Mike Honcho

She’s keeping up appearances. They didn’t break up. She had to vote for him to leave or she would be called out for protecting a racist. Stupid but true.

Not Jason’s Holly

“Monte says next week if they win HOH they put up Alyssa and Convince Brittany she is the pawn. “The only issue is If F***ing Michael wins another veto. if he does we have to encourage him not to use the veto. at this point why force any of us to make the decision to put one Taylor up or one of us when we’ve all been on the block already and Brittany hasn’t”
Turner says it would be amazing if Alyssa won HOH and took one of them out. (Brittany, Michael)”

Monte doesn’t understand you have to put both Brittany and Michael on the block to make sure one of them is still on the block for voting out! It’s what Turner should have done last week. Michael still would have blown up Kyle’s game to save Brittany.


So when did this become Woke Brother? People have said worse things in the past. Now Michael and Brittany pretend to care about woke issues ONLY to save their game and the house guests ate it up. Turner and Monte just ruined their games. Let people suffer their consequences outside of the house and let’s keep this a game amd not a social media platform like it was this week, smh. If every season becomes this I’m done. People in past seasons have said far worse and they were never ostracized. People so sensitive nowadays.

Ravens Pacemaker

Kyle Trump said he had never been to a bar. Thats about to change, it’ll be his second home away from home now. They may even name a drink after him. (I wonder what it will be called)

Mike Honcho

Still a better person than Michael Biden. Pure cheating evil prevails again.


People should realize they don’t know what we do, they are not watching the feeds. Michael thinks B/T/M and him are in a alliance .He wanted to save M/T so he went after Kyle It wasn’t to save him and B, they were already safe. He doesn’t know Monty is playing both sides and stabbing him in the back.I wish he would wake up and put Monty and Turner on the block.

Big Brother Fan

Michael went after Kyle bc he knew Kyle and Turner were coming for HIM after the house split. Michael did it to save MICHAEL, don’t get it twisted. Otherwise he would have told Monte when the conversation first happened. And so he progressed his game with malice, not ignorance. He and Brittany had a discussion on how to get Kyle out. They brought up other scenarios and then Michael said…well we could use what Kyle said a couple weeks ago (maybe not exact words but same meaning). Both agreed that would be a good idea. Flash forward it backfired on them and Michael has and still is NOT owning up to his “move.” I loved him in the beginning, now all I see is a sleazy weasel, he is a lawyer after all.


I like turner but I would love to see him get evicted this week just so he knows, putting Kyle up was the worst move he could have done.


Im done watching. It’s been a boring year. Brittany has done nothing but whine and hold onto Michael’s coattails. Michael feels like a plant. He’s not a player that anyone wants to cheer for. Hopefully next summer will be better

Patrick Hackett

I agree with you I’m done watching this program forever myself I’m sick of it

Patrick Hackett

I have been watching Big Brother since the very beginning many many years ago. But this year it was disgusting what just happened this week in the house. We all know the true racist in that house is Taylor. She started with racial comments weeks ago because she said she refuses to put a person of color on the block. She is a racist of the worst kind. And if anybody watched it this year you know exactly what I’m saying is the truth. And Kyle should have stood up for himself because we all know he did not mean it in a racial way. But he’s not man enough to stand for the truth. I will never watch this program again I erased everything that I’ve recorded in the past and I will not record anything again. Why does Taylor the black racist get a pass?


Lol ppl really need therapy these comments are hilarious. Ppl are so emotionally driven over this game. The question is why does it become so personal…….. IT IS A GAME. Even when mistakes happen we acknowledge them, use them as a lesson learned, adjust going forward and let it go. Whewwwwwwwwwww these comments are 10x’s more exhausting than the manipulation and game play itself.

Patrick Hackett

Why was my comment taken down? All I said it was the truth. And the truth is the true racist of that house is Taylor. What came out of her own mouths on numerous occasions was she refused to put a person of color on the block.. she said that because she’s a racist because of the color of somebody else’s skin as she said it. And all Kyle did was to point out what she said and Michael turned the whole thing around because of exactly what he is and he took down car and turned it into a racist comment which it was not. But Kyle must be a little boy because he’s not man enough to stand up for the truth. And obviously the truth was he did not mean that in and racist way he only pointed out what Taylor previously said.


I may be wrong, but I think Daniel was still in the house when Kyle made the cook-out comment. Everyone was focus onn getting Daniel out, which needed to happen. I think it was a game move for Michael but it was a good move in a way for Kyle. People were already saying Kyle was racists. Kyle got the opportunity to talk about it , apologize to the world and learn from it. I feel the LO have a special bond.

un autre nom

Odd point of little import (but should be important) made during one of Britt’s prattling non-ending talks with Taylor last night:
She said one of the reasons they held the information longer was because Kyle kept saying Turner was on board with his plan. She feared exposing the Reveal because Turner might have been good with the plan, and Kyle and Turner might say Britt and Michael were lying, and the house would believe Kyle and Turner over them.
Did she ever voice this during one of those choppy feed cutting talks where she and Michael discussed the possibility of reveal? Not in those words, but she did say twice ‘Is Turner there too?’

In terms of the momentum of this week:

When we discuss the game portion of last weeks action it is important to note that Turner elicited safety promises from B/M/T if they won this HOH because getting rid of Kyle was bad for his game. Turner had mentioned this twice at least, and one of the times he was giddy about it. Remember, after the reveal Taylor was still his target. In other words, he didn’t give a shit and used it for game. Period.
Alyssa? Did she spend Mon-Thurs building bonds? She talked to Turner more (the guy that would be outgoing HOH) and pretty much avoided game talk with anyone else so that she could do a fake for the cameras breakup with Bunny while then having sex with him at least twice…. they finally passed the one minute threshold if you add every time together.
So WHAT game prep did she actually DO for this week?
The side of Terrance that I have seen in the past week cements my dislike for him. I used to ignore him because he was boring. Now I ignore him because he’s an asshole. So what WAS his point last week? Game wise? Keep numbers… didn’t care if Kyle wanted to be called Sieg Kyle as long as Terrance retained numbers. Image wise? Performance. He was putting out the ‘we take the high road’ at the expense of another black player (Taylor, who he previously been trashing since week ONE as not being considered a sistah, ugly, not deserving to be Miss Michigan, lying, snake, etc). Then he goes to Monte asking if his stance is going to look bad. blink blink. No DJ La-z-boy…. just go recline somewhere until trash day. He’s going to poison the jury because the people who relayed the message are worse than the message. No really, fuq this guy. I even doubt his statements that he would have gotten rid of Kyle at dyrefest had he known sooner. I truly think his ’cause is only a cause when I get a benefit’ ass would have STILL taken out Joseph.
Monte: so myopic. He is only ever capable of seeing the game in terms of ‘what I think should happen, so go do it.’ Note how offended he is performatively at the timing. He was ALREADY targeting the people he is offended by, and he’s using the reveal as game. Don’t for one second think this is the moral and ethical stance he’s saying it is. It’s the same ‘NOW we have a reason’ shit he was pushing with a bulldozer when Alyssa took the trip. In terms of game…. if he needs that justification so bad (reminds me of Vanessa picking arguments in 17 so that she had a ‘reason’ to target her targets) fine… but own it.
I honestly think Monte doesn’t own his game.

For the most part, last week’s clusterduck has been integrated into most of the house guests’ strategies. Their playing a reality entertainment in the format of a gameshow thing for money…. so icky, but go for it. HOWEVER, the moral high ground no longer exists. For ANY of them. So EVERY single one of them is playing a dirty game and there is no HERO except the one that we excuse as being the cleanest of the dirty. Great, we’re going to pull the least covered in manure out of the pile and convince ourselves they still don’t smell like shit.
I hate that. Every damn season we convince ourselves the least shit covered is sparkling clean. Nope. Not me. I’m still going to remind everyone of all the shit their heroes are covered in. Sorry. I don’t have the ability to overlook or excuse just so I can claim a hero.
I can make cases for wins for most of the Final 7. Doesn’t mean they don’t smell like an outhouse.


Love the bitter besties. And all of you pissed off that michael made a great game move. Unreal.


So as a fan of BB it’s very disappointing to see people being judged for their thoughts…even tho Kyle voiced them out loud to the wrong people. That doesn’t make him a racist he was just observing the connections… especially with what Taylor said about Jasmine.. not putting her up due to her being a black female like herself.. Joseph was super close to Indy also..
Let’s not forget at the end of the day it’s a GAME..

It was smart for BB to separate the house into two groups I wish that would of happened before Daniel left. I also hope that for future seasons they consider cutting the time length back to no more than 60 days… people start to become unhinged from being out of reality its not healthy mentally emotionally or physically. Just my opinion not like we as a society are allowed to have one..


I think micheal kept the info about Kyle under wraps because he didn’t want to rock the boat in his alliance,they were doing so well
Can’t blame him for that probably just wanted to forget Kyle even said it. But when his alliance came at him before Terrence and allyssa he decided to use the information he had to save his game. I don’t blame him and I still think he’s a brilliant player. Been a long time since I’ve seen someone play this well.


Yeah that was bad timing from Mike and Brit to tattle and protecting Kyle for a few weeks because they thought he was on their side. The only good thing Brittany did in this game was show loyalty and and kept Micheal game talk secrets. He’s alone in this game and Brittany was his rock. Many in this game had a big mouth like Kyle, Alyssa, and even Joseph. I think whoever sits next to Micheal will lose to him. Hopefully during the next BB25 there are no race issues. That Dyre fest twist really messed it up. I think I read in the spoilers double eviction next week!


I hope Michael and Brittany lose. It really burned me the way they took an innocent question and turned it into a racist comment. He was TALKING POSSUBLE GAME PLAY. This country has become the country of the offended. IF you are playing a game for $750,000 you should have a thicker skin and NOT believe EVERYTHING you are told. I feel bad for him because this can follow him for the rest of his life. Uninformed or never being exposed to situations does NOT make you a racist or a bad person! Before you call me a racist, I have biracial grandchildren!