Michael “If they f**k us over I will happily put Alyssa’s key in the box over them.” Brittany “Me too!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Taylor
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Bedroom – Brittany and Michael.
Michael – I think we play nice and not freak out. Brittany – it sucks, I just never thought if I find myself in this position it would be for something that so blatantly didn’t happen. You know what I mean?! We’ve done it a million times before… we say reasons that aren’t real. It just sucks to be caught up in one. Michael – yeah. Brittany – when you didn’t have anything to do with it you know!? Michael – yeah when Taylor’s face popped up your face was the last one that I expected to see to be next. Brittany – it makes sense though. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it from their prospective. Either way how do we get out of this?! Michael – we win the veto. That is the only way that we’re both guaranteed to be safe. There are 3 of the 5 people getting to play. Like I know Turner is not going to pick me. Taylor will probably pick Monte if she gets… Brittany – I will pick you if I get House Guest choice. It makes more sense if Turner is working with Kyle. We just talked about it, who is the furthest from Kyle.. its Taylor. Michael – as much as we need to talk to Turner .. we also need to talk to Kyle. Brittany – yeah. Michael – but he has to be willing to talk to us. Brittany – I can’t say anything to Alyssa unless I know its not going to … like Turner and Kyle aren’t going to be mad. It might be the game we’re forced to play. Michael – I think at this point Turner took the first shot. Like it is done! Like there is no way around that. There is no coming back from this. Brittany – yeah. Michael – I just knew when Kyle was in there for like a half hour and we had a five minute conversation. I just knew. Brittany – I know. Michael – and its the exact same way that he talked when he tried to get our votes for Pooch. He doesn’t say a lot so when he starts spilling .. I just knew it wasn’t straight forward. Brittany – I think Joseph probably blew things up. I need to talk to Kyle. I want to be honest with Alyssa and I want to work with Alyssa and we’re going to have to be .. if Taylor goes this week that could be another week with Monte or maybe we could win power and take a shot. But I need… I NEED Alyssa to trust me. I basically told her there is something I really want to tell her. But I am afraid the people you’re closest to will get mad if I said something. Man this sucks but its always better to be put on the block initially. I’ve been in this position before and won veto. It just doesn’t make sense numbers wise to leave you and Monte as replacements. Brittany – when it happened I said it is not true and he just bolted out the door. He wouldn’t even talk to me. I don’t think I am going home. Michael – I don’t want you to either. Brittany – I don’t want you to either. Michael – I just hope I get to play tomorrow. Brittany – its just a free ticket for Alyssa and Terrance to the end. Michael – yeah. And if they f**k us over I will happily put Alyssa’s key in the box over them. Brittany – me too! Terrance too. He (Turner) didn’t have to do this.

HOH room – Alyssa and Turner.
Alyssa – this is awkward!! Turner – BIG TIME! F**K em! Alyssa – f**k em! Turner – Taylor won an HOH because Brittany let her win it. Brittany has never .. there is no threat if we get Michael out this week. That would be fire and then we just run through the both of them. Alyssa – easily! Turner – if we can get Michael out this week that would be FIRE!

5:20pm HOH room Turner and Taylor.
Turner – Literally I swear on my life that Joseph kept bringing it up and you said no every time. I swear to god that is the case. Taylor – the first time he brought it up and the second time it was mutual like hey is it time now? The very first time he was like I feel good about you, Michael, Brittany. The conversation when we were chained in here together was the four not the 3 .. the 4. Turner – with Michael included? Taylor – with Michael included. It was never locked in. We didn’t talk to Brittany.. we didn’t talk to Michael. We didn’t all get in a room together.

HOH room – Kyle and Turner.
Turner – so that went well!? Kyle – yeah. Turner – well as well as it could have with people crying. Alyssa was psyched. Kyle – Terrance too. They’re loving it because now they’re playing the freaking game. Turner – for sure because now were showing them that we’re following through with what we’re saying. Brittany if f**King livid at Taylor. From what Alyssa said. She came in the room and said I f**king hate Taylor. And Alyssa was like WHOA!!! Kyle – good. They’re start turning on each other.

5:45pm -6:05pm HOH room – Monte, Alyssa, Kyle and Turner.
Kyle tells them about last week being locked in the backyard. Alyssa knows basically everything. Going into Dyre Fest I felt like I was on the outs last week. I felt like I was on an island. Terrance was running one on ones right before the nomination and he knew something was up being close to Daniel. Daniel knew something was going on and it transferred onto Terrance so he asked me and I owned up to it. I said I was part of those conversations. I was part of those votes. And I just didn’t feel comfortable lying through my teeth again for the alliance that.. Monte – that is not even happening. Kyle – yeah. So he put Turner and Joseph up. So he was honest with Joseph and Joseph owned up to it. Everything got spilled. Joseph ropes everyone up and we had a four hour conversation of like everything thats gone on. It was basically a blood bath. Monte – to what extent a blood bath? Kyle – not really a blood bath but he was leveraging every negative thing I said about Alyssa, about Terrance.. just everything. Turner – everything. Michael joins them and they chat about random things..

6:15pm – 6:25pm Bathroom – Brittany and Monte.
Monte – the other thing is .. after the ceremony when Taylor was crying she said I feel really hurt by Joseph. And to me I was like why would she be hurt by Joseph if its not true!? And I swear on everything that is what I heard from her and everybody heard it. And that is what is making me very suspicious… and maybe it was true that they had something together and that it was discussed… Brittany – she said that about Joseph coming back into the house .. he feels really good about us two. Taylor joins them. Taylor – there was no final 3. Monte – do you think Joseph lied or do you think they’re lying? Or is it true? Taylor – its not true. If it was I would tell you. It doesn’t make sense for me to lie about that. Taylor – he (Joseph) was interested in me, Michael and Brittany as a final four. And I kept saying we will have that conversation when we get there. Its not we have a final 3 or final 4. Brittany – Joseph and I never had any long term conversations at all. Brittany – one of us four are going this week. Monte – 100%! Brittany – I just want you to believe me. Monte – I want to .. you just have to understand from my position. Brittany – I get it from your perspective. I just don’t want anything that ruins me to be the fake thing.. you know what I mean? Monte – I know. We will chat.

6:30pm Bedroom – Brittany and Terrance.
Brittany – give me advice.. like how do I play it as cool as you do. Like seriously.. I know there is still veto and I have to just win. I have to win it. I don’t want to do what you’re describing like that is what sends people home. They go crazy! They over explain. They this and that. I have nothing to defend myself other than just it wasn’t true! And they can believe it or not.. I know that its my word against theirs because he (Joseph) is not here. Terrance – I think that because me, Kyle, Alyssa along with Turner knows that he was having all these pocket conversations. And maybe Turner just wants to make sure for his own sanity coming back into the house ..like hey … like it was true he did hug all of us and say stuff when he walked out. Brittany – it confuses me about Taylor .. he (Joseph) was close to Taylor so why would he try to blow up her game? For me the only thing I can think is that he was trying to protect someone else’s game. All I know is it isn’t true. Either Joseph said it or Turner made it up. Did you hear specifically Joseph say that Taylor, me and him had a final 3? Terrance – no I did not hear that. That didn’t come to me. The only thing that he said to me about Taylor was that I was her target last week. Brittany – I just feel the more I try to defend it, the more people think I am lying. Terrance – no. Brittany – he is saying I am not the target but he also said I was safe this week. Terrance – Turner is Turner. He told me the same thing and I am still here. I need you to breath and trust him because I trust him. There are two people that I truly trust in here.. and its him and its you.

Living room – Alyssa and Taylor.
Taylor – I feel like really stupid girl with a crush. Alyssa – he did also tell me that your showmance was fake!? Taylor – yeah. Alyssa – so did you have an actual crush, is this real? Taylor – I did have an actual crush on him. I did but there was earlier in the game like 3 or 4 weeks ago where we would have conversations as friends and then he would get pulled into rooms by people about why are you talking to her, why are you giving her the time of day? Like she is an enemy, don’t talk to her. And I made a joke and said at this point we should just fake a showmance so that people leave us alone. Alyssa – people said she is an enemy don’t talk to her!? Taylor nods. There have been some VERY ugly things said about me in this house. VERY VERY VERY ugly things. Alyssa – and I hope you know none of them were said by me. Has anyone told you that anything was said by me? Taylor – the worst was that like you took the trip and didn’t feel bad about it. Alyssa – no.. I genuinely did. I am so so sorry that you had to go through all that. Taylor – thank you.

7:07pm Kitchen – Monte and Taylor.
Taylor – Joseph, Joseph, Joseph! Monte – yeah.. I mean its hard to say they’re making this up because a lot of it is… Taylor – the real stuff. Monte – yeah. Yeah, I guess when people get on the block they do crazy things. I didn’t see him going to that extent. Even he and Alyssa had a big falling out. I didn’t think he would go to that extent but when you’re fighting for your game.. I don’t know.

7:20pm – 7:38pm Bedroom – Monte and Taylor.
Monte – I still feel like I haven’t processed my thoughts but what you guys have said makes sense. I think what I am struggling with is .. it just seems to easy for all of them to point the finger at someone who is not here. Taylor – honestly I was really scared that you were going to feel like I was not on your team anymore. Monte – I haven’t felt that way. I felt really good about our conversations last week.. even the ones before that on your HOH. I think our worst fears came true where they’re making up whatever story is more convenient. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else in the alliance told Alyssa or Terrance and then.. Taylor – I bet it was Joseph and he had no other choice to but to tell as much as possible. Monte – yeah. I think that’s what happened. I think either him or Turner manipulated the other side by telling them all the things.. he shared all the information because he felt he was going to be the first to go.

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Jonathan Ray

Imma be honest with everyone, I don’t like the way After party is playing here, and it’s getting me to dislike Turner a bit more than I like. Now looking at this, yea ofc Taylor and Michael are the two I want to make it far ?


I disagree partially. Turner is making the moves best for him and based on the conversations that he is having, even though Michael and Brittany have decided that they would vote for Terrence or Alyssa over Kyle/Turner, when people compare notes in the jury house the least of the blowback will fall on Turner

Rina Stewart

As long as Terrance stays in the house – I’m good with anyone else going home. I’d rather see Brittany go this week.


I know some people feel that Kyle is playing a messy game, and they are not disappointed that he spilled the beans on the Leftovers.

As for Turner, I did not think that he would be so easily swayed by Kyle, when Turner said he was going to put Alyssa & Terrance up, Kyle talked him out of that, Turne is hard to read and I just hope that he doesn’t get screwed over by Kyle.

Brittany and Michael need to realize, they were depending on sitting back and watch Kyle squirm this week. But things did not go as they planned, I wonder how long it is going to take for Terrance to tell the truth about how Kyle sold out the Leftovers.

We all know Terrance thinks he’s playing an over the top game now, when in all reality, he and Alyssa are still on the bottom. Alyssa sitting in the HOH with Monte, Kyle & Turner, when Kyle said that Joe told all of the negative things he said about Alyssa, if Alyssa had half a brain, she would realize now that Joseph was telling her the truth about Kyle.

We all know no matter what is proved to be true about Kyle, Alyssa is still going to keep drinking the Kyle Kool-Aid, Turner better think about this, because once Turner has helped get rid of all the threats, Kyle is going to stab him in the back over keeping Alyssa.


I don’t think Turner chose to follow Kyle. Turner wants the Pound. As soon as Monte came clean about the Brochellas wanting to bounce Turner/Kyle first, that was a game changer.

Monte wants the Pound also. He likes M/B/T, but his main loyalty still goes back to the early game and the Pound/Oasis roots. Turner has the power now, so Monte gave up the Brochella crew and threw M/B under the bus for playing both sides of LO and stoking fires.

Smart move all around. The Pound lives. Monte, Turner, and Kyle are in good position now.

Plus, Afterparty seems to have massaged the LO leak so there isn’t a ton of blowback as of now. Granted, they only got to do that because they are in a position of power. It was critical Turner win HOH and it was critical Monte checked in and jumped on board. Otherwise, Turner may have very well put up Alyssa/Terrance.

Carol Mc

Agree. I’m not liking this twist. Michael had an opportunity to take Monte out last week, but didn’t. I knew they would have to start going after each other at some time, but Monte owes Michael.


Michael considered taking out Monte last week. He decided he’d be in better position if he kept him.

This is BB. Checks bounce.

Palm Oil's Meds

Turner is such a follower.

Julie Chen

Actually, Turner is HEAD of household. Nice try though.


This year has been greatly improved over past years. Finally it hasn’t been boring with a known outcome. Also I think that there has been more consistency with what had been shown weekly and what I am reading here on the feeds. Some years the edits are so far off what is actually happening but not so much this year. loving it

Palm Oil's Meds

No, I disagree. I think the edits are super biased and inconsistent this year.

No Name

I think this has been a really good season but if it ends with a Kyle/Alyssa finale…..Ungh.

Christime Ahrens

Personally Terrance can go b out door with Kyle.
Quit feeling sorry this is big brother. As for a showmance shoukdcnot had happened. Let jyke go… period


So Michael and Brittany think it’s OK for them to do things to people to get them to the end 2 but because Kyle and Turner are playing the game they won’t vote for them if they make it to the end. Kinda like Taylor wanting Alyssa out cause she took her trip. Sore losers.

Palm Oil's Meds

Wow. You guys are really triggered over Taylor feeling disrespected by Alysa giving a punishment to the HOH. After all the crap this season that is what sticks with you this season?

Christime Ahrens

I agree I’m not alyssa fan she shoukd had been gone


If you are going to complain about Taylor and the trip, how about Kyle and not being picked by Michael. He has been harping on that with Turner but no one is complaining about that.


Kyle/Turner are playing completely different from Michael/Brittany. They are very impressive in the way they play psychological warfare, the power of suggestion. They aren’t coming straight out defaming someone who can’t defend himself. Alyssa and Terrence are still doing nothing. After-party alliance is pathetic.

Daniel Sucks

Jury management is a huge part of the game. You have to get to the F2 by getting rid of everyone else, and then get those same people to vote for you to win the money.

When the LOs get to jury, Joe is going to tell them the truth about what happened outside.

Then the jury will have to decide who they want to win out of the F2. And each juror can decide based on anything they want to: who played the best, who they got along with, who they are mad it.

It’s all part of the game.


Doesn’t matter how much Turner, Terrance, Alyssa and Kyle torch people. As long as two of them make it to final 2 the jury has to vote for someone.


I hope Alyssa wins; BB shows that the best betrayer’s useless girlfriend wins.

The Afterparty

I hope that is the final 4

Palm Oil's Meds

Why? Where were you January 6th? lol

Big mama

I’m just so glad to see a season where I don’t know what will happen week to week. Steamroll alliances make for a boring season. That’s the difference in loving the players and loving the game. I respect the game enough to say “that is a smart move” by someone I don’t particularly care for as a person….. Love a good back stab, backdoor and split vote. That’s big brother y’all! Screw character and “moral compass”!


I can see Alyssa winning because of a bitter jury and Turner winning. Could you just imagine the questions if Kyle makes it to the Final 2? Some of them will be brutal

Christime Ahrens

You guys seriously alyssa nit won nothing


I couldn’t agree more!


What is your Las Vegas bet as to how many bitter jurors there will be? Of the three in danger, Brittany is the most visibly upset

Daniel Sucks

Most BB players are upset when they realize things aren’t going the way they want. It’s still a long way to finale, she probably won’t be as upset. And it will depend who is in the F2.

Christime Ahrens

They won’t make it


Sometimes I imagine how upset the HG’s family must get while watching these feeds after their kid has been evicted.

They must be screaming at the feeds regarding how royally Joe’s reputation is getting trashed right now.

Of course it will all come out in the end, but it must be maddening. This week is going to be constant conversation about what Joe may or may not have said to screw up everyone’s game.

Big mama

If my kid gets evicted my petty a$$ ain’t watching anymore. 😀


Hahaha! Some people are gluttons for punishment, or have serious control issues.

Daniel Sucks

But when the LOs get to jury, Joe will tell them the truth. Kyle is acting like the evicted houseguests won’t be living with/ talking to Joe before the finale.

And when the former outside group has to evict one of their own (all 4 can’t get to F2), that person or persons may very well confirm Joe is telling the truth.

Kyle better start leaving better goodbye messages. I think Turner will come clean (somewhat) in his, in order to get their votes.


oh gosh, the band of losers is in power. All of the dyrefest will fade into the background once this show is over. The only one that had any redeeming presence outside of this was Kyle and he’s shown himself to be racist and a snitch. Turner, Terrance, Alyssa (are the lights on) will all fade.


Dyrefest ruined this game. Kyle tricked all the dimwits into following his mess.

Big mama

Kyle did what Kyle
had to do….

Palm Oil's Meds

No, Kyle was safe. He’s overplaying and there was no need to throw his alliance under the bus.


You’re crazy. This is great, perfect! I’m loving it! Let’s go to war!


It’s a low blow by cbs to put someone in power, Terrance, that didn’t legitimately win an HOH competition. It invalidates every other person that ever won HOH in Big Brother history. The twist itself is an intresting idea, but had they held 2 separate HOH competitions back to back and Terrance won, then the split would be justified, but they didn’t and he didn’t earn it. It’s just sad they they’ve had to resort to making a second place finisher HOH. What’s next, if you come in second in the veto comp you’re also safe?


I just realized why I’m so annoyed with Kyle’s game, he is reminding me of Todrick from last season of Celebrity BB, this is not going to end well for him even if he makes it to final 2.


jury votes: anyone but Kyle; Joe will do some very good jury management in order to get some revenge


I don’t think that their games were the same. Kyle reminds me more of Derrick’s Cody

Palm Oil's Meds

Huh? No. Cody was never this grimey in the game. Cody was loyal to his alliances. Joe reminds me of more of a Cody but unfortunately Joseph did not have a Derrick this season.


All I have to say “Way to go Monte!” He just played smart with Taylor . I do feel bad that Brittany had Monte practically cornered for the conversation they had since he was in the shower at the time


Agreed. He handled Brittany well, also.


I’m feeling badly for Joseph and I wasn’t even a huge fan of his. But, they pushed and pushed and he finally shared and now they are putting every word said onto him with Kyle getting not an ounce of truth his way. This will work against Kyle in the end because Joseph is out of the house and getting ripped up on his sanity and integrity. I don’t consider that good game play.

Daniel Sucks

Who ever goes next – probably Taylor, Brittany or Michael is going to tell Joe what is being said. And Joe will have weeks to tell his story and keep trying to turn each juror against Kyle.


I know that this may be obvious right now but Brittany is way too nice for this game

Palm Oil's Meds

Seriously? Britney is a rat too. She’s just not accepted as much because she’s a larger sized woman. I don’t feel bad for Brit and Michael because they were trying to play the middle but should’ve gotten ridden of Kyle the moment he wanted to break up the leftovers in fear of a Cookout 2.0.


Not Michael the super fan being a bitter Betty. I’m rooting for Brittany to win veto to see him try and convince her not to use it that she’ll stay over Taylor lol


Love it! And then his one real ally walks and she refused to vote for him to win!!


Can someone in the Big Brother house do us all a favor and throw away Kyle’s ridiculous bucket hat?!!! I don’t know how any of the houseguests can take him seriously with him wearing that hat all the time. Ughhh


I just think of it as a hat meant for fishing…which is one of the reasons I find it annoying that he complained about being on the outside team and used it as an excuse to advocate going after Michael


Lol. Right now everyone is bullshitting everyone. Terrence right now is blowing smoke in Kyle’s eyes.


Kyle is smart as hell! He has found a way to smear his blood on everyone’s hands! I wonder what flavor of Kool Aid they are drinking


Many will express Alyssa hasn’t done anything. After, losing both Paloma & Ameerah her two final 2’s early to unfavorable circumstances. For being in the minority for a month. Only been on the block once and had the veto used by someone else to save her. Now, Alyssa is really in an incredible position moving forward to go a ways. It is hard to believe she is still there with a favorable path considering the obstacles she’s faced.Getting no blood on your hands and not winning can really be the ticket to get to the end. It is a viable strategy to be a non threat and hardly stab people in the front. To think Brittney & Michael will vote for her in the end now.

No Name

Alyssa really did get screwed this season.


Alyssa had the hardest road. The early twists truly hurt her game. Surprisingly, she somehow has managed to come out of that in a better position. Alyssa just being herself has been able to convince people to protect her game. It is impressive to think she will at least make the final 7, and only be on the block once after being in the overwhelming minority. Even with zero wins. That is an accomplishment that you will take that every-time. It is wild how Alyssa is tied with Turner for being on the block the least amount of times this season. That deserves some credit. One time.

The Beef

And to think, had it not been for production saving her ass during the first week, she would have been gone! No showmance. No Final 7. No nothing. Given Taylor mopped the floor with her in that obstacle course run, out the door she would have walked, but no, production decided to ruin Daniels HOH and save her by evicting NO ONE during the first week!

Just too many twists this season for my liking, and that particular one saved Alyssa for sure.

Palm Oil's Meds

Huh? Alyssa has done nothing but be a mattress for 10 seconds. It must be nice having “pretty” privilege because she is the most unworthy player this season. Her game is basically just being Kyle’s mattress for protection. Her and Paloma came in this game with the intention of finding “meat shields” to protect them in the game.

The Afterparty

Go take your meds and blow it out your crack. Thinking this and Jan 6th a day of disgrace was a winning argument? This is big brother not the Iowa Caucus Sherlock. Privilege was Taylor taken off the nomination block at the first eviction after an HOH nominee has left there for over 20 yrs! The afterparty is playing a better game. Your time has passed.


Finally someone calls this toxic person out. This is not reddit. Its not twitter. Its a friendly community built by two great people, all of us who just enjoy some strategic and lively banter and debate. We all have our faves and we sometimes change our minds Please stop with the vitriol and hate.

Random BB Fan

Calm down.

The Beef

I agree with everything you said, EXCEPT the part about Taylor, since it was Alyssa who was saved by that decision, not Taylor. Yes, Taylor would have been voted out, but given we know Britt was voted safe by the fan vote, that means Alyssa was “in danger” of going home according to the rules of the Backstage Pass twist. So, it would have been her vs. Taylor in the obstacle course run, which they just happened to adapt for use in that nights HOH comp, and those two DID face off against each other in that comp, and Taylor WON! That means it was Alyssa who would have gone home that night, not Taylor.

Revising history is never a good look.


What side is Monty on

No Name

His own.


So that happened. LOL ? Brittany just told Alyssa about that seven person alliance called the leftovers.


Wow it’s like cockroaches scrambling when the lights turn on. Just fun to watch a wagon going down the hill when one of the wheels falls off. T hu is week is gonna be so fun. Careful Michael, that eerie feeling you have is the wagon approaching you.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

Mike mad because he didn’t make the 1st move.

Random BB Fan

Even Terrence thought it was weird that Michael let Kyle and Alyssa be on the same team. That and winning competitions even when he didn’t need to was probably Michael’s fatal flaw. I won’t be sorry to see him go. At this point I have no idea who will win in the end. I just hope it’s not Kyle.


Now I hate Kyle, Alyssa, Terrence and Turner. I believe it’s such a cowardly, dirty way to play the game, blame a man who valued loyalty above all else. After all, Joseph lost the game because he was too busy trying to protect his whole alliance. Cowards. Hope they all are sent packing. They will discover the truth in the jury house and no one will vote for Kyle or Turner. Kyle is the next Paul.

oklahoma gal



No way is Kyle the next Paul. Guess you have forgotten how Paul rallied all the sheep to ostracize the target and beat them down below the ground during his reign of terror in the house.

The Beef

You mean loyal Joe, the guy who was constantly lying to his own alliance to try and get them to evict a different person from TOS, in order to protect his own jury votes? Joseph, who had sub-alliances within his alliance, and agreed to target his own alliance members (Kyle and Taylor) BEFORE they reached the F7, because it benefited his game to do it? Loyal Joe, who had a “showmance” in the house, all while having a girlfriend outside of it for over the past year? Joe the “spy”, who when told by his alliance it was time to stop the “spy games” promptly went back over to the other side, and created a NEW alliance with the opposition called the 5 Swatters? And when his back was up against the wall, good old loyal Joe promptly threw every single member of the inside LO crew under the bus, not only spilling alliance secrets about them, but promising to target and evict every single one of them?

Look, Joseph isn’t any worse than any of the rest of them, but he certainly isn’t any better either. When your back is up against the wall and you think you’re about to get voted out, you get desperate and you’ll do and say almost anything to try and stay in the game. Why not? If you don’t, you’re going home/to jury and your game is over. Doesn’t mean you’re evil, disloyal, cowardly or dirty. It just means the game dictated you had to make a certain move at a certain time and you were willing to make it in order to survive. At the end of the day, it’s a freaking GAME, not life and death!


People can say what they want about the Dyre Fest cowards, about doing whatever needs to be done to win. Just remember, game play “in the trenches dirty” generally isn’t awarded at the end by the jurors. Jurors can be as petty as Kyle. Also, it will become apparent he did all of this for his girlfriend. He was safe and he knew it. Kyle’s jealousy is what really did in Joseph.


Monte is playing a great game right now!

Random BB Fan


4 be 4

Michael gets voted out. Then a battle back from jury???? thoughts?




The jury battle back is how Tyler got screwed and lost Big Brother 20.

The Beef

Doesn’t really work with the schedule they have to finish the season by 9/25/22. As it is they will still have to have another double eviction to finish by that date, so if they did that, they’d have to have TWO more doubles. Highly unlikely.


Damn Taylor gets blamed for something every week