Mich crying “I can’t get a job now!” James “Its not like you said it in a derogatory way, like BB15”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 15-45-01-531

3:30pm Havenot room – Zakiyah says that she was saying that those girls wanted to combine and make something. Michelle says I just want to stick to the plan. Zakiyah says I don’t really trust them. Michelle says I just want to get rid of them because I’m afraid the boys are going to want to take them. Zakiyah says I’m so vocal to Frank and Paulie about wanting to get those girls out. Michelle asks what did Frank say? Zakiyah says he seemed to be on board with getting .. Michelle says Frank doesn’t want Bridgette out. Zakiyah says because he’s close to her. Michelle says That’s why she needs to go. He said if I could take one person to the end it would be Bridgette. I don’t know when he said that but .. I don’t know if he means its. Next week she needs to be gone! Zakiyah agrees. Michelle says I’m surprised he still trusts her after the spying thing. I mean we’ve been there since day 1 .. 2 even. Michelle says I feel like we can get Natalie over her. Zakiyah says yeah. I don’t really talk to her much but.. Bridgette joins them and they talk about “the land before time” (sequester).

3:45pm – 3:55pm HOH room – Paulie and Tiffany study the days and talk about the past events of the house. Tiffany says I feel like once Vic is gone everything will be better. Paulie says I think things will stay the same but everyone will be happier. Tiffany asks what do you think those girls would do if they won? Paulie says I think Bridgette would be fine because she’s on a team with Frank and I. Tiffany asks what’s wrong with Zakiyah? Paulie says its just because she’s a havenot. She’s not doing to good on it.

4:25pm Kitchen – James, Michelle, Nicole and DaVonne are talking. James comments on how he (Paulie) likes TIffany. DaVonne says I’m willing to bet he likes Tiffany more than he likes Zakiyah. Every time something happens he runs straight to her. DaVonne says she’s showed her cards on several occasions and I’m just going to keep my mouth shut and observe. She makes me nervous if she ever won HOH. I would be petrified. Michelle says that’s why I want to get rid of Bridgette because we’re going to be the only team with four. If any of you guys win .. put her UP!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 16-27-31-349

4:35pm Nicole and Michelle head out to the hammock. Nicole says she doesn’t think that Bridgette would make a big move. Nicole says if Bronte wins HOH next week we’re in trouble. I would rather Vic win HOH than Bronte because you can manipulate Vic but you can’t manipulate her. James joins them and they chat about random things.

4:45pm The cameras switch to Michelle crying in the hammock. I just don’t want to be hated! James says you’re not hated. Nobody hates you. Michelle says there’s no way I can’t get a job now! James says that’s not true. its okay. There’s a difference between someone meaning it and an intent to be mean about it and someone using the correct terminology. No one thinks you meant that in a bad way. Michelle says okay good, because I’m afraid I won’t be able to get a job after this and what am I going to do live in my parents basement. Usually I’m not .. words don’t hurt me .. its just what other people think. James says its one thing if you would pick on someone that was short. Michelle asks then why did you say it was so mean and glare at me. James says I should have come at it in a different angle. That was my fault. Michelle says maybe that wasn’t even on the live feeds. James says and its not even like you said it in a derogatory way. Like on season 15.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 16-46-41-907

4:50pm – 5:10pm Bedroom – Nicole and Frank are talking. Nicole asks would you take me? Frank says yes, we already made a deal. Nicole says because I said it but you didn’t. Frank says I would take you. Nicole says you’ve got a smirk on your face. Frank says ideally we take Zakiyah to the final 3 because we would beat her all day. Zakiyah joins them. Frank talks about wanting to get Tiffany out next week if they can’t get Bronte out. Nicole and Zakiyah agree. Frank tells Zakiyah not to get too close to Paulie. … I’ll kill you. Zakiyah says Oh I’m not. Frank says I just playing with you.

5:20pm Backyard – Michelle is talking to Paul, Bridgette, DaVonne, Tiffany and Zakiyah. Michelle says we were out here talking about sizes and height and stuff and I said the other day I was in the shower and I said a derogatory term which I didn’t know it was one. Paul asks which was what? Michelle says M-I… Paul says midget?! Michelle says yeah. Is that really? Zakiyah says they prefer to be called little people. Paul says I think its the context of it. “Like HEY YOU F**KING MIDGET!” Then its derogatory. Tiffany tells Paul to be careful. Paul says I know, I was just saying it as an example. If it comes out like you didn’t know better then its okay. Michelle says that James came out like it was so mean. I’m just worried I won’t get a job after. Paul says he was just messing. Michele says no. Zakiyah says its probably just because he is short. Paul says you didn’t say it with malicious intent. Michelle says I’m jsut worried people think I am an evil evil person. DaVonne says one thing I learned in this house is if you say something …let it die because if they didn’t catch it they will now.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 17-18-09-150
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 17-37-54-306
5:45pm In the bathroom – Nicole says that’s fine we can do Tiffany the next week. DaVonne agrees. She doesn’t need to go before Bronte. We can tame her (Tiffany), we can’t tame her (Bronte). DaVonne says I feel like she (Zakiyah) would be a good number 3 .. her or Michelle. Nicole says I think Zakiyah might be better. I freaking love Zakiyah too. DaVonne says Zakiyah has come to her quite a few times about it. Nicole says She seems to have a relationship with quite a few people in the house. DaVonne says that’s strategy. Nicole says she seems very loyal. DaVonne says 100%. Davonne says Vic might come back … as long as we are the only 2 to vote for him to stay he will be pissed at everyone but us. DaVonne says he (Frank) is playing a hell of a social game and James is working on AFP (America’s Favourite Player). Nicole says I came back a little sassier because I can get pushed around.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 17-41-59-187

6:35pm – 7pm Tiffany comes and talks to Corey and tells him about how her sister is Vanessa from last season. Coery says oh really that’s cool. Tiffany says that she didn’t know if people would use it against her. Corey says no, Paulie’s my boy and his brother was on before too. Tiffany says she’s the poker player that got third and should have won. People compare her to Derrick. Corey asks she’s the poker player. Tiffany says she’s the number 2 girl in the world. Corey says I want to meet her. thanks for telling me. That’s really cool. Tiffany tells Corey the way he is playing is really good. After Corey heads outside and plays a game of pool with Nicole. He tells her that Tiffany told him about her sister being Vanessa. Nicole asks did you pretend not to know? Corey says yeah.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 18-33-27-894

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positive vibes

I use to like Michelle but lately she has shown to be catty. She seems to hate bridgette because Frank favors her more. Seems very petty.


I’m trying to like her, but it’s hard. She has zero personality, no pulse and sits around like what’s her face from BB16 (Derek’s shadow). Drawing a blank on her name at the moment….see, that’s how in impressionable she was…..

Victoria!!! I had to look it up (yes, I’m old) 🙂


auto correct changed it and I didn’t notice it in time…..

sunny de

she;’s happy to be just in the same room as the vets. she is that much of a fan, being on BB and with former HGs is like a dream come true. and in a way, it probably threw her off actually playing the game. She’s star struck, the vets should be able to see that and use it to their advantage. And that would probably be to ‘Victoria’ her, or take her near the end, don’t waste her by getting her out before others, she’d probably throw herself under a bus if it meant one of them, or all of them, got to F4

Dang Bro

Haha. The social justice warrior, Michelle, is afraid of being hoist with her own petard. She who has been monitoring the use of banned words by Victor and called for fans to try and get Bridgette fired for her comments wants sympathy.

An ornery mouse

I think you’re probably right. I think she’s so worried about using that word because she may be the type of “superfan” who has in the past engaged in the extreme excoriation of certain unpopular houseguests….. harassing their family/friends, contacting their employers, spewing endless amounts of venom about these people on the net and social media, etc….

If you’ve ever tried to get a houseguest fired from his/her real world job, hassled their family, or attempted to insert yourself into their lives in any negative way – THEN YOU ARE A LOSER!….. and, for your own sanity, you should probably stop watching the show.

The excessive hate and anger towards certain players from lunatics in the viewing community is my least favorite thing about the Big Brother culture….. it’s disheartening and at times scary. It’s fun to watch the social experiment and to like certain personalities and dislike others, but at the end of the day (as Beast Mode Cowboy would say), it’s just a TV show.


At first I thought Paulie looked a lot like his brother Cody, but now he looks more like Dan Gheesling to me. Especially in the DR.

Dang Bro

That’s what I’ve been thinking while watching him on the feeds in that red shirt and red headband.


Paulie is out to lunch full of himself,nothing like brother Cody.
I would get him out.


What??? Paulie is wayyyyy more likable than his brother was in the house & a lot smarter too!! Cody was a lot cockier than Paulie & he was ALL talk, no action. Paulie > Cody


Fully agree, I couldn’t stand Cody but Paulie is way cooler.


Omg yes!!! I’ve been saying this since day one

Tiny hands

Ughhh, Sounds like Michelle and the others are happy to stand aside so Frank can make it to the end. Why the hell is she worried that he’ll take another girl to the end. She should be working so that he doesn’t even make it that far. These so-called super fans kill me.

Fuzzy Num Num

Michelle has a thing about appearances. It’s why she doesn’t own what she says. Doesn’t really matter, she’s just cannon fodder. No way will she make it to even final 6-7.

Babbling brooke

Michelle is a mean spirited person. Can’t stand her. I pretend she’s not even there. Very catty and jealous she is.


Okay, let’s just be real for 5 seconds about tonight’s “show”. This is soooo scripted and who are producer’s biggest buffoons, us “fans” for believing these “twists” where “teams” throws the comps to put their target on the block, keep everyone out of HOH & the rest of the house safe. Whats the point of a comp, Joz was right, they just volunteer & hand out HOH. Swallow your barf watching Paulie pretend he won HOH comp. There isn’t a real comp at all except for the unshown, mystery RoachKill.

Frank, could you read your cue cards with a little more interest. Is that why AG hires all model-actors who never heard of big brother so they can “read” their diary room lines so OTT it’s laughable? Bronte’s headshots on her agency hire-me page don’t look anything like the 30-year old Cindy Brady character AG and K-ASSting made her. Don’t snack while watching cuz James “I throw comps like a beast” speech could be a clip from last year, puke. Can’t wait to see Frank murder all these idiots before Jury, they all deserve it, and that’s, what he was hired & pre-paid Vet salary to do. He’s a horrible actor, bored stiff just like viewers.

Now back to watching Michelle cry about bad words, girls line up to get shot like obedient war camp hostages and Nicole whine “what do you mean I’m not your F2?”


I bet you’re fun at parties….


maybe they are that funny.
can you or anyone challenge what they just said.


You call watching girls & guys cry all day on TV a party, lol?! You must not have paid for feeds or BBAD on PopTV, they’re crying about this season & cadt on all the other sites too. I’m sure it’ll get better when the HG’s & fans all accept our fate, lol!

Min O'Pause

You have a point. Remember season 1 had chicken George and a woman from my hometown in her 40’s and the guy who had a disability but rocked the house and won the whole thing. It was an interesting mix.


Nice rant, now get back under the bridge.

Big Brother Is Life

What does Day mean by Vic will come back? Do they know about the Battle Back twist?

April in Paris

Christmas Corey is growing on me, so far so good, and another week of Paul is okay, at least he is vocal and animated. Tiffany does need to go. Hey I don’t watch live feeds so I only get stuff here.

Min O'Pause

Don’t eat the meat he serves at dinner.


Ugh! These people sometimes!! Sassier? Who says that? we can “tame” her?! Seriously? And for goodness sakes Vic put a shirt on. It’s like an audition for a gothic romance cover.

Hardly a Game

What does it say about your show when you have to hire 8 Do-Over Vets/Siblings/ BFF’s against 8 paid mactors who can’t be bothered to watch a show even when they’re paid to on sequester, too busy snap chatting in chump viewers to watch a show they couldn’t win anyway. No individual HOH, only handed it by a Vet “Team” Captain who throws comps for a living & allows you to “get blood on your hands” so long as you obey. Their agents told them which characters to play dead for a stipend to get more airtime than anyone else in the CBS lineup.

BB threw Tiff in like chum in a shark-tank calling her 7 days before sequester to be voted out by Vets who hated Van as most reviled HG. She’s got more nervous ticks than Van, can’t make a sentence or add to 18, math teacher uh huh. It’s SharkWeek on CBS like she was ever gonna last. And anyway, she says, everyone makes real money on endorsements. Sheesh.

So little trust even with lop-sided rules, Vet experts & AFP’s can’t think their way through a comp win, the games & Newbies have to be weaved up, shirtless, pancaked & dummed-down but Day, Nic & James STILL won’t get a clue. They’re just here for Vet bonus cash & dates. BB handed the win to Day & she still screws it up, evicting the women that would’ve been her army, too chicken to get HOH herself. What’s next a bj Frank comp, whoever does it best gets to stay another week. Just hand the money to Frank, who keeps telling who Production wants out for the poor little kids still watching who think it’s a game. Give us early season re-runs, pleeeeease anyone, Evil Dick, Jenelle, the REAL Boogie even Brenchal is better than this cast of wannabes but willneverbes!

Can't stand any of them

I can’t stand any of this years cast..
All of them are awful poor choice decisions !!


What’s with everyone wanting to get Tiffany out? She hasn’t even really done anything yet. :/


Has to be simply because she’s Vanessa’s sister. She hasn’t done a thing bad or good. She intimidates frank and day strictly because she’s vans sister. And it’s stupid, especially for day. Tiffany really wanted to work with her. In that house you need all the allies you can get.


I think it’s because Tiff has had several crying jags and then she gets out of order and runs around saying stuff to both sides. No one knows what information she is spreading during her meltdowns and Day doesn’t trust her one bit. As far as Frank, she had a fight with him so he’s leading the charge against her. He told Victor to nominate her because she would get the most votes from both sides of the house due to her unpredictability and meltdown habit. Overall, Tiff has been more concerned with her own emotional life than making friends and it shows. People were afraid to move against Vanessa because of her towering meltdowns but it’s working the exact opposite here, she just annoys them.


The girls are like some alt-universe 7 dwarves: Whiny, Squeeky, Sneeky, Snuffly, …Da is Grumpy, Zakiyah is Sleepy, and Michelle is Stupid. Sorry; not nice, I know.

Munchkin Land

So burn her at the stake for noticing their all getting voted out by Frank’s weakling minions who “just happen” to be less less 5’4″ cuz, let’s face it, he’s intimidated by everyone else and enjoys looking down their neck at them before he chops them too before Jury.

So it hasn’t occurred to anyone else James & Paulie dress like “little people” from the Lollypop League top entertain Wizard of Oz Frank? That makes Bronte the Wicked Witch of the West, Michelle, Bridgette, Nat, Day & Zak Frank’s flying monkeys, Paul his defanged Cowardly Lion, Corey the brainess Scarecrow, Vic the crying rusty slow witted Tin “Man”, Nicole the crying scared rabbit Dorothy & Natalie is Toto Frank’s lapdog for James heavy petting til they’re both put down like disposable animals.

Julie is the Glenda the Good Witch who waves her Fake Twisty Magic “Rigged” Wand and sprinkles Moonves fairy dust over the styrofoam non-comp sets praying someone is entertained by their horrid high-school “play” since they can’t afford music royalties. Nope.


My dream for the buy back would be if another vet got to battle against the evictees to get in the house. I only say that because I have been waiting for Crazy James to come back since season 9. Since I know that will never happen I would like to see the buy back at least cause some drama in the house. For that reason, I don’t want it to be Glen. He seemed like a nice guy but since he was never nominated or voted out there is no debt to be settled so to speak. Jozea would piss people off but he’s too clueless about the game and I don’t think he would be great in comps. That leaves Victor for sure, possibly Tiffany, and Paul or Bronte. Paul is actually too willing to try to be everyone’s friend when his minions aren’t backing him. Out of the other 3 (Vic, Tiff, Bronte) Bronte would be my last choice. However, if the returnee either wins HOH or is given a week of safety where they can’t be put on the block, any of those 3 would cause a shit storm of drama in the house. Drama always equals entertainment on the feeds.


Reasons for hating Tiffanessa:
1. Vanessa is her sister.
2 She cries a lot.
3. Vanessa is her sister.
4. Her ugly hats.
5. Vanessa is her sister.
6. She’s laying low, but spoils that strategy by whining when things don’t go her way.
7. Vanessa is her sister.
8. UGLY is not attractive.
9. Vanessa is her sister.
10. Tiffanessa and Vaniffany are siblings.


11. She’s a creepy sperg.

I dislike your comment always

You have a stupid name, I hate when people bring American politics in here, they are depressing enough. A place like this is for a fun release. Get a life you Donald Trump drone. Or go to Twitter to talk about your “dream man”, or is Twitter to complicated for you?

Min O'Pause

First amendment. Simple.

Blast Radius

Zip it, commie.


I am not a Commie, I just want ONE place that US Politics doesn’t ruin. This is a distraction and a discussion of big brother, not a place for politics. Oh btw, rad come back, like totally 80’s forever.

Orange Skin

i agree, this site is for entertainment and it takes away from all the great work that is done on this site, sure people have the right to say as they wish, but this is not a political forum, but like the tiny hands, orange skin troll always says ” I love the uneducated.”


Reasons for hating your comments:

1) Your comments are lame
2) Your screen name is lame
3) You are lame


The only comment I agree with is I don’t like her hats any more than Frank does.


this cast needs Amanda Z


I would rather have acid dropped into my eyeballs than have Amanda Suckerman grace my eyes via the Live Feeds again.


I’m glad Nicole and James came back!


What’s the point of winning the road kill competition? The winner does not automatically get to compete in the Veto competition….. Case in point, Victor won, yet he’s is getting backdoored next Thursday….


day is good but she went home early last year
james is good to he made it far last year mostly with out on the block
Nicole did good her season but always listen to derrick in got send hoFF on ddd


i think frank should win it all over anybody cause on his season it was win hoh one week in pov the next
Nicole didn’t do that james didn’t ethier or mama day if we talking about who should win I just want everybody to keep in mind everybody lie to win I understand that I just don’t like people talking mean to people you get me take all that out frank sill should win it all


Neither James, Nicole, or Da’Vonne were voted out of the game pre-jury, then saved by a twist meant to reset the game after the eviction votes. Frank only got to go on the block all those weeks because he was saved by a twist which was really meant to bring coaches into the game. Frank was a production favorite, saved by a twist. After his poor jury performance, I’m surprised he was invited back to play the game at all. If he does make it to F2, I hope a bitter jury denies him the win like he did to Dan.


Frank was evicted pre-jury in his season. Production saved him with a twist meant to reset the game to bring coaches back into the game. Houseguests even voted before production decided to reset the game & nullify all votes. Frank was lucky to even be in the house at that point. Neither James, Da’Vonne or Nicole were voted out pre-jury in their seasons, as Frank was.


Catching up here. Do they all know Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister?


Poke me in the eyeballs now….the boring spy girls are doing a pod cast on all things goofy teenage girls do… with James foaming at the mouth over the fake Nat-Nat….I’d rather hear Paul rant and terrorize over this….f*ck this