DaVonne “I told them (BB), I came in here to make history! We need to stick together.”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 11-16-54-973

11am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the kitchen – Corey says to the camera Dad, sorry I haven’t won a comp yet! I’ll win one soon, please don’t be disappointed. Its not how you start, its how you finish.

In the bathroom – Nicole and Michelle are talking. Michelle says that James was saying there’s always a few shot callers in the season. I asked him who they were and he wouldn’t say. Nicole wonders who it is? That means if he knows who it is, then he’s on the ins.

11:40am HOH room – James and Paulie are talking. They talk about studying the dates and quizzing each other later once they memorize that days. James asks do you have a crazy speech? Paulie says I’m not going to do a crazy speech. I’m just going to say its my decision. James says I was going to jump up too and say I had a part of it too. Paulie says disperse the heat.. I appreciate that. I don’t mind taking all the heat though. I can’t let wrongs that were done to me go unjustified. You’ve already done it once to me and I can’t take the risk of you doing it to me again later in the game. James says he was ready to turn against his own team members because of some pranks. That’s so petty. Come up with a better reason. Paulie says I see through his bullsh*t. I just felt a little bad if the whole house hate him. Frank wanted me to say it was a house decision and if I go against it I’m in jeopardy next week. James says he’s going to be butt hurt. Paulie says he is definitely going to be butt hurt but that’s his own naivete. James says he’s going to be a Frank and beast it out in comps. Paulie says its too early for that. Paulie tells James that they told Vic it would be real obvious it was him if he put up James as the roadkill nom. James says I figured one of you said that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 11-41-49-558

11:50am In the bathroom – Nicole tells Michelle how they (Frank & Paulie) want to keep Natalie & Bridgette around as extra vote. And then when they said they wanted to get rid of TIffany I was like okay. I don’t care. Like whatever.. she is a part of the fatal five but she can be.. And then they mentioned Corey.. I was like okay I have have no control over him. Michelle says that’s why I think it would be best to get rid of Bronte next week. That’s scary I wish everyone was loyal. Nicole says everyone is .. they want to get rid of everyone on the outside first.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 11-56-46-631

12pm – 12:15pm Havenot room – DaVonne says to be perfectly honest … if Bronte wasn’t an a$$hole she would have been great. She would have been great! She’s already clashed with too many people. I’m not into bringing any messiness into our group. DaVonne says she (Tiffany) got to go. Paulie isn’t going to be down for it but …she’s got to go. Frank can do all the work. Like I told them .. the people (Big Brother) I came in here wanting to make history! Because I feel like I was going to be the only one in here again but you in here. It just makes it even better because either one of us can do it. I don’t give a damn. As long as it gets done. I’m so sick of.. you would be surprised with how many younger girls wrote to me about how they’re never going to have a chance. It’s never going to happen. Its rigged so that we don’t win. So I was like the chances are greater with two of us in here. We have to make sure we don’t mess this up. That’s why I have to stay close to you and you have to stay close to me. Zakiyah agrees. DaVonne says we need to stick together. Zakiyah says if anyone I trust in here its you! Yeah Tiffany’s got to go .. I don’t know if its next week or what. DaVonne says she’s got to go before jury.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 12-03-44-207

12:25pm Living room – The house guests are sitting around chatting and playing word games. In the bedroom – Bronte tells Natalie to be careful being too close to James because if they go after James they’ll put you two up together. Natalie says I do love James and I have a crush on him but I would not let that get in the way.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 12-43-28-195

1:05pm Bathroom – Frank tells DaVonne that he wants Tiffany out next. DaVonne says yes! YES! YES! Frank says she’s had problems with everyone and I don’t like how close she is with Paulie. Obviously I hang around with Paulie a lot but .. DaVonne says I know what you’re doing. Frank says I like Paulie and Corey but I don’t want them around near the end. Ideally if Bronte wins something next week then we get Tiffany out next week. Frank says if we win ..especially if we win that Roadkill comp then we scoop her up and we’re none the wiser.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 13-02-46-449

2:45pm The house guests are having a lazy Sunday afternoon of suntanning and working out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 14-44-16-146

3:10pm Nicole tells Paulie she is a little worried about next week. Paulie asks why? You shouldn’t be. We’re good for the next 4 weeks.. unless there’s some crazy twist or something. Even then I’ve got your back! I’ll protect you and keep you from freaking out. Nicole says I feel like I have post traumatic stress disorder. Paulie laugh and asks what from 16? Nicole says yeah, just from how I went up.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 15-05-50-019

3:15pm The house guests see a banner in the sky “Will You Marry Me?” Big Brother locks down the house guests.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 15-19-58-678

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 15-20-12-123

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Dang Bro

Black card played. There is no defense.


Seriously. That’s SO lame.


What Black Card played???? Da’Vonne isn’t using it in argument she is having a conversation with Zak. There is no card being plaid. It is just her perspective. I will say that she does have a point in the history of Big Brother, they have had only one African Woman go far in the game… She has said nothing wrong.

um Hello

She said the game is rigged against black people


The game IS rigged. Not exclusively toward black women, but we all know that production has their favorites. I have absolutely no problem with the two of them sticking together because of a common bond. They understand what it is like to always be the “only” one. Just imagine if every season there was only 1 person who looked like you and sometimes, 0 people. Everyone prefers more diversity in the house and fans want to see different types of winners. We are tired of the same type of bros making it or non descript white chick makes it because she’s part of the inner circle.

The fact is, white people dont usually let black girls into their inner circle so easily so their social game has to be twice as good. That’s for anyone who is “other”. I’m not saying it’s racism, I’m just saying its reality. You see it at work, school, life, reality competitions, etc. People stick with “like kind”.


She should’ve watched Danielle Reyes seasons, or BB could send her to play the African BB, like Canada did with one of their players!


I don’t think it’s rigged exactly but anything that makes a person different from the majority can make you an easy target in this game. Young vs. old, guys vs. girls, vets vs. newbies. People like to group things and color is easy to see. It’s similar to the age problem. One guy twice everyone’s age is not going to last long.

It IS Rigged

They always only put ONE black woman and ONE black guy in a house full of white people. And the black people always go first for any little thing they do. You people hate to hear the truth on here. I’m not even black and I can see it is rigged! It’s also rigged towards older people and bigger people like Glenn. Big brother used to be a game where anyone had a chance. Now they make sure only young, fit, white people win.


Not true. She said she told THEM. So yeah, that is playing a race card. Big brother tried their hardest to give it to her last time. (Remember her phone call Ect ). But the bottom line is she’s just not good at big brother. I don’t care what color she is, she could be purple for all I care. She’s still not good.


Don’t even start with the black card and saying it’s rigged for block people to lose cuz that’s some big BS

Tiny hands

Better than the Bro card that gets played every season


So wtf is it gonna be Day. Tiff or Frank?? I think she switches her mind more than Tiffany switches her nail color. One day its turning on the 8-pact, next day its turning on fatal 5. Make up your damn mind. She’s gonna make history alright – by not making jury in back-to-back seasons.


I’m pretty sure Kaysar, as much as I liked him, already achieved this feat.


My goodness! What is her problem?! You have all these big threats in the game and yet she’s 100% fixated, I’m actually starting to think obsessed, with this whole Tiffany thing. It’s nuts!

And the thing is, I’ve been watching the feeds since the day they came on and Tiffany has not done a single thing to Da. I just don’t get it lol. It’s weird!


I’m having deja vu of Elissa non-stop obsessing over Aaryn


Tiffany is not innocent and has made comments and acted in ways to cause Da to feel this way. They are on big brother ppl kill me with all the judgement n what they would and should be doing or saying! Try being in the house with no clue of what we see and see how you would react to the stress and bullshit!! As for diversity and representing America definitely not and yes they do pick the stereo typical person whether it be the lgbt minority cheerleader etc, they have a lot of choices and could do a better job at picking and mixing it up! The worst part of every year is the comments from America IGNORANCE can’t be hidden!!!! It is sad that in today’s world people are still so concerned with race but unfortunately that’s life and all races and nationalities have prejudice within! Try and teach yourself and others next time to maybe learn something new from someone different instead of judging and responding with negativity if we all did this this world would be a better place!!!!


Really? Give me some examples of what Tiffany did to Da to warrant all this mess. Maybe I missed something. So give some instances please.

sunny de

not every decision or concern has to be about getting revenge for some thing done by one person to another. Day just doesn’t trust Tiffany, and she is quite right not to. Tiff is unstable with her reactions and paranoia, she doesn’t just say she’s worried about going up, she actually goes to people outside of all her alliances and starts babbling about stuff, not in a strategic way, but in a ‘she talks too much’ way. Nicole is also annoying with her paranoia all the time, and worries herself into a frenzy when she has zero reason to be doing that.

there is a recap here with tiffany basically conspiring against her alliance, to get two vets out, and seems to be working closely with Bridget and Natalie, who are still not in what is supposed to be her side. Day doesn’t know either that Tiff is talking for her, and saying she knows D is ‘on board’ with certain things, these are things that will get back to the others and put Day into hot water. So even tho Day doesn’t actually know this yet, Tiff is actually doing something to her.


Day is the overly paranoid HG – far more than Tiff. Day is just scared of Tiff because of how smart and strategical Vanessa was and also Day KNOWS Tiff just won the online Sequester game so she knows Tiff is smart also.

Day is all over the place and I think her scrambled choices that change every few hours is proof of that

Fuzzy Num Num

Why does she, Tiffanessa have to go before Jurry? Why can’t she get her full stipend too? I would think, as long as Tiffnessa is in there, Frank has less of a chance of turning his eviction eye towards Da. As the saying goes, it’s not her time.
The last few years it seems as if people are only playing to get to Jury. If I was in there, I wouldn’t be happy with anything l as than number 1.


Getting Tiffany out is not a Big Move Da; she’s an ally and not a threat … if only you knew that frank doesn’t have you in his plans… these girls want to make splashes but then they let the boys manipulate them and let petty things get in the way and hate on other girls … You’ll never get to f2 with Za, not the way you’re playing gurrrrl … Frank Knows the girls he can manipulate and thats a shame but they make it too easy … looks like this will be the same story unless these girls actually form a solid group… I liked Pauile but him getting so close to Frank will be his downfall, frank doesn’t want to sit anywhere near him in f3 … Get a clue Paulie

Tiny hands

I’m giving up on DaVonne, Her paranoia is going to sink her. Now my money is on Bridgette

Whatta Waste Da'Vonne

Show ALL girls it’s possible to work together and win over boys, but she’s to busy talkin’ smack about chicks without a care how demeaned she is by all the guys in the house, for race by Joz, for kids by Frank, for block bait by James, invisible by everyone else. What did she teach her young fans, to be a hater herself while she aligns with them. She’s using Zak for a connection to Paulie & Paul too superior to actually build direct relationships. She’s gonna learn the hard way, she didn’t have any girl’s back beside Zak & that’s why she’ll be out before Jury by her own BFF Frank.


I was with you until Bridgette

So anyway...

BB18 is turning out to be boring. If they evict Tiffany next week I’m done. I just can’t take Frank anymore. James is being used and needs to wise up. This is getting painful to watch.

Dang Bro

Stop being soft and get it together.

Dab your eye

See ya.

Fancy Berries

Right, because what would we do without all of Tiffany’s amazing gameplay, demolishing of comps and overall entertainment value…….

Min O'Pause

Dang it….just sittin’ here with my tarp and umbrella hopin’ ANY shit hits the fan. I don’t care who….


Yes, you should care who…you don’t want it to be Jozea! Folks in his community are afflicted with a medical condition called prolapse from abuse of the obvious. In his case, you might not only get SHTF, but organs such as the bile duct and sigmoid colon thrust your way. And an umbrella only protects you from vertical projectiles, you aren’t protected from horizontal projectiles spun out from your fan. At least you have your tarp. Sounds like you came prepared, just hose it down, take a shower and don’t forget the tetanus shot!

Nicole Pure Michigan

Your comments are not only ridiculously offensive to many but also blatantly ignorant. Josea was an obnoxious BB Player as well as an unknowing one, but he and his community don’t need your vile spewing here or anywhere else. Your emulation of the tyrant like presidential candidate seems to fit your personal style of expressing yourself. Build a wall…………around yourself!!!

Jon Snow

Honestly, I like Frank, because he is actually planning to go against his alliance so I won’t be bored. After Tiffany is gone, Frank vs Davonne will be very very fun to watch

Theon Greyjoy

I particularly enjoy how Frank tortures all his friends with lies about loyalty, fillets his alliances and makes personal slaves out of James & Paulie and all the BB b*tches while marching them to their death before Jury. Ultimate humiliation as Frank dances on camera behind their backs, James & Paulie’s families gotta love it too!


I’m liking Bridgette more and more… with everything going on around them and if Bronte goes…her and Natalie are just going to slip through the cracks…no one in there finds her threatening…and Da’Vonne is just making the same mistakes she did the first time.. can she not just keep her mouth closed???


Is Dayvonne right and this is really the first time 2 black females (and 2 Asians and 2 Latinos actually) have been in the house in 18 seasons? It really isn’t surprising. Grodner hires stereotypical minorities and LGBT people every season. I would like to see some more diversity but also some people who actually know how to play the game. These newbies are so clueless it is embarrassing.


She is wrong if biracial black women are included, she is correct if they are not:
BB17 = Day
BB16 = Jocasta
BB15 = Candice
BB14 = Jodi
BB13 = Kalia
BB12 = Monet
BB11 = Natalie & Chima
BB10 = Libra
BB9 =
BB8 = Carol & Jameka
BB7 = Danielle
BB6 =
BB5 =
BB4 = Amanda
BB3 = Danielle
BB2 = Monica & Autumn
BB1 = Cassandra

The hell!

Child please. Natalie from BB11 is not black.


According to big brother wiki, she’s half argentina and half black. I’m not saying she identified as such. http://bigbrother.wikia.com/wiki/Natalie_Martinez

What the hell?

Can you not read? He said , biracial


Amber from BB16 should also be on this list (possible repost)


This is the very first season they have ever put more than one black girl in the house. It’s always ONE black woman, ONE black man, 5 or 6 white women, and 5 or 6 white men. And the black people always have to walk on eggshells the most because any little thing gets them evicted.


I hope Tiff wins next HOH AND Roadkill……..watch Da and Frank Kiss some A$$! Would be great if Tiff put both of them up!!!


In my mind a black woman (Danielle)already won Big Brother in season 3. She was simply robbed by the fact that jurors saw diary room sessions before voting and were bitter. She was by far the best player.


I couldn’t agree more. When I look at who I consider to be some of the greatest players of the game because of strategy, an ability to win comps, social game or a combination of the three, I think that a lot of the best players are ones who never won the game. Everyone knows Danielle would have won if not for the diary rooms and that’s exactly why no one wanted to take her to final 2 in the all stars season.

positive vibes

Day wants tiffany gone cause she has vanessa flashbacks lol. She doesn’t want to take any chances, which is dumb because having Tiffany on her side would be better.
Also I am glad Natalie has a crush on James. James deserves a little love after being one of the girls for so long!


Natalie having a crush on James proves that no matter how you look your personality can win over any women…

Dang Bro

I think what it proves is that she knows the relationship gives her air time. And James knows GT “Girl Time” makes production happy.

An ornery mouse

I don’t know if I buy that one of the kindest people to ever play this game (Natalie) is using James for TV time. In a house where EVERYBODY talks shit about everyone else at one time or another….. I’ve yet to hear Natalie utter a disparaging word about anyone. She doesn’t seem to have a single cynical bone in her body.

I think a better explanation is that she’s young, single, maybe a little boy-crazy, and she came into the game hoping to make a connection…… no crime in any of that. The fact that she’d be open to dating a guy who’s nowhere close to her league in terms of physical beauty in the traditional sense makes me like her even more.


Frank definitely wants Tiffany out big time and my guess is that he is intimidated by her for some reason. DaVonne keeps changing her mind but I would guess she still harbors ill will because of what happened with Vanessa. I think when you start talking about turning on your alliance so early in the game it’s not good strategy, it starts to make other people doubt your loyalty and, as a viewer, I don’t respect that game play. Now, if this was a little further into the game I understand taking out threats when the opportunity arises. Tiffany hasn’t done anything to show herself to be a threat at this point but, based on Vanessa’s game, I understand people being nervous. Love her or hate her, aside from being emotional, Vanessa was a strategist and pretty much ran the game. What I don’t understand is wanting to get rid of Tiffany before jury. Once Vanessa got evicted, as soon as she walked out the door she let personal feelings go, she said she would have made the same move if she was Steve and she voted based on who played the best game. If people are so worried that Tiffany is like her sister then she is exactly the kind of person they should want on the jury-someone who appreciates the game.


Vanessa ran the game by bullying, browbeating. bribing, intimidation people were afraid of her outbursts. The other HG’s had no experience with this type of personality. Too scared to make her mad they did not want to be bullied on live TV. She would have sold her soul to win BB.

dumb girls again...

…these girls just eat up the attention from the boys and lose sight of the end game. That’s why the bros almost always win. Bridgett, Tiffany and Da are the only females that aren’t fantasizing about one of the dreamy boys…but instead of banding together, they turn catty against each other. Those boys will win with the dumb girls wrapped around their little fingers til it’s time to cut them loose.

So anyway...

Frank is NOT fun to watch. He’s a fake and a puke. Annoying to watch. He said he was the “coolest”. LOL!!!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Min O'Pause

Sure hope mine is hard of seein’.

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Lol Day is more indecisive than Vanessa was last year without the ability to manipulate. She will be gone before jury. Also Paulie continues to get more unlikable with each passing day.


Gosh … really day as a smart person as yourself you would think that you learned something from last year and fix your mistakes but noo you still talking about tiff when you should be getting out frank before he takes you out and tiff could be a ally to you and for numbers but still judges her because she’s van’s sister . Frank is getting on my nerves too damn he’s even worse bout Tiffany every conversation he has is about Tiffany and ” how we should get her out ” Paulie is just frank’s lapdog at the moment . RANT OVER ?


I forgot Amber from BB16, my bad!


if they were real players they would vote of tiff this week and shock the f out of everybody else in the house . they are all to lame to make a move that involves true game play . I cant stand james he is a fool and obnoxious !


So Frank (and Day) are terrible for painting a target on Tiffany despite the fact that Tiffany already started making moves on joining the powerpuff girls? Everyone is hating on Frank because he is slowly starting to make an army with the boys (Corey, Paul, Paulie, James) but Tiffany is innocent despite the fact that she is starting to pick up Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette? These Tiffany fans are so unaware like Tiffany as in the game. LOL


That’s what I’m saying. Where are all of these Tiffany fans coming from and what has she done to have any thus far? I’ve noticed that any little thing Tiff does, you’ll have people on a thread like “Yes! Tiff’s inner game player is coming out” and people will proceed to bump her up as if she’s the greatest mastermind just waiting to pounce. Yet Day and Frank who are actually playing the game are getting bashed for terrible game play when in reality they’re just setting up and thinking ahead for the future. Neither of them are stupid and they’re both on each other’s radars. Their showdown will be the one to watch.


So she’s both a mastermind and unaware?


Paulie is already counting the money, and he hasn’t even broke a sweat. He knows the next month will be easy.
( AND BORING) I wanna be under min’s umbrella. Can’t the Sh!? Hit the fan.

Min O'Pause

Plenty of room under here.
Hunker down a while.

Alice in Flames

“Frank can do all the work”

No Day you can’t just kick back talking shit about Tiff and think she is just going to poof be gone.

You have no clue how to play this game. All you have is trying to steer peoples opinions of those you fear.

You are going to lose and crash and burn. The “history” you have made is regardless of skin color you are one of the biggest jokes to ever the game.


I really like Frank this season. He wasn’t my favorite the last time he played. He is growing on me.


Why is Tiffany given credit before she has actually done anything. I for one don’t care for a guy v ‘s girl scenario

So anyway...

I’m pulling for Tiffany however in my opinion Bridgette is the only one that gets it amongst the girls. They are clueless. The boys are gonna pick them off one by one….keeping one of them to the final three as usual.

Alice in Flames

*Biggest jokes to ever PLAY the game*

Day also is the only one that has brought up skin color.

She is using it to try and force Zak into sticking with her through all her B.S. She knows Zak and Paulie are tight. She basically saying to her if you ever cross me you are ruining all those little girls dreams.

She is a joke. I feel sick just typing about her.


Vote Dawg! Always vote Dawg!