Corey “Some of these girls are so clueless, you can tell them anything & they’ll believe it.”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 1st?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 3rd?
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 7th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Victor
Original Nominations: Paul, Bronte and Tiffany
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Da’Vonne, Paul and Zakiyah

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 19-13-59-198

7:15pm In the bedroom – James and Natalie are in bed together. Natalie says I think we should explain what GT means to America. James says good times. Natalie laughs and says no, girl time. James tells her that she has luscious lips. Natalie giggles and says thank you. James tells Nat Nat that he’s got her under his wing and can guarantee she’ll make it to jury. Natalie says yay! Natalie says I need to get good at my puns. James asks what in the DR? Natalie says yeah, I always get shut down.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 19-35-45-255
7:35pm Backyard – Nicole tells Corey she doesn’t want him to throw the HOH. Corey says once he (Vic) leaves, we’re going to have 9 people .. and outside we’re going to have Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette. Nicole says if Frank asks if I’m cool with you throwing HOH say I am. I don’t want him thinking I’m not. Corey says we already talked about it. They don’t like Tiffany. I don’t like Tiffany, I want her off my team. Nicole tells him he is playing emotionally. Corey says he’s not. She weighs us down in comps. I think they’re going to want to keep Natalie around for awhile and get rid of Bronte and Bridgette. Corey says Bridgette thinks of us as a shield for her. And Bronte, we could send her a$$ home whenever we wanted. I’m just going to sit back and watch it all happen for a while. Nicole says you’re starting to freak me out. Corey says you should trust me. Nicole says I do trust you. If you guys are on the same page with everything .. it can’t benefit both your games. Frank joins them. They talk about Bronte next week and if she comes off then Tiffany should go. Frank says I think its best if Category4 or BigSister win HOH next week. Frank says in 3 weeks we won’t even have teams any more.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 19-48-14-026

Nicole says I’m not paranoid I just have a lot of information … I just want to know I can trust you. Corey asks do you know something I don’t know? Nicole says no. If you and Frank are on the same page.. Corey says we’ll discuss anything before we do it.

8pm Paulie is napping and James is putting chex on him. Zakiyah put the chips on his butt. Paulie wakes up and eats the chips.

8:20pm In the backyard – Vic is training Nat Nat, Nicole and Michelle.

8:25pm – 8:40pm HOH room Frank, James, Corey and Paulie are talking about how fast the other side split after Jozea left. Frank says I thought a few of them would stick together. Frank laughs about how funny it was that Michelle said they need to get a girl out next week .. there’s too much estrogen in this house. If one of us guys said there’s too much estrogen in this house we would get merc’d on the internet. They talk about how they like Michelle and how funny she is. Corey says I can’t believe Bridgette said she wanted to shave Michelle’s eyebrows off. Frank defends Bridgette and says it was pretty tame thing to say and I think it was to blend in. Corey says some of those girls are so clueless. You can tell them anything and they’ll some what believe it. Nicole was asking about how many sexu@l partners I had and she guessed 20. I asked are you serious?! I’ve been in a relationship for the last 9 years. Then Nicole guessed 4 or 5. Frank laughs and says girl I had 4 before I left middle school. Frank says we’re taking these twists and using them to our advantage. The Roadkill twist and the team twist. Frank tells Paulie that Victor asked him if he was going to use the veto or not? I told him I don’t think so. Paulie says yeah, that’s why I think its best I take the heat for it.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 20-30-07-723

8:50pm – 8:55pm Havenot room – Michelle, DaVonne and Zakiyah are talking. DaVonne comments on how they all talked so much last week and now not so much. Michelle says well I know they want Bronte out next week. DaVonne says if its not Paul after Bronte .. I am going to be pissed off! A boy has got to go. Paul keeps getting moved to the bottom of the list. Why when he was in the top 3?! The only thing is that Bronte needs to go because she is gunning for Nicole hard. Tiffany is gunning for me but I’m not scared. Michelle says that Tiffany came up to her and said she couldn’t get a read on you (DaVonne). I was talking to Nicole today and us 4 are the only ones I trust. Whatever we have to do to keep us 4 safe .. I’m good! I’m good! Maybe we should get Bridgette out of here .. because then she isn’t an option to take to the end. Zakiyah says Bronte needs to go and then Paul. Michelle says Frank might get it handed to him .. if this continues. DaVonne says he’s going to be hard to get out. Tiffany and Frank would take each other out. Michelle asks does he still not trust her? DaVonne says nope!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-03 20-48-52-725

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Honestly people why all the hate for Tiffany? Just because she’s Vanessas sister? She hasn’t done any damage. It’s the second week and they are all just freaking out over the girl! Gee!


Well, they’re all going to freak out when Tiff’s sister arrives as one of the four coaches…she’s already signed up…then it’s going to hit the fan…and all of the guys’ perfect plans are going to be torn apart!


Don’t worry, when IAN, AUDREY, DERRICK and VANESSA arrive as coaches…the guys in charge now are going to freak and all plans scattered in the wind!


Coaches? When is this happening?


It’s not. It was a rumor that this season would have coaches but I believe they couldn’t get several of the ones they wanted so they changed it to vets because these guys were willing to return to play.


Cory is right, even as dumb as he is. They are women.

uh oh....

Girls are already getting jealous of each other and talking elimination instead of pulling together…shocker…


I’ve tried to find something redeeming about Corey, but I can’t. He’s saying the girls are clueless, yet he thinks telling the attempted goat burning story is acceptable? And he had no clue Tiffany was Vanessa’s sister? Helen Keller would have spotted that. Davonne might be a pain in the ass, but she sees the bigger picture better than most of the HGs. And Frank better be careful, because she’s going to come gunning for him after Tiffany if she can keep herself off the block.

Cosby Kids

Natalie and James are really gonna play up their DR assigned roles for the TV time. What good soldiers.

Big Brother Afterdark

Is anyone watching be adterdark, these commercials are crazy. Infomercials are better then ever this year.

Big Brother Afterdark

Is anyone watching be afterdark? Infomercials are better then ever this year.


So once Paul comes down that means the nominees are Tiffany, Bronte and Victor

Victor: Nicole, Corey, Zak, Frank, D’avonne, Michelle and James (7)
Tiffany: Paul (he may flip and vote out Victor) , Bridgette and Natalie (3)
Bronte: (o)

Now here is the interesting things… I do not understand what Zak, Corey and Michelle are thinking. This is a quality flip moment. A Flip now can buy you an extra 2-3 weeks safety. A pissed off Victor can give a person like Michelle serious coverage. Add on saving Tiffany and voting out someone that does nothing for your game Bronte would really keep you safe and flip the house dynamic on it’s butt because Paulie can not compete. Corey could be the Alpha Male if he can get Frank out Nicole would have no choice.

So there is an advantage to voting Bronte out… Tiffany will know the vets betrayed her at this stage your tea, decides who HoH… you just have to say I am HoH and mean it.

So see what can happen if you keep the jerk

Victor: Nicole, Da’vonne, Frank, Nicole (4)
Tiffany: (0)
Bronte: Corey, Zak, Michelle, Natalie, Paul and Bridgette (6)

If the alliance works you will have an 8 (possibly 9 if Paulie is in on it.)- 4 House flipped and the whole dynamc alters. It really is not a bad move for the news because they will have more comp beasts… and with Frank gone alliances can be worked and players like Natalie, Michelle and Bridgette will have coverage… because those Newbs can control who is HoH because it does not have to be a vet at this time… it is advantage Newb. I actually believe that it is the smartest move for MOST of the house because Vic will be gunning for the vets along with Tffany… Paul just has to blame Frank and that he lied to them… they all have a Frank kick everybody under the bus story.


So you have Nicole voting twice! First mistake, how could you forget James! Second mistake Nicole would never vote out her best buddy! Even if she should.


You can plot all you want…but once the coaches arrive, all that goes out the window. The guys will freak out when Tiffany’s sis VANESSA shows up…

Coaster Dive

Corey gave production just what they needed with that quote about girls being clueless. They’ll be pushing for the all girl alliance hard now. I’m pretty sure they already have been.

Daenerys Eats her Nephew Victor the Jon Snow Wannabe

Have fun in Jury Paulie.

jury lust

Pauline Frank and vic in jury behind the scenes could, be filmed as Game of Bones


Does anyone else think Tiffany resembles Jim Carey?


Bitch look like the Mask!

Fancy berries

With a touch of Justin Bieber.

Fancy berries

and a little bit of James Franco.


I’m not a fan of Paul or Bronte but I CAN’T WAIT for a power shift next week. A Spy Girl HOH win or even a Tiffany HOH win will shake this house. LOL


Things have already been somewhat different this week. Paul has behaved much better and is almost tolerable. The Spy Girls are actually talking game and strategy and making sense.


Oh Corey, why I haven’t heard he said anything nice about girls, yet he’s been constantly looking at the guys.
My gaydar is telling me something >:)


nooo the girls need to work with tiff to get out the annoying guys like paul corey and def frank. I know tiff is shady and all but davonne needs to put atleast some trust in her. She can always just cut her later on in the game, once the guys are gonee

Jon Snow

Corey was right! Michelle said it and no one cares, now he says it and I already see multiple comments calling him sexist. Congratulations, you played yourself.


I’d say the majority of females in the house are smarter than Corey… Is he even playing the game?? Actually, does he even know what BB is yet?? I think even Bridgette might be playing a better game than him lmao


Females aren’t smart, everybody knows that. And Corey is a dumb ass. Now that’s saying alot.

Tiny hands

Vanessa was one of the smartest players to ever be in BB and people still found lots of reasons to hate her, but mostly it was because she was female. A lot of people hate women.


I couldn’t stand Paul last week, but now I’m actually pullin’ for him over Frank & Corey