Johnny “Becky’s into tall guys & I’m not” Steve “Becky would be your top choice?” Johnny “Yeah!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 01-11-01-855

12:10am Shelli and Clay are laying out in the hammock. Audrey joins them. She says that Jeff tried to say that he was my biggest advocate the week that I stayed. Clay asks he was your biggest advocate? Audrey says that’s what he said to me. He said me, Clay and Shelli really fought for you. Audrey says she said oh that’s interesting because I heard you initiated this conversation and that’s kind of poetic. You know that the two people that attacked me and made me feel alienated now are on the block. So if you don’t mind clearing that up. Shelli says lets just drop it. Audrey says I want to call him out. Shelli says this is the kind of stuff you need to drop. Audrey says when he goes up and asks me for my vote I am going to be like you’re not getting my f**king vote.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 01-22-48-935

Up in the HOH room – Vanessa is talking to Julia. Vanessa outlines the reasons why Jeff is going up on the block. Julia asks aren’t you nervous, like aren’t you scared to put him up? Vanessa says no. Honestly I was nervous to put up Audrey. Julia says your balls are like this big!! Like I don’t think anyone else would do this. Vanessa says after what he did last night I feel so justified. I was so happy to get his double talk exposed and then he hands me public attempt at slander with a cherry on top. I did a pretty good job at how James dragged Audrey’s name through the mud and then admitted he lied about it.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 01-18-27-720
12:15am Gronk party in the backyard.

12:20am Jeff tells Clay and Shelli if I leave you guys should pull in Austin. Jeff says If I was against anyone else I wouldn’t care. I don’t want to campaign against James. I was like to Vanessa where do you think this is going to make you stand. Jeff says I don’t know if a girl being there would help. Clay says you just have to approach her in a non-threatening way and set the tone. Jeff says she doesn’t even understand that she (Vanessa) came at me aggressively. Clay says if she is so fixated on a certain way you almost have to agree with it. Jeff says I’ve already done that. Jeff says maybe I can get Austin to talk to her because he did admit to me that he jumped the gun with me and apologized. Basically just said sorry. Jeff heads inside. Shelli comments that she doesn’t think Vanessa is aware of the extent that Austin is doing damage control. Clay says we just have to protect Vanessa. Shelli says for Austin to sit back and say oh no man it wasn’t me, isn’t right. I feel like I need to go tell Vanessa to make her aware so she can decide what level of trust she has in Austin.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 01-46-41-757
Jeff talks to Austin in the bathroom. Jeff says I honestly trust you. Everything from last night got blown out of proportion. Even if I stay in the house Vanessa isn’t my target. Jeff says I’m afraid, I’m afraid I might go home. Jeff says Johnny Mac is my boy he already said I have his vote. And Jackie. Austin says that he will go up to the HOH room to see what the vibe is with Vanessa. Austin heads up to the HOH room. Austin tells Vanessa that he was trying to bring a group up here and bring you into an alliance. He wanted to say you can’t put two well like people on the block and not expect repercussions. Vanessa says he thinks he has a shot of not going up on the block. He is 120% going up! I am not changing my mind.

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1am Hammock – Clay tells James that a very big majority of the house is on your side. I don’t think Vanessa would put up Jeff is she wasn’t sure he would go home.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 02-09-19-287
In the cabana room – Jackie and Jeff are talking. Jackie says she (Vanessa) got lucky she won HOH. It’s never going to happen again. Meg joins them. Jeff says I almost want to put Audrey in the hot seat and have a house meeting so she can see exactly what she is like. Meg says that Audrey had 8 people up in the HOH room thinking Vanessa was the mastermind of the house. How does she care about what James did but not about Audrey. Jeff says I don’t want to pull the Audrey card. I already tried that. Does she know that Audrey was rallying people against her. Meg says that’s what the dentist room argument was about. Jeff says I’m going to figure something out. Meg says I’ve had too many talks with Vanessa this week or else I would be up there. Meg asks what proof does she have to put Audrey up. Jeff leaves. Jackie says we’re coming after you guns blazing .. well Audrey first but shes going on the block because she hasn’t been up there. Meg says I want to take out Vanessa. Meg tells Jackie that Audrey has to go first but don’t you want to satisfaction of taking out Vanessa? Jackie says oh yeah, it will happen.

Austin tells Vanessa that he (Jeff) said he has an alliance that you would be very surprised about and would want to work with. Vanessa says I already know about it, I’m one step ahead of him. Vanessa says that this is my HOH and am okay with sending him home, I do not feel okay with anything else. He literally tried to publicly slander and framed me. That is like not okay. Austin leaves. Julia asks Vanessa if one of us wins next week James has to go right? Vanessa says yeah. James, Jackie and Meg.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 02-42-35-933
1:30am Jeff comes up to the HOH room to talk to Vanessa. Jeff says it sounds like its already 100% that I am going up. Jeff says me saying what I said about the alliance wasn’t good. It could have backfired on you and that wasn’t good. It probably would have been better to talk privately. At the time I wasn’t thinking rationally. However I just wanted to tell you something that there is some that dragged your name way worse through the mud. Jeff says I know you don’t want to send someone innocent home. I know I’m not innocent but there’s someone that’s been way worse and dragged your name through the mud. Jeff brings up the meeting back during James’s HOH room where Audrey deflected all the negative energy on to you. That you were America’s player / Starting an all girls alliance. Vanessa says I know all these things. We got to the bottom of it and she actually apologized about it. It was so long ago and since then she’s done other things that make me not trust her. I won HOH and am the one that has to live with the consequences. I respect you for making this attempt. All of the things you are accusing Audrey of, you are also guilty of. At the end of the day I don’t trust Audrey either but I don’t have evidence of a smoking gun with her as I have with you. Jeff says I’ve heard you want to get a whole bunch of people to come after me but honestly that wouldn’t work. I would look at it as a bullying tactic and it wouldn’t be good. Jeff says I’m not going to do that. Vanessa says best wishes to you in the game. Jeff leaves.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 02-44-59-756

2:15am Gronk Party in the living room. “It’s midnight give someone a kiss!”

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 03-15-08-560
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 03-12-46-054

2:35am In the comic bedroom – Johnny says Becky’s into tall guys and I’m not. Steve says right… would you if you could? Johnny says yeah, totally! Steve asks actually, you’re being serious? Johnny says yeah. Steve asks and Becky would be your top choice I am assuming in the house? Johnny says yeah, she’s cool. Steve says she’s awesome. Steve says I am having the same struggle except I have the conflict of being a terribly human being. Johnny says just go for it man. Steve says but there are advantages and disadvantages. As you are aware? But I don’t want to be the guy that is with two girls at one time. Johnny asks what are you talking about its just one person. Steve says they’re not one person as you well know. Steve says How do you not even know one of their names. One of them is Liz. I think Helga is Liz, I think this one is not. Steve says if they don’t get to the point where they come in the house then a Jace or Day would come back. It would be nice to see them (Liz & Julia) at the same time. Its a fun twist.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 03-29-28-578

2:45am HOH room Vanessa asks Austin do you feel bad for Jeff? Austin says I totally do because I trusted him. I enjoyed the time with him and was sad that what we thought was happening actually was happening. If we could get him out it would be the biggest move at this point in the game. Vanessa asks is it a big more. Austin says its a move that you could talk about in final 2. He would have gone far. He would have gone deep. He set himself up really well. He keeps saying that he wants to confront you (Liz) with me. I think he is testing me to see if I know (About the twins). Julia says he can’t do it man to man. The last thing he should do is confront someone who is a vote when you’re on the block. If he asks me again I am just going to say no. Vanessa talks about her conversation with Jeff earlier. Vanessa asks who are the first targets on our side? Austin thinks Clay and Shelli because they’re a duo that have put themselves playing both sides. That or Audrey, we’ll have to see if they’re still after her. Austin says that Meg cried to him today in the hot tub about Audrey terrorizing her. Vanessa says you can’t buy into that she’s an actor. Austin says I cried right along with her. If she is going to act, I’m going to act right along with her. I’m a wrestler that’s what I do. Vanessa asks if Clay and Shelli are playing both sides why didn’t they want me to get out James instead of Jeff. Austin says either Clay thinks he has something with James or Jeff has something on them too.

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3:05am Audrey asks Shelli who would you Shag? Marry? Kill? Shelli says I would marry Clay. Shag Jeff .. she asks what he’s cute. If I shagged him I wouldn’t have to listen to him. I wouldn’t want to marry him. Audrey says she would kill Jason. Marry.. James joins them. Shelli gets called to the diary room and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-13 03-56-16-857

3:35am – 4:20am Audrey comes up to the HOH room. Vanessa asks do you think it looked bad when I confronted Jeff? Audrey says she didn’t see because she was up in the HOH room. I think it was a justifiable action. Vanessa tells Audrey to go spy and watch people. Audrey says that Meg apologized to her for the falling out in the HOH room. She said I don’t need to be worried about her if she wins HOH. Vanessa says she should be. Audrey says oh yeah, I’m not going to forget that. Audrey leaves. Vanessa tells Julia to get close to Audrey. Audrey says I feel bad for her because people were mean. Vanessa says I really don’t like that mob mentality.

4:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Eric CA

Once Jeff goes up on the block as the replacement the house is going to explode… Yay. I think after the fallout Vanessa will not be the main target. Jeff and Jackie will be selling Jeff and bombing James. All of the perf things that James has done will be talked about. Conversations will be had about how they don’t clean or do dishes… so one of those boys better start scrubbing. Jeff also has dirt on Jeff that I am sure that Meg would love to repeat in tears. It will also be pointed out that Jackie and Jeff are working together because Jeffs tactic changes after a conversation with Jackie will be noticed.
The one who will be most screwed by the end of the week… will it be Austin? will it be Liz/ Julia? Audrey is already screwed and if she keeps wagging her mouth like she is she will get more screwed… but NO. The person who will be the Most Screwed at the end of all this will be Clay.
James and Jeff will make sure to let people know that Clay was on for getting Shelli and Austin out… not to mention stuff will be leaked about the Brahs that Austin was not in on…. Clay is the only other one that knew (more than likely leaked by a desperate Jeff but it will look like Audrey or Jason dropped the bomb.)… TBH the Brahs want Shelli out but Vanessa, Audrey and Liz/ Julia don’t trust Clay… yep Jeff go’s home and Clay’s game is blown wide open and I would not be at surprised if it will not be by Jeff telling Jason, forwarding it to Audrey through Jason, then Jason telling Meg and then someone confronting Clay in front of everyone so everyone in the house can dissect and analyze every word… oh yeah Clay is screwed. To tell the truth if Jeff can make Clay a bigger threat than him… it might save his ass and they can send James home like originally planned…. but would Jeff do it before PoV Ceremony… nope… probably after when he gets really desperate.
Should be the most fun to watch since Season 14… have fun.


Clay has already told Shelly, Austin, Vanessa, and Lizia everything you just said. They know he’s playing the other side, and the guys, and feeding all the information back to his main team. No big reveals are going to save Jeff. He’s a goner!


Jackie acting tough like she is gona do shit. Lmmfao:-0. Jackie says she is gona come after Nessa guns a blazing. LOL! Jackie you are irrelevant and your “man”? Guess what..your irrelevant ass is the only one voting for him to stay. Your “allies” Meg and Jason have jumped ship.

Meg the poor desperate thing was delusionally thinking she had a showmance with Jeff. Meg is perhaps the worst player in the game. Jackie isn’t even playing she is just hoping to flash some ass and get carried along like she does in her real life. Nice butt..but her face is a shambles. I’m sorry it’s hard to look at that face. It’s jacked up..ha.

Should I add I think Nessa sucks to try and fit in on this site? Wait I don’t give a f**k what people here think.:-)

Nessa owns! She loves her haters! Pile on people! Come on. Bring it!


My favorite comment from Jackie “we will get her, we have the WHOLE house. Its just those two (Audrey and Van). Meg also stated earlier “I feel like our side is just getting picked off.” Ya think!? Yet you still think you have the whole house? I can’t believe they are so narrow sighted that they don’t see the other side of the house has banded together with Shelli and Clay.. they are so oblivious. All Meg ever does is complain.. here’s a thought Meg- win an HOH. Jason, James, Meg, and Jackie only talk game to each other and rarely hang out with anyone else in the house and STILL think they are the house and running things.


Jackie and Meg are going to take someone out? Lololl now that’s funny. Especially Jackie. Smh

Walt Kowalski

Jackie & Meg, hahahahaha!! Couple of clowns.

Joe Kerr

What a load of garbage. Vanessa is a hypocrite. Talking about not voting Audrey out because of the LGBT card, but then throws out Jason is next? Terrible HOH this week.

Congrats Audrey, you slinked by again. Lie in bed (not literally) with the right people and you can do as you please. Welcome to Big Brother! πŸ˜€


I don’t think the HOH has been a waste if either Jeff or James go, they’re both just so unlikable, and it benefits a lot of people’s games to have either one gone, not just Vanessa’s game. Do I think her HOH has been 100% slick? No. When are they ever? They are usually somewhat messy, regardless. Do I think she’s made a MUCH bigger target of herself? Yes. Do I think her real reason for keeping Audrey is the LGBTQ solidarity? No. This is a convenient excuse to keep a bigger target in front of her, and she’ll help let Audrey go when it’s the “right” time; she’s harmless for now. Vanessa can do damage control well enough and I don’t *think* she’ll have a ton to worry about next week, and I hope she doesn’t; the girl needs a break. Vanessa’s HOH has been drama-filled, yes, but a) that’s what “we” like and b) with this group, it is unavoidable.


It’s not really the same thing. There have been many gay men on BB. I think Vanessa is thinking that she doesn’t want to be the one sending out the first transgender person on BB.


Wait, what? Vanessa said to Julia “next is James, Jackie and Meg” I thought, when did she say Jason was a target???


I thought that was more of an excuse not to put Audrey up because she knew people would keep badgering her about Audrey.


Right; an excellent point. I like Vanessa, and I follow her HOH reasoning for the most part, but I don’t get the unnecessarily trumped up charges against Jeff, and I don’t get making such a big target of herself. She’s done a lot for some other HGs games as a result. I don’t agree with some other comments that she’s only doing what benefits herself. She may not have intended to do so much, but she has.

Twistin' for the win!

Ok – I’m tired of Queen Vanessa. Her reign is going to come back and bite her in the ass. At one point I thought she might be a sure win – not I’m not thinking that at all. I’ve gone from liking her alot to barely being able to listen to her speak. She contradicts herself and in her effort to try to be all-knowing, she looks like a fool. Her fixation with Jeff (though I’m not sorry to see him go) is borderline ridiculous because of her efforts to avoid putting Audrey in the hot-seat. If you don’t want to put Audrey up, don’t, but don’t castrate someone who is doing what every other player in the game is doing and then make him a target because you feel like he slandered you. I wish these people would play logically and not emotionally.

As far as the transgender thing – not putting Audrey up because of that is a crock of shit. A protected class wants to be treated equally – treat her equally! Who cares about her choices…they have nothing to do with the GAME. As for Caitlin Jenner – who gives a shit about that either? These are choices people make for their lives and want to be treated as normal, everyday people, and they should be. Making a big deal about Caitlin Jenner is ridiculous and only happening because of the Khardashian connection. I work with someone who has done this and I have YET to see her name in lights!!! The importance people give this kind of thing is ridiculous and only serves to accentuate the “different” when these people want to be treated equally. Being a transgender doesn’t make someone a hero – or improve their flawed character…look at Audrey as an example. She’s a bonafide liar. Is she really even a transgendered female? For all we know, that could be a damn lie too. How do we know otherwise? All this to say: transgender doesn’t mean hero, special, better-than or more important.

This is a GAME and there are and shouldn’t be special rules for the LGBT participants. Stop it Vanessa – because I thought I read that Jason was on the target radar… is he not “special”enough? She’s contradictory and I don’t like it.

Rant over.


Very well said, you hit the nail on the head.


I agree Van has waaaay overdone the dramatics on this whole Jeff thing and has gotten quite overdone. And I also cringed every time she brought up the whole LGBT thing. I do think that it does play a role in things but I still think she looks as Audrey as disposable. However, I still think she is in a great position. Steve trusts her most in the house. Liz/Julia trusts her as much as Austin if not more (as far as knowing she is smarter than Austin). Shelli and Clay have her back over everyone else except each other. Austin has her back more than Shelli and Clay. Becky has her back more than most people in the house. And although Audrey doesn’t have her back I don’t think she would go after Van anytime soon.


Well said, Twistin!!! I’m waiting for Vanessa, Austin, the twins, Clayhole/Smelli (Mr. and Mrs. Confederate ), Steve, and Audrey to get their comeuppance from Meg, Jason, Jackie, James, and maybe…JohnnyMac!!! Time for the tables to turn and have that stulid sixthsense alliance destroyed!!!

Doran Martell

Yes clay and Shellie are southern, but go easy with that confederate shit.


I mentioned this fact(transgender card) earlier in other posts. Disgusting to play that card. You chose to be on a game show & therefore are subjected to the same consequences as everyone in the BB house. I actually liked Vanessa & she always told others to play smart but emotional & then she contradicts herself with the Audrey nonsense. Lost respect for her in that level!

The Hammer

Highly appropriate and awesomely worded rant!


But Audrey being transgendered isn’t Vanessa’s real reason for not putting her up. Her real reason is because she feels like Audrey is a bigger target than her, so keeping Audrey around keeps her game. She’s also in a secret alliance with Audrey/Austin/Clay/Steve/Shelli, and doesn’t want that info to get out. So if she doesn’t want to get Audrey out, but so many people want Audrey out, she has to give a different reason. And since Vanessa is a lesbian (though not exclusively because of that), she says she wants to keep Audrey because she’s transgendered.

These people lie to each other all the time. It’s part of the game. So try to read between the lines! The Audrey transgendered thing is just a smokescreen, and a pretty good one because so many people want to believe it.


Thank you Twistin….SPOT ON!


OH hey Jackie!! Forgot you were even in this game.


Well, Vanessa’s stock dropped like a rock this week.


Vanessa needs to slow down. I’m exhausted watching her. Too much! I don’t particularly care for Jeff, but I will admit I feel a little bad for him. I think Vanessa was looking for anything to justify putting him up. Since when does HOH have to have a reason? She spent 3 days trying to get something on him.

I was surprised how Van totally dismissed the notion of getting Audrey out. Then she finally said as a member of lgbt community, I’m not going to get her out of the house! What? Audrey is going to be sitting there come final 4, and others will wonder why she’s sitting there.


Da was spot on. Audrey may win this game.

What a...

Austin is such a BITCH what a girl I use to like the guy and I’m a guy not in a gay way just rioting for him to make it far but come on guy cries like a girl acts like a girl for all I no he’s probably a transgender to girl into a guy dosent this guy have a chick and home and he’s all about wanting to get with Liz and when he finds out she’s not into him he’s going to be the biggest bitch in the game and find a way to get the group to cut her watch and see


Vanessa…. Overplaying her cards … Bad move or I’m I missing something?… She has a thing for theatrics that’s going to do her in… She needs to regroup…
Jeff… Slaughter hse… Only divine intervention can save his ass…
Austin …. Is sitting pretty… Vanessa will take the heat for this …
Clay…. Not as dumb as I thought… Would sell Shelli down the river to save his ass…
Shelli… Hate to admit but has potential to make it all the way… Must keep an eye on Clay
Audrey…. Is going to ride coattails to the final…
Twins…. Once they are both in they will cause havoc… Can’t wait..
Becky… I she is playing a pretty good game… She might be my dark horse with Steve and Johnny


My concern with the LGBT comment is: did it originate in the DR? I’m kind of ok with Audrey staying just because everyone knows she’s a liar and no one really trusts her. It’s like Donny last season, he couldn’t do anything against the group so people didn’t talk game with him, they just tried to get him out every week. What I don’t like is this is another time when the backdoor plan shifted after the BotB was played. It seems sketchy that people are so willing to antagonize a fair sized section of the house this early. It gives the conspiracy theory people something to work with.

Taking Audrey out isn’t a huge move but just shifts focus to someone else. She’s the type you throw up on a double eviction night. You don’t need a lot of talk to get the point across that she’d be the target.


God. Vanessa needs to stop ordering everyone around like her minions.


Audrey and all her killing talk seriously starts to sound sinister. First she talks about playing like Dexter Morgan collecting blood slides, then talking with Meg about lining people up to kill them when she’s HOH and now this. I know she’s joking, but this coupled with the way she looks at people (at the end of the last live eviction when she shot James&Austin a dirty look) make her look like a sociopath, possibly psychopath. I am afraid for Jason’s life.
She’s playing soo badly too. She gets told by Shelli and Vanessa all the time that they can’t be seen with her. This must tell her that she might be at the bottom of the totem pole.

I was really rooting for Vanessa and still think that booting Jeff is her best bet, although her needing such a convoluted justification for it tires me. It may have worked though, had she not told a billion people beforehand that Jeff was her target anyway and that she was looking for him to do something stupid.
But I don’t get why she is so willing to take all the blame and let Austin get off scot-free. I hope Shelli tells her that Austin is also piling the blame onto her and realizes that when it comes to it, Austin will choose the Ho (Liz/Julia) before the Bro (Vanessa).

And finally, I hope that they show Austin’s puppy love delusion on the show. It’s enragingly entertaining πŸ˜‰


Also, the twin twist completely bombed. Everyone in the house now knows that Liz is a twin and instead of getting her out or talking about how shady that is, everyone is saying “What a great twist!” and “I can’t wait until both of them enter the house together”


Everyone seems pretty convinced that if the Twin Twist is revealed, D’Avonne or Jace is coming back. (?) I guess they figure Liz x2 is better than that, because she’s not seen as dangerous or threatening gamewise.


I liked Vanessa a lot better when she wasn’t Head of Household…I think people forget they are only HOH one week! Meg is annoying! Jackie and Becky are okay. Shelli and Clay must go because they are a pair. I love Johnny Mac! Are Steve and Jason even in this house? I like the twins!

WakeUp Vanessa

Wow…this has been quite the HOH. Vanessa, you have shocked me. She had this great plan, and voiced it to Austin who agreed with her completely. Also by letting her have the HOH, he could go on to play in the next week (as she said herself, she probably won’t win one again). Then once she gets the sole HOH, she turned into a monster, pushing her own agenda, not caring who in her own alliance was damaged by it. Yes, Austin passed the Veto to JohnnyMac, but he had agreed to do it when they asked him to throw the BOB. Who was the traitor in this scenario? VANESSA!! She then goes on to yell and scream at Austin (even though she tried to pass it on to Audrey). He did what he thought was best for their alliance. Remember, Shelli & Clay, Liz and Austin all want JEFF gone. Vanessa changed the script by going to JAMES. Then by instigating this fight with JEFF to have a reason to put him up, she puts her whole alliance in danger to cover her own ass. They are all now on everyones radar, not just her. Great play VANESSA!!! She goes around making deals with everyone that her alliance had no say in, and now finds herself (once again) asking Austin to cover her ass because she brought in Steve without Shelli and Clay knowing about it. She then blames Liz for letting something slip to Steve. Also after trying to cover her ass all day long, she is telling everyone that Austin isn`t cooperating with her wishes. She tells Shelli she is unhappy with Liz and appears to be jealous that Austin and Liz have a better relationship together than her and Austin. She has never once thanked him for helping her out. She orders everyone around like children, all the while looking totally insane to everyone. I don`t know if she has gotten really nervous or is becoming another nut job like her new bestie Audrey. Just being tight with this girl Audrey is going to put her as a number for nomination next week unless her alliance (who she so readily throws under the bus) bails her ass out. Not smart girl!!! Your lies are going to catch up to you, and I hope if one of the alliance members get HOH next week, they shut her out of the decisions like she has with them this week. The way she has done things this week leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. She baited Jeff plain and simple, and it was completely unnecessary. Just put the guy up on the block, and be done with it. She didn`t need a reason period.


I don’t know why everyone likes Vanessa so much… She isn’t that good of a player she has now set her self up as one of the 3 biggest targets in the house. I’m still rooting for johnnymac let’s think about this his social game is on point, he has proven to be a challenge beast, and strategically I really think he knows what he’s doing. He gets on people’s good side by always going up for them and that gives him 2 chances to be safe that week and he’s done it every time! I truly think right now he has the best shot at winning! Let’s go johnnymac!!


As far a Van being more targeted now, the other side of the house will now be substantially depleted after the next eviction. So Van has her current alliance, plus Steve and possibly Becky. Honestly, she’s not sitting too bad unless someone in her alliance breaks off. Oh and Jmack could probably go either way, so he’s another possible Van ally.


When u watch BB u are looking to be entertained..correct?

Ok Johnny and Vanessa are the two most liked houseguests according to the polls here.

Vanessa is far more entertaining than Johnny Mac who would be just as happy to do absolutely nothing this whole game. The only time he does anything is when someone brings him into the fold to be a pawn.

Think about a house full of Johnny Macs and Becky types. Would u watch? Probably not.

Nessa isn’t god but she is a game player and more exciting to watch play than those like Johnny who seem like they don’t even wana be there.


So im late to the forum this season. Simon, dawg, thanks as always for all your hard work! πŸ™‚

Vanessa has played her hand well. James and jeff both are strong competitors with adequate social games. Either could prove to be an issue later. Either leaving is good for her _ and the girls _ this season.