Meg wants to play a game “Wanna play 10 seconds in the closet” – James

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 17-14-54-784_jpg

5:14pm HOh Vanessa alone with her headache in the HOH

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 17-17-03-782_jpg

5:15pm Jason, James and Meg
James – I saw we go ahead and chop the twins.. it’s the same thing they say about me
James saying they should take out the twins, “Liz already put me on the block for no reason”
Jason – I wanted to tell her to eat a d1ck this morning

They are trying to figure out what to do. Steve asking people to play chess. James asks Meg “Wanna play 10 seconds in the closet”
Jackie “10 seconds!!”
Jason – not 7 minutes

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 17-57-48-090_jpg

Vanessa done her nails. She painted dots on them to aid in studying
Shelli joins her

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 17-57-55-085_jpg
6:00pm Meg and Jason still sleeping.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 18-04-21-771_jpg

6:15pm Clay, Johnnymac and Steve decide to go play chess.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 18-20-11-907_jpg

6:17pm Chess CLay vs Johnnymac, Shelli and Steve watching.
(Steve was telling them earlier that he just learnt how to play chess in the house from Vanessa and James)

Shelli leaves.. runs into the HOH and starts getting paranoid about Steve’s constant movements. Says when he’s playing the game he;’s stone face when he’s watching other people play he’s fidgety. Shelli thinks he’ll be able to focus on mental competitions and win them. Vanessa agrees she points out there’s no reason they can’t be as good as Steve at learning the dates they just need to study more.
After finishing Shelli’s nails they start studying.
Becky joins them.
They start quizzing each other. Becky doesn’t know her dates as well as Vanessa and Shelli.
Becky – you guys know way more.. I don’t know the details.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 18-59-49-990_jpg
Shelli pains her nails they, Vanessa shows her the dots in her nails. Vanessa was asking Jason earlier about what you can and can’t get away with on the show. She wanted to make cards but he said nail polish and dots is the most they get away with.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 18-41-37-578_jpg

6:40pm Johnnymac beats Steve at chess.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 18-49-57-437_jpg

6:44pm JohnnyMac builds it
Simon – ‘This means something”


7:13pm HOH Vanessa, Shelli, Steve and Becky studying ..
Vanessa has dots painted on her nails Shelli doesn’t.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 19-24-30-263_jpg

7:20pm Hammock room Johnnymac and Liz
Talking about Chess. They comment how these last few days JAson and Meg have done nothing but sleep. jmac understands they are sad he would be to.
Just chit chat. Jmac talks about the dentistry business.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 19-45-07-314_jpg

7:44pm Jmac cleaning up a lost condom

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-29 19-54-22-285_jpg

8:00pm Nothing

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I can’t get over the fact that Vanessa was gonna put up Austin lol… she literally screwed her whole game from that point on! Okay he lied, he’s a douch bag , creep whatever. But He’s also a solid vote and someone who wouldn’t vote you out ( at this stage anyways ) now she proved to everyone she can’t be trusted. She’s gotta learn to shut up and stop talking!


The sad thing is she hasn’t proved a single thing to them. They’re all running around blaming shelli. Lololol

Rick R.

I thought if the twin twist was found out, then the other twin wouldn’t enter the house as a separate player. Maybe Julie will drop this bombshell on Thursday live eviction? All I know is, the same people being HOH is getting boring.


Just had to make it 5 weeks unless you watch a show I’ve never seen

Captain Crunch

Shelli is the most paranoid, insecure, person in the house. Doesn’t want the cameras looking at her when she doesn’t have her hair extensions or makeup on and gets paranoid when people starts doing little things.


Vanessa has a headache………………….I know she sure has given me a headache!!
Has anyone else notice that the 6 automatically assume they will be in charge next HOH. Several days earlier, after the Jason incident, James, Meg, and Jackie were talking, when James brought up and said “I wonder who they will put next” {meaning the following HOH} Jackie said she for sure will be going up, and Meg said it would be her. Then James added, “”. “If they win” Has BB become that scripted, they have who will win HOH, just not who they will put up????? I hope not. The 6 are already very difficult to watch. IMO, they have no entertainment value, they are very boring. They have an Elitist attitude.


New hit single…….ALONE WITH MY HEADACHE……….by Vanessa


Meg isn’t winning anything. James hasn’t won since day one. Jackie has only won once. Steve doesn’t want to win. Johnnie Mac has avoided winning. Becky is trying to win points with Vanessa and Shelli/Clay.
Unfortunately, I’m 90% sure Clay, Shelli, Austin, or one of the twins will win.
The only hope for the castaways is for them to both win HoH and take out Vanessa, but no one is really targeting her.


Johnny MAC is just bored. At this point he has to be a genius right? Lol I don’t know but there is definitely something we don’t know about this guy who we call Johnny MAC

Hopefully we get a good BB takeover tomorrow (remember when that was a thing?) and Julie tells us someone told Grodner the BOB is pathetic and we go back to 1 HOH.

Team #JohnnyMAC


JMac is the only reason I watch at this point. He is the best!

Vanessa's tears


Meg=Chiana from Farscape

I kept wondering who Meg was reminding me of. now I totally get it, the way she moves reminds me of a character from farscape.


Hahaha! You’re absolutely right!

so true

not sure why people thumbs down a comment when its on point. if you didn’t watch farscape…OK…but a thumbs down? is there seriously 3 people out here who think Meg doesn’t act like Chianna? its uncanny.


BB17 The Turd Heard vs Rollin with the Homies!

Austin's hat

Unless Jason can pull a rabbit out of me, looks like he’ll be up Schitts Creek!!!




I think Jason still has a chance if Steve votes to evict Becky. Steve showed on tonight’s episode that he really doesn’t like Becky for some reason and wants her back in Colorado.

Rick James

Austin’s a super freak, super freak, he’s super freaky, yeeeeeoooowww! Everybody sing!!! SUPER FREAK! SUPER FREAK!!!

I'm Rick James

b1tch! It’s a celebration!


6:44pm JohnnyMac builds it
Simon – ‘This means something”
LOL! Johnny Mac gives me comic relief in a season that’s otherwise growing more and more frustrating…

“IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME!” – Field of Dreams (1989)

Those I was rooting for in the beginning I now find unlikeable (Vanessa, Clay, Shelli), and those that are likeable are not good at this game (Meg) or on their way out (Jason). The only alliance that seems to “stick” is the sleaziest of them all (6th sense). I can’t stand Austin, I think Vanessa should have stuck with the plan of getting him out after creating “Dark Moon”. That would have been way less messy for 3s company, especially since the twins would have been ok with it… The whole house would have been, and they would have been allied with both sides of the house.
Team Johnny Mac all the way! 😀

Bunny Slipper

Please tell me they used that condom for a balloon or something, anything, but…


it was on after dark last night. James put a condom on a zucchini, then after it was all the way on, decided it needed lotion in there, rather than unrolling it and squirting in the lotion, he figures squirt it in while mostly unrolled to the top. anyways, the main reason for doing that was to put it into Meg’s bed to find.

hilarity ensued, but i am uncertain why the condom would end up on the floor and that no one put it in the garbage. if that is the same condom.

Julie's Chin

Where’s the freaking twist???????

Wait a minute!

I bet it’s under Vanessa’s green beanie!!!


I think there is another twin besides Liz n Julie
It’s either JM or Clay or Both


OMG!!! I was thinking about that too!!


I really hope Jason wakes up and starts campaigning! May be futile, but he claims to be a superfan. I can’t bear to watch another Shelly HOH. Boring.

Come to Play the Game!

It is so frustrating that James & Co, say “target the twins”. Jason too. They are missing the main targets and overlooking a possible resource to save Jason. Their personal dislike and disdain for Steve and the twins will lead to their downfall. Think outside of the box!! Also don’t sleep the day away when you could be scheming. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz gets you on the block. One last thought: Shelli’s paranoia is really getting out there. Steve? His “constant movements”? I think that Vanessa’s plan is to take Steve to F3. Not sure who will be #3, depends on how the comps pan out.


Van is going to the end with Steve watch. She can say I used my skill to have Steve be loyal to me, do what I need,spy on the house/report back to me,plus everyone finds Steve annoying & creepy. Van is taking this check to the bank via her minion Steve.

Foreal tho

Remember when Vanessa put Jeff on the block and he spent days campaigning for votes. He ended up with 4. If he had focused a little harder on getting Meg and Jason’s votes he’d still be here. Jason isn’t even trying. Instead of whining he needs to offer some people some “to hard to refuse” type of deal. Screw Shelly and clay. Go for Austin and Liz and Steve and Jmac. C’mon man! Rachael was hated and so was Dan and they persuaded people to keep them.


Some one should explain to the super fan, you have to talk to some one other than the 3 votes you have to flip the house.


He planned to do it more tomorrow(Thursday). He knew Damn well he was not getting Austin nor Liz’s vote(she was bitchy toward him today as it was) & he had Meg go in to get a feel on Clay & Shelli as to plant seeds/see where they stood. He wanted to wait till closer to eviction night to sway votes since people have a habit of constantly changing alliance’s & their word. He will campaign but sadly will go. Really sucks & wish they had the twist to keep him. Would def make things interesting…feel bad he will miss jury but loser Austin will be there to bang Liz-puke!


Hmm Vanessa and shelli are studying and everyone else is screwing around or sleeping. Why??? Good lord get up and get in the game.


@ Anonymous:
I feel the same way. I am not a fan of Vanessa, but we all have to acknowledge that she is putting in work to get far in this game. I think she faked the headache so that she could get some quiet time to focus on studying alone. Painting dots on her nails to help her study… genius. In a nearby room, (exhausted from doing absolutely nothing during the day) Jason and Meg nap. How much sleep do they actually need? I understand why Jason is sleeping so much, he is on his way out. Unlike Jason, Meg has at least another week in the house. I wish she would realize that Jason’s game may be over, but she still has a chance to change her fate in this game.


Then people wonder y the same group wins the HOH.


I want Jason to stay because he is really funny and I would be sad to see him go


i want Austin hoh cause i think if he not meg james Jackie will target him
in i want shelly clay an vanessa target

another name

i’m trying to tread lightly when I ask this question but i’m really confused:
when did everyone become so pro-production interference to save a bunch of players?
Wasn’t that a major complaint about bbcan3? too many twists?
Not a judgement. actual confusion.

another name

as of the time of this post, he’s done nothing to save himself.
he stayed in bed until mid/late afternoon and then complained that nobody was around to campaign to.
at this point, if he’s saved i’m going to be wondering: is this another case of the diary room fairies trying to get players like Shelli to reconsider their position (in the jeff eviction week when steve suddenly placed a hinky vote). His out of character left field diary room comment in regard to becky on tonight’s episode seems to be another approach to a hinky vote.


Gosh could you imagine if Big Brother actually got 16 people that wanted to play the game, bet that would be a blood bath to watch. Instead we get 3-4 players & a whole lot of pawns.


see even becky want to put up steve an Austin on the block
they do not want to put up shelly clay or vanessa
I don’t get it I hope Austin an meg win hoh for that reason
liz an juila will be safe in Jackie or james will be safe deal will be made
I like meg with Austin as a team he an she need somebody they trust

Sick of Judas

What a bonehead move. Getting rid of Austin would have done nothing to affect Vanessa’s game. Now Vanessa has a bunch of new enemies and has officially split the house. If Jason stays she’s in for a world of hurt.


Johnny Mac and Steve will both vote to send home becky . Jason will stay. Johnnymac and Steve will both win HOH. They will bring in both Liz’s twin and Johnny mac’s twin. Everybody will blame Judas for the vote. Everyone will cheer. Not ! There’s your great big dinosaur bone!! Or something to that effect.


Johnnie Mac isn’t voting out Becky.

Sick of Judas

Also Liz is a twit for not believing Austin is targeting her sister. ‘Oh no he likes me he wouldn’t do that’ yeah we’ll see numnuts.

Mrs. Mac

I honestly don’t understand all the love for Jason. Sure, he’s catty and has slightly funny DR’s, but he hasn’t played the game at all. He deserves to go home. I would much rather have Becky, who at least talks to other people and wings a comp now and then and doesn’t feel like she is entitled to be there.

Sick of Judas

True. He better play the game now and come up with something amazing. Just like the way Dan pulled a hail Mary.


Johnny Mac and Steve will be heroes. Austin stays the big bad wolf. Everyone is flabbergasted. Everyone runs for cover……oh may. The drama. Not!!!!


In order to turn the house upside down…. James, Meg or Jackie both have to win HOH and put austin/shelli up & clay/vanessa up…. if a twin wins Pov and uses it, throw the other twin up…or if anyone else wins the pov and uses it, still throw a twin up on the block….. make a new alliance ….James, Meg, Jackie, John, Beckie & Steve, if nominations stay the same, bring the twins into the alliance….best thing to do would let the other side sweat it out and not find out who is going up till nomination day…..

WHY i like Vanessa...

It’s kinda sweet of her to encourage Jason in the HoH room.

Even though Vanessa can be a tad over the top with her paranoia, and her high speed way of speaking can be quite annoying (seems like she’s on coke or something) … there’s something about her that I recognize as being truly genuine.

I believe in reality she’s a caring person, brought up well by her parents and all.

As much as i adore johnny Mac, i hope Vanessa takes it all.



Jackie will after them with those piranha teeth. The sides will be split … Johnny Mac, Steve, jackie, Jason, James, Mac’s twin, meg. Versus… Clay , Shellie, austin, Vanessa, Liz/ Julia. The heavens will sing the clouds will be opened. Not! I think they are coaching Steve and Mac well. Jason the little chihuahua will have his day!!! You folk’s will be so happy. You can all precede to get your pitchforks. The end.


Quit blaming the HG for being boring!
It’s BB productions job to bring things into the house to make the show more entertaining
The problem lies with BBs non creative staff … They have zero imagination
BBAU is a different beast but at last they have creative ppl working for them
CBS has to make shit up to try to make us think that we like crappy tv
Fan favorite BOtB … Fan favorite Frankie … Not!
It’s a typical marketing tool to sell you sh!t that you don’t need or want
Anyhow they should at least give the HG some sort of task to accomplish so they
can win something like alcohol maybe? Rewards n punishments?
Give the HG something brainless CBS! And NO! Your stupid outback infomercial
is not what we want to see! Whoo Fu%#in Who … watch HG eat … F…in! Stupid CBS


I hope Becky stays. She’s a nice girl.


Oh poor Becky
She seems like a sweet girl but …
She just doesn’t realize that when she leaped off the dock … she only landed in the dingy
being pulled by the yacht with a frayed rotten rope in shark infested waters
So so clueless
I got to say that the Freaks n Geeks and the 6th sense have done a good job
of doing damage control and hiding their alliances
Of coarse who they’re hiding it from, don’t want to see it, it’s bizarro