Meech “Battle Back doesn’t count as comp wins! If you think you’re compared to the greats, you’re not!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 20-50-38-658

8:45pm – 9:10pm London Bedroom – James and Natalie laying in bed. James asks what are your feelings towards James? SO what are you feelings? Natalie says that’s for me to know. James asks are we best friends? Natalie says yes. James asks are we lovers? Natalie says no. James says wow that fast. Are we potential boyfriend / girlfriend? Natalie says maybe. James says we’ll leave it at that. Natalie says I’ve decided if I win HOH, I’m not telling anyone I’m a cheerleader. Right is that a good idea? James says you’ve kept a secret for so long you can’t say it now. People will wonder what else you’re keeping a secret.

9:20pm Backyard – Paul asks James what he thinks the next care package would be? I think they’re saving a veto for last. James says I don’t think they would have a veto ..or if they did it would be where you had to use it that week. Z asks James if I choose you will you take me down? James says yeah we all are, I think. I’ll do whatever the HOH wants. James says roses are red, violets are blue, I just won the veto so f**k you! Z says I might use that. Paul and Z talk about how upset Meech got being nominated. Paul says what concerns me is that when she gets out she is going to digging for sh*t. She is going to read every forum and message about her. I was telling her I hope you don’t feed into all that sh*t. Paul says she is very soft. I feel bad. She literally thew an apple at me and cried.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 21-28-15-307

9:35pm Havenot room – Michelle and Z. Z says this is going to be my sleep week. Michelle says yeah its going to be slow. I wish we could go back to the days of the eight pack. Michelle says I want to say Battle Back doesn’t even count as comp wins .. if you think you’re compared to the greats you’re not! And you said in your speech that you’re playing strategically, yet you put two girls up that haven’t won an HOH and couldn’t beat you in a physical competition.. yet you’re letting people that.. Z says people that could potentially win. I would rather Natalie wins at least she’s honest. Z says Paulie probably convinced him (Vic) to put me up. (Yup) Michelle says yeah I could see Paulie doing that. Victor’s so stupid. Michelle says Nicole saying she would use the veto on me is bullsh*t. And the fact that she said it in front of you. You would think the people we’re with would be mad but they’re not. If you were up and I wasn’t I would be pissed.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 21-39-30-450
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9:50pm – 10pm Backyard – Paulie, Paul and James show each other martial arts and grappling moves. BB keeps telling them to “Stop That!” Paul says I scissor sweep fools for days! Paulie says if his legs are wide open .. punch him in the balls and then face.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 21-48-14-452

10:10pm – 10:25pm HOH room – Michelle comes up to talk to Vic about him putting her up on the block. Vic says you made a jab at me for having a big mouth. That’s all that was. Michelle says I really did like you as a person. Vic says I really thought you were going to take it better. I really think you’re going to be alright. Michelle asks really? I meant it when I said I wouldn’t put you up. And there are a lot of people in the house that would put you up. Vic says I really don’t think you’re going home. Don’t relay that to Z. People do talk and you say things that are on your chest and that can hurt you. Michelle says I am blunt and it hurts me some times. I wish I didn’t break down like that. Apparently someones never broken down like that before. I just really wanted to win HOH at least once and be here for zingbot. Michelle says hopefully its the luxury comp. Vic says you’re welcome for me getting you in that. At least you get a chance to play in the veto .. I got backdoored! Vic says to be honest the only person I don’t connect with is Z. The only person she gives attention to is Paulie. Z joins them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 22-21-47-479

10:40pm – 11:05pm Bathroom – Natalie tells Meech if I’m up there (as HOH) you have nothing to worry about. Meech says same. Just help me stay positive and tell me if I’m going home. Natalie says I will. I never wanted you to feel betrayed. Meech says it is what it is.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 22-57-23-055

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VOTE ZAK OR MICHELLE FOR CARE PACKAGE. They are so amazing and don’t deserve any of this hate, i hope they beat paulie and the rest of those scummy boys. #queens Also everyone make sure to check out Ariana Grande’s new music that she’s releasing!


trolling is cool IF your witty enough to pull it off.. smh clearly your not


Frankie, you’re way too obvious.


Considering Frankie is on celebrity bb in the uk right now, I doubt he is commenting on this page


Bridgette for super safety!


Michelle and Z deserve exactly what they are getting both so annoying, my vote will not be for them at all, hoping they both go in the double evict, but don’t hate them, I don’t know them enough to Hate them. I don’t Hate anyone! anywhere!.


Amazing? How exactly, at bing not involved or losing comps. Glenn had more of an impact than z has.

TX rar

– “Michelle says I want to say ” Battle Back doesn’t even count as comp wins “.
What universe does this girl live in! I thought Z would go to weaken Paulie without a direct shot but she is sooooo anoying she will end up getting voted out by her own actions.


These girls come on, u can’t think vic pulled these names out of his ass with no coercion come on ladies wake up


Z just said she thinks Pauline convinced Victor to put her up.


But, sadly, she’s gonna kept straddling him with her bare a$$, sleeping with him, and feeling worthless if he doesn’t pay attention to her. She has no self-esteem.


Her lying all over Paulie in provocative ways is the only way she knows how to play the game… So sick of these girls only relying on their “guys” info about the game.. Get in there and play!!!!! Dumb…. dumb….


hang in there meech you’ve got plenty of loyal fans rooting for you out here and we love you!!!

lol what?

What exactly are you a fan of? Strategic Water Works?


Or strategic bullying?


Well she can eat more than ten men.
I like her she must be a alien or something.

Meech for the win

Most exciting player left, keep her and see the excitement going.

Has there been a more devilish player EVEEER?!


Don’t you mean the biggest bully EVER!!!!


TeamMeech what planet are you on???? Let’s be real here. The ONLY loyal fans Moonface Michelle has are the ones related to her. And it’s quite obvious YOU are related to her. Renee (her sister) is that you???? I can’t wait to see that moonfaced bitch of a bully finally get her ass kicked out the door. Dumbass Michelle seemed to forget that plenty of us fans actually see the unedited Michelle on BBAD. Karma’s waiting for her and will get her soon enough. I had to laugh out loud when she was begging for a care package as if anyone besides idiots like you actually like her or respect her non-game!


Big MEECH.. She is currently not in a showmance so I am cheering for her.

The longer she is in the house the bigger the train wreck she will become.


Paul be working on them votes Wow he might get the cash over Paulie unless he spills the beans on his boy


I hope that Paul does get the cash over Paulie

Paulie won already

Not that I want either PP to win, it would be funny if Paulie came in second place like his brother. He has been planning on winning and lording it over Cody at family dinners for the rest of his life. It would be even funnier if this eviction was an elaborate plan on Vic’s part to take out Paulie, but sadly I think he is to clueless and also doesn’t have the balls

Michelle's eyebrows

As much as I hate the guys in the house, Michelle going on the block really is sweet poetic justice. Karmas a bitch, and her and z have been sitting pretty doing nothing but making snarky comments to other people who have been on the block and have taken it with grace. Regardless of who leaves , I hope these people open their eyes to what’s really happening or they might as well write Paulie the cheque. Pathetic really.


Who is Karmas and what did she do to deserve being called a bitch. That’s cold.


You, uh… you just started watching I take it?


Meech “You would think the people we’re with would be mad but they’re not.” Sweety, that’s because they AREN’T with you! Your entire alliance is on the block.

The Fonz


sunny dee

is meech actually in an alliance with those 4? are the 4 actually in an alliance with each other, cuz it doesn’t look like it.

and look at Z finally wakes up ‘i bet paulie did this’, yeah, he did, so too late now to do anything about it, not even that leg humping thing you call strategy is going to help.


I don’t think so. Z & Meech seemed to be loyal to Da (even though Da was quick to suggest Z go on the block instead of her); they haven’t been loyal to Nicole for awhile, and she moved on as well. These people change alliances constantly and it’s hard to keep track. Meech acts so betrayed that Natalie and Nicole didn’t tell her about Da going home, but she’s NEVER been loyal to Natalie, and she and Nicole clearly don’t trust one another. It’s silly. Meech & Z are LITERALLY just letting the game “happen” to them. At least Natalie is TRYING to figure it out lol.


true about Natalie trying but for some reason I don’t like her.

Crazy Stuff

I can’t believe this group of HG is just going to give Paulie the cash. As many time he has brought up Derrick and Cody name a light bulb in my head would have come on by now. Paulie is playing Derrick game. Wake up Nicole, James, etc etc get your mind and heart into the game and off this nomance. We need Paulie and Paul gone.


I can’t believe Paulie is convincing James to use his 2 votes when he’s safe this week

Paulie won already

Doesn’t James have to use the votes this week or not at all?

Tiny Trump Hands

I guess karma was nice to you Meech, “sometimes she was nice to you”

Remember that one time

Big Meech blew big chunks!! Gross b*tch!

Another Anonymous

If Vic really wanted to make a big move, he would work with James, somehow pull down either Z or Meech, and put up Paulie. James would then cancel out the votes of two people voting to save Paulie. But, I guess it’s wishful thinking that Vic or James would have the guts to do it.

TX rar

By getting out Z they do weaken Paulie’s vote by one. It would be great to have Z and Paulie up there. I bet the campaign to NOT use the veto will be strong from PP


omg….the stupidity of the females this yr is maddening…glad Lames can’t win anymore packages…this one was a waste on him anyway. Gonna vote for Bridgette for the safety… just bc I can’t stand the others


I honestly think Victor is thinking about winning the veto to backdoor Paulie. When he was talking to Meech she reminded him that Paulie backdoored him and Victor said “I know, I haven’t forgotten.”


Omg I hope so. If Victor won the veto he could use it on Meech then put up Paulie. Then he could talk with James to vote out Paulie and cancel Paul and Coreys votes (because they would mostly likely vote to keep Paulie). Then Meech, James, Natalie and maybe Bridgette would evict Paulie. Nicole would be the only vote for Paulie because Paul and Coreys would be cancelled. Best game move this season right there!!

Paulie won already

That would be fabulous, so fabulous. This is my dream too, that Vic had this planned all along.

Powder Puff Girl

James could win a comp at unfastening bras … that was a smooth move!

I dunno

That particular bra is constantly on the verge of shattering to begin with.

Powder Puff Girl

Bridgette for America’s Care Package “Super Safety”. I think she is still the best bet to take a strike at PP


Super Safety doesn’t do anything but make her safe for the week. If you want to give her real power wait for the Co-Host one.

Powder Puff Girl

not sure if she will make through to next week it is a gamble. If not her then who?

Johnny Depp

Should we reward Paulie the 500k now to save time or hold on to hope that someone other than him came to play Big Brother this summer?!


“She is going to read every forum and message about her.”

I’m going to send her the links.


What would you do if she read them then killed herself?
Would that make you feel good?
I see the dark side is strong in you.


Meech: “I dont want America to think that I’m mean…”
(2 weeks ago… Meech: “Frank said youre not one of the mean girls… ahah I’m actually the meanest!”)

(2 weeks ago… Victor: “When i get back to the house, my number 1 target is Paulie. he backdoored me”)
Victor: “You (Paul) me and Paulie to the end! Execs!!”

(2 weeks ago… Corey: “… *crickets crickets”…)
Corey: “… *crickets crickets…”


LOL agree with everything you say except Victoria. That girl was SO clueless! And remember all the time she spent primping in the bathroom? She was so concerned that America would think she was a floater. That’s the only thing she was good at 🙂 “Bless her heart.”


I really hope nicole or Bridget get this care package.


No never send a care package to whiney Nicole

Reality Check

The most valuable player this season has to be the hammock when Corey got up smashes Nicole’s face to the ground. The hammock has a backbone. Cannot wait to see ER nurse on the block.

Daisy Rose

The only reason Michelle is so damn upset and throwing a pity party is because she’s coming to the realization that Bridgette will probably last longer than her. If Bridgette can make it through the Double Eviction and we all vote for her to receive super safety, she won’t have to worry about being nominated for the next 2 weeks. I’m really hoping that it works out for her. Michelle and Z were so nasty to Bridgette. Now they can feel what it’s like to be up on the block against your best friend and have everyone against you.


Sad thing is the 3 of them will never vote for bridgette from jury.

An Apple A Day

True – the problem with people who are Aholes in the BB house, they are also Aholes in the Jury house.


I’m so happy those girls Michelle & zakiyah are feeling uncomfortable. Stupid not at least try to talk to people,especially the HOH. There are things they can do. It must be a very bitter pill to swallow. They go on with the mean. That’s all they have.
Too bad- so sad.


I absolutely LOVED Paul sitting there telling Z he had NO IDEA that Da was going home. He couldn’t believe it, didn’t see it coming. Sitting there telling that to next person going to jury. Your boy is working those jury votes. . . . . . . . . . . . .


He is working the jury and I think Paulie is starting to see that he is and he’s getting a little pissed.

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

No comparison. I’ve been watching this season and wondering why it feels so disjointed. I then re-watched the entire season 16. Now I know; this cast is not playing BB. To be specific, the girls are not playing. The faux showmances ,the crying, the laying down when things get tough, the begging for a “win” during endurance comps, and the general lack of game is appalling. In 16, the girls had balls (yes, balls). When they saw the writing on the wall, they did not just stand and read it, they reacted. Yes, they got played, buy they PLAYED. Why do these girls simply give up? What the phuque is Zakiyah doing slathering the sack of the person that not only scolded her, but is obviously lying? And what in the heck is the “super fan” doing-sleeping, eating, shitting, crying, and whining? There is a severe lack of game play by the girls in this house. Go back and look if I’m wrong…even Nicole had game back then when she managed to pull her face off of Hayden for five seconds. This is guys bashing submissive women on the head like cavemen while they laugh, not only behind their backs, but in their face in the case of Z. Not sure what caused this, but is is a regrettable death of a once exciting franchise. Please girls, get a grip, and I don’t mean on the bone of your, er, lover, and realize that right now, the men women ratio is even. Make a move…stop crying, pining, whinign and losing and take control of this “game.”


They won’t make a move. Bridgette is bitter towards Z and Meech. And Nicole is obsessed with Corey who is obsessed with P&P. If none of the girls win HOH soon, we already know who the final 4 will be. Paulie, Paul, Corey, and Nicole. Final 3 will be Paulie, Paul, and Corey. Bridgette doesn’t even talk game anymore. All she does is ask what the plan is and hope for the best. Nicole hasn’t won one comp. All she does is beat Corey off and does whatever the guys say. Just like last time. And Bridgette decided to lay down and die after Frank left. Yet, Da and Z get the most hate on this site. ???? Z needs to stop being mesmerized by Paulies’s ugly lying ass and at least try to save herself. If she continues to be clueless, she deserves whatever she gets. Meech is a lost cause.

An Apple Day

Spot on! That’s why we find ourselves rooting for Natalie who knew NOTHING of the game coming in. At least she hung on & fell just before Victor. And Bridget, she’s made some tactical errors but she’s fighting, trying to bond with people she doesn’t like and who have treated her like crap. She’s at least fighting for it. Z is already insinuating she’ll pass up a veto for $5,000 if it’s a Reward/Punishment comp. If you can’t be nice, and you can’t win a comp, at least SCREW with peoples’ heads! Do something. This is a sorry representation of women who love Big Brother.


Well said BDJ!!!

Paulie won already

Maybe they should try a season with all gay guys and straight women, then there would be no showmances….just kidding people

Fuzzy Num Num

Well, hm. Ok. So a waist of an eviction. But, whatever. Goooo Max-Z keep riding your man baby. Don’t open your legs for nutin.


Max-Z has had her legs open the whole time, waiting and begging for Paulie’s nuttin


Lil Pee is playing Big Pee. Did you see him working Z and BM………..”I didn’t know”, “they knew what I wanted”….oh Big Pee you think you got this in the bag LOL..Lil Pee is going to take you down.
I think this is going to be a bitter jury…..should be interesting.

Powder Puff Girl

If Victor and Paul do not take a swipe at Paulie (if they have the opportunity this week) their odds at winning is low.

Only can wish

Nicole, swallowed her foot, when she said she would save Michelle in front of Z. Then said to Z, oh I forgot you were on the block. Really, Nicole!!! SMDH Now you want to play crazy. At least Michelle and Z don’t believe what Paulie and Nicole told them.


to all the bb fans so thrilled to see frank tiff and da get the boot hope your enjoying this snoozefest.. not to mention jozea and bronte at least they were more entertaining than meech and z.. i know i know your praying for pp to get axed next which of course will only make it infinitely more boring.. you cant have your cake and eat it too america

Powder Puff Girl

it is too bad Da was the common denominator in getting Frank and Tiff evicted.


Victor IS making BB history. By being one of the dumbest players in history. He is playing to help Paulie or Paul win and I think it’s hilarious. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when they send him to the jury house next week after he is done doing their dirty work. I really hope he has a backdoor plan. I doubt it though. He’s too far up Paulie and Paul’s asses to make that happen. So oh well…Bye Victor you dumbass! Nobody deserves the care package. Just end it already. This season of Big Brother is probably the worst I’ve ever seen. And that’s only because I didn’t watch the season that had all the racists.


Watching bb after dark and what a difference in z’s demenor with Paulie. Another one who is going to watch and feel like a fool and if he is in the finals she will vote for him to win.


Paul is playing the game. He is starting to grow on me. Only one playing for jury votes.


He is playing a good game. But he’s a tool so I’m not a fan.

Place your bets

The over/under for Meech weight gain this week is 12 pounds.

So anyway....

It’s like watching the Titanic. Already know the ending. Just hand Paulie the check now. These people are annoyingly stupid.


James is Paulie’s bitchy. Disgusting.


James has absolutely no backbone and is two bollocks short of a package. If his care package said he could evict two people immediately he still would not have the courage to get rid of the PP twins. I wonder if he goes through life agreeing to anything other people want, even if he knows it is wrong. Too darned submissive for my liking.


I’m focused on the future right now because this season is officially over with.
Going forward, since BB19 is going to be on CBS ACCESS I think that it would be real interesting if the viewers voted for the nominees to be on the block. Voters pick the renom if necessary , and voted out who we want evicted. Or, do like in BB1 let people decide who they want evicted. Just a thought

Girlie girl

When Z and Michelle were in the bedroom Michelle was gorging herself on the bag of chips, just watching her I wanted to scream lick the bag already! This season is pretty boring everyone just doing and going along with the 2 p’s. Production should tell them to step up there games the fans are getting sleepy. Snore!


I think there is starting to have a crack in the alliance. Nicole and Paulie are doing everything to try to get rid of Michelle. Nicole even suggested not to let Victor and Paul know in case they win veto and want to pull Michelle down. If they do this it will create trust issues between them. Paulie is too much of a narcissist to let anyone take that power away from him. He will never let Paul keep Michelle over Zackiyah. Paulie can’t handle not being in control it’s not in his nature.


There is a new group now SPF (Sausage Party for Five).They are going to get rid of the remaining brainless girls and then whoop it up with Red Rover Red Rover have Corey bend over.More booze and five quarts of vaseline need to be ordered!!! James Is a little rat a-hole and Paulie’s bitch and snitch.


And they are keeping James because he doesn’t even need to drop to his knees to serve his leaders. He already talked about what it would cost for him to take a load in his mouth. I think he will do it for less, much less


Hes a slimy squid with herpies