Nomination Ceremony Results! “Now he’s going to hide up in the HOH like a p*$$y!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 18-07-01-207

Nominated: Big Meech & Zakiyah

6:10pm Safari room – Meech is crying. Nicole says Zack called me a froot loop dingus. yeah but he didn’t call you mean on national television. I never did anything to him! He says I pissed him off and I didn’t do anything!!! Natalie says Its a game take it all with a grain of salt. Meech says I’m still mad at you! Man now he’s going to hide up in the HOH like a pu$$y! Natalie asks why are you mad at me? Meech says because you didn’t tell me about the votes. Natalie says I didn’t know. Meech says I’m sure James told you. Paul tells Meech to not take it personally. Meech says I’m such a fan of the game and I’m going to go home. I just want to literally know what I did to him. Paulie says he (Vic) said Z didn’t give him attention. Paul says lets work on damage control. If anything you’re a fan of the show and know how this works. Meech says I can’t breath .. I’m going to vomit! He obviously wants me out .. he said I was mean to him. Freaking weaka$$! Hiding up in his room!! Meech says I’m not the one that put him on the block and backdoored him! Paul says be strong about it, don’t let him win! Meech keeps crying. I just don’t want to go home. Paul says play strategically. Meech says I don’t know how. Paul says there’s the veto. There’s Jame’s 2 vote thing. Meech says it just sucks because I actually enjoyed his company. Now its a 100% that someone said what I said to him. Natalie and Meech head to the bathroom to fix her makeup. Natalie tells her to make the block her b***h. Meech says I just don’t want people to think I’m a mean person!!

6:20pm Paulie and Z in the safari room talking. Paulie says comments like that is exactly why she needs to go. “I’m not the one that put him up and backdoored him. Z says yup.

6:20pm HOH room – Paul says zakiyah is straight facing it. She doesn’t give a f**k! Meech is destroyed! I think we know who needs to go home. Z needs to go. Z asks if Paulie plays and wins will he take her down? Paulie says he would but even if I don’t play I could get the votes to get her out.

Nicole says I’ve never seen someone react like that. I had to walk out when she was giving up like that. Saying no one would use the veto on her. Like as a super fan you have to fight. Paul explains how Meech cared and Z didn’t… Z needs to go.

6:45pm – 7pm Vic and Corey playing pool in the backyard. Vic says I didn’t cry when I got evicted. I don’t have sympathy for tears. Corey says same when my face goes up, I’ll smile. Vic says I was practicing that speech. Corey says yeah it was good. Victor and Corey finish their game and head back inside. In the kitchen – The house guests are talking about taking cold showers. Vic says nipples get hard. Paul says d*ck goes back in garage. Natalie says if you’ve been with someone for 30 years and your partner can’t have s*x any more because of some disease. What would you do? Paul says there’s two other holes. Natalie says I wasn’t expecting that.

7pm Bathroom – Meech says I don’t want America is going to hate me and think I’m mean. Meech asks if the backyard is open? Z says yeah. Meech says it might be the reward / punishment one then. They high five and smile. Meech says he’ll (Vic) go for the prize. Nicole joins them. Nicole tells Meech she gets to play in the veto. If you pick me, I’ll fight for you. Meech asks will you take me off? Nicole says yes. Quit giving up! Super fans don’t give up.

7pm – 7:15pm Corey, Paulie and Paul. Paul says separating you from Z is better now than later. Paul says she is banking on you.. Michelle has no one to bank on. Paulie says as long as you do damage control on her. Paul says I will, I promise. Who are her biggest targets.. Vic and Bridgette. She’s not coming after us.

7:20pm Nicole tells Z that Meech put her in a weird spot when she asked if I said I would pull her down. I don’t even know if I’m playing but if I did win I would explain to her that I would pull you don’t. I forgot that you were up. Nicole tells Z that she’s all for the 4 for us going far (Nicole, Corey, Z and Paulie). Zakiyah tells Nicole that Michelle told her she’s ready to blow sh!t up! Corey joins them. Z asks him if he gets picked to play .. will you take me off? Corey says yeah. Meech joins Nicole. Meech asks if I am going home will you just tell me. Nicole says I don’t think you’re going home.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 19-18-52-527

James and Natalie talk to the camera about his care package to eliminate two votes. Natalie says maybe you’re being backdoored. That would be funny. James tells his daughter when I get home, we’re going to Disney Land.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 19-24-15-243

8pm London bedroom – James and Natalie are talking. Natalie says there was an all girls alliance and I wasn’t apart of it. Natalie says rumor was I was going after her. I told her I’m not coming after you. I’m a girls girl. I have your back. She is the one that told me that only this amount of girls have won in past seasons. I didn’t know how many girls had won past seasons. She said that. What a little snake. Corey is such a little girl too. He has such a little mouth WOW. He has lose lips. He gossips like a girl. Everything he hears, he tells the guys. He walked into a conversation about Meech saying Bridgette was 2 faced and then seconds after the whole house knew about it. Natalie says Nicole is gunning for me on the low. I know that. The girls haven’t protected me. Why would I vote for a girl to win .. when the only person that’s protected me in the game is a guy. Nicole was pissed that I got the care package and that I didn’t get put up on the block.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 20-16-06-848
8:30pm 8:35pm Hammock – Z and Paulie. Z asks you don’t want to win no money? Paulie says at the end of the day 5K isn’t that much not to win a competition. Z asks so you honestly didn’t know I was going up? Paulie says I didn’t. The only person that maybe knew was Paul. Z says that Michelle said she is going out with a bang and is going to blow sh*t up. Paul joins them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-05 20-31-44-866

The NEXT America’s Care Package
WEEK 3 – August 7th to August 12th

The good news is the holder of this care package will be safe for the week. The bad news is the house guest must also wear a “Super Safety” costume all week long.

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172 thoughts on “Nomination Ceremony Results! “Now he’s going to hide up in the HOH like a p*$$y!”

    1. if vic would have put up pp we would be having fun.. watching him follow paulies plan to a tee umm yeah not so much

      1. smh @ Vic’s nominations. everyone in that nomination ceremony are the culprits of Vic’s eviction, and this coward is taking advice from the snake who personally backdoored him.

      2. Could Victor be pulling off the blindside of all time? Can he be planning to put Paulie up if given the chance? Hard to believe he thinks putting these two up is going to be the epic move he was boasting about.

        1. If only Vic had so much game! I’d love to see him backdoor Paulie and take him OUT!
          That would be worth watching …. again and again and again! And for the heck of it, again and AGAIN!
          (Yes, I’m getting carried away and it’s FUN finally!)

        2. Ya. When he was in sequester I thought he said he was going after Paulie. I’m not sure If Victor is smart enough to backdoor Paulie, plus he’s got a big mouth and would tell the whole house

        3. I REALLY hope he backdoors Paulie. If he doesn’t…oh well. He’ll be going out the door right after Z or Meech. I’m so tired of watching people kiss PP’s asses. It’s like Derrek and Cody all over again. Lame and predictable.

    2. So now the power struggle really begins.Paul wants Zika out. Polly wants Meech out . My money is on Paul winning this one, and ultimately, with Vic taking over the house. Paul, Vic, Nat, James, and yes, Meech vs Polly, Corey, Nicole. Bridgette needs to figure out which way the wind is blowing.

      1. Not sure where you’re seeing a power struggle. Paulie pats Paul on the head…remember how Paul wanted Bridgette out at the start of last week because she can win comps and Paulie listened, then went and gathered the votes his plan, and Paul said nothing?

        Paulie will go to Corey and James, saying they need to protect their girls one more week and Z can go next week, Nicole and Nat will go right along…there’s 4 votes. Michelle will help him, acting like an unhinged idiot, crying, putting people on the spot, blowing up others spots. Paulie does not plan to cut Z until he has to and all his talk is setting up Corey and James to cut their girls first. He’s thinking dump Michelle, then Nicole, then Vic, then James or Nat….only then is Z anything more than a pawn.

        Paul’s the court jester. How’s he selling Z? She stayed cool, didn’t freak. That makes her a bad bet, that she won”t flip out, blow up other’s games at the 1st sign of trouble. Even if Paul was influential, he has nothing to sell.

        1. Paul didn’t want Bridgette out. He was OK with Duh going out. But by appearing to give in to Polly, he created an IOU situation with Polly. Now he’s gonna collect that debt. Watch Polly cave. Zika is done.

          1. I think you are giving Paul too much credit. He really did want Bridget out and Paulie kept working the house til he got what he wanted. Paul just didn’t want to take the blame for Da going out. That being said, it would be completely AWESOME if Paul, or Victor, or any of them had the guts to take over the game. I don’t see it happening, but if they prove me wrong, I’ll be jumping for joy :)

          2. Paulie doesn’t believe he owes anybody anything… in fact he thinks they should happily follow him until he gets that $500k…and it appears the ones left may be just that stupid. Especially Paul.

  1. ACP3 Super Safety: Victor- may need it for DBL eviction based on what happens this wk. Hoping for BD!
    ACP4 Co-HOH: Bridgette- after DE
    ACP5 BB Bribe : Corey or Paul. (TBD too far away yet).

    * you can vote 20 times a day
    ** player can only win ONE ACP so choose strategically

      1. Vic is not doing what PP wants, he’s totally doing what he wants. Remember people, he loves Nicole and had a previous “love/hate” thing with Natalie prior to getting voted out first time!

    1. Just a hunch but guessing a care package and costume will not appear in the middle of the show to save someone for double eviction. Unless CBS does a 2hr show and the costume has to only be worn for an hour… In other words if Vic is targeted during the de your votes will be wasted as it will be for the next week.

      As for the bribe highly considering voting for Paulie so that there is no way he can get the 5k but instead has to give it away.

    2. I am thinking of voting Super Safety for Victor too ……just to mess up Paulie’s plan to get him out next. Hope it will feel like a slap in the face to him that America likes Victor better than him or any of the other one of his boys.

      Then I will vote Brig for the Co-Host one.

  2. “Meech says I just don’t want people to think I’m a mean person!!”

    It’s not that we think you’re a mean person. We know you’re a mean person. :)

    1. and the fact that in the middle of her crying jag she yells at Natalie that she’s mad at her for not telling her about the vote. really what about the people you are aligned with?

    2. omg michelle and zakiyah are my babez dont come for them they are innocent. Also everyone needs to check out Ariana grandes album coming out soon! =D

      1. you must be Frankie because no one else cares about Grandes record coming out. For that matter I hope they backdoor Paulie, I am tired of him controlling every move in that cocky manner he has! Therefore I do hope that one of your girls gets off the block so they can get him out… if they have the balls to do it!

  3. Why is James not listed for the vote? Is it one package per house guest? Nat Nat is still listed. Not that I want to vote for him…fyi.

    1. When I was last at the voting site, Nat’s pic was there but there was a non-active voting button below her name.

  4. I feel so bad for Michelle. I think we definately need to realize this is a game and be inside a house for 60 days can be very stressful. So someone’s behaviour inside the house doesn’t necessarily match the behaviour outside this house. It’s really easy for us to talk. With that being said, I feel really bad for Michelle because let’s be honest. She’s not an Amanda or a Aaryn, she is really insecure and she doesn’t like herself as a person. So please don’t be rude with her. I’m just really really sad :(
    Btw Victor wasn’t the one who said: My target is the person who voted me out, Paulie. Well then good job Vic. Such a docuhe……….

    1. Her behavior does kinda match outside this house. Between her reddit posts, and her younger sister calling her out for being a shitty sister is proof enough. (She posts screenshots of Michelle leaving REALLY nasty messages to her sister.) I’d look it up if you get the chance.

      1. I’m not sure all that is true. It seems that they had a troll on the twitter account. you might need to research that a little more

    2. I don’t think big BEECH deserves anyone’s sympathy. She’s like the obnoxious, self-proclaimed queen BEE, that acts as if everyone owes her something. Unfortunately for her, we are not blinded by her own self-worship – we see her for what she is. She needs to learn the world doesn’t revolve around her.

  5. What a shock! :/ I was hoping against hope that he’d man up and put up PP. what an ass. I can’t stand Michelle or Z, but really, does he think putting up the 2 weakest girls in the house and berating them is so epic?!! These are small, small, petty guys (I refuse to call them men) running around in there! Pathetic!!

    1. you think the guys will notice when they don’t get a care package? they are working so hard to get the ‘girls’ out of the house, if all the packages, except for James’ go to the girls, you think they might want to rethink the NO GIRRRRLZ ALOUD sign on their HOH door?

  6. Michelle gets nominated and has a complete meltdown and all I can say is Never Cared. I don’t want Michelle to go home because Paulie does want Michelle to go home. However, do I have even an ounce of sympathy for her? Absolutely not. Tiffany’s meltdown was a hiccup compared to Michelle’s desperate cry for attention. Michelle has everyone comforting her and giving her words of encouragement and she is still having an epic pity party. She not only enjoyed Tiffany’s tears but yelled at James for even being nice to Tiff. She was mean to Tiff and Bridgette, she encouraged others to be mean and she wanted them to be completely isolated for their final week in the house. I just can’t care about her fake tears and histrionics.

    1. definition of Big Meech = histrionics

      She has been trying to repair the #meangirl image for days. She hit Paul extremely hard with that apple he instantly got a bump. You could tell that it really hurt him. Then cried. the damage was notable to the viewing public.

      1. It’s difficult to repair that “mean girl” status when you are, in fact, a mean girl. No empathy towards others, but massive drama when she doesn’t get her way. Cry yourself a river to the jury house. The “weakest”, sweetest girls have handled themselves the best. Team Bridget & Natalie. That will put salt in their wounds.

      2. How did she not get booted out for that?
        She reminds me of my friends daughter…anytime she get caught doing something bad she turns on the tears!

        1. My guess is because they both were horsing around during the apple incident. Paul threw something at Michelle and she responded. Of course it seems her reaction was disporportionate to the offense, who’d have thought Big Meech would over react?

      3. She’s only been trying to repair the #meangirl image since the first care package. And not doing a good job of it because she IS mean, nasty, and jealous. She came in the house not liking herself and is going out with most BB fans not liking her. And without a care package.

    2. worse yet, her biggest ally is Zakiyah and she’s begging people for votes and to use the veto on her without a thought for Zakiyah’s feelings. Some friend. Her pity party is for her alone, she doesn’t give a crap about her only ally.

  7. Oh Lord, get this girl out. It will be an act of mercy. She’s going to go off the deep end if they keep her. Send her to jury with Da, let her decompress and heal. This is not entertainment, this is sad and pathetic.

  8. I would rather vote for Nicole to get this America’s care package. I’m pretty sure Bridgette is strong enough to survive for two weeks.
    Oh and for all of you who said: I can’t stand Nicole and her whiney voice, her attitude….. well then who is the mean girl now? I think you should all relax and don’t take this game too serious

    1. I’m the mean girl!!! Nicole is just awful. Terrible player looking for love with a guy who likes guys. Doesn’t matter that he does bc she should be worried about winning 500g! Bye big Leech!! She’s worst than Nicole and I love to see her cry. I hope she gets ignored all week Karma Ho!!!

  9. These nominations are what VIc thinks will go down in BB history! STFU. Give me a break! So much for VIc having any game play. Idiot, twerp. Another boring eviction – filled with meltdowns/ drama but zero game. Boring

  10. I hope that Nicole goes soon. I am getting tired of her playing out of jealousy. Besides her and her showmance Borey are about worthless.

    Finally why does it seem like they casted out of results?

    Paulie and Z /Natalie and James / Borey and Nicole. Surprised that Bronte and Paul / Victor and Michelle didn’t happen.

  11. Paulie can’t handle the truth when Michelle said that Paulie backdoored Victor. Another woman speaking her mind and we know what Paulie does when a woman has an opinion. He is going to do evertyhing in his power to get Michelle out now, because she spoke words against his highness. Paul wants Zakiyah out, and Paulie will do everything to get his way. Hope Paul stands his ground with Paulie this time,

  12. BTW Michelle saying she did not want to be thoughr of as a mean person was blown by her stating that she hates fat people and a majority of Americans are fat.

    1. I really hope that someone gets pissed off enough with Michelles tantrum bullshit and finally puts her in her place!! So much of what she says I just wanna hear someone tell her like it is an what they really think!! Like for example the bully thing I hope someone tells her you did act like a bully and give every example why… or getting mad at everyone for everything, cmon nobody in there even knew you a month ago their all there to win for themselves so if they have to do something like stay quiet or vote with the house to prevent themself t
      from screwing up their game then how can you be mad?? At least Vic had the balls to tell her the truth that he does think shes mean! Im torn on if I think Z should go because she could fuck up Paulies shot at winning but then agai she really wouldnt put him up but meech is a loose cannon that could do anything. My argument if I was Paulie would be who knows what meech will say or do at least Z is less likely to go nuts an flip bc of emotions and is easier to read shes very predictable!

  13. this is great tv then next will be bridget super safe week after
    this in will somebody please put Nicole on the block in if victor backdoor pulie I be like thank you get him out too

  14. When you go on the block it’s a great idea to tell a probable voter that you’re mad at them. Well played Meech!

    1. I’m starting to like Paul. Paul:There’s 2 other holes. Nat: I wasn’t expecting that . James can’t compete with that. Right, Dirk?

      1. The follow up question to the two other holes response should’ve been “If YOU were the one who couldn’t have sex would you give her your blessing to have sex with someone else?

    2. Paul is extremely offensive and annoying, but he is to be commended for coming from being on the block and on the wrong side of the house, to being paired with the strongest player. Even though he is annoying the heck out of us, the other house guests thinks he must be America’s Favorite Player. He got little blood on his hands last week, some how. His social game in the house is pretty strong.

      I knew Z would throw Meech under the bus. And Meech will cry and stress eat all weak. Lay there and consider how Tiff and Bridget felt when you were ignoring them in the house, making fun of their tears. Or don’t. Just eat and gain 10 lbs.

    1. The historical part of VIk’s big move is yet to come. It will happen when he is up on the block during DD next week, just like Da’Vonne said.

  15. Hey at least she had the guts to say…”I’m not the one that back doored him!!! Hear that Vic… Remember Vic. Even so, stupid James would used his 2 votes to save him.

  16. All I can say is that last HOH comp was designed for someone with a lower center of gravity and less mass, which is typically the women in the house. The fact that Victor is neither of these things and won shows you just how unengaged/lacking hunger these women are. You can’t win if you don’t play to win. Now they are being made mince meat of by the guys and crying about it. Michelle and Z need to truly get it in their heads NOBODY is going to rescue you! Stop playing the guy’s game and grab a win. So much damage has been done at this point though, that they are running out of moves.

    Victor shows his age. He’s an impressionable idiot. This is the same guy who was alarmed that he could be thought of as treating women badly, yet he found no cause to nix the idea of taunting two women on the block (not calling the act directly sexist, but I would’ve thought he would’ve erred on the side of caution to avoid being labeled that again.)

    1. Low center of gravity does help. So it’s pretty impressive that Nat did great as well. Considering 1/3 of her body mass is in her chest.

  17. Not that I care but Meech sided with the vets and voted out Jozea. Then she voted out Vic. Then she followed the house to vote out Bronte. Then she didn’t speak to Tiffany when she knew she was getting voted out. Then she didn’t use the veto on the one person who she could team up with because she hated Bridgette. And then Da gets voted off and wants an apology from everyone.

    Seriously, dumb stupid girl. Her only move she could of made was save Frank and maybe restore her game. Other than that, she was a goner from the get go.

  18. That has to have been the biggest move in big brother history! Victor is for sure a top ten player for targeting the two girls in the house who are the most veunerable and powerless! Makes total sense!
    I hope victor wins afp. If not it should be Paul it seemed like Paul might need the money based on that episode last night.

  19. By process of elimination, Bridgette MUST get the next care package. She’s next on PP’s hit list. She’s my only hope for putting PP on the block.

  20. The worst part of this entire mess is I hate victor for his nominations, and yet I still think Michelle deserves it. Smh way too hard to pick a side when they’re both unlikable.

  21. I love it when someone, anyone, (in this case Little P) argues for a plan that doesn’t mesh with Paulie’s plan-especially when that someone makes valid points. Mostly I just like it when Paulie’s veneer starts to crack. He tries so hard to clench his jaw and talk over people and convince everyone that they actually agree with him, they just haven’t realized it yet. It’s funny to see him get rattled considering his breeding and all. It also allows me just a tiny sliver of hope that someone, anyone will finally see through those cracks and realize they have to quit playing Paulie’s game.

  22. I tried hoping Vic would surprise us all. I really did….sigh.

    Michelle now bawling…at least i’ll see that. Not so nice when u go up, huh?

    1. They were given clues on how to find the secret paris room. They had to dial paris on the phone booth phone to then open a hatch and crawl through a tunnel into the paris room. Inside the room there were 12 envelopes (11 are one-way tickets and one is a round trip ticket to re-enter the house if they’re evicted). The envelopes aren’t opened until they’re evicted and on stage with Julie Chen.

      1. I could be wrong but I think they are asking where they keep it now that they have it so I guess no one else messes with it or takes it.

        I would assume they keep it with their personal items, they know the rules about messing with it.

    2. I’m pretty sure they just keep their envelopes/tickets with their other personal items since Da pulled hers out of her bag once on stage with Julie.

  23. It’s time that the Floaters go home, if you can’t win at the comps then you need to go home. The ones who really play the game and win comps should stay in the house and play against each other to win. I can’t stand the ones that don’t do anything but hide behind someone strong and wins the game. Cory is good example he can’t win anything he should go home with Michelle and Z , Natalie and Nicole. Let someone one that play’s to win actually win the game. But that won’t happen I am sure one of the floaters will win.

  24. Vic is a p###y for staying in his HOH room? She’s laid in bed for 2 weeks now and she’s crying AGAIN. Never been on the block, bragged about it, gloated when others were up. Isolated them. Made fun of them. Take it like a woman. Take it like Bridget. Or lay there and cry til Z goes home and do it all over again on the block the next week. Whatever.

  25. I have been a Victor fan since he won the Ride The Rocket competition.
    It is getting harder and harder to pull for him when he just doesn’t get the social aspect of the game. He has no intuition at all. He does not even know how to read people and their intentions.

    1. I like Victor too. He seems to be a nice person but at the same time has an extremely large ego and is very basic in his thinking.

  26. Who do you think will go home if Z and M stay on the block? (I think Paulie will try to save Z but not by using a Veto)

    Z for thumbs up
    M for thumbs down

  27. Natilie is fake as can be. I see right through her. She is probably secretly and evil person in real life. She might be a narscistic person that will do anything to get her way. There is something about her that is really terrifying. She cries and uses her cuteness it’s gotten her this far. Shes the type of girl that will manipulate anyone to get what she wants especially the guys. I’m talking about outside this game also. During the Hoh comp they said she would act sad, angry, or happy. Her moods change quickly second her mood change rapidly. Corey said it gave him the creeps how fast her mood changed and when she got her way she had this evil smile on her face after crying. Paulie knows she’s fake and is acting all cute but in the real world she’s wild. I bet she doesn’t drink on the show because the real Natilie will come out , she’s probably an angry agressive drunk and overly flirtatious. She wants to move to Texas and it’s probably because Corey lives there. She can care less about James .

    1. So if you have self control, are cheerful, don’t make fun of people, you must be fake, evil & manipulative? Okay. Then Meech is really sweet, Z is actually a good girl, James is really smart, and I have a piece of swamp land I’d like to sell you.

      1. I don’t need to defend Zakiyah and Michelle they put all their cards on the table. Everyone knows how mean they are. All Natilie talks about is about is AFP. She knows the cameras are watching 24/7 and everything that comes out of her mouth is filtered or contrived. They call her ft for a reason. Who lies about that? I don’t care for Nicole either. I see Natilie and Nicole gunning for each other because they want to be the center of attention. Natilie wants Corey and he doesn’t give her the attention she wants and once Nicole is gone I can guarantee she’s going to ditch James and go for Corey. She wants girl power but decides to through a girl on the block. So real

        1. “FT” is another derogatory remark about someone’s physical appearance, and is what makes so many of the house guests despicable. It does not reflect character to have “FT”, but it does reflect a lack of character to judge something so insignificant.

        2. Who lies about it? In what f’ing world are Nat’s boobs anyone else’s business. People are out of line for asking about them in the first place.

        3. But I have to comment on this again. I’m just taken aback that you actually think Natalie is somehow obligated to tell everyone about her boobjob. You have issues.

    2. I was so annoyed hearing her cry about wanting a letter from her mom. Everyone wants to win and get a letter. Natilie thinks she’s special to have everyone fall for your looks. I’m glad Victor didn’t budge. If the roles were reverse he would of been on the block next to Nicole. If you were that close to your mom you would know her birthday. Girl bye

    3. Nat just can’t win with girls like you. If she was bitchy then she’s a bitch. But since she’s sweet she’s somehow fake. Work on improving yourself instead of pointing fingers at others. You hateful jealousy is unattractive.

    4. She proved she would “c u next Tuesday” when week 2 or 3 her and Vic’s love/ hate relationship cause her to cry to everyone about how he ( Vic) was such a jerk and she could have any guy she wanted!! I laughed so hard while cursing her “c u next tuesdayness” I almost fell off my comfy couch!! LMFAO

  28. Ha ha ! I totally did see that coming LOL Jk.
    It’s going to be a boring and predictable as I said earlier.
    These nominations are not going to go down as the greatest move in BB history the only move that could go down as the greatest move in BB history is if you backdoor paulie and rally the votes to take him out and get a actual blindside this week than that’ll be biggest move in BB history other than that vic needs to stfu about all that crazy talk .

  29. So let me get this straight, according to Paulie’s logic- Michelle’s losing her damn mind over being nominated while Zakiyah is cool about it, yet Z should be the one voted out?!? Makes zero sense. I’d respect Paulie more if he just said, I’m tired of Z hanging all over me, I need some space, she needs to get the boot.

    1. Paul is the one saying that, not Paulie. I think they might have an issue about this. Paulie is going to be looking for a jury vote getting Zakiyah out right now is not in his best interest. He wanted her out, then he flipped to wanting Michelle out. Now Paul is pushing for Zakiyah to go and Paulie is quietly backing down.

      1. I think it is all a smokescreen he wants to take Z- floater to the end. He does not want to show his cards to his boys. I am glad Paul called him out on Z.

  30. Did anyone else notice the unopened cans of soup next to James on the nightstand when he was talking to Natalie and Da during last night’s episode. I couldn’t figure out why they were in the bedroom and not the kitchen?? Lol.

    1. It was requested to be put in his HOH basket, and I’m quite sure someone would eat them if he put them in the kitchen or storage room.

      That, or he has a wicked prank planned that involves soup.

      1. That makes much more sense! Thanks for the clarification.

        Hoping for a soup prank, but not holding my breath.

  31. Good Grief! Michelle either is the best actor on the planet or she needs some very serious help! yes, she’s a mean girl…not as innocent as she’d like people to believe. But mostly………………..
    She is emotionally unfit to be in the house. This next week will be karma for her……..all the bad she sent out will be coming back to her. And I think she knows it.

    Only person to give next ACP to is Bridgette since America screwed Nat & James. Bridgette is our only saving grace for the rest of the season.

    1. Zak or Meech will leave this week (depending on which P wins the war). DE will likely take out Vic or Bridgette with P&P/NiCorey discussing throwing HOH to Zak to take out Vic. Assuming it’s Meech/Vic leaving in next 2 evictions that leaves Zak or Bridg as the only 2 players who can win CP other than gruesome 4-some. Plus chance Bridg goes out on DE equals wasted votes with a good chance Nicole’s massive fan base has her 2nd so she’d be safe (boo).

      I’m hoping Bridg gets through DE and don’t want to waste votes for HOH so what about voting for Corey to get safety. He’s going to be safe anyway. He’ll look hilarious in the costume, Nicole/Paulie will go crazy wondering why they didn’t get CP. AND maybe P&P will think Nicole will get next package so maybe they target her that week! Plus that saves Co-HOH or my preference the Bribe CP for Bridg.

      OR… since there are still 3 packages to give (safety/Co-HOH & Bribe) assuming most don’t want Ratcole or P&P to get their hands on them AND knowing the only people to chose from other then them are the 2 currently on the block,

    2. Zak or Meech will leave this week (depending on which P wins the war). DE will likely take out Vic or Bridgette with P&P/NiCorey discussing throwing HOH to Zak to take out Vic. Assuming it’s Meech/Vic leaving in next 2 evictions that leaves Zak or Bridg as the only 2 players who can win CP other than gruesome 4-some. Plus chance Bridg goes out on DE equals wasted votes with a good chance Nicole’s massive fan base has her 2nd so she’d be safe (boo).

      I’m hoping Bridg gets through DE and don’t want to waste votes for HOH so what about voting for Corey to get safety. He’s going to be safe anyway. He’ll look hilarious in the costume, Nicole/Paulie will go crazy wondering why they didn’t get CP. AND maybe P&P will think Nicole will get next package so maybe they target her that week! Plus that saves Co-HOH or my preference the Bribe CP for Bridg.

  32. Some of you complain when people aren’t doing something and then when you see people actually making moves –you guys root against them… I find this incredibly fascinating but kinda sad at the same time.

  33. As much as it pains me to say this BB might as well end this game & write Pauline & Paulette their checks! Dumb a$$ Victor’s gonna wish he listened to Da!

  34. This has got to go down as the WORSE BB ever. I’m so sick of all the bullying this season. Pauley, Paul & that cry baby Michelle are the biggest douches ever. Karma is a bitch and I hope it gets you three in a big way.

    1. I’m wondering if there’s any games Meech can actually blow up. She’s been oblivious to all the shifts in the house thinking she’s still tight with most of them. They all know about the Fatal Five, they all know about the Eight Pack, she really has no legitimate secrets. They’ve fed her a bunch of baloney in the recent weeks. Still, it would be better than watching her cry and screech “America is going to hate me!!!!”. Sigh.

  35. As much as I want Michelle gone, I kinda hope she stays just so I can see her face when Bridgette gets a care package and she doesn’t. That would be hilarious and it would make up a bit for this crap season.

    1. I think that wish will come to true because Z is more dangerous to the house than Meech so I think Z will go this week.

      It’s going to be so good because the care package is quite powerful this time. Meech will really get the message then!

  36. I’ve never seen or heard a grown adult cry like Michelle does. I can’t tell if it’s real or fake. One thing’s or sure…it’s downright disturbing. I’m leaning toward that being her actual cry since we hear it every time she doesn’t get her way.

    I believe the only houseguests truly self-aware are Natalie and James. Corey seems like a good guy, but something about him is confusing. (I do think BB should have given him his meds…something’s just not right with him). All these other hgs have a false sense of what they are (intention and perception are two different things) They seem to be cartoon characters or a living episode of The Twilight Zone. And I can’t believe none have caught on to Paulie’s game. He has them all drinking the Koolaid by the bucket. Zakiyah is truly dehydrated.

    I know this game is difficult, but what did these hgs expect? To all be liked? To all win? C’mon! Get real!

    I’m still rooting for Natalie and James for the win.

  37. So Paul wants to get rid of Z, who is calm, acting like she doesn’t care and thinking Paulie may save her. While Paulie wants to get rid of Michelle, who is bringing up old memories of how Vic was backdoored. I hope these noms cause a fight for power in the house between Paul and Paulie.

    1. I think Paulie pretends to want Z I think he wants to take her to final 2. Paul is winning comps and proving to be a strategic player. If Z, or Michelle come of the block and no veto play for Paulie this is the best week for Paul and Vik to BD Paulie. Hopefully Paul sees through Paulie’s Z-smokescreen.

      1. I’m hoping Victor and Paul backdoor Paulie. Maybe thats why he’s so eager to take Michelle off the block. Z can’t vote. All they will need is 4 solid votes to get Paulie out. That could really turn this game around. Paulie kinda threw Paul under the bus about knowing Z getting put on the block.

  38. So Victor p*ssied out and nominated two of the weakest players…big surprise. But still thinks he’s making a “big” move….idiot.

      1. I wish they had a live feed for Survivor. It is one of my favorite shows of all time, but I do suspect it is heavily edited.

  39. This crying and trying to get ppl to feel sorry for her is all to try and not get voted out. Fake tears not getting anyone to vote out Zak unleas Paulie gives the ok.

    I still think Paulie will get Michelle out over Zak. Paul should have red flags going up in his brain that Paulie never let’s him have any say. Paul should rally the troops to make a plan to take out Paulie in the double.

    Of course James would never vote out Paulie his daddy who he is riding thru game. Nor would he let Natalie.

    Why is James still there? I can’t stand listening to or looking at James. He is the worst. Andy is a dream compared to James.

    You know it’s bad when you start thinking Corey would be a acceptable winner for this season.

    Corey the doufus seems wonderful compared to the rest left. I swear to god if Paulie, Paul, James or Nicole win I am going to re evaluate my BB obsession.

    1. So much of this game depends on who wins the comps. But, my guess is that you will be reevaluating, because it’s likely one of them will win.

  40. I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again: The Neanderthal(Brendan) and Jeff would have never ever ever considered putting Rachel and Jordan on the block.They would have fought tooth and nail to keep them off. They both sacrificed their own game so that their girls could win. Even Evel Dick used the POV on his daughter and pulled her off the block while he stayed on. This little twat; This punk a** bit** Paulie is no good. I hope that he wins POV and Not use it on Zak so she can open her eyes up to what a scumbag and douche that he is

    1. He’ll throw the veto comp to keep her jury vote. But Meech is going this week. Nobody is gonna want to spend another week living with her when she’s on the block, so they’ll get rid of her Thursday.

  41. Be strong,, Big Meech! Show those bastards you can win comps and be a strong woman! Get Zakiyah out because she’s not playing the game…she thinks she’s on a The Bachelor and hope to marry Paulie…yuck!!!

  42. Let’s just hope that Vic nominated the 2 week playersas part of a plan to backdoor Paulie. Let’s face it, Paulie has proven he can win comps, so it doesn’t make sense to put him up in the initial nomination.

    A good BB player (and I’m not sure Vic is there yet… but I’m hoping) would at least try to backdoor Paulie and somehow try to leverage James’ care package advantage to make it happen.

    However these summer campers are unlikely to put that strategy together… for pete’s sake people, you only need THREE votes to get someone evicted this week!!!


  43. Why can’t the live feeders be HH for the double eviction? That would really blindside the house!
    The runner up would be the veto replacement.
    I would put up Paulie and Paul with Victor as the replacement. I would laugh my a$$ off if Natalie and Bridgette were the final two! I think Natalie is smarter than everyone thinks.

  44. Fck all of you. My son treats women right! You’re all just jealous you will never get to put your lips on his delicious neck!

  45. Unfortunately Victor wants so desperately be part of the guys group that he’ll always do what they say. He’s so clueless of how the game should be played, that I hope the DR can give him a little hint of what to do if the veto is used.

  46. Temper tantrums, crying, stuffing her mouth, throwing things, mean to others…acting like a spoled three year old!!!
    Serously Meech needs help!

  47. Why does everyone want to have Paulie’s attention? Z thought she had to worry about the girls flirting with Paulie but little did she know that she was going to have to fight Corey, James, Paul, and Vic for his attention to lol! I don’t know what Paulie’s end game is here because he is getting rid of a potential vote for him in jury. Does he not think that other evicted houseguest will tell Z what he has said about her all season long? I think he might have feelings for her in a strange Paulie crazy way and he doesn’t know how to act on them. He didn’t come there looking for a showmance and I think it caught him off guard. Hence why he wants her gone. He still should be man enough to just tell her he’s not ready for a relationship. Talking trash about her and doing God knows what under those sheets late at night only makes him look like a douche bag. And she looks stupid for allowing him to belittle her and use her because she doesn’t have a backbone to tell him to f$&@ off. Whatever the case this season of BB is a bust! Just give Paulie the check and move on because everyone is to scared to take a shot at him this late in the game.

    1. It was the same in BB4 everyone wanted to join Jared’s fraternity and be his best buddy. Sort of good looking guys, greasy chat, lures them in.

  48. I can’t get over how clueless these girls are. All future BB female contestants need to remember that the boys all get together and plot their demise. They all know the plan. Just start playing the game. Geez!

  49. I like Natalie but, Natalie saying what has Nicole done, she latched onto a boy to get further in the game. LMAO Natalie isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? At least Nicole didn’t flirt with all the boys like Natalie has. I’m glad Vic did not throw her the HOH. I knew he wouldn’t though as he is still pissed at her goodbye message.

    1. So I guess I imagined Nicole running her fingers through Paulie’s hair for like 10 minutes…

      Oh but Nat but her hand on Paulie’s leg for a second once. Yeah totally a bigger flirt…

    2. Natalie’s infamous flirting never seems to show up on the live feeds, just out of other houseguests mouths. I see they’ve brainwashed you too.

    1. could be
      (1) picking off false eyelash glue/mascara
      (2) nervous twitch ( she needs to control this tick because someone in tune will read her body language)

  50. I don’t think Paul or Victor are as stupid as they are playing. I think they have been playing together way under the radar and this is their move to backdoor Paulie. If not I hate to tell you Victor this isn’t even the biggest bowel movement in BB history.

  51. The ft comments are offensive and you should apologize for those comments. There are people on here that only bash Nicole with derogatory words and never get called out for it It’s okay to dislike someone but don’t bash them for playing the game terribly. How quick did you guys turn on Nicole? To call her a slut or allude that she did something other than cuddling is disgusting. Calling her a desperate a whore for liking a guy or chasing not gay Corey and being in alliance just for d*** is really offensive. Nicole is playing a horrendous game strategy or lack there of. But does that make her a bad person. Hating Natilie because she likes Corey is not part of the game its off of emotions. She’s a young girl and has a lot to reflect on. Give her a freakin break. Shes obviously very insecure to think she’s not pretty enough is really heartbreaking. Whrn she gets out I’m pretty sure she will be handling the backlash situation just like Meech will be. She hasn’t said anything bad about anyone unless she’s talking based off of someone’s character or intentions.

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