McCrae says I just love how Elissa is sucking my di*k! Amanda says I really wish you wouldn’t put it that way.

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


12:45am Amanda and Aaryn continue to talk it out in the HOH room. Amanda says I genuinely was to know you beyond being scisor sisters outside of this game. I don’t see that with anyone else other than you, Andy and McCrae. That’s why I trust you guys, that’s why I trust the four. Aaryn says it’s because I have been attacked by things that suck like me being a bit*h and me being racist. I do get defensive about stuff like that. Amanda says but you don’t need to get defensive with me. I am your allie, I am with you. I back you up or when people want to get rid of you or when McCrae throws out your name of putting you up as a pawn, I shut it down right then and there. I’m your biggest ally. Out of the four of us, I am your biggest ally and I have been since the beginning. I’m the one that went to Andy and McCrae and said that we should bring you in. It was me and it was only me from the beginning. Aaryn says I am still skeptical about McCrae. Amanda says he is skeptical about even me, he is a worry wart. Amanda say I want Spencer gone, then Elissa and then I want Ginamarie gone. I want us to be in the final four (Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Andy). I am telling you that I want Specner gone, it’s Andy and McCrae that want Ginamarie gone because they have a fake final deal with Spencer. Amanda says after that I didn’t want to be up here so I left, I would rather you and I hash it out alone. I took it out on McCrae and now he and I are legitimately fighting. He thinks you are going to up me up now tomorrow which is crazy. Amanda says we can’t do this, we can’t fight like this and talk sh*t to other people and have it influence them. Aaryn says Specner and Elissa are already going against me and their going to put me up. Amanda says they are going against me too. Aaryn says well great then I am going because you have an army and I don’t. Amanda says this is your problem you don’t trust the four. You say that McCrae doesn’t trust the four. Aaryn says he doesn’t so why would I. Amanda says he does trust the four, he has no choice. If you want to go against it then you’ll, he’ll leave the house. We are so f**king solid, we were all just sitting up here talking about how f**king solid we are, why would we break that. It pisses me off that you are sitting up here talking sh*t about me to someone who acts like she is 17. Aaryn says she doesn’t hate you. Amanda says I can just tell she doesn’t. Aaryn says you make me feel stupid some times like I am an idiot. Amanda says I talk to you like you are my little sister. We need to work things out like family and not get our friends involved. Amanda says I don’t trust Spencer or Elissa, I can’t read them. I feel like you have control over Ginamarie which is why I would rather have her here for final five. Aaryn says I feel McCrae and Andy have Spencer’s back over me. Amanda say no, no, you’re wrong they don’t they have the final four. Amanda says we work well together because you get the power through competitions and we control people through social. Amanda says you act like a victim with the racist stuff, you know its not true, I’m called a sl*t but it’s not true. Aaryn says I would rather be called a sl*t than a racist. Amanda says I am not going to go against you, ever! Aaryn says I just don’t want to look back and wish that I had done things differently. I am afraid to loose Ginamaire. Amanda says Andy is loosing his biggest ally Helen, but he is fine with it because he trusts the four. Aaryn says it scares me how easily Andy can lie, I’ve seen him lie to Helen just like how he talks to me.
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1am Meanwhile, out in the backyard – Spencer, Andy and McCrae are talking. Spencer tells Andy that Aaryn would have no leverage to get my vote to evict Amanda because I am safe regardless. Spencer says that he doesn’t want Amanda on the block. They all agree that it will simmer down by tomorrow. They talk about how even if Aaryn put up Amanda the think she would stay so it would just show where Aaryn lies. They talk about how Spence, McCrae and Andy wouldn’t vote out Amanda. Spencer says but it’s better to keep Aaryn as an ally until someone else like Elissa could put her up. Spencer says that he knows unofficially from what Ginamarie said that he might not be going up. Spencer thinks Aaryn putting Amanda up would be like a Jessie move. He says someone made me mad so I’ll put them up, it wouldn’t be smart. McCrae complains about how Amanda tried to prove she was right in the argument with Aaryn. McCare says as soon as all this happened, he knew that’s what Helen would push for. He says Helen sees all this, Elissa sees all this, and it’s like.. Spencer said they’re like vultures.

CBS Interactive Inc.

McCrae joins them in the HOH room. Aaryn says they are using this for me to go against you to get you out. Amanda asks was Helen trying to get you to put me up? Aaryn says yeah, but you will all see tomorrow that I wont do that. They talk about how Helen was up in the HOH room balling wanting me to put you up and even Andy was supporting it. Amanda asks what really, that would f**k me up just thinking about that. Amanda tells McCrae to go get Andy to come up here to clear the air. McCrae tells Andy to come up to the HOH room. Amanda asks Andy if when Helen was up in the HOH crying and trying to get Aaryn to back door me and you were supporting it, was it just to appease her? Andy says yeah. Andy says that Helen grabbed him arm and made me promise her my vote and it made me want to rip off all of my skin. It was hard but at the same time I know what is good for my game. It will kill me this week but you know I am solid. Amanda says after this week we have this, we have to stay solid. Andy says I know. Ginamarie joins them. Aaryn talks about how it’s different between when she is sober and drunk. Amanda asks it hides your disdain for me? Aaryn says no, it hides my worries. It’s different to have loyalty to someone from the beginning versus someone you gained loyalty to in the middle of the game.

Amanda leaves. Andy asks so where is your head at? Aaryn says I am putting up Spencer as the replacement. Aaryn says I am just worried about making a move that will screw me. Andy says it won’t. Aaryn says that Helen is going to die tomorrow when Spencer goes up because she knows she is going home. Aaryn says I just have this feeling with Helen that I am good with her. Andy and Ginamarie agree. Ginamarie asks so you don’t think Amanda and McCrae will put us up together if they win HOH next week. Andy says no. Aaryn says no, not yet. Ginamarie says I am okay with that if its not now. McCrae joins them. Aaryn tells him that she really didn’t want that to turn into that, I’m sorry. McCrae says no, you don’t need to apologize to me. Helen joins them.

2am – 2:25am Out in the backyard – Andy talks to Amanda. Andy tells Amanda she needs to learn to bite her tongue sometimes and not get into these fights with Aaryn. Amanda says that she is annoyed that she thinks Aaryn even considered back dooring me. Andy says that he tried to squash it. Amanda tells Andy that even if she went up she would have Spencer’s vote and would stay. Andy tells Amanda that Spencer said that he already told him they should keep Amanda over Helen if you was put up as the replacement. Andy says he has had her back and will until we get to the final four ..and even then I don’t know what I will do. Amanda says I know that you are the reason I am here today. Amanda says it’s hard when everyone wants you out. Andy says I take it as a testament to how strong of a game player you are how everyone realizes that you are calling a lot of the shots. Andy tells Amanda more power to ya, you’ve got balls and I don’t. Amanda tells Andy that Aaryn told me that you said that we (McCrae & Amanda) want Ginamarie out next. Amanda tells him Aaryn told her not to tell Andy she told her that. Amanda tells Andy that Aaryn was questioning whether she can trust Andy and McCrae. Andy says I know that Spencer wants to keep you around. Amanda says she knows she can trust that for this week and next at least. Amanda says that Aaryn is scared that you are such a good liar. Amanda says that Aaryn was telling her this to her when only ten minutes before she was thinking of back dooring me. Amanda and Andy agree that the alcohol is to blame for Aaryn’s behaviour tonight. Amanda and Andy head inside. Amanda goes and finds McCrae and they head out to the backyard where she tells McCrae about her conversation with Andy.


2:35am In the lounge room – Andy and Helen are talking. Andy talks to Helen about Amanda possibly being back doored. Andy tells Helen that if Amanda goes up he would keep Helen. Helen questions Andy about his loyalty. Helen tells Andy that she doesn’t want to think of him as a traitor. I want to think of you as Andy the truster. Out of all people you would be the one that would surprise me the most. I don’t want to think of you as a traitor. Andy says yeah you can trust me. Helen tells Andy even if I leave Aaryn will eventually win HOH again and go after you because they didn’t do what she wanted. Helen says she thinks Aaryn and Ginamarie are on my side. Helen says if Spencer goes up and Andy votes to keep Helen then Amanda and McCrae would be mad at him. Andy says that’s fine, I am ready because I need to get some blood on my hands at some point. Helen says it would be everyone versus Amanda and McCrae if Spencer was voted out. Andy and Helen head out of the lounge. Helen heads up to the HOH room. Helen tells Aaryn about how she told Andy that if he lies to her no one will trust me. He can be the traitor or the truster. Aaryn laughs at how Helen said that to Andy. Helen says I think I scared him a bit. Once he realizes that he will lose Elissa, you and Ginamarie if he votes me out. I already told Andy that I have the votes to stay. I told him if he doesn’t vote for me he is going to look like the traitor to America. Helen says he said that he is with me and you. Aaryn says that the only way I can put up Amanda is if I have 100% confirmation but once she is up she is going to go crazy. Helen says we just have to ignore her at that point. If we don’t put her up and get her out then you might as well hand her the game. Aaryn says if Amanda goes we have you, Elissa, Me, Ginamaie and Spencer. We just wouldn’t have McCrae. If we don’t get her out everyone will be after me. Helen says we just need to keep Spencer close. Helen says we can have a house meeting outside of Amanda and McCrae and say if we dont get them out we are writing them the cheque. Aaryn says Amanda is driving me bat sh*t crazy. Amanda joins them and then conversation ends between Helen.


3:05am Amanda asks Aaryn what’s wrong? Aaryn says I am about to ruin her world tomorrow. Amanda says yeah I just said the same thing to Andy – me and him feel really horrible. Amanda ask what did she say? Aaryn says just that no one will ever be able to get you out of the game. Amanda asks what did you say? Aaryn says just that if I put you up no one would vote to evict you and I would have everyone against me. Aaryn says that she thinks she could get Spencer if I didn’t put him up and that she would have Andy, Ginamarie and Elissa. Aaryn says I never said that I would do it, I just listened. Amanda says that that McCrae was worried you would put me up. Aaryn says don’t worry I won’t do it. Amanda heads downstairs.

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3:25am – 4:15am Andy and McCrae come up to talk to Aaryn. Aaryn tells them how Helen was pushing hard and threatening her to get Amanda out. McCrae and Andy talk about how we just need to stay strong. Aaryn says that she doesn’t care if Ginamarie goes home. Aaryn says that she is a pawn like Spencer and Elissa. Amanda joins them. They talk about how Helen is going to have a meeting with everyone but Amanda and McCrae. Amanda and McCrae think its hilarious and that it will piss off Spencer more than anything. They talk about Helen threatening people. Andy, Amanda and McCrae leave the HOH room. Amanda and McCrae head out to the backyard to smoke. McCrae says that after Helen pulls her meeting tomorrow and Aaryn doesn’t go for it, Helen is f**ked. Amanda calls Helen a 17 year old girl because of how she bosses people around. McCrae wonders if he she should listen in on the meeting or try and break it up. Amanda says no because they will turn it against him. McCrae says I just love how Elissa is sucking my di*k! Amanda says I really wish you wouldn’t put it that way. McCrae says it’s true though. Amanda and McCrae lay together on the couch and then head inside to bed.


4:20am In the bedroom – McCrae briefly talks to Spencer about the meeting Helen is going to have tomorrow. He tells him that everyone is just going to be playing along with it. Spencer says so when she wakes me up, just go up there and play along with it. McCrae says yeah play along and say yeah I don’t want to go up on the block. Spencer says so Aaryn knows that I will be just playing along with it. McCrae says yeah. Spencer says good deal. They end their conversation and go to sleep.


7:50am All the house guests are still sleeping..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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I am new to this show (second year rookie), but why does this feel like a CBS drama? I feel like the villain Amanda will now shockingly get backdoored, causing all kinds of fights and drama, gets evicted (the crowd goes wild! hehe), goes to ‘jury’…then they bring everyone back for the return comp, and BAM!! Amanda, who hasn’t won a damn thing finally wins her way back in…n all hell breaks loose!!! PLEASE NOOO!!!! *(double post..sorry. I meant to put this on a newer post)*


Nobody has the balls to even nominate Amanda, excluding America!!


Best case scenario, Amanda goes up and gets evicted; Candace or Jessie come back into the game, Mcrae wins next HOH puts up Helen and Aaryn and Aaryn goes home. Jessie wins next HOH puts up Helen and Andy, Helen goes home followed by Andy somehow during a double eviction. AAhh wishful dreaming. This will all be squashed this morning when Aaryn wakes up sober and puts up Spencer instead. Fu#@ You BB. LOL!


This is my scenario: Helen gets the boot (Let’s be careful how we treat someone, it may come back to bite you in the BUTT). OK, Helen goes, Candice or Jessie comes back, Elissa pulls their coat to what’s been going on, Candice or Jessie either are HOH or has Veto Power 1-2 weeks. Andy, comes in to find out, ok gang what we are going to do now, they tell Andy to get loss they’re onto him. Forget your dislike with Arryn, GM and Spencer and play the game. Start trying to get rid of DeManda, McPu??y and Andy. The reset button has been reset, Good Luck People get as far as you can the snakes have been removed!!!!


Well…..well….welll… we go again…..

Amanda is good. No wonder she’s a realtor. Amazing.

I got duped….I really thought Aaryn was going to put her up. Well, I really got duped.

Note to self: When these HG talk, let them talk. Don’t believe a damn thing they say until eviction night if Andy or Amanda has a say.

A person can wish

Even though I think Helen is annoying/ pathetic/ backstabber. I respect that she’s doing all she can to stay in the game. But I hope she leaves on Thursday, sees Andy goodbye message. Then win the competition to get back in the house and go crazy on these houseguests.


Andy’s goodbye will be an attempt to absolve himself of responsibility – he wa just going with the house because he had no choice – he tried to save her but couldn’t.


it won’t work, helen finally knows what andy’s been up to. too bad she never found a way to get spencer over to her side before the pov ceremony. as many times as he’s been on the block, you’d think spence would jump at any deal. i think he’s become complacent, and doesn’t realize how close he is to being on his way out. come on, spence, do the math!

i’ve never felt strongly about helen or amanda, but this weekend has forced me to evaluate these two. amanda’s power high and overconfidence is really getting on my nerves. even without any love for helen, i’l like to see helen take amanada down a peg or two, just to humble amanda a bit.

doesn’t everyone realize that if amanda did go on the block, she’d self destruct, and end up causing the house to turn against her? it would write itself. come on, aaryn, make a move!


while i dont particularly care for anyone in the house, easily my #1 dislike is demanda.

plz, anything to happen to make her not win the game (preferably leave soon too) aaryn, if you can go back to that train of thought to get her out, that will be the best thing for your image…i know it’d help with me.

The Black Fish

Looks like Aaryn is being moved out of 3AM, and Spencer is being moved in. That might be dangerous IMO, I think if Spencer could make a move against Amanda, without losing McCrae/Andy, he would do it in a heartbeat.

The White Fish

Sorry boyfriend but i do not think spencer will vote out mcrea or amanda. I think he now believes mcrea and him final 2. Spencer is way too close to mcrea now. I actually think mcrea prefers spencer to andy.
That all said, i would personally like to see people out in this order:
– amanda (love to see her go up in elissas replacement and be voted out!)
– andy
– mcrea
– aaryn
– spencer
– hellen (elissa only needs her this far and realizes jessie needs the money more)
– jessie (who i hope is the juror returning)
– elissa wins!
Or jessie can win. Ellissa take second and take americas vote too.
I love elissa and like jessie alot. I want them for final 2.
Helen needs to stay around a few more weeks as elissa needs her alliance.
This is my dream scenario. However I am open to other scenarios as i know im wishful thinking in this fish bowl.
As long as amanda andy aaryn and mcrea dont win, i dont care who else wins. I wouldnt even mind GM winning. Lol thatd be funny.
Then we could watch cbs pay for a GM and nick wedding tv special LOLOL

I love you black fish. Lets get married. Show the world that WE are not racist.


All you Elissa dopes ma me laugh. Elissa is not one one hundredth as smart as you give her credit for. Look at her game, if you can find any part of a game. Biggest floater and worst all-time player that ever was. Yet you cling to the fantasy that somehow, someway this moron will prevail. Tthe only way she wins is CBS / Boring Brother rigs it for her to win. And then that is not a sure bet.


Where is GM’s place on your list?

Varys Blackfyre

I would love to see Aaryn pull that trigger but we know it isn’t going to happen. I think they have all accepted the fact that Amanda is going to win the game and don’t even care anymore. I want to believe Spencer is just saying whatever to keep under the radar, but I’m not sure if he sees Amanda as a bigger threat than Helen. McCrae talks a lot of mess about people and what he will do when he’s not in that person’s face. I wonder what would happen if someone directly called him out. He would probably run to Amanda to protect him. Andy is spineless and realizes it himself.


If Aaryn would put Amanda up I would actually start watching the show again. Want some drama and excitement not just the boredom that this show has become. Come on Aaryn I know Amanda is a bully racist pig but please get just a little backbone and make a big move. If you don’t none of those weasels will because their backbones are not in existence.

Potty Mouths

Exactly!! Amanda calls Helen a 17 year old girl because of how Helen bosses people around. McPizza is just as ignorant!! Is he that stupid to be under a trance of the SHE DEVIL?


So I guess Amanda is a 17 year old girl too since she bosses everyone around to the extent that everyone is afraid of her. Aaryn should have locked her door when she saw her coming up to the HOH.


Yet Amanda cries for not winning comps, and hides behind a trash can….she didnt have to hide no one was looking for her anyhow.


At this point, spencer doesn’t care just as long as it’s not him leaving.- what a cowardly move on his part because he is just letting him fight while he slips on by without a target on his back. At this point, neither do I, because if it is Helen leaving on Thursday, she has a 25% chance of coming back. Go Helen!!! I would love it if Aryan did backdoor aMANduh because she can’t win anything and another deserving houseguest can come back in instead of her.


How is just trying to survive while being constantly OTB cowardly?


I’ve NEVER like McCrae and I never understood why everyone in house thought he was so nice. I saw the real McCrae the night Amanda and Jessie had a fight. He was trying to bully her the same way Amanda tried to bully Spencer on the couch outside. He deserves the name McP*ssy. He does’t say anything to the guys but he takes any opportunity to attack females. (just like Jeremy, I wonder how he likes watching Elissa on tv from his boat)

Why is GM still in the house? No one is discussing how they’re going to take her out. She’s floating by even past Andy. Wouldn’t it be funny if she won Big Brother? smh WORST SEASON EVER.


The only time McNasty has a voice is when it comes to talking down about women, insulting then BEHIND their back or when he has a crowd who will agree with him. This guy is an two-faced idiot and has NO backbone whatsoever and I’m a girl and I can probably make him cry like the p*ssy he really is. A true blue definition of a coward.


BB needs to get new writers! Every week it’s the same ole- “someone’s gonna make a big move!”. No one ever does. As much as I find GM a generally unappetizing person in every way, if she did manage to win; Nick would be a big help to her in spending the cash!

Potty Mouths

I kinda thought something was fishy about Manda. She may be a hermaphrodite!


Why are you insulting people with a legitimate medical condition.


*Hilarious*.. one of the best lines seen here.. *LOL*


I hope Helen is the one evicted on Thursday and after hearing Andy’s goodbye message wins the comp and return to the game with a vengeance.

What Do You Think?

Are the jury players in the jury house (Thumbs Up) or are they sequestered (Thumbs down). I’m guessing Thumbs Down. But naturally wishing it was Thumbs Up.


Unfortunately, if BB has the competition to return to the house the same night, they may not let her see any oodbye messages. They may announce who is evicted and then immediately tell them the twist and start the competition. If she gets evicted by “the House” then she will know Andy wasn’t loyal and would not trust him coming back into the house.
Is there no one we can root for this year!

What Do You Think?

Yes, but unless I’m mistaken – Candice and Jessie saw their good-bye messages – Judd didn’t because of the double eviction… so Candice and Jessie would have an upper hand…. if Helen is booted – she’ll know who the rats are – Judd is the one jury member that the remaining house guests will be able to play with (that is, play with his mind)….


I think in final 4 that Aaryn would backstabbed Amanda for many purpose. She would opportunity to get rid of Amanda without getting blood in our hands.


The reason they want aaryn out is because they needed her hoh wins to puppet, but now that there’s less people in the game they want her out because they’re paranoid she’s going to win the final hoh and the horrible showmance would be going. Replacing aaryn with spencer is a terrible move in my opinion. If she finds out all hell breaks loose.. Well anyway I’m hoping Jessie,Candance, or Helen come back on Thursday. Judd would just be mad at ellisa then he’d target her blah-blah.


The reason they want aaryn out is because they needed her hoh wins to puppet, but now that there’s less people in the game they want her out because they’re paranoid she’s going to win the final hoh and the horrible showmance would be going. Replacing aaryn with spencer is a terrible move in my opinion. If she finds out all hell breaks loose.. Well anyway I’m hoping Jessie,Candance, or Helen come back on Thursday.


I am so disappointed in this season’s house guests. Amanda is running the whole show, everyone is playing into whatever SHE wants them to do, no one will think or vote for themselves! They’re all a bunch of crybabies and scaredy-cats! I think Amanda is purposely losing every competition so she can appear weak and useless, but has anyone stepped back and realized… HEY, AMANDA IS TELLING US WHO TO VOTE OUT EVERY SINGLE WEEK AND WE DO IT?! This floater is going to make it to the final two by doing nothing if they don’t get her out SOON! Honestly, I think they missed their opportunity to get her out, and now it’s probably too late unless someone blindsides her. THAT would be a big move that needs to be made. People keep talking about “big moves” but they haven’t really made one yet. Everyone keeps talking about how they’ll vote “the way the house votes” — what they really are doing is voting the way Amanda wants them to. They’re all her little puppets and she’s the puppet master, no matter how smart or strong the other players think they are. I remember the good old days of BB when people actually played the game and weren’t afraid to shake things up.


I think Aaryn knows they won’t have the votes to get Amanda out, so she won’t nominate her. I want Judd to come back in, I think he would make the game interesting again. Remember the Jury gets to see the CBS shows, so if Judd does in fact come back I find it unlikely he will follow Amanda’s lead. I know many on this board want either Jessie or Candice to come back but I don’t think either of them will make the slightest ripple in the game, just a few good arguments before they are evicted again.


Judd blames Elissa/Helen for his eviction so he would be another one of Amanda’s sheep, Helen coming back would be the only exciting winner since she’ll finally know who’s on who’s side…not that I want her in there, but we do need SOMEBODY who would be willing to go after Amanda. If Aaryn would go with her gut and put Amanda up, she would have a new fan in me, but for now she’s just another minion.


It depends on whether or not the jury members have been sequestered. If it is like BBCA, they have had time together to talk. If they have talked, he may have learned some info from Jessie and even Candice. We shall see.


Not necessarily & even if he does, a lot of people could set him straight if they decide he could help them.


They won’t show them anything since one of them is coming back into the game. Remember Julie said she couldn’t tell them anything because one of them would be coming back, so Judd will only know what each other say in the jury house by comparing notes. I think he will get sucked back into McCrea and Andy and there will be a boys alliance if he comes back. I don’t want either Andy or McCrea to win so I hope someone else comes back in.


“Oh, what a tangled web we weave…when first we practice to deceive.” ? Walter Scott

And, Amanda is the ‘Spider in Chief’!


Playing The Game

“Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” G. Orwell


McMinute, the only person that would suck your dick is your Onion Smelling Bride who is going to dump you for a man that can last longer than a minute.


To put up Amanda or not? I am torn between wanting Helen to see how dumb she was to whittle her alliance down to ONLY Elissa and is desperate to have to suck up (fake) to GM and wanting to see who Andy will eventually side with between Helen and Amanda. The way I see it MC and Spencer team Amanda. Elissa and GM team Helen. Andy is the swing vote.


Geez people grow some and get AMANDA out!!!!!!!!!

This Year Sucks

Did McCrae and Amanda discuss Spencer going along with whatever is discussed at the meeting in the morning? If not, is trying to let Aaryn think that Spencer is okay with backdoor so that Aaryn will put Amanda up as the replacement? I do not have the feeds and just curious if Amanda and McCrae discussed this or if McCrae is finally ready to cut Amanda?


Amanda has reached a certain level of “demonic mastery” which is why most of them are afraid of her (except Elissa). This is why Aaryn gets so angry at Amanda because Aaryn plays for the same demonic team but isn’t at the same high level that Amanda is and she gets mad at Amanda being dominant over her. Aaryn has a goal in life to be a demonic master but without anyone knowing it…which is actually a higher level. So these demonic devotees want to be in charge and that’s why they butt heads. Amanda is older and more established in her study of the “dark arts” so Aaryn get upset.

Andy is also in the dark field but he is at a follower level like Mc.

GM is just lost in the dark land.

And Spencer is just an asshole!!

Huddie Lead Belly

Irene, Goodnight…..

Potty Mouths

I am still horrified at the vile disturbing cramp that comes out of these disgusting guests’ mouths.
Is this the sign of our times?


I agree, I wonder too, especially when many commenters on this site are just as bad at times.


Aaryn go ahead and wright Mc-nasty a check.

Ex Fan

I see McHanda has planted her fat ass in the HOHbed again. I’d kick her out of bed!!


when did elissa talk to mcdumb? i thought it was helen that was sucking up? don’t have live feeds, so am not sure what mc is talking about


Every time there is a glimmer of hope, it gets squashed. If aaryn is concerned about her public image, wouldn’t you think she would latch on to the nicer people. I’m no fan of Helen’s but as a human being she is way more respectable that Amanda. I admire Helen’s day to day actions, cleaning up after everyone, cooking their food, doing their laundry, getting her excercise. Amanda gets up at 4:00 to smoke out side and badmouth everyone in the game. That’s it. She’s pretty disgusting. Once it’s clear that Amanda is going to win, I may have to stop watching. I like the game, but this year is tedious. I would try again next year.


That’s true. But she doesn’t and she falls right back into her same mold especially with people Gina Marie. She may have admired Helen because Helen says nice stuff to her but at the end of the day she falls back on her true personality. I think she’s more concerned about possibly being held accountable for her attitude than anything else and not having a clear defense. What’s sort of ironic is that Gina Marie has said the worse things and doesn’t have a care in the world. And although Aaryn is accountable or her own words and actions she really seems to have some of the lowest conversations with her. Probably why she wouldn’t have minded her leaving. I don’t like Aaryn, I think shes pretty screwed up and negative. But she’s carrying the weight of the tone in there when she clearly had help and it was also enabled by her peers.

This Season Blows

As much as I dislike Demanda, the people on her who apparently can’t criticize her without spewing Anti-Semitic comments are just as bad.




Who is throwing out Anti-Sementic comments. I don’t see them. I think most people think she is just a vile person. She parades around like she is Miss America and doesn’t realize she really is unattractive. She really looks like the Sasquatch. Those cross eyes, linebacker shoulders, eyebrows and nose. The only kind of womMAN McMinute could ever get. The only reason she has lasted this long is because of the help of a certain producer and getting help from production. She has no class. Well if she wins everyone will know the game is rigged. Nothing to do with her being Jewish. In fact, the Jewish peope, who are great people should be ashamed of her actions on this show.


Yes all Jews should feel guilty because of Amanda. Right, Ahmijinajad.?


This season may be worse than Season 9… and that was BAD…but this…. Pathetic.
Do these people really deserve to be there or what?


Put up AMANDA!!!!!


Your comment took my breath away. How can you say such a despicable thing about any human being? Please take some time to to search within yourself for the small ray of light that is your humanity.


Onion dick McCrea Ellisa have way to much class to suck your 2 minute dick.


Aaryn should be picking up on Andy trust of Mcmanda. She should know hat in the end Andy will
Take McCrack. Amanda gets social points. Aaryn gets competition points. Andy will not win he knows
He is a rat, Helen has put in his mind trust r traitor. Andy should know now Amanda has to much power everyone the very thing he
Told Aaryn not to say to Ammanda she told it.

Now I see he problem with this type of game play, they have all become paranoid that info will get back to the Queen Bee
They want to be the first to tell so they don’t look bad in he eyes. They don’t know what’s fake or real. Hats why I would not
Be surprised if Andy go next week, because they will not be able to make a private move without him gone. They will use
The comp. winners to take each other out. Final 3 Amanda, Mccrea, Spencer. Spencer will be in final 2.

Pinocchio Obama

Aaryn has does it feel to be Amanda’s puppet?


Just my observation: They are selling this great ideal wrong. First, let’s just take out all the personal BS. Then sell it like this to Spencer, GM, Elissa, Andy and Aaryn:

Who has control the house all season long, Amanda (here is where Helen needs to focus on facts only and learn to listen carefully), who has not won single solitary competition. Who is the only power couple still remaining in the house (Amanda and keychain). Who was responsible for leading the charge in evicting David (Amanda), evicting Nick (Amanda), evicting Jeremy and Kaitlin (Amanda) and evicting Howard (Amanda). Who is responsible for turning on their own alliance, the Moving Company (McCrae), who is responsible for turning on his own best buddy, Judd (McCrae).


If Helen goes, then who is next, who is disposable in the Amanda/McCrae push to get to F2. Emphasize, no specific order is needing but say here are the next in line to be evicted: Spencer, Gina Marie, Elissa. Then there will be a fight to see who goes first between Aaryn and Andy, since Aaryn is the strongest competitor, why would Amanda/McCrae take her into the final 3.

Now say, did we all just come here to allow Amanda & McCrae to both get the $500,000 and $50,000 prize money or did we all come to compete to win the FUCKING game. Are you ready to level the playing field or are you all going to roll over and let them WIN!!!!


I don’t want to see Aaryn, Ginamarie, or Amanda in the final 3. It’s too bad so many idiots are playing this game. They were handed PRIME opportunities to get rid of Amanda many times. This season BITES!


I have to laugh, Amanda is becoming an Andy, when people start to talk about her, she happens to walk in the room. Are production warning to her to get in there and break up the conversation they are having about her.

Elissa's Botox

“Aaryn says I would rather be called a sl*t than a racist.”

ha ha she is actually right about that. She would have been better off walking around in the nude and having sex on the hammock to advance a career in entertainment instead of being the mean beaaaach that has thrown out racial slurs


I can’t stand Amanda and desperately want her gone but, Oh My God, Simon, I can’t believe you allowed “regrets” comment to be published! I mean “gas chamber!” Seriously?


Damn, there was a glimmer of hope that Aaryn would wake the fuck up, and start playing the game to WIN 500k, and she goes right back to being a sheep.

It’s a known fact that Amanda’s game is pure garbage, it’s just that the house is so fucking retarded.

I would forever embarrassed if I played the game this way, I’d rather go home with nothing instead of be someone’s sheep.


f’n spencer.

the one redeeming quality he ever had was when he wanted to go full force against demanda. i partially forgave his crudeness when he was like that. but apparently he lost that edge and turned into another pussy sheep for the queen.


Hey dumbass McPussy, you have to have a dick before anyone can suck it!!!!! You stupid asshole.


If Aaryn doesn’t put up Amanda at the very least she could put up McCrae or Andy. But she is a coward and won’t stand up or anything and has allowed Amanda to screw with her head. Which isn’t chard to do if you are clued in to her insecurities and childishness. She doesn’t realize that is is Amanda who told her that she’s been labeled as a racist. So instead of Aaryn being an adult and trying to get to the bottom of it one-on-one with the two black people in the house before they left she just takes her account at face value and runs with it. The same way she stood up to Candace after flipping her bed and than talking sh*t about her even after she left, she could stand up or herself and attempt to get out the person she feels she should and make a big move.


What FrankinManduh is not realizing is once Helen is evicted she will really be in trouble! Seeing as how she will NEVER win an HOH, it’s going to be between GM, Elissa, and Spencer for HOH this week. (McSissyBoy is too scared to win, don’t want blood on his hands). If either wins, I think she may be in trouble….wait a minute….I have never heard of sheep attacking a sheep dog. Never mind.


“Amanda calls Helen a 17 year old girl because of how she bosses people around.”

Pot calling the tea kettle black.


Spencer can’t be that stupid, if he doesn’t go along with the plan to vote out Amanda then he’s basically volunteering to be the pawn.


It’s funny how Amanda says Helen bosses people around! I’m done seeing amanda it sucks that everyone is scared of her and can’t go against her, this season is sooo BORING I just hope that Helen comes back into the game I would love to see Amanda’s face !


I guess it is still somewhat in the open who will go up once Elissa is off the block. At this point I would guess either Amanda or Helen will return to the game once evicted and nothing would have changed. So I am personally cheering for Spencer to be put up on the block and either Judd, Candice or Jessie to return to maybe change the dynamic in the house somewhat, preferably Jessie because she at least tried to play hence with no alliance and little stamina, sadly so.

I do not see any fun gameplay (for the little there is) without either Amanda or Helen. Aaryn can only win comps, GM is plain stupid and Spencer has as much of a clue as Adam.

The one thing, that I would like to see, is to evict Andy and let them ‘play’ without the tattletale…….. It would be interesting to see them all strategize without that Andy-load of information.


Does Amanda have a the votes to win the game? I don’t see it.


Would never vote for her.


are her only votes

Aaryns eyebrows

I took this post as Aaryn WILL put up Amanda. She was clearly lying to Mcrae and Amanda about wanting GM gone too…I really think she will put Amanda up and the rest of the house (including Mcrae) will see this as an opportunity. At least that is what we are hoping….we also hope Aaryn will fix us soon…


I don’t get it…… Seems like a lot of people are saying Aaryn should make a big move and get out Amanda…..But last week it was make the big move and get out Helen. I think Aaryn IS making a big move and I hope Helen goes home and doesn’t come back into the game. I want her to think she should of listeded to Jessie and got Amanda out when she had the chance…. Helen is my least favorite with Amanda/Aaryn and GM all tied for a close second. At this point I would be OK with McCrae or Elissa winning but there is a lot of game left and anything could happen.


Aaryn. Aka. Lynsey Lohan needs to stop mixing that Adderall with alcohol. Jeez!!!

Amanda's Therapist

WHY do the HG feel they need to stay loyal to the bitch Amanda and the pussy pizza boy !?! Amanda may need $$$ to pay-off the ” CBS production crew ” ? Or… loan sharks – private dick’s – ex-boy/girlfriends etc! etc! etc! She is some shady bitch!

Amanda's Therapist

Anyone know if they have a “shrink” on staff or available to the BB house? GM has gone OFF the edge…..talking to Aaryn about a wedding with Nick !?! WTF ? She is la la land crazy!!! OMG! run for your life – hide Nick :-)