Ginamarie says I hope Andy isn’t becoming a Candice because you know what I do to Candices.

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa

CBS Interactive Inc.

8:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Helen and Ginamarie are in the bathroom. Helen talks about what happened last night. Helen says that she saw Amanda head out into the backyard and yell “It ain’t going to happen!” (Amanda up as the replacement rather than Spencer) Gina says that she doesn’t understand why Andy would tell her things. Helen says that Andy is the traitor. You can’t tell him anything. Ginamarie says we have to call him out on it. What are we going to do about it. Helen says we were thinking of bringing everyone but Amanda/McCrae up there. Helen says she thought she could trust Andy. Gina says it pisses her off that everyone are such f**king pu$$ies. Helen says I think at this point Amanda would take Aaryn. It makes no sense. Ginamarie says I know. I hope he (Andy) isn’t becoming a Candice because you know what I do to Candices. Helen says last night he was going to bed and then came back and said he didn’t say he was going to bed. Gina says yeah he did. Ginamarie says Amanda said her and Aaryn fight like sisters, don’t tell me you do, you boss her around. Helen says Andy will be my vote to stay and if he doesn’t he is the rat. He is the f**king rat! Helen and Gina talk about how they don’t trust Amanda.


UP in the HOH room – Helen talks to Aaryn about how last night was really weird. She says that when Aaryn was in the diary room. It was me, Ginamarie, Andy and Spencer. Andy said he was going to go to bed and then didn’t go. Helen says he is a rat. Aaryn says that Spencer said if Amanda goes on the block he is not voting her out, so he is working with them. Both Andy and Spencer are working with them. Helen says I can’t believe it he is a rat. Aaryn tells Helen that she has a better chance of staying with Spencer on the block with her. Helen says I think we need to talk to him, why would he feel so comfortable to be on the block. Aaryn says he is just so comfortable being on the block that he knows he has the numbers to stay. Helen asks Andy told you that. Aaryn says yeah. Helen says I can’t believe Andy! I can’t believe Andy would side with Spencer than with me after everything. Helen wonders if Andy is just saying that to Spencer. Aaryn says that I would do this in a heartbeat if I knew at least one of them would do it but I can’t risk it because if they both vote you out over Amanda then I would be f**ked. Helen says we need to talk to Andy and Spencer.
CBS Interactive Inc.


9am – 9:25am Aaryn says that she thinks Andy has a final two deal with everyone. Helen says doesn’t Andy know they (Amanda/McCrae) won’t take him to the final two. Aaryn says Amanda has even said that no one could win against Andy in the final two. Aaryn says I am going to talk to Andy and Spencer to see if they will do it but I can’t even threaten then that I would come after them because I won’t even have HOH next week. Helen says I know this is a wild card but McCrae cant win against Amanda in the end. So if he doesn’t make a move he is going to lose and be made fun of for the rest of his life. Helen says they have been fighting more recently. I will talk to him and tell him that his guy friends are seeing him being di*ked around. You are going to look like a wet dog being dragged around by her. You will look like a fool. I think he will listen to that because he is a big BB fan and doesn’t want to be seen like that. Helen says the two of them and Andy think that they have already won this game. Aaryn agrees. Helen says this is astonishing, I can’t believe Andy. I need to talk to Elissa because she doesn’t know any of this and I had told her before that if I go she needs to work with Andy but now I need to tell her to work with you and Ginamaire. Aaryn says that Elissa won’t work with me and Gina. I think she is already working with Amanda. Helen says you need to just win HOH every other week or hope that you get a power like a diamond power of veto. Aaryn says that she fears Andy and Spencer will lie to her and then I will be voting with Elissa who is the person wanting me out. Helen talk about how Jessie is brainwashed now. Amanda will win in the end if she makes it because she has manipulated everyone and McCrae will look like the wet puppy dog. Aaryn brings up how she overheard awhile ago that Elissa said she would never ever work with me or Gina, so I just can’t work with her. Aaryn says that Andy just doesn’t see that its better for him to vote out Amanda. Aaryn says that if Elissa wins HOH she is putting me up, she already said she would. Helen says it’s Ginamaires birthday on Thursday – let her win the HOH and go kamikaze on everyone. Helen says if Ginamarie wins HOH you need to get her to put up McCrae and Amanda so that they can’t vote for each other. Helen gets called to the diary room. Aaryn says that she will talk to Andy and Spencer. Helen says I might hide up here if Amanda goes kamikaze style on the house.


9:30am – 9:40am Elissa joins Aaryn in the HOH. She asks Aaryn if she knows what she is going to do. Aaryn says I am putting up Spencer. Aaryn says that Spencer has said that he is fine with being on the block because he knows he is safe. Aaryn says I am going to talk to Andy to see where he is at. I am just contemplating what to do because if Andy and Spencer are with them then I am screwed. I think Helen has a better shot against Spencer. Elissa says that would be amazing for your game if you put Amanda up. Aaryn says that Spencer already said he wont vote out Amanda. Elissa says that’s scary because that means if he wins next week he would put us up. So you don’t think you will put Amanda up? Aayrn says I don’t think I have the votes. After I talk to Andy and Spencer if I get the vibe that they wont vote her (Amanda) out then I can’t do it. Aaryn says Andy will be the deciding vote no matter who goes up on the block. Aaryn says Amanda got in a fight with me last night and I don’t want to keep someone here that would treat me like that but when I heard Spencer would rather go on the block than vote out Amanda.. I know they are working together. Why the hell did we bring Spencer this far. Elissa says because they knew this would happen. Elissa says that McCrae is already starting to get vicious and wanting us to fight. They’re scared if we worked together. Elissa says it’s Amanda and McCrae’s game and we are just living in it. Elissa says if it was you and McCrae in the end.. Aaryn says McCrae would win. Elissa says if it was Amanda and you.. Aaryn says Amanda would win because she would take credit for everything I have done. Aaryn heads down to the diary room. Elissa heads to the downstairs bathroom to do her hair.


9:45am – 10am Helen talks to Elissa in the bathroom. Helen comments that someone told her that you don’t even care if I am here or not. Elissa asks who said that? Helen says I don’t even know. They are just trying to get us to fight against each other. Elissa says then lets let them think that, so that maybe they will work with you. Helen says they won’t they already have Andy and Spencer. Helen says I still need Andy’s vote. Elissa says they are manipulating him. I told Amanda that she has the best social game and she said no Andy does. They use him and throw him under the bus. We need to tell Andy. Helen tells Elissa I know you don’t like Aaryn but you need to work with her. We need to go up there and talk to her. Elissa says I just need to look at her like she is Candice, like she is you. I just need to forget about everything that happened in the beginning. Helen says Amanda is going to try and get you to work with her but you can’t. Elissa says I won’t she is a master manipulator, I don’t believe a word she says to me. Helen says we just need to talk to Aaryn and Gina so if I go you can work with them.


10:30am Big Brother calls Elissa to the diary room. Helen comments that it’ll be happening soon. (Veto Meeting) Elissa says I am so dressed up and everyone else will be in jeans. Helen says but it’s your veto meeting.


10:33am Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I think 3am is started to crumble!!!!!


I’m not a fan of Aaryn by any means but can I just say one things? Hallelujah! Screw the 3AM. I kind of wish she would just go out on a limb and throw up Amanda. Spencer has wanted her gone for weeks, I’m sure if he gets the opportunity he would not waste it, Spencer, don’t be such a wuss! Just vote the witch out and work from there, I’m sure McCrae and Andy will still have your back. I think Helen is the lesser of the two evils (witches) between her and Amanda. Amanda thinks she can bully anyone and get them to do her bidding then going around like she owns the place. Queen B(itch) needs to be knocked off her throne.


Both Amanda and Helen are bullies they just use different techniques. Amanda is more in your face and Helen is more emotional. I would of been happy with either one leaving. Aaryn just screwed her game trying to save Helen.


Or she could of just saved her game. It just depends because I think they are all aware of Andy now being the rat that he is, and now Elissa even wants Amanda and McCrae gone because they are despicable human beings. It just depends!!


Of course you understand that 3AM is running the game and are competing for jury votes now. Everything Aaryn is saying to Helen fits her final 2 with Andy and she’s campaigning for Helen’s vote, everything she’s saying to Elissa is to make sure anybody but her and GM would be nominated should Elissa win HOH, and everything she’s saying to GM is to ensure GM thinks she can only trust Aaryn, while setting her up to go full Staten Island should they both be threatened in hopes GM the wildcard will take the fall.

Helen is cooked and everybody is trying to get her vote…which Amanda will get because she’s the one taking the straight-forward approach and not playing the blame game. Amanda says she believes what Jessie and others have said and is just getting Helen before Helen could get her.


If I were Andy/Spencer, I would be encouraging Aaryn to nominate Amanda…even if they don’t plan to vote her out, just LIE. That way fight ensues, McCrae/Amanda will target Aaryn next week and vice versa. Andy/Spencer fly under the radar all the way to final 2.


It feels so strange to feel sympathetic to Aaryn. Her position regarding race and the like, made me dislike her from the start. But, then I remembered myself at 22: a misguided, entitled, clueless blonde person – and I realized, she actually might change. When she leaves the BB house, I think the feedback from the masses will give her pause. She is so very young. She is scared, and I believe she can change.
I hope she understands how hard she is being played.

As for GinaMarie… She is lost. It’s over for her. She is old enough to know better.
Her bigotry is like a permanent tattoo. Any flack she gets for her disgusting behavior, she will simply shrug off.
Her entire community is as low minded and disgusting as herself.
I live in Brooklyn. I have my entire life. People like GM just grow old and fat, and more disgusting.
The beauty of it is, is that she will never leave her borough. She will never actually influence anyone outside of her minuscule world.
She’s useless.

With that said, as much as Helen makes me want to punch myself, I hope she and Aaryn will be able to influence Gina’s wretched soul to get Amandasauras out.
She’s the worst person on earth.

Hallelujah yo.



As a fellow Brooklynite…well said Yeahum….I hope Aaryn watch the tapes to see how she acts and hopefully learn from it. You’ve hit the nail right on the head about GinaMarie. She’s so freaking stupid, opinionated, and a bigot…she make Archie Bunker look like a loving human being that love all races. I want the cast of Mob Wives to kick her ass all over Staten Island…hell, I want Angelina, Sammi, JWoww, Snooki, and Deena from Jersey Shore to kick her ass too!!! Can’t stand Andy the Ginger Rat, can’t stand Spencer the Asshole, Helen make me want to fucking stab myself, Amanda still make good women in the USA look bad, and I sort of feel sorry for McCrae because he’ll never, ever scrub the scent of Amanda’s onioness off of his skin. The only ones in the house that I truly liked were Jessie, Elissa, Candace, Howard, and Nick. Oh and Nick…RUN LIKE THE FUCKING WIND WHEN THAT SKANK HO LEAVE THE HOUSE!!! Hallelujah Yo to you too!!


Big ups to Big Kenny.
It’s hard to be evolved in a sea of turds
Bless you, My friend.


Wow GM is a equal opportunist after all, she’s going to stalk Nick and Candice, good grief woman get over it for god sake. How would she act if Nick said he loved her and Candice actually put claws on her? She’s overreacting to everything.


FINALLY they are on to that ‘candy’ rat boy! If they don’t have the teats to put Manda today, why not put up the rat bitch????


I hope GM gets ahold of him in the bathroom and gives the rat a whirly!!!!


Im no fan of Andy’s but please GM is a rat herself just a lot dumber.


About time Elissa started say it like it is. Sure hope it enlightens Aaryn. Loved it when Elissa asks Aaryn, if McFish wins next HOH, who do you think he will put up?


Spencer never has anything nice to say about Amanda in his diary room sections. Let’s see if he can back it up when they talk to him about getting Amanda out.
I hope they get his vote to evict her.


If Spencer thinks his final 3 with Andy and McCrae is legit, I dont see why he wouldnt vote out Amanda to solidify his spot with McCrae


What does Hell-en expect after she voted out all of her allies.


Helen thought she still had Andy and Elissa on her side. Plus she was taking Andy over Elissa to the final two. I thought Helen was going to go into cardiac arrest after being told Andy is a liar. Aaryn has told her five times and Helen is still to stunned to comprehend what she is saying. Helen keeps responding I need to talk to Andy, I need to talk to Andy. Its like someone in an automobile accident that just got clobbered and have no idea where they are. Yes go talk to Andy so he can feed you BS. Helen Andy been scheming on you from day one. Didn’t you scheme against your own supporters Helen, you can’t believe the player got played.


Finally somebody has figured out that Andy is a rat!!


if demanda isnt put up, at least people are catching to rat bastard andy

Just sayin LOL

Anyone else see the butt crack cream AD on the top of this page? Lol eww. If u read closely it says for babies but on my small iphone screen the butt pic looks like a huge grown mans butt lol


Why would a man want to use cream to beach his butt crack? NASTY! I saw that vile ad, too.


Ask Spencer!


lol… those ads are targeted to IP user….. what does that say about you?


Hmmmm! Makes sense. My grandfather has been using my laptop for what, I don’t ask. So ADS are targeting him.
Where’s the alcohol? I need to wash down this keyboard.

Just sayin

That cant be true. I have never used butt cream in my life and have no kids.


I ain’t gonna admit I use it either. (WINK)

Amanda's dog Woofy

Spehcer gets paid every time someone clicks butt crack cream ad. aahis FIRST endorsement.

Put up ANDY

What is WRONG with aaryn???
If u r afraid to put up amanda or helen then put up andy!!!!
Without andy around, it would be very interesting to see who sticks with who

rs wilson

everyone in the house thinks Amanda can win any idiot knows there is a 0 chance of that voting Amanda Candice no jess no elissa no Helen no gm no that’s 5 sorry now Helen could get the votes

rs wilson

that’s why mcCrae everyone is saying he is just a wiped puppy he knows exactly what he is doing if he got in finals with Amanda the 500k is his landslide


LOL! Exactly! Mine are mattress stores since I have been looking at them for my son.


This could be a Zen moment!!!!!! (fingers crossed)



Have any of the house guests suspected the return of a jury member to the game this Thursday? Anyone planned out any scenarios or what not?

Just curious since most figured out the Double eviction before it happened.

Mississippi Girl

Is Helen friggin really that stupid. She says she can’t believe that Andy is a rat. Aaryn confirms this and then she says “we need to talk to Andy and Spencer.” She is coming unraveled; hell, the woman is delusional. And someone tell me why she keeps bringing up Jessie. Is she finally admitting that Jessie could have saved her? In the beginning I thought she was going to be someone to root for. EGH! Wrong! And while I’m ranting, did anyone notice last night that CBS showed Helen crying about Elissa and then GM’s rant so that it looked like they were all with Helen. GM was mad cause Elissa said she stinks basically. Maybe the producers don’t even have a favorite this season.

Mississippi Girl

Oh yeah, and I loved on BBAD last night when Elissa told Helen that America probably hates their season. She is not nearly as clueless as we or the house thinks.

helen is clueless

She certainly seems to catch on a lot quicker than Helen. Since Helen can’t except this was her own doing she was bashing Jessie a couple of nights ago for having no character and Elissa kept saying Jessie hadn’t said anything too bad. Helen said Jessie would’ve put her up if she was still here. Elissa basically said no way, Jessie hated Amanda. When Aaryn won HOH, Helen thought Elissa and Spencer would be put up, Elissa figured it out that Helen would be 2nd mom. And now the food, Helen just doesn’t get it.


FINALLY!! There are starting to wake the F up and ALL it took was for Helen to be on the block. LOL.
Roast tha b*tch, her weiner dog and his pet rat!!!!


Just my observation: They are selling this great ideal wrong. First, let’s just take out all the personal BS. Any good marketing strategy has to get the “BUY IN” from all the participants.

Then sell the ideal like this to Spencer, GM, Elissa, Andy and Aaryn:

Who has control the house all season long, Amanda (here is where Helen needs to focus on facts only and learn to listen carefully), who has not won a single solitary competition (Amanda). Who is the only power couple still remaining in the house (Amanda and McCrae). Then really stress this point clearly: Who was responsible for leading the charge in evicting David (Amanda), evicting Nick (Amanda), evicting Jeremy and Kaitlin (Amanda) and evicting Howard (Amanda). Who is responsible for turning on their own alliance, the Moving Company (McCrae), thus allowing Nick, Jeremy and Howard to be evicted, and who is responsible for turning on his own best buddy, Judd (McCrae).

Now…bring these points home hard and succinctly: (Allow, Spencer, Gina Marie, Elissa and Aaryn to answer)

If Helen goes, then who is next, who is disposable and expendable in the Amanda/McCrae push to get to F2. Emphasize, no specific order is needed but ask who is next in line to be evicted: Spencer, Gina Marie, Elissa. Then there will be a fight to see who goes first between Aaryn and Andy, since Aaryn is the strongest competitor, why would Amanda/McCrae take her into the final 3.

At this point ask: now which one of you will be the first person to go back and tell Amanda and McCrae about this house meeting discussion. Watch carefully as all eyes look in Andy and Spencer’s direction.

Now ask, did we all just come here to allow Amanda & McCrae to both get the $500,000 and $50,000 prize money or did we all come to compete to win the FUCKING game. Are you satisfied with just reaching the jury house and getting your stipend, are you ready to level the playing field, and are you all just going to roll over and let them WIN!!!!

Then Helen should say thanks for listening and I’ll just let you all decide which direction you want go in…I will respect your decision. Thanks again!!!


Perfect observation, please add Aaryn, Elissa, and GM grow the fawk up and put your personal issues away and play the damn game, you can go back to hating each other after your biggest threat is gone, then the hair pulling, name slandering, side eye may commence.


Excellent logic, Sociology. Unfortunately, that is not a conversation that could be led by Helen. She’s too personally involved (being on the block) to think rationally or logically. Right now she’s very emotional. Look at her utter disbelief when the facts concerning Stoolie the Toad were told to her. Your suggestion is more of a conversation Elissa (or Aaryn) should present to the house members who aren’t The Red Queen and McCrae.


I know this won’t be popular but, Andy is actually pretty good looking. Gingy’s are so in right now.


Are you Andy’s new ex-husband???


@ Butchie….are you a lesbian?

Amanda's dog Woofy

Do you wear Geranimals?


YES! I am a card carrying real woman. What’s in to you anyways? I can still hick your waxed ass.


I know a lot of gay men and I doubt very seriously if any one of them would find Andy attractive. Unless they were really drunk and looking to bang a twink, who wears children’s clothes. And after watching his spectacle of being a “RAT” I don’t think any self respecting gay man would want to be around someone like that. Come on really, what real man (gay or straight) would work out with 5lb weights….

BB chose the worst stereotype for a gay man and they constantly do it every season of BB when there is gay man on the show….

If man wanted a Queen, he should just be with a women…No offense to Queens!!!

But you know what they say, there is someone out there for everyone


what about lawn then?????


gee…. lawon

Helen's pimple

Poor Lawton. He needed a fire extinguisher to put out his flames. He was funny and entertaining.


I don’t understand your question, Liesel. Lawon was a big ole dumb Queen in my book. Who in the hell wants to be put up on the block and thinks they are going to get some sort of “Super Power”…that was one of the dumbest moves in BB history


oh, I thought you were talking about stereotypes put on the show …

not dumbest moves by homosexual contestants – and in that regard you are right, andy does not fit the boilerplate and would not be a good cast ;-)

Helen's Pimple

Lawton was a hoot. Maybe a bit of a flamer.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Nobody will EVER be worse than Colton on Survivor.

Helen's pimple

I hope Amanda grows a gigunda zit on her foreheadto match her fake jugs from eating slop.


First of all…. Andy has a job as a Professor, he’s in good shape and he seems like a decent guy….so why the hate? It’s a game. If this were Candice or Howard you wannabe “PC” people would be all a twitter. Sociology… you have been one of the loudest on these boards and have just shown your true colors. We are all so lucky you are tuned in to the “self respecting” gays…


Andy does dress kind of weird, who would be attracted to that style? All he need is some suspenders and he’ll be the cats meow, he’s the albino version of Urkel.


id let him slober on my 8″ iz bet he haz mastred hiz gag reeflex and cnaz tak it to da root i betz he gota a tite throte


Are you saying Amanda is a hose monster?

Johnny Holmes

I am sure Spencer the perv would put it in his mouth, too. He’ll eat anything.


Anyone remeber the last time that 3AM was used and was an utterly complete failure…..Oh come on think back

All Americans that follow politics should know this…

Ask Hilary Clinton and John McCain how it worked out for them in their marketing campaigns against President Barack Obama…

It’s 3AM and your executive phone rings, who would you want to pick-up? Who do you feel safe with receiving that call and making that important executive decision??? Oh well, we all know how that turned out….Just saying….

P.S. Hilary Clinton in 2016 (its time America for the first woman President)…Forgive my political rant on this great BB website


Not that this would happen – but imagine the state of the house if Amanda was voted out – only to immediately return…. Talk about a nightmare…


Amanda wining a competition without help? ROLMFAO good joke..


I think if they (Aa, El, H, GM) offered him a one-week deal, Spencer would vote Amanda out. Remember the fight they had? He’s sick of being a pawn, and that Have/Have Not win plus his POV win puts him way ahead of her and even McCrae at this point. DO IT AARYN. Please!!

Elissa's Botox

Last night:

“Aaryn says I would rather be called a sl*t than a racist.”

ha ha she is actually right about that. She would have been better off walking around in the nude and having sex on the hammock to advance a career in entertainment instead of being the mean beaaaach that has thrown out racial slurs


I guess it is still somewhat in the open who will go up once Elissa is off the block. At this point I would guess either Amanda or Helen will return to the game once evicted and nothing would have changed. So I am personally cheering for Spencer to be put up on the block and either Judd, Candice or Jessie to return to maybe change the dynamic in the house somewhat, preferably Jessie because she at least tried to play hence with no alliance and little stamina, sadly so.

I do not see any fun gameplay (for the little there is) without either Amanda or Helen. Aaryn can only win comps, GM is plain stupid and Spencer has as much of a clue as Adam.

The one thing, that I would like to see, is to evict Andy and let them ‘play’ without the tattletale…….. It would be interesting to see them all strategize without that Andy-load of information.


“The one thing, that I would like to see, is to evict Andy and let them ‘play’ without the tattletale…….. It would be interesting to see them all strategize without that Andy-load of information.”

Well I guess that would screw aManduh and McNasty’s game, now wouldn’t it? You get rid of the mole and watch those two attempt to play would be iconic to watch. But, neh, I’d rather them be broken up and sent to jury along with their rat where they can go hash it out between each other of who f’ked up who’s game. Good riddance. That would be the best move all season.


I just find it astonishing, that no one IN the house realizes, how royally screwed either helens or amandas game would be without their respecitve mole andy. everybody has been talking about andy being in just about every conversation for the last whatever weeks and they do not seem to care sh*t about it.

just to be clear, i so do not care for any of them hg to win the $500k because they are neither very bright nor stunningly competitive, even aaryn. the latter compared to previous seasons. i just would not want to see this season without manipulative amanda and helen.

first up, i really routed for mccray but now…..not so much.

so – unless elissa pulls a real stunt out of her *ss from here on out – without the two leading ladies, it will get boring….. unless andy leaves and they will have to think for themselves


Hopefully for our entertainment, Aaryn wakes up, and sheds her wool.


she aintz gotz no wool mun! she keeps dat beever shaved cleen id lik to spankz da racest outz of hur fin azz

Dr Will Fan!

Oh my gosh, please stop talking, Tyrone. Your comments are completely unintelligent and a total waste of time and space.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Tyrone for Prez!!

Helen needs to go

Dictator Helen is up to her old tricks. Amanda has manipulated everyone this whole game? What about you? At least Amanda hasn’t gone up to people and say vote this way or you are going home next week. Helen is a piece of work. I just hope Aaryn realizes Helen gone means she’s safer because Elissa won’t be able to function without any allies and will self-destruct (the way Helen is now). If she keeps Helen then the Helen/Elissa duo will be back in business and will go after them. And just as Andy has made final deals with everyone so has Helen! So she is just as phony a liar as the rest. Goodbye Helen. Don’t let the door hit you on your pathetic desperate ass on your way out Thursday. You stupid foolish lying bully!


Are you serious? Just the other day amanda threatened elissa with eviction if she didn’t agree to her terms .


Its true. Amanda has manipulated everyone in the game, even Helen. I so hope that Helen gets voted out and then comes back. She is wise to everything now and I believe she will be the one who can change the course of this game. I see a turning point coming in this game.


This should have been going down 3 weeks ago!


AARYN won’t backdoor AMANDA because ANDY (The RAT) and Spencer (The Sphincter/ AssH*ole) is afraid of AMANDA / Keychain and WILL NOT vote her out!! So SHE can’t put her up! If THEY would only make a BIG move AMANDA would be GONE! But they are SAFE just FLOATING along!


According to his DR sessions, Spencer actually hates Amanda, so I think he’d definitely vote her out if he had the chance. Elissa, GinaMarie, and Spencer would already make up the 3 majority votes to get Amanda out, so forget about Andy. He can vote whichever way he wants. Going into next week, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, Helen, and Elissa could work together to eliminate Andy or McCrae if they wanted.


What does Aaryn lose now by putting up Amanda? If she doesn’t put up Amanda………… McCrae, Andy, Amanda and Spencer still target her if they win HOH. If she does put up Amanda and Amanda stays……………..McCrae, Andy, Amanda and Spencer will be targeting Aaryn. The time to decide whether to target Amanda was before the nominations. She placed both Elissa and Helen up guaranteeing that one would remain on the block. Aaryn has no leverage for a move against Amanda right now. This was a misstep by Aaryn to try and target Amanda after she already did the nominations. Aayrn you already did more then your share just getting Helen on the block.

Rat boy Andy

I want Helen to go, she is doing exactly what she is accusing Amanda of doing and that is manipulating others…..I can’t stand Helen, what a poor example of a mom she is sending to her sons…..Don’t get me wrong I can’t stand Amanda, mc crae, gm, aaryn, spencer and rat boy andy….but I want Helen gone and have her face the three people she backstabbed and sent to the jury, it’s going to be great……you go elissa!!!!!!


This game is finally getting good. I would love to see Aaryn put Amanda on the block and have the 2 of the 3 queens in the house (Andyis clearly the third) battling it out. These people lie so much. I honestly dont know who is telling the truth or what Aaryn is going to do because I dont know if she is lying to Amanda or Helen. I pray we get a battle bewteen Helen and Amanda.

Spears and Buffalo

Christ, it’s almost worth Helen being let back into the house, she’ll go after that rat bastard Andy. I would love to see his face.


My worst nightmare would be if Amanda got evicted on Thursday, then won the jury competition, and came right back in….but she can’t win shit so I might not have to worry about that.


Helen is the same as Amanda just well liked and better at comps nobody in jury will vote her to win I would get helen out then Andy or Spencer then go after her its not like she’ll win the veto


LOL….that was the “BIG MOVE” of the season….talking about backdooring FrankinManduh, but not doing it. I can see them talking to Julie:

TheHouse: “Julie, we told you some big moves were gonna happen. We thought about putting Amanduh on the block, but didn’t! We even exposed Andy for the RatBastard he is, but didn’t do anything about it! Those were some really BIG moves, now we have to wait and see who else Amanduh wants us to vote out.”

Yeah, good job guys you’re doing great…..NOT!


So disappointed with Spencer. He has joined the Amanda asswipe department.
Howard must be saying the Spencer was all talk and no action.

Rat boy Andy

And to think that Helen said she wanted to watch BB15 with rat boy Andy when they get back to Chicago…..I’m betting that is an invitation Andy would not except……LOL


I’m just happy there are some interesting things to watch and read going on right now. These people are finally waking up. I don’t really care who goes this week especially since there’s a good chance they could come right back. I can’t wait for the HG’s to see that happen.

Your Mom

What has happened to the English language…

Your Mom

This was supposed to be in response to Tyrone’s comment… looks like it got moved to the next page.

Amanda's dog Woofy


English Major

Tyrone is just a fucking idiot.

F O L L O W M E,

If Aaryn put up Amanda, she would become (?) a raving lunatic until the vote Thursday. She would alienate everyone, including McRae. Even he might vote her out. I think Spencer would vote out Amanda, based on his diary room sessions. Gina Marie would get tired of Amanda and see her true colors. Andy would run and hide with his tail between his legs and continue to run and tell everything to Amanda. (He would be my next target.. Unless I had the opportunity to put him up with McRae.) all in all, I found this season to be totally predictable. No one has any cajones .. Although, I too, dislike Aaryn for her gang like behavior and racists talk and actions, she has played a damn good game. But she is snake bit, and afraid to go against the house. Never have I seen a group play for jury votes.. from the beginning. Do something, anything, to save the season.


There’s only 1 person I want out more than Helen…and that’s Amanda. If both of them are on the block I can’t express how amazing that would be


Aaryn will be in a much better position if she sides with Helen. Get Amanda out, then McCrea, Spencer, and Andy. Aaryn will be left with Helen, Ellisa, and GM (not counting whoever comes back into the house from jury). Aaryn can beat them all in competitions and take herself to the end if they want to get her out. Aaryn and GM can will dominate the competitions with McCrea gone. Not a fan of anybody this year, but just saying what I would do if I was Aaryn.


No she won’t. Helen is no way loyal to a final 4 with Aaryn. Helen will back door the next chance she can. With Amanda and McCrae, Aaryn can be safe to the final 4 pretty much. Helen has made a big mistake favoring Elissa so much at the cost of developing friendships with Amanda, McCrea for example. Elissa is a useless ally in this game as does not add any advantage in terms her game play. Winning POV was a ticket for Helen to leave. What a ally?


Amanda might as well turn her pockets inside out and have MCfish, Spence, and Andy hold onto them and grovel to her as she walks around the house. This is worst season eva.


Hope GM calls Andy out as a rat fink. Andy , that’s karma coming to get you.

Amanda's dog Woofy

GM: Andy, youse a Rat and a Flip floppa. I hate Rats and I hate Flip floppas. And youse is both!


Would love to see Gina get Randy boy and jack him up or off!


Amanda is truly a C U Next Tuesday kind of gal

Someone please tell them...

How did Aaryan when talking to Amanduh know that they are being perceived as sluts and racists? Sounds like the conspiracy theory keeps getting more and more credibility each day.


I think Aaryn is racist, homophobic, and ignortant, but she’s been playing a damn good game.


First time I went to watch live feeds in a while and it was Helen’s “meeting” in the HOH bathroom and she is just crying and manipulating. It’s a good vs evil competition, and you can guess who is the good side. Oh this cast just sucks!


I don’t get why everyone thinks it benefits Aaryn to put up Amanda and evict her over Helen? Amanda is actually better for Aaryn’s game than is Helen. Helen is completely untrustworthy, lies, and will say whatever she needs to back door anyone to move forward. With Amanda, Aaryn knows what she is up against and can plan forward in terms of the game. With Helen, Aaryn will likely get back doored. Plus, Amanda sucks at competitions which gives Aaryn advantage in terms of statistics. It doesn’ t matter what Amanda may say or do, if she cannot win a HOH or POV, while Aaryn can then it is mute whatever Amanda wants to to do and Aaryn can do what she wants. Helen is bad for Aaryn’s game because she can win HOH or POV (though she hasn’t done anything recently) and she will do whatever she can to protect Ellissa who is a joke in this game with her holier than thou attitude. Plus, no matter what, she and Aaryn would never be allies and Helen will alway side with Ellissa. Aaryn has a much better chance with Amanda and McCrae because they will not go after her the next two weeks. My problem with Andy is not that he is a rat. I mean so what. Helen is a rat as well if you look at her game play. Why is Helen entitled to any kind of loyality. She would never take Andy to the final two either. My problem with Andy is that he is never willing to do anything risky in the game. For that reason, he does not deserve a final two.


Can it be? Has the penny finally dropped? I have to give the Diary Room sessions major kudos for FINALLY getting through their thick skulls. At the very least, Aaryn is open to discussions and logic. I don’t have live feed and so I don’t know what words were exchanged last night between her and The Red Queen that made Aaryn so open to discussing evicting her. Or perhaps this is all still a ruse to blindside Helen? It just seems like a lot of extra work on their part, particularly since Helen [finally] realized that she was really the target.

Good logic and discussion on Elissa’s part. Hopefully, Aaryn is really listening this time. I would like to see Elissa in the final three with Aaryn. Short memories, however, and the jury house probably wouldn’t consider the racist comments Aaryn made when considering their vote. They would look to the amount of competitions won and game play.

As for Stoolie the Toad, I’m delighted that Helen (and others) are finally facing up to his betrayal(s). If Aaryn made a MAJOR power move and put Amanda up on the block against Helen, it would probably still be Helen who got evicted since, as Aaryn pointed out, The Red Queen has Spencer and Stoolie under her control. Aaryn would need to figure out a way of bribing (or threatening) at least one of those two to vote to evict The Red Queen and that would not be an easy task.

The game is actually getting interesting now (thanks to the powers that be in the Diary Room).


Andy is a rat? News to me. I must talk to Andy

Bitch Please

GM is all talk. Candice would fuck GM up