Mark “I’m going to put him [Paul] on the block with Josh. If he wins veto, congrats.”

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2:50pm Mark and Elena in the bedroom.

Elena – I don’t think we’re they’re (Matt and Raven) targets but they are easily manipulated. Mark tells Elena about his conversation with Matt. Elena – they would do what the house wants. Mark – its not the house its 4 vs 6. Elena – its really 4 vs 4 because Christmas and Josh are just blobs. Mark – they’re in the middle but ..Josh and Christmas are coming after us not them. I want to sit down with ALex and make sure shes good with you. If you and Alex could just clear the air. Elena – she isn’t going to clear the air. Mark – who is the worst person for my game right now. Elena – Josh. Mark – if you won HOH would you waste your HOH on him? Elena – no. Mark – I would rather see Paul go out the door over ALex. What if it was Paul vs Kevin and Matt and Raven were on our team. Elena – are you going to backdoor Paul. Mark – no, I’m going to put him on the block with Josh. If he wins veto, congrats. I would never backdoor Paul. I don’t think I would backdoor anyone. Elena – would you backdoor me? Mark – yeah, but not in the game way. Elena – oh my god, I just remembered a weird part of my dream. Mark – about me an your backdoor? Elena – no. Mark – what was it about? Elena – Raven pooping in the sink. (LOL WTF) Elena – my longevity in this game… I know I’m not going to win. Mark – if we can secure Matt and Raven on our side before the HOH .. that’s 4 out 9 people that could win. On the other side Christmas isn’t going to win it. Kevin isn’t going to try and win it. Jason is a wildcard. He surprised me with that mental comp. Elena – my longevity in this game .. I need to staying in this house as long as I can for my career outside of this house.

Matt – you don’t need to win an HOH to get the votes in the final 2.

3:05pm Bedroom – Mark and Elena.
Mark – Paul needs to go. Unless he really has a serious conversation with me before the HOH. Elena – Paul attacking you in the s#x room.. Mark – That opened my eyes to everything. Elena – not chill. Mark – I was like Paul, I understand that you may not have meant it in the moment .. everything in this house is part of game. There were people in the room and you attacked me for not defending Josh. Elena – why would you ever defend Josh? I wouldn’t have defended Josh. Mark – if he doesn’t have a conversation with me before HOH .. I will be very forward with him. ..go for that veto. Elena – I like it. Mark – I am going to make a deal with ALex and Jason if I win HOH. I can’t get rid of ALex for my game sake. Elena – why? Mark – because she is not coming after me. Mark – If I can make a deal to keep you safe for at least 1 week. Elena – 2 weeks. Mark – ok 2. She keeps her word. Elena – do you really think she would have taken the 5k? Mark – she would have taken my trip. She is very genuine. Elena – I just watched her lie in that mobsters game and he lies are the most interesting ones.

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3:20pm -4:10pm Alex has to set up her campsite again.. Kevin, Jason, Josh, Cody, Paul and Christmas join her for the hot dogs. Alex then breaks down her campsite.

The house guests are laying around chatting about random things..
Kevin to Jason – if I win HOH, I’m going to put up Mark and Elena just for what she did to Alex.

5:05pm Raven and Matt in the lounge room.
Matt – I didn’t even want the damn veto. Raven – you should have picked the trip. Matt – I didn’t want to get cursed because the way that it was supposed to work was I should have taken that trip. That’s what they basically agreed to I think and then Elena would have taken the 5k. The top 3 aren’t supposed to get cursed.. in theory.

5:30pm Alex starts setting up the campsite … part way through BB tells her that it was a false alarm and she can take it down again.

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Does anyone want to give Matt AFP????


Rather give him some new clothes.


…and a new personality


Other than him being boring as shit, wearing the same clothes everyday the thing that bothers me the most is his constant stroking of his facial hair. Every time you see him he playing with his face ugh grosses me out


Some new and used Towels

Help the girl please

Elena is the obvious choice for AFP.

The girl is playing with a life threatening injury and yet you would hardly know it. She is quite humble all things considered.

If everyone on this site put $10-$25 in her go fund me account we could seriously make a difference in the lives of her and her mom.

Please consider.


You must mean Raven……???


I would not give that nasty bitch a cent


Elena doesn’t have a gofundme account, yet. You must mean Raven.

BB Fan

Oh she will soon. I quit my job to be here I have no money to live on when I leave. Doesn’t everyone watching just love me and want to give me money?

Team Raven

All of you mockers of Raven will regret you were ever even born after God destroys you in the lake of fire. Raven’s gofundme is to help her with her medical bills so she can survive. I made a donation and I got followed by her official accounts on twitter and Instagram and her mom liked one of my photos and she even re-tweeted me! I feel so honored and blessed to be a part of team #Pacerpower!


LMAO! Do you feel impressed that a scam artist is following you on twitter? What has the world come to.

Team Raven

Follow my Instagram @SASSY.RAVEN #Pacerpower #Gingersdoitbetter

Not Raven's Mom

Oh for pete’s sake Raven’s mom get the hell off this site no one is buying your bullshit.

Not Raven's Mom

Fuck get a life if this tramp/scammer following you makes you feel honored. You must live a pitiful life. And she’s not gonna die anytime soon.

Judge Janie

Whoa there Team Raven! For a sec I thought you were being satirical, but then realized you are seriously spooky. Get some professional help please.


Troll harder.


Fortunately for me I don’t Twitter tweet snappy chat snappy pictures facepalm So Raven will receive nothing from from me I feel sorry for those she has already scammed


Hey troll, when did your bridge get wifi? It makes me sad when lonely people like you have to bait people into conversation with you. Seakelp!


Laughing so hard I can hardly type.
Good try Raven’s mom.


Wrong girl that’s raven




Wreck-It Ralph does not get my vote. I’m leaning towards Kevin.


I’m thinking Ramses because one of the lies that were told about him was that he took the 25 thousand dollars so I say give him the AFP and flip that lie.


I’m going with Cameron because he got screwed hard just so Paul could come in the game. Plus he has never annoyed me and I think he might have been an interesting player.


Why does Mark think Alex will work with him? It’s odd that he keeps saying it because it’s obvious who she’s with, and it never been him or Elena. Plus she can’t even win hoh next week.


HOLY CRAP I was totally a jody fan. i though man this girls solid. she’s so pretty and she likes cody for him. she’s not a shallow chick at all. finally restored my hope that not all chicks that look like that are money hungry skanks that are out of our league. but after all the shit i saw online about her and her instagram its like shes just putting on an act on tv. its so pathetic. just another hot chick thats gonna break a marines heart. i like cody. hes a marine. he’s a little bit rough around the edges but thats bc of ptsd. im sure if he opened up a bit he’s a nice guy but he dont deserve to be played like how jess is playing his ass. how is she gonna go from celeb’s and pro athletes to cody. theres no way. its like drinking 1st growth bordeaux wine and then drinking prison toilet wine. her looks is her wealth and shes not gonna drive a civic if she can afford a ferrari. it just sucks bc i though her feelings were genuine for him but shes just gonna fuk someone else when she gets out. you gotta be a certian type of groupie / suck dick on command to get a superbowl ring between your tits. u ever watch ballers.. she’s one of those trying to get wifed by a baller chicks and to do that she’s gotta give it up on command and not play hard to get cause if she does the guy will just go on to the next one that looks like her. OMG. i cant believe all the times i defendeed her on here and i look like a moron for saying things like that now. i wish she was stuck in jury and not cody.. what a fuking cunt. shame on this chick. she should of just played her own game or not used the hex. i thnk she just wanted out of the house cause she had to get back to her other booty calls before they lose interest.


You don’t look like a moron for defending her you look like a moron for judging her since you know. O thing about her other than what you’ve seen on social media.


Dude, give it a rest! You sounds nuts!


OMG move on already

Grodner Hearts Paul

I saw her Instagram posted on YouTube. She seemed fine to me and genuinely crazy about Cody.

She said Josh was disgusting but thought Paul was just playing the game. Laughed about Raven’s changing accents but didn’t take the bait when asked if she might be faking her diseases. Takes Raven at her word about that.

She said she would love to do Amazing Race w Cody. Likes Mark & Elena.

Finding out most of the fans liked her made her feel better about being hated in the house.

I guess different people have a different take on stuff, but I thought she seemed pretty nice.


She’s pretty fake though. She has been bashing several of the house guests on her social media (Kevin, Alex, Raven, Josh, Paul) making her no better than any of them in my opinion, and she’s campaigning hard to be voted AFP. that’s why I think she started picking on Kevin because she knows that’s who is also well liked. Seems like a bit of an attention ho to me.

Judgmental Judy

SO three days ago, Dude.


if Mark’s win HOH that means Paul wins HOH.

Uncle Fester

It took this many weeks for someone other than Cody to figure out Paul needs to go? As newbies, they should have all been gunning for the BBvet from week 1… I’ll sound like a broken record here, but this season’s cast has wayyyy too many passive people.


so Jessica and Dom don’t count?

Let's Get Real

Yeah, Jess was a real gamer ( insert eye roll) if she wanted to stay in the game, she would have been talking to ppl in a rational manner…. she chose to stay in bed and stare at Cody as well as bang non-stop! She’s all talk on Twitter now, enjoying her ” Queen” status…..she already called Alex a “homewrecking slut”
She played victim when she had to ( nice performance btw on eviction nite) Your 15 minutes is almost up, Miss Opportunist


Gunning for Paul the first three weeks wouldn’t have mattered because Production gave him three weeks safety with the first temptation.


Real Shit, Cody’s move week 1 was.good, but it should’ve been done week 5, then his actions after dug his grave. He should’ve been more humble, planned his next move with his alliance.
Cody wasn’t in hot water for wanting to put Paul up, it was how they reacted after the vote didn’t go their way.


No, Cody’s move against Paul that first week was a good idea and I think it would have changed everything because Paul would have gone then. The safety screwed Cody and he did what he thought was rational and put Christmas up as he saw her to be real close to Paul. The problem was Cody refused to explain anything to anyone and just wanted them to blindly trust him. Then he basically shut down because, I think, he realized that production was going to get involved all season and they won’t be playing against each other but also with what production wants.

Big Jim

Mark and Elena finally wising up to Paul. Question is is it too late? Time will tell


I don’t think they are completely wised up yet. Cody told Elena, she seemed to get it but she’s still going to Paul and still believing him. I have more faith in Mark but if he wins HOH Paul will be all over him to get rid of Kevin who he’s already thrown under the bus to the rest of the house.


You go Mark but you gotta win HOH first. Good Luck. Hey lets all have a prayer group help Mark win HOH.

BB: The Delusional Bunch version

Heck, I’m agnostic and I will join your prayer group


Is there any hope of Cody staying in the house? Maybe a teeenie weeeenie glimmer of hope?

Grodner Hearts Paul

The only way he can stay in is if Matt is smart.

In other words, there’s no hope.


If Matt picks his nose enough and eats all the cereal, maybe they’ll vote him out.

Judgemental Judy

I want Mark and Elena to do something big. But they have little chance for possible numbers. If either of them win HOH, at least we can see everyone scramble & turn on each other! Let’s see how “loyal” they are. LOL

BB Fan

Can’t wait to see Paul and company scramble finally the game would turn interesting.


They had the perfect chance to do that… Except Elena saw $ signs and forgot she was on BB.. If she would have taken the Veto instead of the money then she and Mark would both have been safe for the week. They could have then approached Alex and Jason along with Cody and convinced them to put up Paul and vote him out. They would have the numbers by one..
Jason, Matt & Paul would not vote (noms)
Alex HOH
Mark – PAUL
Elena – PAUL
Cody – PAUL
Kevin – PAUL (bc Alex & Jason)
Raven – PAUL (to save Matt)
Josh – Matt
Xmas – Matt (or maybe Paul if she realized the votes)

Done. We would all be Rid of Paul had she had thought about game for 5 minutes! Geez these ppl are mindless and it blows my mind!


#NASTYRAVEN, cant believe shes asking for money for her mystery scam sickness. its all a scam.


#NASTYRAVEN cant believe shes asking money for her fake disease. its just a scam


It’s a shame Matt and raven are so far up Paul’s ass because this is actually a solid plan for Mark unfortunately I don’t think they”ll be able to.flip any one on Paul


Mark is a sniffiling cry baby who is blind to the fact that he is being used! Elana is only there to get somekind of career out of it so she shouldnt win….GO PAUL


I purchased some stuff from amazon through your link today. Easy.
Do not like Mark, aka Magilla Gorilla, Clutch Cargo. He always takes a bite of everyone else’s food, destroys it, gives it back , and I hope he is gone in the double evict! Kevin is jealous that Paul is with Christmas for the punishment, Christmas has totally misted Kevin. Some of the comments he made about her sleeping on top of Paul, idiot. He is feeling guilty about his family seeing him being made a fool of by her, but can’t control himself. She has done a great job …on him, he fell for it.

Impractical Joker

if either mark or elena out Paul and Josh up together and one of them wins POv and takes themselves off who goes up as replacement Alex or Christmas?


I really think if josh and Paul were on the block and josh won the POV, he’d use it to take Paul off the block.

Butters Mom

I think Paul will take Raven to the end, they were friends before going into the house. I think Raven would take Paul as well. Matt is an idiot for not waking up when he learned about their outside friendship. If he were smart he would use the veto on himself.


I think you are too liberal with your definition of friends. She took pictures with last year’s cast at a meet and greet. That’s all. Paul probably didn’t even remember meeting her.

mark and elena

its hard to watch mark do all this podering. if he wins hoh this week comming up its a whole new game. next week the lines are drawn. they have to be.. the other group said we solid till mark elena JODY are gone. but the truth is the infighting has to begin. there can be only 1 winner.. paul is smart he understands voting blocks. make a solid2 then a 3 then a 5 then a 7 which is what derrik did. which is wat boston rob did in survivor. its how voting shows work . you can lose shit all season but if ur on the right side of the numbers u will make it to the end. i t hink the groups are
3-paul jason alex
5- kevin xmas
8-josh maven
thats the solid order right now. the only way it can get fuked up is if mark wins hoh which i think he will if he survives double evitction.. i think the house knows thath marks gotta go next. hes a comp beast. if they can dump mark cody matt then paul will win the game. the rest of them cant compete. raven and elena should be kept till the end bc they wont win anythbing. i would love to see them compete with victoria. lols. they should make the most uselss bb players come back for a show for all the losers


Why do you change your name all the time? You and your lack of grammar/punctuation is obvious to everyone.

Grodner Hearts Paul

If Matt was smart, he would use the veto on himself so Cody’s still in the house. Then he, Raven, Mark & Elena and Cody would have a chance against Paul & the others.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know Paul’s eviction order of Mark & Elena, then him and Raven.

He will find out when it is too late.

Matt saving himself and Cody might be the last chance to stop Paul from setting up the F5 he wants.


Matt just wants to get jury, he will volunteer himself out before he allows Paul to be in any danger.


I wish Alex would wise up and keep Cody this week. Cody needs to keep working on her, telling her that he can help her get to final two and that the house can’t stand him and he will get no votes. If she rides Paul to the final two, he is loved by everyone in the house and will get all the votes. This sheep are volunteering to go on the block for him so he can be saved, they are all going to vote for him in the new end.


Alex has such tunnel vision guided by Paul I don’t think she will betray him. Her Kevin and Jason a fools However maybe just maybe if Cody could tell her how ridiculous it would be for Paul to take her to the end… he wouldn’t risk not winning again. He will take a real idiot like Josh or Matt. Plant seeds Cody!!!


I hate Paul! Can’t even stand to watch the show anymore.


I have to mute Paul’s DR sessions…and Josh’s…and Raven’s…and Xmas. So loud and cock-sure.


Still confused as to what is worthy to be in the episode this Friday


Fund raising telethon for Raven.


Big Brother should only let the top 4 and HOH winners go to jury.

Jessica the Celeb Chaser

Raven and Paul were not friends before the game. Raven simply met Paul and Victor when Paul’s band was playing in Arkansas. If meeting someone once merits friendship then Paul is friends with everyone he’s ever met and had his picture taken with at the met and greets.


maybe he banged her backstage?

According To Raven....

Raven mentioned a bit ago to Matt that her and Paul meet each other and she also mentioned something that seemed to go along the lines of Paul was interested in her…but she had to walk away…or something to that point.

Grodner Hearts Paul

What?? Raven was such a Paul fan that she went to see his band?

Wow, everything I hear makes this season seem more and more of a setup. They gave him those friendship bracelets and set him up with 3 weeks of safety, which had the effect of destroying permanently the game of the player who smartly realized he was the biggest threat, as well as scaring anyone else out of ever going against him. Now it turns out they casted his fans to help push him along.

I’ve never believed BB had a pre-determined winner, but it looks like this season was a sham from the beginning and the whole point of it was to make it up to Paul that last year’s jury “robbed” him. Which they didn’t. Jury management is part of the game, and the way he makes evictions so personal didn’t leave him in position to get the votes. That’s his fault. The most dominant game of BB ever played was Dan Gheesling in BB14, but he lost the jury vote 8-1 because he was covered in blood at the end.

Paul lost because his jury management sucked. Fans didn’t deserve to have a whole season of Big Brother devoted to righting some kind of fictitious wrong Production believes was done to him.

RIF (reading is fundamental)

……it’s so predictable. Have you read Atlas Shrugged or Fountianhead? If so, you know what I’m saying. If not, go read a book.

Insane Libertarian

Take lots of amphetamines before reading those; then you’ll be able to read her works as she intended.

RIF (reading is fundamental)

I’m 50 years old. I’m way before the ADHD epidemic… meds required. Read a book.

RIF (reading is fundamental)

I referenced 2 literature pieces, out of thousands. How fast did you google those books? You had no idea who the author was. It’s ok……no one blames you for your poor education. When you become an adult, your education is all up to you.

Judge Janie

Stop trying to sound like a pretentious snob Rif. So you allegedly read two books. Do you want a gold star or a cookie for your efforts? Sheesh!

Mats brain

But I don’t know how to read


Loved the Fountainhead more than Atlas Shrugged, but read it so long ago. Think it’s time for a reread.


Why are these people so dense? Matt has all the power right now. If he uses his veto on himself, then him, Raven, Mark, Elena and Cody could team up. They would have 4 votes to evict Jason this week.


Elena can’t vote she’s on the block


Still have 4 votes, Matt, Mark, Raven and Cody


Why does Elena wear a bra to hold in her sagging boobs during televised competitions but on BBAD and the live feeds she thinks everyone wants to see them “hang” around? I am sure production told her to tone it down for TV but I am sure some of the houseguests would like to see her do the same.


When Paul gets wind of Mark’s idea the s**t will hit the proverbial fan, so good luck to Mark’s plan. Paul is resourceful & clever with his fan base under the BB roof. Don’t get me wrong I don’t begrudge Mark for trying. IMO Mark has never been a factor (he always looks bewildered).
On a side note: If Cameron gets America’s Favorite, a slap in the face to the houseguests since he was in the house for a nanosecond. It would send a message as to what America thinks of BB19’s crop.


I don’t understand why Cody seems so loyal to Alex……She has done NOTHING but backstab him and Jess this whole game. Why does he not see this? And before you say it’s because he has feelings for her, I don’t believe it…..his feelings are real for Jess but there must be another reason….

I hope Matt doesn’t use he VETO to save Jason….but if he does I hope he gets voted out to show him how stupid of a move it is to win VETO when you are on the block and not use it.


She’s hoh this week He’s just playing the game. Finally!!


Honestly, BB should simply tell orange Mattie that he has to use the veto only on himself if/when he is dumb enough to try and take Jason down to bd Cody. Otherwise, why should the 3rd nominee even play for the veto. This would be a nice twist to those who think they (aka Paul’s groupies) can just go into the temptation without consequence in an effort to end up on the block to better the odds at the Veto comp in order to backdoor someone not in Paul’s groupie entourage or the Muppet brigade, whatever you want to refer to them as…

The worm will eventually turn, but with this group, maybe not.


Yeah Mark, whatever, you wont put Paul on the block because you have no balls.


Who you have sex with Jason?

Thumbs up YES, thumbs down NO


I wish Cody wld just go talk to Alex by herself n work out a deal… I really want to see Alex flip n work with Cody n those two cld really shake stuff up with Kevin n Jason coming along… Im not a fan of Mark n Elena or Matt n Raven its sad that they are waiting till now to finally go after Paul n id rather see the Cody vs Paul duel with Paul endung up in jury after Elena n Mark… Mark thinks he’s Billy Bada** now cuz he won a couple comps but sorry Mark ur just being dragged along as Elena’s toy and Alex will NEVER work with you, even Cody doesnt respect you!!!


Fantasy Big Brother- Season 20
No veteran players/all-stars/twins/cousins/family members of any sort/clones/or people who know each other/or people whom we know from anywhere. Strangers ONLY!!
No advantages except those EARNED by playing a skillful game of Big Brother.
Eviction means EVICTION. No do-overs.
And one surprise twist: Houseguests are not permitted to discuss game strategy with one another for the entire first week. Violators are automatically evicted and replaced by more strangers.
Once the first HOH and POV comp winners are determined, the nominations (still part of the WEEK 1 rules) must be made without discussion. The same applies to all votes. Each houseguest MUST decide independently, who to evict. Violators who try to discuss the votes or indicate how they voted, become automatic nominees for Week 2!! Why?? Because that is as good as telegraphing where you stand regarding how the game is going.
Object: To re-train/ re-program the players to stop counting on anyone but themselves. Anyone who tries to lean on, or collude with any other player is out. And if the person they approach is shown to have been agreeable to the violation, that person would also be replaced. (Rules will be explained upfront. No verbal slips allowed.)
Result: No instant pairings and no one would dare risk the appearance of discussing game with anyone else. It would encourage free-thinking. Further, if someone dared tried to get around the rules and was evicted, there would be 1-2 players waiting in the wings, to replace them. The dynamic of the house would change and everyone would have to adjust to someone new, whom they haven’t had the chance to size up.

This revised version of Big Brother would give everyone a chance to get back to basics and be free of the old practices that have suffocated the houseguests and evolved into “routine game -play.”. BREAK THE ROUTINE!!! Make the penalties so stiff that it just isn’t worth it to try to bend the rules.
WEEK 2: At least they will have had a shot at really figuring out what to do without “THE HOUSE” deciding for them. They can speak freely and get to know one another.
Other possible variations:
SURPRISE!!! It is WEEK 4 and Julie Chen informs them that WEEK 1 rules are back in effect!!! Unbeknownst to them, it is the last time they will be bound by those rules.
Effect: Any promises made to keep someone “safe, ” go out the window b/c for all you know, your ally could be eliminated and replaced by a stranger, due to that week’s rule change.
Not until WEEK 6 will houseguests be advised that they are free to play the game without ever again having to worry about the previous restrictions. Talk game with anyone you please, with no interference for the rest of the season.
By this time, anyone who was afraid to piss people off should have hit their stride and “would-be bullies” will have been forced to resist the urge. Imagine a season with a house full of individuals who didn’t come just to make it to jury! Where no one is afraid to challenge anyone. Bonding takes place in WEEKS 2&3, then is threatened by the WEEK 4 rule change. So they have to revert to INDIVIDUAL game-play with respect to HOH, nominations, and POV. Nobody, throws a comp to anyone else. They HAVE to play to keep THEMSELVES safe. Too risky not to… They won’t take WEEK 5 for granted b/c, just as in “Survivor,” alliances have been forced to change from week to week. They will have had to adapt, accordingly, and think only of what is best for their own game. By the time WEEK 6 rolls around, when Julie tells them they’re free from previous restraints, they will have learned about the fluid nature of the game. Trust and loyalty would not come so easily because back during those times when they couldn’t talk game, no one could be sure how anyone else voted, unless the votes were unanimous (not likely). And, now, with the chains broken, the lies could flow freely.

“Floaters” will probably still exist, but they might find it harder to find a resting place.
Just a fantasy…
Let the healing begin… : – )


I said it before, but it bears repeating:
If Matt bows to peer pressure/ bullying and is persuaded not to use the POV on himself, he DESERVES WHATEVER HAPPENS TO HIM. Even if a “Marcellus Event” doesn’t occur this week, he is sinking his own ship by getting rid of a potential ally, i.e., Cody.


I’m so on board with mark right now. Hate how he lets Elena use him. But I do think he is a nice genuine guy. And when he’s in DR he owns everything. Yea I flip. So….. he’s playing the game the best way he can. And he’s winning when he needs to. He’s obviously a smart guy. I couldn’t have remembered where I was when I heard all those sounds. Some but not that many I don’t think. And he wants to play. He wants to do something big. Just don’t know if he will ever get the votes behind him. I’m all for him, Elena and Cody teaming up. Just don’t think it will work. But at least he’s playing and trying.


So, Josh’s thinking is: “We get rid of Mark and Elena, and Cody, and then we don’t have to worry about_____.”
Where does he think he ranks? Does he envision a scenario wherein Paul keeps the merry band together to the bitter end? Just how does he think this will end?

RIF (reading is fundamental)

Just remember. It may be a game, but humans aren’t capable of pulling a personality out of their a$$ for 3 straight months. This “game” should be an eye opener for everyone and when the time comes….remember…..””Don’t be a puppet”.

Hope Cameron was better that this crap

Can we all vote Cameron as AF?


Only if Paul tells us to

Am I correct

I just read a piece about Rachel Uchitel(the woman that was having an affair with Tiger Woods) and it stated that she is currently a VIP Hostess in Las Vegas. It indicated that VIP Hostess was a veiled description of a paid escort. Refresh my memory,wasn’t Jessica A VIP Hostess?


I think, in the end, it will come down to Alex and Paul. Thoughts?


Kevin as AFP


why? hes just up pauls ass like every floater in the game


Watching the tempt comp and Cody trying to throw it. I said to myself he should just do HOH for all because he never went up there last week. The question he got right was the baby crying, can’t believe he forgot he was having s** at that time in the have not.

Not Raven's Mom

Best scenario is for Mark Elana Cody talk about shit and throw Paul’s name out pretending no one hears them. Totally freak out the whole house. Like Paul is only playing them.


Matt – you don’t need to win an HOH to get the votes in the final 2.
Hey Matt…at least you or Raven need to get the final HOH if you 2 want to be the final 2.