Alex “My promises are worth more than any dollar amount & I won’t embarrass myself by going against it.”

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10:20am Bathroom. Cody, Mark and Elena. `
Cody – after the hot dog was brought to us I’ve been up. Elena – that was at 4:47am. They’ve been working on the backyard since 6am. Maybe its the Outback thing. Cody – you guys have got to win next week.

10:35am The bugle plays to get Alex set up her campsite. She sets it up inside just outside the HOH room because the backyard is locked down. After she finishes she heads down to the kitchen to make breakfast. Matt comments on how he doesn’t want the backyard to be locked down all day just so we can have Outback. Alex – that’s because you’re not a greedy son of a b***h. She heads back up to the campsite and starts tearing it all down again. `

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10:55am Jason – I’m going to take a four hour shower… he eats the hot dog Alex brings him in the shower. Jason – this is X-treme showering. Winning!

11:39am – 12:04pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. Alex – in honor of Elena’s birthday I promised her I would not make her a havenot and because my promises are worth more than any dollar amount and I won’t embarrass myself on national television by going against it. As promised you will not be a havenot. Happy early birthday, I hope you enjoy your week. Elena – thank you. Alex – down to the rest of the business, this weeks havenots are the four house guests that went out first in the hocus pocus HOH competition. That means Kevin, Mark, Paul and Jason you are havenots for the week. Jason – F**K!!!! Alex – and remember the havenot temptation is back in play. The first person to claim the key in the diary room can take the temptation. Paul and Christmas realize they have to sleep in the havenot room together. Paul – yeah but how!?!? Paul says that he is requesting the havenot temptation key. Paul says he’s going for the orange box. Cody – Jessica and I did it. Paul – I’m not going to make Christmas do it. Lord knows I need the two week diet if I am wrong.

12:25pm – 12:45pm Bedroom – Elena and Mark.
Elena – This is absolutely ridiculous to me that now I am the bad person because I won a competition and took a prize that I have earned. Mark – people aren’t really saying anything. Its just Alex. Its like when Paul talks. Its not like people are agreeing with her. I don’t know what to say. I am in the middle. Mark – I want to say to her you said if Elena came in second you would take my prize . She is like I wanted you to keep your trip but I didn’t want to take it from you. I wanted to be like take it. Elena – I wish people would say something. Mark laughs – yeah and I wish people would say something when Josh says things. Elena – I have had your back but I don’t think you should say anything. Elena – are you incinerating people are sitll s**king your d**k? Elena – I am kind of already on the outs. I am kind of in a stage of my game where I want to just f**k sh*t up. Like I might do it just for fun. People have been disappointed in me since the beginning, so why not f**k sh*t up. Mark – this would be the week to do it. Paul is not keeping Cody in this house. Elena – you know what would

1:05pm HOH room – Alex, Paul, Josh, Kevin, Christmas Matt, Raven and Jason are sitting around chatting about random things. Alex – Matt what are you thinking. Matt – nothing. (big surprise there)

1:25pm Lounge room.
Mark – that group up there scare me. Kev, Paul, Jason, Alex…. and I don’t really know where Josh and Christmas lie… but they’re always with them. I’m not going after you or Raven. The only chance for longevity in the game is to go after one of them up there. If me and Elena are the targets or if you and Raven are the targets then as soon as you’re out we’re the targets. Matt agrees. Mark – if I’m looking at the numbers its 4 vs 6. Matt – I have no idea where Kevin stands. I haven’t talked any game with him. Mark – Elena and I haven’t talked game in 3 or 4 weeks. Matt – I’m trying to win but I’ve had no success in these HOH’s. With the safety comp gone I am going to try and win it. … but I have no confidence in my winning anything. If Its a mental comp I have no chance. Mark – now that Alex doesn’t like Elena .. that doesn’t help anything at all. And then me and Christmas going at it.. and Josh getting in on it. Matt – its so funny to watch you and Josh. Mark – it took everything in my.. I am proud of myself in that moment.

2:20pm Josh, Kevin, Jason are sitting around in the HOH room chatting about random things. Jason is doing some extreme napping on the HOH bed. Meanwhile in the Lounge room – Matt tells Raven about his conversation with Mark. Matt – we need to get rid of Kevin before he wins an HOH.

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alex, shut up. sincerely, everyone

Jody fan

Hopefully the producers can do something to save Cody. Seems like he is the only one who is playing for the money, not fame. He is playing for his daughter. He just isnt a very good strategist or tactician. BB has a few days to come up with something to help him out. He made a mistake by targeting Paul so early in the game but it was only a mistake because the producers rigged the show and gave Paul safety and cast a bunch of Paul groupies. If they didn’t do that, Cody would be in a very different situation right now. I am rooting for Cody and Jessica to have a real relationship when the show is done. Unfortunately, I think their connection is more lust than love. Cody seems like a good guy. When someone backs you into a corner and breaks you down and brings you to your lowest point, you think of the most awful things you can say to and about that person whether you mean it or not. This is what happened with Josh. Josh broke Jody down with Paul egging him on. Paul is evil.


i’m hoping production gets in matt’s ear and convinces him to take himself off the block. it’d honestly be good for his game to team up with mark, cody, and raven and try to save elena. think it requires pulling in kevin though, which only happens if paul’s turning on kev slips, but it’s possible. then all of a sudden the house would go ballistic.

i guess, alternatively matt and friends could maybe go after alex to have her break the tie and vote out jason. i realize jason’s a close ally of hers, but she’s proven she’s incapable of independent thought, though i don’t think they can be as persuasive about turning her brain off as paul has been.

Free Ride

Great idea but that would mean Matt & Raven would actually have to do something other than just play house and hang out & they are not about to ruin their free ride for the summer!


Honestly Cody screwed himself when he went after people in his own “beautiful people” alliance week 1. He had the whole “outsiders” alliance to go after. He tried to tell people who to vote out but it backfired on him. If he didn’t try to make such a big move during his first HoH he prob would be in a very different spot right now. He was super arrogant and didn’t have the social game to advance himself after this. But after he made his alliance based on hgs looks and named them the “beautiful people alliance” you could tell that he wasn’t going to talk to anyone he didn’t deem worthy which you need to do to get the votes to win. It’s not my favorite season and I don’t have a favorite to root for but can’t wait to see what happens when Cody’s gone and the rest of the hgs have to start voting out each other 🙂


You mean the daughter he sees once for one month a year? the daughter he gave up his one month with in order to be on BB? who he chose to move several states away from for no reason? (Bc it’s not like he has or ever had some grand job in the great state of Texas)? So why move away from your child? Newsflash: when Cody gets out of BB. his first stop is going to be to Jess, a girl he’s know 2 months, not his 5 year old daughter. Hope Paisley likes watching on the internet her father’s sex tapes with some random girl he just met. That might explain why he couldn’t see her.

Corey's Ass-less Chaps

Maybe his first stop should be a free clinic for shot of penicillen.

Judgmental Judy

I was just rolling my eyes last night watching After Dark as she complained non-stop about the horrible weenie roasting curse. What ELSE do you have to do, you big baby? Someone was going to get $5K, why not Elena? She would have thought NOTHING of Elena or Mark getting that curse. Elena SHOULDN’T apologize. Their situational ethics are moronic!


Everyone should stop watching BB. Send a message to CBS. The show has been going downhill the past few seasons and they show no signs of changing course. Poor casting choices and dumb DR scripting have destroyed the show.
Players are more interested in twitter followers and “making jury” then they are in actually playing the game and winning. They need to cast REAL people, not people playing characters.


How about you stop whining and just stop watching it yourself if you hate it so much?? No ones forcing you to watch.


Amen to that


Because one person stop watching it wont change anything.


After you


Speak for yourself . why should we write messages big brother. it’s a TV show it’s not my life. I have watched every season and I have enjoyed every season. Just give me an example of what exactly I should write to CBS (hey I don’t like your show you should take it off there OK) because I have no life outside of the show it’s that meaningful to my life . If you don’t like it don’t watch it. move on with your life I have moved on from many shows without writing to the network ..


Thats what he said, stop watching, he did not say write the show. Don’t hate people for wanting a bettr show.


I’ve watched religiously the past 8 seasons and feeds wise this is the best season ever so far maybe I’m watching a different feeds then other people but my app does say CBS


absolutely agree, i guess just the feeders realize this


Thank goodness someone else said this. The cast isn’t great, but there have been flips, blindsides and blowups every week, and I’ve been thoroughly entertained by this season. But I come back here and everyone is constantly whining about it being the worst or most predictable season ever. As if 15 and 16 never happened. Glad to know others are enjoying it as well.


….it’s super predictable. Has anyone read Atlas Shrugged or Fountianhead? If you have, you know what I’m saying. If not, read a book.


Apparently, Paul is the only person who has read these books and done his research.


I agree. The feeds have been really good compared to the last several years. Full of drama.

Let It Go

Not everyone lives in a reality of entitlement though. If you don’t like something you have full choice not to get sucked into it or watch it, yet far to many drama addicts love drama and believe they don’t have a choice. Their only choice is to then complain and demand other people change to suit their choices. That is the definition of entitlement. Its a free world out there with infinite options, don’t corner yourself into your own entitlement, just flip the channel and let it go.


Umm what does entitlement have to do with anything? I don’t think you know what that means buddy.

Let It Go

Read the comment again Jake, that’s all I can say, its pretty clear.


I did read it. And thats not the definition of entitlement. Wanting a better product or something improved is not entitlemnet. Thats what he is asking for. Wanting a faster phone or apple to fix bugs on it is not entitlement. If no one wanted things to get better we would still be in the dark ages.
Entitlement is feeling you have the right to something or deserve special treatment.


Ummm…they are winning or coming in 2nd in their time slots, so doubt CBS is goon cancel.

Judgmental Judy

Honestly, there’s very little competition – Summer TV has been “slim pickin’s” at our house.


its brainless entertainment, some days good, some days bad, if it bothers you to the oint your angry or upset, stop watching.


so agree. Dont think the show is boring these morons are always up to something. What sucks is not having a mind of their own and because gnome is intimidated by Cody and wants him gone, they all follow. If anyone starts to think for themselves it gets better.


Stop watching if you don’t like it. Its that simple

Bored in the peg

It isn’t that Paul is playing a good game it is the others are not playing any game.

I have never seen this in all the BB years.

The good news is next season has to be better.


Imagine what past winners think about this season?! Cake walk to win this year with these HGs!


Read their twitters. Everyone hates this cast.


Paul is playing the game one vet against 15 other houseguest. His three weeks of safety have been up for two weeks now. I think once Cody is gone after this week it will be game on.


Yep,I could appreciate if he did his own dirty work, and won fairly! However if Paul wins this year it will be a very hollow victory! I wonder if he will thank the house for carrying him to f2 if he makes it! His cult has very little time left to wake and smell the coffee (most are a few fries short of a happy meal this yea) Quite frankly I hold out very little hope for any of them!


You do realize this is big brother right?
Why would Paul do his dirty work when he
Can get any one of his mental and
Physical meat shields to shoulder that
Responsibility? To goal is to win. He’s optimized
His tools literally and figuratively.


Right? Isn’t that the point. Hell, if you can get the other houseguest to do your work, then that’s even better.

I think people are forgetting his strategy is centered around making others the target, so they kind of forget about the vet.


Actually watching a flower grow is more entertaining…


“It isn’t that Paul is playing a good game”
right, he’s playing a great game and the others ARE playing a game, some good some bad!

“I have never seen this in all the BB years.”
Go watch BBCan4 with Tim Dormer


It can’t get any worse.

This just getting to jury crap needs to end. Take away the jury bonus money.


Isn’t that what we said last year, and the year before, and the year before that?


Or at least make the weekly stipend more being in the house than in jury.


F**k with Matt, Elena – Please, pretty please ?! And hope he uses the Veto on Jason. Then let’s see the Amityville House turn on itself.
I hope Paul and Christmas get stuck in the Have-Not room for 2 weeks. Time for the 2 of them to start driving each other mad and plotting against each other.


You know dang well Paul will get the pass on being a have not. It doesn’t matter which box he chooses, it will have the pass in it.

Big Paul Show 19

Paul even said he’s picking the orange box before even getting the key. He’s telling production to put it there.


Christmas is only in there for 48 hours.

Capt. Obvious

Let me get this straight…
They are strapped to each other, for an entire week, and you think they are going to start plotting against each other….. LITERALLY BEHIND the others back???
Paul-“Uhhhh, Xmas?? Are you asleep?”
Kevin-“She looks like she’s asleep.”
Paul-“OK, good. Listen, we TOTALLY need to get Xmas outta this house!!”



Capt Obvious,
Paul and Christmas only have to stay joined for 48 hours. They have to sleep connected.


Xmas isnt a havenot, if Paul gets 2 weeks, Xmas wont be with him next week, unless she becomes a havenot herself


We won’t let that happen.

Sleeping in Seattle

I think if Paul makes it to the final with anybody that the other person will say Paul should win.


Should doesn’t mean he will, watch last season!


Uhhhhhhh, no $h!+ Paul should win.


Well he should – he is the only one doing anything.


To those replying “Duh Paul should win,” the original comment is meant to highlight the stupidity of the other houseguests handing him the game.


Elena- you know what would…
AHH the suspense


Still trying to figure out why Christmas is part of a punishment when she didn’t even play in that comp. She had no change to win a prize so why the punishment???

Hi, It's Production

We have full say of the script and we do what we want for ratings.

Cody Is A Robot

I’m still trying to figure out why she is even still there since she can’t compete in the competitions.

Suck it up.

Every season you all find something to bitch about. How this is the worse season ever blah blah blah. Simple solution… STOP WATCHING.


Ohhh Alex, girl, you’ve been embarrassing yourself on national tv for a few weeks now.


Wrong. If Paul makes final with Raven, Raven wins. If Anyone takes Raven to final, Raven wins. Almost every HG has said “If I don’t win, I hope Raven does.” They don’t know she is a fraud. Nightmare?


The other houseguests may be stupid enough to bring Raven to the final but Paul is not. Regardless of how I feel about Paul’s domination and disgusting harassment “gameplay”, Paul will figure out a way to get rid of Raven before the final.


Paul Recruited Raven!

A True Dream

I hope Raven wins, it would literally be the end of CBS. You know the amount of backlash CBS will take if Raven wins….now that would be the real entertainment seeing CBS explain that production cast a terminally ill person. CBS should be held accountable for casting Raven in the first place.

Cody Is A Robot

IF Raven is actually terminally ill…..,

A True Dream

That was the point I was making, with a little sarcasm. If Raven won, it would expose CBS that much more for “casting a terminally ill person” and playing along with the storyline, knowing it wasn’t the truth.

sunny dee

she’s not technically terminally ill. she has a condition that requires a medical device, and if the device fails then she will need it replaced. even people with pacemakers aren’t terminally ill. to be ‘ill’ you need to have an actual illness. this is a condition not an illness, and obviously is easily corrected.

and the fact is she has a very visible device INSIDE of HER , so all the blah blahs it is just a scam is BS fakery. is it as dire as she claims? probably not. is she suffering for lack of $$ to cover it? probably, tho less likely under Obamacare, which has been in place the last couple of years. is she in danger of losing the funds via insurance she’s going to need in the future? absolutely, thanks to trumpamerica=nohealthcare agenda.

Wake Up Sunny Dee

LOL, let’s not go that deep into it Sunny. Bringing up politics is useless and rather silly here when Raven owns 2 dance studios, bought a brand new car and she goes on numerous trips. All you have to do is go look at her instagram and she basically frames herself because she has no self awareness. She may be in need of money for her medical bills because she is too busy spending money on her entertainment.

I have absolutely no ill will towards Raven, because I understand what you put out into the Universe comes back onto you so knowing this, Raven may just want to stay in the BB house forever because it is not going to be pretty when the BB fandom mobs her upon leaving the house.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

Whoever at CBS cast Scam-ven and her ‘ “I’m dying story” without checking into her condition and the controversy surround the entire family should be forced to wear a unitard for a year. lol
On a serious note it will truly be a great travesty if Raven wins this and I can see a huge backlash at CBS.

mrs w

F*ck some sh*t up Elena! It’s clear her and Mark are next on the chopping block, so why not!


Matt is literally pissing me off with that cereal! Does he ever eat anything else? Can he cook? I want Alex to shove a hundred wieners down his throat. lol


The dude has been chocking on Paul’s wiener since day 1. Matt is a total yes man. They were talking about favorite seasons and Cody said 16 was his favorite (WHAT!!!) Matt says ” yea, yea me too” 5 mins later says that is the only season he has seen. I would have thought last season he watched Cory & Coin Slot lay their way to the finish. The fiddle and diddle plan. He added wear the same clothes to blend into the scenery and most important always have that bowl so he can look down and away from anyone.

Julie Chen

I wish Matt would be voted off this week. And Raven follow him in the double eviction. A girl can dream :/


Omg these houseguests drive me nuts lol. Last week they were pissed Mark used the VETO on himself saying he was selfish. They have all treated Mark like shit so why would they think he feels comfortable enough with them to not use it, of course he had to use it just like any of them would have used it. Now this week Alex is being a whiny like bitch about her punishment. Why does she think she deserves $5000 over Elena? Who wouldn’t take the 5k if they had the chance? I don’t blame Elena cause she’s well aware she’s on their radar and is taking what money she can. Good for her! Alex claims she’s a super fan, if so she should know this is all part of playing BB and stop whinning and suck it up.


From the conversations, my understanding is she doesn’t care that Elena got the money, just that Elena made a deal with Alex BEFORE the comp that they wouldn’t curse each other with punishments. Elena broke that deal. (Alex promised she wouldn’t make Elena a havenot) Yes Alex should quit whining & get on with the game. It’s BB! Deals get broken. Lies are told. Alliances are broken. People change sides to further their game.


For the 100th time, she doesn’t care about the MONEY. Its because Elena went back on the deal she made. Which is REALLY STUPID on her part. I thought the one thing she may have going for her is intelligence, apparently I thought wrong.

Capt. Obvious

“Alex – Matt what are you thinking. Matt – nothing. (big surprise there)”
Dude, you like TOTALLY owe me a new keyboard! I spit up my OJ all over the joint after reading this(not really)!! In fact, I got some on my jeans so you owe me a new pair of jeans. It kinda got on my chair as well so I’ll need a new one of those as well. It may or may not of also gotten on the hardwood so be expecting a bill for that soon.
Either way, your joke was SO TOTALLY FRESH!! You like TOTALLY win the internet today!! Because I see what you TOTALLY did there!!
These amazing insights are what make this site(or not).

Captain Obvious

Well Capt. Obvious then the joke is on you for coming to a place and reading what bothers you so much. Its like you use your own free will to believe you have none. There are many more BB sites out there, you don’t have to come here but you do by your own choice.


This house needs Russell in it


What other person do you want from that season, Jessie, Ronnie, or Chima?


“Mark – this would be the week to do it. Paul is not keeping Cody in this house.” This says alot about the cast this year!

Oh So True

The truest words spoken in the house!!!!
Other than Matt’s line of thinking nothing.
Sad part is production will not use Mark’s line in the prime time edit. Gggrrrrr!!!!

Matt's Third Shirt

Please use the phone v Matt on yourself. Of course you are thinking nothing though so it won’t happen that way……


Josh has no room to talk about how ugly someone is.

Josh's Ego

Josh has the self awareness of a zombie and that even may be a bit harsh to a zombie.


what are you talking about, Josh is good looking. Immature, sure. But he is certainly not ugly.

Bolt Uprite.

He looks just like Shrek.


I hope cody stays n elena goes im tired of hearing her all about her 24/7 n seeing mark look like a sad sorry a** puppy dog following her around while she plays with him… she thinks shes gonna be some celebrity from being on big brother. Give me a break n play the damn game!!!


I think if the remaining house guest (other than cody) took a vote among themselves they would declare Paul the winner now of BB!! Bunch of idiot’s Xmas want’s to get rid of floaters, what the hell does she think she is!! Alex & Josh think Paul is Jesus Christ ! (please drink the juice) Paul is just a little man with a little mind who brought BB to a all time low!! and the rest of the fools are plain out buffoons. Won’t be watching BB anymore…

Backseat Driver

Let’s not blame it ALL on Paul…..the rest of those airheads share in this season being such a dud.


i can’t WAIT to see what you all will bitch about once Paul is gone!

Fruit Loop Dingus

You we will bitch about You!!!
Do you have something to add or are you here to just point out the obvious? Of course we bitch it keeps us happy.


BRING BACK AGENT PABLO! I think the return of Pablo would be great fun- it was so entertaining last season- nothing is entertaining this season. But I always tune in anyway.


So Paul isn’t keeping Cody in the house this week. I think Paul is just one vote and NOT the BB House landlord, so guess what? The REST of you idiots (if you had one coherent thought between you all) could KEEP Cody in the game and vote out Elena instead.

Mark and Elena need to get some gameplay because they are next in jury.


Is the 1st person out this week in the jury? Occasionally the 1st person out in double is not in the jury house

Mixed up

Can Alex chose a substitute if Matt uses the POV on himself>


No, that is why they want him to use it on Jason.



Where's Andrew

Anybody hear what happened to Andrew cause I haven’t heard from him in quite awhile it seems they have cut his airtime down to nothing the past few weeks.

I figured out who Andrew is

Andrew is Matts identical twin, its the secret twist this year. He is kept in a secret room in the house yet to be revealed. He and Matt switch up when Andrew needs his bowl of cereal. That explains why Matt has 12 bowls of cereal and 10 showers a day.


Wow, Alex! She thought she was Queen of the House. She was above punishments…it’s not fair! Way to blame Elena for something you would totally do to someone else. (and I am NOT an Elena fan)

She is really getting on my nerves. She thinks she is running things when in reality she is just another of Paul’s puppets. She want to go to F3 with him! Like Paul would even consider that. He wants someone who no one on the jury would vote for. Hello, Josh…Elena.

Can’t wait for her comeuppance. Hope it’s real soon.

Kevin FTW!


Listen people,
We all know it wasn’t so much that they brought Paul back that was so bad for the game.
It was that they gave him 3 weeks of safety!!!!!
Please! Cody was the smartest one knowing they needed to get rid of him and his experience right away. Oh but Paul convinced all the idiots he backed stabbed all of them for trying to evict him!?


I don’t believe they gave him safety, I think he got the votes because he was more well known being a vet. Just curious, do you also think Christmas’s and Jessica’s were just given by BB and the votes didn’t really count there either?


I hope Mark and Elena or Cody (whichever one they keep) wins back to back HOH at double eviction just to switch things up. This season is way to predictable.


So you people who hit the down button would like it to stay the same??? Really? Why??

The Hearse

LOLS @ “Matt, what are you thinking…*Nothing*..(no surprise there) I almost spit out my tea..

Mark is such a pansie. “Paul wont keep Cody in this house” ERMMM isn’t Paul 1 vote? The best thing I heard out of Alex’ mouth was “I should put Paul up”, that would have been sick. Yes we know whats his beard is playing the game but so was “Jody”, the only difference is, Beardo is better at manipulating people and because he has played the game before, people but him on this pedestal forgetting that he is someone you want to get out..not push to the end?

They should have some type of competition (not now but in the future) when someone gets kicked out..they have to go against the person in the house that they think does the least. Have that person sweat a little instead of sitting on the side lines like the floating floaters they are awaiting command. Raven would actually have to do something.

This sucks if they put Cody up and he goes out like this. Finally now that he is collecting his thoughts again with out all that large bozo the ass clown running around banging pots and what not.

Matt another waste..

Mixed up

If Matt used the veto on himself can he be replaced?




He was the 3rd nominee so he can’t be replaced. On the bright side, if Matt actually wins Big Brother, he won’t be another Adam.


why does anyone watch if all you guys do is complain?


Why do you read the comments if u r just going to complain about people complaining?


I would LOVE to see Elena flip the house. She has tried to behave herself & be respectful to everyone yet ppl don’t give her the respect she deserves.

Impractical Joker

BB19 needs Franke Grande and Andy the rat asap


Smartest thing that actually could have gone down with the Matt/Mark convo….matt decides to use the veto on himself….Cody then stays, they (Mark, Elena, matt and Raven) use Cody as an ally, tell Kevin how the other side of the house is about to turn on him (matt and Raven have both been witness to some of those conversations going on) pull him in (he seems to really like Cody)….vote Jason out….they now have the numbers….two of he best competitors in Paul and Alex on the other side but they have the numbers!!!

Do it! Do it! Do it!


I love Big Brother US, but I have to say, the house guests they pick are always talking about fame, dropping celebrity names (Jess playing dominos with Kanye/dating football & NBA players/ Christmas with NASCAR and her book, Elena the radio Host, etc etc) I think they already think so highly of themselves that they don’t really care about the game (Jess says she has a “good life” outside already-which on her insta she looks like she sometimes even flies on private jets!), so In my opinion, I think that winning Big Brother means little to most of these people. Put some real people in the house. They would be more likely to fight to win because more is at stake.


Paul and his puppets!!!


people people you all live in a country where you can complain about anything and not suffer the consequences. so some of you like whats going on in the big bro house and some of you dont. so what its a game and thats the truth of it. watch and enjoy and good luck to all of them.