Cody “At least if you keep me, I am at the bottom of the barrel and they’ll go after me.”

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5:45pm HOH room. Paul, Christmas, Kevin, Jason, Matt.
Paul – Raven is telling me that they’re dropping my name. SO if I win HOH next week, I am going to draw that line in the sand. Kevin – so will I. Josh – same. Paul – now instead of them saying I’m caught in the middle.. I can say people have told me that you’ve said my name. Youre constantly caught in the middle of situations and now you’ve f**king lied in front of the whole house and f**Ked up. If we stick together .. we’re final 8. Its been that way for weeks. Christmas – since week 2 they’ve been flip flopping. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Christmas – if its a double eviction we should send Mark home first and Elena home second. He will preform better under pressure. She doesn’t preform better under pressure. She will lose her sh*t. Paul – just so they don’t know I will have a secret… Kevin – Dolphins in the jacuzzi. Paul – if I say dolphins in the jacuzzi it will mean its a double eviction. I will know because I know the signs. If it is a more or less comp.. half of us say more, the other half say less. This is the same for true / false. If you know the answer then answer it.

5:55pm Matt and Raven leave the HOH room. Alex joins them. Paul tells her the plan for the more or less comps. Josh tells Jason this is the HOH that you have to push through. You have to win it. Don’t cut a deal with Elena. Paul – Matt and Raven think that we’re in an alliance but they keep throwing my name out. I don’t give a f**K. If I win HOH, I will call them both out. You constantly ask everyone if you’re still good but I don’t see anybody asking them the same question back to you. You question everyone trust. Josh – And quite frankly that makes us question you. Christmas – you (Alex) shouldn’t be carrying around a 40lbs backpack, being second place and HOH. Josh – I don’t care which one of them go home first. Mark is 100 times better competitor than her and smarter. She folded in OTEV.

6:40pm HOH room – Cody, Jason, Alex.
Cody – if he (Matt) pulls you (Jason) off and I go up, I go home this week. Alex – I don’t vote. We’re just doing whatever keeps us safe. Cody – is there anyone else you could put up? Alex – it would have been Mark. Cody – I just don’t understand why you guys wouldn’t trust me to move forward with you. Alex – oh we trust you, we just don’t have the numbers. If we take you on .. that’s 3. Cody – Kevin’s never said anything bad about you guys. Alex – but he’s not very good at competitions and stuff. Yeah we are but if we don’t get it they would just throw us back up again. Cody – so what happens if I go home and one of them wins and they still put you guys up? Alex – we’re just playing it out following their game. Jason – that would be bad. Cody – when Jess was HOH we played it safe too. Alex – we’re not on the pecking list .. right now no one is looking at us but if we start f**king around we’ll get thrown up.

Jason – what do you have in your mind. Cody – we would be fighting the entire time. There would be no safe route. Alex – yeah you could help us win the game. Realistically if we go with someone else, they’re not going to vote for us. Cody – how many more weeks can you do that though and when will you pull the trigger. Alex – after this double. Cody – at least if you keep me, I am at the bottom of the barrel and they will go after me. Regardless of if it raises any red flags for you guys, I am still the bottom of the barrel. Alex – still if you get to the end, they’re not going to let you win. Cody – I don’t want to go out this week. Alex – if you get HOH what would you do. Cody – Josh is the easy one for me. Alex – but he’s the one that’s kept us in the game. Cody – honestly I don’t know who you are working with. Jason – everyone is terrified of you. Cody – I am NOT with Mark and Elena, they have been the most disloyal from the start. Anytime I am talking to them it is just to bullsh*t. Alex – we wanted you to go to jury. Cody – the worst case is I go home and then they say lets take a shot at Jason and Alex. And its like F**K! We could have f**king worked together and got the next HOH. If we do get the HOH then the numbers won’t be a problem because we knock another one out. Alex – everyone has their distaste for Elena and I hope it would swing that way but everyone is scared of you. Cody – even Jess told me not to trust Mark and Elena. Alex – if someone implodes before tomorrow I would be more than happy to put them up. Cody – you have a good reason to get out Elena. Alex – yeah but I don’t vote. Cody – you have a day to think about it.. just reach down into your soles. Alex – who would you take out first? Cody – I would take out Paul. Alex – that wouldn’t work. Cody – because we wouldn’t have the votes. Alex – its too early for that.

Havenot room – Kevin and Jason.
Kevin tells Jason about how Cody’s brother died and he hasn’t sees his daughter 2 months of the year during the summer.. and he gave up his chance to see her to come here. Jason – that’s got to be f**King bullsh*t. That’s got to be counterfeit. Kevin – I think he could have made it up to get sympathy.. because guys who’s brother died.. mine and guess who has 6 daughters .. me. Jason – he’s so full of sh*t. Kevin – if it is true he’s an a$$hole and if it isn’t he’s… Jason – an a$$hole.

7:25pm HOH room – Alex, Matt, Raven, Paul, Christmas
Alex tells them about her conversation with Cody and how she said we’re not going to throw away our game for you (Cody). The conversation was literally going in circles so I had to stop it. Paul – did he (Cody) ask you to use the veto on him. Matt laughs and says hell no. That would be the funniest conversation.

7:35pm – 8pm
Big Brother blocks the feeds. .

8pm Paul in the bedroom by himself without Christmas. (Christmas is out having the Outback Steakhouse dinner) He stretches some boxer/briefs and says that will do.

8:30pm – 8:40pm HOH room – Paul, Raven, Kevin and Josh.
They talk about how Cody farts and burps in front of everyone including Jessica.

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Ravens Battery

Saw a video of Raven dancing in the house today, wow! She’s so talented. Stacy must be so proud. She doesn’t need a gofundme page, if you watch that video, people will be lined up at her studios. Shame she’s going to die when the battery runs out, wasted talent!


Raven says she has 2 hearts and is always talking about her 2 diseases, so since she’s with 2 Shirtz I don’t know whether to call her 2 Heartz, 2 Diseazes, or just Dead Girl Walking since the 2 diseases are so serious.



Ravens Battery

Her diseases are nothing to laugh at. Her mother Stacy shared a video with a doctor explaining how Raven is dying. Have you no sympathy? She has been kidnapped, assaulted, survived surgery, assaulted by Codys lips then rejected because she can’t have children, has PTSD, has gastroproditas, is broke, lost her accent and found it only to lose it again, broken her finger breaking up fight, has died twice on the operating table and stubbed her toe.

Have you peopleno sympathy?


Im not a Raven fan AT ALL! But I’m sick of this mob mentality tearing this girl apart. For all this talk of so called “bullying”, some of you commentators and fans are really the worst. Pot meet kettle.


M with you, the only villain this season is PAUL. his succinct personality can be compared to infamous leaders and villains from history and present day.


Gastroparesis, you mean? Lol…


I read that comment and got choked on my drink! lmao

Judge Janie

She should dance all the time. It would get her more attention and more business at her dance studio. Instead all she talks about is her terminal illnesses. We get it Raven, you have a serious health condition. BB house must be good for her because she seems to have no trouble stuffing her face with junk food and not throwing up.


Sarcasm I’m sure.

By the way, I understand gypsies are known for scamming, stealing, and begging.


I wish everyone would wake up! They are going to look back at their game and be like “what was I smoking?” Apparently it must of been Paul’s fairy dust! Even tonight on CBS Cody tries to strategically to win temptation, they were like he’s a piece of s#!t. But it is okay for all them to get together and figure out who’s losing? They are the worst players ever!! So they got their way and Matt lost. Woohoo!! They all should wear big Ls on their foreheads for the rest of the game!

Matt's Fake Laugh

It would have been fun to watch a losing tiebreaker.


That’s what I thought. She’s either moving all about or she is trying to get something for free. Hey maybe Matt and her will be on next season of “My gypsy wedding’.


Nah, Matt’s into short term(inal) relationships.


Just think about it for a second…Raven told the house she got the disease from her Mom…It’s not hereditary!
Raven said her Mom has had the disease since childhood. She also said that she (Raven) cannot have kids and when this “machine” is maxed out, she will die. Well…her Mom is alive and has 2 kids. Lastly her disease is not a terminal disease. Did you know if you cant handle food, they can feed you everything you need through a stomach tube and live your life out and still have children to pass your munchausen on to the next generation like the one before. #FamilyTraditions

Ravens Battery

Can’t wait to watch Xmass come off of the opiates! Next reality stop,Intervention.


maybe Trump will make that his priority, since he has nothing to do but play golf and steal taxpayers money

Peace & Love

There’s nothing to do because Obama created such a utopia.


Stupid comment….


Alex is an a$$hole & I hope Paul is the one that gets her out.


FINALLY Cody decides to start playing the game weeks in. You can’t wait this long, it’s going to be too late for him. It blows my mind how year after year some of these houseguests think this game is just playing comps or overinflated their ability to win every comp. it’s more relationship building and strategizing your post than anything.


He’ll have someone else do it. I’m a flip-flopper on Alex mostly because she is vulgar especially for a religious person, and a Paul arse kisser. Picture of her above brings to mind Ms Piggy.

Because, you're a religious person.

Tell me again, what part of the Bible was it that Christ called people Ms.Piggy?! Gospel according to hypocritis? If you are a Christian, act like more Christ like.

Big Brother Production

LOL @ Kevin and Jason saying Cody is talking about his brother dying for sympathy. When they see the shit Raven has pulled, they better be consistent in being pissed at her. The problem with these people is that they are selective in their hatred. Kevin and Jason are my 2 favorites left, but they too are sheep in this field that is Paul’s.


Jason and Kevin are getting on my nerves.


Who wants Josh to win AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judge Janie

Luv that Meatball!!!


Nobody……he sucks!!!


probably you teenage boy with bad acne


Does Alex have to tell Paul everything? What a huge disappointment she has turned out to be.


I agree. They are so determined to get Cody out, they don’t think. It’s NOT too early to vote Paul out. They are so clueless.


They’ll be at the final 3 and 2 of them will be saying it’s too soon to go after Paul.


Alex and Jason are being Andy the tattle-tale.


I was about to post a comment about Alex and Jason being snitches, but you posted a great comment already.


Along with Kevin, Christmas, Josh and Mavin. That’s why he’ll make to the end. They’re dogs doing everything they can to please their master for a pat on the head. Instead of banding together to take him out, they rat each other out.

Oh please

They are in an ALLIANCE

Judge Janie

Can’t really blame Cody for trying, but c’mon man. You can’t suddenly try to insert yourself into an alliance after being an @ssh*le the whole game so far. Dude needs to seriously work on his social skills.


You think he would fit in with the big @sshole alliance. Not quite @sshole enough I guess.

Anti Paul Puppet

He is trying though. If he had any intuition he would start throwing Matt under the bus. I don’t know what he can use, but if he makes Matt feel unsafe maybe Matt uses it for himself. Then Cody is safe. Then again Matt’s head is so far up Paul’s @$$.


They think the big move is to get Cody out. They just do not know how to play the game at all. They are not playing to win. They are playing for the jury.


Contradictory statement. Cody IS working on his social game. It may not be on your schedule, but he’s trying. If he didn’t try, everyone would be complaining that he gave up. (Are you part of Paul’s mental mindset?)

Judge Janie

Actually Paul is just as big of an @ssh*le but he’s got a way better social game. He also has the advantage of a built-in fan club in the house. I like Cody. However I was pointing out that Cody has very little chance of swaying people who have had their alliances intact for weeks already.

Cody's anti-social game

lol….Cody social game is flat out horrible. it was stupid of him to say to Alex & Jason “I would take out Paul” first. he should of told them he will go after the couples first. Cody then could of made deals with the couples to take out Paul the first chance he got. Cody hasn’t learned nothing from his hand full of mistakes he has made in the game.


It would be smart for everyone to keep Cody and take Paul out….if they want to win. The person who puts Paul in Jury WILL NOT win the $500k. Paul will make sure of that


Drunk Camper Alex is some providing some of the funniest feeds of the summer.

Itchy and Scratchy

Alex is annoying to watch! I can’t stand her personality and her constant scratching. Yuck!


Since Jason and Alex got close with the majority alliance and started hanging around with other houseguests, I forgot how likable they can be when it’s just those two together.


How was it decided who got the Outback dinner?


I’m perfectly fine with Cody leaving. He’s highly overrated.

big bro

I thought alex was a boy

Geez Louise

A person on the block passes on veto for money. A person on the block wins veto, will veto someone else. This season is beyond salvagable. The entertainment that will be on Twitter and the satisfaction of Ravens con jobs being exposed after the show is over is all I have left to look forward to now but man do I look forward to it.

I give up

Hi Paul. Hey if you can’t best em join em.


I’m glad Cody is FINALLY trying. But seriously, where was this last week? He can’t get mad when no one wants to work with him. Especially when he just now decided to he social. I had high hopes that if Cody talked to Alex and Jason she’d go with it. She’s not as high up as she thinks on Paul’s totem pole. She’s really turned into a huge disappointment. Her and Kevin.

Anti Paul Puppet

Reminder. Cody was working on votes for Jess. Then Jess started Josh fight and blew up both their games again.


The same place he has been the whole game. Locked away with jess. Had he put this much effort in playing the game, there may have been an entirely different outcome but I think he has sealed his own fate. He’s not my favorite, not even close but he should have tried. I also think it’s funny that he was all pissy about megan talking to him about staying but he is essentially doing the same thing she did.


I’m cheering for Mark–the only respectable one left. I hated Christmas’ fight accusing him of flip flopping. No one says BB you vote with the house or have to be loyal to everyone. Geesh!!!!!!! What a bunch of sheep. They’ll be embarrassed to watch it back or read reports how lame they all have been.

Florence McSimmons

People who are fans of Cody have a terrible judge of character.

Guy From Canada

I’m not a fan of Cody, I want to see a house of people who want to play BB. Actions speak louder then words, and Cody threw a comp to keep Alex safe early in the game. Cody has been loyal to her and she wants nothing to do with him because she needs no man to get her through the game. Mean while Paul has her around her finger, and Paul has Jason around his finger.

Kevin should jump ship and join Mark Elena Cody. Convince Raven they are voting out Elena. Split the vote so it’s 3 voting out Cody, 3 voting out Matt and Raven vote out Elena. would be game to save Cody for a weapon to further their game as Cody would go after the showmances and Paul. Convince Alex matt is a viable target so he can’t compete in the double eviction to break a tie. The double scares people, but wih Ravens BS skills I see her reading through people and this never happening. So Cody will be trampled by sheep this week, and I pray hat Paul is a victim in the double to spend his entire jury time with Cody

Judgmental Judy

OH my gosh, so sorry, we didn’t know you are the truth barometer. Florence McSimmons sees inside of souls and realizes Paul is on the side of right, Raven is authentic and not using her “disease” for sympathy and profit, Josh is smart & kind, Christmas isn’t bumping up against a married man …. we got it all wrong, People! Thank you Florence for setting everyone straight with your insight of character and integrity.


I wish everyone would wake up! They are going to look back at their game and be like “what was I smoking?” Apparently it must of been Paul’s fairy dust! Even tonight on CBS Cody tries to strategically to win temptation, they were like he’s a piece of s#!t. But it is okay for all them to get together and figure out who’s losing? They are the worst players ever!! So they got their way and Matt lost. Woohoo!! They all should wear big Ls on their foreheads for the rest of the game!


here is a stupid question….

can the person who came in last with temptation safety comp, that went on to win VETO actually use it on someone else or do they have to use it on themselves???


You can use the veto on anyone, just ask Marcellas.


Paul is always a week ahead of all his flock. Always working on sabotaging his next sacrifice. The individual little groups are so disjointed and don’t trust each other because of Paul’s ground work, they can’t come together to attack him.


Really sad part is that it is not even necessary. His flock will do what he wants regardless.


That’s what I thought. She’s either moving all about or she is trying to get something for free. Hey maybe Matt and her will be on next season of “My gypsy wedding’.


And Jessica and Cody will be on the next bachelor/bachelorette. If I want to see someone suck face as much as they did I’d turn on a soap opera.

Raven's "2nd" Heart

I was trying to root for the underdog, Cody, but I just can’t support someone who just sucks so much at this game. Him not standing on the HOH bedroom in the temptation comp just confirmed it. He has had SOOO many chances to get control of the game and each time he has messed it up. And when he wasn’t messing up his game, he was advising Jess on how to mess up her game. He knows Paul is running the game, so why would you tell his closest sidekick, Alex, that if you won HOH, you would put him up? BYE CODY!


If they were smart they would keep Cody till the end no one in the jury would vote for him to win this game. Also this is probably one of the worse seasons of Big Brother they don’t even realize that they are handing Paul that 500k. Can’t wait till Paul starts turning on them. Smh


Why would they get Paul out when they are in an alliance with Paul and keep Cody??? This makes no sense that you guys are all trashing these people who are getting further in the game because of their association with Paul. Why would they rock the boat when they are not a target right now just so they can save your Cody??


Duh because if they continue they are handing Paul the money. They are all overjoyed just to make jury and they are not looking at the big picture. Take Cody to the end for the win!


Gypsy robot dance


So glad Jessica is gone. Now get out Cody. If I wanted to watch a couple make out all the time I’d watch the bachelor/bachelorette… or a soap opera.