Maddy “Jared’s way to good for her. I hate how pretty she is! She’s a dumb player!”

POV Holder: Christine Next POV March 5th
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 7th
HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: March 10th
Original Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Current Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
Have Nots Loveita, Sharry, Joel, Cassandra

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-09 14-05-51-303

5pm Maddy and Ramsey are hanging out on the couches. Maddy says Jared’s way to good for her (Kelsey). I hate how pretty she is. Ramsey says yeah that’s called jealousy. She only really has nice eyes. I don’t like blondes. Maddy says but I’m blonde. Ramsey says you should make your hair darker. Maddy says I think Christine is pretty fake too. Ramsey says I like that you say that. Maddy says Christine hates Raul but she’s so nice to him. Maddy says that Kelsey is a dumb player. Once that three-O is split up she’s useless. She’ll vote herself out. Right now the brothers, Jared, Kelsey and Raul. Ramsey says I can’t stand Cass! Maddy says no one likes her. Ramsey says she has Tim around her finger. Maddy says No, that’s just game. Yeah, Cass is pretty f**king annoying. Christine is smart and she likes me, you and Dallas.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-09 14-39-25-175

5:40pm Tim and Nikki are talking outside the HOH room. Nikki says I’m so angry about my feet being destroyed. (Infected blister) She talks about how she waited for the animals to leave the kitchen and when I go down there ..guess who arrives. (Raul) And I’m in the way. That really annoyed me. I f**king hate that hyena. AHHHh I f**king hate this house!!! Soon able to cook what I want, when I want, on my own!!

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-09 14-44-45-009
5:45pm Bathroom – Mitch and Sharry are talking about the jackpot lights. She says that she will check the havenot room and the HOH when it goes off again. Mitch doesn’t think it would be in the HOH room since it would be an unfair advantage for the head of household. Sharry says I want that sh*t so bad!! What if its something that can save me. Loveita joins them.

5:50pm – 6pm In the bedroom – Raul is painting Phil’s toenails. Phil says that sleeping with Christine is a comforting feeling. Like I’ve never had that with a girl before. Ramsey says whoa now! Phil says not in that way. Ramsey says she has a calming motherly presence hey Phil. Phil agrees.

6:50pm The house has been fairly quiet. The house guests are lazing around chatting about random things. In the pink bedroom – Mitch and Sharry are searching the bedroom for anything associated with the Jackpot lights. In the HOH room – Cassandra and Kelsey have a bath together. Raul is straightening Jared’s hair.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-09 15-51-46-034

7:05pm The Jackpot lights and sounds start going off. Mitch and Sharry check the bathroom, bedroom and havenot room but find nothing.

7:30pm Raul finishes straightening Jared’s hair.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-09 16-51-39-199
7:45pm – 8pm In the living room – Tim, Mitch, Loveita, Joel and Ramsey. Tim talks about his Australian season of Big Brother. Tim talks about how he brought along his enemy because he needed Australia to want to keep me. “I wasn’t the underdog, I was the manipulating puppeteer.”

8:20pm – 8:35pm Loveita, Kelsey and Jared are chatting about random things in the hot tub room. Raul and Joel join them. In the kitchen – Nikki says that she wants vodka. Tim tells her he doesn’t think that a good idea for her. Nikki says don’t say that! Nikki says that she wants her own fridge and then says she misses her kitchen. She says she’s just whining because she’s irritable.

8:35pm – 8:50pm Phil says he would love to get the HOH next week. It would be wicked nice! Nikki and Ramsey join them. In the backyard – Cassandra talks to Loveita about her votes and says she has Joel, Kelsey, Raul, Nick/Phil, Tim, Cassandra, Nikki vote. Loveita says she doesn’t have Nikki and Tim’s vote for sure.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-09 17-35-23-496

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-09 17-46-14-049

9pm Hot Tub room – Phil, Tim, Mitch, Raul, Joel, Ramsey and Nick are hanging out chatting. Its a quiet night in the big brother house. Phil and Kelsey start tossing a lemon back and forth in the backyard.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-09 17-54-04-594

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Maddy is a dumb b*tch. She adds nothing to the game, has complained about wanting to go home multiple times, and is constantly pissy. Not even in a fun villain type of way. She can’t be gone soon enough. Easily one of the biggest casting mistakes this show has made..

Agree on that

Just wish Ramsey would separate himself from her. I want him to do well in the game and she is dead weight who no one in the house likes.


SO agree. It is an absolute embarrassment that she was chosen over so many hopefuls and is representing part of Canada.


I disagree, Maddy is one of the better girls in the house. Look at people like Cassandra and Kelsey, being fake to everyone. At least Maddy has a strategy and skills that can be used.


This update didn’t include Maddy complaining about Nikki getting special food, because of dietary reasons. Or her calling Nikki a bitch. She’s a very insecure, petty, jealous person, and has a lot of growing up to do.


The jackpot sign. has anyone checked the room phil and not phil were locked in after the first hoh?
i’ve lost track of where people have searched in their investigations.


Thanks Dawg!
High Roller room sounds a lot better than the Phil and not Phil room.


what is maddie picking out of her ears and eating?
does she store pate in there to go with fingernails?

sunny dee

are the jackpot lights that interesting that they think there is something up when it goes off?

does sharry really think that there will be anything on the day before eviction, considering that BB wouldn’t be able to edit it and reveal it and diary room about it in time for it to appear on at least Wednesday’s show?


If it was some kind of all or nothing reward/challenge, it could be explained on the wednesday show and edited as part of the campaign portion of the thursday episode.
Doubt it’s the case, it would have been explained before now, but it’s not impossible to edit.


Kelsey may be hot, but she needs to go


She’s not even a hot girl…she’s basic looking as hell…nothing stands out about the way she looks…


Is it just me or is this the worst group of women we’ve ever had???…


Makes you miss me eh?

tims glaring white chicklet teeth

It isn’t just you, where are the personalties in these women? Nikki is strange but at least different.


Maddy is such a insecure little stuck up pessimistic bitch

Risha's Boobs

I can’t wait to see Nikki as a have not lol NOW THAT will be funny


Early in the season there comes a time when I’m watching an episode, and wondering if I dreamed the feeds because the emphasis the episode is placing on ten seconds of a ten minute conversation that was edited to be different from reality, or ignoring other events completely… it sort of boggles me. Then I am reminded that the episodes are in many cases a totally different thing than the feeds. I’m glad i’ve got that feeling of dysphoria over with in the second week.

sunny dee

when they started showing After Dark is when half my illusions fell. When i found this site, the other half drifted away. at one point i was wondering if HGs were having conversations simply for filming reasons, not because they actually had any serious intent of say, putting Dallas up. When you just watch the show from beginning to end, thru the edits, you are always led to think that Christine using the Veto and Dallas going up was something that was seriously being considered.

when you see AD and/or read this site, is where you find out that Christine loathes and despises both Sharry and Loveita and had zero intention of using it, or working with either of them, and contrary to what the edit of the show tonight was leading on, she is not a lone wolf working on her own looking for allies, at all. i think that if Jared/kelsey had come to her to ask would she use it so they could put up a different target, she probably wouldn’t have, she was that keen on getting one of the two of those noms out.

i think the others might be making a mistake to get Sharry out with the reason she would get up to no good sooner than Loveita. or that she would be all alone. i can totally see another group choosing to work with her so she goes ahead with some moves that they can get behind, while sharry might be a bit less obvious


Nobody got time to read that ????????


I had prepared myself for the edit Kelsey and Jared would receive. I’d also prepared myself to see Loveita and Sharry being more proactive and less block mopers party of two through the magic of editing.
I wasn’t prepared for the way the Dallas situation would be edited. Not the possible nomination, but the instant ‘he’s the enemy’ d/r reaction from Jared, who until very recently was still very much ‘I think we might be able to work with him.’
As well, I’m prepared for a few players to be pretty much non-existent in d/r and edit in the first few weeks, but editing out the Dallas/Ramsey stuff seemed strange. How are they going to ever explain the Dallas/Ramsey/Maddy working together but pretending to dislike each other angle if there is no reason for them to dislike each other? Are they dusting off the way back machine and gassing up the delorean? Or is it going to be a throwback “oh yeah we’ve been an alliance for a few weeks” moment like from bb17 freaks and geeks?
On a side note, the way that Dallas, Maddy and Ramsey disavowed Sharry and Loveita? Mixed reaction from me. The logic game part sees the reason, the empathetic human part sees it as pretty trashy. I’d be thinking if one or two of them finds their way to the block, they’d be hard pressed to be able to get much empathy or battle support from the survivor of Loveita / Sharry.


You guys should do more polls like “who’s your favorite houseguest so far” or top 3. I’m interested in who people like hahaha


pretty sure Maddy believed she was being cast as the sexy maneater, and arrived to find out she was second level jock girl. Pretty big kick to the ego. lol.


Tim should not reveal too much from his game On Big Brother Australia. He is saying he was the puppet master on his show. He is revealing too much and is just putting a target on his back. Love Tim, but his ego is getting in the way right now.


I agree…Tim is playing fairly decent right now. But he really needs to talk less and listen more.


put some polls up for us to vote in please


I will with the new post I’m working on. thanks for the suggestion


Totally disagree with some people here. Loved Maddy’s and Ramsey’s convo. Noticed your vids are unlisted is that because copyright? Don’t upload to YouTube then, upload directly into your Google+ much better. No one uses it even though it’s the same YouTube player and works just like a file saving system. If your the original owner you can also download the exact file you uploaded no conversion.


I 100% prefer Maddy over Kelsey. Maddy may be jealous of Kelsey but at least she’s not going around sucking everyone’s ding dong to get ahead in the game. Kelsey needs to go, she does not deserve to be in the game at all. She is a catty bitch who is so self-absorbed and doesn’t even care about Jared. At least maddy is trying to play the game without relying on the guys in the house.


Kelsey is not going around sucking anyone’s ding dong. She is aligned with Jared and Raul because she trusts them. And she respects herself to not depend on a physical ‘showmance’ to get ahead, like Maddy is dying to have.


She’s aligned with Jared because he’s the alpha male jock stereotype casting this year that she can use to keep other people from successfully coming after her while increasing her brand and air time on the show with the showmance potential. She’s aligned with Raul because he is the flamboyantly mean gay stereotype casting this year that she can be pointlessly catty and judgmental with. She’s pulling in Cassandra because every prom queen needs her court. Welcome to big brother high.


Why has no one stated the obvious? Usually people with chips on their shoulder are all over this – two girls of ‘ethnic background/colour’ are so threatening and on the block? I’m glad we’re getting smarter than calling that out finally. Personally I don’t see why Sharry is such a threat – she has no communications skills.


I don’t think people see Sharry as a threat. Her only real threat is if Loveita leaves she’ll go unnoticed for weeks and float her way to the end. I think they’re just eliminating her because Loveita is a bigger threat to Kelsy/Jared and they can use her as a sheild.


2 girls . ..week 1 were not a threat either…2 white blonds
1 very little young one and 1 thats nothing without a guy shield!
dont hint on racism because thats not the case…it isnt why Loveita and Sharry are up..they pretty well asked for it!