Maddy “If Christine uses the veto I’m F**ked and I will 100% blame you and Sharr!”


POV Holder: ? Next POV March 5th
POV Used christine POV Ceremony March 7th
HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: March 10th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
Have Nots Loveita, Sharry, Joel, Cassandra

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track with our alliance help guide.

Big-Brother-4- 2016-03-06 12-16-11-387

3:15pm By the pool – Tim and Cassandra are talking. Cassandra says I don’t want to work with Dallas. And Raul is too emotional. Tim says Raul isn’t going to change. Tim says Dallas out first and then Raul. Cassandra tells Tim that she had a conversation with Chirstine and she suggested you, me and her make an alliance. Tim says he likes Christine. She tells it like it is. She has no reason to lie. Phil joins them and and Tim changes the conversation to talking about how even playing on big brother Australia he didn’t play to win he played for the thrill of it.

Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return – The house guests comment on how its nice to know we don’t have any bed bugs.

Cassandra talks to Joel and about voting out Sharry so that Loveita will have no one and have to work with us. Cassandra fills Joel in on the plan to try and get Christine to use the veto on Loveita. Joel doesn’t know if it would work and warns her about being seen as the kingpin. Joel says he is thinking whether its too early or if its what would flip the game. Cassandra says that Dallas has to go. He’s a bully and mean spirited. He has to go. Cassandra says if Jared does backdoor Dallas he would have to have the numbers to get him out. We would have the votes to get him out. Next week Tim has a vote and he would be useful to us. Cassandra asks do you think its in our best interest to get rid of Sharr or Dallas. Sharr would be loyal if we saved her. Dallas is unpredictable. Cassandra tells Joel she brought out the waterworks with Dallas to make him feel like sh*t. Joel brings up how Dallas told him he’s going after Nick & Phil. Joel asks if he should go tell the brothers. Cassandra says not now. Hold on to that information. Wait until the brothers win HOH.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-06 13-32-45-641
4:30pm Maddy asks Loveita if Chsitine is using the veto? Loveita says no, unless we convince her of a plan to use it. Maddy says if Christine uses the veto I am F**ked and I will 100% blame you and Sharr!

4:35pm – 4:55pm Big Brother tells the house guests to go to the living room. House guests as you know Nikki and Tim are imume from eviction this week. The big brother announces: As you know they’ve lived like you and will cast a vote this week. After the announcement the house guests comment on if that was it?! Tim wonders if anyone has tried to buy votes before. I’ll vote for you if you buy my vote. Tim tells Nikki if I vote for someone and you vote for the other, our votes cancel themselves out. Tim says then we could stay forever. Nikki says I think that’s fantastic, I don’t want to go back to the UK. I think that is a brilliant idea. Tim then says it won’t work there are challenges that would make it not work. Like if one of us win HOH. Tim says its not that were disrespecting your game. Its a bit of a reality check.

Nikki & Tim will be voting this week

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-06 13-38-04-386

Cassandra tells Tim that she just asked Christine if she would consider using the veto and he said she won’t. She hates those girls (Loveita & Sharry).

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-06 14-04-43-912

5:30pm HOH room – Tim says you didn’t take into consideration that we would be voting when you made those nominations. Jared says him that he should talk to both girls. Tim asks so you don’t care if me and Nikki? Jared says no it doesn’t matter to me. Absolutely not. Tim says we just didn’t want to mess up any plans. Jared says not at all. Jared then reiterates what happened with exposing the 4th vote (Dallas). Nikki joins them. Tim tells Nikki that Jared doesn’t care which one we vote for. Nikki says she doesn’t want to be persuaded. Nikki says I know I’m not going to win. There’s no chance. Tim says I don’t want to go home with 100K of Canadian money, and Canada doesn’t want that either. Tim says if someone stokes me enough, like gunning for me with a knife. Things might change. I kept an enemy around right till the end in my series. There has to be a yin and yang. Its boring otherwise.

5:50pm Bedroom – Loveita tries talking to Christine to get her to use the veto. Christine tells her that she can talk but it probably won’t make a difference. Its probably a waste of time for you to try with me. Loveita asks do you know who you’re voting for? Christine says no clue, its 50/50. Like I told Sharry.

6pm Bedroom – Christine tells Maddy “I think Phil tried to get it on with me last night. I asked him about it this morning and he said I thought I’d test the waters”
Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-06 14-56-41-244

6:15pm Nikki warns Tim, Cassandra and Christine that she could hear Tim talking in the other bedroom. She tells him to be careful about how loud he talks.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-06 15-18-17-336

6:20pm – 6:25pm Sharr and Loveita talk game with Dallas in the kitchen.

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Wow, Dallas is on the anti-Tim train along with Raul? Production is going to have to do a think about that..

Tim = Good feeds.

Dallas and Raul do not.


Really impressed with the way Cassandra is playing right now…

Guy From Canada

I’m more surprised. She has adapted the quickest socially to the same extend that Dallas has degraded. Her and Tim could run the game as an active floater and go far. I just hope Mitch stays on another team to keep the dynamics up in the house between the sides.


Find it so funny that Maddy has the audacity to get mad at Loveita for trying to come up with a plan to save herself and Sharry? WTF?

Tim is fucking gold, if he wasn’t on the show it would be so boring. His conversations are so funny and he’s so dang intelligent! Nikki is very ditsy but hopefully her comedic relief will be enough because I don’t see her winning at all lol.

Tim gets so much information from so many different people, I wonder who he’ll actually align with, seems like he really likes Cassandra. Cassandra is one smart cookie, she got a terrible intro to the show but she isn’t as bad as I thought she’d be, I actually really like her. I hope Cassandra and Tim and Joel team up and manipulate the Fuck out of this house haha, so many naive and clueless players this season.

sunny dee

i think if you watch it not read it you would see maddy was making a joke of it to them.

I do think Nikki has been entertaining in the DR, which i gather is where she is normally entertaining ? it seemed clear when watching After Dark when they came in that she didn’t expect to be actually going into the house, onto the show. she probably thought she’d find out how the votes went, and then there would be some quiet time, maybe to decide if she really wanted to go in. in any case she seemed pretty upset about it all, which you would think she might have thought it thru before agreeing to go up for the vote in the first place.


the hoh crew thinking of getting rid of tim next…hope he sees that and wins hoh


Jared doesn’t want to get rid of Tim… and Jared convinced Raul to keep him around. Tim and Nikki said we like you two (Jared and Raul), and we will keep voting for people we like.

I don’t think anyone wants to get rid of them yet…

The targets, and these are names brought up by different people:

The Brothers

Nikki and Tim are not on anyone radar yet.. Tim was on Raul’s but Jarred convinced him not too.


Anyone has link for the show? Want to see what Tim is really thinking.


Dallas = Devin 2.0


I’m confused. On feeds I’ve heard Ramsey say that Jared and Kelsey are good at separating personal from game on many occasions to many people. Really? Their targets for this week are two people that didn’t have enough sway with the house to actually cause any damage, other than hurting Kelsey’s feelings. They’ve spent most of the week worrying about the 4th vote, because they took it personally as an affront. They treated Ramsey himself like crap and ordered him out of the room when he admitted he voted to evict Kelsey. Where is he getting the idea that they compartmentalize game and personal well? Maybe that’s why the guy is in constant scramble mode. He’s a terrible judge of situation.


Tim = danger

That’s a compliment by the way. Best 1st week in a BB house in many years. He is very, very social. And everyone knows my now overused….. BB is a social game. I’m not a Cassandra fan so I wish he’d stay clear of her. Needs to find a running buddy that no one knows about or a 3/4 person alliance. I like his position so far.
The other guy I think that is making good progress is Mitchell. Good listening skills and very good in group settings. He’s got a week on cruise control but setting up for a deep run.

Won’t shed a tear when they go….
Cass rubs me the wrong way but she is BB smart to a point. Christine is just a nasty person. Enough with the Joel stereo type please Kasting! Raul’s voice is completely grating on my last nerve. That’s a small list and other than Christine I don’t mind a few weeks of any of the other 3.

Quick BBAD observation….
I realize we get almost everything here hours before the show.. It is just so bland. Few alliances( 2 really) and little drama overall. Need that next HOH big time. Noms aren’t changing IMO and Sharry goes home. A “brother” HOH could liven things up potentially.


Christine is really unkind and unpleasant. Also don’t get why she has it out for Loveita and Sharry so bad.

Pinocchio Obama

This season is shaping up to be fun. Thanks for the updates Dawg.


now crustine is claiming phil wants to have sex with her. delusional spinster


I thought canada was supposed to be all diverse and inclusive, but here we see all the white people targeting the brown people first….loveita, sharry, ramsey and raul.


This website saves my life


Jared sounds like he has a constant sinus infection


I watched Tim’s entire season 3 years ago and it was absolute GOLD! Hands down best big brother i’ve even watched!!! To have him here in Canada in the BBCAN house is unreal to me!! He is brilliant, entertaining, no fear. He brings so much happiness with him everywhere and it is contagious! Kudos for BBCAN production on this one!!!!!! Nikki’s great too,… but hard to know unstable or putting on a brilliant act as she always does! Who is she? (for those of U who don’t know…good her name with “who is she”….she a legend!!)


Great to see that Tim and Nikki made it into the house, they will make a great addition to the show! Tim just a great guy and player who gets along with everyone but who will later stir up trouble, which will be great viewing!! Nikki unfortunately isn’t quite the same player as she was years ago but I hope she has few of those classic flip outs left in her.
I could see how all the guys love Kelsey but I think she is starting to be over the top and needs to be knock down a few pegs.
I hope to see the weaker side of the house players win the next HOH to stir things up in the house!