Big Brother Canada 4 March 6 Evening Live feed updates

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 5th
POV Used christine POV Ceremony March 7th
HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: March 10th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
Have Nots Loveita, Sharry, Joel, Cassandra

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6:30pm Dallas Ramsey, Maddy agree to stick together

6:46pm HOH Christine Kelsey and jared
Big Brother Canada 4 HOH

Arm Wrestle

6:16pm Maddy and Phil

7:19pm HOH christine , Kelsey, Raul, Jared, Nick

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-06 16-38-47-721

7:38pm Kelsey and Dallas

8:06pm Pool Maddy ,Tim, Joel and Loveita

8:06pm Niki cuts to Loveitta, Sharry and Tim

8:25pm Cassandra

9:01pm Joel and Christine

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Why is Christine so bitter, especially towards Sharry and Loevita? Is it because she looks older then 47?


christine is insecure because she knows her whole life is downhill from here. she’s used up like a dirty tampon.


Maggy just said if Nikki wins she is suing the show lol God, these people are friggin dumb…

Production learned last year that they can’t have a twist fall flat, they aren’t going to get rid of Nikki and Tim this easily.


It must suck to be a canadian in that house and know that the Australian and Briton are better than you in every way.

Guy From Canada

Tim is really getting his head in the game. Cassandra isn’t doing too bad herself. If they both float for a few weeks then turn it up, they will both go far from what I’ve seen on the feeds so far.


dallas creeps me out alot, his spitting during smoking is brutally disgusting, for me theres nothing to like about his character, i dont find him funny and i would not want to align with him as he has shown everyone he is willing to turn his back on you in a second, he is the last person i would want to spend time with in there

im absolutely stunned kelsey/jared are now ok with him after he voted to evict kelsey and lied to them all week about it

shades of bb15 spencer, he would have fit in really well on that season


So did Ramsey sell Dallas out? Or did the other side guess the vote


In any of the convos. I saw, Ramsey never told Kelsey, Jared and Raul that Dallas was the fourth vote.
They processed it by elimination aided by Cassandra repeatedly saying it was Dallas.
They told Dallas they already knew. Dallas blamed Ramsey.


Kelsey and Jared are poser smokers. They don’t know how to smoke. They don’t inhale (just into their mouth and make a show of puffing out smoke). Very childish to pretend to be so as to fit a group or type.


i dont think im gonna watch hot tub vids when dallas is smoking

i almost puked


Smoking is so unattractive.


Cigarettes are unattractive, cigars i don’t mind though. Hence i’ve been a cigar and cigarillo smoker for 9 years now. I’m still trying to quit smoking those still, thank god for vapes, i’ve been doing it for a year now. : )


Oh my gosh Tim is amazing. So charming and captivating and smart.


I actually kind of like Mitch and Phil/Nick. They are a great shield for Mitch and they seem to really trust him a lot. They can also win some of the physical comps that Mitch might struggle with which gives him protection.

Cassandra has really shown herself to be a great social player. Things are going back and forth as whether to keep Loveita or Sharry, but if Sharry did stay than she might be someone Cassandra could work with down the road.

I’m really glad that Raul told Kelsey and Jared how bad Ramsey has been feeling. I get that Jared and Co. want to use Dallas, and keep him at an arms length, but Ramsey hasn’t really done anything to be shunned. I hope they do end up making him a cake.

Dawg and Simon is there a clip of Raul and Ramsey praying together? They both seemed to really enjoy it.


I’m a little disappointed that you guys don’t always write out what happens anymore 🙁 I can’t always watch the videos.


Understandable, thanks for doing what you can! The videos are still awesome when I can watch them.


Dawg and Simon -Stop posting videos and type what’s happening in the house! GEEZ. If we want to watch everything we can just watch the live feeds. I love you guys but are you getting tired or what?

White Iverson

Are we not donating enough?
Come on Canadians… let’s get those donations in for the great job Simon/Dawg are doing!!
If not can anyone recommend any sites that do have ‘text’ recaps of the live feeds???


much appreciated Simon, totally understand why you didn’t want to start up again


Simon/Dawg, I for one appreciate the work you do and am amazed that others criticize it. It’s not like we are paying for a service and are not getting our money’s worth.


I personally think any onlineBB updates through the day are great, if you’re that hooked on the show the options of live feeds & after dark programs should satisfy the majority of fans….


Simon thank you so much for the videos, your bb videos are by far the best on the net, if its between videos or text please make videos the priority, if people are wanting text there are several sites that focus on text of what is happening…its an audio/visual experience first and foremost…the way you are doing it now is perfect and greatly appreciated


Can anyone tell some of us what are the names of these other websites that contain texted or written descriptions of the big brother house highlights? Please help those of us who prefer written summaries.


You can usually find what ur looking for by digging around twitter for a bit.


Honestly I like Kelsey as a person. Way better than Ashely last year, who people are comparing her too. She is not ignorant and pessimistic like Maddy. She is confident yet down to earth and pretty easy going.


She’s a queen B mean girl, Jared needs to kick her (and Dallas) or he’ll be gone soon, maybe next week.

Don’t these people get a sense of how they are being perceived from having watched previous seasons?

uh duh

BB is an enclosed environment, cut off from the outside world. They are Players in a Knockout game, Lastman standing, a player vs player game of elimination. How they are being perceived should be the last thing on their mind.


Do u have a video of Tim putting the tongue in the jar and Raul finding it?


I added the video (at the end of this post) of Raul finding the tongue and then of him showing Jared and Kelsey.


Tim might win this. He is already my favourite by a long shot.