Liza and Tom kings of the Game “We’re so cool.. Jeff and Jordan were boring.. We’re sexy, cool and strong”

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Gary & Suzette
Current Nominations: Suzette & Aj
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian


10:00AM Morning Random Conversations (as is every morning the houseguests are engaged in multiple side conversations )
Tom and Liza joke about what Liza said earlier. Tom asked her this morning: “Why are your arms sore?” Liza: “From my little pu$$y workout” She goes one to explain it was from her workout yesterday. She then talks about the “Shake Weight” and how it really is effective. Aneal is trying to choke down the slop, he’s saying how horrible it is. Aneal wonders why the slop takes so bad today. The other slop brains inform him that the slop tastes different every day almost like it’s mad differently. Aneal: “I want yesterday’s slop this slop is horrible.. This is not the same slop we’ve had the last couple days”

Liza and Tom have a bit of privacy on the kitchen couch they whisper to each other. Liza is scheming about calling Andrew out for acting weird around her when Tom is around. Liza says he doesn’t even look at her but once Tom is gone he’s right there chatting with her. Aj is in the kitchen and starts talking to TOm about B1tchy Jill and Sloppy Tom. Tom says that Sloppy Tom was funny but a little easy to annoy.

Aneal finds out he was eating yesterday’s slop, “Oh my god I ate a full bowl of it.. I knew something was wrong” They decide to keep the old slop in the storage room. Aneal wonders if he should puke it out. AJ suggests he’ll be OK should just go wash his mouth out.


10:25AM Backyard bunch. Alec is claiming that every single girl he’s ever dated has had a tongue ring. Topaz calls BS. Talk moves to Tattoos Aj: “10 out of the 15 people in the house have tattoos”. Gary: “Tattoos are common”

Suzette starts talking about her stretch marks and how she got them after having kids and it ruined her tattoos. Talk moves to “Tramp Stamps” of course Liza has one that says something. Gary says that Liza’s stamp is “Cool” because it says something but other ones like tribal are not.

Talk goes to telling the live feeders about home addresses, Aj doesn’t think it’s a good idea to give out their addresses. Suzette says they might have stalkers.

Gary now claims he has had 2 stalkers, one of them had an obsession about his leggings. Gary: “One day this b1tch was in his room going through me stuff” Gary tells them about the other stalkers was who was a “Bible Thumper” he kept following GAry around telling him that he can save Gary with the “Good Book”

There’s a audio leak on Cam 4 from Tom where he is telling Jillian he wants them to all do something with their faces when they evict Suzette so that Production can make a montage of it. Can’t see or hear Jillian’s reaction.

Backyard bunch has Suzette talking about Native ghost stories and land claims in the house you have Liza talking about how awesome and smart she is..

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10:50AM Kitchen Liza talking so I’ve muted the audio.. from what I heard they were talking about dream analysis and Condoms Vs. “The pull out method”


11:03PM Andrew and Aj Hammock Andrew is talking about his plans to get out of Tom. He wants to nominate both Emmett and Tom. They both agree that Liza is on the outside of that group (Tom, Emmett, Jillian) and if Tom goes they can pull Liza in on their side. Peter walks by to head to the hot tub room, Andrew about Pete: “He’s freaking out now… ” Feeds cut when they come back Peter is with them chit chatting.


11:10pm Kitchen couch Tom and Liza Tom thinks that Big Brother is going to give them a prize because they notice all the work that Liza does cleaning up the house. Liza tells him that they are going to leave this game as very close friends.
Tom: “we’re going to be Canada’s favorite secret couple”
Liza: “We’re so cool.. JEff and Jordan were so boring.. We’re sexy, cool and strong”

Aneal joins them they start talking about Suzette. Tom doesn’t want Suzette to get any votes because he wants to send a message.


After a hard morning of sleeping in and drinking coffee Topaz takes a nap


11:17AM Tom and Alec

Tom is done with Tom’s bullshit he’s going after him “If you want to distance yourself from me that’s fine but I can’t deal wit it anymore.. those people treat everyone else like Shit” Alec says he’s not going to distance himself from Andrew he’s more worried that Andrew will distance him self from Alec. Alec tells him that he needs to Talk to Gary and Talla and convince them for votes. Alec says there’s no point to talk to Peter and Alec because they are on board.
(Feeds keep cutting in and out)
Andrew thinks he can get Aneal on their side but Alec doesn’t trust Aneal. Andrew: “he has no power… He’s 3 pounds heavier than Talla he cries 13 hours a day.. I took a bath with him last night he did my back I did his front.. kidding.. he’s a complete floater he should have been gone week 2”

(Feeds cut.. video being processed)


11:50AM Suzette and Gary

Suzette calls Emmett “one of those upper middle class ignorant People” she adds that the only reason why those people are nice to him is because they are scared he’s going to win Head of Household. Suzette tells him she is going to try and collect as much information as she can for him so when she leaves he has a better chance. Gary says nobody ever talks to him so he’s clueless about what is going on. Suzette doesn’t understand why people in the house do not care that she’s a mother, “Being a mother is a barrier for me” Gary: “Everyone sees you as a career women with a bubbly personality” Suzette says she worked hard to be here and is fighting for her kids whereas AJ doesn’t deserve to be here. Suzette doesn’t understand why the people that are working around the house and are there for good reasons are gettign kicked out whereas people like AJ that site around get to stay.. LIza comes in the room…

12:00pm Suzette and Aneal Bedroom Suzette: “Aneal… since I’m leaving are you part of the boys alliance to?” Aneal: “No”

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Umm just an fyi Tom. You are in NO WAY Canada’s favourite secret couple. And you are a secret couple to who?? The House?? Umm pretty sure they know you’re a couple. Not too stealth there ninja.

And a prize??? Oh my god! Their heads are getting so big they’re going to have to start walking sideways just to get through a door!

Needless to say I want Liza out the door. Cut the legs right out from under Tom.


HAHAHAHAHA I had to log in to say Liza and Tom are so F full of themselves. Comparing themselves to Jeff and Jordan?? LMFAO!!!! Jeff and Jordan are loved by millions and are a good looking couple. Those 2 are the complete opposite of what I just typed. Please send them packing. I think Liza took over Tom’s spot as my least fav houseguest! GAG :p


Talla is also starting to annoy me a lot..she is completely out of it on the feeds and Liza is playing her like a fiddle. I can hardly watch the feeds anymore between Jillian acting like a housewife and Liza acting like she owns the place.


Tom and Liza are so delusional, it is hilarious!

Gary for the win this week. Let’s see something change in this house. I’m getting bored with how predictable each day is: game talk btw everyone to anyone, and cuddlemances.

With Gary or Andrew winning HOH this week, they, along with their close allies – Topaz and AJ – will become more interesting to watch.


OK…again….why was the house punished when Jillian supposedly was sleeping but not Topaz?? Is she is a showmance with someone in production? And as for getting a prize for doing housework in a house you live in that you helped make a mess of? Sounds like my kids wanting to get paid for cleaning their bedroom that they made a mess of….not going to happen!!!


Lol. I guess Liza doesn’t realize that she looks like a horse..;)