Liz “They’re America’s sweethearts, we should stop talking about them or America will hate us!”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 12-51-22-558

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12:45pm Vanessa tells James that she was in his position last week so she knows exactly how it feels. At the end of the day its a game. I’m here for my girlfriend and you’re here for your daughter. Vanessa says that makes me think about how now it will be another 7 weeks before I see my girlfriend. Vanessa says we should let things settle and then figure out a plan going into double eviction. We should have one so we don’t have all this happening.

Everyone leaves but Liz and Julia. Liz says that James told Austin that there were some things said last night but just to let you know I’m not taking it personally. They definitely threw Austin’s name under the bus. They threw my name under the bus. Julia asks me? Liz says no, just me because I was HOH and put up James. Basically I’m just really mad at them. I have no sympathy any more .. They’re f**king idiots and all they want to do is save themselves. Like yeah I get that but if it was me and you up on the block I would never do that you know. Have some f**king dignity! You know! You know that you’re a dead horse and this guy didn’t take the 5K and took the veto .. why would you keep trying. I would have done what they did in a desperate last case if the veto meant nothing but the veto meant 5k and an Ireland vacation. So you guys just did all that for no reason. I want both gone to be honest! Julia says me too. Julia says it would be in our best interest to vote Clay out. I don’t want him in jury. He’s never gotten to know me. Liz says he’s an idiot. In 5 years they won’t even still be together. Julia says I feel like he’s the one masterminding it .. but I don’t know. Julia says so they tried to backdoor Austin. Liz says yeah everything they say it to their benefit. After that guys (Clay) speech today was pathetic. Liz says whatever they’re America’s sweethearts so we should stop talking about them or America will hate us. Julia asks so is Austin pissed. Liz says he’s not happy about it. Julia says poor Austin. Austin joins them and says he’s not pissed. Even if they did go up and throw us under the bus .. next week James can’t win so he’ll want to work with us. Clay and Shelli doing this just makes them the number 1 target. So we should all just get them out. At this point I have no alliance to them if they’re going to do that.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 12-57-48-877

1:10pm – 1:35pm Vanessa pulls Shelli into the havenot room. Vanessa says they don’t know what was said they just know that you came to them with information but they don’t know specifics. Vanessa says James said you told him about the alliance. Shelli says no I did not. James is lying to get Austin on his side. They don’t know specifically what was said. They came to me and I said I didn’t know what was said. Shelli asks is Austin really pissed right now? Vanessa says not even. Shelli says that is smart of James to say that to pit us against each other. Shelli says James has been telling us that you have been lying to us. Vanessa says you’re going to have to go with your gut on that one. Shelli says my gut has always been right and I believe you. Vanessa says that Austin is an understanding person. Before James came to Austin he was going to go against James and vote Clay out because he believes you have a better connection with the twins. Shelli says I never ever ever said there was an alliance. He is using that against us. People already know. I am going after James more than ever now if I stay. Vanessa says Clay asked us to vote him out and we were all going to until all this happened. Vanessa says that Steve will do what we say 100%. We will pull Steve in as a 6th (Member of their alliance). Vanessa says you don’t need to campaign .. I’ll do it for you. Just f**king listen to me for f**ks sake! I could kill you after last night. Shelli says I know I felt terrible after I did it. Do you think they will forgive me for being such an a$$! Vanessa says you’re going to have to eat sh*t and be in the dog house. Vanessa says next week we only need 4 votes .. if one of us is HOH we could put up one of us a pawn and still have the votes. You and Austin could use each other like that.. No matter which one of you stays we still will be okay. Johnny Mac was crying. You never said anything bad about him did you. Shelli says no. Vanessa says that Austin should tell the whole house about the Judas thing in a big wrestling joke. I’m pretty sure you can stay and would be shocked if you don’t. James has a lot more game than we give him credit for. Shelli says James throws things to look weak and then wins when it matters. This just gives me ammunition to play this game so much harder! Vanessa says this will give you a chance to blend in. There will be other showmances and the twins as bigger targets. Vanessa says it will be Me, Liztin, Austin and Steve will be the swing vote.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 13-17-48-838

1:40pm – 1:50pm Backyard – Liz tells Austin it just goes to show you that they would do anything to throw us under the bus. Vanessa comes out and says that Shelli swears up and down she did not tell James about the alliance thing. She is ready to eat sh*t! She did tell them about the Judas thing. Austin asks do you think she would go up there and admit she lied about all of it? Vanessa says I think she would. I think you could come out with Judas in a funny way. Austin says that name is actually copyrighted by the WWE and I’m not supposed to even talk about it so I could go that route. Vanessa says please tell me know you understand that it is better for Shelli to stay. Liz says I want to hear it out of her mouth what she said. Austin asks why did she do it?! Vanessa says people are first and foremost going to do what is best in their self interest and you can’t blame her for that. Vanessa says the 5 of us plus Steve control what happens next week. She is willing to be a pawn next week. That way we hide we’re working with her and we can get out who we want to get out. Today’s play is squash sh*t with Shelli. She is going to apologize and grovel. Do you think Steve will vote the way we want? Austin says yes, 100% I have no question about him. Julia says all Clay has ever done is make me a turkey burger. That’s it. They complain about how Clay has never done the dishes and cooks the most.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 13-47-53-531

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 14-01-00-480

2pm – 2:20pm Backyard – Shelli comes outside to talk to the twins and Austin. Liz says obviously we’ve heard stuff that’s been said. Shelli says that James is totally flipping what we said. We went up there and said that people are telling us they’re going to help us and then when they go upstairs they say something totally different. I just felt like everything I did for ya’ll last week wasn’t being reciprocated. James said this is your shot right now to say anything. Liz asks but you knew you had 3 numbers on your side why would you jeopardize that. Shelli says Vanessa came to me and said that James told you I outed the alliance. I never did that. Austin says he said it in a round about way. Austin says so now I have to do damage control about the Judas thing and the Audrey vote. Shelli asks why do you have to do damage control for it. Austin says I’m just going to say I’m not allowed to talk about the Judas thing and tell him now he knows who I’m gunning for. So he’ll think I’m gunning for you. Shelli says for 4 weeks we were doing so good and then now this. Vanessa says its okay we can make mistakes but lets just not make any more. Vanessa comments on how Shelli came down and wanted confess right away because she felt so bad. Liz tells Shelli I trust you 100% over James. Vanessa tells Austin she has a lot of respect for the way he handles things. Austin says I just hate the way I always get caught up in things. Vanessa and Austin talk about making a deal with James. Vanessa tells Austin I will make you a deal that I will not make a deal with James without you. Liz and Julia tell Shelli we forgive you, and we want you to stay over Clay.. unfortunately. Vanessa tells Shelli its best if you and Austin pretend you still hate each other. Austin tells Shelli he isn’t mad at her. They discuss what Austin can tell James as to why he has to vote out Clay. Shelli says we have 4 days ..I can’t turn on Clay or say things as to why we should vote him out. I’m not going to be put in a position to say anything bad about him… he’s my guy you know.

Austin tells Vanessa that its Shelli’s job to full force against them (James, Jackie, Meg) next week. Vanessa says I don’t think that will be hard to do. Austin says I want to deny the Audrey vote. And I think she (Shelli) should be on board with that. Austin tells Shelli he needs her to say that was a lie. You just combined that with the Judas thing. Shelli says I’ll just say I thought that you were the vote.

2:30pm – 2:45pm Vanessa talks to Steve in the bathroom. She tells him she wants to talk to him in the hammock. Vanessa says basically freaks and geeks controls what happens. Me, You, Austin and the twins. No one can know that though. Vanessa heads back outside. Vanessa tells Austin its impressive that 3 out of the 7 people in our alliance haven’t been on the block. Steve joins Vanessa on the hammock. Vanessa says that James and Clay have had a thing since the beginning and that’s why he wants to keep Clay. That is the exact reason why we should do the opposite. Shelli is completely isolated from that side of the house and will be loyal to our side. Vanessa says so I’d be happy to hear your opinion. Steve says that Shelli is more of an all around threat. And I like to keep threats around as a shield. Vanessa asks do you agree with what I’ve said about keeping Shelli? Steve says you’ve had a lot of really good points. Vanessa asks do you agree to vote out Clay? Steve says can I think about it? Vanessa says yes. Vanessa says that Becky, Jackie, Meg, and Johnny Mac will probably vote out Shelli. Steve asks why Johnny Mac. Vanessa says because he is closer to Clay. Vanessa says that vote is going to be 5-4 (to evict Clay). Vanessa says that Shelli is offering to be a pawn for us. Steve says I hate that they say we can’t use the name freaks and geeks .. they (production) yell at me for saying that .. big brother blocks the feeds. Vanessa says they think you’re a floarter. Steve says I absolutely have taken a side. I am not a floater at all. Vanessa says you need to win HOH. I’m f**king serious. Its getting hairy.. I can’t do any more. Steve says and I kind of do owe you. Vanessa asks Austin do people think Steve is the floater? Austin and the twins say yes! Steve says people think the super fan is the floater?! WHat?!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-03 14-32-46-948

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this is why i kind of wish that james would have done what him and jackie and the others were thinking of last night and putting up vanessa. because then vanessa wouldnt be able to campaign to keep shelli. they have to know that shelli will be more beneficial to them. clay is useless and stupid so why not sacrifice him


people keep saying Jmac is this season’s Donny. Actually, he is copying Spencer… Go up as a pawn a lot ,avoid winning comps, float as far as you can, and deflect everyone’s attention to other targets.

BB ever

I agree at least Doony figured out what was going on around him and who was dangerous . iJamac is so clueless . Lay low doesn’t mean he is a good player, Derrick make ppl like him , avoided conflict, but he was mastermind and control the house!


i missed the part where johnny was ever on anyone’s attention? and he needed to deflect it? I must be watching a different show. Jmac has been sucking shelli/clays D from jump street. they used his ass as a pawn and told him to throw comps they even told him not to use VETO… am i missing something here? steve, MEG, becky and jmac havent really done or needed to deflect any attention from themselves, what are u talking about?


yeah, johnny is disappointing. donny is better than him in every way. donny was smart but no one wanted to work with him. john is useless and clueless


absolutely, James knew it, he even said it, but he didn’t follow through – he didn’t think it through enough, he definitely needed to use the POV on Clay and put up Vanessa as a replacement nom, that would have guaranteed that Shelli went home and James could have even framed it exactly that way “Vanessa, I’m putting you up as a replacement nom because I don’t trust everyone to vote the way I want and this ensures it” DONE and done


TOTALLY agree!!! I was telling my husband that James could make and even better move by taking Clay down and putting Vanessa up as a replacement; his reason could be as simple as he wants to ensure that Shelli goes home and that Vanessa is a pawn. Can you imagine the blood bath that would have ensued between the two of them if that happened? It would have made AMAZING TV!


its too late, james had meg in his ear and this is the end result of it. in the end, its now do or die. either jackie and meg(LOL at just the thought of it) win HOH, or goodbye james/jackie double eviction.


For Vanessa to get so upset when someone lies to her, she sure is telling a lot of lies today.
It just makes me sick that the outsiders will be picked off after this week. If they don’t get rid of James next week, they will get him in the double eviction.
This week was the best week so far, but I think Nessa and her hairy guy will be in charge from here on out.


It’s not likely but i hope next week either Austin or Liz goes somehow. I can’t take this anymore. Not even the dentist chairs can hold back this geek wanting to be a freak. Somebody needs to stop this please!


Puhleeeeez! America’s Sweethearts my a$$!


The TV audience may have a different impression of Clay and Audrey than the people who watch the feeds because of the edits


Lol. Meant Clay and Shelli


They don’t. I’ve wondered myself why they always git the edits they do, so I looked at the comments under CBS’s posts. They are pretty hated.


America’s sweethearts are Jmac and Steve.


Serious question: Is prostitution legal in the US?
Liz was shown on the CBS show saying to Julia “I have to whore myself out to Austin”, then telling us in her DR sessions how she doesn’t like him, but yet she’s stroking him back and… well, I couldn’t agree with her more on this: whoring herself out.
Could she actually get sued for actively engaging in prostitution? On a main US network nonetheless? :/


Uh… No.


If game-based cuddling is against the law then Cody should be doing life.


well done, sir! well done. lol


The thing I learned from this comment is that you have no idea what prostitution is.


You’re correct. I know as much about prostitution as you seem to know about sarcasm. 😉


“Serious question” hahahahahahahahahaha


I don’t like Liz either, but prostitution is a little harsh I think. It just seems like she is one of those girls that isn’t above using her girl parts to get what she wants, but she’s not collecting cash from the guy for it. Austin is just as disgusting though, you would think as old as he is he would know better than to act like that, especially on television, what an idiot. Kind of reminds me of Caleb pining/stalking after Amber last season, but at least Amber was above faking it for a few more weeks of safety, lol! I wonder if they have some kind of “crazy” test they give these people to make sure they end up with a bunch of nutcases on the show! You’d think they would weed them out in their process, but NO, I think that’s what they are actually looking for!

Shelli stays?

It sounds like the twinstin is down with clay going home + vanessa thats 4 votes they need either jmac, becky or steve to keep shelli. This will make for some fantastic television


Production told Vanessa they would pay her extra if she kept Shelli. Shelli is going to be Vanessa’s down fall. She wants to keep her(shelli) .. Why???


Really? Because between Shelli and Clay, Shelli is the much stronger player of the two and they can only get one out this week.

While her and Vanessa have had some trouble this week, Vanessa is exactly right is saying that people say things when backed against a wall (Austin did). It is MUCH better for all of their game for Shelli to stay. She is still a bigger target, can win comps, and is still playing a 1/2 decent social game. The problem for Shelli and Clay is they got caught playing both sides of the house. Usually when that happens, someone goes home (Think Ronnie the Rat and the dude who said his wife was deathly ill – the year Hayden won).

OF COURSE you keep Shelli over Clay. Any day of the week. Twice on Sunday. It is a no brainer.

The thing they need to do is make sure they have the votes. Meg/Jackie are going to vote out shelli. But If Austin/Liz/Julia vote for Clay, along with Vanessa, JMAC and Becky… the vote isnt going to go the way that James and company wants.

I applaud James for the move, but Jackie/Meg needs to win HoH or he has real potential to go home next week.


I don’t know, I think it’s smarter for Vanessa’s game for shelli to go. She is a big threat and is Vanessa’s direct competition in the end. With both of their games being fairly strong. The alliance will have to turn on each other eventually, getting rid of shelli now knocks out a big competition for Vanessa. And she can realign her self with other people even if she doesn’t her alliance still would have the numbers. Clay may not be as good at comps but it gives Vanessa more of a chance to win hoh without shelli. The trust is already broken in that alliance. And she saw how fast shelli was able to throw her whole alliance under the bus when her back is against the wall. She will do it to them again. Clay will be so lost Without shelli that Vanessa could gain complete control over him just like she has over Austin and the twins. Meanwhile she can keep working on the other side of the house if they do win again next week. She would be set up pretty nicely.


Yes, but then that would mean Vanessa getting rid of the one and only person who relies on her for her “logical and straight-shooter advice.”


Vanessa just wants to pair up with another castmate Right now Vanessa has no one Vanessa knows that she will be Shelli’s number one once Clay is gone Vanessa also sees how Clay can move onto Meg or James or Johnny as his number one – not her


Because “cat-fights” may happen? Lol..ratings.?


Simple. Clay and James are butt buddies. Say what you want about Vanessa but she is observant and smart.


i dont think production needed to tell vanessa anything. vanessa knew there was a possibility of her ending up on the block, hence why she didnt really go to james to campaign for shelli/clay. now that she knows she’s safe she’s gonna keep her 6 strong. vanessa knows clay is useless so, why keep him over shelli?

had vanessa been up against shelli, then she would be singing like a canary to james. alas, the opportunity came and this is going to be a huge waste of HOH. vanessa is back in full control again. but the real question should be, for how long though..


I’m not watching the show anymore if Shelli stays.




Good riddance 😉


woah you’re a maniac. watch out we got a bad a$$

Lemon balls

You don’t need to watch the show. All you nees is this site. Simon and dawg dona better job anyway


🙂 thanks Lemon

Judd's Granny

I’m not watching anymore, unless Slopballs gives me back my chickens!


Buh bye.

is it just me

and im not going to eat this last piece of pizzza
guess we’re noth lying to ourselves 🙂

BB ever

I know Vanessa won’t let it go. Let us see if Clay will change his mind to stay or not. Stupid guy , American sweetie heart? Never million years as American is not stupid ! !!


America’s sweethearts? Really…ugh

I survived last seasons BB


Now THATS Funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey cut the twins some slack. Being in that house you’re completely cut off from reality. Everyone will know the truth once they leave.


I wish venessa and shelli were on the block, the bitch venessa need to shut the fuck up ugh! She makes me sick.

Shelli's Chompers

She NEVER shuts up! God!


LOL! You mad or nah?????


We won’t hate ya Liz……IF….you and Julia spend the rest of your game….in BIKINIS?




I’m more of a fan of Becky in a bikini myself.


Actually none of girls this year are hot. I wonder why CBS chose not to cast any smoke shows.


If Vanessa keeps shelli .. I hope shelli takes Vanessa out.

Furless Bat

I was so hoping that it would be clear to James that Vanessa needed to go up in clays place. Vanessa is a liar and a bully…FUCK Vanessa


Boo f*cking hoo. Don’t worry tho, she couldn’t care less 🙂


Vanessa is a liar and a bully.

So what your trying to say is she is playing a good BB game.


Ha… It’s not Vanessa’s fault James is too dumb to see it. I tried to tell people, everyone was giving him WAY too much credit. My 12yr old would’ve known to take out the power couple, it wasn’t like he has shit all figured out, he just did what anyone else on BB would do…

I survived last seasons BB

I hope Shelli gets the boot…Clay is dumber than Arm & Hammer Baking soda…lol


Sounds like Shelli might stay! uh-oh!


There’s still a lot of time until Thursday.


vanessa knew that shellie would take clay to final 2 …she was hurt when shellie made a deal with james for her and clay and didnt include vanessa … vanessa knows its in her best intrest for clay to go because shellie will be her number 2 shellie will be vanessa downfall….

"Back off Lesbo!!" Karen Walker, Will & Grace

MAYBE…Vanessa wants Clay out so she can have Shellie all to herself…dyk showmance anyone!?!?!


Just imagine if Jackie or Meg(I know it’s a long shot with her) win HOH next week. The feeds will be incredible. After Smelli stays they should FINALLY realize they are all working together. The backstabbing should be awesome and Vanessa’s fugly a$$ might be gone. It doesn’t look good right now, looks like Smelli is staying.


Smelli?? How old are you 12?


James needs to stress that he wants Shelli gone, otherwise she and/or Vanessa will make and break deals with him as pay back. He needs to solidify with Austin and the pussycats, Steve and Jmac. I hope James/Meg/Jackie remember they can’t trust Becky. I would hate to see any of the following win: Vanessa, Shelli, Becky- poisonous!

AKA Twistin' ....

“Austin and the pussycats” absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!!! Made me LOL…LOUDLY!!


LOLOLOLOLOL!! I can’t breathe from laughing so hard at “Austin and the Pussycats”!
Mookie, I love you!


Just hand shelli the 500k. They are stupid to realize they wont win against her.
Too much stupid


by shelli you meant vanessa right? shelli’s just good at comps, she isnt a good liar or manipulator.


Vanessa is nothing but a TRASH BOX!!!!!!! GAWD I wish I could go in that house for just 2 minutes a would blow her game up and curse her out doing it!!! YOU TRAILER TRASH BOX, SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!


Wow you got some serious issues lol, this is still a game on tv, you know…

all fun and games till someone's least favorite keeps ruling

awwwww poor lil’ baby, don’t be upset, you want yo mommy to pick you up and tell you it’s all gonna be just fine, it’s just a game show and the best players go far, nothing we can do about it.

Meg's Twig Legs

LOL, trailer trash. She has more money than the entire cast put together times ten.

If anyone is trailer trash it is James. Also Jason and Jackie, all the people that have been in jail.


Oh, the “3 of you” shut up! , Larry, Curly and Moo since you are the same person posting exactly 1 minute apart on the same comment!


Ughhh… I have a feeling Clay will be the one leaving this week. Shelli needs to go!


Tried to tell y’all that Shelli isn’t going anywhere. Thumbs down if you want but it’s the truth. James just cleared her way to the end of the game.


Its not slut shaming … When Liz proudly proclaimed she is one. If it walks like a duck……


Yup…She’s definitely quackin’ and waddlin’.


Love that Shelli is staying. James or Jackie will probably leave next week. Jason isn’t missing at all, this season is still great, i’m very happy how everything turned out.


People were right. Vanessa should have been put up right next to shelli. Damn shame.


Steve (and JMac) need to step up NOW and show the 6th Senseless they are not going to be their puppets any longer. With Shelli’s (and Vanessa’s) betrayal, Steve and JMac should vote her fugly a** out, keep Clay, Becky (the rat) and take control of their destiny in the game now. JMHO

all fun and games till someone's least favorite keeps ruling

well judging from your comment I dare say you’re fugly from the inside.


So I’m not found of shelli particularly but I will admit she is a good player. I’ve noticed such a double standard here, vanessa and shelli are actually playing good strategic games and are winning comps. So I’ve reevaluated my thoughts and I’d like two strong women to make it to the end of this game. Derrick in my mind was a POS the way he played everybody and the game but he is loved because it’s ok for men to be conniving and liars to win the game. Also, can somebody remind Clay how much 50000/500000 would help him and his family. Instead he wants to throw his chances away for someone he just met.

I don't think he heard me.

But everyone in the office did.


The fact of the matter, James should of listened to Jackie and put up Vanessa. Vanessa and Shelli are the brains. Unfortunately James is still under the impression that you can make a deal with these people and they will honor their word. {have the laugh about Shelli, being mad for James going back on his word, when have they ever kept their word} Jackie must win or one of them is gone.
People really are overlooking Steve, He is going with the flow right now, {he knows that Vanessa thinks she can beat him in the finale, he will cut Vanessa loose to give himself a chance.} Steve is not as weak as everyone thinks,
As for Johnny Mac, I certainly hope he is using tears as a way of saying I am weak to throw them off. He is playing very dangerously, people see him as a floater.


Johnny Mac is the one they need to look out for. He is a lot smarter than he lets on and he can win competitions.


Maybe if he actually had any idea what is going on.


If they believe they are America’s Sweethearts one of them will have a rude awakening if they read the boards! I almost feel bad for whoever leaves….ALMOST.


Did Shellie lie about telling James about the alliance? And everything she denies… is it a lie too… or is it truth? Thanks!?

another name

from what I remember Shelli never implicitly outed the alliance.
She and Clay said they had been rolling with the wrong crowd for weeks, and felt they were being cast off. Shelli said she didn’t want to say anything bad about Vanessa, and that it was Austin that came up with the plan to get Jason. She then said Austin was Judas and voted to keep Audrey.
Shelli didn’t directly say here’s the alliance members names. but only discussed Austin and the twins and touched on Vanessa.
James and Jackie put the alliance together because of what she said combined with Audrey’s warning from 2 weeks ago. Shelli never directly named the alliance members, but indirectly told them she was in a group alliance for weeks.


James is an idiot. Why does James win HOH to send Clay home? Clay did not even win a thing besides the football catching POV. James can beat Clay any comp. James is afraid to get more blood on his hand so he rather sends Clay home over others even though James knew Clay is not the brain of the operation. James, whether you get less blood on your hand or not, you still be the target next week. Now Austin/Twins/Vanessa/Shelli/Steve will take him out next week. I think James is manipulated by the twins because he loves them. I think James has a soft ball when it comes to the twins and Austin even though they push for him up on the block. If Clay and Shelli did not save James over Jeff, James had been gone home 2 weeks ago. Even Steve is more dangerous than Clay. Steve can lie well but Clay cannot. This HOH is a waste, nothing is changing the house dynamics is still the same. James, Vanessa targets you since week 1 about Jace’s thing. James, do you think Vanessa will let you go easily. James, Liz and Austin was pushing for Jason to go up. James is dumb as a rock.


James may not be the smartest cookie in there, but even getting Clay out helps his game. Shelli may be the brains and winning completions, but Clay is the one everyone likes. Clay is the more social one, always getting into conversations and getting everyone to tell him things, because they think he is with them. Go back and look at all of the conversations he was in with Jason, Jeff, James, and Austin where they shared info that got used against them. He is the one feeding Shelli all of the info she then used to get things to go her way. I’m curious to see how good she is without Clay spying for her.

Canadian Kevin


She straight up lied to Steve about Clay and James working together – but she doesn’t play that kind of game, remember?

I wish she was up with Shelli.


Why does Vanessa always have to be the one that makes the decisions for their alliance. Wish they would get a backbone and decide whats best for their alliance and not whats always best for Vanessa and Shelli. Austin, Liz and Julia need to question some of Vanessa’s decisions. I don’t know how they can trust Shelli with all the things she has done to them.


Not seeing Julia really in action, I would say Vanessa is the only one of the group that really thinks plans through


Vanessa always makes everything way more complicated too. She’s exhausting to watch scheme. Smart? Yes. Over doing it? Definitely. Does she honestly think people don’t know she is aligned with Shelli?

The only way to slow down her game play is for someone like Jackie to win the next HOH,otherwise the meandering,complicated,overly analyzed machinations of Vanessa will be what we will see for another week.


Lol look whats happening again, James, Meg and Jackie are all asleep while the other side is plotting against them once again. Their lack of social game with the other side not only got Jason evicted, but it’s also the reason why 3 members of their alliance were evicted before they realized there was another alliance. Still shaking my head at people rooting for this horrible trio. James turned out to be a better gameplayer than i thought this week though.


That is comical. She’s a floater because the whole house teamed up together and she’s on the outside and she knows it?


She wasn’t an outsider from the beginning. She ruined her own game by laying low for too long and relying on Jeff too much. Jason,James and Meg, the so called underdogs simply did this to themselves. They did not get people to trust them or want to work with them enough. Their social game obviously sucked. The only real outsiders/underdogs are Steve, John and Becky. Why not root for them instead of these three idiots?

TorontoVegan (the real one)

The problem with James, Jackie and Meg is that they are not proactive. The Big Brother game is exhausting. You need to be nurturing relationships and running damage control all the time. There are no breaks. If you have time to be chatting about something that isn’t game-related, you are not managing your time well. It’s a shame, because I know James really wanted to make a huge splash with his nominations…really shake things up in the Big Brother house. Come Thursday night, one person in that six-person alliance will go home on his HOH. If Clay leaves, James will probably see it as only a small victory. The important thing is that they (James/Meg/Jackie) have weakened the other side. I just wish it were Shelli or Vanessa going home, because one of them leaving this week would have cleared the path for JJM to establish alliances with people like Steve or Johnny Mac.


Now Vanessa is on a mission to save Shelli after 4 days of staying low. James is freaking idiot. He has accomplished nothing besides getting out Clay whom James can beat in any comp. James, Vanessa/Austin/Twins/Steve are on the mission to get your ass out next. Big move my ass, James.


Here is my prediction or what will happen. Shelli will get the vote to stay! 7-2(with only Meg and Jackie). This time James/Meg/Jackie really knowing for sure, the line drawn is for real(for the 2nd time …LOL!)

Jackie win the HOH…put up…Liz/Van on the block.


Does anyone REALLY know where Steve’s true loyalty is?


First time poster long time fan of Simon and Dawg. Was really hoping Austin would be sent out just because of the whole “all I wanna do is make jury to be with Liz” shit but seeing clay and shelli heartbreak is almost as satisfying. Shelli is seriously bringing bb8 wamber vibes with this good people shit.


“Liz says he’s an idiot. In 5 years they won’t even still be together.” 5 years? try in 5 more days. shelli and clay have 0 chemistry, they together just for the cameras.


Shelli stays i am done with this season.
Too much stupid sheep. Shelli is throwing you idiots under the bus and you just ignore it.

Less is More

James had already seen the trend with the women picking off the guys so I guess he figured go big WHEN you go home. If Shelli stays, he will be gone in the next 3 weeks unless Meg pulls out a minor miracle and wins something. I have to say I really appreciate his sacrifice in making this the best season in years for me.


“Vanessa says that Steve will do what we say 100%. We will pull Steve in as a 6th (Member of their alliance).” CALLED IT, its obvious that the sixth sense isnt going anywhere until vanessa is evicted. too bad james couldnt see jackies side of events. its all MEGS FAULT.


i want to know how the hell is vanessa going to hide the fact that she’s working with shelli when its going to be OBVIOUS that the austwins didnt vote to evict her? if anything it will make it even more evident that THEY ARE TOGETHER. i hope shelli DOES stay, and jackie wins HOH, then puts vanessa and shelli up. i know, thats probably not going to really happen but, dreams could be real maybe.


at this point it doesn’t matter. everybody except james, meg and jackie knows who is working together. it is basically the whole house against those three next week.


Wow Shelli is throwing Clay under the bus. Older woman takes advantage of a 20 year old then sacrifices him like a throw away boy toy. Shelli is all about the money and will take anyone out she has to to win this thing. I really dislike people like that.

Meg's Twig Legs

So enjoying the Shelli haters now realizing she is probably staying.

Enjoy the feeds next week. LMAO!


hmm, what if everyone, except Vanessa, votes to evict Shelli. But they tell James, Meg & Jackie, they are going to do this prior to the Live Vote. How would Vanessa spin? It would be a complete Reset! Karma’s a bitch!

Gordon Ramsey

Vanessa a is a scumbag bitch


Chef Ramsay i know you can be a hot head, but you’re taking it a little far it’s just a game show.

Gordon Ramsey

Anonymous is a scumbag bitch

Chill this Town

say what you will about J-Mac’s “lack of game”…he isn’t going to be targeted by Jackie’s side next week, and he isn’t going to be targeted by Vanessa/Austin/Twins next week…

this is a rare season with so many big personalities that we will continue to see them take each other out. Its really not hard for me to see some sort of J-Mac, Jackie, Meg final 3. with all the “blood” on the hands of those who focus so much on it being in jury.


If Shellie stays she will be safe for a few weeks. for a couple weeks, Austin and the twins won’t touch her, Vanessa won’t, and sympathies will prevent the others from putting her up too. She just has to be friendly and non threatening and she can coast.

On the other hand, James and Jackie are walking dead unless Jackie or Meg wins HOH. Only other small hope is if Steve wins and might take a shot at Aut and a twin.


1st off…Jacke HAS to win HOH next in order for them to survive the next week
2nd…if Steve did win HOH…which I highly doubt (because it’s still too early)…Vanessa would tell him who to put up…Jackie & Shellie (the pawn) with James definitely getting backdoored.
I loath Vanessa, but the girl definitely knows what she’s doing…


Seriously who would have thought four weeks ago that Jackie would become
the smartest & most savvy person inside that house? Without her knocking sense
into James & Meg, who knows? He might have put Austin up, She kept saying
“Vanessa” Oh how the fireworks of V & S being on the block would have been
glorious. I really am liking Jackie the best right now. She has balls & is a firecracker.
Right now as it is…
The twins are wishy washy and frustrating to watch, Austin has no balls,
Johnny Mac is totally overrated, uninteresting and annoying. Becky is a dull & boring
snitch, Vanessa won’t shut her Adderall enhanced mouth shut for a hot second.
Meg is cute but is beyond clueless, Steve is cringe inducing & Vanessa’s minion.
James is commendably awesome for sticking to his guns and keeping noms the same
and making a huge power move. And last but not least
CLELLI are incorrigible, delusional trash that I can no longer take.
Damn I hope Shelli goes before Clay!!!