“Keeping Shelli is the better play, 100% she’ll protect us Clay will work with them”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 14-46-06-647_jpg

2:49pm The twins are poolside, Steve wandering between them and Austin/Vanessa near the weights chit chatting. Austin and Vanessa are agreeing keeping Shelli is the better play for them. They suspect Clay will be working with that other side. If they keep Shelli she is closer with them. They also know the other side want Shelli out she’ll continue to be their target if she stays.

[envira-gallery id=”125919″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 14-54-52-437_jpg

2:52pm Steve and the twins
Chit chatting They’re laughing at Austin farting and never admitting it. Liz calls what Austin doing as crop dusting
Liz – A real man admits when he farts
Juli a- Steve do you fart a lot on SLop
Steve – yes
they giggle
Steve – I have no shame either.. No regrets

[envira-gallery id=”125924″]

2:58pm cam 1
Liz talks to the camera “Today in slop news we’re going to make our new favorite chilis con slop which is a little bit of slop you heat up and you put in Salsa and then you put in.. hmmmm“
She turns her head “What else do we put into it
The other twin Julia “It’s the salsa with the corn and beans.. and we like that we like that stuff
Austin – and nutritious

Liz and Julia commenting to Austin how rude Clay has been to them. Austin had brought up earlier that Clay came to him pissed that Austin isn’t trying hard enough to save him and Shelli.
Liz wants to make sure Vanessa talked to Steve about him Keeping Shelli
Austin says there’s something really close between Shelli and Jonnymac apparently he was crying in the hammock room.
Liz – I’m not getting good vibes from Johnny Mac he’s sketchy to me
Julia – be good with him so he doesn’t put you up
Vanessa joins them “every time James wins HOH he’s always on a power trip”
Liz – BIG power trip
Austin – power trip

Liz asks her about her conversation with Steve. Vanessa says he’s unsure right now.
Julia – Shelli is so nice to him
Vanessa – you guys agree Shelli’s the better play
Liz and Julia – 100%
Julia – I have no relationship with Clay
Vanessa has no problem telling everyone the way she’s voting. She wants Clay to go over Shelli.
Julia – I told James I have no relationship with Clay
Austin chimes in says Jackie thinks if they win next week they’re taking out a floater
Vanessa – and I take her out … OK
Austin – Our play is to take Jackie out
Vanessa expects the next HOH is a double and Steve/Shelli are the favorites going into it to win.
Vanessa suggests the other side (Jackie) wins they target Johnny Mac. Tell her with jmac gone it brings Becky CLoser to Jackie. (Don’t see that working)
The other option of a floater is Steve, if they are targeting floaters.
Vanessa – HE’s a floater but he’s our floater
Liz – I love Steve

Austin brings up that jmac had drank a lot but was crying in the hammock after the POV.
Vanessa – there’s something else going on he’s a Doctor he can’t be that emotional
Austin – is Clay his brother
Vanessa – I thought about that too.. I considered Steve is Clay’s Brother..
Julia says she just found out Clay’s last name was really “Honetcutz”
Julia thought that was just his nickname – “He’s so perfect he’s cut from Honey”
Steve – that sounds like it’s a joke but Julia is being serious
Julia – I am being serious .. the least person I know is Clay

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 15-17-15-193_jpg

3:13pm Steve and Vanessa
Steve wants them to hang out more. Vanessa say soon once there’s few people left.
Vanessa tells him that Clay is pushing for him to go out next week\.
Vanessa – word on the street i’m telling you people are going for a floater

Steve – how in hell am I a floater
Vanessa – you haven’t won a hOH and you aren’t on a clear side
Steve – I’m not on a clear side
Vanessa – according to Meg, James and Jackie.
Julia comes by “You may be a floater but you’re our floater”
Steve – I am not a floater that is incorrect
Vanessa – you gotta win for your girls.. an austin

"You're our floater Steve"
“You’re our floater Steve”

3:41pm Austin tells his twins they don’t get treats this week their treats are bran pills

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 15-49-34-462_jpg

3:45pm Clay and Shelli..


Shelli says she knows CLay doesn’t watch Vampire shows but Vampires when they feel emotions it’s so extreme, the Big Brother house is really like that.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 15-50-30-461_jpg

3:48pm Storage room James and Meg
James says Steve told him Clay and Shelli came up to him and Said jason was going up.
James- I made a great decision I have no regrets at all
james- Steve is on board with us we saved him..
Meg – he hates Austins.. he’s not going to roll with them. (Meg and James are getting outplayed by Steve here. Steve is very close to Vanessa, Austin and thee twins)
They leaves James says on the way out “Jason will be proud.. he really will”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 16-18-01-316_jpg

4:06pm Liz and Austin
Chatting about how Austin is going to say
Liz says Shelli and Clay did a lot of damage today.
Austin doesn’t see it as a lot of damage they can’t recover from “I can’t believe they went that far with it
Liz – they went TO FAR .. you’re going to talk to Clay about it
Austin – Clay needs to talk to me about it
Austin can’t believe that Clay and Shelli’s attempt last night didn’t work
They are pissed Shelli and Clay threw them under the bus like that.
Liz – f** that don’t talk to Clay
Austin is going to vote out Clay. Austin’s plans to tell James “Clay is really pissing me off and it’s really hard for me to keep him James.”

They speculate about next week’s HOH and what they’ll do if they win.
Austin says he’ll tell the house his plan is to backdoor steve he’ll put jackie and Shelli up and they will all vote JAckie out
Liz – I want you to win so bad… or Steve.. Julia needs to win.

[envira-gallery id=”125945″]

Liz – rub my tummy
Austin giggles
liz – I’m fat
Austin – no you’re not.. it’s all in your head.. will you stop.. don’t be Debbie downer..
Liz – I’m being a negative Nancy

Austin – we made it to Jury we did it
Liz – I know I’m so happy.. that’s the first goal.. you get paid to do nothing
Liz says the only person she feels bad didn’t make it to jury was Jason. “Oh well better him than you”
Austin – we were the biggest outcasts.. after jace went.. now we have all the power.. well if we win this week
Liz – we got a win this week
Austin says when James won he thought they were done adds the game is not about winning every week it’s about making the right social moves

Austin – We’re the last Showmance

Julia and James
Julia and James

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-03 16-37-45-515_jpg


liz tells Asutin Julia makes a lot of mistakes in the game she says things that aren’t smart.
Ausitn agrees. says Julia has told too much.. “She just can’t repeat anything tell her to just go through you.. this is the first time she got to be her”
liz – I feel bad because I keep telling her I come off as a bitch I’m not trying too sometimes she talks too much”
Liz says her and Austin are more vulnerable than Julia
Austin – they will be targeting us First

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James asking Julia if her farts smell…Just one more little reason why i can’t root for this idiot.

Chill this Town

he better hope Clay stays in the game.

Shelli will make it her mission to get him out the house, and Shelli has shown the ability and desire to win HOH competitions….heck, if Vanessa won the next HOH I could easily see Shelli convince her to backdoor James.

I love what he did this week but he is incredibly vulnerable with Shelli. I feel like Clay will get over it to be honest…

The Green Hat

Vanessa can think for herself and she’ll take Jackie out because James will likely go after Shelli.

Chick in Louisiana

pretty cool show Simon. Is this a weekly thing?


Hey Simon,

Are you from Detroit? If so, kinda cool. I’ve been following your site for years, and I might be fairly close to you.


Oh well, looks like The Kill Show are Detroit natives. Fun, being a Detroiter. Nice to see any boost to the Motor City. Well, Vancouver sounds like fun too. Thanks for all that you do.

Member of the Ant Farm

OMG…James is on a power trip? Every single damn HOH has been on that power trip…ahem Vanessa!!


So Steve is ordered by Vanessa to win the next HOH. If I was in England, where you can bet on anything, I would put $100 @ 10 to 1 on Steve to win HOH.


People on twitter are mad because James HOH room was not revealed on TV. There is a very good reason for that. Production messed up. They made a mistake when they chose the HOH pictures for James. James has two kids, a daughter and a son. Production gave James a picture of his daughter, a picture of him with his cat, and a picture of him and his daughter together. They did NOT give his a picture of his son. The mother of James kids was furious, and blasted the show for it on twitter. She said “How am I supposed to tell my son he won’t be on TV?” It wasn’t fair to the little boy. Production solved the problem by not showing the daughter either. Therefore no HOH reveal on TV.


Yes!!! Thank You!! HOH pretty much equals power trip – but really – they kinda have to – If you are HOH & don’t make a power move then you are a pussie. If you are HOH & make a power move (like James – Yeah!) then you are on a “power trip.” I like Shelli’s game play – but am so glad James had the balls to put her & Clay up against each other. Shelli is by far the better player – so the house guests should vote her out. This is an interesting season. I like people on both sides – & those in the middle – LOL!! Ultimately though – gotta go with the underdogs – Meg, James, Johnnie Mac, Steve & Jackie. Unfortunately Becky doesn’t know she is being used by the other side – so right now – can’t count on her. Come on Meg or Jackie – we need another win to truly balance this out some!! Then – let the best man or woman – win!!


If Shelli goes home It will boil down to James or Vanessa. Vanessa already realizes that James is her main threat whereas James is just starting to realize it. It’s gonna come down to who takes out who first. Vanessa will try and finesse it whereas James will go in with both hands “take no prisoners” attitude. It’s gonna get interesting, and messy.. 🙂

Chill this Town

Vanessa is right in terms of her game. I can easily see Clay joining Meg’s band of misfits. I really think if Clay goes home Shelli will be easy game for Vanessa to keep in her alliance.

but for those of us watching the game…..GET RID OF SHELLY! I think part of me just doesn’t want to watch a guy throw away his game for a “relationship” that is more of a friendship than anything else. heck, when Brendon wanted to do that for Rachel I thought “well…I get it”…I really hope Clay doesn’t have a family in serious need because he could be throwing away a real shot at a lot of money for not even a long term friendship. just…so painful. and we thought Austin was pathetic?


Based on his comments to Shelli, Clay is just not that into the whole thing. It’s actually kind of refreshing to see somebody not playing the ‘this is my dream and only chance to do sth. with my life, please don’t ruin my dream’ card. For all she did in the game, Shelli deserves to stay big time anyways.


he was recruited, hadn’t even heard of the game. he did some show watching. Becky was also recruited, but she embraced the challenge to find out as much about the game/show as she could. she said she watched it while getting ready for work, eating dinner, whatever, she studied, (and i think just ran out of time to watch last season), put some effort into it.

I do not feel clay did put effort, he has a good memory obviously, and is competitive, but it stops there. He needs to go before jury, as any recruit does, imo. I would personally prefer to see Shelli voted out just because of her pathetic poor sportsmanship being nominated, and throwing names out (when she could have easily put a bunch of blame on steve or becky, not austin, as being sketchy, right?) plus austin was a stupid idea, as if taking down herself and leaving up austin and clay, that the twins wouldn’t vote for austin to stay, and that james’ team would not vote out clay, james deal is breaking up the couple, best case for doing that is exactly what he did.

i hate Vanessa

If Vanessa and the others vote for Shelli to stay I will honestly commit suicide


Well, it’s going down, so see ya on the other side.

Gerald of Rivia

lol or you can just stop watching like i did, i just can’t watch clay, shellli, austin, or vanessa anymore. I have been trying to root for someone since the beginning, and i just can’t get behind anybody this season. I still come back to check to see if shelli, clay or vanessa get evicted, can’t miss that!


I can’t watch them either. I stopped watching the show and just read the spoilers.


I’d say that’s a slight over reaction to something that ultimately has zero effect on your life


Um…. I seeeeeeeeee….


HGs Voting to keep Shelli over Clay? They are the ones committing suicide!


I friggin saw this coming. Van gets what she wants & it’s so hard to hear Van & crew trash talk James being on a power trip. Unlike that manipulative chic,James approached it very upfront. It’s really hard to stomach these D-bags talking smack when they have an army fighting the war. Realistically it’s only James with some help from Jackie. It’s because of this that makes me cheer on James even more. Real tough guys running their mouth about power trips. I get why James didn’t throw up Van but honestly wish he. He has no idea that the only true support he has is Meg & Jackie. Sadly they need to take out the nasty green beanie puppet master to damage that crew.

Bunny Slipper



Don’t think you’re just a tad bit overreacting?


Great hoh week for james and not just because i dislike barbie and ken. A great move but i wouldve been happier if shelli vanessa were up together

Lemon balls

True. From a game point .I think it’s in every bodies interest to get rid of Shellie. When is a better time to get out a power player with no blood on anyones hands except the hoh.Vanessa brain washes the Austin triplets into keeping Shellie , they to blind to see that Vanessa pit up Austin and is only looking out for herself. Good game play


These people are DELUSIONAL!!!! I cannot even deal with them another second!


Austins gotta go…I can’t deal with him anymore


Jackie better be on top of her game next week. And this week James and Meg need to work Vanessa and pit her and Shelli against one another. Tell Vanessa Shelli said Vanessa is the real brains behind the other side.

AKA Twistin' ....

Geez…I really just can no stand Vanessa, try though I might. I hope Shelly turns around and cuts her throat.

As much as I hate

Like it or not. Shelli is staying.


If only clay knew his house was robbed the day after he was put in sequester he might change his mind he lost close to 5k in stuff including his TX A&M ring.


This group is just fucked up. even their casual conversations not involving game are disgusting

i hope jackie or meg manage to win HOH next week. how vanessa favors steve to win anything is beyond me

i wish steve would open his eyes and see he’s nothing to that group. he’s a number and once they use him to get rid of jackie, james and meg they will get rid of him. but if he’s happy with that fine.

honestly this alliance makes the friendship from way back look like saints.


James blew it. He has made himself target #1 with Jackie close behind. He should have made a deal with Clelli. Now he has one (Shelli or Clay) gunning for him. Lost two possible Jury votes. Plus Vanessa and Austin (and by extension the twins) will never trust him. They also have the perfect excuse to break any deal they might make with him.


maybe, but i think some of these other players would have as much guts as james, i’m truly hoping hes voted america’s favorite player…over johny mac


By the end of the season, this week will have long been forgotten. James will most likely be remembered for the stupid perv stuff he says more than anything. Doubt he’ll get America’s Favorite over JMack.


He is screwed next week no matter what he does since the Sixth Sense is so damn big, unless Meg or Jackie wins but the odds aren’t in their favor. So might as well play as hard as he can. and have no regrets.


James’ initial move was not bad. He had to put those two up in case to ensure that only one would come down if anyone on the other side won Veto. His fatal mistake was not putting up a pawn, or Vanessa, like he initially planned to which would ensure that Shelli would go home. And if he had put Vanessa up next to her, it’d be a toss up, but still, two of the biggest threats in the house against each other; that would have been awesome. The second he kept noms the same, I knew it was over for him. We just have to hope that Jackie wins HoH, and if they don’t see that the lines are drawn (like for real), then just hand Vanessa or Shelli the check. Jackie is onto Vanessa, but James just had tunnel vision this week.

Yo Yo Yo

I don’t think Clelli would keep any deal they would have made with James since he didn’t honor his deal with Shelli. James was clueless as to where he stood with them all this time…he was played big time by them. I don’t think there is a reset button for all that.


I havent seen anyone say that James is their target next week, did someone say that? All I read was Steve and Jackie. I think he might be ok through next week. I still really hope Jackie wins HOH, and she will love getting shelli out. Shelli has got to gooooooo!!!!


If the other side (Jackie or Meg) win hoh this week, Vanessa is going to be in the exact same position again! voting against what that side of the house is planning and pretty much blindsiding them again. So dumb. I am praying for a miracle that one of those two win and send her packing!


I’m now laughing at all of you who were thinking James was the man for putting up shelli/clay. Out of that 6 they were the worst 2 to put up. It was an emotional play… Because those 2 were actually nice and somewhat loyal to that side, out of the 6. The real get would have been Vanessa or Austin or hell, even one of the twins. Why break up a duo as opposed to a trio!! And none of them have any intention of working with or being loyal to any of them. Hell, they’re not even loyal to each other. Shelli/clay could have really blown them all up to save themselves and they showed amazing restraint. So I look forward to now seeing the Johnny come lately floaters get picked off one by one, James, Meg and Jackie! Idiots. Also, I will never understand they’re logic in saying this was because of Jason when VANESSA was the HOH who went back on her word and backdoored him.

Butters mom

Exactly how i see it!


the thing is, james doesnt know about the sixth sense alliance(Even though audrey flat out TOLD HIM about it). james targets were the best move this season, but his execution was incorrect.(again, meg played a huge part as to why he didnt target vanessa, while jackie kept insisting that vanessa is super sketch mastermind#1) shelli is a HUGE beast at comps, but she is bad at socializing. vanessa shouldve been his #1 replacement for clay, should not have left him on the chair. i cant wait to see what happens next.


Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way!!


It was the best decision he could make,given the circumstances. He had to break the momentum of the other side. They were blazing through,unabated. Even if Shelli stays, he still managed to break up the power couple and create some stresses in an otherwise comfortable,smug alliance. That alone is golden in my opinion.

James might get booted shortly,but at least he will have pulled off a move that few in the house were willing to make. So I applaud him for that.

wishful thinking

I wish james would of switched clay for vanessa….I just hope jackie will win the next hoh, and put up Vanessa and shelli if she’s still there , some of these other players, jmac, becky,even steve, DON”T know how to play…what a joke.WHY is JMAC crying about CLAY/SHELLI..Get a grip YOU ARE GETTING PLAYED


James should tell Austin and the twins that Shelli is the one who threw them under the bus….not Clay. James should also tell Shelli how Vanessa threw her under the bus to try to get Shelli to either fight with Vanessa and see that whole thing blow up or move to his side if she stays.


Wow Vanessa… James always goes on a power trip? Hahaha! You and Shellie don’t? No self awareness as to how they are perceived. I sure wish Austin would have his own thoughts and not bend to whoever he talks to. He’s such a wimp! Not appealing at all if you like guys with a backbone.


james says he is a gynecologist. wow. what a great sense of humor this misogynistic idiot has, lets root for him and his two genius minions just because they are ‘underdogs’ lol.


I think he really is. He’s like the vagina whisperer. He whispers sweet nothings and hoes all over the country get slippery seats.


THIS is why James should have had Jackie in his ear and not Meg!
Jackie sees through Vanessa’s bullshit. Granted, Van is playing a good game (a great game actually) but she wants everyone to play the game for her also!
James has won 2 HOHs….he has not demanded anyone vote his way and he made a move to benefit HIS game, not Van’s. But James is on a power trip?
UUGGHH at Austwin….get them the hell out! Almost wish James had put the twins up with Austin as a replacement nom but talk about wasting your HOH on floaters!
Poor Steve needs to wake up! He has picked a side but it hasn’t picked him. Steve is so expendable to Van/Shellie/Austwin and he doesn’t even see it! James, Jackie and Meg should use these next few days to try and recruit some numbers!


Everyone rooting go James! I hope it is worth it for him when he walks out during double eviction. Van, Shelli and Aust/twins will never trust him and he is gettng played by Steve. Jmac and Becky are not loyal to him. Meg is a dummy and Jackie is his only hope. He could have parlayed his power into a better game position by working with Clelli. Thumbs down if you want but he has painted himself into a corner. No one will trust his word and him and Jackie will both lose HOH at some point then their games will be over. Off to jury with your b*tt ugly visor. Should have put up Vanessa. Now him and Jackie are screwed.


Like johnny mac


james go it half right ,Shelley and Vanessa should be up

Less is More

No matter who James put up this week, unless Jackie or Meg win next, he was toast. We can all armchair quarterback this but I think he went with the biggest move HE saw from the ground, not the air like us.
It has still been an exciting week overall.
Van is telling Steve they think he is a floater to get him fired up. Let’s see if that works?


that isnt entirely true. if vanessa was up on the block with shelli, james survival wouldve went up by a lot more than what it is now. vanessa wouldve been forced to speak to save her own hide and probably still get sent home. austwins wouldve been with james because vanessa isnt there to take control them. PLUS, the austwins hated clay/shelli for exposing their secret. idk how james didnt think of that. now they have vanessa+shelli+floaterhouse to deal with.


I just don’t care. I’m not winning a anything.

The irony

of James and Austin talking about Clay being immature and showing his age. Wish these two idiots would show their age a little bit just once in a while.


James to Austin ‘Can you get an erection and turn on it?’Just another reason why I can’t root for this idiot. The douche is 31 years old.


Austin and James deserve each other. Both disgusting in their own little ways.


Vanessa, how tf does Jmac being a doctor make it impossible for him to be emotional?


I hv a feeling meg going win hoh very soon. But she will let others run it


So Vanessa, believes that keeping Shelli is Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia’s best choice…. I hate when one of my favorites makes an extremely bad move. If Shelli, JMac or Becky win a Double Eviction James, Jackie, Meg and Steve will not be their targets. It will be Austin Liz… if one of them is saved Vanessa will go up unless Vanessa saves them with the PoV and be the first person in the jury. I hate seeing a bad move like this… you can almost see the “Be careful of what you wish for.”… coming up and slapping Vanessa in the face.

If Vanessa, Liz, Austin or Liz win and HoH Vanessa will be more than happy to help them get out Jackie or James. … even Meg (A total waste.) especially if it keeps JMac and Becky safe, but if anyone else wins. Vanessa I just want you to know I was really rooting for you… but saving Shelli is the thing that ended your game.


drat it


I really wish James would’ve put Vanessa up


The problem James and crew have is there are too many targets for one HoH to deal with. Vanessa is real good at deflecting responsibility. Shelli/Clay were socially adept and Shelli was winning comps, Vanessa also won comps and had a great game. Austin is a doofus but is linked with the twins and the twins are twins. Plus they aren’t sure where Steve or Johnnie Mac lines up. They felt Becky leaned towards James, Jackie, and Meg.
James prioritized his targets and Shell was up there. To insure some damage by removing a couple he targeted Clay as well. This push unfortunately may prove to be a week too late as they are fighting the numbers. Meg or Jackie has to win Thursday and target Vanessa and Liz. Otherwise they might as well move to the jury house.

Too funny

U can hate the player but dnt hate the game. People might not like vanessa but shes taking these kids to school and the only one really playing the game and she doesnt even need the money! Grt game move to keep shelli and ditch clay… shes huge target n she will stick with vanessa n go after james n jackie n meg… the rest of them are too busy worrying abt being in jury getting paid to do nothing so good riddens… dnt under estimate johnny mac n becky they will skate right to the end doing hardly anything…


Of course these people would get rid of the weaker player (Clay) and keep the stronger player (Shelli). These are the same people that knew there were twins playing the game together as 1 person. But instead of getting rid of the twin before the other was able to enter the game, they were on board to welcome another solid 2 into the game. I hope that decision, of helping the twins enter the game, comes back and haunt these people. I wish the same with this one. PS Shelli staying only really helps Vanessa game so I get why she’s pushing it.

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

I really wish James would have replaced Clay with Vanessa. That foul, repulsive green knitted hat she wears needs to go along with her weird halting yet fast way of talking

Asian Hillbilly

James by far has provided the best drama-free entertainment this season. Here’s to hoping the feeds catch him under Julia’s lawn lounger later on trying catch a sniff.


Stupid sheep people.
Vanessa is the only one who has any chance against shelli in the final 2.


Me think Austin is full of himself, what a jack A$$..Steve and Johny Mac you need to come over to the other side before it bites you.


3 blind rats
see how they run
Becky – Steve & Jmac


If Shelli goes home It will boil down to James or Vanessa. Vanessa already realizes that James is her main threat whereas James is just starting to realize it. It’s gonna come down to who takes out who first. Vanessa will try and finesse it whereas James will go in with both hands “take no prisoners” attitude. It’s gonna get interesting, and messy.. 🙂


I don’t blame James he couldn’t se Vanessa as big of a threat as Shelli. Its big brother Every move has an equal chance to be hit or miss. I admire his effort in being the 1st HOH of the season to make a big move.

Vanessa will be the winner of BB17 if she isn’t stopped, and at this point unless it’s Shelli, Jackie, or James she won’t be taken out.


Sadly, after this weeks eviction this season will be just as predictable as the last. Do these idiots even realize they’re playing an INDIVIDUAL game? One can only hope Jackie wins HOH but I guess that’s just wishful thinking.

Rational Mind

If this was supposed to be the season of twists and “expect the unexpected” I wish they would have tossed in some more of Survivor game play. They could have a comp where half of them won special powers. One could be an extra vote, one could be an immunity, the ability to switch a nominee for eviction, things like that. They couldn’t reveal them to the other houseguests or they would lose them. The immunity and switch the nominee happens right before the vote so there isn’t any campaigning. That’s three things I’m sure they could think up a few more to liven the game up.


I think it’s hysterical how Steve says “How the hell am I a floater?”…..”I’m not a floater”….HAHA…yes, Steve you are a floater. In fact, if I hadn’t been watching the feeds all Summer, I wouldn’t even know that you were on the show! He hasn’t won any comps, he doesn’t talk game with anyone but himself and the feeders because he ‘s constantly talking to the camera. He will get picked off soon, but if he doesn’t, the only reason would be to bring him along further into the end as a pawn for an extra vote in weeks to come.