Liz – The only things James talked to me about are s*xual “My pull-out game is not strong”


POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 28th
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 12-40-44-182

12:30pm – 1:15pmCabana room – Austin says I wonder if my sister Gabby has totally dropped out of society and watching the feeds 24/7. I could totally see her doing that. She probably freaking out though because of all the lying going on in the house. She probably cant even watch though being like Oh my god he’s getting fooled by everyone. Liz says yeah that’s what my aunt is doing like literally watching the feeds all day. Austin says we made the best decision going to bed so early 2 nights ago. Now Audrey is trying to drag us into it. Liz says yeah right not me. She can’t say anything about me. All I heard was that I was in the “Black Alliance”. Austin says oh yeah I can’t believe you were in that without telling me. Liz says she thinks Clay and Shelli are making more alliances. Austin says he’s such a schemer .. he’s so gross. Liz says I can’t wait for James to be overthrown. Austin says I kind of don’t want to win this week but the week after. They talk about how they’re scared people will say we all want Audrey out lets get her out the week after. Austin says they’re trying to get rid of all the fun people. They should get Steve out. Liz says I know he’s boring. Austin says A few times I’ve had heart to hearts with him and he never told anyone. But I fear he is doing that with everyone and so he’ll coast to the end. Do you want to waste your HOH on him. Same with Johnny Mac. They’re pawns. Liz says and he’s a f**king dentist he is going bank the rest of his life. Austin says they’re going to be in the final 2 .. final 5 and everyone else is going to eat each other up. Its going to be a bloodbath. Liz says in my first couple diary rooms I said I really love Audrey and now I’m like why the f**k did I say that. She would ways look at me with those big eyes and now I know why because she was making up rumors about me. Liz says the only thing James ever talked to me about is the s*xual things. Like my pull out game isn’t that strong. She says he said every girl I’m with I tell them they have to be on birth control because my pull out game is not strong. Austin wonders what if we tip off Jason to the 5am meeting. Tell him I don’t want to have anything to do with it. They talk about Audrey and how she won’t say her real name. Austin says I can’t believe she was a guy. Liz says I thought she was the prettiest girl in here when I first came in.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 12-27-36-343

1:05pm In the kitchen – DaVonne is cooking. Clay joins her and gives her a hug. They plan on making a big meal for everyone including the havenots when they’re done. Spaghetti and meatballs, fish, steak, potatoes. DaVonne says we also have the prom tonight. Austin asks outside. DaVonne says no they said the backyard is locked to build the HOH so we’ll do it inside.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-01 13-06-19-826

1:20pm – 1:50pm In the bathroom – Austin tells Vanessa well that was it for us. That was the last night in there (havenot room). Austin says that Jace is trying to a meeting late at night… its going to get leaked and it would be horrible for us. Austin says I just want to go with the flow with them. Clay agreed to go to the meeting apparently. If Clay, Shelli, Audrey agree to go to the meeting with them… its not bad for us.

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2:25pm – 2:35pm Quiet day in the BB house. Most of the house guests are sleeping. Johnny Mac and Clay are in the kitchen talking about their lives outside the house. Dentistry and Football. In the bathroom – Shelli showers and gets ready for the day.

2:35pm – 2:45pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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This is what happens when HGs don’t know BB lol……Crazy week but the level of stupidity is unbelievably high.

Jace can go fuck himself in his beach house and smoke all the weed he wants with the other dirty drug addicts in Venice. (I live in LA and Venice has became an epic shithole)

Steve and Johnny MAC need to team up and go #WreckCity

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC !!!

This better get good soon

These people are taking this way to seriously, way to soon in the game. I don’t think I have ever seen so many paranoid people in the BB house. It’s all making for a very boring start to the season.


Are Austin and Liz in a showmance?


Idk but that girl has horrible taste in guys lol


Lol jace is terrible, this is known. But austin isn’t so bad. Not to me anyways.


Austin has a girlfriend back home,so let’s hope he can honor that! Also, which twin is Austin romancing? Tough to see the switchout!


Austin is not out to have a showmance
He and Liz just get along and they seem to be just friends
I get that because I have female friends also.
One should be able to share common interest with either gender
Without having alternative motives … Not every guy is an immature perv
Like James for example
That’s one reason Austin is one of the top on my list
Because he seems to be a descent well meaning person


I wonder what liz and Julia say to each other when they are switching out? I bet Julia gives liz sh#t for getting into a showmance with a creep like jace. If I’m not mistaken I think Julia is a bigger fan of the show. I bet she’s pissed.


I don’t watch The live feeds, just read this site when I can. But who’s julia? Did I miss something? Did they already showed Liz has the twin?


Yes liz has a twin for sure. Identical. I thought it was Johnny Mac and liz with the twin twist and if they survived 5 evictions they got to come into the house officially. That’s what I thought at least. Simon? Dawg?


Since when are sister born a year apart twins? really?
One is thinner than the other and their eyes are different.
Just do not call them twins … their sisters
But I do think that they are part of the twist, as is Johnny and his real twin.
Anyhow the game should get better when the dust settles
Vanessa is still my fav then Austin n Liz
Audry, James, Clay, Da, n Jason need to go oh and that piece of work Jeff.


Well when people look as identical as they do, usually I would consider them twins. Plus I had heard it too. But I didn’t know their birthdays. Sorry dude, I guess you really are the watcher lol


My comment was not meant to be negative towards you.
From what I have seen and read they are sisters born a year apart
which is ok to me if they’re part of the twist … It just bugs me that they’re called twins
and not sisters. I could be totaly wrong also? no doubt about that.
Just trying to share what I think I know.
Either way I really hope they pull it off If they/she are part of the twist … I like Liz/?


Liz and Julia are identical twins. They have a sister who is something like 10 months older. That’s who was mentioned during the liz interviews, because they were hiding her twin until the big reveal. JMac does not have a twin. Whoever is running his twitter account posted something as a joke, and it exploded. Liz and Julia are the only twins in the house. Their cousin did an AMA on Reddit about how they’re different personality wise and how to tell them apart.


Hmm if JohnnyMac isn’t the twin twist then I don’t see why he gets so much love. Laying low for no reason= floater= pawn=evicted. I hope he is the twin twist and sup rises everybody. Still team Day and Jason! They need to start reaching out to other people like Steve and JohnnyMac. Hoping for Day and Jason Hohs!


I dont think laying low on the very first week is a “floter” move it’s more strategic, you don’t want to be such a big target on the first week. Imo what Johnny Mac is doing right now is genius. Let the bigger threats eat each other up while you lay low until the time is right.


Do we know for sure that the twins are actually switching out at this point? If so on what schedule?


I thought they switched out every 3 days. I could be wrong but I think that John Mac and liz both have twins and I thought they could both officially enter the game if they made it to week 5. Dawg do you know ab this ish??


Liz looks a little like Scarlett Johansson.


I’m kind of getting tired of Austin/Liz. They’re always complaining about not trusting people, and yet are ALWAYS trying to align with the most untrustworthy people (Jeff/Clay/Audrey). They talk about not wanting to align with Jason/Da’Vonne when Da’Son are probably some of the most loyal HG this season. I mean they put up with Audrey when they knew she was throwing them hard under the bus.

Audrey really put a hamper on gameplay this season. Because of her people are so paranoid, and there is hardly any trust left in the house.

Lol at Clay hugging Da. She only smiled because she knows how fake he’s likely being.

*sigh* It be so nice to see Steve, JohnnyMac, Da’Vonne, and Jason team up with maybe a few other “extras”, and make it to the final 4.


James (soldier boy) and Jeff (frat boy) with Johny Mac (listening dentist) saying all sorts of misogynistic sexually suggestive/demeaning game talk with #Liz (Julia twin) as #new Meg. References to passing around, and naming women different types of cars (Liz, Meg). BB17 afterdark

Doran Martell

Yea I saw that. Kinda creepy but to me it appeared that Johnny was mostly just there. James and Jeff were the creepers. They said meg was like a Buick regal then they said she was like a 2000 eclipse. Just being jerks in general.


The entire basis of the conversation was very creepy! I felt very uncomfortable just listening to it. James and Jeff are awful. I hope they get evicted before jury.


I saw that and kept thinking…those boys are making up for a lacking in their lives…over compensating much

Doran Martell

Yea and they certainly don’t have any room to talk.


Jeff is one of my most hated house guests ever. He and Jackie are repulsive on every level, and I wish they weren’t on the show. Jackie is void of any humanity, just an empty vessel trying to prove she exists through objectifying every aspect of her. Her making those suck faces in the mirror is a dark dark image. The humanity Jeff does have is despicable, I would analyze it but there’s no point. It’s truly frightening how bad he’s trying to manufacture reasons to get Austin out as well, he’s warping aspects of his mind to find cause to eliminate the one shield protecting Liz and her sister from his rape quest. If certain people remain in the house, I can see a situation in which production has to step in and stop some unwanted advances. These men are fostering an uncomfortable and sickening environment in the house and unfortunately I don’t see some off the girls having the agency to fully protect themselves emotionally and physically.


It appears to me that production cast a few girls who do not mind being objectified this year! The misogynist behavior is mind boggling only because these women don’t shut that crap down immediately! Tough to watch!

Doran Martell

Yea I’m starting to dislike Jeff more and more man.


Well, when Caleb was harassing the hell out of Amber and the rest of the guys baited him on, they didn’t step in .

Doran Martell

So if liz and Johnny Mac both have twins then who the hell is Matthew? I’m so confused, hopefully tonight’s episode will shed some light. I know I heard something from Audrey about a twin named Mathew tho. And I saw a pic of liz and her twin, yes there are two of them.


Its really quiet today until the next hoh or if jace is still campaign. If there is the bb mvp back due to bb takeover and we decide who goes on the block or even america is hoh, I will like to see vanessa on the block with someone as a pawn to make sure she goes. Honestly, I feel she does not deserve to win and I want someone like johnny mac or steve or even jason to win the game. If she makes final 2 and does not completely reveal about poker thing and played everyone about it she will win hands down. I think others should deserve the title, she should go back to poker and win that title. I hate her game strategy and her diary room sessions are boring not as fun as dr will, derrick, or dan. Even Gm made it fun she is not fun at all and begs people give me a week of safety when she has not do nothing. If I was in the house I will put her and steve and see who is the better player it won’t because of this stupid bob. I think they should have made it original twist for these houseguests instead of copying last season with an extra twist. I am rooting for johnny mac, steve, davonne, jason, and james to win the game. I wonder why is austin so dumb getting james out it a stupid gameplay and he need to think strategic not hurt. You want to keep the strong players in the game and not well liked so that you won’t be target get him out will make him the next target and strong physical competitor and not liked. He is smart keeping audrey on the block with him people will keep him same as with james. You need to get out people who are weak and does not have your back. If vanessa does not take out liz that will pathetic of her and saying I am poker player I can read people out and not knowing there is a twin twist of liz. Dumb ass.


I prefer to watch good game play than some jokers acting like immature fools.
If you were a BBfan you would appreciate strategic players, Not the biggest “entertainers”.
Vanessa is having a hard time playing because of all the clueless ppl n the house.
Jason is a foul mouth immature little…… #@$%^*(
James seems to be quit the perv along with Jeff … those two have zero respect for women, it’s quit disgusting to watch.
Anyhow … once the dust settles Vanessa will be able to make a decent alliance and help put some of these existsers (can’t really call them players because they seem to be clueless) in their place … out the door
V 4 The Win!


Something weird was happening with twins. A HG asked Audrey something about twins, and she did some back peddling about, “Oh no, I was talking to the producers and thought Mathew (one of the producers) was a twin, but I was confused, it’s been cleared up.” So random, I wonder if she knows something? anyone else remember that?


We all know that the fairies and Audrey are in a hidden… *fish*


stay away from J-Mac. going to the bank? I mean…are we really at a point where in week 1 you are already making a case that he “doesn’t need the money”, penalizing him for his education and profession? I really, REALLY hate that type of thinking.


Dr.Will, my all-time favorite player, didn’t have to listen to that garbage! This is a new entitled BB houseguest attitude! And…medical school is years and years and years of debt you accumulate before buckets of gold fall from the sky! Also, malpractice insurance is no small expense!


To me the winner should be the best player
This is not BB charity …
As far as background or financial standing …
it’s irrelevant.
BB is supposed to be about strategy and game play
So may the best player win … hopefully anyway


I wish jeff would go home and then creepy james the way they talk about women make me sick.I don’t like the way Jeff backstabs Austin all the time..I wish. Austin knew.Which Austin could get Jason and someone else to join he and Liz.


It looks like part of Vanessa’s gameplay is being the Big Brother shrink

Bunny Slipper

I hate the “he/she has money outside” b.s. You are all there to play a game.