Liz – People already expect Meg to go up. Austin “Unless its all tricks & we’re being feed lies by everyone”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 03-13-38-493

10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds return – Johnny, Jason, Steve and Vanessa are out in the backyard. Vanessa gets called to the diary room. They comment that happens a lot. Vanessa says its for my medication. She goes in and comes back out saying I’m over being a fat a$$, I’m going to work out today. In the bathroom – Austin he wants to talk about something but doesn’t want to with the feeds on. Audrey asks will it affect your career or make you look silly? Austin says no, it something that production would get mad at me.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 10-57-49-928

11:15am Backyard – Vanessa and Audrey lay out to suntan. Jason & Johnny talk on the backyard couches. They talk about buying clothing without logos before coming into the house. James joins them and comments on how much Vanessa gets called to the diary room a lot. Jason says she gets called for medication. Audrey joins them. They talk about how funny Brittney Haynes was on BB12 and BB14. Jason comments on when Brittney was handcuffed to Brendon in the diary room and she was mouthing “help me!” Audrey says she wouldn’t mind having to wear the frog costume but wouldn’t want to wear the Adam & Eve Costume. Jason says I don’t care, I’ll wear anything. Johnny talks about Steve’s spot .. he curls up in the bottom of the photo booth. Jason tells Johnny Mac that the photo booth used to have a curtain on it and Amanda & McCrae had s*x in it. Johnny say he would never do that.

11:30am – 12pm Big Brother says hey everybody its photo booth time! Shelli grabs the props from the storage room. Shelli, Clay, Steve and Austin head to the cabana room to take photos in the photo booth.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 11-54-35-579

12:05pm In the bedroom – Liz talks to Austin about what she should say to Shelli. Liz says she’s (Meg) not 100% loyal to you and Clay. I’m in a position where the only people on my side are Austin and Vanessa and and we are looking for people to work with so we will 100% have your back and if you save me I’ll have your back. Meg on the other hand won’t, how many times has she been up in the HOH room now that you’ve been in here. Second if your plan backfires and I go home over Day. … Day is coming after you 100%!! Why would you risk that. Put someone up that you know will not go home and they will go home and they’re not going to come after you. Austin says just because the twist could f**k something too.. and the other person could go home. You want to be as safe as possible. Austin says tell her that she and Clay are safe with me until at least jury. Vanessa joins them. She suggests offering them a deal but don’t let it get out that you’re doing that because then she’ll (Meg) do the same. Liz asks should I bring up how even Jason said he thinks Meg will go up .. so people are already expecting it. Austin says unless its all tricks and we’re being feed lies by everyone.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 12-08-13-559

12:25pm Austin and Audrey about the replacement nom. Audrey says she thinks it won’t be Meg because she was one of the people I was told not to go after. Austin says oh really. They talk about who they woudl nominate if they won HOH. Austin says I would make them all think you were the target. They I would backdoor James, he already did it to Jace so it would make sense. Audrey says I think it would be good to nominate someone like Meg because she sucks at comps. She wonders if Austin could put up Steve with Meg. Austin says I’ve been trying to create something with Steve. Saying we’re the Freaks & Geeks. Austin says if we put Steve up we could guarantee we would take him off.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 12-17-47-217

Backyard. Jason comments on how he was at a gay bar that only had 5 people in it and an old lady roofied him. I don’t know why maybe to take me home to her husband. Its not like maybe I was drunk either, I had 1 corona. James says I got roofied by a stripper before. I got pulled into the champagne room and she bought me a drink.

12:35pm Up in the HOH room – Audrey talks with Shelli. Audrey asks so what’s the cheese? have you guys had your first kiss? Shelli says she’s not going to be laying in the bed making out with Clay. I’m way too aware of who is watching for that to happen. No kisses have been happening.

12:45pm In the bathroom – Jeff tells Shelli that he overheard Jason tell Meg that she might go up because obviously that would ensure Day goes home. Jeff says Meg said she would be mad if they (Shelli & Clay) didn’t talk to her about it first. Jeff says so you should talk to her and better sooner than later. Jeff comments on how he thinks Vanessa is America’s Player because she’s always in the diary room all the time and doesn’t talk to anyone.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 12-45-10-519

Backyard – Jeff and Clay are playing pool – Jeff tells Clay to keep an eye on Vanessa. I think she’s America’s Player. She’s always in the diary room and never talks to any one. Clay says I think its for her medication. Jeff asks 10 times a day? Jeff says that Jason said usually America votes for havenot food but they haven’t been getting any so they must be voting on something.

By the pool – Audrey, James and Shelli are talking. Shelli comments on how hot Cody is but says that Clay is way hotter. She says that she followed Cody on instagram and he posts selfies all the time of himself flexing and stuff. Its a turn off when someone thinks they’re hot. They talk about which past house guests they would want to come in to do a takeover. Zach, Caleb,

1pm – 1:20pm In the kitchen – Day says there are a lot of people I haven’t talked to and a lot that I haven’t worked with. I hope this isn’t my last week. Day says I just wanted Jace to go home because he was getting on my nerves. He stepped on my toe, he spilled water on me, he bumped into me without saying excuse me. Day says got mad at me when I picked on Liz for safety. Everyone was saying there was an 8 person alliance and I wanted to kill that rumor by picking her from the other 8. No one told me the first 8 were sticking together. Vanessa says I picked Austin because he was a big guy and would likely win HOH and owe me. Day says hopefully this isn’t my last week because I still have a lot of things to do. Vanessa says just don’t give up. Day says I’m not going to roll over and Die, that’s not me. Day says if there is anything you can say or do to help me stay I would appreciate it. Vanessa says I’ll think about what I can do. I am the last person you need to worry about. Vanessa leaves the room and Day says to herself. I hate talking to people, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. James joins her. They talk about how quiet the house has been. Day says there’s some bullsh*t going on. James says I feel like my gut is telling me they are targeting you. Day agrees. James says if they put up someone different than Audrey.. Day says then then lines are drawn. James says if you are the target they’re going to put up someone that is really liked. Day says Meg. James says me and Jason already tried everything we could to try and get some votes

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 13-14-54-405

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Elissa Slater

Earlier seasons were somewhat different as we had players like Monica and Danielle that made it very far but in more recent seasons black/mixed women are almost always targeted for doing nothing more than existing. The house gets around and talks $hit about them ad nauseum. They can be the sweetest most non threatening players, it doesn’t matter they will still be called phony and targeted for eviction. They are almost always on the outs and even their own alliance members don’t value them. All last season Amber got talked about to an embarrassing degree. The girl did nothing but be kind to people, cook, clean and was generally pleasant but Cody, Christine, Nicole, etc talked about her day in and day out and more or less blamed her for Caleb’s obsession. Candice, well we’ve seen what kind of treatment she received.
I find it really strange how Audrey has been able to gain trust or is off of people’s radar yet Day is the target because as some people put it she outed the Alliance (which she didn’t; it was Clay) or saying they don’t trust her even though Audrey is a proven liar…this is baffling. She isn’t a comp threat and has no true alliance outside of possibly Jason. Racist Clay has made it his personal mission to boot her while giving Audrey a pass and everyone else has fallen in line.

Ms. Steal Your Man

Thank you for this! I agree. Shelli definitely made a personal decision based off of the idiotic mind of Clay. Honestly, Shelli will regret this point in the game if the twin twist is revealed. She had a solid chance to remove Liz and her twin in this game, and when the twin twist is revealed and they realize sending Da’Vonne home was a waste when Julia is gonna enter the game.

Also, Shelli is separating herself from a bunch of people. She thinks just because she is HoH that people have to suck up to her, and kiss her butt. What she doesn’t realize is you’re not HoH forever. There people don’t have to suck up to you. You hold no power after the POV. Also,nobody who has won the game of Big Brother spends all their time in the HoH. Social game is so important. That’s why there are always no many people who never win competitions at the end, because they talked to the right people and gained their trust. People seriously let power get to their head. I predict that Clay will be a floater. He’s is obviously close with Shelli, but I feel that he will kiss anyone’s butt who is in power in order not to be nominated, and I think that is partly why he didn’t want Da’Vonne in the house anymore. He didn’t want to have to plead for his BB life to the “black woman.” It’s a proven fact, that women of color never do well, because our society has a tainted view on black woman or black people in general.


Not defending Clay because I really don’t care for him but it seems to me that it’s going right over some people that Clay kept originally attempting to bring up Audrey to Shelly. The thing is Shelly completely ignores him when he does. He has pointed out several times how many lies he has caught Audrey in but she won’t hear it because she doesn’t think Audrey will come after her but thinks Day will. Really it’s more Shelly than Clay. Personally it seems to me he views Audrey as the biggest threat. But Shelly is pretty adamant and had her mind made up. I don’t think anyone would sway it.


That was my understanding that Clay was on the same page as Becky: backdoor Audrey. Clay did try to get Shelli to backdoor Audrey but Shelli told him no. That’s when Clay said that he supported Shelli whatever her decision was.

Why are people making this racial when it’s not? Day told Audrey that she was keeping her eyes out on Shelli/Clay cause they’re getting close (after Day had an alliance with Audrey and Shelli). Day didn’t pick either Audrey or Shelli as her fast forward and this bothered Shelli and put a question mark on Day. When Audrey told Shelli that Day didn’t trust Shelli, well, what do you know? This doesn’t sound racial at all. Not to mention that whole room situation.


Once again, Clay/Shellie were working supposedly working with Day when they sent Jeff to spy on her when she was counting stuff in their room. Both Clay and Jeff realized they ticked her off over nothing serious and tried to smooth it over with her. Day knew she didn’t do anything serious but instead of keeping the fact Jeff, Clay/Shellie were not fully trustworthy she let them know she was done working with them.

That is why she is a target over Audrey. Everyone knows Audrey is sketchy but is willing to engage you, even if she’s lying. You can get a lot of information from someone who’s lying by what they are lying about. If Day won HoH and targeted Clay/Shellie it’d be for the same reason she was targeted. Those two will not work with each other. Everyone else is a potential ally.


Since I can’t get the feeds, and since I was away this spring, I just binge watched BBCAN3. One of the things that makes the BBCAN seasons so enjoyable is that nobody plays the race card. Second place was won by a black guy, and the girl that played the best game and probably should have won was also black. Nobody suggested that Godfrey lost because he is black, and nobody suggested that Ashleigh evicted Britt because she is black. The final 4 ended up being 2 black people, and 2 girls. Maybe we just are better at not judging people because of the color of their skin. Lately on the US version, for a fan or a HG to say anything negative about the game play of anyone who isn’t a white male is taken as a slur rather than a comment on the game play of that person. I stopped posting last year because I kept getting flamed for making comments about game, got called racist and homophobe. BBUS isn’t as fun as it used to be. And compared to the BBCAN house, the US house is a dive, though I must say it is nicer this year than anything they have given us since BB8.

Guy From Canada

Hey Chloe, from the the live feeds you saw a different picture. I agree on Godfrey because his edit was comparable to his live feeds, but Brits game was HORRIBLE. Sarah I disagree was a good player because I don’t respect the manipulative game she played, it wasn’t clean (but admittedly it was the best of that season, just not all time and would rank Godfrey slightly above her game). Sarah and Brit were saved by twists, and when twists happened, Godfreys social game allowed him to reap a reward that wasn’t bestowed on him.

Aside, from the feeds I snuck a peak at from North of the Border, plus from reading blogs on here, this is a good cast this year, love em all, and would be happy with several people for the win from the good casting this year 🙂


Good to know. I didn’t think Sarah played the best game either. Godfrey got to the end mainly on his own, but had some help from Sindy and Britt, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten so far, but he was a likeable guy. I was sad that JP got the boot so early.


I think there’s just a difference with how Canadians are to most Americans (particularly those in south) with black people. Godfrey created and speaks with ‘angst’, humor and ‘yo’ yet he was labeled as a game player that is stirring the pot. Even when he ‘exploded’ during two of the veto ceremonies, everyone laughed and called it as a game move. On the other hand, when Davonne exposed Audrey’s lies she was still deemed as wrong and uncontrollable. Even ’emotional’ has a different perception in BBUS and BBCAN, Sarah and Brit are viewed negatively and weak based on their emotionality while in BBUS Davonne being ’emotional’ more means out of control.


Well when someone calls a meeting the way Da did to out Audrey I don’t know about you but I would be worried about what Da would disclose about me if I did anything that she didn’t agree with…she didn’t need to go that far Vanessa had doubt about Audrey and that is all Da needed to do…she was just getting back at Audrey because of the Clay and Shelli situation….Da is just a time mob ready to explode.


Having grown up In West Hollywood,and moved to Canada as an adult, I can assure you that Vancouver is full of people who think nothing of using racial slurs to describe or speak of East Indians, Chinese,Pakistanis…etc. I was appalled at the racism and hatred of other cultures I witnessed! This also included many derogatory comments aimed towards America and American’s! So, while Canadian’s certainly know how to behave politely on t.v., I think there is room for a lot of improvement, starting in the homes! P.S. i AM Canadian, but was very happy to return “home” to the U.S after my husband died.

That's a joke

That’s a joke u saying that black people get evicted at the start of the summer now Cuz I so sure there getting targeted Cuz there black or mixed come on don’t be a douchbag by saying that I don’t think that has anything to do with it I think your just mad day is going home #dumbestcommentever


I don’t think its fair to say just because Day is black she is getting a bad deal in this game. In past season several black women have went very far. Yes we all know their are racist people in and out of this game have wrote and said horrible things about some players black and otherwise. This is a social game and unfortunately Day has not done a very good job at doing that. I would be horrible at this game on a social level because I could only take so much until I blew up, but in this game you can’t let that happen. Audrey even told Day chill out and mingle even if you don’t like someone or even if that person has lied on you, Day refused to do so.

Is Day a threat? Physically probably not however if she wins HOH she would put up the people she doesn’t like and that is a threat to someone else’s game.

To your comment about black women or black people in general cant succeed I have to names for you “Barcak Obama” and “Oprah Winfrey”. I could list about 100 more but I think you get my drift.

Trust me I am not defending clay or the other plays, I happen to also think Clay is a jerk but to say he is prejudice just because he wants a black player out just because she is a women is not fair to him or the other players.


Elissa – what say you of Jocasta?
Please tell me how the HG’s were racist to her at anytime?!?!?
IN FACT, good ol’ Donny boy played FOR her in the veto comp,
won it and saved her a$$ from going home that week!
I’m so over this race card BS – save it for someone who gives a sh1t…


Come on now. Lets not play the race card here. Amber got targeted because she was a competition beast. Da got targeted because she made enemies with the people in power. This is coming from a black guy here. I’ve watched many seasons and very few scenarios I can recall a person being targeted because they were black or mixed.


I havn’t had alot of time to watch the feeds yet, but it seems like Audrey is running this game


Correction…you meant to say” It seems like Audrey is RUNNING HER MOUTH.” ….right?

Bunny Slipper

I think Audrey smuggled in some of Dan’s myst.

Race Card all day er day

I have a problem with all this racism like has there every been a single season where a white person was not the first to go home !! i dont think so !?? like what did jace do this year other than being white and happy! like oh no megs white and now shes getting put on the block , i smell somthing fishy here, production helping geting all the white people out oh shit!, next it will johnymac cause his skin glows..


I want to like Austin so bad, but he just keeps bothering me. He always complains about being told by production to clean or put the awnings up or down. He is soooo lazy. You’re being paid to get a shot at winning either $500,000 or $50,000. Is it really so hard to maintain the house you’re living in for free??? He keeps saying how dumb other’ hg’s games are, but who is he aligned with?? His two meathead work out buddies Jeff and Clay don’t trust him 100% and Liz and Vanessa don’t exactly seem like they are going to be comp beasts. Trading info with Audrey is also not smart. Everything he says to her will be spun and used against him later. He thinks he’s Derrick from bb16, which he’s not. Austin is not as clever as he thinks and I hope he gets nominated soon. Seeing him on the block will be very interesting.


Austin is so full of himself. “I tell you something when feeds are off”. F*** you Clown


Ya as if production won’t see it anyway…Austin you do know every inch of the house has camera views don’t you?


James is getting more repulsive day-by-day. He is pure red neck.


You guys commenting on why day is going home is so funny to me aren’t u guys watching or reading the feeds day dose not like Shellie or clay so that’s why she going home holy wow people


I’d like to see the people commenting on this be on the show you guys would be evicted befor you even entered the house Cuz some of you people or so how do I say it nicely not smart


And from the looks of your sentence structure you must be a genius


Vanessa is overmedicating is because of that she´s always in DR. You have so much potential it’s a shame. If you take many pill´s four depression and stuff like date you going to have some difficult to express emotions and that’s why she is so difficult to read.


She could be diabetic


How do you know that the medication is for depression? She could be taking medication for any number of reasons.

GeekSquad McGee

Vanessa is difficult to read because she’s one of the best poker players in the world. She’s literally a professional at being hard to read. It’s very difficult to look down at your cards and see a full house, and show no reaction whatsoever. Vanessa has been doing that since she was 6 years old.

You completely underestimate the girl. She hasn’t been nominated or even talked about as a possible nomination yet, and doesn’t seem like she will any time soon. Everyone in the house likes her. And she’s a genius. I heard her talking about sound engineering with Steve and it’s obvious that she’s WAY smarter than most people in that house.

She’s easily one of the best players in the house, and could very well end up winning it.


Ok we will see. She and Austin are the next!


I like Vanessa for the win too! It is funny that she is on the radar, but they think it might be a UFO…so, I think the curiosity about her will get her far!


People should use the race word wisely! Nothing racial has come out of Shelly’s mouth, people are just assuming she is. That is her reputation that people on this site are ready to tarnish. If a racial word does come out of her mouth……..then call her racist.


Ok gamewise we get that u are mad that Vanessa has a lot of supporters here. But your non sense and jibberish about her comes off as nothing more than jealous hate. If thats what u going for. Good luck hater. Have fun.

Jeff saying “Vanessa never talks to anyone” no Jeff she just never talks to you because u are irrelevant to her.

James and his lies. “A stripper pulled me in a room and roofied me once” yeah right. He prolly never slept with his friends mom either. More like she was asleep and he came in and tried to rape her. She prolly beat his little ass up and dropped kicked him out the door.


I don’t even bother to read your comments anymore.
As soon as I see freefromwhatyouare, I just hit a thumbs down and scroll on by.
That way I can be freefromwhatstupidshityousay.

Freakie and Airy Grandee suck

What medication does Vanessa take? Where do they find these nut jobs?


Shouldn’t Day be trying to make deals and save herself? I was rooting for her but she seems to be content in her current situation.


Da’Vonne is not a communicator! She wants to play the game stealthily…however,Audrey blew up a lot of games with her pattern of disinformation, outright lies, and general paranoia.Da’ has a chip on her shoulder and it is taking her down! People did not want to see petty sniping at Jace who was on his way out! I personally think that sweet baby of hers needs her Mom anyhow!


There’s no bloody racism or transgender–phobia or anything of the sort…
Stop with these false idiotic accusations…


Medication does not automatically imply a person is a nut job, head case, whatever…and if someone does need medicine to keep their brain stable,why is that a problem?
Their are numerous reasons people take medication, so perhaps it is nothing we should be concerned about?