Day campaigns to Shelli “I could be an asset to you. I’m so tight with them. I could get the information to you”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 6th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 13-29-43-681

1:25pm – 1:45pm Day pulls Shelli into the cabana room. I came into this game to play for my daughter. I don’t think its time for me to go. I have much more fight in me. I told you on several occasions that you’re not my target. Clay ans I were actually starting to rebuilding things. That’s why all this has thrown me back. After all that with her (Audrey) I thought we were okay. The only thing I would ask is that when the veto ceremony happens.. take it into consideration to put her (Audrey) up with me so the house can decide and we can battle it out. Shelli says I’m glad you’re talking to me. I really really like you. I think you’re hilarious, beautiful and fun. I think you’ve been handling this with extreme grace. I don’t want things to be awkward between us. We separated pretty early in the game and neither of us came to the other to talk about it. Week 2 the amount of people to go up are big but targets are small. I didn’t know if when you did come talk to me was because you needed to. Day says even when we weren’t speaking I didn’t think I needed to get you out. I wanted Audrey out. You were never a target. I didn’t speak about you. I wanted to talk to you but I was getting no Day I don’t want to talk to you. Shelli asks when were you thinking I wouldnt want to talk to you? Day says when Clay and I got into it. Shelli says when you picked Liz for safety I wondered why. Day says I wanted to shut down the rumor of the first 8. I didn’t think any one would put you or Audrey up. Shelli says you didn’t tell me any information. I knew you were talking to Jason and James. I immediately thought you were jumping ship from our 3 alliance. Day says I was fighting to get you off the block. Shelli says Clay is the one that got me off. Day says DaVonne was the one that was fighting for you to get off. I came in here wanting a girl to win. Day says I’m on the block, I didn’t win the veto, John is going to save himself. All I ask is that you put her (Audrey) up with me. Day says if I do stay in this house I do want to work with you. Shelli says being HOH is hard and it was difficult to put you up. If I do save you it will come back to bite me. Day says the people I am tight with are also tight with Clay. Shelli says I heard they’ve turned on him. Days says I heard Jeff would be the first to go before you guys (Shelli & Clay). I don’t think that and I actually like Jeff. I could be an asset to you because I am so tight with them, I could get the information to you. Days says saving me would be better than sending me out of here. I don’t want it to come off as a threat because that’s not me but I think if you did send me out enough people would question why you would send me out over her (Audrey). Shelli talks about not being included and Clay being kicked out of the alliance. Day says there was a sentence in your letter from your parents about “watch your back” and I hope you take that into consideration. Day says I’m not coming after you at least until later in the game.. like until after jury. If I stay in this game I am going to find some people that are loyal and not shaky. I see that you’re loyal to her (Audrey) despite what she’s done so I know you would be loyal to me. Shelli says thank you for talking to me and I’ll take it into consideration. They hug and leave the room.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 13-47-59-453

2pm Bedroom – James asks did you guys have a good talk? Day says yeah it went good. I didn’t want to talk to her. It just felt so fake. Did you get your point across? Day says basically she feels like she owes Audrey because of her loyalty to her. Day says she said the house will understand because of her loyalty. James says wow .. well I guess you got your answer. James asks who do you think she will put up. Days says I think Meg. But hopefully I got my point across. I fought pretty hard. Hopefully I changed her mind. I told her, her hands could be clean just put her up and let the house decide. If she put up someone that is small .. then get her a$$ out next week because at that point you know she would be loyal to that bit*h till the end.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 14-04-23-721

2:10pm – 2:20pm Liz asks Shelli can we talk in the HOH. Liz tells Shelli I know you are in a difficult situation and you want to get the least amount of blood on your hands. If I went up I think it might be 60/40. The only people I am close with are Austin and Vanessa and we want to work with you. I’m going to win HOH soon because I’m a fighter and we could keep each other safe until at least after jury. If you did put me up with Day and I went home instead of her .. and she stayed she would definitely come after you. Shelli tells Liz don’t be worried. I had the same thought, I don’t want you to go home. I think the Meg idea is the best idea. Originally I thought you would be the best to go up because everyone likes you but the more I thought about it if you went home it would tear me up. Liz says I don’t really like Day or James. Shelli asks Who would be your target next week? Liz says possibly James. Audrey too.. Shelli says I know, after Audrey who? Liz says probably James. I don’t like the comments he makes to girls either. It makes me uncomfortable. I don’t know if you’re working with him. Shelli says I’m not and I feel the exact same way as you do. I do like you and I am not going to put you up. Liz says if you want Day to go home I think Meg is the best decision to make sure it happens. I don’t get good vibes from Day. Her blowing up like that .. its just not my cup of tea. Shelli says when I saw her blow up on Audrey .. I just don’t want to be on the receiving end of that.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 14-18-58-041

2:25pm – 2:35pm Backyard – Day joins Jason on the lounger. Day tells Jason I just had to go to church and I didn’t want to. Day says I had to convince her (Shelli) she’s not my target. She said she needs to be loyal to Audrey. I kept telling her – you’re good, you’re good, you’re good. Trust me her a$$ is out of here! Jason says MMmmhHHmm. Day says I need to figure out something quick because I’m running out of options. Day says send me a life vest, I need it today! Steve comes over and tells Jason they need to do a DR session together wearing the crew shirts. After Steve leaves Jason asks what are you doing BB that’s going to be so awkward. Putting the two most awkward people together.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 14-42-30-183
2:40pm – 2:50pm Hammock – Jeff tells Liz about his theory that Vanessa is America’s Player. She is just the sketchiest person in here. Liz says and she will just float on by. Jeff says I would never target her. Jeff says Austin and I have been trying to work together. Austin is definitely not my target, I have bigger fish to fry. Jeff says or Steve could be america’s player .. he definitely rats around. Liz says Steve is so smart, he’s going to win every mental competition. They wonder who Steve would go after. Jeff says yeah Steve’s got to go.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 14-42-18-377

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day is SOOO fake


Oh plz ..Thats the point of the game!!!!!
Everyone is Fake in that house,but Day is the Realest Fakest Person


The problem with Da is that she sounds fake when talking game with anyone besides James or Jason and the looks on her face give her away.


Everyone in there is fake. Convincing people you have their best interests at heart, while secretly plotting their downfall, is what the game is all about.

Ms. Steal Your Man

Shelli’s logic is that Da’Vonne doesn’t want to work with her, so she has to go. At least she was up front, and she has every right to not want to work with her if she’s aligning herself with Clay. I mean who would really want to work with Clay. He’s would never advance Da’Vonnes game. Shelli will not make it far with Clay. People are already assuming things about her by what Clay does. Clay will be her downfall.


Clay is a motormouth! All he did on Thursday night was tell everybody Shelli’s plan, even the enemy! He was not cool at all! Blowing up Shelli’s game big time! She seems annoyed sometimes and tries to shut him up, but then he goes off on another tangent!


I hope Da’vonne Liz and Queen Vanessa all make jury =[


Da’Vonne is definitely going home this week…especially if Meg does go up….

Eric CA

I have been thinking about this Da’Vonne may in actuality have an easier time staying with Meg as the nominee than she would against Liz. I realize that Meg is popular but her leaving would not be as beneficial to peoples games as would keeping Da’Vonne.

Austin: Meg… meg is linked to James and really he could say they saved Da’Vonne thus bringing in Jason and Da’Vonne
Liz: Evict Me… just to throw off Shelli and Clay and weaken James… Meg is James main ally.
Vanessa: Evict Meg… this would give Vanessa an in road with Jason and Da’Vonne
Jackie: Is closer to Da’Vonne than she is Meg.. also who pays attention to Jackie.
Steve: Like many Houseguests really needs the cover of a bigger target.. D’Alene is a bigger target.

with the 7th caller… Meg could easily be the one evicted… just remove James, Jeff and Clay from the Vote and Bye Bye Meg. Nothing is set in stone.. even who the replacement nominee. Even the idea of picking a pawn that is popular does not guarantee anything.


Nothing is set and stone, but I’m thinking I bet that the chances if that happening is almost next to nothing right now… Not only does everyone like Meg, no one wants to rock the vote and go against the majority so early in the game…so its a huge long shot….knowing Vanessa and how she is playing right now, she knows she would lose Shelli and Clay immediately if she were to do that… And if Vanessa sticks with the majority, which she very likely will…Liz and Austin would go with the group because they will follow….and Jason will too… Everyone else is sorta working with Shelli and will not switch…except Steve, who nobody likes and wants around (poor guy)…it is way too early to rock the vote…


vanessa, austin, and liz need shelli as a number and going against her wishes screw their chances of retaining her. meg’s staying.

Doran Martell

Pipe dreams


Oh…. can this HOH be over already! At least Day is trying but I doubt if Shelli will listen. She would never put Audrey up. Once Shelli tells Clay what Day said, it is going to be business as usual.


Last few years I have been feeling the same thing…the HOH is in power too long! The early years of bigbrother nobody felt the compunction to vote with the house! It was okay to vote for your alliance member, or friend to stay! But now that they know by Monday what way the house is voting, and nobody will consider a nominee’s pleas for sanity…well, we could have to HOH’s a week!


I know a lot of people here like Day but she is awful at this game. It seems that she watches BB (she knows some history and watched BB Canada) and that is great but she is a TERRIBLE strategist.

If it weren’t for the even bigger idiots of Jeff, James, Clay, and maybe some others I’m missing Day would be seen as one of worst players this season. I’m sure every Day supporter will thumbs down me and say I’m wrong but I don’t get why Day is heralded as a good player.

People who don’t know BB make for entertainment while true fans make for awesome strategy but less entertainment. I wish we could have more a happy medium of HGs. Still a great start this season!!

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC!!!


I ‘ m sorry but I can’t stand ant of these people this is my first bb in 15 yrs I haven’t watched I check up on things but honestly I’ve watched since the 1st bb in 2000 this group sucks period


Agree 100%. I want her to stick around because she’s entertaining as hell and plays really hard. But it’s true, she is a poor strategist and has proven to be a little too boisterous to be long for this game.

Vanassa Fan

Day’s biggest problem is she knows the game. However, she wants everyone to know how smart she is. When someone (example: Shellie, Clay tell Jeff to go in room to see what day is doing) does something in the game and Day catches on, she can’t wait to let everyone know that she caught on. Just play the game, don’t tell everyone that you can read them and know who is lying and who is not. That’s why people are wanting her out. They know they can’t fool her…and who’s fault is that? DAY’S fault.


I don’t know that I’ve pegged Da’Vonne as a “good” player yet. She is more of a “likeable” player, which is more than I can say for many/most of the houseguests.


I think it’s too little too late for Da’Vonne. ..if she knew she was a target, she should have Shelli earlier…she is just trying to get Audrey up there because she knows that everyone doesn’t like her and would vote her up…Da’Vonne knows if Meg goes up, she is done no matter what and no matter who picks up the phone…even if she does pick up the phone at the 7th call…the best she could do is take away Audrey, Clay and James’ vote or something just to spite them…it would still 9-0 for her to go…she should got to work as soon as she knew she was in trouble….first twist flop of the season is 99.9% likely. …


Don’t think ur math ir right


I agree I can’t wait until this HOH is over…there’s no convincing Shelli she’s set in stone about getting Day out. It’s clear she’s targeting Day because of the blowup. And It seems like James will be next because of the comments he makes. This is why seldom women win big brother they base their nominations/decisions on EMOTIONS not what will further them in the game…I really wanted a girl to win but at this rate I don’t know


Yea I agree. I think the only hope is Vanessa? Maybe Meg?
For Shelli or Liz to have a chance the men they’re attached to need to go (Clay, Austin)
Day is gone this week, Audrey obviously won’t make it to the end at this rate.
Becky isn’t a good enough game player, maybe if she goes on a comp run.
Jackie could never happen unless she steps it up.

Doran Martell

I don’t know man. I think Jeff and his paranoia will be a quick collapse. Or at least that’s what I hope. I’m just trying to figure out who I want to win HOH next week. Somebody who will rage against the machine

Vanessa Fan

I’m still rooting for Vanessa. I would like to see a girl win too. But if a girl does not win, I am hoping it will be Steve. That is not likely though, everyone thinks he is Ian because he is smart. That’s bad game play to base your thought on players reminding you of past players..!! Although…Audrey reminds me of Amanda and turns out she plays the exact same way..!!

BB Cynic

The Fix Is In (Part 2)

If you saw my first post, you recall that I opined that the latest twist (7th HG to answer the phone) was an obvious attempt to do one of the following.

1. Ensure that Audrey stays in the game. Production will do ANYTHING to keep her as long as possible. If she was in danger this week, she would have “just happened” to be by the phone when the 7th call went out. On this there is NO doubt! (Update: Since Audrey is safe this week, she will only get the call if the benefit can be used next week.)

2. They also want to keep Da in the game, UNLESS doing so screws up a twist.


Shelli’s latest “change of plan” is ABSOLUTELY a result of production’s “diary room coaching.” If Shelli were to put up Liz, it would mean ONE of their twists would end up being ruined. If they use the phone call twist to save Da, Liz goes. Obviously they can’t have that! It would blow up their “Twin” twist. If Da goes, the phone twist call will end up having no impact. It would be a miserable flop. Obviously they can’t have that! So production “coached” Shelli to change her replacement nom to (what they consider to be) an “expendable” player. Sadly, in this case it’s Meg. Bye Meg. You will be missed.

It’s yet another example of production’s manipulation. It sucks! Not fair to Meg. Just let them play!!!

Ummm you on crack

How would
Meg go home
Please tell me how that would work

Dear Abbey

I think because the poster means that if Day and Meg are on the block and Day picks up the 7th call she can choose 3 people that won’t be allowed to vote. I am not sure this would help her though because Meg is so well liked by most of the house. It should be interesting to see how this twist plays out.


meg’s not going home, and shelli’s very smart to put her up as every other player would go over da. right now the house is split 7-7 plus audrey who no one’s willing to work with. on one side you have jeff/meg/james/jackie/becky/da/jason on the other you have vanessa/liz/austin/shelly/clay/steve/jmac. shelly pretty much needs to put up two of the people on the other side of the house or audrey becomes a swing vote which is drama she doesn’t want to deal with and likely results in whoever is sitting next to da going home instead of da thus weakening shelly’s rather tenuous aliance. furthermore putting up audrey is a waste as audrey just goes home and the house stays divided. jason can’t go up cuz he’s immune, leaving jeff/meg/james/jackie/becky as options. jackie and becky are clearly at the bottom of their alliance and would quickly get booted over da as da works well with jason while jackie and becky are just dead weight. meanwhile jeff and james are not particularly well liked by jackie and becky and they would happily turn on them to better their position in the alliance allowing da to stay. so you’re left with meg who’s actually somewhat respected by james and jeff as well as jackie and becky, making everyone willingly vote for da except jason and the last laugh doesn’t even matter.

What up

I don’t think Day was trying to really save herself. I think she was trying to get confirmation from Shellie on who she was nominating at the veto ceremony. I believed just confirmed that it would be Meg.


Get rid of Jackie. She so dull. Can you say FLOATER.
non Liz, two birds with one vote.

Please explain

How is Meg going home even if day dose answer the 7th call she can only pick 3 people not to vote not all 15 come in use your head not possible


Meg isn’t going. That’s the point of putting her up. Duh.


Not everyone gets a vote. She has several that would keep her and if she eliminates 3 that would vote her out then she stays. Right?


Except against Meg…no one except maybe Jason would keep yet, so it won’t matter who she chooses…if she even gets the 7th call that is…


She won’t…that person is just full of conspiracies, while I agree that sometimes twists are done to try to get the result the producers wish (this maybe one)…it’s up to the house guests whether they want to go with it or not…and everyone is pretty much dead set on throwing Meg up there to get for 100% guarantee insurance that Da’Vonnne indeed does goes, meaning most if not all are not going to vote against her…this shows that everyone is dead set on what would happen…I think Da’Vonne knows this too…the producers can only do so much to influence the result unless they start manually removing people themselves…


Vanessa is so shady. If her game works, she’ll win. She has earned 4 mill already and she has a long term partner so she won’t be romancing the other girls in the house.


Please people get off production, just enjoy the game!


The Vanessa haters are funny I give ’em that. They say things like she is a liar or shady. Who else implies this? Jeff! K haters u are like Jeff. Jeff doesn’t like her cuz she ignores him and he knows she is way smarter than him and a better game player. So he is scared of her and wants her gone. He also deathly scared of Austin. Poor Jeff. This pathetic loser has zero chance of winning.


I got a feeling day isn’t going anywhere this week. that 7th phone call save 3 people is her only saving grace.


The 7th phone call doesn’t save 3…The person who answers stops 3 votes from counting on eviction night.


The twist is preventing 3 votes from counting. At this point, the only way that helps Day is if the hgs know before the vote and see the odds being much more favorable because no one really wants to openly split the vote without a good chance of success. They’d only need 5 of the 9 votes to keep Day.

Depending on how the votes are canceled it could make for some fun drama. Imagine everyone knows that a HG cancels 3 votes. But everyone still votes and only the twist holder knows which votes are tossed will allow the remaining HG’s to lie about how they voted. That might make for some drama.


This week is gonna drag yea but the down time will be interesting for the social game going into next week. HoH will be so intense. Everyone will want it.


Yeah short of production leaking a Vanessa DR with her speaking about being a professional poker player and how she’s got people wrapped I doubt Day can stay. OR if somehow a big blow-up with 2 people occur it’s not looking good. Damn I enjoy DaVonne and was hoping she’d be around for 2 of my favorite BB things: Drama and Strategy

Doran Martell

I wonder how jason will come out of all this. Jason’s a trip


Some observations from an impartial viewer. Audrey, Da’vonne, and Shelli formed a female alliance on day one.
When Da’vonne and Vanessa were rewarded with safety from not participating in the first HOH, they were allowed
to pick one person to be safe. Vanessa chose Austin. Da’vonne chose Liz instead of Audrey and Shelli.


Funny thing is I specifically remember Day telling Shelli the reason she was going to pick someone NOT in their alliance but Shelli is still harboring bad feelings about that. Too much.

Oh, btw… I did think of a way Day could stay even if Meg goes up, or rather …. she would leave BUT come back if the next switch up was to return her to the house. Even better if it was she replaces the HOH and it ends up being CLAY! ha


WARNING: Lots of unpopular Audrey love ahead: I know I’m in the minority here, but I love Audrey and can’t understand why she’s SO low in the poll. Yes, she started off batshit crazy – but it made for excellent drama/tv. And I actually think she completely turned her game around since then. She did the “lay in bed” thing that was obnoxious, but it at least served the purpose of having her lay low, got her some sympathy, and now she’s slowly been integrating herself back into the game. She was way too ambitious the first week and played way too hard and way too fast, but I like where she is right now and it seemed that she learned her lesson (at least a little bit).

Also – I’m glad to see her opening up more and actually having personal conversations with the other house guests. I initially wondered if being transgender was the reason that it was hard for her to open up to people about her life and get “personal” with the others. I’m sure that’s something she had a hard time doing her entire life, so it would make sense why she was only talking game all the time. But it’s good to see she’s adapting…. Now, if she can just make it a couple more weeks and she picks a few people to really prove her loyalty to (Shelli, Austin, Vanessa, etc.), I think she could turn this around.

Okay. I’m ready for the thumbs down and trash talk…. :))))))


I can’t believe how many people have day up there a$$ she is the worst player ever I don’t find her funny and I can’t wait for her to leave so we can get on to the next week #hurrythursday


Jace and Da’Vonne. Two interesting characters gone in the first two weeks. Jace was annoying but made things interesting. Da’Vonne is just good T.V (imo).

Kinda sucks. This season will be brutal if this trend continues and complete bores like Clay stick around.


I don’t understand why people like Austin or Vanessa IN THE GAME? I don’t see anything only float and bitching about everyone and everything.

Someone give me some light about?

Where they stand in the game?

They have some strategy?


It sucks day is going home she is the nicest person and funniest person. This week feeds has sucked I thought there was going to be a lot of tension like last week. Power of last laugh is the suckiest twist of them all this season since the votes will be unanimous no matter what day is going home. I hope the next twist will be that the person you put on the block gets to be removed from the block by america and we get to decide who goes on the block as a replacement. Does anyone know where to see jace eviction interview and is he sequestered or not. So far in the feeds I hate Austin, vanessa, liz, shelli (Espsecially), clay and jackie. I hope they put vanessa on the block next week she begs people you owe me a week safety when she is not even trying to win hoh. Next hoh comp is a crapshoot, like in bb14 the hockey, bb15 roulette, bb16 golf type. I wonder what it will be this week, anyone could win this hoh. I know kathy will not be calling the houseguest until after pov ceremony.

Butters Mom

Everyone on the show and on here keeps mentioning someone coming back into the game after eviction… while that sometimes happens… I dont think it ever happens to someone who leaves this early in the game does it? Day saying she hates talking to people right after she has a conversation tells me that she has been encouraged probably by production to try and save herself .. she didnt want to have those conversations and I doubt she did it without motivation from someone else. She over played too early in the game… blow ups dont belong in week 1. Many of these players this season have showed everything too soon. I am still struggling with finding someone I like and want to win. I do give Day credit for laying low this week and not blowing up after being nominated but I dont think she will stay unless production has a hand in it. Im ready for Jeff to go and he can take Jackie with him…


it happened in bb12 or bb13 where the first four out had america vote and that person competed against the fifth out to come back in, forcing us to endure more brenchel and lawon going down in history as the all-time worst bb player. with all the twists being promised this season i can see the hg’s being wary this may occur again, but after revealing the twin twist and audrey’s vote to jace i don’t think it’s happening this season. more likely it’ll be one of the first four jury members coming back.


The reason Shelli won’t put up Audrey is the fact that production wants/needs Audrey to stay for ratings.