Liz “My relationship advice is don’t go after the Jace’s of the world they’re crazy as f**k!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 01-07-58-950

1am – 1:45am Backyard – Austin and Jeff are doing a podcast. They start with Steve as their first guest. Austin says they want to start it off by going back to his childhood. They ask Steve when the first time he had an erection was and what he was thinking at the time. Steve get uncomfortable and leaves the show. Up next is Jason. Jeff asks Jason so what does tickle your fanny? Jason says had less action than most of them in here. Austin then takes a call. Day calls in and asks what type of man Jason likes. Jason says he likes any man more masculine then him. Next guest is Meg. Meg says don’t piss me off Jeff. Austin asks what was your first disappointment in life. Meg says when she first tried out for softball teams and realized she wasn’t good at sports. Becky asks I’ve heard that Meg likes older men is that true? Meg says I forgot the question? Jeff asks why do you like old men? Meg says I do tend to like older men. Meg says she has had one relationship with a guy that was older. Liz is up next. Jeff asks about former love fling that exited the house. There’s a man with long hair that exited the house really quickly that asked for a kiss. How did that make you feel. Liz says you can look but you can’t touch!! I guess I lead him on a little bit but him moping around the house really turned me off. And he didn’t get a kiss. You can’t get a kiss that easily, you have to work for it. I like taller guys and he wasn’t even that tall. Liz says my relationship advice is don’t go after the Jace’s of the world they’re crazy as f**k. Austin asks what’s your type. Liz says my type is anyone and everyone that acts like Stephan.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 01-26-18-025
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 01-27-14-262

In the kitchen – Steve, Becky, Shelli and Clay are talking about the “BB takeover” last laugh twist and what it could be. Steve says that we haven’t been getting havenot extra food. Steve says if America isn’t voting on that, they’re voting on something. Clay says maybe its the HOH is havenot. Becky says and has to wear a chicken costume. Shelli says she would be fine wearing a chicken costume. Steve asks Shelli to think about what she wants to write in her HOH blog before you do it. He tells her about how Gina Marie’s first HOH blog wasn’t even coherent.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 02-03-05-247

1:55am – 2:25am On the hammock – Austin asks Liz if you went on a first date with someone and they gave you a kiss on the cheek, would you be mad about it? Liz says yeah a cheek is pu$$y! Liz says before this I was like Meg, I dating a guy that was 38. Well we went on two dates. Liz says Becky dated a guy for 6 months that was 52 and has two kids. Austin asks what the f**k is going on! Jeff says we don’t have any chance. Austin asks did he have money. Liz says he own an advertising agency. How come the guys in here have no chance. Austin asks Liz do you like good guys or bad boys? Liz says f**k a$$holes, I like nice guys.. but not too nice. Jeff asks who’s an example of who’s too nice in here? Liz says Steve. Jeff leaves. Liz tells Austin obviously she hasn’t told her anything. Austin says I don’t know I thought we had come to an understanding up there. Liz says she (Shelli) would have told Meg. I think she’s scared of everyone else. They have no loyalties to us. Austin says I still don’t think you would go if you were up. Austin says they could even put me up. I’m not safe. We should talk to Shelli one more time. Liz says if you really want someone gone you should put up a pawn to make sure that person goes home. Liz says my real target is James. Austin says me too. Austin says that Jeff said he didn’t want Day to go this week because she’s not coming after him but if he would vote her out if Liz was up. Liz says what the f**k happened with Audrey .. if I go home before her I would shoot myself. If you’re trying to get someone out then put up someone neutral. I think she’s (Shelli) pu$$y though and that’s why she hasn’t talked to Meg. Austin says Jeff wants to work with us because he has a sweet tooth for you. Liz says good. Austin says and its breaking up his alliance. Austin says she’s (DaVonne) dealing cards. Hear that people she’s a card dealer. You can’t get one past me.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 01-57-13-077

2:30am – 3:20am Hot tub – Jason, Liz and Jackie are sitting around the hot tub. Jason says I think for her (Shelli) game she shouldn’t get rid of Audrey because she will always a bigger target. She’s a three for them. She’s their meat shield. Unfortunately I think Day is going home. Jason says usually the girls take out the girls and the guys don’t take out the guys they also go after the girls. That’s why there aren’t that many girls near the end. I came in here thinking I would be the gay glue to keep the girls together. But I don’t know about some of these chicks. Steve and Shelli join them. The conversation turns to talking about cruise ships and jobs. Becky talks about theft and managing staff at Abercrombie.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 03-18-12-140

3:25am In the kitchen – Clay tells Liz, Vanessa Jeff, Steve and Austin about a mystery substance he found in the fridge that was in a small container. They speculate that it was Jace leaving “semen”. Clay says that Shelli and Audrey were grilling me on how I would know what it smells like. Liz says it looked like pancake mix but it was way too small of an amount to save.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 03-28-44-097
3:30am Jeff heads up to the HOH room. Jeff asks do you know what you’re going to do and whether or not you’re going to leave Liz up there or what you’re going to do? Shelli says I haven’t talked to Meg yet with everything going on with the 4th of July but I was going to tell her tomorrow. Shelli comments that Meg wouldn’t look at me and I wondered if someone told her. Jeff says that he didn’t and doesn’t think any one told her. They wonder if its just because she’s on slop. Jeff says I’ll see if she’s upset about anything. Shelli asks how are you and Audrey? Jeff says we don’t really talk. Shelli says I think that if she did win HOH I think we would be able to talk to her and you would be okay. Jeff says I feel good about our group. They talk about Johnny Mac being so loyal. Jeff says I knew Johnny Mac would be our secret weapon. Jackie is good because she keeps her mouth shut but I wouldn’t want her to go far in the game. He says what’s cool is she is close with Becky so she can get us information. Clay joins them and says he feels really good about with everyone right now. No one has any idea Johnny Mac is with us. Shelli says some people might put him up as a pawn a lot but we just have to make sure we save him. Clay asks when are you going to talk to Meg? Shelli says tomorrow morning. Shelli asks is this now officially legit an alliance. Jeff says we just need to come up with a name.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 03-47-05-960

3:45amv- 4:25am Becky says that she’s worried people will start to forget what happened with Audrey. Jason says next week I am not playing she (Audrey) is going. I ain’t playing. Jason asks does anyone have any pull with Shelli? Meg says its not Shelli its Clay. Shelli is playing only for her own game. Becky says that Johnny Mac is cool to talk to but that others are pushing us to be in a showmance. She says we’re both scared to even talk to each other. Jeff comments that he needs to stop crushing on Meg because I think she’s … Shelli asks getting annoyed? Jeff says no. Clay asks catching feelings? Jeff says yeah. We’ll be joking some times and there will be some jealous there. Shelli asks if James is crushing on her too? Jeff says James would crush on any girl. Clay says he would for sure marry Meg. I bet the girls James has been with are atrocious. Shelli tells Clay not to be an a$$hole boy over here. Watch your tongue. Jeff says that he asked why Liz never gave him anything when he hits on her. He says she said wait till jury house. Jeff says she would be a lot of fun. Jeff says being a guy in this house is hard. Jace knows what that’s like he left his in Tupperware. Clay says that when Day learns she’s going up next to Meg she’s going to know she’s going home. Shelli says that’s why I haven’t told anyone what I’m doing because then people start talking. I just need to let Meg know before it happens. Jeff leaves. Shelli tells Clay I talked to Audrey. The conversation was good. Shelli says Audrey said she thought she was being replaced in Sleeper Cell with Liz. I even forgot that existed. She said she said in the diary room that Sleeper Cell was taking a nap. My point is that she was bringing up Liz. Shelli asks Clay so do you have some kind of alliance with Jeff and Austin? Clay says no, who’s saying that? Shelli asks you don’t have a bro code? Clay says no. Are you sharing information with Austin. Clay says no. Shelli says I just know that there’s no other reason why Jeff and Austin are trying to clear the air. Clay says watching you in that meeting with Jeff was kind of sexy! You were getting information out of Jeff …like he was on the block.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 03-46-18-719
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4:30am – 5:50am Backyard. Jason tells Jeff that Clay pretty much gave her (Day) a goodbye speech after the veto. I have a feeling she’s (Shelli) is going to put up someone like Meg because everyone loves her. Jason wonders if Clay is running Shelli’s HOH. Jeff says that Shelli was grilling Clay telling him to win something. She was being a little bada$$. Jeff tells Jason as soon as Day goes away you will be sitting golden. People will forget about you. Meg joins them. Jeff comments on how his biggest fear is being looked at in a negative light. As long as you don’t touch on any minority groups you’ll be okay. They start counting things in the backyard and talk about how many of other items are in the house. Jeff comments on how he and Jackie are not compatible at all. James joins them. James tells Meg that he wanted to talk to her and Jeff to see if everyone is still on the same page. They talk about how Day is ready to go. James asks Jason what he thinks is going to happen. Jason says I think they’ll put up Meg. Meg says if they put me up I am going to be pissed about it. Jason says yeah you should be pissed about it but act as if you’re not. Jason says I can’t think of anyone that is as liked that you wouldn’t go home over Day. Meg says I would be pissed if they didn’t talk to me about it first. Jeff asks you don’t think Shelli would put me up? Jason says no. The for sure person that would not go home over Day is you Meg. You have like halo over your head. If they put Liz up I think we could get her out and keep Day. Jason says if I get HOH I want Audrey out but if I can’t my plan b is Vanessa. Jason thinks Vanessa is America’s Player. Jason says I would put up Austin and Vanessa. Audrey would be my first target but if not I would get out Vanessa. And if I go out after Vanessa at least wikipedia will know that I’m not the gay f@g*t that came into the house to sit in the corner. I don’t trust her for sh*t. Jason says in the long run I think we could trust Johnny Mac more than these other motherf**kers! Jeff says we can keep Liz to see what she does. Jason says there are some girls that bust it all out in jury. Liz will be f**king everyone in jury. I’m telling you, they found her on the corner somewhere. Jeff says Liz was talking about getting it on with two guys before. Jeff asks did you hear the story about her giving a guy a bl*wj*b while texting her boyfriend. Meg says Jeff loves her. Jeff says I like both of you I’m just trying to figure out which I like more. James calls Meg girlfriend material. James says we could be the “After Dark Crew”. Jason says I like that the “ADC”. Meg says I like that, its kinda bada$$. Meg wonders when do we take out Steve. Jason says before jury because he is going to murder us in the questions. James says the perfect 5 out for us are: Jace, Audrey, Austin, Vanessa, Steve. They start studying possible A or B questions just in case for the next HOH.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-05 04-33-02-766

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Ariana Grande stinks!

In the kitchen – Steve, Becky, Shelli-Shallow and Clayhole are talking about the “BB takeover” and they are so boring that even the kitchen sink starts yawning…


I don’t have live feeds and have only been reading the updates here for a few days so could someone tell me why the only person Vanessa doesn’t trust is James and why he’s her first target? It’s funny that now Shelli doesn’t trust James and neither does Liz. I don’t care personally because I don’t care for James either but just gamewise if anyone knows why James is Vanessa’s #1 target? Because Vanessa is supposed to be a strategic player, not a emotional player, right?

Jason is impressing me at the moment because he sees the biggest threats: Vanessa and Austin. Why isn’t more people seeing them as a power couple? After all, Vanessa did use her fast-forward on Austin.

I’m hoping I’ll get some insight on tonight’s show (i.e., diary session).

I’m surprised that the fact that Vanessa and Austin worked so hard on not nominating Liz didn’t give Shelli a pause. It’s a bad move for Shelli to put up Meg after she already told Liz that she was going up because now you’ll have Liz and Meg know exactly where they stood w/Shelli.


She doesn’t trust James because James lied straight to her face several times. Unfortunately Day is blowing up Van’s game before she leaves by telling everyone not to trust her (James/Jeff/Jason/Meg). I think the only person taking Day seriously is Jason. Jeff kind of laughed it off because he doesn’t believe women can be smart and James just said yeah I know, but lets be honest, James doesn’t know anything.

There's no programming in my ear!

Da needs to stay, her DRs are real , they give me life, unlike the other bores like shelli and Clay

cmon Shelli put your boy up on the block, give us some good tv!


definitely wasn’t a fan of Jason on first impression. no, not that he is gay, but that he had to constantly toss in annoying “package” jokes and sexual innuendo.

that said, I have been incredibly impressed with his knowledge of Big Brother. he randomly pulls out some single event from 5-8 years ago(Sometimes longer) and I am not sure if people have caught on yet. now he sees the advantages for shelly to keep Audrey as a meat shield of sorts, his knowledge of the game for one of the first times in awhile will pay off. it goes beyond just understanding twists, he will know how production works and he will see things coming

Jason and Vanessa, they both are sleepers for me. if people let them slide they will regret it. both can read others and the game very well. whereas the Clay’s and Jeff’s and James’ of the world won’t last long in Big Brother without serious assistance from production IMO


Honestly, I don’t think Jason is really that great at reading the game. It is Day that is feeding him info, he is going to be lost once she is gone. Van wouldn’t even be on Jason’s radar if it weren’t for Day- which is the only reason I am now rooting against him. Van is my pick to win and Jason (Day) is jeopardizing it.

Jason is full of bb knowledge, probably the most knowledgeable I have ever seen on this show. But knowing bb knowledge, while may help you a little, it really doesn’t help that much in the game. The game is about social game and competitions, not bb history.

Doran Martell

Yea everyone says how loyal james is and what a beast he is. How does catching flying tomatoes make one a beast?

see there is more to that though

is knowing BB history enough to win? absolutely not. but you MUST account for past HG’s who used their BB knowledge of PRODUCTION to win the game(Rachel was one who did win comps, but also knew EXACTLY what production would do before they even got in her ear)

I think understanding what production does/will do matters a heck of a lot more than people on here realize, because people on here actually understand production. those who don’t are actually quite clueless as to the twists and why they use them


kind of a sucky question for steve, but he needs to answer it. seriously, I don’t care if you think its inappropriate. I would NEVER ask someone that because my mind wouldn’t go there and if it somehow did I wouldn’t want it to. still, Steve should have said something like “cmon guys, my friends mom” SOMETHING. but no. he fit the freaking stereotype they gave him.

cmon Steve. I swear, he really is that guy who needs someone like Austin to show him the ropes(pun intended) Bro out, get the kid to open up a bit. he is dead in the water because the one thing Ian had going was that he was pretty well liked within the house. Steve is just getting the “creeper” label because he doesn’t fit and people don’t want him around

that was an opening for steve, I hope production points this out as an example of why he is such the outcast in the house. I don’t think Jace helped saying all the stuff others say behind Steve’s back. made him even more self conscious.

Doran Martell

He doesn’t have to answer any of those dumbass questions. It’s like when jace asked him how big his d1ck was right in front of liz and vanessa. Sometimes there are just things that you don’t ask people in front of others, women or the whole country while on tv. “He needs to answer it” lol, lighten up on steve

GeekSquad McGee

That would be a stupid thing to say. My friend’s mom? He’s better off saying nothing.

Steve doesn’t need to learn to be a “bro”, because he isn’t one and he never will be. Steve is being himself and most people in the house respect him for who he is.

Once a person starts faking and trying to be someone they’re not is when they start getting into trouble.


Shelli and Clay seem like such a bland couple. And the fact that Clay looks so much like Shelli’s younger brother really weirds me out. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her dating someone younger, but the Clay/Shelli’s brother similarity is really “Flowers in the Attic”-y and creepy. They (Shlay) look like siblings too.

Eric CA

I agree 100%… I won’t even date a guy with my brothers first name or any of his mannerisms that reminds of him. I am not even attracted to muscular guys with blonde hair and blue eyes because my older brother is like that. It seriously creeps me out. So Shelli being into Clay with an age difference that big and looks like her brother ewe kinda gross. The only thing that would make it even more gross is that Shelli kinda looks like Clays Mom… double eeewwww


And up until her HOH I quite liked Shelli, because she seemed very rational and was asking good questions and didn’t seem to fall for Audrey’s bullshit too much. But ever since Becky has been dethroned, all she does is sit up in the HOH making it super obvious who her target is and her allegiance is with and complaining about people not coming up to her to plead their case.

While I think it is beneficial for Shelli to not go after Audrey, I think part of the reason she’s not going after her is because she probably does not want to be the person to evict Big Brother’s first transgender contestant. She probably thinks Audrey has a huge following and does not want to alienate those people and therefore lose potential twitter and instagram followers… SMH


OR because day is her target and might go after her
bur Audrey wouldn’t go after her


I feel like you might have had a problem comprehending my post. As I wrote: I think it’s BENEFICIAL FOR SHELLI to NOT GO AFTER AUDREY.
So please expand on the point of your post, since I did not post anything contradicting yours.

Or not … can’t win ’em all anyways 😉


I think they are against you making the comment that part of the reason Shelli doesn’t want to go after Audrey is because she is transgender… which I also disagree with. I don’t think that has anything to do with her decision.


Oh ok. I see your point.

But Shelli stating numerous times that she doesn’t trust Audrey anymore (trying to convince her to lie to Clay about what Jeff said for example) and specifically saying that she doesn’t want to be the one to evict her smells kind of fishy, non? And Clay also said that he wanted Audrey out the next week. So why not get her out this week then, so as not to make any waves and enemies in the house.

I know, I know… they think that Day is after them (Shlay), but realistically Day is not very likely to win anything while Audrey is (She was keeping up with the boys during that tomato challenge!).

So why would getting Day out be more important than not making any enemies by evicting Audrey, since that is supposedly what the house wants. I’m not trying to come across as transphobic or anything. I find Audrey frustatingly entertaining. I’m just stating my observations and reasoning for my theories.


No day prob won’t win a comp but if you have sway over a lot of the people in the house you can be just as dangerous… Look at Derr last year. Day is smart and can be very influential with her talk. She has already done it with van convincing Jason she is a huge threat.


So does Audrey though 😉 She already, at least partially, slithered her way back in with Shelli, Austin, Steve and Vanessa. While they probably only see her as a meat shield, there’s no guarantee on what her words can do later in the game or once she’s on the block.

Eric CA

I agree targeting Audrey does nothing for her game it is just convenient… targeting Da’Vonne is a bad move also.
One of the most successful Alliances in Big Brother History was Allison and June… they Hated each other and the rest of the house did not like them either. What made it successful is that they worked together and nobody noticed because the loathed each other that much.
I think that would work for Shelli and Da’Vonne also Jeff and Austin. Nominate the pawn then use pretty boy to spread some stuff around the house about Jeff and Meg or jackie, Meg and Beckie… Make a del of mutual interest with Da’Vonne that is mutually beneficial for Da’Vonne, Shelli and Audrey. that would flip that house big time. The I Hate You and You Hate Me Alliance.

GeekSquad McGee

Getting out Audrey is not a power move. It’s not something that a power player would do. It’s something that a floater that doesn’t wanna make waves would do.


Anyone know if the phone calls have started yet or is Big Brother waiting until after the Veto ceremony?


I could see BB waiting until after the ceremony just to ensure the 7th call lands on who they want so that person is safe…but we all know if Liz is up who’s getting the 7th call lol


If production gets their way it’s going to be Liz or Audrey

Freakie and Airy Grande Suck

Agree! Production will 100% be in charge of who gets to answer the 7th call. I think they will use these twists to keep control of who stays and who goes.


Steve Moses has a song on youtube called “Mr. Blue Sky Cover”. He does a one man Choir. The song is very old fashioned but he has talent!

Puppet Master

I listened to that on YouTube, Very impressive, Too bad HGs aren’t allowed to sing, Steve could use it to make friends.


SO, Meg is going up right? I want that so Jeff will be kicked down a few notches…


Da’Vonne is a “menacing person” because she was the only one to speak up to Audrey, who they all agreed was completely wrong? And they all said that she was right to be mad in that situation? And aside from that, all she does is chill with Jason and crack jokes?

It’s week two, and you’re dedicated to punching someone out who is not a competition threat based on them being “menacing” for being legitimately and fairly angry at a situation? Instead of a pro-wrestler? Instead of the person who slept in you bed and pathologically lied to you face? Please.


She’s been a loose cannon and pretty unpredictable. Those people are always targeted early.
Shelli went after her because she believes Day is coming after her closest ally. I actually think Shelli has played things pretty well this week, especially if she puts up Meg as a renom.
Still bigger fish to fry and she looks like she is going to get her target out. Although I’m secretly hoping Day gets the last laugh and sends Meg out instead.

The 416

Semen? Really? Damn bruh these house guests aint too smart.


Jeff- “My biggest fear is being seen in a negative light” No Jeff u aren’t getting a bad edit it’s just that u are total douche bag and pathetic as f**k. Then he asked Liz why she didn’t do anything with him. She says wait till jury house just to keep this loser away from her and she knows he will be gone by then.

They all think Johnny is gona be their little buttboy and a vote all summer. Wait till Johnny Steve Vanessa and Liz are the final four and these idiots are all in jury or home whining how they got screwed. LMMFAO!

Doran Martell

Man even if Jeff wasn’t a tool he would still be portrayed negatively because every other word is dude, bro and like. Sometimes not even every other word. I think I heard him say dude bro dude the other night in that order.


Shelli is happy with that new alliance which was formed last night (you know the one. It includes… Johnny Mac). It basically includes all of Jeff’s mates (as before) but now with added Mr Mac… That’s right, another one of Jeff’s mates. Wait a minute, weren’t you just a few hours earlier going to form an alliance with the other side of the house with the people who you actually like. Remember you were going to think about you should be included. Oh that’s right, your brain is tiny and you have forgotten already.


Who did she tell she was happy with it? Jeff? That means NOTHING. I will wait and see what Shelli does first before I pass judgement. I will agree with you 1000% if she sticks with this alliance, but I have a feeling she won’t. What was she supposed to do when Jeff says lets solidify this alliance with everyone in this room right now.. Ummm No, I’d rather wait to see what happens and form a different alliance with people I actually want to work with? No one in that room had any choice in the matter. Jackie and Clay seemed like the only ones really for it (besides Jeff). JohnnyMac couldn’t get out of there fast enough, and with the way Shelli grilled Jeff I’m not so sure she was cool with it… especially since when they were asking which 2 people would you want to add if you could and not once did she mention Van or Austin’s name. She trusts Van 1000% right now. She was definitely holding back.


Shelli is dumb. She is so bland that nobody at this point was even thinking about her. She didn’t need to win HOH this early on and I doubt anyone would have put her on the block, much less target her. Not even Day. Day wants Audrey gone, she isn’t stupid enough to take out a non threat like Shelli when Audrey is the dangerous one. Day is not a threat, she is guaranteed to blow up again later on and will be easier to get out then than Audrey.

The part that Shelli isn’t understanding is that as soon as she replaces the nomination, she has no power and can’t play for HOH. Unless Audrey or Clay wins HOH (god I hope that doesn’t happen), she can expect to at least get nominated as a pawn next week. She has sat up in HOH like she is the queen, hasn’t used the opportunity to have a one on one with everyone. If she could give a good reason for putting Day up, I could respect her, but as far as I can see it’s all about Day bitching out Clay the other day. That isn’t a great reason to evict anyone. And she also isn’t thinking about the twist. She doesn’t know what it is, but she knows there is a twist. Under those circumstances she should have listened to the house and put up the person that would make the most people happy to mitigate any possible twist fall out. The only reason she will survive a few more weeks is because nobody would waste their HOH to get her out when there are so many bigger targets in the house.


First, why do you call Shelli a queen for staying up in the HOH room when she is HOH… as I recall James and his “alliance” spent a whole heck of a lot of time up there too and nobody was calling him a king. Not to mention that group made comments about Van and others not coming up to them in the HOH room to talk when they were in power. With this being said, she is partially right. The “alliance” hung up in HOH when James was HOH but not one of them (Meg, Jeff, James, Jason, Day- before she was nominated), went up to the HOH to talk through her noms.

As for your next comment, I HATE WHEN THEY DO WHAT THE “HOUSE” WANTS. Especially when it is not good for their game. Once Audrey is gone who do you think Day/Jason/James/Jeff/Meg were going to target? They already talked about it, they wanted to get rid of Shelli to split up Shelli and Clay. So if she would have gone after Audrey she would have helped them and then they would have taken her out… this way at least they may still want to go after Audrey first, buying Shelli another week.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think James actually slept in HN room one night. Staying up there all week is bad strategy, while you are up there eating your snacks and listening to tunes, or canoodling with your showmance, game is happening downstairs and you are missing out and left to trust that the people that do fill you in are actually telling the whole truth. Evel Dick knew this and never slept in HOH and let anyone who wanted to be up there use the room while he was downstairs interacting with everyone and playing up to the feed viewers. Smart play. Love him or hate him, he played a smart game.


Yes James spent 1 night downstairs but their whole clique spent a lot of time upstairs after that. My point was because she is a girl doing it she is called a queen… I’m not saying she is smart for doing it. The other point was if these people really thought she was in their alliance they would be up there just like they were with James. That group (James, Day, Jason, and Meg) are SUPER cliquey and make very little effort to get to know the other houseguest but then get mad that the others don’t approach them.. and call them sketchy for not hanging out with them in the HOH room last week.

I agree 100% that she is spending way too much time with Clay up in the HOH room. And I wasn’t a huge fan of Evel Dick but he was a great player- not that your point on this has much to do with my original argument. There is a double standard for girls who play hard, which is why Day is being targeted and not Jeff (that and dumb Clay).


I couldn’t care less about whether HOH is a man or a woman, transgender, gay or any color that isn’t white. Doesn’t factor in for me. For me it’s about game. In past seasons I have said the same about the kings that hold court in HOH.


They should call themselves the snore core


i agree with all of it, why target day when she is a none threat, she cant win HOH against almost 90% of the other house guests. she only targeted day because her man told her too, its that simple. there is no strategy in taking out a weak target so early in game, id be more scared of audry because she can lie about EVERYTHING and get away with it, clearly.


Shelli trust Audrey and has built, maybe a genuine relationship with her.


I feel you’re so on point. Shelli is being way too myopic. Her reasons for targeting Da’Vonne are personal and nothing more. Clay rarely says anything of value, but he did warn Shelli of the danger of drawing a line in the sand to quickly. Despite her new alliance, putting up both Da’Vonne and Meg shows where her true loyalties lie. All she had to do was backdoor Audrey like the house wanted and everyone (except Audrey) could have enjoyed a fun week, then redrawn the battle lines the following week. All Shelli has accomplished this week is solidifying the fact that she and Clay are a power couple. Everyone is now going to try and split them up. They will also not get another perfect opportunity to backdoor Audrey. DUMB! I also thinks its great that Da’Vonne is being so low key this week, making people even more nervous. I hope she blows everyone up during her evection speech.


Shellie’s best bet is to ask herself the question “what would Derek do?”. Then proceed


Attention Jeff and James….Liz, Julia and Meg aren’t hookup material or girlfriend material for either of you! Stop objectifying the women in the house! It’s not surprising NONE of the women have shown any interest in either of you!

Good on Austin for calling out misogony and sexism when he hears it! It’s nice to see some houseguest not needing misogony to secure their masculinity!


But what do you call chauvinism against his own sex? (Him mentioning Jeff’s supposed “Dad-bod” every two minutes to Jace, calling Steve every nerd-version under the sun and saying that James is jealous of him because of his height. All of that behind their backs of course). Is he misandric? Misanthropic? Or simply a well disguised douchenozzle? I had high hopes for him before the season, but that went down the drain, as soon as he coupled up with Jace.


I don’t see this new “alliance” lasting very long. Jeff will try to take over the whole thing, and run it his way. Shelli will not go for this, and I think she is already getting antsy with regards to Jeff and will keep her eye on him. As AntonyG (above) has already stated, most of the alliance that was formed contain Jeff’s friends. I can see Jeff really pushing to get out Audrey next week, and she won’t be happy with that at all. Shelli is a thinker, and doesn’t like to be left out of the decision-making process. Yes, JM is in the alliance, but unless someone gets this poor bugger a blood transfusion soon he might just disappear. My sheets weren’t as white as him when I put them on the bed this morning. He doesn’t look healthy enough to last to the end.


Many haters are on here today. If you do not have any game strategy to talk about, please shut up your dirty mouth. Please go somewhere to post your dirty comments. These players do not do anything to you. It is no reason for you to spread your hate on them. I am sick of reading your same comments everyday again and again. Why do you need to attack the same player every post for no reason. They are playing the game they are supposed to play. Please pay some respect. Treat people like you like to be treated. Remember we are human.

Bunny Slipper

Dude? Duuuuddddeee! Brah?! dude,dude.

Hatie Haterton

My hate has no boundaries and does not discriminate.
I’ll spread my hate wherever I hatefully please…


Tuan, don’t get to comfy standing on me!


If Austin is so smart as to figure out that Day is a poker dealer on his own, how can he spend so much time with Liz and not pick up on differences between her and Julia?


Maybe Austin does notice something, but if he did why would he tell anybody? Liz is one of Austin’s closest friends in the house.


Good point. Austin seems to know past seasons, and if he suspects the Liz twin twist, he would be smart to keep it quiet and hope that the other twin comes in later in the game, one more number for him and two twins would be a bigger target than a washed up wrestler with fake injuries. I really think he is smarter than he is letting on, but I thought that about Jenncity first week and we all know how that played out.


I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Austin did know something was up with Liz. He spends so much time talking with her, they’ve definitely had talks about random non-game related things and the twins wouldn’t have the time or forethought to share that kind of info when changing places. He knows this game – why would he say anything to anyone, especially if it’s not hurting his game? For him, if he’s on to the twin twist, it benefits him to keep the secret because he potentially comes out of this with an additional ally if Julia eventually enters the game.


as much as i don’t want her to do it, putting up meg really is shelly’s best move, and best chance of getting out da. at this point the house is pretty much split down the middle with trios of liz/vanessa/austin on one side of the house and james/jeff/meg (plus fourth and fifth wheels in becky and jackie) on the other, two pairs of clelli who lean more towards liz/vanessa/austin and da’son who leans more towards james/jeff/meg, plus floaters in jmac who leans towards clay/shelli/liz/vanessa/austin and steve who has been completely shunned by jeff and co making him a potential number for the other side of the house, and lastly audrey who’s an island after all the bridges she burned. so this makes it potentially seven to seven ignoring audrey (who i’ll get to), shelli sending meg or da home is good for her game though da is better as da will more likely target shelli sooner than meg, and meg actually has friends unlike becky and jackie and doesn’t have enemies unlike jeff and james, making da more likely to go than meg which is riskier with any other “pawn.” this would make the house split 6-7 shelli’s way plus audrey who the six will need to try to pull in, but seems to be foolishly targeting instead (which is just fine by shelli). furthermore to pull audrey in the jeff group absolutely needs to get rid of da as da and audrey have absolutely no interest in working together which is another feather in shelli’s cap.

Freakie and Airy Grande Suck

If Da answers the phone, she can knock out three of the folks voting her out. Bye Meg.


The only problem is regardless of the 3 she would knock out, the only other person we know for sure would vote out Meg over Day would be Jason. Unless she does some serious campaigning, even knocking out 3 votes may not save her.


What I am trying to figure out….why does Austin know that Day is a card dealer, but he doesn’t know that Vanessa is a poker player. He has mentioned before, that he has been in that environment, and that is why he knows Day is a card dealer. Makes you say Hmmmmmmmm!


I think he does know, since she told him that she used to gamble professionally. He just doesn’t know of which caliber. I’m sure Jace regrets not taking Vanessa up on that offer to live with her in Vegas 😉


I read it here that Austin mentioned Vanessa being a poker player. I’m not sure to whom but he said something to the effect of “just trust me”. I think I also read that Austin knows Da is a poler dealer because she used a terminology (I guess) that only people in that world or whatever would know.


I have stated before and will not waver from Shellie’s decision to nominate Da as purely personal…and not even Shellie’s personal…it’s an attack for Clay.
For the folks saying Shellie is smart to target Da because Da would split up Shlay….Davonne can target all day long but in order to actually ACT on it, the girl needs to win an HOH or POV. Show of hands as to how many people see that happening in the near future?
Actually, it would behoove Da’s side of the house to keep her as a meat shield, the same way Audrey is for the other side of the house. Don’t get me wrong, Meg is cool but all she is, is well liked. Not sure of her gameplay or strategy at the moment. Keeping her in the gae is simply keeping a vote around…Da can be a vote and a meat shield.
Not sure if Liz/Julia would leave if placed on the block as renoms…depends on how badly Production wants the Twin Twist to play out but I see that coming to bite the girls in the butt…they will then be seen as sneaky and untrustworthy, especially come Week 6.

another name

i’m starting to wonder how the edit will play off the sudden need to get rid of da’vonne. other than Kathy griffin mentioning that da’vonne started the fight, there is no on air inclusion of the Audrey/da’vonne/house argument that led to Audrey’s bedridden until ‘i’m ready for my closeup mr. demille’ performance.
so far all viewers have seen is da’vonne being upset with her alliance mates shelli and clay for sending jeff to spy on her, and shelli being butthurt that da’vonne didn’t use her fast forward on her. without a timetravel edit, the entire plot to remove da’vonne is going to come off as pretty petty. by current edit, Audrey is being presented in a far better light than her actions should dictate. there is no Audrey / davonne blow up; there is no presented reason for becky to want to get rid of Audrey (the “racist” b.s.). in fact, Audrey wasn’t even presented as being in multiple alliances with 9/10ths of the house in week one.
but then, by current edit, a lot of players are being shown to be far more finger on the pulse of the game than they actually are. the loose relationship between the feeds and production edit is really starting to make me wonder how they are going play off current events if they are skipping so much.
yeah, i’m still getting the feeling this is going to be one of those seasons where tv only viewers are going to be completely dumfounded by the amount of dislike for some players.


Shelli said Da’Vonne ‘s pitch to her was very well worded. She seemed surprised that Da’Vonne was capable of stringing more than 2 words together.


Shelli is willing to forgive Audrey for all the lying and backstabbing + trying to label Becky as a racist but she is not willing to give Da’Vonne a second chance?? This makes no sense. If not for Da’Vonne everyone would still be caught in Audrey’s web of lies.
Shelli has a massive ego. Its really bothering her that no one is coming up to the HOH room to hang out and talk with her. Its because she’s not that fun to be around, she interrogates instead of conversing and is aligned with Clay and Audrey. The fact that no has visited her for more than 5 minutes speaks volumes about her social game. She’s acting like a queen handing out favors at court . I cant wait for her and Clay to kick rocks.