Jeff To Shelli “Dude I’m telling you bro he’s (Austin) not dumb bro.. he knows this game bro “

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 19-27-18-192

7:30pm JohnnyMAc, Becky and Shelli
Playing “connect four” with candy and the chess board.
Steve comes up to play Johnnymac the winner will play Becky.
Becky runs downstairs you can hear her say ‘We’re playing Connect four it’s fun”
Shelli doesn’t say much the whole time just watches.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 19-44-06-970

7:46pm Meg, Jeff, Clay and Jason
Becky walking through the room on her way upstairs to play “Connect four” with Shelli, Johnnymac and Steve. Jeff asks Becky to flash the camera so it moves.

7:50pm Feeds cut…

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 21-06-28-236

8:52pm – 10:05pm Feeds come back HOH Jeff and Clay
Clay is worried that he’s drifting away from Meg and JAmes. Jeff and Clay saying they have a final two. Clay tells him he hasn’t even talked final 2 with Shelli. Jeff tells him he’s going to try and make sure the other side doesn’t target him.
Jeff recommends Shelli integrates more with Meg and JAmes.
Clay says Day goes this week and Audrey next week.
Jeff – Dude once we get both of them out Austin gotta go.
Jeff says Austin isn’t someone they can depend on says Austin was working with Audrey
Jeff – He talks a lot with Vanessa which is kinda weird
Clay – Shelli likes Vanessa
Jeff – Shelli likes the people that are super introverts.. it;s always the quiet ones you have to look out for … Steve’s gotta got
Clay – we gotta keep Johnny
Jeff brings up his Diary room sessions where they always ask him if he’s worried about Clay and Shelli taking each other.. Feeds cut to fish.
Jeff – honestly dude I made a promise with you on day 2 I at least want to keep my first promise..
Jeff adds he’ll backstab people close to him if it means the two of them can still “Ride out”
Jeff – Dude I have to watch out Dude..
Jeff is getting too close (Emotionally) to people in the house
Jeff – “It sucks dude”
Jeff – Dude I have a feeling that JAckie really hates me dude.. She doesn’t even say hi to me dude..
Jeff thinks it’s because he hasn’t given the time of the day.
Jeff says it was really bad being with her on the amazing race he says Jackie punched him.
They start talking about Audrey telling them she’ll be their meat shield. Jeff – “We just gotta get rid of her.”
Clay mentions Audrey wanting them to backdoor Becky and keep Day. “If Becky coming after us next week.. Probably not is Day.. HELL YES”
Jeff – She’s make to her old ways manipulating people..

Jeff wonders why Shelli didn’t Backdoor Da’Vonne, “did she not want as much blood on her hands”
Clay – Becky wanted to BAckdoor Audrey
They agree next week they will backdoor Audrey it’s the only chance.
Shelli comes in ‘What’s going on’
Jeff – girl talk

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 21-18-29-503

Jeff says that Day has been asking him a lot of questions lately. Goes over the conversation he had with her earlier where she was asking him if he knew her fate. Jeff adds she knows that someone likable is going up to guarantee she goes home, Someone like Meg. Jeff mentions that Da thinks Clay and Shelli are working with Audrey.

Jeff saying Austin’s character sucks and he’s not trustworthy
Jeff – He was the first person to turn on his friends and squealed like a little baby
Shelli questions what exactly did Austin do
Jeff explains poorly
Shelli continues to question it..
Jeff – he didn’t vote for Jace

Jeff now says Liz lied to james
Shelli questions it again asks for examples. Jeff says she will need to ask JAmes. Sheli tells him then he can’t said she lied if she doesn’t know
Jeff says she was close to Jace and everyone close to jace has to go.
Jeff – I wouldn’t be sad if Liz left..
Jeff makes it clear he would like her in the Jury to party.
Jeff – It not about being hot she’s OK
Clay – her body is better than her face.. She’s cute.. I can’t stand the way she talks.

Shelli – who is the best person for me to put up
Jeff – Austin
Shelli – for Day to go home
Jeff – Liz is the best one to go home and she understands
Jeff says she will lose credibility in her decision making if she goes back from putting liz up.
Shelli doesn’t think anyone will points out that a single person hasn’t come up to talk to her about her renomination decision.

Jackie joins them.
Sheli starts playing up how close the four of them are.
Jeff says if he ran her HOH Day wouldn’t be leaving it would have been Audrey.
Sheli – I need to put up someone to guarantee we get out Da
Jeff – Dude I would say myself but Audrey is here…
Jackie – You don’t know how it changes.. it’s scary
Shelli tells him she trust him will never put him up. “you’re in my trust circle”
Jeff says he wants to work with Jason and James that is why he’s getting close with the other side. He thinks they should pull those two in. Warns them against Becky “She’s a beast”
Jeff – I know you two are working together
Clay – not really

Jeff says in regards to his game play Day can stay for the next three weeks she;s not gunning for him. He start pressing that Audrey is a real threat in the house and his main threat. He’s onboard with them getting Day out because it’s best for their game play not his. He’s going this with the hopes that next week they support him.

Jeff says Austin was the first person that told him about Liz, “I figured it wasn’t mentioned to me for a reason.. I figured you guys didn’t trust me with that information at the time”
Shelli explains its wasn’t they didn’t trust him they wanted Liz to know and they brought Austin in so she would feel comfortable.
Shelli says she is confused about his relationship with Austin.
Jeff says he’s been bullshitting him and “Broing” him
Jeff – My biggest threats in the house are Audrey and Austin..
Jefg has a feeling that Austin is going to dominate Competitions
Jackie chimes in says she’s feels it to
JohnnyMac come in

Jeff again tells them Austin talks a lot with Audrey and it worries him, “I’m telling you bro he’s not dumb bro.. he knows this game bro ”
Jackie chimes in that Austin has a Big Brother tattoo..
Jeff – Austin’s gotta go..
Jeff doesn’t know where Liz’ head is at.
Jeff – Liz is going to flirt her way as far as she can get
Jackie chimes in says she talks a lot about Liz and she never talks game, “If you put her on the block we’ll find out”

Jeff says they’re reluctance to “Pull the trigger” is making them look weak in their decision making.
Jeff wants them to build a team with a good compliment of players, “We need to solidify the core.. the people sitting in this room right now.. I trust you with my game.. number wise we want 2 more people.. I like Jason, James and meg.. out of all of them I would want Meg”
Jackie chimes in “I’m cool with James for sure”
Shelli asks Johnnymac who his two people he would want in the alliance.
Johnnymac – Becky and Meg
Jackie For sure Meg
Sheli asks them – so Becky and James ?
Jackie – Meg to
Jeff – James is loyal.. he’s really country
Clay says his two people are Becky and .. Feeds cut ..

Shelli says she has big questions with James. She trust them all so she’s taking that in consideration. She doesn’t know why they all think he’s trust worthy says He was very very good saying the right things.. convincing Jace last week
Jeff – James isn’t smart at all
Shelli points out James is very close to Day and Jason, “those are another reason I’m really worried about James”

Shelli says their Trust Circle alliance needs to start before eviction.
Jeff – we needs to stick with the people we trust right now.. Create our alliance.

10:11pm They cannot decide on a alliance name decide they’ll each think of a name and meet later.

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Doran Martell

Thanks to Simon and Dawg for summarizing hrs and hrs of feeds. When I’m at work or away from home I can come to this site and find out what’s going on. So once again thanks for the hard work.

Doran Martell

I feel bad for people who only get to see the CBS side of BB. I was also wondering if purchasing the live feeds is the only way to support your site? Donations? I just feel like I should give back some lol, or just pay you


There’s a Support the Site tab where you can see all the ways to support the website.


Shelling is really stupid if she listens to Jeff.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Haha byeee Jeff. Can’t keep his mouth shut. All this anti Austin/Liz talk is going to be his downfall and I’m loving it. Shelli should use him as the renom but will probably use Meg.


Yea, Jeff is an idiot. How did he decide to trust them all of a sudden? He is so desperate for an alliance. If I was Jackie I would be mad as hell. He didn’t talk to her about what she wanted to do or if she wanted to align with them. He put her in a position that she had too.

Doran Martell

I agree. I think the other houseguest will see this and call his loyalty to them into question.


Lol @ Jeff suggesting Shelli put up Austin!!! Way to seem like you’re not working with Day…dude!

Brad H

Jackie & Shelli had to explain to Clay & Jeff that they don’t need 2 more people in their core 5. Finally someone realizes that their best bet is to get 4 or 5 people they can trust and then they can all have their side alliances just like the Brigade. Jeff & Clay are both idiots though & they talk too damn much so I’m sure this alliance will crumble too lmao


do these people not understand how stupid alliances are this early, but more so if they are that big? it becomes clear that more than half the house is connected, just puts targets on them, but also, there are always going to be at least 2 who get asked to join, who say ok, but are not actually truly aligned. they just don’t say no because what kind of idiot gets asked do you want to join our alliance and they say no, thanks.

next thing you know there are 8 people in an alliance, and 5 not in the alliance, it is stupid.
even 5 is a lot of people for efficiency. you get 5, they disperse themselves in the house aligning with 2 or 3 others, so they can then feed back to the main 5 what everyone else is doing or saying, and counter effect it by making sure that the others are targets of each other, not themselves.


If Jeff/Clay/Shelli alliance dominates this season, it will be one of the worst ones. ;(



Look on Jeffs face when Shelli told him she is putting up Meg. Lmfao. Then he was quiet for like two minutes n saw everyone was for it..and says “yeah I think it’s a good idea but I’m not gona tell her I’ll let you” lol. Omg then he tried to get James and Meg in their alliance. Shelli nixed that too. Haha. Shellu runs shit here and Jeff is a nobody in this alliance but delusionally thinks he is the man.

Ms. Steal Your Man

I absolutely dislike when HoH’s stay in their room all day, and sit up there with the same people making it pretty freaking obvious who they’re aligned with. I also don’t understand why Shelli is targeting Da’Vonne. I would never outright target someone and make it blatantly obvious that I am sending them home when there is the last laugh twist that affects the next eviction.


Completely agree… How many times has Shelli said “I’m pissed, no one is coming up here to discuss renoms or talk to me in my HOH” She is in full on power bitch HOH mode.

For the record I don’t dislike her, but I’m seeing things much differently than many regarding her reign.

1) She vehemently made a point of telling EVERYONE Audrey had to go this week prior to HOH and she could never work with her again. As much as I understand her choice to keep a big target in the house than she should never have made those comments

2) Instead of just saying to Becky I want Audrey gone as well, but personally I have a bigger target in Day and feel she will be more difficult to get out. Then she would have been seen as being transparent with Becky from the start

3) She told James, Meg, Clay, Austin, Vanessa and Johnny Mac (BEFORE) the battle of the block she was going to get JM to throw comp and ALSO that she wanted Day gone.

4) She says she doesn’t trust James, Meg who haven’t told Day (or anyone else for that matter) what she told them but somehow now they can’t be trusted b/c they aren’t up her ass in the HOH room

5) She is willing to give Audrey another chance (or use her as a sheild) but can’t forgive Day for being upset that the people in her alliance were trying to spy on her. That’s really where the fight stemmed from. Clay didn’t like Day so Shelli doesn’t like Day.

6) The ONLY people who seem to be congnizant the twist will be a big deal is Jason, Day and to a certain extent Austin/Vanessa who played Shelli like a fiddle to take the target off Liz. The fact Shelli doesn’t recognize that Meg could leave and the repercussions of that is comical

7) And, most importantly…. When/if she puts up Meg the shit will hit the fan and she is going to be f—ed when she returns from her throne room to join the pheasants. Why? Because once she nominates Meg there will be no reason for James/Jason/Meg to ever trust her again. Plus now James/Meg will tell everyone how Shelli lied to Becky from the get, targeted Day, had no intention on taking out Audrey, asked Johnny Mac to throw the comp and even asked him to stay on the block. In turn all of these people will leak to Austin/Vanessa/Liz how Shlay have made final 4/5’s with ALL OF THEM which will put the target squarely on Shlay with no one ever trusting them again!

Sure she looks like she’s smart at the moment, but when you consider in less than a week she’s changed who she is aligned to 3 times (and Audrey is always safe) it’s obvious she can’t be trusted.

She had the opportunity to gain some respect in the house IF she had been transparent with Becky up front and told NO ONE but Becky what her plan was. Then she could have made deals with both sides to ensure her long term safety. Instead there is no way she’ll avoid a hit once out of the HOH b/c even Austin/Liz/Vanessa will question the fact she was willing to sacrifice one of them first.

Becky is growing on me b/c at least she’s honest doesn’t appear to be a gossip. I generally like underdogs & strategic players. Maybe b/c I don’t have feeds and am solely relying on OBB/BB primetime & BBAD to form my opinion but right from the start I liked Day & jason for their humor and sharp game sense, JM/Jackie/Becky/Liz/Julia for lying low (not gossiping). Sorry to say I liked Audrey as well until she went warp mode. And while I though Vanessa could be a great player I didn’t like the whole “crying” manipulation. Personally I find Jeff, Clay & Austin to be equally gossipy & Vanessa/Shelli to be driven by the need to work with men primarily (that always annoys me).


Good points may thoughts are the identical!


You make good points about Shelli aligning with too many people. Shelli, Jeff, and Clay are all making the same mistake in this regard. They want to align with each other and align with people they like instead of making game moves… however you have some flaws in your argument.

Shelli was very clear with Austin/Liz/Van/Meg/Jeff that her target was Day and not Audrey. That was the whole conversation with them, who should I put up to make sure I stay HOH and Day goes home.

As far as her reasoning for not liking Day being the Clay argument.. this is false. Day wasn’t on her radar until the Audrey blow up and then Day stopped talking to Shelli and made it clear to the other “alliance” members that Shelli and Clay were not to be trusted. Shelli having had enough game talk with Day, knew that Day was smart and able to control the other people in the alliance. Also Shelli knew the Audrey blow up made her a target because of her prior relationship with Audrey AND she knew that she was already on the bottom of the “alliance” as an after thought for votes.

With the Becky argument: she had NEVER talked game with Becky before and knew Day had been in Becky’s ear. She didn’t trust Becky and wasn’t sure if Becky would run back to Day and tell her. Not telling her was smart. Especially since Becky is so easily swayed anyways. She explained her reasoning to Becky afterwards and Becky bought it so it doesn’t really affect her game.

Her call on James is right on.. James doesn’t trust her and she has observed how great of a liar James can be. James would have turned on her no matter what. As far as Meg goes, Meg is 100% trying to play Shelli. Meg was in the room when they originally decided to put Liz up and Shelli told them not to tell anyone.. the first thing Meg does is run to Jeff and tell him (which he later blames on Austin). Meg is playing nice because Shelli is in power but is definitely not on Shelli’s side. Also Meg isn’t much of a threat because it is unlikely she will win HOH anytime soon.

With all of that being said, my opinion of Shelli changes minute to minute. I think she would be running this game if she didn’t have Clay next to her spitting his moronic game, he is just too dumb and she buys into too much that he says, especially regarding Jeff. I think my final opinion of Shelli will come depending on what she does with this new alliance formed. I am hoping she caught on to Jeff’s BS and will run like the wind from it. Honestly, I think her smartest thing would be to go behind Clay’s back and form an alliance with Van/Austin/Liz and maybe one other person like Steve or Becky. Keep it a secret from Clay.


I also see your argument, however how are these people she told the plan to up front suppose to trust her if she wants one of them on the block? How do you come back from saying “we are in an alliance” but I’m willing to put you on the block when I know there is a twist that could send you home!

If she asked me that I’d say well Clay is in tight with more people than me, if you want to ensure she goes home and are willing to put up an alliance member why not him? He offered.

Day actually was on her Shelli’s radar (prior to the Audrey fight) b/c she was the one who asked Jeff to go in the room to spy on her and Day heard her. That & Audrey’s web of lies turned them against each other. I find it humorous Shelli is willing to overlook all the lies Audrey told about others but not Day which to me highlights the fact she simply doesn’t like Day.

I’m also like you in being wishy washy on Shelli (and during this HOH I’ve become much more OFF, b/c suddntly she is this mastermind talkative strategist telling people what to do “you CAN’T talk to others, you HAVE to come tell us. I find her demands are based in her current false sense of safety due to being HOH. The irony for me is she is in complete “do as I say, not as I do”. mode. She’s allowed to tell people things and pass along information, go back on her original word & make multiple deals but no one else is.

Seriously I’ve seen her form an alliance with Austin, Vanessa, Liz, Clay another with Becky, Jackie, Jeff, Clay and Meg and the one last night: JM, Clay, Jeff, Jackie (plus I know there’s another iwth Meg and James in it). and all of these are just since Thursday night!

She sat there last night (and I’ve seen her do it with others) asking for examples of why they trust certain individuals and when people gave them she would say well I haven’t had that experience.

It’s the typical BB pattern of people who never stop to look at a situation from another perspective. I forget who it was in a previous BB that said you need to approach them by thinking who is their target & who is their friend and then manipulate to get your way. (Might have been Dan)

Oh, another mistake (arguably her biggest) is suddenly she is chastising Clay in front of people and groups. She is taking the lead while he has grown increasingly silent which will only serve to make her the bigger target b/c she isn’t as well liked as she believes.

Overall I think most players fall into the trap of not being able to stop and look through the other person’s eyes. Only the true strategist/master manipulators can. For example if I were Lizor Meg I’d be using the point I made above (put up Clay then) and I’d be reminding her by not putting up Audrey she is in danger of being the person people will sit beside her as the pawn and given how much drama Audrey causes the producers would implement a twist to likely save her.

Honestly I think she’s in for a big fall & unlike James she did more damage this week than benefit. Prior to winning she wasn’t viewed as a game player and was seen as a quiet, sweet (or dumb) lady. Not anymore.

Bottom line: if she puts up Liz she’ll lose trust with Vanessa/Austin/Liz (who she is in an alliance with.

Ditto for Jason/James/Meg/Jeff if she puts up Meg

And if she puts up Becky she’ll lose a lot of credibility with everyone.

Yes she wants Day gone so she won’t put up Audrey, but again, the fact she would be willing to lose anyone (given there’s a twist) to keep Audrey in the house won’t bode well. Just my opinion though.


Didn’t they announce that twist AFTER the nominations? I thought that’s how it went. If that’s the case, the twist wouldn’t have came into play into her decision of noms.


Nope, in both cases (Phil & Kathy Griffin) they told them the night they discussed the BB take over twist. Remember they came on camera? Phil’s was a teaser but it was tied to people who forfeited playing in the HOH. Kathy’s was before noms


Started to think day may have a chance if Liz goes up. As long as she picks up the 7th call. Jeff his showing his complete hand and they might have the votes to save Day if Liz goes up. If Meg goes up its GG for Day most likely.


LooseLips…..I agree, this dork Jeff can,t keep his yap shut regarding Austin and Liz. He is sure trying to run the show here, and although people question Shellie and her nominations this week, she appears so far anyway, to think deeply about why people are saying things to her. Jeff may have given her food for thought regarding WHY he is so paranoid regarding Austin.


Jeff: “I have a really great social game, I have gotten most people in the house to really trust me, I hate Austin and I am so good with my social game that I have gotten him to trust me.” – So basically you just told Shelli you are a huge social threat and you can play people like a fiddle by faking friendship.

Jeff: “Austin has to go, I don’t trust him, he tells me everything, but I don’t trust him, he really likes me, but I don’t trust him. He threw his buddies under the bus.”
Shelli: “How? give me examples”
Jeff: ” well umm, yeah, well he totally threw, dude yeah well like dude he threw Jace under the bus, like dude he knew Jace was being bd and he was cool with it.” (Umm Jeff you do realize that Day was part of your alliance and you knew from the beginning Shelli was targeting her, right?
Jeff: After everything I just told you about how untrustworthy I am and what a threat I am “We need to make and alliance now with the people in this room”

If Shelli trusts Jeff for a second after this convo and sticks with this terrible alliance, she deserves to go soon.


So, JM’s in this as yet unnamed HOH room alliance? Did he say one word during all this? And a good giggle was the..”Jackie chimes in”…x 3.

Ms. Steal Your Man

The real reason Shelli wants Da’Vonne gone is because she feels some type of way about Clay. Clay nor Shelli have a real reason to send Da’Vonne home. Clay also seems to be more bothered with Da’Vonne, which is quite confusing, IMO. These girls make the same mistakes every year. Thinking they’re gonna make it to the end with a strong and idiotic dude by their side. You never win this game by aligning with someone just because you think they’re cute. Shelli won’t make it far in this game.

Bring on the thumbs down!


No one will say it but it’s a racist agenda. When Jeff was being “opinionated” and damn near started a physical fight with Audrey AND Jace it wasn’t a problem. But when Day was accused of doing something she wasn’t and defended herself…she became the angry black woman in the house and “has to go”. Clay has been targeting Day since the beginning and she gave them a reason to get her out when she attempted to defend herself. Shelli obviously hates Day for some odd reason. Since she’s hardly even held a whole conversation with her…I wonder what that reason could be aside from the fact that she’s Clay’s puppet. She’s from Lousiana (the state I live in) so she doesn’t surprise me at all.

Shelli's thought

It’s not a racist agenda. Day made it clear from the moment Shellie/Clay sent Jeff to spy on her, Day will not be working with those two. Since Shelli came into power first she had limited options as to who to target.
Day, who she knows won’t work with her and has a power base.
Audrey, who everyone in the house doesn’t trust and are willing to send home. (Also, who knows what production has said.)
Everyone else has made some move to connect or show some willingness to work with Shelli. I’d prefer for Shelli to be leaving cause I like Day more but really it’s a good game move for Shelli. She screwed up in her method for getting here though and I think that has doomed her long term.

The Hammer

Day is about to get tossed from the game because she is a LOUSY player, not because of racism. She ran her mouth non-stop and caused a controversy in the house the very first week, which has always been a deadly sin since the earliest days of the game. If she had any sense of the game and had used strategy to bond with the other players instead of put a target on her back this would not be happening.


Shellie is no dummie. She’s definitely running the HOH show, not Clay. Both he and Jeff are goofs. Those comments about Liz were terrible, and I’m surprised Shellie didn’t object. Between them and James, they need some misogyny counselling in there. Somebody else said this earlier: it’s hard to believe the girls are putting up with this; I certainly wouldn’t be.


Shelli is actually a decent’s just that she is aligned with morons and losers at life like Clay and Jeff.


Shelli’s biggest liability is Clay.
Clay is a terrible player and can’t keep his mouth shut
One would think after Clay picked her nose and then told Shelli she looked “Whithered”
Shelli might get a clue to how ignorant Clay is.
Jeff is a scumbag … at least Shelli is questioning him about his baseless statements
I wish we would get a season of more likable people instead of a bunch of buffoons


Yea Clay and Jeff are both tools. I thought that clay was trying to keep his football history in the dark from the other houseguest. But I saw he was talking to Jeff on after dark about all of it. And Jeff, of course, has a friends who’s an nfl agent and blah blah blah. Not very secretive. Plus he wears all those football shirts and stuff. Please, he wanted everyone to know. He was just being coy


So because Clay wears shirts from the university he did graduate from……? Just please think before you let your fingers type stuff out.

Doran Martell

You’re defending clay.. Maybe you should just sit and think or a moment before you type out stuff.

HOH Stinks

It is quite entertaining watching this cast blatantly refuse to keep anything secret. This is for sure the season of the blabber mouths. I have also noticed that Big Brother doesn’t like casting super fans anymore. We only have a couple this season for instance. Meanwhile, everybody else is playing one of the sloppiest seasons in BB history.


I know most of us on here are WTFing Jeff, but for some reason, he’s the most protected person in the house (if you really think about it) despite playing both sides, and not knowing when to keep his mouth shut. I don’t get how that is happening. He’s lucky in that most of the people he’s playing with are short sighted. Austin would be clueless in this game (he really thought Jace wasn’t getting BD) without a observant player like Vanessa (though not that observant since she doesn’t realize she’s not as valuable to Shlay as she thinks she is). Day is also observant, and is friendly with Jeff, but closer to James, Meg, and Jason.

I really hope Meg doesn’t go up. I hate to say it, but maybe Jeff can convince Shaly to put up anyone, but Meg and James. Meg should tell Shelli she would have a reason to come after to her if she put her up, and stress how are they suppose to build trust if Shelli doesn’t believe Meg would vote out Day. If Meg and James stay off the block Day has thier’s and Jason vote, and maybe Becky’s. All Day would need is one more if she or Jason/James/Meg (maybe even Jeff) are the 7th caller.

Shaly at best should only think James and Jason might vote to keep Day. Shelli has f**ked her HOH up by listening to too many people, and letting them control her HOH. She’s already gone against the majority of the house by not targeting Audrey. She put up Day when not everyone wanted Day up or out. She’s considering putting up Meg, which is going to piss Jason and James off.

I can’t wait to see this Clay/Shelli/Jeff alliance go down in flames.


I like Austin a lot better thanJeff and James and their gross nasty talk..and Jeff does have a Dad body.

Jeff Sucks

Please hit thumbs up if you hate Jeff as much as I do!


Shelli don’t like James all because he sent her friend Jace home.and somebody needs to tell Shelli u can’t say i want u in my alliance to Meg and put her up cause u showing her were she stands in ur alliance. and its a bad game move for Shelli cause James, Jeff, Jason really care about meg so there going to know she cares more about Austin and Liz then Meg.and i think it makes it easier for them to throw her on the block.


Lets not forget the BB Takeover, if the power falls in Days alliance, they will block 3 of their people from voting and Day will stay. Gotta give it to Day, she is a spitfire, but sometimes she should learn to check herself. It’s the reason she is where she is. This year is not so bad, after last year which had the dumbest bunch of superfans I have ever seen. They were all brain dead. Derek wasn’t that great of a player, he just lucked out and got on a season where all the people in the house have to google the instructions on how to boil water. Also, I do agree, Jeff is BB17’s Douche, hope they nominate him, Day’s side gets the power and they send him out and he can look for another reality show to taint.


Derek is the best player since Dan. Luck had nothing to do with it. He would dominate these idiots as well. Bring back Derek!!! That would be a great twist!


Wasn’t Jeff saying earlier that he has pull and was tops with a few people? I don’t understand the delusions of grandeur “some” house guests have. For some reason I can’t explain to myself ,I want to see Liz , Austin , Johnny Mac and Steve work together.


Off subject but … FYI
Amazing Race Canada 3 starts on July 8th
I thought last season was pretty good.


I still don’t get why Shelli is targeting Day in the first place considering her, Audrey and Day had a conversation about working together. Even if things had changed a little, it could still have rekindled later in the game (A La with Porche/Rachel). She should have targeted Jmack and steve if she was smart. Shes going to need girls on her side once she is put up against Clay for being a pair. She shouldnt have went for HoH anyway though, she didnt need it yet. And she needs to distance herself from Clay asap.


I hope she get’s kicked out soon. I can’t wait to see the stupid look on her face when Clay votes her out to save one of the guys.


Austin has to ge the biggest flop this season. While he showed a strategic mind before the game, all he concentrates on now is petty high school stuff. I mean, mentioning to Jace every two minutes that Jeff has a “Dad-bod”, calling steve nerd-something whenever he can and now saying that James is jealous of him because of his height?!?! Grow up DUDE! Maybe people just don’t like or trust you because you chose to align with a annoying loud mouth that went out first.

Jason's Ciggarette

I also cant stand Austins covert racist self either and he’s extremely catty and simple. He has almost no perception of the game, no wonder he hung out with those dummies Jace and Liz.

The Hammer

Why does EVERYTHING have to be about racism?? Get a life, people.