Liz “Jeff hopes he gets picked to play in the veto so he can save Johnny Mac.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 02-07-05-121
1:25am – 2am Cabana room – Jeff says I just think its weird that we’ve had his back and then now Jason’s acting like this. He wasn’t acting like himself, he was acting like Day. His tone today was very aggravating. Like I had to walk out of the room because I was about to scream at him. I agree with the fairness of the game. It wasn’t right, you guys shouldn’t have been put up. Meg says if he had pulled my aside and he had to put me up, I wouldn’t have minded. Jeff says I don’t think it was really his decision. James asks was it Vanessa’s. Jeff says he told me it was. Meg says he threw my name out before all these noms stuff. James says and me. We made a contract with him and if that’s true I feel like we need to break it. Jeff says it sucks that one of our members is wavering. Jeff says we have your back no matter what. Jeff says I don’t appreciate or care about Jason talking sh*t about me. He needs to stop. If he continues I will say there’s this line drawn and you’re on my list. So as soon as I get a chance you’re going to leave. If you want to play that game I will start playing really hard. Meg says I think he (Jason) has been through a lot the last few days. A little bit of understanding .. ease the extremeness of it. Jeff asks who does he think he’s going to work with. James says he might flip over to the other side. Jeff says I need to focus on figuring out if I need to draw a line with Jason or not. Meg asks why do you need to do that right now. Jeff says I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m still working with him. Meg says its irrelevant right now. Jeff says I’m not even going to give Jason a second chance. I’m just not sure when I’ll make it clear to him. I would rather work it out with him but too much was said. James and I were talking and we want to take care of you but we’re going to get rid of Jason sooner or later. Meg says I’m embarrassed about today. It’s just been a long 24 hours. Meg tells James he will be fine. James says unless Audrey wins veto. James says it would be tough against Johnny Mac. Everybody loves him.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 02-14-24-166

1:40am – 1:50am Storage room – Austin tells Shelli right now its either one James or Jeff. Depending on what happens with the veto. Johnny Mac said he would pick me to play. If I win it I might have to keep it the same. It might look better. I would have to backdoor and people would expect Take Johnny Mac off. Shelli asks do you think if we keep Johnny up there he could go home? Austin says I really trust Becky’s vote but I don’t trust Audrey’s vote. Shelli asks it’s Becky’s vote to keep Johnny. Austin says I think ..but we have Steve’s for sure and then Becky seems to be for sure too. Although she had this weird meeting between Meg, Jackie and Becky. They were in the parlour room for an hour .. are they doing an all girls alliance right now, we don’t know. Maybe Becky wasn’t involved and we were just thinking she was but Meg and Jackie were in the room alone for a long time. Shelli asks today? Austin says yes. Shelli says I feel like I’m becoming a target. They talk about Jeff wanting Shelli to get Clay closer gone but getting someone else to do it. Shelli asks doesn’t he realize if I go he no longer has Clay. Austin says Jeff is playing so stupid right now. He won’t leave Liz alone either. Austin says if Jeff goes then all of a sudden I can pull Jackie too. Austin says either way it will work out if one of them goes. Austin says I was ready if I had to, to do the Jeff backdoor. But this way I can be his buddy till he walks out the door. He is going to be freaked out and scrambling.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 01-46-17-293

2:15am – 2:35am Cabana room – Jackie, Jason and Austin are random things. Austin says I’m already his bully. Jackie says Jeff is his mentor. Austin says did you know Steve is a never-nude. No one has seen him nude. Just his mom and doctor. Jackie says wait no ones seen me naked. She then says that she thought they meant just in the house. Austin says he hope he gets a 100k followers on twitter after this. Jason says okay Jace! Austin says he already had 11K just from wrestling. Austin starts stroking Jackie’s leg. Jackie says that her neck hurts. Austin asks if she needs a massage. Jason says he might choke her. Austin says she might not be opposed to that. Jason says you got that right.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 02-47-38-640

2:30am James tells Jeff and Clay that Austin and Jason are talking in the cabana room. They’re going to come together and form a group. Jeff says honestly dude I am down to just.. James says done. Jeff tells Clay Jason. I’m done with him dude. Clay says I’m not close to him like ya’ll are. Jeff says not any more. Clay tells Jeff I think Austin is working on your girl. Jeff says good.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 02-28-12-029

2:45am Kitchen – Steve, Clay, Meg, Shelli, Jason, Becky, Jackie and Austin. They’re all sitting around chatting about randome things. Austin is giving Jackie a neck massage.

Jeff tells Liz I think you’re the most mysterious person here. I’m on to you. Liz says I’m on to you. Jeff says I feel like you think you’re on to me but I’m on to you. I just want you to know that. I know what your deal is. Jeff says I’m on to you, do you want me to elaborate? Liz says no. Jeff says we can continue to play games. Jeff says oh my god Jason hates me now. Liz asks why? Jeff says I talked sh*t to him today. He was being very rude today because he was acting like I had a hand or a string to pull in getting him up on the block. Liz says oh that’s why he was like don’t talk to Meg before the competition. He had no reason to come to me because I didn’t even want to talk to Meg. She pulled me in here and was crying. I gave her a hug and that was it. We went outside and Jason said I didn’t need to talk to her and make her cry before the competition. Jeff says first of all you don’t need to come at me like that. Liz says well they’re off the block now. Liz asks is James scared? Jeff says I am going to try and win it if I get chosen to play. Liz asks what if she (Audrey) gets picked to play in it. Jeff says I’m sure she will. She knows what’s going on. Liz says oh I know your time is up boo! Jeff says that Jason is so bitter about day. He said a lot of things about me today. He felt like I should have been up on the block. Steve joins them.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 02-49-24-580
3am Clay tells Johnny Mac if I get picked to play and win I will pull you off. Johnny says okay.

Up in the HOH room – Austin gets into bed with Vanessa. Vanessa asks do you think anyone has any idea about the backdoor. Austin says hell no, only Shelli and Clay and Steve. Austin says they’re all goofing around down there. They think everything is fine. Austin says I was giving Jackie a massage. I think Liz was getting mad I was giving her a massage. I don’t know though, I don’t know if she cared. Austin says maybe someone is telling her to not hang out with me or something. Maybe Jeff. Vanessa says it wasn’t me. Are your feelings hurt? Austin says kind of. Liz joins them. She asks if they’ve heard an update. Liz says Jeff said I’m on to you.. I know he knows. Vanessa says I don’t think people know as much as Steve thinks. Liz says that the fight between Jason and Jeff was absolutely real. He for sure thinks that Vanessa is putting up Audrey. Jeff said he thinks its 100% real. He’s like I hope I gets picked to play in the veto tomorrow so I can play in it and save Johnny Mac.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 03-29-05-807

4am In the bathroom – Shelli talks to Liz how Vanessa was getting pissed about Liz needing to take this way more seriously because we’re sticking our necks out on the line. Shelli says she thinks people are starting to forget about it and not care now that Day is gone. Liz says thank you, I needed that.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-11 04-10-00-427

4:10am In the bedroom – The house guests are chatting about random things and joking around. Meg and Jason start studying the days / events of the season so far.

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Vannessa, please put up Jeff if James is vetoed, it may blow up your HOH and position in the house but it will be so funny and entertaining how Jeff will kiss ass and beg Jason for his vote. He is so comfortable in his position not realizing that everyone (apart from Austin. LOL) is on to his game.


From your lips to BB god’s ears…that convo between Meg and Jeff made me smile BIG…talk about playing into HOH hands with being pissed at Jason. I want to have NO IDEA what’s really going on so he’s well and truly blindsided. Please, let that happen! Also, I really like Jason. I also really wanted to like Austin, but I just can’t – it’s like he’s got two different personalities – one warm and smart and one douchenozzely. Vanessa was my early fave, and still is, but I’m worried she’s just too “out there” as a strong leader.


You guys can disagree with me, but i wouldn’t mind if James left over Jeff because Jeff is going to continue to cause more drama later on while James is just probably going to lay around and do nothing.


Well, he will continue to make pervy sex jokes.

Eric CA

I have NO problem with either James or Jeff going home. Jeff is disgusting… what blows me away is that his attitude towards Jason and Steve… dude look in the mirror for awhile… you have more in common with Jason and Steve… shorty. He is this Seasons Spencer… he is a total Spencer. It truly grosses me out.

Jeff… he is the male Shelli… he is just physically imposing. D’Alene hit a nail straight on the head. There are a lot of cowards in that house. They talk major crap about Audrey… all day long we are getting Audrey out… blah blah blah… but do any of them have the nerve to say the whole house thinks your full of crap.. shut up… Nope…. not at all. They also will not call Jeff out because he is physically imposing. Jeff is also severely icky on the pervy side. ick

So either one can go…. Jeff is more eye candy than James… but lets face it that is not hard to do. Jeff is the better move, but I would be happy seeing James go.


It looks like Vanassa and Austin are going to run the house. I hope the other side bans together so it will be more equal.
I too think there should be prizes for winning comps so they would not throw it. &1,000 might make Johnnie Mac just say no.


Johnny Mac said after he pays his bills $4000 goes each month to pay student loans so $1000 wouldn’t be enough.


Ok. Listen. U notice Nessa keeps asking Austin probing queIuonsstions about Liz and Jackie etc..cuz she knows this moron is going to get butthurt soon..Either when he realizes Liz isn’t in love with him like he so obviously is with her. Or he will get butthurt when Vanessa has to cut Liz loose because she can’t save Lizia when Liz is running around doing stupid shit then comes back whining..”Omg u guys u have to save me” She thinks she can do anything and Vanessa will fix it. She knows this isn’t gona end well with Austin and Lizia.

Vanessa knows whats up. When she asks people certain questions she isnt clueless like some here have suggested..its her probing to find out where peoples heads are at and if she can carry them any longer.

Trust me Austin isn’t Vanessa’s pick for final two with her. Steve maybe…and Shelli maybe but she sure as hell knows Austin will have to be cut loose before the end. Austin is out to get everyone as his ally. U will hear him try n brag constantly like “oh becky likes me thinks I’m cool” or “I think meg and I are close” or ” I can get Jackie” Vanessa doesn’t care she doesn’t need those people. Austin has no chance of winning this game. None!

Nessa owns!

B-bad owl

Does Austin have a crush on Liz? Clearly. Does he have a crush on Jackie? No, but he wouldn’t be opposed to some attention from her, and in that case it would turn into him having a crush on her. Is he secretly a nerd inside that needs affirmation from others? Everyone is, but he is on the high end of needy. Does Vanessa see all of this and realize she needs to control it? Without question, and she is doing a fair job of it. Will Vanessa take Austin to finale night? A walking hard-on with no clue what’s going on unless he is specifically told, whose main concern is finding a pretty woman he can touch? Who wouldn’t want to sit next to him in final 2? Austin is in for some serious realizations about himself after this is over and he is told by people outside the house what he was like, or watches the season and sees for himself.
That is IF he is able to comprehend what everyone sees, or if he will even care about it.


I agree, the real person Austin has a crush on is himself. He thinks everyone loves him. It was funny he was upstairs talking with “Freaks and Geeks” about how he can pull Jackie in once Jeff is gone, while in the mean time Jackie is downstairs complaining about Austin and his unwanted advances. He also keeps saying he has Becky and Becky is also part of this Jackie convo downstairs. The best thing ever was at 3:50am Thursday night Liz and Van keep bringing different people’s names up Jason, Jackie, Meg, Becky and with every one Austin is like “I think we can really trust them.” Van and Liz just look at him like he is crazy, laugh, and then ask are you F***ing with us?? They both know how clueless he is.
On the other hand I think Van would be willing to go to the end with Austin, Shelli, or Steve. I think she would prefer Steve but knows it is a long shot and I think if Steve does stick around he will turn on Van because she has lied a lot to him. Austin I think she is just using as a shield and sees him as expendable. She wants the twins to come in because that puts another couple in front of her. If she is working with 3 couples people are going to work on breaking up those couples before going after Van (or she hopes).


These last 3 comments from ‘free’, ‘owl’ and ‘wake-up’ are spot on IMO. ‘Nessa has lots of options for F2…and for sure, she is thinking about that already. I too think Steve is the least likely because nobody seems to like him and they would be ‘on’ to ‘Nessa if she has to work too hard at protecting him, which she would since no one likes him. Poor kid, I really feel for Steve. Most HGs seem quite nice people, so I wonder why they’re excluding him so blatantly.


You don’t want to see the other side of “super” HG Nessa. Better hope POV is used to remove Johnnie Mac. She is talking pure stupidity about leaving him up. Her games nothing like most people think it is. Week 3 and 2 closest allies getting evicted is ok now when she speaks. Remember that it was Liz, Austin and Nessa versus the house? Infact a lonely Nessa got an olive branch from those 2.
She leaves Johnnie up and he doesn’t go home she loses his trust. No more Johnnie the pawn. He might look for a new home with “real” friends. She still has time to get Audrey. No Audrey then Nessa loses a lot of credibility in the house. To get out James really? James is a huge threat how? The non Audrey plan has Shelli, Clay, Austin but what do Clay or Austin do with POV if they won? Leave Johnnie Mac up really bad for their games. Nessa has created a hot mess that’s not necessary. Keep on with the BB worship I’m telling you she better get lucky with who wins the POV. Her game is gonna blow up under certain circumstances.
By the way with all this Nessa love and talk about cutting Austin and Liz lose it sounds like she is gravitating to Shelli/Clay. How is being the 3rd wheel with a couple good BB strategy? That is news to me. As HOH she has lots of BB friends next week she cannot compete we’ll see her buddies then. She’ll be the one liking butt holes!
There are parts of here game I like but the hero worship…… please. Her HOH is mediocre to this point and frankly could end up as terrible if Johnnie Mac goes. She’s far from a super star and depending on POV and ceremony she could be in a lot of trouble for overplaying the easiest week of the season. Get Audrey out should have been the only focus. She is a rogue vote and Nessa knows it. Such a mediocre player in reality. Actions speak louder than words.
PS Audrey will be camped with the new HOH next week trying to protect her behind. al she has left and Nessa will be an after thought til needed.


You are missing a lot here.. Yes I do think she has been a little sloppy with this HOH making too many alliances (granted they are with the same people just in different combinations). First if she wins POV she will take Johnny Mac off but she doesn’t want to win POV. So if someone else were to win it and didn’t use it she will not take the fall for it in Johnny Mac’s eyes. Second she is purposely pitting Austin/Liz vs Clay/Shelli. She wants them to take each other out leaving her in the clear. Aligning with one couple is dumb, but aligning with two = smart.
Next, the only people who will be angry about her not going after Audrey are Jeff, Meg, James, Jason, and possibly Johnny. However, she talked with Becky and Becky is on board 100% to go after that group over Audrey. Johnny also made a comment to Becky after nominations about big moves going to happen this week, so I think even though he is telling Becky Audrey is the target he knows she isn’t. Both Becky and Johnny knows each one has lied to the other because Van told Becky Johnny threw it, he told Becky he wasn’t asked to. However the both seem to trust Van.
Lastly if Johnny Mac and James do stay on the block she knows she has the numbers to get rid of James without Audrey.. heck when counting votes she always forgets Audrey anyways. She has Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz, Steve, and Becky. that is all she needs.


Again, exactly how I see it, except when JMac was talking about big moves with Becky, I think he meant Jeff, not Audrey…and I think Becky knew JMac meant Jeff and not Audrey (I think that Becky and Nessa convo happened first..) I think JMac and Becky are fine with each other.


I saw two quick convos with Becky and Johnny- the first was after noms and Johnny said big moves will be made. Then after BOB Becky and Van talked. Later Johnny said to Becky Audrey is the backdoor option, but I am not sure if someone was close by and could hear. Becky has said multiple times, once to Van and once to Shelli (that I have heard), she doesn’t care if Johnny goes home.


Taking Audrey out would be a weak play and waste of HOH, the safe type of play that the house engaged in during the last two seasons when everyone was afraid of getting blood on their hands. Audrey will be gone soon enough. Better to thin the ranks of houseguests who have a real shot at winning.

What now

I really hope Jeff goes up this week only because I wanna see this guy scramble see how good he really is or thinks he is I personally think this guys a tool and not the sharpest crayon in the box I believe he’ll dig his own grave when it’s all said and done


Liz walks around like she got the game in the bag and she’s a comp queen but she’s not. shes just a floater and I’M sick and tired of her. her attitude sucks all she do is whine all day make fun of the other house guest and hide out in the HOH. because she’s afraid of being confronted at least her sister is more out going and tries to hang out and get to know the other house guest. its a reason the house like her Julia more than her because she’s nicer more out going and fun to be around this Liz is just a plain B u know the rest.


This Liz is Liz (the nice one everybody likes), she is laying low trying to act more like her sister (the recluse).

Butters Mom

I really want to like Austin…. but Im having a hard time with that. He is so needy and clueless.


Absolutely agree with every word.


Also, for those saying Vanessa is “playing dumb” and it’s gona come back and bite her. She is taking some risks and not afraid to get blood on her hands and draw lines and battle. She is playing the game and wants people to come after her. Bring it. Let’s see who is better.

If Nessa was just manipulating people to doing her dirty work ala Derrick it’s a boring season. And Derrick had a house of even bigger morons than Nessa is dealing with. Meaning he could kick back and just direct others to do his deeds. If Nessa was doing this u would say “oh another boring season” but now she is “playing dumb” for not caring if people don’t like her and wanting some battles later on? For my money I’ll take Nessa for my entertainment over Derricks boring style. Some of you crack me up and never allow yourselves to enjoy anything. Must suck:)


Not to mention people are forgetting the line is already there. Jeff, Meg, Jackie, James, and prob Jason will never work with Van and have her in line as one of their top targets. So really who is she pissing off?? People who are already going after her. Why help your enemies in the game? To not rock the boat?? In this season if you play that way your are basically voting yourself out. Just because Jackie, Jeff, Meg, James, and Jason act like they “are the house” they aren’t. Van is the house right now. She has Shelli, Austin, and Liz all saying, well lets wait and see what Van thinks.


I really hope Florida Law enforcement has Jeff’s DNA on file.


Hope Austin wins Veto. Then he should go to Jeff and tell him he is getting pressured to use it and that there have been people wanting Jeff put up for eviction. That way Austin becomes Jeff’s best buddy for a while, and takes the heat off of him as far as Jeff is concerned. Vanessa has no problem saying things that put doubt in alliance members head about Austin, and making her side deals, so tit for tat I say.

Oh Oh

Does anyone notice that Vanessa has her own agenda and it is showing through right now? Her whole alliance wants Jeff out but she has decided on James. While Austin was still the other HOH though, she was all for Jeff. Once Austin gave her the sole HOH she changed her mind (conveniently) and wants James out. I find that a little fishy. She is a crafty one for sure. If she thinks that this move will save her face as opposed to the other one, she is sadly mistaken. Why go for the tail of the snake when she has the opportunity to go for the head!!!


My read is that ‘Nessa does really want Jeff out, but is only saying James to keep Jeff in the complete dark.


It seems like Steve is getting to do a lot of gaming this HOH and I’m really happy for that. He’s probably dreamed of doing this for a long time. I’m enjoying watching him.


Where’s Audrey?????? Never thought she could be so quiet in the house!


Best case scenario for Vanessa is Audrey winning POV and taking Johnny down. Then it will look like she had no choice but to put Jeff on the block. Otherwise, she might have to just put Audrey up because it’s becoming apparent that her alliance of 6 is a mess and will ruin her game.


They are sure putting a label on Steve.If it was anyone else in the house, walking in and out of rooms while they were in there.They would not think twice about it. If Steve does it, they think he is creepy or either spying on them.


Bottom line for this week…is one of Jeff, Meg or James walks out the door TIihursday night or it’s a failed week for Nessa. If any one of those 3 leaves it renders the other two dead. Then we will see people start topoot scramble again.

Watch Steve start to become a very important fixture in this house in the coming weeks. Let us hope his aniexty disorder can handle it:)

Clay is funny to watch..this idiot really thinks he is running the house and the poor kid so has a need to feel in charge. His parents must have told him how great he is every day of his life and he never had to struggle for a thing in his life. His jealousyof those actually in charge will end him in this game..when the delusions of grandeur end as he is walkin’ out the door. Let’s hope daddy has a spot for him in the construction biz back home or this kid is fucked.:)

Butters Mom

Not that Im defending Clay for acting superior because I think some of what you are saying is what everyone is thinking about his game play but in response to your comment about hoping his daddy has a construction job waiting for him… he’s working on his masters at Texas A&M… I think he will be just fine in the real world.


Crush on Clay or Nah? Jk. Ha. A lot of people are in grad school but never get a masters degree. I’m not trying to cut on Clay but am a brutally honest person. I don’t even know if his Dad owns a construction business. What I was basically saying is I don’t see the word Doctor in Clays future. I don’t think that is a stretch or picking on him. Sorry I offended u by speaking honestly bout your crush:)

Hey I don’t have a crush on Vanessa but get hella annoyed when someone here cuts on her. Don’t mess with Ness!

Nessa owns!

Butters Mom

haha… no way am I crushing on Clay… I just love Texas A&M! I really like Vanessa this season too!!

EZ does it

Jeff;s half red face reminds me of a baboon;s ass !!! My apoligies to any baboons watching.


Vanessa seems shady as all get out. I think she is brilliant, but there seems to be something off there. She doesn’t seem alright in the head.


Geez, Vanessa is being forced to babysit her alliance. Austin, I wanted to like him, but his crush on Liz is painful to watch, his need for constant approval and reassurance from V are pathetic. She also has to protect Liz, while Liz is not protecting herself, making stupid mistakes and expecting Vanessa and the others in her new alliance to cover her ass for her, and on top of it all she has to feed Shelli’s narcissism and Clay’s ego. I am thinking she needs a new alliance because this bunch are going to ruin her game. I think she could work with other people like Steve, Becky and Johnny and let the rest of them either smarten up or go home.


Please get Jeff the hell out of the house, Vanessa and Austin! Jeff is annoying as #$%@ and is such a perv (James too)! Also, JohnnyMac is getting on my nerves with his wannabe Bobcat Goldwaite talk…ugh!!! Love Jason for telling off Jeff; and if the veto is played and JohnnyMac is taken off the block, then Jeff goes up…I’d love to see his ass scramble for votes…especially from Jason! Oh, and another thing…Jeff, they do have ointment and sprays for your crotch rot…STOP SCRATCHING CUZ YOU’RE MAKING ME SICK!!!!


To sum up: Everyone in the house is secretly aligned with everyone in the house.


Correct you are. I almost need to take Ritalin to keep up with all the secret (and not so secret) alliances.


Wake those fools up already! I think big bro should make them more uncomfortable. They just lounge around, slightly boring. Still, like this year way better than last.


As stated I want to like Austin but finding it difficult. It’s the delusion of him thinking the women in the house would have anything to do with him.
I really like Shelli and Van. Don’t understand why Shelli would want to be with a 23 year old. Clay would have done some real damage to his game if not for Shelli.
Becky, Jackie …. no game. Half the time we wouldn’t even know they were in the game.
Jeff. Everything has been said about him.
Audrey. Love the entertainment value.
Jason. So want to root for him but on the wrong side of the house, for now.
Johnny & Steve. Hate they the way they are treated, hope the post about Steve becoming an important player in the future is true.
James. Disappointed in him. I really thought he’d win the HOH. More exciting when each side of the house wins the power.
The twins aren’t too smart. Did they ever luck out being aligned with Vanessa. The other sides plan would be to get rid of them and not use them.
This is by far one of the best seasons in along time. It’s people playing the game. It isn’t one side taking out the obvious.


Why is everyone so mad that Vanessa is playing for herself? That’s the whole point of Big Brother, to win YOURSELF money. If these people have a problem with that, they shouldn’t have came on this show.


Before I even looked it up, I knew that one of the HOHs would nominate James. Hmm…I wonder why… Pfft!

Just like Survivor and other reality game shows:
-First, they get rid of someone who look Caucasian so they do not look racist
-Then, they go after the person(s) who look Black
-Then, they go after the person(s) who look Hispanic
-Then, they go after the person(s) who look Asian