Vanessa – We f*****g just made 18000 deals today I’m confused .. it’s hard to keep it straight bro

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 21-29-34-243_jpg
9:28pm Steve, Liz and Austin
Steve says Clay asked him who he was talking to in the HOH and he said it was just Vanessa and him.
Austin – He was just up here and he knows it’s me and Liz
Steve – He knows I lied to him.
They decide to play it up that Austin and Liz were in the other HOH room
liz says it’s not a big deal don’t put any more attention to it.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 21-57-09-706_jpg
9:45pm Liz and Austin
Liz saying that was her first Nomination ceremony. Julia was part of the last two.
Liz says they have to be nice to the nerds that is what her mother always told her.
They agree Steve is a good ally nobody will suspect it.
Liz says they have a name for girls like jackie back in Miami. Calls Jackie a bottle rat she’s always trying to get to the tables where the bottles are at.
They agree Da’vonne was stupid how she handled knowing about the LIz twin twist.
Liz – the one person back I’ll always have over anybody else even before I have my own back is my sister and then austin
Liz – “No one gets the love twins have for each other.. I love her more than I love myself”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 22-11-58-214_jpg
10:09pm HOH Vanessa, liz and Austin
Vanessa is worried about Steve and Clay talking about their freaks and geeks and Clay getting pissed.
Clay comes up says steve makes him so nervous “He analyses everything.. he’s dissecting everything like me coming up here”
They agree James did very bad at the BOB. They suspect her threw it.
Vanessa asks Clay if Jeff and James are up to anything. Clay say they all think Audrey is the target.
They’re worried they might not have the numbers if Jeff wins the POV and saves JAmes.
Austin thinks they need to secure Becky’s vote
Clay – Who do you want to go home
Vanessa – safest bet James
Clay – aside from safest bet.. who do you want
liz – Jeff
Vanessa – slightly more james.. I don’t like him on a personal level.. He’s sexest and it botehr me.. he never helps around the house.. he’s rude.
Clay stresses that Jeff is more dangerous than James he can rally more people.
Liz and Clay bring up that Jeff is saying that Vanessa is America’s player.

Austin says he’s worried if James and Jeff are not on the block together the other side of the house might flip the vote and JohnnyMAc goes home. At least if they are both up they are split up.
Vanessa says james i the bigger threat for her she knows he’s targeting her and she feels he has a 30% chance to win the next HOH. She adds everyone in the house has 15% but James because he’s so good at competitions , ‘HE’s a solid A, A- at everything.. “

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 22-35-55-783_jpg

Austin leaves.
They continued to talk about Jeff. Clay mentions how Jeff was telling Austin they need to take out Shelli. They agree Jeff’s got his hands in everything.
Clay – he’s the male version of Audrey”

(They reference a fight that happened off feeds between Meg. Jason and Jeff. It should them the other side is fracturing a lot more than they thought. Jeff heard Meg was asking Austin why he was putting her up instead of other people. Jeff thought she was throwing him under the bus. Jason got involved on Meg’s side )
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 22-13-47-690_jpg

10:13pm JohnnyMac and Becky
JohnnyMac – Audrey’s going home
Becky says people were trying to get her backdoored, “I’m not as safe as I thought.. they were throwing my name to Austin and Vanessa”
Becky says she likes vanessa and Austin
JohnnyMac trust them this week.
Johnny mac says they are still good with those upstairs until 10
Johnny mac tells her nobody came to him to throw the comp

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 22-46-30-256_jpg

10:43pm Austin, Liz, Vanessa and Clay
Austin says Johnnymac is going to pick him if he gets Houseguests choice.
Vanessa says she has no reason to target Jeff she has a reason to target James. brings up Jame lying to her week 1.
Austin says they have to pull Becky in close to have her vote in case Audrey flips (In case? Audrey’s going to try and flip the house for sure)
They agree not to throw the Veto to JohnnyMac. They will try and win it then reconvene.
Clay leaves..
Vanessa – We f***g just made 18000 deals today I’m confused .. it’s hard to keep is straight bro
Austin jokes that he wants to make deals with everyone
Vanessa tells him to stop that asks him if he’s the new Audrey

Austin mentions it seems like Clay is trying to protect James. They wonder if he would use the POV on James.
They tells Liz about the eviction speech James had made up for Jace, “Short hair, Should care, site in the eviction chair”
Liz – that’s filthy

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 23-21-36-612_jpg

11:18pm HOH Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa says Liz is a liability.
Vanessa says Liz drank 4 glasses of champagne and a beer.
Vanessa – I feel like I’m babysitting..

Vanessa points out that Liz is eating too much she knows it sucks because she’s so thin to start but they have to be equal weight so people stop noticing.
Shelli thinks Liz is feeling protected.
Vanessa says they are risky their game if people find out they knew and did say they will be targets.
Vanessa – I wanted to have a drink but I was nervous she was
They agree Austin has a crush on liz.
Vanessa wants to protect Liz but she needs to protect herself.
They plan on talking to Liz again. Vanessa asks Shelli to do it.
Vanessa says James is on teh top of her sh1t list a very close second is Jeff. Shelli says Jeff is the male Audrey and Audrey is the female Jeff.
Becky joins them.
Vanessa asks them if they found out someone lied to their face with something that 70% of the house knew already.
Vanessa – is that a reason to be offended
Becky – under normal circumstances yes.. In the BB house don’t let it get to you.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 23-26-10-798_jpg
11:25pm Clay and James
james asks if the plan has changed.
Clay says he was sleeping for all he knows he could be going up.
Clay – did you throw that
James- looks like I did.. was pretty hard.. that’s just not a guys comp… you have to know fashion and clothes..
Clay talking about Jeff being emotional and a loose cannon.
James says that is the reason why Vanessa put you up says he’s a game player.
Clay doesn’t know where Jason is anymore. He thinks Jason’s new Da is Meg.
Clay asks him who his biggest threat is
James – Audrey and Steve of course.. Steve is my primary

11:48pm Clay and James
Clay – I want to gun for somebody
James – you want to be the villain
Clay – just one week
James calls liz a floater says she’s been riding Vanessa, “She needs to feel the heat like what they did to our Little Meg”
James – once we get Audrey out this week we’re more than a 1/2 way to Jury.
Audrey joins them “I feel screwed cause I took that nap”
Clay says he’s going back to bed.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 23-55-51-956_jpg

11:55pm Jeff and JohnnyMac
Jeff asks if he got a look at her teeth. JohnnyMac – She’s better at hiding it
Jeff – something’s different.. where is she. .
Jeff told him if he wins the POV he’ll use it on JohnnMac if John picked him to play.

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12:06pm Clay and James
James doesn’t think Audrey is a digital media consulted he thinks she’s a professional therapist. Mentions using the word ‘Empirical evidence” isn’t’ “high school talk”
Clay says Audrey is a psychic points out how she makes him do things and he doesn’t even notice it.
Steve and JohnnMac playing chess

12:10am HOH Becky, Shelli and Vanessa
Talking about what Audrey really does for a living.

12:29am Chit chat in the HOH between Jackie, Becky, Vanessa and James. James wears the Hello kitty hat.

Clay and Austin working out in the living room. Austin is concerned about Liz not hiding her secret good enough. Points out she’s in the comic book room and they told her not to be.

12:33am Meg, Jeff and JasonTalking about Liz and Steve. They all want Steve gone next week. They call him Creepy Mc Creeperson
Jason – He gives me columbine stares.
Jason thinks Liz’ twin comes in the game as early as next week.
Jason asks Jeff who Vanessa/Austin’s plan B was.
Meg thinks they are on the same page.
Jeff says Vanessa was the one that got Meg up Austin was originally going to put up Steve.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 00-41-27-950_jpg

12:40am Vanessa and Austin HOH
Vanessa complaining about Liz jeopardizing their game by slipping up when she talks and drinking too much. Austin has to collect his HOH basket and return it. He gets to keep the food.

[envira-gallery id=”120488″]

12:45am Liz and Jeff
Liz flirting with Jeff … She complains that Austin is going to ask her why she isn’t up in the HOH tonight
Jeff tells her he’s onto her.
Steve comes in. Jeff and him wrap her up in a blanket and tickle her. She runs out.
Jeff says they have to get her, ‘Get James, we’re going on a hunt … Tranquilize her

12:57am Clay and James stretching
Big-Brother-17 2015-07-11 01-11-22-379_jpg

1:09am Cabana Room Meg and James
Meg says Austin threw hers, James and Jason’s names under the bus. He said they wanted to put Jackie up. James is surprised, says jackie should know they would never do that.
Meg – I’m fishy how close Austin is getting with people
James – we gotta keep our group strong
James has a good feeling his team is going to pull through.
Meg says if James is nominated with Audrey he’s staying.
James wonders if Audrey wins the veto.
Meg – Then Steve will go home

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Vanessa made some sloppy decisions with her HOH.She wants to create an alliance with Becky who they told that they’re gunning for Audrey. She then said that Jason (and in proximity Meg) that he’s safe on her side but then continuously hangs out with Austin and making it obvious that they are working together. Tells that Jmac is safe no matter what because she wants to follow what the house majority wants but then protects Audrey who they want to evict. While she may be making a move to eliminate a big target for her own game, the deals and talks that she created with these people are all going downhill once the veto is played and she saves Aud or Steve. Her saving grace is that sleeper cell, liz and steve are misted by her but if one of the ‘insiders’ wins one of the HOH next week, she’ll be an easy scape goat.


It’s hard to tell how much of a saving grace Sleeper Cell will be for her, because Clay has major Floater potential this season (along with Jeff and Audrey), and has gone with the people in power every week. If the other side won HOH I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to deflect some heat onto Vanessa/Austin for not taking out Audrey which is what James/Jason/Meg/Jeff/Jackie/Becky have wanted since week 1.


Totally agree. I’m a big Vanessa fan, but she’s really starting to crack. She’s playing the game a mile a minute and her selfishness is really coming out with her pushing hard to get rid of James when everyone in her alliance wants Jeff gone.


“Liz says they have to be nice to the nerds that is what her mother always told her.” I can’t with Lizia and Austin. You’re not the “cool kids.” You’re two of the most oblivious HG ever. You both literally still wouldn’t know what was going on in the house if not for Vanessa (and Day telling Lizia about the house knowing she’s a twin).

Also the people working so hard to protect the twins are taking a big risk. If both enter the house, they will play for each other first and foremost (same thing happened in BB5).

Vanessa thinks James is more dangerous than Jeff? And James is more sexist than Jeff (at least he hasn’t rubbed his c*m on another HG’s back)? I miss the acute observation that Day brought to the game (rightly concerned about Jeff/Clay/Audrey, aware of the twins first, etc).

It’s funny how some people are still trying to play Audrey’s game.

Despite the loose lips, and sloppy deal making this season is SO much better than BB16.

Captain Crunch

Can anyone keep their mouth shut? With all the rats in the house its just a matter or time before the entire house knows Vanessa is in an alliance with half of the house, which could be her downfall. She let this HOH go to her head and is trying to make to many deals.


Really Jason…”Columbine stares”?!! Methinks you’ll have a hard time with that comment when you get out of there. Good luck with that.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Clayhole is THE WORST, followed by his Confederate cougar! Anyone but Clayhole, Smelli or Vanessa! #ABCSV


that was not right for Jason to say “colobine stares”.


WTF is colobine?!? Lol, retard


My, how smart you make yourself look by using that word. Pretty sure you know what was meant. Grow up.


What have Liz/Julia done to be so popular? They are boring and complete airheads. I don’t get it.


I can’t look at them without thinking Phoebe / Ursula from friends.


Ummmm… Where does Jackie go when all this is happening? She’s still in the house… right? Whenever I read the feeds I get to the end and realize… oh! There was no mention of Jackie. Well it least her “gameplay” is working because no one seems to be targeting her. Anyone remember that girl that rode it out until the final 3 last season… exactly.


While Liz switches with Julia every couple of days, Jackie switches with the toaster. Only problem: She switched with the toaster at the very beginning, and now she’s waiting in sequester for the toaster to switch back with her. Unfortunately, the toaster is an inanimate object, so basically she’s never getting back in. 😉

Twistin' for the win

Liz told Austin (who is so creepy to me) that she’s going to have her sister’s back over every one else. Obviously this is expected but the fact that it is going right over these idiots heads is bleeping’ amazing. Liz is in float -mode and rightfully so – these dummies have sworn to protect the very person who will have the strongest alliance in the house. All these years I thought the objective was to eradicate the threat…not coddle it. Bunch of dummies.


Either way Vanessa is going to get caught if James win POV and takes himself down or Meg or Clay take him down and. she puts up Jeff then the other side knows she lied to them about wanting Audrey out. and she would become a sitting duck for them to take out cause I don’t see Clay putting his neck out there for her cause he’s in good with the other side and Austin already said he’s going to act pissed off. so that leaves know blood on his hands with the other side. that’s why he wanted to lose the HOH cause he know she’s going to get all the blame of lying to the house about backdooring Audrey and instead ur working with her.


I thought if the house found out about the twins,,deal was off the other one didn’t get to play,and no 5k. If so why and how are they expecting her to enter the game


I really thought Vanessa was going to make some smart decisions in this game but she’s acting more like a follower than a leader. I really wish Becky would’ve won HOH.


LOL.. so let me get this straight. james actually thinks he isnt a target? did he forget he was in an alliance with da’vonne and jason? and da got sent home over audrey… these people are all sheep, totally blind to the slaughter.


Do you people realize that with a twist every week, this is forcing people to actually play the game a mile a minute? BB is all about the social game and making moves at the right times. Liz by far has the best social game going on right now. Floating is the place to be this year with an excellent social game because big targets will be going home early! Winning comps never meant so much early in this game.


I usually keep these statements to myself. But Clay is so damn adorable. His cluelessness just adds to the charm. He really is the dumb jock quarterback that every school has. He’s never gonna win big brother, but he’s the perfect man candy this season 😀

On a serious note, I really feel like Vanessa is ruining her game this week. Or at least making things much harder for herself down the line. I understand it’s week 3 and she’s trying to keep her alignment I the house hidden, but it seems to me like she’s making that harder and harder to do with every word that comes out of her mouth. Soon the only people left are going to be ones who know she’s a full of shit and I just don’t see certain ally’s of hers taking the hit for her. Vanessa shouldn’t have one this HoH this week.


As hard, fast and furious as these houseguests are playing, here is my Final 3 prediction:
Liz, Julia and Jackie.