“I’m leaning towards keeping him for many reasons” Austin to Liz

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 14-39-25-368_jpg

2:35pm Vanessa and Clay
Vanessa saying she hates being in this position having to choose between the two people close to her. She wants a final 2 with the surviving part of Chelli. Clay agrees. Vanessa says they have history and she trusts them the most in the house. Vanessa asks if Clay and Shelli will date after.
Clay says he’s talked about it with Shelli, they agree it’ll be tough after being apart for 2 months. They agree whats meant to be will be. Clay and Shelli will see what happens after the show.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 14-54-38-768_jpg

2:48pm Bathroom Austin and Liz
Liz holds Austin arm they plan out their days routine. Work out Chest, play bowling etc etc..
Liz says they have 2 more days of slop. Austin hopes they are done with it for the season.
Liz – I’m not going on slop ever again
Liz – I’m torn
Austin – I suddenly endorse keeping him.. I’m leaning towards keeping him for many reasons
Liz – See how angry he is
Austin says they get rid of Shelli the other side of the house might think they are going ahead with the plan it might provide them some safety. They go against the plan and keep Shelli that side of the house will be pissed even Becky.
Austin they need to throw the HOH to Steve.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 15-02-44-010_jpg

3:00pm Shelli and Clay
Shelli crying because it’s so awkward

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 15-20-50-678_jpg

3:15pm Becky and Jmac
Becky tells him she’s voting Shelli out.
Becky talking about the deal that Vanessa wanted to make last night so they try and get rid of Clay and Shelli by next week.
Jmac asks who goes up
Becky – Pawns, you guys are the plan b if anything goes wrong
Becky brings up they told Vanessa they will go with the deal but a lot of people will turn on Vanessa because she went back on her deal last week. Becky adds James, Meg, Jackie, Austin, Vanessa and the twins were in the conversation.
Becky – the votes are splitting to keep Shelli, Austin is really upset at clay and the twins really like shelli
Becky – Vanessa is close to Shelli.. and Steve, Clay went to him and said I don’t deserve to be here.
Becky says Shelli will go with Vanessa and Vanessa is everywhere.
Becky calls Vanessa paranoid brings up vanessa wanting to make final 8 deals with people every week “B1tch you’ve done this to us before”
Becky says Vanessa’s game is in ruins, “I’m super leery of her right now, I don’t trust Vanessa and if Shelli stay in they’ll win win win win”
Jmac – if I vote Shelli or will that seal the deal
Becky – no we need 5 we needs Steve
Becky wants Clay to work with her, Jamc and Steve.
Jmac – I’ll make sure I talk to these three at some point today
Becky says Austin and Vanessa are way closer than they think. She adds that Austin has never been on the block there’s something going on they’re, “Austin’s cool I have no reason to put him up”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 15-46-01-396_jpg

3:40pm Talking about how sad it is seeing Clay and Shelli be broken up it’s a tragic love story.
Jackie clears up that Sheli and clay were playing all sides of the house and got caught they’re not nominated because they are in a showmance.

Jackie asks if Chelli is mad at Austin
Vanessa – I think so
Jackie – because he didn’t have their back

Jackie says when Austin wears his top hat during the vote it’s Judas voting. Jackie says Clay and Shelli thought of this.
Vanessa – he did say that was his nickname.. for wrestling
Jackie – when he’s wearing that top hat I’m not trusting him

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 16-08-10-434_jpg

3:50pm They’re back to wrestling moves

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 16-06-32-428_jpg

4:05pm James telling them going freeballing feels so free everyone should try it. He says he just hopes someone doesn’t prank him and pull down his shorts.
James – I feel dirty today.. haven’t shored wearing the same clothes, My hair feels oily

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 16-23-17-956_jpg

4:22pm Sheli and Clay kissing and being sad

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 16-27-03-960_jpg
4:22pm Kitchen Liz, Austin, Julia, Jackie and James

Austin says they’re giving the girls Dill weed extract says it’s an aphrodisiac . JAmes screams out to give them more. Adds that Meg has been frisky lately must be the dill weed.
James brings up the backstreet boys song quit playing games with my heart.
Liz, Julia starts singing “Quit playing games with my heart.. with my heart”
Austin – see it’s already working
They all start laughing… feeds cut to Shelli and Clay in the bedroom.

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So who is going home? I haven’t seen this much flip flopping at the last minute in a long time. If they are smart, they will get rid of Shelli. Clay is an absolute moron without her telling him what to do and winning comps for them.

Like...I'm Jackie

Not only is this so confusing…who the hell thinks this is a tragic love story! Give me a break!


Shelli and Clay are sure that they are America’s Sweethearts. Boy do they have a big surprise in store for them.
Shelli and Clay cannot take what they dish out. I hope she leaves. She is a mean girl.


OMG! I had no idea that Clay totally wants Meg! When Shelli sees Clay and Meg hugging and pawing at each other some crap is going to hit the fan!


Now Meg and Clay would be America’s Sweethearts if they got together! They are so cute together!


So basicly Vanessa has deals with every single HG now that she wants a final 2 deal with either Clay or Shelli

Talk about over playing LOL

Linda Lou

I read that Vanessa graduated from Duke in 2 1/2 years with a major in economics and a minor in political science. I think she is exceptionally smart and thinks way faster than the normal person. That’s why she can be hard to follow.


I work with exceptionally smart and educated people in two areas: health care and education. She’s not hard to follow because she thinks faster, I think it’s because a) she’s not a great communicator – she talks too fast, and doesn’t complete her thoughts, and b) taking too much Adderall causes a)

A.D.D. meds

I don’t think most people know what A.D.D. medicine does or how it works. My 3 siblings are psychiatrists and I asked them about it. A.D.D. medicine does NOT make a person unable to complete a thought. It helps them focus. If someone that does not have A.D.D. takes the meds, they are “nerved up”. If Vanessa takes the meds then she has been diagnosed with A.D.D. Big Brother production doesn’t just give them out to people that say they need it. There are so many people on these posts without a medical degree claiming to know exactly what happens when the medication is taken. Come on.

Big Sister

You can do this by taking 18-21 credit hours each of the five semesters and 9-12 for each of the 3 summer sessions. She is smart, but if you are in a hurry and don’t want the full college experience,.. What I wonder is what was the rush? And then when I listen to her speedtalking and watch her darting her eyes, etc., like she does, I wonder what is she so afraid of or what does she think will happen if she slows down. Maybe the meds hype her up, but it is so rare that she is just taking a breath and not scheming–it is downright unsettling.

Lemon balls

I think I read that she has a final 2 with Steve also. She does get around .


On a side note,i’m so sick and tired of the feeds always being on
Clay and Shelli/Austin and Liz.


Canadian Kevin

There’s a nice moment with the twins, Austin, James and JMac – and the cams switch to Shelli and Clay.

What the fuck?

I’m glad Austin is thinking about sending shelli home, and i’m surprised Becky picked up on as much as she has – even sitting in the room.

It’s going to be interesting; if Vanessa isn’t in control, she’s going to lose her mind!

And it will be glorious.


I agree with many of your posts,& this one is no exception! Looking for a hail Mary big time that Shelli goes but this group is by far the most unpredictable one. I seriously hope Austin & twins stop playing Van’s game. If anything, they are constantly bullied into playing her game & hopefully they will see this. Also, thought it was very interesting about what JMAC & Becky were discussing: keeping Clay to work with him but ultimately needing Steve. He has been Van’s #1 minion & getting him away from her would be fantastic!


Me too – agree with both of you mostly. You’re two posters I scroll through to find. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing?
I’m glad that Becky and JMac are making some official moves – both seem very resolved and “on it”. I’d prefer to see them with James and Jackie over Clay and Steve. Now THAT would be a good foursome!

I hate to agree with you, I hate to agree with anybody

I can see that.


Becky is finally getting in the game and is using her influence on JMac to get him on board. The only people James, Meg , and Jackie to to worry about winning HOH is Clay who I think might be staying but idk yet, Vanessa, or Steve . I don’t think Austin or the twins are trying for HOH. I also think Becky will not put up Meg, James, or Jackie because she has a bond with them now and I think Vanessa or Austin will be her targets.


So who is going home? Jeez.

Misty Beethoven

I knnnnnnnooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwaaaaahhhhh!!!!!


It’s Big Brother telling them to be unpredictable so the game is more interesting and intense!


For once I’d like to see Vanessa’s ridiculously elaborate (and unneccesary) plans fall flat.I totally appreciate her playing the game, but she lacks focus. She chases every idea that pops into her head and wears everybody else out with them.

I really hope Shelli goes home and she’s stuck with Clay. He’s walking around sulking and pouting and a general ill tempered baby,which makes it harder for anybody to even think about working with him.

All we really need is for someone who is on to Vanessa to win HOH and she’ll see just how many of these alliance members will come to her defense.

Jay Jay

Here plans have fallen flat. First, the hair brianed scheme to out Becky (that would have been the worst move possible as it would have certainly forced Becy to the other side). Also, the plan for Shelli to have a fake fight with Austin (also bad because no one was falling for that).

Vanessa’s alliance is starting to see that her schemes are all about Vanessa and not the alliance. Her need to be in control (she’s a control freak) complicates matters for her because she feels compelled to come up with a scheme whenever she is not in control. This in itself is crazy because there is so much about BB that you can’t control.


I hope Austin votes out Shellie…Van’s head will EXPLODE and she will be WORTHLESS in the HOH comp if Shellie leaves!


The thing is James only had 2 votes he could count on. All Vanessa needed to do is decide which one she wanted to keep and she has the numbers. Twins, Austin, Vanessa, Steve…5 votes she decides who stays. Becky, Johnnie Mac, Jackie and Meg could vote for whoever and Vanessa still had control of who went home this week. All her frantic moves and deals, woke Becky up, the twins are separating from her as is Austin (he’s staying with Liz).

She overplayed this week and it hurt her game. This weeks HoH will either make or break Vanessa’s game.


Ooooh they better have cameras set up in the jury house for when the second half of Austin/Liz show up.

If she is there first he will probably show up naked with a heart shaped box of chocolates covering his junk, hair down and a red rose in his teeth ready to take her right then and there. She will probably saw Austiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin I don’t like you that waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. That’s if she’s not in the middle of hooking up with a different guy already when he walks in.

If Austin is the first one there he will wait every week for the next evictee to arrive (not knowing who but he will be prepared every time of course) probably sprawled out naked on a couch George Costanza style with a leopard print blanket covering his junk hair down with a rose in his teeth and champagne on ice. Liz will probably drink the champagne first before saying Austiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin I’m not into you that waaaaaaaaaaaaaay.




Clays leaving no wait shelli is leaving no wait clay no no sorry shelli. Smh

Min O'Pause

To hell with the Backstreet Boys. I’ll bet Asstin wants to hear AC/DC sing “Sink the Pink.”


Hilarious!!! Hey Austin…”She school you like a fool”


Maybe a cover of it by Clay Aiken (?)

Min O'Pause

My fantasy (no not the one with that Hunky Hawaii 50 guy and the pat down) : Shellac at home watching BB and stuffing her face with Hagen Daz while watching Meg wrap herself around Clay like a python saying ” C’mere Monkey Boy and let me peel that banana.”

B-bad owl

I literally did LOL


I thought Clay was done with Meg!?!?
I want him to leave so he can see how much BB Fans don’t like him.


Ahaha. Hilarious!

Modesty Blaise

OMG, I just snorted laughing and Coke came flying out of my nose!! And thumbs up to the Hawaiian 5-0 guy…yesssssssss…


That’s actually pretty cruel. Plus, Shelli is a 10, Meg is a 5


I think clay is extremely immature and is attracted to her maturity. I think the reason most relationships have older men and younger women is because the maturity level is more equal. If they are smart they will vote out shelly because clay will hopefully start playing the game. He has been in her shadow the whole game and I look forward to seeing what he can contribute.

GeekSquad McGee

I wonder if the twins ever finish each other’s sentences…

Juila: I
Liz: knooooooooooowwww


Meg hits on clay-so awkward. I am embarrassed for her. Maybe she can’t handle her booze. Jmac’s face was priceless and I’m not even a fan. Just very uncomfortably funny

B-bad owl

Watching tonight’s episode, I had to shut it off. The way they tried to make it such an epically tragic thing that Shelli and Clay are on the block together was nauseating.
Nobody outside of their families cares about their “love story”.


How are earth can anyone watch the feeds and want Meg and Jackie to win this game. Listening to James Meg and Jackie talking to Steve in the hob room is ridiculous. Giggling , threatening Steve sounds like middle school kids. James refers to them as the Brat Pack…Mr tuff guy. And then Becky chimes in…absolutely clueless!


Three things have occurred to me:
1) Vanessa is right in saying she feels like the only person whose trying to keep the 6th Sense on its feet. So that should tell her something – it’s not worth saving.
2) I would bet a lot of money that Vanessa doesn’t have a legitimate medical need for an ADD/ADHD med. She used to model apparently and likely had/has (?) a late night Vegas lifestyle. A medical stimulant is THE most over-prescribed and abused class of drug – keeps you awake, focussed, and slim.
3) For a boost to interesting game play, James could not have done better this week. Vanessa has become just as combustible as some thought she might become on the block.

James 2 win

Vanessa a model? A model for clearasil? I think there are a lot of lies told by and about Vanessa. Why if she owns a Bentley is she on BB? And if her career as a pro card player is so great, why would she waste 3 months on BB to earn $500k? Any pro in Vegas knows 17:1 odds, too many unknown variables, that would be a sucker’s bet? And Duke in 21/2 years, I want to see transcripts….


She’s probably just a fan and thought it would be a fun experience. Stop hating on her, she’s only human.


Now Austin is thinking. This is what got shelli in trouble lady week. Thought Austin was going to do the same thing. Do happy Becky seed it !!!


After watching the CBS show, it is obvious Clay is not into Meg. He seemed uncomfortable. James and Jackie are all over dumb to push for him to stay. He will play hard core for the HOH and his peeps will throw it to him and James or Jackie will go. James so misplayed this HOH.


No double eviction this week since they didn’t say anything about it at the end of the episode. Vanessa is playing a crazy game. She should of play if safe and ride it like derrick by not making to much waves until the end. Everyone knows she is smart. And could win comps so she is the most dangerous. I wonder is jmac is making it up that he wants to target jackie or james. He probably saying that to target vanessa somehow. Jmac could win if he get rid of vanessa somehow. if he does everyone will be loyal jmac the twins austin james steve becky


Backy: “B1tch you’ve done this to us before” (About Vanessa) Damn Becky! Are you finally ready to have a mind of your own in the game like Andy? TBH Becky and Jmac would probably benefit from aligning with James/Jackie/Meg because James and Jackie aren’t going to be throwing comps like Austin/Liz/Julia plan on doing it. JJJB have a better chance of beating VS in comps moving forward.

But BJSC would also be a dangerous combination moving forward as well because Becky, Jmac, and Steve have shown themselves to be competent in comps. Becky has become a better player in my eyes because she’s the most aware of the social dynamics of the house. If you’re going to Rat Float, then do it well. She’s aware that Vanessa has deals with everyone that she’s broken repeatedly (Jeff/Jason). She’s also aware of how close Vanessa and Austin (and Steve) really are.

The drama on the show tonight was amazingly satisfying. Shelli had me rolling though. She claims to have felt so bad about Jason leaving, but still gave the OK to save Austin, and vote Jason out. If Clay and Shelli had voted to keep Jason, they wouldn’t be in the position they are now in.

I really hope Jackie, Meg, Becky, and Jmac can find one more vote in either Austin/Steve/Twins to vote Shelli out. That would be the icing on the cake to see Vanessa get blindsided.


I agree with all of this. I’d prefer to see JMac and Becky work with James and Jackie. They all have good comp potential.


What about Meg?

(I couldn’t even keep a straight face typing that)


Meg’s a useful number lol 😉


TBH those four would dominate comps if they aligned. And if they could get Vanessa and Steve out, they’d probably be able to steamroll the Twins/Austin.


Did anyone see Vanessa teaching Julia her system for memorizing the HOHes and BOTB by date. It was brilliant. She turned Julia into Rainman in about 15 minutes.


Shellie looked ridiculous on TV tonight and Clay a mumbling meat head.


Wait!!! What Hunky Hawaii 50 Guy?
P.S. I seriously am pulling a Meg…I don’t get it…

Min O'Pause

Fiiiive Oh……..fiiive Oh…..5-0


Regardless what you think of clay and shelli, I lost so much respect for Clay and Meg tonight on the show. Clay is such a tool!

Miracle double eviction! PLEASE!

Ugh, the crying!

What a fabulous turn of events if both Shelli and Clay went home this week!
I truly think the game would be more interesting once they’re gone.


Vanessa, I liked your game at first, but now you are just making my head spin. Slow down! Yikes!


Yikes says it all.


Vanessa should have decided to just sacrifice Shelli to make the other side of the house happy and move on from there. They would still have control of the votes and all this information about them would never had gotten out. Although its been a lot more interesting watching everybody freaking out. I just wish James and them would figure out sh!t for themselves.