Liz “If Austin thinks this is going to go long term he will chop off his pony beard”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-18 10-04-52-581

9:30am Austin and Liz wake up and start getting ready for the day. Austin and Liz talk about her doing her HOH blog. He tells her to give a recap of the week. Liz says I’ll write be sure to tune in Wednesday for the Veto competition, its a V-classic. He tells her the live feeders are the ones reading it. They already know. I would get right down to brass tacks if I were you. I would first start off by telling them about Irish Spring because its the zest you can taste and smell. I would talk about me obviously. Talk about me and you and how we’ve enjoyed the HOH room and stuff. What we’ve enjoyed spending time together. Liz says Okay, I’m not going to bore people to death so keep going. People want to know about the the couples. Why do you think people read magazines.. couples this, couples that. Who’s together? Are they going to stay together? Liz says so I could go into if Austin thinks this is going to go long term he will chop off his pony beard. Austin says okay you could go into that because that was a thing. At 9:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-18 10-46-52-400
10:05am – 10:50am James comments that they were all up so early. Meg says well they can’t be plotting anything now.. other than going home. James says that Becky never mentions me. Its always Jackie and Meg. Meg says she always speaks for me. I only say I need to speak to James if its something I’m sure you would agree with. James says I’m kind of glad Becky is going out! Its too much. Austin and Liz join them. They talk about what she should say in her blog post. Austin says I can’t believe in the history of big brother we are the only ones to get the photo booth shut down. Steve joins them. Meg says I feel so bad for who ever comes back in. Liz says if you want back into this house you have to get pelted with chocolate! Steve talks about how Gina Marie’s blog (BB15) was illegible. (see the comments for Gina Marie’s HOH blog) Just be careful because they don’t edit, they put up what you write. Meg says I’m going to go jump in the shower. Steve says okay, go get clean for me. (LOL) Steve heads back to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-18 10-08-19-787

11:20am Meg looks at the camera and says everyone is going crazy in here but its another day to be silly and wacky. Hope the real world is good! Miss ya!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-18 11-21-35-880

Vanessa asks Julia have you ever had a day that was so hard that you wondered if it was even worth doing it? Julia says yes, the day everyone found out about the twin twist. Vanessa says but you kept at it. Julia asks Vanessa if she has. Vanessa says day 8 when the feeds opened up and I had a bad day. Julia says and you were crying. I can imagine its much harder for you have a significant other.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-18 11-57-42-608

11:40pm – 12:10pmLiz comes out of the diary room with the HOH camera.

12:45pm – 1:35pm “Beach day” in the big brother house. Some of the house guests are suntanning by the pool. Austin and Johnny Mac are working out. Julia says she really wants a shaved cat but they’re like 2G’s. James asks why not just get one from the SPCA and shave it?! They conversation turns to the cooking competition they did last night.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-18 12-50-24-780

2pm James talks about how he takes his cat “Gizmo” out on the boat and he loves it! The girls love it too. When I pull up to the dock the girls are always like oh my god is that a cat!? Everybody loves Gizmo.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-18 13-41-04-231

2:05pm Kitchen – Vanessa tells Austin that because she couldn’t send her girlfriend Mel flowers she figures they could do a flash mob for her. We could spell out I love Mel with our bodies.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-18 14-07-38-345


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freeks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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Beautifull potery, is what this is !!!


Dawg, that was just mean! And I LOVE IT!!


Wow. Just shared that with my teen. The grammar, spelling and style errors are on par with a 2nd grader. Kinda horrifying. Beautifull potery indeed.


I like how she went for the Roman numerals and even screwed that up by putting the XV backwards.


I think it was cool…genuine, not scripted….was from her heart…what’s wrong with that?

Sir Oscar Boy Garfunkel III

it’s only a matter of time before Austin is outed as being aligned with everyone.

Pinocchio Obama

Becky is about the only one who doesn’t have multiple alliances. Might be why she is heading out the door. The Goblins really hosed her by not voting Vanessa out.

Fed Up and Bored

This is about the worst show ever. These people are so BORING. BB U.K and Australia really know how to put on a show. No Head of House; no talking game; no telling who you are nominating and all having to nominate in the Diary Room and sometimes 7 or 8 of them up for eviction. The best part is the people vote to evict so the people playing the game don’t get a vote!!!!!


i would hate it if the audience got to vote. I just hate when an external influence/twist/special power takes the gameplay out of the contestants’ hands, even when the show becomes really boring. (i.e diamond veto, coup de tat, jury buy back). Just let them play, i’d prefer a good game player (whom i hated) to win over the fan favorite. I love Janelle, but im perfectly fine with Maggie winning in S6 and i liked Jordan, but Natalie definitely should’ve won in S11.


Lmao that blog production is so fucked up for not editing it


Who could be Americas favorite that youd be ok with now that we truly know how wishy washy the dentist is


How is JMac wishy washy? Out of touch, maybe, but not wishy washy..

Americas Fav

I thnk Americas Favorite should go to James. I didn’t like him at first, but he really grew on me. Most of his stupid comments, were just in jest, he’s not floppy, and he seems like a nice guy.


He’s very crude but I’m with ya.

come again

I use to love him but watch the feeds he really has become super crude and he thinks Austin and he have a bromance….. and he does have a case pending against him in family court for contempt so either he doesn’t pay child support or something happen in court… It was probably not paying as they let him go on this show so they can doc the money he gets. I’m sorry I really did like him but someone who is having issues in Family court that is still pending and happened less then a year ago should not be Americas choice… really I thought he changed for his daughter but he brags about being a bad ass to meg …no thanks.. Go ahead flood me with the hate…


It could just be his Ex trying to bleed him dry and give him a bad name.
My Ex put me through hell and I would sell my soul for my kids to make sure they have everything they need and are safe.

Also he try’s to be a mans man that’s why he says all the tough talk and crude stuff. Country people grow up that way.


The only two people who actually know what is going on in a relationship is those two people – and half the time neither of those two can figure it out either. In other words – you don’t know the details and shouldn’t base your opinion on something you made up in your head.

Pinocchio Obama

As of now my guess is that Johnny Mac will win America’s Favorite Player but we still have a lot of game to play.


The top 3 this year will probably be Jmac, James and Jason and I’m ok with any of them.


Those are exactly my 3 picks, and in that order. I agree with the above poster – James has really grown on me. I know he’s crude, but he’s always up for fun, and it’s a nice antidote to Vanessa’s intensity. If he’s having some money troubles, well, who hasn’t in the last few years? If he can dig himself out some, and give his daughter some things, all the power to him. I hope JMac and James are 1 and 2 respectively. Except for whose on the block this week, this HOH has been pretty good, I’d say – everybody is enjoying themselves this week – good for them. Week 2, I said that all JMac needs is some beef and a little sun, and I got a lot of thumbs down. He agreed though – good use of your time, JMac!


I had not heard that before about James. it does seem to be a little more that just money problem. I do get what both poster are saying. I have a friend he is so fun to party with but I would never date him because he is great in the relationship department. I hope James gets it together. My sister ex is a dead beat parent so I can understand why that would change your opinion . I do wish sometimes we did not know as much about celebrities or reality personalities as we do it would be more fun that way


I meant not great in relationships and I did look up that stuff about James it did look more than money problems but maybe he will get it together:) JJmac, James or Jackie if she comes back for the win

idk what to put here

I liked DaVonne too bad she didn’t stay longer


I could see Da getting into a fist fight on the show with someone. So yeah its a shame she got evicted.


lol Wonder what makes you think that (sarcasm). Clay was literally about fight James but I guess we’ll just ignore that. Jeff was going at people aggressively too while he was in the house but we’ll ignore that too.


Black people shouldn’t sign up for or even support big brother cause it’s always just 1 or 2 in the house. On top of that, they are usually the #1 target from day 1 for no other reason besides the fact that they don’t look like the other house guests. Clay started targeting Day as soon as he saw her face.

idk what to put here

Danielle (BB3 and All-stars) is one of the best BB players of all time…


I think they are a great addition to the show and I would be sad to see them boycott it. In saying that why should we have people who think they should win just because they are black or whatever race?

Are you trying to say we should have a race war BB? I think it would be good to get a group of people who hate each other to live together. I bet they would see they are the same after some time and wake up to the fact that everyone wants the same thing to live without stress and to have happy family. With all the pc crap people believe in now no one is brave enough to confront the problem


Maybe this will sound petty but…

Does it bother anyone else that Becky, Miss All Natural, Organic, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Fat Free, Free Range, Grass Fed, Environmentally safe, outdoorsy, judgemental vegetarian, etc. etc. etc…has two huge bags of chemicals implanted right in her chest just to appeal to men and other competitive and judgemental women? I mean, WTF right?? Am i the only one bothered by this type of hypocracy? or am I just being a pain in the ass and ya know live and let live…which is cool. I actually think she is an alright girl if she would just stop with the humble brag stories all day long….you can tell she is truly an insecure wreck down deep. Just saying, thats why she is so over confident, and drilling in how interesting and worldly she is, etc.


It bothers me more that Liz does not sincerely like Austin, but lets him satisfy her on TV, while getting paid to do it… Then watching fans flip and now start saying how great the Austwins are playing… Gag me.


Cry me a river


I am with you there! Plus they don’t even look good on her. They are too big, too far apart, and look hard as a rock! Compare that with the picture above of Meg’s glorious natural melons and cleavage! The twins I believe talked about having implants but at least they are more “normal size”

is it just me

She only got those as a result of being hit in the face by an alien spaceship. They wanted to make sure that she would not do as much damage to the spaceship with her adamantim skull in the event of another crash. Sort of like reverse airbags.


Becky did get hit by a train, I don’t know how extensive her injuries were but she may have decided on implants during reconstructive surgery. I know it’s cosmetic surgery, but it improves her self esteem by making her feel “normal” again. She is a young girl with her whole life ahead of her.


Why does someone have to be all or nothing? Why can’t people just choose what they want to do when they want to. Guess what, you can be a vegetarian and still smoke cigs. One is healthy and one is not. So what! They help to balance each other out. You can workout on the regular and still drink all night on the weekends. You can leave your kids with a babysitter or grandparent for the night and go out to the casino and not be a terrible parent. So Becky loves the outdoors, watches her diet, and happens to like fake boobs. Who are you or anyone else to judge her decisions as long as they are lawful and aren’t hurting anybody. She can choose to do what SHE wants to do with the hundreds of decisions she makes everyday. I saw Becky drink a freaking glass of wine the other day. So that must mean if she drinks booze then she is not allowed to eat healthy or exercise ever. If she does, then she is a hypocrite??? Please.


Thank you!


I’d go with the ‘who cares, it’s none of Anyone’s business’ mentality on this one. First of all, she may have gone with silicone implants. Or are you implying that it’s the unnatural alteration of her body which is hypocritical? Then you can say that about anyone of any gender who advocates a natural diet while also engaging in any level of false promotion or cosmesis. Even hair dying would fall under that. The issue to most critics is not truly with any perceived hypocrisy. It’s a moral judgment about women who opt for breast implants, esp when they go with a large size. Everyone would be better off worrying about their own hypocrisy. There isn’t a human who doesn’t engage in at least some form of it. Self examine, people.

come again

Meg’s dad is a politician I think she has learned a lot from him …She made sure James would not forget that Shelli would want him out and she keeps making sure that when they forget to talk about taking out Johnny Mac she reminds them and makes them think its their plan…Smart girl no blood on her hands …they all think she is helpless …she just whispers


Did she actually say she got them to look good for men and/or to compete with women? I’m not the biggest Becky fan or plastic surgery fan for that matter, but it is possible to do those things purely for yourself.


There are a lot of jealous women who frequent this site. LOL Becky’s body looks good. The end. Instead of talking about her game, you guys are too busy worried about her boobs. I see about 100 comments about her boobs. Jealous much? Are your husbands/boyfriends getting excited when he sees them? Seriously, how long did it take you to come up with that essay about her boobs? LMFAO


James for America’s Favourite!!! 🙂


America’s “Favourite?” Irony?


Only if JMac wins, and then for sure, yes!


Austin needs to win h o h if he wants to write the blog. I hate that he is telling Liz what she needs to write.


He’s telling her what to write because she has no Idea what she is doing in the BB house. This is his HOH and has been since day 1. She constantly asking someone what to Doooooooooo .The noms were his choosing. I’m very disappointed in the twins I thought they would be much better game players. Boy was I wrong.


This season started out to be good but after double eviction it went downhill fast. Probably Austin or one of the twins will win BB.


Well, she did ask him…


People are desperate for more reasons to hate Austin.


And that he’s telling her it should be all about him. Pardon me while I vomit.
James will likely be my choice for America’s favorite. Even if he sounds like a 15 year old with all his sexual innuendo…..he is entertaining and means business when he is hoh


Audrey for America’s favorite player. Love her or hated her, she kept us watching the live feeds if only to see what she was going to do next. The rest of the HG were overthinking their gameplay or were at summer camp.


Maybe it was Dawg’s writing/edting of the convo, but I took that whole thing as if he were smiling, kidding. And Liz was giving him a little sarcasm back. I don’t like him for any prize in this game, but he CAN be funny sometimes.


it often surprises me how few people are able to read humour when it is in front of them. sometimes they can’t see it when it is played out in front of them. not sure what it is like to see everything with such a negative spin.

and just in case someone can’t see my point: austin was joking with Liz when he answered her question about what she should write.

Austin makes her laugh, at least she is able to get his sense of humour. sheesh


It’s interesting every year on how the houseguests feel they are being perceived on TV. Hate to break it to anyone but we want to hear what you are really thinking, who your targets are, what you really are doing in the game. I for one, am not interested in the long term status of showmances ……….. I don’t think anyone else is either? I thought it was interesting in BBC how they gave clues and tasks to hg’s on how they were being perceived inside and outside the house. BBUS has zingbot but I think it should go further. Remember in BBC when they had to wear tee-shirts or the one were they had to wear high heels and do the whole house.


I sure hope Austin wasn’t serious about “watch where you put your hands.” Another stalker trait.


I thought the same thing! Total dominating/controlling behavior. Dude has issues.


When she dumps him, she better watch her back. He is scary!


One of these days Steve is going to go off on Austin for playing the constant “Boy game” with him…. You could see he was really pissed at him when Austin said watch your hands boy.

come again

No, No, its ok we already know way to much about you and Liz, Austin…really …umm ya


Where is Zingbot when we really need him?

Pinocchio Obama

I am really looking forward to Zingbot. Last year was classic when Zingbot took Christine down with saying the only person who didn’t like Cody was Christine’s husband. Zingbot and Kathy Griffin showed up at the final eight last season.


Please please let Vanessa figure out Austin and twin BS and get Austin out!!!! Can’t stand much more of him and the ignorant twins. Annoying. Austin / cave man / Sasquatch/ needs attention constantly. Desperate creeper.

The Ninety Percent

if Liz doesn’t want Austin thinking that she wants something outside the house, she should stop having her throat mined by Austin’s tongue every night.

This has been the worst week in the house this season by far.


Simon or Dog…..I know I am seriously addicted to Big Brother and to this site but did I dream a post where Julia said something about mf-ing God? Hope no one is censoring what you guys can post now. Or did you just decide to take it down? If I didn’t dream it I’m betting she lost some votes for America’s favorite. The twins are truly foul mouthed people who must make their parents mighty proud. Mighty proud. SMH


Thanks Dawg. I was afraid I was headed for rehab. lol


So what if Julia did say mutherf*cking god? Maybe she’s not keen on jesus…maybe she’s not a bible thumper. Maybe, just maybe, she thinks god is as real as a rainbow and glittered covered unicorn! Please believe me when I say, first, that her comment most likely won’t make it onto the show, and secondly, that no one watching the feeds could give two sh*ts about what some chick from Miami says (out of context) about some lame ass “dude in the sky.” Seriously folks, thumb me down, but at least I don’t worship some prick that gives children horrible and debilitating diseases, and makes people suffer simply to get some jollies. I mean really, if god is real, he is one of the most self centered, insufferable bastards there is! Point blank (and the period.)


Wow, did Julia really say that? And here I was starting to lose respect for her because she was sucking up to her sister about Austin!


I’m no bible bumper but god doesn’t make kids sick humans do from all the poison we have polluted the earth with. God gave people choice and some people make bad ones that can hurt us all. Fukushima and Chernobyl come to mind. If you want to blame someone for sick kids start with the government.


To godwho?? Why so hostile? Just because you don’t believe, why be so obnoxious & degrading to those who do? Live & let live. I personally think most people have some sort of spiritual experience – daja vu, premonitions, dreams, 6th sense, miracles, etc. The Bible says that God lets it rain on the just as well as the unjust. That’s why we all have freewill to either believe or not. God does not make children sick or for that matter anything bad happen. But our reward is not here on earth. I am sorry that you are so full of negativity. But I know God loves you whether you love Him or not. Some people will never believe. I could never not believe. All I have to do is look up into the sky, take a hike in the hills, look at the ocean. And by the way – I have seen some absolutely beautiful rainbows!


Great write-up.I’m right there with you.God loves everyone regardless of what they think.

ME, saved by grace

Right on V! Appreciate your post.


Please….the twins Mom bought them breast implants as a graduation gift. I don’t think she is bothered by the language they use or how they are acting. She’s probably proud as punch how well her two little twinnies are doing……


Wow the mum got them breast implants as a graduation gift that’s some sick shit. No wonder they are bitches.


I’m late, again, but what a frickin’ dork is Steve! About what was that weirdo crying?! Go home! What a frickin’ egomaniac! Made relationships . . . with whom?! Dingbat!


Johnny Mac should team up with Steve and Vanessa then pull in James and Meg to break up Austin and twins. Then worry about getting Vanessa out later. I don’t get why JMac doesn’t acknowledge that threat instead of obsession with Vanessa…Priority should be to break up that 3some. Plus I can’t deal with them much longer..makes me sick…


If I were in there I’d try to take take Vanessa to the final two with me. How many in that jury house do you think will give her the money? Shelly and Clay.

Someone should team up with Steve, keep her safe, then betray Steve right at the end. That’s only 3 possible votes for her by my count.


Really? I think EVERYONE will vote for her. Everybody has been playing her game, and evicting the people she wants evicted. This week included. If they didnt play her game, they went bye-bye.
Look at the greyed out people on the board. Even JMac said, whoever fights with Van, goes home, and she picked a fight w/me… He is damn lucky Becky is a bigger target than her at the moment, or his ass will be packing. Liz didnt have her own thought this entire HOH, and Austin has been listening her this entire game. She is in the end, she wins. Point, blank, period!


It’s a misnomer to assume that Vanessa’s arguments are the kiss of death to every evictee.
Vanessa didn’t have an argument with Jace. Vanessa didn’t have an argument with Day, that was Clay. Vanessa didn’t start an argument that led to Audrey being ousted, that was Clay again by the pool, then Shelli in the hammock room. Vanessa didn’t have an argument with Jason, that’s part of the reason why Jason’s eviction caused Vanessa so many problems.
Vanessa created an argument with Jeff to justify his eviction. Vanessa argued with Clay and John after the decision to evict Clay was made by the house. There was no Shelli argument. Vanessa had actually olive branched to Jackie the night before the instant eviction.
Sure, Vanessa has been emotionally volatile with people in the house. But an Argument with Vanessa isn’t the kiss of death unless you’re Jeff. The rest is guilt by association to Clay and Shelli or arguments that had no baring on the evictions. John’s premise is faulty because it serves him to exaggerate Vanessa as the angel of death in the game. Then again, he slept through almost everything except diary room appointments for weeks, just to hear later about what happened from the side of the house that took the hit.


The real misnomer is when you stated Van is “guilty by association” w/Clellie. SMFH


I agree, I can’t believe JMAC is being so blindly against Vanessa…would be totally best for his game if him, Vanessa and Steve joined forces….break up Austin and the twins and if/when the opportunity presents itself backdoor James. JMAC is being an idiot and not thinking his game through very well…teaming with either side him and Steve are low man on the totem pole! No matter how little you all like Vanessa and Steve they have played the best games out of anyone else in or out of the house! Almost all the strategies made have come from mainly Vanessa and then Steve pulled out that HOH and got Jackie out….genius!!!!! I’m hoping one of them wins.


I agree, I can’t believe JMAC is being so blindly against Vanessa…would be totally best for his game if him, Vanessa and Steve joined forces….break up Austin and the twins and if/when the opportunity presents itself backdoor James. JMAC is being an idiot and not thinking his game through very well…teaming with either side him and Steve are low man on the totem pole! No matter how little you all like Vanessa and Steve they have played the best games out of anyone else in or out of the house! I’m hoping one of them wins. I just wish she’d fix her mood in the house, that’s what’s turning everyone off of her…and she needs to slow down on the game talk, give people a break and show them they can have fun with her and then they’d want her around…she’s kind of slitting her own throat, unfortunate becuase she’s a great strategic player, if her social game was as good she’d be walking away with the cheque!


Anyone ever notice how Jmac kind of looks like a lizard LMAO! Maybe it’s the teeth???


Dear Allison Grubworm, Could you please recruit some interesting people next season.? Vanessa and Jason and 15 blanks is not good casting. Thanx.


I think a house with the evicted people would be better than the ones who are left.


Man,could you imagine how much fun this week would of been with Vanessa on the block. She would have blown up Austin and the twins game. The twins seem to be the type that would attack a person together. All three of them would have been yelling, Austin would be trying to keep them seperated. Vanessa would tell everyone about all her final twos’s. Steve would relize he’s not Vanessa’s only choice to go to the end. The rest would be trying not to laugh. It would have been a great week. Well, maybe next week.


Don’t you love a girl who likes a guy and thinks, this could be long term of I could change him enough. If Austin had said to Liz, I like everything about you but your long hair, if this is long term you will need to cut it short because that is what I like in a girl, and looks mean more to me then how I feel about you, or who you are as a person. It does not matter if long hair is what you like, or even what makes you, you for most of your life. If you like me and want to be with me, then it needs to be short hair.

People like this are the worst, change for me, because you need to conform to what I like. Superficial muck, and sadly some people will think that this is fine because they do not like the way Austins pony looks. I could not agree more, it is bad, but if that is him, and you like him, then why try to change him?


Uhh.. I hate the Austwins. I can’t stand those idiots.
The sad thing is they are most likely going to be the finale 3, because the rest
of the house (mostly Meg & James) have absolutly no common sense.
James! Meg! You had the chance to get rid of Evil Vanessa, but you guys screwed up.
That’s why Jackie got evicted. And even then these two idiots allign with the Austwins
instead of Steve and JMac. It makes me so angry. How can anybody be so stupid.

It’s so sad I’m starting to root for Vanessa. Seems the only strategic person in the house.


People should chill out already about people not targeting the Austwins. For crying out loud, Liz is the HoH this week!

Not a lot of smart players announce they are targeting someone the week that person is HoH. Someone else needs to get power before anything can be done about them.


They say they have watched the game and understand how it is played, but they keep making mistakes that a true BB fan would never make. They all knew about the twins twist, and they allowed another person to come into the game! The idea is to be one of the last two there and get jury votes. So they let another person in! If they had got Liz out, before her twin came in, that is two for one out, and no jury vote for one sister against you! And we wouldn’t have to put up with Austin and Liz . Does anyone explain the game to them before they started! I am enjoying this year, but boy I see them making so many game mistakes.


OBVIOUSLY no one is saying they should walk up to the twins and tell them they are the target? Whether they’re in power or not.

Common sense would dictate that the original commenter is referring to private conversations other hg are having with each other regarding who they would target next. The pov ceremony has already taken place, therefore Liz no longer has anymore power than anyone else.


If James wins HOH, he might try to get Austin out right after jury member comes back. James has a pretty good head for strategy and he’s not afraid to make big moves.


I disagree to an extent. It is looking like, by sheer dumb luck, Meg and Austin will be part of the final three if not the final two people left standing

is it me?

..I don’t get why people (BB viewers) hate Vanessa. She is playing the game like everyone else in there no? Everyone has different strategies.. theories.. executions. Am I missing something? I think she is playing a great game compared to some.
Unless I am missing something?


Depends on if you’re watching the feeds or just reading the recaps. I could see if you’re just reading the recaps that you would be missing a lot of Vanessa’s flaws. It’s not her strategy. It’s the way she carries herself.

If you watch the feeds Vanessa, is a hot mess of emotions with her crying and complaining. She believes her own lies, constantly plays the victim card, and talks to people like they’re children. Every time someone disagrees with her, even her allies, she treats it like a personal attack.

But a lot of this is body language and tone, so it doesn’t always translate to the recaps. It’s just painful to watch and the houseguests are sick of it also.

Yes it's just you...

People don’t like Vanessa because she’s skeevy. Andy played a brilliant game but people didn’t like him because he was a skeevy rat bastard. Both thinks can exist at the same time, you know. In fact it takes a particularly brilliant player to play big brother – a game predicated on lying and backstabbing – and not look shifty, shady, seedy and skeevy. Andy couldn’t manage both, and neither can Vanessa. You just need to accept the fact that despite her playing the game well, she’s not a likable character.


Maybe it’s time to get Austin up in the poll? No?
He’s got no threats against him in the forsee able future…he hasn’t been on the block and he is influencing people….he deserves a little more respect for GAME…what has Johnny Mac done?


so are people actually buying Liz and Austin as a real / legitimate relationship?
Austin had the Shelli strategy of getting into a mance. show/bro/gross-mance, whichever the case may be. He spent two weeks deciding between either Liz or Julia or Jackie… who should he get in with to appear like the weak lovestruck dolt. It’s about as real as his comment that he’s cool with third behind the twins. or just let me get to jury with Liz and I’ll be happy. it’s more of the i’m a big clumsy weak doofus strategy. When considering his general clumsiness remember: he’s a former gymnast and cheerleader that was a wrestler. he can’t be as clumsy as he portrays in general and in comps specifically. There’s nothing authentic that comes out of his mouth. He’s pawing and climbing all over Liz because she’s the groupie du jour.


The complaints are about the twins and Austin as they are in power. They did what they had to do. They played their HOH better than a lot of people. I wonder how the game would have played out if the original plan carried out to backdoor Austin. Julia wouldn’t have been mad all she had to do was explain to Liz that conversation that was had with Jayson. This really played well for Austin. It screwed up Shelli and Clay as they were the ones that rallied for Austin to stay. Remember Liz just came back into the game and didn’t know about the conversation Jayson and Austin had. Shelli / Clay were in a good spot (playing the middle) up until that moment. Everyone wanted to work with them. but they got blamed for flipping the votes (which they did). In the long run it screwed their game. The only one thinking about getting to end is Vanessa, she was trying really really hard to work with Steve and JM but JM has never trusted her and decided to play with the twins. She realizes that Austin / Twins will take each other to the end. I think she is truly trying to find a way to get rid of them without really saying anything. The being alone and distancing herself from them is stagey people. Too bad her paranoia got the best of her.


There is a clip of Jace and Asstin . Jace is saying how hot Liz is and asstin says she is not as he has a girlfriend…hahaha jerk…jokers site


I can’t deal with Austin anymore, and it looks like Julia can’t wait to pull the trigger on voting him out. I hope Van wins HOH, and all the scamperers and gobins come scampering to tell Van what is really going on and allow her to defend herself. I am OK with James winning. I am not a fan of JMAC, and I do not understand the love. He seems like a jerk, and not a nice guy to Steve.

Bunny Slipper

Am I the only one who finds it painful to watch how they treat Steve? I know he accepts it. But, especially Ness and Austin, seem to see him as a Renfield. I expect them to start feeding him bugs any moment.


No, Steve gets what he gives.

Bunny Slipper

I agree he seeks it out. But it still is uncomfortable to watch.


I have finish him in the voice of Mortal Combat looping in my head because of Dawg’s caption of James and that shark. Lol

How is married life


Only just returned to the BB world after season 16, worst season ever, but I recall you were married at the end of the run. Hope all is good!


Dawg was the one that got married I had the baby. Everything is going great! thanks for asking 🙂

Julia's Fake Tooth

Did Jackie actually like Austin? I’ve seen where Austin has said this. Wondering if it’s actually true. I’m having a tuff time believing this.


It’s funny. If James says something perverted it’s crude and disgusting and people won’t let it go. If Steve says something perverted its funny and cute and people forget about it in the next hour. Nice to see the double standard is hard at work here at onlinebigbro. James for the win. I can’t stand Steve. He is a tool and a putz.
There. I have said my peace.


Would someone please tell Austin to PUT A SHIRT ON! He’s starting to look like Brother Justin from HBO’s “Carnivale”. He’s cooking in BB Chopped with his hair gnarly hair dangling over the food and his chest out again. Would you see Chef Zakarian from Chopped or Bobby Flay cook without a shirt on. Disgusting. And what are those white bands dangling from his mess of a beard?