“James and Meg and Meg is helpless, they’re in a good spot”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 19-32-46-976_jpg

7:06pm Austin and liz
Snuggling and kissing
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 19-20-02-205_jpg

7:19pm Vanessa telling him that the competition will be endurance she thinks it will be the log like last year

Vanessa- has johnny mac campaigned at all
Steve – I don’t think so he knows he has the votes, it’ll do more damage than good
Vanessa says people will get pissed if he doesn’t ask for votes.

Steve tells her he doesn’t want to do anything too drastic because someone will come back in. “We should do the obvious”
Vanessa – James

Steve and Vanessa agree they are really going to fight for the HOH this week.
Vanessa says she’s doing better today than yesterday they all talked to her and cheered her up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 20-17-41-501_jpg

8:00pm Food competition begins . Meg and Becky are the judges.
liz/Austin Vs James/Julia
Liz and Austin were going to use some special HOH ingredients. Meg says same ingredients for all. This causes a stir among the teams.
They are playing up the competition like it’s a episode of “Chop”
Meg being a judge “interviews’ each player.
Meg asks James what does he expect to happen at the end of the competition.
James – “Taking one of the judges home tonight” (Like a boss)
Meg giggles

They run into the storage room.. and Start the first course.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 20-15-13-503_jpg


They actually get a real knife for tonight. (BB2 Justin Sebik threatened to cut someone since that knifes are plastic https://www.onlinebigbrother.com/big-brother-expelled-house-guests-voluntarily-leave/ )

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 20-27-02-425_jpg

8:31pm Round 1 is over
Julia and James make a fresh dish with tomato, Chicken and Homemade Salsa and guacamole sauce

Liz and Austin make a 5 cheese quesadilla southwest salsa with a hint of garlic avocado, Tomatoes, lime, peppers, and garlic
Austin – and that’s is a very special sauce
Julia – It’s from a can

Meg says she feels that their portion is a big large. “I did appreciate the use of peppers throughout.. The cheese is a little bit overwhelming.”

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 20-37-34-441_jpg

8:36pm Hammock room Becky, Meg, Vanessa and Jmac
Going over the dishes. They are not as happy with the presentation of Austin/Liz. Meg and Becky both didn’t like all the cheese on the dish.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 20-41-24-445_jpg

The final results of round 1 of Chopped Big Brother
Presentation 7 (Liz/Austin) and a 9 (Julia/James)
Taste 6.5(Liz/Austin) and a 8 (Julia/James)
Julia and James are at 8.5
Liz and Austin are at 6.75

8:55pm Round 2 starts

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 21-19-58-210_jpg

9:02pm Jmac and Steve

Steve tells him they are better off than he thinks. stresses they really need to win the HOH.
Jmac is worried they are way more threatening than Meg and James.
Jmac- Meg’s not going to win anything
Steve – Meg is going to get second and third
Jmac – james won two endurance competitions

Jmac – I haven’t made any offensive moves yet why do people think i’m a threat
Steve – you win comps
Steve – it would be a good idea to buddy up with someone
Jmac – who do you think
Steve – who do you think will be more feasible to work with
Jmac – who should you buddy up with
Steve – who should we buddy up with
Jmac – Austin
Steve – it’s kinda strange because, Austin and I have kinda had our shit but he’s been in power this week and this is the best he’s ever been, Has he approached you

Jmac – no
Steve – you know you’re staying right
Jmac – yes

Steve – you had an agenda you’ve never sat me down and talk game like this
Jmac wanted Steve to know t3hya re more of a target than he thinks
Steve suggesting they team up with a group.
Jamc – go with James/Meg or Austin and the twins
Steve laughs “There’s no third option”
Jmac – I’ll think about it
Steve – John… you sat down here ready to go brass tacks.
Steve tells him a large group is their best bet

Jmac now saying he wants to take out Vanessa
Steve says Vanessa is a good person to keep around because she’s the bigger target than them.

Jmac wants Becky or jackie to come back
Steve says if Jackie comes back she’ll come after him
Jmac says Vanessa isn’t trustworthy enough to keep in the game even as a human shield. He knows that Vanessa is Disarmed right now says she will float to power, ‘Is she really a bigger threat to us in comps”

Steve – is vanessa going your number one priority
Jmac – yes
Steve – why
Jmac – I’m her number one target.. we had that night and all
Steve – she’s voting to keep you this week
Jmac – ya ya Becky is the bigger target
Steve – this is all so strange

Whose Vanessa closest with
Jmac – no one it’s over
Steve – Even Austin
Jmac – she’s freaking out she feel alone..
Steve – maybe she wants us to think she’s alone
Jmac – Nah.. she’s not that good at acting

Steve says Shelli coming back would be good for them.
Jmac – As long as we get rid of Vanessa cause those two might work together
Steve – Sh1t you’re right….. Shelli hasn’t been here she doesn’t know what has gone down with Vanessa.
Jmac- Becky coming back is our best chance..
Jmac suggest the person with the fewst numbers is in the best spot.
Steve that puts someone like Vanessa in a really good spot “That’s why you want her out”

Jmac – James and Meg and Meg is helpless, they’re in a good spot

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9:31pm Round 2 dishes are almost done

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 21-29-48-883_jpg

Chicken cordon bleu with a mix vegetable medley (Fresh not frozen) and a special mushroom cream sauce
James- cream of mushroom in a can

Meg like the sauce of the vegetables add to the sauce off the chicken
Becky liked the cashews
Becky – I do find it really salty
Austin – Ham is naturally salty

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 21-40-36-899_jpg

Macaroni and cheese with 5 cheeses (Gouda, Mozzarella, Mix cheese, Sharp Cheddar) , incorporated corn flake crust and maple bacon
Steve points out that “Mix CHeese” Is one of the 5 cheeses (Sorry I never caught the 5th cheese.. maybe Cheddar)
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 21-48-51-794_jpg
9:47pm Hammock room
Becky says for taste 7.5 mac and Cheese and 8 for Cordon Bleu
Meg, Jmac and Vanessa agree
Presentation 9 cordon bleu and 8.5 for Mac and Cheese

Final round 2 score 8.5 Austin and Liz 8 James and Julia

10:07pm Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa warns that Becky is going to campaign hard
Steve – the votes going to be 4-2
Vanessa asks him who is Johnny Mac putting up
Steve believes Jmac will follow their suggestions

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 22-19-52-370_jpg

10:20pm desert round
Julia and James Crepe
Meg – the pancake crepe is perfect

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 22-20-23-364_jpg
Becky finds a hair in the crepe
Austin – Holy shit that’s disgusting
Julia blames the hair on the other team

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 22-22-58-366_jpg

Liz and Austin
Gluten free french toast with maple glazed bananas

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 22-29-46-204_jpg


Julia/James 7.5 taste
Liz/Austin 9 taste
Meg- that’s dessert was kick a$$
James – they had blueberries
Julia – they had Nutella
Meg – it was the french toast.

Winner of the first Big Brother Chopped competition is Liz and Austin

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 22-45-05-525_jpg

11:00pm post Choped leave up

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 23-01-14-304_jpg
11:00pm James – I think you are not going anywhere.. I haven’t steered you wrong yet
Jmac says he’s not campaigning he’s going to let what happens happens.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 23-06-23-305_jpg

They get a couple drops of alcohol

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 23-27-30-074_jpg

11:43pm nothing but chita chat in the hot tub..
Meg’s father is the mayor of her home town.
Marijuana is legal in Denver Colorado
Etc etc..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 00-13-08-271_jpg

12:15am Hammock time
Listing off the things they like about each other …
Austin tell her she’s nothing like he expected.

Liz – why did you take a shot with me and not a girl like Shelli, Why not a girl like Becky
Austin says there was something in her eyes, “We had strong eye contact”
Liz – you kinda fell for both us, I’m not going to lie
Liz when you first decided to make a move you mad a move with Julia
Austin – I wasn’t trying to make a move yet.. that wasn’t a move.. I wasn’t going to make a move until I knew you had feelings for me
Austin tells her about earlier on when Becky and Jeff were telling him that Jackie liked him.
Liz – why is this the first time i’m hearing this


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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Ugh Vanessa... Barf

I would love for her to leave next…

Pot Kettle Black

She is so umm umm umm annoying! Bye!


Why does J-mac continue to harp on the “fight” and blame Vanessa. It was all Clay’s doing.


JohhnyMac was mad that Clay was going home and Vanessa was having a fight with him and Clay

Ian's lament

My winner will be the one who takes out Liz cause she is the glue that keeps that alliance together. Take her out and everyone will scramble and Austin and Julia might actually think for themselves. Vanessa needs Steve and Jmac cause she finally sees that she’s the odd one out of that 4some.


Clay created the confusion, but Vanessa went full tilt with it. Her confrontational and demanding nature put Jmacs game at risk. He was forced to either lie publically or admit he was after her. Given Vanessa’s intensity, there’s every reason for him to believe that Vanessa will always doubt him from that moment on. I wonder how many people here would NOT Blane Vanessa for that inc


I’m sorry, but Jmack brought that on himself. What did he expect? He JUST told her “no” a few minutes earlier when they were in private, then after Clay pushes in front of everyone, he says “YES”. I would’ve reacted the same way. Jmack needs to grow a pair. And Clay is the reason for the entire thing. Front to back, and yet you guys AND Jmack blame Vanessa. How stupid. Plus its time for him to get over it. You got caught lying for your man crush, get over it already. The entire thing is stupid.


Whats funny to me about the whole fight between Van and Jmac, is multiple people said multiple times that Van needed to get over it because it was irrelevant. She didn’t drop it so Jmac obliged and told her his side/how he felt and now suddenly Jmac is the one that needs to drop it because it doesn’t matter anymore.




The big difference is Johnny is after Vanessa because of it. And she’s voting to keep him. So who has dropped it and who really hasn’t?


I’d say no one considering the amount of chats HG’s other than Jmac or Van bring it up every day.


Clay created the confusion, but Vanessa went full tilt with it. Her confrontational and demanding nature put Jmacs game at risk. He was forced to either lie publically or admit he was after her. Given Vanessa’s intensity, there’s every reason for him to believe that Vanessa will always doubt him from that moment on. I wonder how many people here would NOT be worried about Vanessa’s vengeance after that incident.

Sneaky Stevie

I hope Jmac catches on to what Steve is doing, he is trying to hard for Jmac to wanna work with Vanessa. Keep pushing Steve and you will be Jmack next target

Steve's Making Step-Mommy Mad

Vanessa’s caught onto Steve’s reluctance to share info and he called her out for digging. He does the unthinkable, getting in a standoff and walking away from her. Omg! Van gives the cameras a knowing nasty look. Steve’s going to be her next target, he knows too much. She can deduce he’s been talking about targeting her with JMac. Don’t get her on your bad side, now that you kept her there. She doesn’t like disloyal, lying, rats. Watch out!


OHHH NOOOO. He will be Jmack’s target??!! Whatever will he do?? Shit, he may as well self evict at that point. lol


That was Austin hair….???????? and his sweat. What a pig…????

Seasoned with Poor Hygiene

Austins hair and sweat in every dish compliments Liz juices on his hands he refuses to wash after banging on her in HOH. No lie he covers his hard on- feeds zoom in on how he either never washes or never uses soap. Eeeeeewwwwuhh! Gaaaagguhh!


Why would JMac reveal his intentions to Steve, he’s gonna run and tell Van. I would not surprised if he goes and Becky stays.
Come Thursday whichever one is left, and they win HOH:
Psychological: Liz and Julia on the block if one wins POV then Van goes up at replacement nominee, off to jury for Van. However, if Van wins POV. And takes down julia and the HOH would put up Austin.
Gamelogical: and yes I made this term up.
Becky/JMac: Liz and Austin up as pawns, anyone but van win POV they use it, and backdoor Vanessa.
If Van win POV then leave noms the same and send Liz to jury. Austin and Julia would be in disarray and unable to cope.

Member of the Ant Farm

Actually, I think Steve is much smarter than you think he is. He is one of the few that has kept certain information to himself. He knows that Austin and the twins are starting to turn on Vanessa and he hasn’t tried to warn her. Maybe out of fear of her going ape shit and blowing up his game in the process. Probably because if things go in that direction, he can jump off of that sinking ship. However, if Vanessa survives another week or 2 and gets an HOH, he can then use that info to target Austin and the twins. I can really see Steve wnning this game, but the odds are strongly against him.

Steve needs to GO!

Absolutely no social skills- always so inappropriate and mean! Can’t wait to see you walk out that door.


JMAC has figured out everything else Vanessa is doing, so why can’t he figure out Steve is in her pocket? I wish he would drop Steve or feed him wrong info to see what he does with it.


He’s actually almost completely wrong about Vanessa. He thinks she hates him and is coming after him and she actually wants to align with him. For her to hate/be scared of him he would actually have to be playing the game, instead of being a mopey pawn-for-hire.


She doesn’t dislike anyone who panders to her.


Exactly!! I was hoping the same thing. JMac has got know Steve can’t be trusted. It’s written all over his face he’s a snake.

the coreys

Have a 3 so openly together like the twins and austin ever got this far before.

Really silly to allow. The week austin and liz are on the block will likely be the best week.


Was it just me.. or did it lookalike Steve was Having a “Theres Something about Mary” situation on his cheek… that total looked like some Love Juice going on…. Oh well… enough Potty Talk.

For most people in the house putting up the twins is their best move… they are the last power group. If PoV is played use it on Julia so Austin and Liz are up…. unlike Brendon… of Brenchal…. Austin will in NO way do the chivalrous act… He will do the fake “I can’t campaign against Liz..” routine…. then campaign. (That seems to be how everybody campaigns this Season.)…. “I could never campaign against ________, I just think some of the things _______ said about you is messed up.” or “I could never campaign against _______ all these people are willing to go on the block as a pawn sp they can float to the end with NO blood on their hands… it sucks you know.” …. So if Austin campaigns against Liz… let them know… then evict Liz so it makes Julia feel that Liz put her in the jury. If Liz campaigns hard…. evict Liz and claim that Austin made some good points against working with the twins.
I know that is messed up… You also have to make sure when you nominate them do this speech “I know the plan was to nominate Vanessa and Johnny Mac so we could evict Vanessa… but I realized we are mad at Vanessa for things she did to protect Austin and the twins and listening to them really push to get Vanessa on the block but they were too afraid to do it… made me think if they are doing this to someone that has worked her butt off to keep them safe… what would they do to me. I just do not feel they are loyal and right now just too much a threat.

Then evict Liz blame it all on Vanessa… split that group up… let Vanessa know everything they said that made her problems with the goblins and JMac worst and how they campaigned to keep Shelli until the Goblins came to them and said that they are voting to keep Vanessa… and Steve knew all of it so we just assumed you did too…. blow up all their games and shatter that alliance. Best way to make it to the top…. will it happen… NO, most of their brain cells are sapped so they are operating on basic survival.

Min O'Pause

Re: Steve’s cheek substance. Perhaps he was being a loyal minion and squeezing Vanasty’s chin volcanoes and got in the line of fire?


First time I will ever agree with the Twins & Austin, I see why the avoid Vanessa. Vanessa can never stop talking about Game, Game, Game, she cannot break away and just have a fun time without plotting and talking Game, she is annoying as hell.

Also, what does she mean people will be offended if JMac does not approach people and ask for their vote ? What she really means is, she will be upset, she wants JMac to approach her, but from what I have read on this site, Julia, Austin, Steve and I think Meg have already promised him their vote.

There is no need to approach Vanessa’s needy Ass !! She just wants him to have to ask her for help, she is such an annoying Person, I want her ass out of the house so bad. CBS needs to stop giving Vanessa such a good edit, people on this site and people who have the live feeds see what a pain in the ass Vanessa is.

Hoh aka soft porn room

Yucks at 7plus pm.. Austin’s hand was obviously all over liz’s chest (distinctly via their conversation.)

And for several minits his hand was seemingly stroking some of her lower body parts :: double yucks!!!!! ::

They are getting bolder by the day, not even waiting for the lights to be turned off.


I think JMac is on too Steve. Everyone knows Steve is Van’s little bitch. Steve thinks he is so much smarter then everyone else when he’s actually a joke and everyone in that house knows he’s a rat. Hopefully, Austin and Steve will go on the block next week. No Van fan but she is in it to win it. She’s a pro and it’s about the thrill of the win. She’s just so nasty and hateful. Austin and Steve are two cowards hiding behind her. The twins are not worth a comment, James has no help because the person tied to him (Meg) is pathetic and JMac played dumb guy too damn long, now he might be screwed. There’s no one to hope win at this point.
Eeenie meenie minie mo!


I think you’re giving jmack too much credit. If he’s onto Steve he’s been giving him quite a bit of ammunition. And if he’s onto him and giving him all this info, then he’s even more clueless than I thought.

The Ninety Percent

Seeing Liz and Austin kiss and snuggle makes me barf a little. He just looks like he smells and I bet she closes her legs as much as she shuts her mouth. I can’t stand them. This week has been the worst.

The other Ten Percent

Last night she was all over him, kissing and spreading her legs over him, she was very much enjoying what looked like his hand down the front of her shorts!


Oh no not the first Baby conceived on big brother? EWWWWW


why is jmac such a fan favorite? “look at me I’m a wacky dentist” is lame and totally played out.. lately he brings no entertainment value whatsoever and always seems isolated and bored the guy never appears to be having any fun.. he has absolutely zero strategy unless going down as an all time bb floater is his agenda.. if by some miracle he’s lucky enough to get to the end what could he possibly say to win jury votes “umm i know I’m a boring dentist and all but i was so wacky in the DR”.. seriously i don’t get it.. Standing by my final 3 austin james meg..


I agree about Jmac but two of your final three are total floaters also.


If Johnny turns it on and starts playing comps to win this week he can build a resume to win by taking out Vanessa first. If he lays back one more week he’s done for. Vanessa will get wind of his plan to evict her and get him. Austin will tell her in order to save himself.
I hope Becky will come back in and target the twins and Austin. If she does, she will have the resume to win. No matter who she is up against.
I don’t have a favorite this season….I think they are all nasty in their own way but if Becky can get back in and get to final two she will deserve the win in my opinion.


As a game move to make Liz feel indebted to Austin it doesn’t bother me that he takes credit for things others did. Something still annoys me about him professing that it was all him that kept Liz safe after week 2. Austin was the last person in the alliance to be told days later that Liz was a twin. Keeping the twins safe was a group effort for a numbers advantage. Liz says she started to like Austin when he played hard to get. Austin started playing hard to get after Vanessa told him to play hard to get, and yet Vanessa has never done anything but talk game. Without Vanessa passing on counsel to Austin, Liz would be so bored and annoyed with Austin that she’d be plotting his downfall instead of worrying about Vanessa. But it was all his master plan.
His bursts of ego are annoying. Just evict him already.


James could have his own show.

America's Favorite

At this point who would you choose?

I think Jackie has a good chance. She handled herself with dignity and was sent packing for no reason. If she doesn’t come back (or even if she does) I think she has a very good shot.


Jackie who?


James IMO he made some big moves and try’s to do fun stuff in the house.
The only thing is he’s very crude that could hurt his chance.


He’s a fave bc he’s uniquely funny while also being a down to earth nice guy. If you’re not into that, fine. No reason to be so vehement about it. Haters gonna hate. It’s not like he did something awful. Why care that people like him? He’s also pretty cute. And his “what do you want?” reply to Julie during live eviction was priceless. He’s naturally endearing and seems very sweet.


none of that is true.

JMac all the way

JMac is still a fav. because there’s not much of a cast to route for
Vanessa- she’s heavily medicated which makes her even more Looney than she most definitely is
Austin – there are no words, I hope when he watch’s the season he has the brains to be embarrassed
Liz -to immature and a voice I have to muteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Julia – not sure she knows where she is and again that dame voice is just to much
James – he knows the game and can compete but, his vulgar creepy side is not endearing
Meg- funny girl but, no game at all
Becky – started playing to late in the game, she had potential but, her so called team screwed her over, no coming back
Steve – just can’t warm up to this kid, I think he needs to go home to mommy

JMac for the win!


Good Lord. I dont see why some of you people even watch Big Brother. You just simply ROOT for the underdogs, like Donny fans.


was never a Donnie fan I ROOT for who plays the game, JMac laid low until he had to play, he can win and protect himself not like the rest of them that are constantly looking for the next so called “deal” to protect them….
you must be a Vanessa fan…good luck with that


Actually at this point I don’t have a favorite. Basically the only thing I’m sure of is the people I don’t like. Although I do tend to like the houseguest that actually play the game and not view this as a summer vacation. If I wanted that, I would watch something like the real world (if that show is even still on).

Since I prefer actual players, Johnny is one of my least favorites. Well him and Austin. I don’t consider someone throwing comps and/or winning veto comps that are thrown, a player. Not a single HOH, no true alliance, playing too personal. Not to mention the whole crying tears because Shelli and Clay were on the block was a little too over the top for me. Jmack is definitely at the bottom of the list along with meg, and Austin for me.


I feel the same I’m not a fan of the people left.
I think Jmac is one of those people that has a look people like. He could be the biggest mass murder alive and people would still love him. He’s very lucky.


This is why were going to have a twin win it or Vanessa cause everybody said they want to backdoor Vanessa instead of just putting her up outright. John said he going to put up James & Meg and if one of them win the POV then he’ll backdoor Vanessa if not just get rid of James. to show he loyal to Austwins. James said the same thing about John & Steve to Austin.Meg said to James I think its bout time we take a shot at Austwins James said know lets keep working with them to Final 5. Vanessa already put it in Steve ear they need to take out James this coming week then Johnny mac then they are golden. all in all these house guest are stupid for wanting to go to the final 5 with Austwins instead of breaking them up now.


WHY?!?!? can’t SOMEone with a viable shot at winning HOH just have the sense (Meg and Becky seem to be the only ones thinking it out loud but let’s face it…. 1’s going, the other doesn’t win) to put up 2 of those 3- A,L,J?!?! Voice it as a ‘strategical’ move (because it IS!) so they can’t be too upset and ‘hold it against them’ in Jury, and be vocal about no matter who wins POV, the left over of the 3 will be replacement??? It would decimate them as a group having to campaign against each other…. Is common sense really that hard to come by when you’re living in the fishbowl….?


Hey Johny get a clue Come back to the other side!!!

Cassandra Hilson

Johnny Mac needs to know that Zankie might backdoor him because they are getting jealous of his delicious bubble butt. I wonder if Julie is going to wear a ponytail on thursday for the live triple conviction. Also I think Meg had really bad diarrhea after this cooking competition, she was in the toilet room for almost 45 minutes.