Trapped under 8lbs of blankets “I can’t even get out of this, It’s so heavy”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 14-18-33-652_jpg


Laying around poolside chit chatting. James shares a bunch of stories about Gizmo his cat. (I love Gizmo stories, if they’re 1% true that cat is amazing)

They complain how some ingredients are gone after last nights cooking contest

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 14-56-42-272_jpg

Meg Makes Jamesa a turkey sandwich
Meg – Pepper jack cheese, Mayo and turkey
James- And she cut it down the centre just how I like it
James – Couldn’t have made this better myself

Vanessa, James and meg joke arounds how when they started the ants would bother them and gross them out when they ate now they see one crawling over their food and they just Flick it off.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 16-06-44-739_jpg

3:25pm HOH Austin and Liz getting ready to shower, Austin humming to himself.. “Tresemme Tresemme Ooh la la” (Austin sings the oddest jingles most of the time it’s 90’s songs)..
3:57pm After showering Liz, Austin in HOH resting Julia using the HOH bathroom.
(LOL sorry folks it’s really slow 🙁 )

4:10pm Meg and Julia coming back into the HOh to use the toilet as Steve made the downstairs toilet unfriendly .

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 16-18-44-516_jpg

4:13pm Bedroom James and Meg
James – don’t go to sleep yet.. I’m up
Meg – No I want to sleep go this i my nook
James – I’m up
Meg- Go in your bed and Sleep
James – no, Lets go do something
Meg – NO, go to your bed and Sleep
James – Tell me a story

James covers her with Pillows and Blankets
Meg – I feel like Princess and the pea but I’m the pea
Meg – it’s so heavy.. ugh this ones wet
James- you gotta fight your way out
Meg – Get off of me

Meg – Get them off of me it’s so heavy
James- it’s three blankets
Meg- it’s heavy
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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 16-23-05-516_jpg

Steve comes by
James- nothing is going on here steve you just turn away..
Steve takes over and climbs on the mountain of Blankets
James says she’s starting to get hot under there.
Steve- this is the most comfortable thing i’ve laid on
Meg – I need air holes
Meg – Honestly I can’t even get out of this, It’s so heavy, I can’t even get out
James says it’s like 8lbs of Blankets

Steve recommends next time they try and get her arms trapped under it
James- nah I don’t want her to feel trapped.. (LOL)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-18 16-36-34-314_jpg

4:40pm HOH Austin and Liz
So this is a full showmance now.. (Lucky we can see both Austin’s hands 😉 )


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freeks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac

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who cares about Austin and Liz,it’s all about James and Meg!

#SexualTension hahahaha

Oh and Simon’s “luckily you can see both of Austin’s hand” HAHAHAAHAAHAHAHA #Epic


Although he just got out of the shower and we know they’re clean.

the coreys

Jmac is out of control.

Putting up meg and James to backdoor vanessa?

Ok, so let’s say vanessa goes up against either. Here is how the vote goes down.

Austin, liz and Julia vote to keep her.

She stays.

Game over.

How have they not figured this out yet when they were blatantly told a month ago by Audrey about it

It’s pathetic


I agree! I would hope Jmac wouldn’t put up Meg or James…The Asstwits, or Vanessa will literally lock that down, and JAMES would go next..Asstwits have always said Vanessa is considered a big shield, as everyone else gets picked off 1 by 1. I really think that’s what the asstwits would want, so they don’t have to be the ones to take the goblins out themselves. JMAC please come to your senses, you’re only an after thought of their alliance, and after James goes, its all over..


At this point the Austwins are keeping Johnnie in to do just that. New Freaks and Geeks see above. Austwins Steve J Mac. That’s the plan, put up Gobs, win POV and get it used then renom Vanessa. Gob off block votes out Nessa plus of house.
The talk is to wait til one HG comes back. Then take out Nessa. Remember though Austwins have a 5 person deal with Goblins as well. Plus a sorta/kinda thing with Van and Steve. If they keep J Mac then a Goblin goes next week unless HOH. This deals with the 3 Gobs if Jackie came back. That would cut ties with Goblins leaving 1 plus 2-4 chance of a second coming back.
Frankly I think Austwins real strategy is simple. Play social to your advantage depending on HOH. Be flexible on all options as long as all 3 stay safe. Who’d of thought it’s Austin’s social that has them in a good spot. Says something for the weakness of HG game play.
Small talk between Steve/J Mac/Van but going no where IMO. All these 5 player deals have the Austwins they are sitting pretty ATM.
No Pandora’s box IMO but a twist that will include an instant eviction over the labour day weekend. Just guessing mind you. If Johnnie needs a hidden veto to get to F4 might see AG pull that.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. That is a very stupid plan. Vanessa would get into their heads and convince them to keep her anyway. Steve and the twins already said they want her to stay next week. So if they do the same thing to JMac that they did to Becky, the next week he will be sent to jury. JMac better come to his senses and put one of the twins up with Vanessa. That’s the only way she’s guaranteed to go. I just don’t understand why anyone besides Austin would want to save them both at this point! I will be soooooo mad if Austwins and Vanessa end up being the final 4. This season is turning out to be predictable like last season. I hope the person they bring back changes the game. Hopefully it’s not Shellie.


Liz and Austin are gross. I don’t need to see them all over each other


100% agree, makes my skin crawl, I keep thinking about all that hair in the way. lol


And his tattooed hand makes it look like she’s being attacked by a lizard or snake!


Could be worse: Brendon & Rachel and McCrae & Amanda did a lot more than kissing.


floating is a strategy just not a winning one.. way too easy to just be nice and not really play the game.. err meg.. which is why she’ll likely be there at the end.. suppose 50k is nothing to scoff at.. austin has positioned himself nicely he deserves way more respect for his game.. sorry you all find him so creepy lol but seems a bit judgmental if you ask me.. he’ll have no choice but to stick with james stand back and watch the others bury the vantwins.. james is clearly a big threat for jury votes hope he can hang in long enough to have power in numbers.. jmac is just boring now hope he goes away thursday .. still standing by final 3 austin james meg..

Pinocchio Obama

Is Becky working for votes or does she know it is a done deal?


Becky’s gotta try everything…. let’em motorboat for votes…. hell even let Nessa in on it…. turn this thing around.
Don’t give up!


Vote Dawg, vote often.

kathie from canada

i always do and Dawg gets my first vote. lol. Then I am stuck to pick two others since I’m not really pulling for anyone in the house. Nice to see Dawg is eating Austin’s lunch in the polls!


LOOOL meg and james r so cute together, I hope they start a goblin showmance


Dare I say reminds me of Jon and Neda 😛


Just the way Austin holds Liz’s face when he kisses her makes it seem he is man handling her. I’m 2000 miles away and feel smothered every time I see it.


Every time he gropes and pets her…I think of the tree/vines assault scene from Evil Dead.×425/1800529.jpg


Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are awesome!!

BB Drafter

Boring. Hope next week is better.


Is becky being an idiot or does she still think before noms was that johnny mac was the person going home and she still thinks that way. I wonder how come becky was the smart player but has not campaign think she has everyone votes except for steve and van. Also is steve and jmac dumb or something. When you win hoh jmac and send james home you help the other side and then next week they will backdoor you and bye bye.The twins and austin are using jmac after he wins then he is next target is logically. And I want to know why jmac is not pondering why is steve be protective of van. Next one is physical so most likely james or jmac will win because they will not do a mental because what will they show on sunday for a comp.


I believe she thinks she can win coming back in. She’s just chillin


It just dawned on me that we got a US season of Big Brother that was better than the Canadian one that preceeded it. You don’t need an unnecessary amount of twisto twists to make a good season!

The Clown

As a viewer I find James to be the most entertaining HG. It is too bad he can be so vulgar at times. He really makes me laugh out loud quite a bit. He is always up to something. Imagine how brutally boring it would be without him in the house. I also think him and Meg’s personalities really go well together. Not sure about romantically but as friends.

PF the B

I totally agree; James is awesome in my opinion! Sure, his language is salty at times, but it’s just words, and there doesn’t seem to be any malice involved. When he cooked an omelet for Audrey when she was in her self imposed exile, it showed he has a good heart. I’d like to see him go further!


I am down to rooting for James and Julia as the winner, or returnee (Jackie/Shelli), sans Becky.

I think Steve and Vanessa are goners. They both think too much and are stupidly playing each other when they need each other.

I do not want Liztin to even come close to the cash. I am not a fan of John, who’s obviously fed by DR. I really hate production manipulation and I feel it strongly with him suddenly being able to get close who Liztin who hated him hours before they loved him.
Meg, I don’t care. She’s not annoying at all but she’s not worthy of a cash prize.




Whether you agree or not, I have to say JohnMac’s game this week grows drastically compared to others.

1. JohnMac knew he is a target this week. He knew noway he can escape the block this week. He knew he is a bigger threat compared to Becky to others since he is the veto king. But JohnMac has managed to shift the target to Becky and Vanessa, which is not easy to do (till 2 more days to see he can make it). When Donny was on the block with Nicole last season, Donny could not convince everyone to save him because he was the veto king. This is JohnMac’s 5th time on the block. If he can escape this week eviction, then this is his first great game move. Dan was on the block against Danielle, Dan had managed to shift the target to Britney to save himself (I do not compare Johnmac to Dan’s level). If the bigger threat can survive eviction, that is a huge successful game move.

2. After John shifted the target to Becky and Vanessa, he still needs the votes to stay. So what is John next game move? John knew he has Steve’s vote for sure but he still needs 3 more votes to stay (That is a lot of votes). John can go with James/Meg to secure 2 votes but he decides to go with Austwins to secure 3 votes to stay. Remember Frank put Dan on the block but Dan managed to make a deal with Frank so that the veto could be used on Dan. Austwins put JohnMac on the block and JohnMac has no choice this week, in order to secure 3 votes to stay, John has to buddy with Austwins. If John aligned with James/Meg this week and somehow it got back to Austwins, then John will be out of the door on Thursday. This is John’s 2nd great game move.

3. John is a bigger threat than James and Meg but is a lesser threat than Austwins.. John aligned with Austwins is his third great game move because bigger threat usually got evicted first. People usually break up a group alliance first.

4. James and Meg only take care of each other. If John aligned with James/Meg, John will be expendable to them at least for this week (Becky is one of the example). James and Meg has never done anything to protect John in this game. On the other hand, Steve at least tried to protect John this week. So John aligned with Steve this week is John’s 4th good game move (at least of this week).

5. Now in order to target the big threat like Vanessa, John has to have the whole house support (like Derrick had the whole house support to target Devin last season), not one side of the house (like Becky’s mistake). John knew Vanessa is with Austwins (like Derick knew Devin is with Caleb), John has tested everyone’s water including Austwins about Vanessa this week whether John can go ahead to target Vanessa next week. That is John’s 5th great game move this week.

John can manage to survive this week without any blood on his hand and without anyone got mad at him (till 2 more days to go though). That is great.

That is why I am rooting for JOHNMAC all to the end. The guy definitely knows how to play the game. He is my America’s favorite player.

If anyone disagrees with me about John’s game move, then please tell John and me what John should do differently to survive this week.


First, I am going to admit I didn’t read your entire post- way too long about Jmac. Yes Jmac will survive this week, but not to his doing. Just like Van didn’t survive last week due to her doing (and I am a van fan). This reply is to tell you why Jmac is not a great player. Don’t know if you just watched the Steve/Jmac convo, but if you did that should be enough to show how bad he is. He first tells Steve he would use Steve as a pawn.. dumb move, this is what sent Shelli packing. At this stage in the game you NEVER use someone as a pawn you aren’t willing to lose. This is similar to his talk with Steve, “Pick me for the veto and I will use it on Shelli.” Umm okay, NO. His next huge blunder. If you keep Van everyone would want to go to the end with her because everyone hates her and would beat her in the f2. Thanks Jmac for giving Steve a reason to take Van to the final 2 (Not that he hasn’t already thought of this). Not to mention Jmac does all the talking in these convos, which is always a dumb move. Jmac might be smart enough to work things out, but he has terrible execution.


All of this happened TO Jmac. He did not execute any of it. Austin and Liz pulled him into HOH to get more info from him about Vanessa. The situation with Nicole was completely different bc she was not an obvious target or strong competitor or flip flopper the way that Becky is. Donny was clearly the bigger threat. I root for Jmac, but I do it in spite of his weak social game. He’s too passive to pull off any of this. He was already aligned with Steve bc he basically had no one else and they accepted each other as outsider friends.


Boo long post


I agree with everything you have said. Plus, I think John has to play like he wouldn’t put any of the three headed monsters up right now, so he doesn’t get evicted Thursday. He is telling them what they want to hear. He was the target and managed to remove himself from being the target, so props to him. We will have to wait to see what happens Thursday and who wins the HOH.


So how long until Julia finds out about Fingergate and loses her sh*t on Liz?

Min O'Pause

WTF is fingergate? Or should I ask?


Agh….Simon! I have banned myself from watching any HOH feeds this week because they’ve been vomit-inducing. I heard about this incident…and was relieved I hadn’t witnessed it. But, I get that you have to suffer through every minute of this and just sharing the misery with rest of us. There isn’t enough eye-bleach in world to unseen that GIF.


I made myself refuse to watch both times. Eye bleach– new fav expression. Several oops to use it during the week. Still giggling. Couldn’t even tell why I was laughing cause I’d start giggling again!!


Just gross!


Simon , I thought you liked us. When it was happening I didn’t realize what was going on sometimes I zone out on the feeds. Now I have to go and brush my teeth from all the vomit!!


Any other HG fingers, just not AusTurd. Maybe not Julia.


I don’t think it’s just Fingergate anymore. 4:24pm today, it looks like they go all the way, sideways. Austin hip thrusting and all that.


Big brother baby OTW. What should its name be?

Min O'Pause

Good Lord make it stop!!!! Don’t let them breed!


Sluts get cut. I hope so!

Austin's Fingernail

It’s too late. Her mom has already seen it. That should be a fun family reunion, huh?

Min O'Pause

Mumsy, Daddy, this is the man of my dreams and has fathered the fruit of my loins. He’s a wrestler and operates the octopus at the carnival.


Consenting adults.

Min O'Pause

Yeah and totally revolted viewers.

Austins Tattoo

I use to love the name Austin, till this season of BB..Now I think of him, and it SUCKS!

Yo Yo Yo

Ants….every summer there are ants everywhere. So many easy solutions. Why doesn’t BB do something? It’s gross to eat food covered in ants.

Min O'Pause

Make the ants watch that GIF. They’ll commit mass suicide by drowning themselves in the kitchen drain.


Oh so funny!! Love you!

Ian's Beer

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I just peed myself LMAO


You have to wonder what their house in real life is like.
I don’t know how they can live with stuff all on the floor and stinky dishes everywhere.

June Bug

If you want a showmance do that stuff in the jury house. I don’t understand how they can touch each other and know there is cameras on them. Have a little bit of will power!

Meg is Hot

Bangarang!!!!!!!!!! yeehawww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



jmac attack

Doesn’t Johny make more money as a DENTIST, than all the weeks he spends on BB. Unless he wins the 500k, is it really worth it for him????? I can’t imagine him wanting to stay in that house w/ all the chaos and restrictions..


Does anybody else find it weird that Austin always has his hands on her head when he kisses her, almost like he’s forcing her to kiss him??? Yuck!!!!