“Audrey’s gotta go she’s America’s player it’s way too much of a X factor” -Vanessa

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 15-06-20-138_jpg

3:07pm HOH Liz and Vanessa
VAnessa says Steve is 22 but his maturity level with women is 13
Liz points out that Steve is a virgin
VAnessa says he’s only kissed a girl 4 times
Liz wonder why Steve would think she likes him
vanessa – you told him you like nerdy guys ..
VAnessa explains that Steve doesn’t have experience with women
Vanessa says it’s specifically Liz he likes
Liz says she’s going to have to stop doing this
Vanessa – what are you doing to him
Liz – Steve of all people oh my god.. what so I do
Vanessa says she needs to stop flirting with Steve and start talking about Austin to him.
Austin comes in. Vanessa says they are talking about Steve
liz – He knows to
Vanessa – I told him this morning
Austin – I mean we can double date..

Liz says she tells him things but she’s just being nice..
Vanessa tells them to be careful with Steve he’s very fragile. “He can be ruined for life “
Vanessa asks her if she’s dated a nerdy guy like steve
Liz says he dated one once.
Vanessa wonders if it was Julia that told Steve she liked nerdy guys
Liz says Julia goes after the a$$hole tool bags
Liz – if her lips touch a guy bye i’m not interested… Me and her will never fight over a guy ever.. there’s too many guys in this world to do that.

Austin hopes Steve doesn’t come after him and harbour resentment because of this.
Austin says Liz needs to squash this
VAnessa – you need to say I have a crush on Austin
Liz – I like nerdy guys but ones that aren’t virgins.. I like Muscles not guys that are twigs
Liz – why can’t he like Jackie.. .Like Come on Jackie
Austin – you are the only one that gives him attentions
Vanessa – it’s great to be gay my lf is so easy in here

Audrey comes in. They asks her if everything is OK with Shelli
Audrey says Shelli is concerned because JAson has been throwing her name out there
Austin thinks Jason is going to target SHelli and Austin. He might put Austin up with Steve. Audrey thinks she’s the target.
They agree Their side has to win it this week clay and Shelli won’t be throwing it.

Austin doesn’t think there are a lot of people that will avenge Jeff ex except for Jackie
Audrey is worried Johnnymac will
Austin – He’s loyal to a fault.. why is he loyal to him what has Jeff done for him
Audrey – He will put up Shelli because he can justify it
Austin – He’s a candidate to throw
Liz – Johnnymac loves Shelli he won’t put her up

They start talking about how Simple and “Remedial” last year there wasn’t the level of manipulation they are having this year. Audrey and Austin agree it’s because there was a strong guys alliance that Steam rolled.

They start speculating about the HOH competition tomorrow. They’re hoping it’s a pairs competition. They wonder what would happen if Jackie and Becky are paired they would be a strong in a competition.
Vanessa – Becky is in no alliance
Audrey – I see her with Steve in the storage room talking for a long time
Austin – Steve, Can Steve stop going after every girl in this house
Austin – Jeff claims he has a third mystical vote
Audrey – I think i’ts Steve, Johnny, Becky and Steve those are his votes.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 15-34-05-535_jpg

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 15-38-35-079_jpg

3:36pm HOH Austin, Vanessa, Liz and Audrey
Talking about potential HOH Competitions.
Audrey says she will die before coming off an endurance competition. They wonder how well JAson is going to do because he’s a smoker.
Audrey is going to say in her goodbye message to Jeff “Sorry you got taken down by a real alliance the sleeper cell “
Vanessa is going to say – “While you were asleep thinking Audrey was the target Sleeper cell had you under their spell and you were the real target” (LOl ohh zing)
Vanessa – “Ring Ring Ring Ring.. Lawon.. Jeff it’s Lawon he wants Big BRother worst move in History back”
Austin – That’s what you get for calling out the HOH
They start speculating who is going to try and win the HOH
They agree JAckie, Jason, Meg are going to fight for it.
Vanessa points out Meg shouldn’t win the HOH she’s safe and will just make her a target.
They Agree Becky is going to fight for it but they might be able to talk her out of it. Becky was expressing concern that she’s coming on too strong in the competitions. Austin is going to plant a seed about it.
Audrey _ I think JohnnyMac is going to try and win
Austin – Jeff is somehow infiltrated his mind
Vanessa – jeff got in there.. he f***d him up
Audrey – I think JohnnyMac is a bro guy
Austin – Why can’t he be a bro guy with me
Audrey – because Jeff was against you

Steve comes up Audrey heads downstairs

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 15-50-29-016_jpg

3:38pm Clay and Shelli
Talking about Jeff swearing his loyalty to Clay.
Clay says there is only one person he would throw the HOH to Vanessa and she can’t play
Clay says if they win HOH there’s no more talking to the other side no more james, Meg, JAson.
Shelli – have you talked to james about who he would go after.. Vanessa and Austin have made them pretty big targets this week
Clay – Today’s not a game day I’m off today.. this is the day we call in sick
Shelli – I don’t like how quiet the house is
Clay says Audrey and Vanessa are getting to know each other on a personal level, “They are getting closer.. and closer” Clay thinks if they have a double eviction they might come after the couples. Clay thinks Audrey will take him out so she can have Shelli.
Audrey comes in tells them that they were talking in the HOH and she’s certain it’ll be a couple HOH like last year.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 15-51-58-018_jpg

4:00pm HOH Steve, Vanessa, Austin and Liz
Steve asks who is voting for Jeff to stay, “He needs 6”
Austin says it’s Jackie/JohnnyMAc and a magical third person they don’t know about
They count the votes and the only one they are not sure about is Becky. They have confirmation Meg will vote out Jeff.
the vote count is
To Evict James = Jackie and JohnnyMAc
To Evict James = Austin, Steve, Liz, Clay, Shelli, Jason, Meg
Unknown = Becky

Steve and Liz leave.. VAnessa tells him about her conversation with Liz. Liz likes him but doesn’t want to do anything in front of the camera.
Austin – so she said she’s into it
Vanesa – ya I think so
Vanesa – Audrey is America’s player and she’s pinning it on Steve
Vanessa – she’s America’s player 1 million percent
Austin – so we can’t count on her
Vanessa say they just can‘t count on her vote.. Steve her fall guy
Austin – So Audrey’s the third vote.. I’m telling you we have to replace her
Vanessa says she wants to work with Audrey but she’s America’s player they can’t play with her.
Austin – we’ll have to move her out and someone in
Vanessa wonders if it’s team America again, she’s thinking it’s Clay, Shelli and Audrey.
They start talking about the difference between the Feed favorites and the TV favorites.
Austin thinks they need to tell Shelli and Clay about their concerns about Audrey being America’s player. Vanessa keeps saying how certain she about it.
Vanessa – we need to get Audrey out it’s the X factor we cannot control
Austin agrees. They start to wonder who they can pull in. The options are JohnnyMAC and Becky. They think Becky is really controller so she might not be a good fit.

Vanessa says Austin needs to go to JAmes and tell him Jeff is saying there’s a secret third vote and none of them know who it is.
Vanesa – worst case he has Becky, Jackie, JohnnyMAC and Liz.
Ausitn – that’s why he wants our vote, me and Liz
Vanessa asks him if there’s a chance he would vote for Jeff.
Austin – 0.000

Vanessa now saying that she suspect Audrey is working with Shelli and Clay. Austin wonders if they are trying to flip to Jeff. (OMG these two are so paranoid)
Vanessa – Audrey’s gotta go she’s America’s player it’s way too much of a X factor
Austin asks her if this would have put Audrey up in light of this information
Vanessa says she would because they cannot make any plans America’s player will blow it up
(Vanessa thinks Audrey is America’s player based on what she was saying about Steve)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 16-36-06-566_jpg

4:34pm Austin and Liz
Austin telling her Audrey’s America’s player and she’s going to be the third vote “She’s gotta go“
Austin – that’s why everything flipped with Da last week
Austin explains they can’t strategize with Audrey cause they have no idea what she’ll do it’s based on America’s vote.
Liz agrees
Austin is worried Audrey is going to spread some rumor to Shelli.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 16-42-12-290_jpg

4:42pm Jeff, Clay and Shelli
Jeff says Jason isn’t going to vote for him because of the Da vote.
Jeff says if he stays there’s one person he thought was his friend and he’s going to AXE them from the equation.
Jeff – Jackie is really upset.. she’s just really scared.. we’ve been hanging out a lot more than usual lately
Jeff – Shelli you were one of the first people in this house that I met when I walked in .. it’s crazy
Jeff – Audrey I don’t think I met you until later on.. Same as Clay..

4:49pm Clay comes back
Jeff tells them there is someone else in the house throwing his name under the bus. He always thought it was Audrey but it wasn’t
Clay – Austin
Jeff – YA I didn’t see that one coming..
Jeff goes on about Austin telling people Jeff saying he has 6 votes. Jeff says that is crazy he wouldn’t do that. (Actually Jeff was telling Austin he was the swing vote and if Jeff stayed he had a good chance to win)
Clay called into the Diary room
Jeff says he hopes his obvious friends stick with him
Audrey – Like Meg, JAckie Becky
Jeff – well ya.. Shelli, Clay, JohnnyMac.. becky is a mutual friend.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-15 16-48-40-943_jpg

4:46pm Austin and Clay
Austin telling him his goodbye message “No one comes between me and my twins”
Austin wanted to do it with both of them but production won’t let them
They are waiting for the Jeff campaigning onslaught
Austin is going to talk to James and tell him to pick it up he’s not campaigning just sleeping.
Clay says he’s positive Jeff is going

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I really don’t know how much longer I can handle Austin’s delusion. He seems to really think that all the females like him and are just waiting for him and that all the guys are jealous of him. I feel so conflicted between straight up laughing at him and feeling sorry for him.

Pinicchio Obama

Austin’s biggest fan is Austin….and maybe Clay Aiken.


Oh definitely Clay Aiken. I wrote a post about that yesterday. He is a joke. Trying to be on BB to gain social media popularity & come off as this ripped work out guy who poses as the dark character Judas lmao, but is a huge Clay Aiken fan. Seriously Austin is a joke! Can’t wait for him to get out the house & rad about how people truly perceive him. Total wake up call for Austin.


Lol. They are obsessed with Audrey being America’s Player. I wonder how it will come out that there isn’t one this year.

Pinicchio Obama

I’m surprised that Audrey has lasted this long. I think Becky is doing a great job of staying under the radar and might be a contender.


what the hell bb that pov challenge was like last year where donny won the pov. Come be more creative.


I liked Vanessa better when she was playing a quiet game. Unfortunately, her observation skills are leading her down Paranoid Avenue. Do they really think Audrey is America’s Player considering she played such a crap-o-la game during the first week? C’mon people! If the house has any sense whatsoever, they would put Austin and Clay up with two pawns next week if those two happen to not win HOH. Austin has my vote for Worst Gameplay this week since he’s been running around micromanaging his alliance and hump buddy Liz.


Really Austin, you are going to be that lame and go with “No one comes between me and my twins”. I thought it was a stupid remark from Rachel, but coming out of your mouth, it is just plain pathetic.. I don’t believe you were a Professional Wrestler, a Professional Whiner …maybe, a Professional loser, certainly!!


I agree with your comment about Austin. He is just like Day said, Tall with Muscles, but a big wimp! He acts likes a child.

I Love Jordan

I like JohnnyMac but he needs to get in an alliance with others in the house


He is just a servent. A pawn and for trow competitions


If you love Jordan of course you will love Johnny mac. You don’t like real players.


clay and shelli are idiots once james meg jason are gone who will take out austin liz vanessa nobody. You cannot ride the middle when most of the other side is mostly gone. Come on the only good competitor is jason.


Its to much thinking for old Barbie and ken


Why I’m I so disinterested in what’s going on other then the live evictions. Who else is annoyed by johns voice I LOSE A PIECE OF MY SOUL EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTHS. MY EARS BLEED OMG!!!!!!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!


Yeah extremely Annoying. I simple dont get why so many people like him.but watch the other hg i can have some clue. He just chill all summer and trow competitions for his bosses

The Molar-nator

I think he’s mainlining novacaine and maybe getting a snootful of nitrous oxide.


John’s voice is part of his goofy charm.

The Molar-nator

Agreed. He’s actually my favorite to win the whole thing!


His voice actually reminds me of a comedian named Bobcat Goldthwait.


Im Doné with these people please post something about Jason and Meg. This house is a sick hell.


Thanks Simon! 🙂 i can understand why



amandas dog woofy

Jason is always eating. meg is stewies sister. g.


Noooooo….a sick hell would be having Frankie the Fame Whore back in the house.


Jason and Meg for hoh per GOD!! I can’t stand these idiots anymore. Please prodution do something the poder needs change this week.


It’s so boring that the person going home is a done deal as soon as they’re nominated. This year is such a dud that I don’t care who wins or loses anymore. Even the ones I dislike can’t keep me around to witness their ultimate downfalls.
These people are childish, mean, vain and stupid and clueless.
Too bad the most interesting houseguest left already. She played the game!
BB needs to shake things up or every season is going to get more and more predictable. YAWN!

Oh FFS...

Would you rather re-watch last season with Frankie Grande instead? Really just stfu and try to enjoy this season or just stop watching.


Instead of the normal opening song, they should just say ” Previously on Days of our Lives”. Because this is some crazy soap opera.


Austin and Liz/Julia will be a sad sad story when it blows up. Vanessa seems to have revealed what she really thinks of Audrey…is she trying to protect her to look good in front of America? And then changed her mind…?
Liz won’t be able to fend from Austin two to three more weeks without him making a move. He’s mentally quite skeevy….as for Steve/Julia that is more manageable since it can just be flirty and friendly.

If I were in the house like Johnny Mac, I would start breaking up the couples (Clay/Shelli, Jason/Jackie, Austin/Liz) and then win some HOH and Vetos to get far in the game. Becky as well, but she has some competition in Shelli and Jackie in terms of physical. She doesn’t seem like a mental threat, but has high EQ.

I wonder when Vanessa will break up Austin/Twins. She knows how the girls feel and I know she will break them up one or two votes after Twins are in the house.


Too bad Vanessa! You had your chance!


Just wondering why people on this site dislike Shelli and Clay so much? I don’t have live feeds and I’m not a fan but curious why they are so disliked.


Lack of qualities

B-bad owl

Because they are trying to be Jeff & Jordan. They both came into the game specifically looking to try to fill those rolls. They were completely obvious about it and truly believe that they are America’s Sweethearts.
They don’t seem to understand that the reason so many people liked J&J so much was because they were real. And the public watched their relationship grow naturally. They weren’t fake at all. If Shelli and Clay had become friends and then over time, realized that they had feelings for each other, then people would like them too. But that’s not the case.


Thanks for answering my question.

Animal Control Officer

Because he’s a dog on a leash and she needs a muzzle.


Clay was a DICK when Shelli was HOH, thinking he was THE SHITT!! ” You can only ask one question.” He wasn’t even the fucking HOH. And Shelli just went along with Clay being a DICK. ” I’m not talking game tonight.”, saying that only because of Clay. I do believe it was a good move for Shelli to get rid of Da, but the fact that she only got rid of Da at Clay’s suggestion, when she had her mind set on Audrey is ugh. Women so easily influenced by men, especially ones they don’t really know, shows dumbassness . And they both think they are THE SHITT. Clay saying that they are taking the day off, that they are calling in sick, like he just knows they have nothing to worry about. THAT’S WHY..

The Molar-nator



They dislike everybody, if Jesus was a houseguest there would be comments like: “I can’t stand him he’s so fake” “he’s so manipulative” “If I have to hear his voice again I’m going to scream” “it’s so unfair that he can turn his water into wine” ….


Will someone please tell Vanessa to get out of the HOH bed, She stays in the bed all day and expect everyone to come up to the HOH room and talk with her. She and Austin are really riding my last nerve, Vanessa started off being someone that I really liked, and wanted to go far in the game, but now her and Austin are getting on my nerves with all of the conspiracy theories and paranoia. Both of them have become very annoying and I cannot wait for Vanessa’s HOH to finally be over, and I think it is not fair how CBS its still playing this twin twist, I thought if the house found out that they have a twin swapping in and out of the game, then their game is over. I think it is crazy CBS is still playing this twin


This season the HOHs try to stay in the room to negotiate. Not saying it’s the best way to be HOH, but seems to be how this seasons cast likes to operate. I also thought its to give the twins space to hide.

What is getting on my nerves is that she talks a mile a minute and doesn’t stop to consider that she may not remember stuff. And she seems like she plans to keep Austin around…so who are her jury votes? She also slept more after putting Jeff up and there’s a difference in how calm she is with or without sleep. I don’t think she slept enough at the start of her HOH reign.

She is also revealing a lot about her life…I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. I was surprised that she mentioned her ex dying. I thought she wouldn’t make it so obvious she comes from a rich background with her life stories.


Sorry I hit the post comment before I finished my last post. What I wanted to finissh saying was, I don’t think it is fair to the other house guests by bringing in the other twin. I thought if the house found out about the twins, CBS would consider this twist a fail, but I guess they are going to stick with as long as they can survive 5 evictions, CBS will send in both twins at the same time. I forgot what season it was, but CBS has already done this twist a few years back, I’ve been watching since season 1, why bring this same twist back? I don’t even like the “Battle Of The Block”, this is another useless twist in my opinion. I love Big Brother, look forward to watching it every summer, I just wish CBS would think of more interesting twists that will bring drama and excitement to the game. STOP using the same challenges, twists etc.. The houseguests who watch the show on at regular basis, they keep guessing what the HOH and POV challenges will be. Come on CBS, you have the money to hire some creative talent to help with challenges, twists, things the viewers will enjoy watching, and the houseguests will not be able to know what the challenges and twists are.

B-bad owl

It isn’t CBS that makes those decisions. It’s Allison Grodner, the executive producer, and her staff. The only thing CBS has to do with the show, is put it on the air. And as soon as another show comes by that can generate more viewers, and thus more revenue for the network, then CBS will replace Big Brother with that as filler between potato chip/car/soda pop commercials.
Because whether anyone realizes it or not, that’s all shows are. Something to fill air time in between advertisements.


totally agree. They gotta stop saying expect the unexpected and most twisted season ever. All the HGs know and discuss what’s scheduled to come. There’s no surprise element.


Austin – Steve, Can Steve stop going after every girl in this house: Kettle, meet black!


I have never seen a man that gets so jealous…even of ..well geeks like Steve.


On tonight’s episode Van has some nerve jumping Austin when she obviously threw the veto herself. I mean how onviosus? Why didn’t he call her on it?


She threw it bc that was part of her plan. She wanted Audrey to get it, not use it, and keep noms the same. That way, Vanessa figured she could get James out and less “blood on her hands” (as she’s so fond of saying). By Austin throwing it, she would be forced to take nominate someone else b/c, of course, JMac would take himself down.


And of course Vanessa knee that Austin threw it. She has a very high IQ.


Vanessa threw to Audrey. Plan was to try and let Audrey win veto so that Vanessa had excuse not to put her up. Austin and the others agreed to try and win it so that nominations could stay same. Austin went back on the deal when he threw to Johnny knowing Johnny would use it and Vanessa would put up Jeff. Doing Austin’s dirty work for him. I suspect that Austin will become a definite target for Vanessa very soon. Vanessa now knows Austin is playing for himself, not the alliance. Smart move would be to rally the women and pick off Austin and Clay……quickly. love how they made Austin a total villain on the show tonight. And Austin made himself look stupid with that fake wrestling acting.

The Molar-nator

I would like to rip out his tongue with pliers and stick that pointy dental hook thing in his eyes. But that’s just me.

B-bad owl

When considering that Austin is a person on a game show, that you will never meet in real life, I must say that your wish to remove one of his body parts and permanently blind him is “unhealthy” at best.
Also you must feel big and strong saying that in a comment section of an online forum. Sitting in front of your computer monitor or on your phone/tablet. Something tells me that you wouldn’t be so big and bad if you came face to face with that huge man.

The Molar-nator

Seriously? You don’t understand sarcasm do you? Or you take yourself waaay too seriously.

The Molar-nator

Meaning Austin of course.


I love how everyone think Audrey is America’s Player. When all she is, is a witch screwing with game on her own. Man I wish they would take her out. I can not stand her, she makes Frankie look good!


C’mon! All Audrey did is play an awful game (which by the way is great to watch), and this made Frankie look good? Frankie was disliked because of his personality in which he talked a lot of smack about good people and made sure that people knew he had “1.5 million followers” and that his fans would go on social media and bash anyone that went against him.


and Audrey has never made any personal attacks…please…she is always making little digs, she may not be exactly like the pink troll, but she comes close second.

Stop whining

The person above stop whining like school girl, if you don’t watch the show cbs is not gonna lose anything,ur one in a million


send jeff home


The CBS edit sucked when it came to Vanessa and Jeff’s argument. They made it look like Vanessa got angry and bent out of shape towards Jeff over nothing.

They didn’t even mention Venessa’s beef with Jeff about him lieing about her approaching him about beginning a potential alliance. Again, another reason for reading the spoilers to help you understand what’s really going on in the house. Thank you Simon and Dawg for all of ya’ll hard work!!!

another name

hey KL, I agree that the cut was pretty bad.
I can see why they cut it that way though. I had wondered how they could include a portion of the fight that was about an alliance that the show edit has already disavowed.
the show edit never included the creation of the alliance they’re arguing about.
It’s the flip side of the edit trying to make shelli and clay and audrey look less sketchy than they were in week one up to the beginning of week two. According to show edit, shelli was in the three girl, the big 8 and now with the sleeper/six. Clay was in the 8 and now the 6 on the other side. Audrey was in the three girl and the 8, now in the 6 on the other side as well. The actual on air show hasn’t shown even half of the alliances that have happened. so they have to cut mention of things that they didn’t work into their master plotline, even though they directly effect this week’s place in the master plotline. in editing the major plot so that there was one big alliance vs. one small (jace Austin liz vanessaish) with a few unaligned players, they can’t make mention of any of the side deals without a two week delorean jump into the past.

another name

I guess if I want to be paranoid it would make sense that Audrey’s actions make her a likely candidate for America’s player. Her first week antics do seem like something that would be voted on by the bb system in order to avoid a boring first week. her ‘erratic’ voting (done to create other targets through subterfuge, and to win an ally if one of the first evicted makes it back into the game) does seem like something that smells of bb tampering… but nope. that’s just Audrey trying to gain camera time and get attention from the viewing audience.
Not that bb would every try to tamper with a vote. That’s not what shelli was alluding to at all. only she sort of was. there’s one conversation that won’t make it to the Thursday episode.
now if only every Austin talking about Liz conversation began with big brother told me… or got chopped by camera room changes.
James or Jeff. don’t care either way. given the lack of linen changes or laundry that seems to occur, even if jeff leaves this week, his dna will still be jasper johned all over the bedding until well into jury. shudder.


Another name, just wanted you to know I always enjoy reading your posts, great insight. Keep posting!

another name

it’s appreciated.


I thought Vanessa was a huge advocate for the LGBT community. I guess that goes out the window now that she is certain that Audrey is Americas player. I like Vanessa less and less every day.


If I take the live feeds, do I click on the CBS feeds that give me 1 week free??? Is that the right one to give you some money???


Austin becomes more and more delusional by the day. Don’t feel sorry for him because he is a jealous,two faced,insecure,immature hypicrite. Van is annoying me with her paranoia. I understand being in that house can do this but one minute she turns to Audrey as if she is the all knowing yoda, & the next minute she is stating Audrey is America’s player…Seriously friggin get a grip Van because you are all over the place sorting thru a bag of crazy.