Liz about Austin “He sucks! Its such a turn off. His bowl was literally worse than Megs!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots James, Jackie and Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 12-39-27-328

THE PLAN – Put up Shelli & Steve with Johnny as the fake backdoor plan when in fact Vanessa is the real target.

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Is America’s Player Twist making a comeback this season?

12:05pm – 12:35pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the set up of the have not food. When the live feeds return that house guests are coming down from being on an HOH lockdown. The havenot extra food this week is “Sloppy Joes”. The sloppy part is slop however the havenots get condiments and hamburger buns. Becky reads the card and then tell the house guests that the rotation continues … Havenots this week are James, Jackie and Meg!

12:40pm Bathroom – Liz and Julia are talking. Julia says if we win veto we need to make sure we keep the nominations the same. Liz says we need to win next week because its getting down to the wire. People are going to start gunning for us! Like you or me have to win next week .. or f**king Austin. Julia says I know .. like do you think he threw that one? He didn’t do that well. He should have done well in that one. I think he did actually suck but he needs to start pulling his weight. Liz says its embarrassing… I said that in the diary room. Like he sucks! Like how embarrassing. Its such a turn off. I looked at his bowl and it was literally worse than Megs. Like what the f**k is wrong with you DUDE!? Like you’re that big and have all those muscles .. like use them motherf**ker!! He’s an idiot!! Julia says I know!!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 12-45-54-204

12:45pm – 1:30pm Becky, James, Meg and Jackie head to the havenot room. They asks how her conversation went last night with Shelli. Becky says I knew I couldn’t be the one to make her happy. She came into the room .. like sh*t went down last week. She came in knowing that last week was ugly. Becky says Vanessa is our target and she literally has no idea she’s the target. She really believes she is perfect. That she has done nothing wrong. She is always good to her WORD! Jackie says she is the worst about her word! Becky says that Steve walked in and said that he knows some times pawns need to be used. I was like perfect! Becky says that she told Vanessa no deals, no alliances. No one is safe with Vanessa as HOH. Her alliance members aren’t safe and she tells the people that aren’t in her alliance who the target is and then changes it. She wanted to make a deal and I said no deal! Jackie asks why did she need to make a deal!? Becky talks about how Johnny felt he was bullied by Vanessa. He was really shaken up. Jackie asks if Vanessa gets picked and wins the veto will Johnny evict Shelli? Becky says I think so. Jackie says we have to get Vanessa or Shelli out. And if she pulls that bit*h down OH MY GOD! Jackie says I think we’re good unless her (Vanessa) paranoia gets to her. Becky says just keep telling her the plan. (Shelli is the target with Johnny the backup) Vanessa says she (Vanessa) will have no idea why I will backdoor her. Even if I explain all the reasons she will still not get it! Becky leaves. James says that he doesn’t think Vanessa will come after us. But Shelli will, I sent her man home. Jackie says lets just wait to see what happens in the POV. James says he just gave Shelli the weirdest look and I didn’t mean to. She probably thinks I hate her. Meg says maybe you need to go talk to her. James say no she needs to talk to me. I didn’t do nothing to her. Jackie says besides ruin her game. Jackie says what we had could have been good. We went to having a final 8 to him getting cut before jury for turning on us. Meg says we’ve been really good at not letting anyone have anything on us. Jackie says for Vanessa to tell Becky not to trust me.. Like are you f**king kidding me?! I can’t wait to ream the b*tch out! Does she know who she is f**king with?!?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 12-52-20-396

1:40pm James asks do you think Clay likes Shelli more ..or Shelli likes Clay more. Or did Shelli just get caught up in it all. James says for someone to be all in love like they were .. Shelli is taking it pretty good. Jackie says she has to. She has to act tough. James says we would understand if she did. It would arise questions if she was just over it. Meg disagrees. James says Clay is 23, he’s probably getting so much p*ontang right now. Jackie asks do you think he would wait? James says no. Jackie and Meg talk about how Clay and Shelli pulled them out of bed to tell them everything they already knew. James says well we didn’t know about the Judas thing. Jackie says that was fake though. James says maybe not. Jackie says still need to hide his hat.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 13-41-44-763

2pm Steve is sitting on the storage room floor talking to the cameras. He says that he thinks the backdoor target is Austin. Steve says that Becky smiled at me when I questioned if I would know who the target is. Steve says I want to f**King kill Vanessa for saying Freaks & Geeks to Shelli! I want to f**king KILL HER!!”

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 13-58-20-453

2:05pm – 2:10pm Bathroom – Vanessa tells Shelli that her talk didn’t go well. She wouldn’t make a deal with me. No reciprocal deal. Vanessa “If my face is up there.. I’m going to go like this! A FLIP FLOP! A FUCKING FLIP FLOP!” Shelli says it does feel better knowing we’ve made it to jury. Vanessa says and at least you know you’ll get a chance to come back. Shelli says last week was so horrible and if I’m up there again its like whatever. Vanessa says its better to be front doored than backdoored. Julia did so good (in the HOH comp). Vanessa says I didn’t even make it half way.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-07 14-04-45-950

2:15pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights. It’s likely time for nominations..

2:55pm The live feeds are still blocked..

See what they can’t show you on TV!

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Meg as a Havenot? Great, yet another excuse for her not to win the POV.


I agree. Getting really sick of her. Not sure why everyone loves her so much. I think she might be the biggest floater in the history of this game. It’s irritating watching her be safe constantly, not to mention, her using “we” have to do this, “we” do that. Bit*h, win something and do it yourself. She does not deserve being there at all. Really hope she doesn’t win.


Not a floater. She is firmly aligned with James and Jackie. But yes, she is a pathetic excuse for a BB player.


Frustrating. She is skating by without having to do a darn thing. She sucks.


Dr.Will or Dan did not win HOH. & Just like Will worked with Mike Boogie, we know and the house know Meg is aligned with Jackie and James. She wants to go after the other side of the house and no one is actually coming after her . She has four shields in front of her, James, Jackie, Becky, and Johnny Mac. So in my eyes she is playing a great game.


Dan won POV and HOH in season 10.

I survived last seasons BB

Ideal POV Players = Becky Shelli Steve plus any of Jackie Meg James JohnnyMac

Not good = Austin

Bad = Twin Morons

Worst= Vanessa

Worst case scenario is 3 wanting to change Noms vs 3 who dont

Best case is 6 wanting to change Noms

If any of the selected get HG choice it could help stack the deck against Vanessa


So many sceneries and a chance of something going wrong! I don’t know why Becky just wouldn’t take a page from Jame’s book and put Vanessa and Shelli on the block at the same time. Eazy peezy lemon squeezey! This way you are guaranteed one of them will be evicted


Because Becky is too self absorbed to see the bigger picture. She’s so proud of herself acting superior. She’s playing the worst game along with her pals Meg and Jackie.


i can see the Austwins not using the veto just because as far as they know, becky’s number one plan is to get Shelli out, as everyone already sortakinda agreed. last eviction, clay, means this next eviction shelli, so easy peasy week.

i can easily see the james/jackie pair freaking out that if Steve is on the block everyone would vote him out over shelli, which is probably not the case.


I really hope they find out that Vanessa knows she is the backdoor as that is what she told Austin and the Twins…. The last thing we need this week is for Vanessa to with POV or for BB to introduce some type of power that keeps both Shelli and Vanessa safe.

Member of the Ant Farm

With it being a double eviction week, I don’t think they’ll have time to work in a special power this week.


The BB Takeover twist is the biggest fail in big brother history. LOL!!!

Sir Peanut

I knoooooooowwwww!!!


Liz? Is that you?

I survived last seasons BB

Really would have been better to put Shelli vs Liz on block..That way almost Everyone would want to change Nominations,,Outside of Steve and Vanessa

is it just me

the mouth breather who got hit by a train while walking because apparently trains are hard to hear and see talking about explaining things hahahaha

Becky's fart

Becky looks like she really need to fart.


And I will bask in the sweet aroma of you and taste your glorious juiciness on my tongue. You are my delight. You are my heart. You are my desire. Your slop wetness and pungent odor I adore


I don’t understand the point of moderating comments if crap like this^^ can be posted …it’s foul and kind of makes you look like the pathetic perv in the chat room.

I like trains

My understanding is that it wasn’t really a train it was a trolley. And if it’s anything like the mostly electric shuttles they’ve got in Downtown Denver they are really quiet. Add in that it hit her when she looked out from a moving van parked in the street, it could happen to anyone.

Is Becky my favorite? No, I want her plan to fail and send Shelli home.

But can we finally cut the girl some slack about getting hammered by a ninja train?

is it just me

i was unaware of the fact that they had ninja stealth trains in colorado my bad
but if she got hit from a moving van this brings up the question of how long is her neck does she have some sort of inspector gadget head cause you would figure a train that close would take out the side mirror at least if not actually hit the van and who sticks their head out of a moving vehicle like some sort of poodle? Not sure bout colorado but my van came equipped with these handy dandy mirrors to check both sides and the back.

Not trying to rail.

Seriously, I wanted to make the same comment about who gets hit by a train, but I looked her story up first cause I didn’t want to be a dick(unusual).
Apparently it happened in Germany. There was a moving van parked in the street she needed to cross, blocking her view of traffic, and before stepping out blindly into traffic she took a peek and got nailed by the trolley. I’m just assuming it was electric cause I’ve got experience with paranoia of the electric shuttle busses we have here.

Who Cares

Who cares how she got hit, she’s a pretty girl regardless and with a nice personalty. She’s on BB and we are not.

Basic Becky

Yes she will get it Becky, it’s just sometimes I wonder if Vanessa’s initial strategy and overall persona was to appear that manic and emotional, imean she’s very calculating, could she be using those outburst to throw them off off her for making believe she has no plan, no control over things….nah it’s her paranoia that gets the better of her but I do think she is capable of self- awareness and analysis even though she is narcissistic and thinks highly of herself, she definitely knows she could get back doored and why….off topic, have you seen Austin fondling Liz under the covers last night at 3am where it Was NOT approved by her??? Liz seemed startled and pissed off….some people thinks he touched her intimate parts…..


I have no respect for Liz, if she does not want Austin feeling and rubbing on her, all she has to do is tell him to stop. Hell, why doesn’t she sleep with her sister and stop sleeping with Austin, it makes her look really bad, she knows what she is doing, she said it herself when she said she is whoring herself out to have him protect her.

Liz is a grown ass woman, she said she is not attracted to Austin, but she continues to let him kiss her, touch her, promise him kisses if he wins HOH, so I have no pity for her, she is just using Austin’s feelings for her to get what she wants in the game. Liz in my opinion does not show any respect for herself, let alone how the viewers see how she is behaving in this game.




Van doesn’t take her meds. During one HOH Crazy Train ride Austin even told her You HAVE to go take your meds but she didn’t. Van took her meds when she was the Squire and could actually form complete, rational sentences. But the meds slow down her thought process so she doesn’t take them when she has to have a Plan A-Z which is now every minute of every day. It seems Sithe Lord Aud was contagious and Van has caught the All Game-All Lies-Poor Me I’m All Alone-All the Timeitus.


Remember during a switch Liz told Julia she whored herself to Austin. Well when a whore takes payment she’s got to finish the job. Don’t feel sorry for Liz Ho–it is what it is because that’s the way she wanted to play the game.

And don’t forget LIz went after Jace 1st and then Jeff was 2nd so Austin is sloppy 3rds. More proof Liz Ho has been willing to do just about anything for a meat shield.


I am convinced that Vanessa did that whole big fight thing to cast shade on John who she wants to target next. Now John is the swing vote and he’s made a decision to go over to the other side, which means Vanessa just shot herself in the foot. It was completely unnecessary and way premature and I’m sure she’ll try to lie out of it.

Tuff Guy

Becky is making this week more complicated then it has to be.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Becky needs to listen when people are trying to tell her something. Jackie brought it up – what if Vanessa wins the veto and uses it to save Shelli? Shelli said it – Backdoors don’t always work. I am finding it very difficult to root for some these players. I wish everyone would stop trying to be so clever. Just nominate two strong players. If the veto is used, nominate another strong player.


Yes! My Gosh it’s not rocket science! WTH is she doing?


it’s going to be another good week! please no twists!


This year the show is so good, i feel like the dinamics kinda change every week in a way. And even though a lot of big characters have gone home, it s still fun and exciting. One of the best seasons ever!


This season is kinda back to what BB used to be. Power changing from hand to hand. Not massive groups sitting around just waiting to make it to jury or fame from the show. Most of these players are engaged and think,even if it’s the wrong strategy sometimes. I definitely appreciate this season way more than last year.


boy those twins are a double dose of trouble. What nasty assed bitches they are with their foul mouths and entitled attitudes. Add to that the fact Liz complains about Austin in one breath then asks him to rub her tummy, while running her fingers through his hair. Yep, a daughter to be proud of. As a mother of daughters I am disgusted with them.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Yes, I agree, but that rant about Austin sucking at the comp was comedy gold!


Part of it is Austin’s own fault though. He set himself up to be their protectors and reminds them of that, yet he’s not too good on the delivery.


I have to admit I did kind of a laughed at your comment when you said you hate their foul mouths while calling them nastyassed b*tches. Lol, but I get it. They don’t bother me as much as I thought but I don’t watch them on the feeds. I like Julia better than Liz though. And I thought what they said about Austin was true. Which makes Liz look even worse if that’s possible. She’s If she was going to play the showmance thing at least do it with someone who has something to offer in the game other than being a overall mental slug who sucks at comps.Why she came in there and just had to use that strategy is a turn off.But Liz talked about how hot she was before coming in the house so maybe that’s her thing unfortunately. Not a good look.

Austin obsessed

Why not put Shelli and Vanessa? What if Vanessa wins the POV that would be disastrous.


Honestly, I don’t care if Vanessa knows she is the backdoor plan…honestly, what will she do???..spread more lies, beg, plead..???…its just going to make her panic and go crazy and spread more ridiculous lies that they don’t believe anyways….she can spread her lies all the way to the jury house…


i find it hilarious that liz and julia find austin useless yet they arent exactly doing any better. how many competitions have they won again? oh yeah, 1. same as austin. get over yourselves you stuck up little bitches


iam 90% sure that without 100%of the power vanessas one of the worst bb players.what makes you a great player is what you do without all the power

Oh great!

Vanessa’s face is gonna break out again!!! Between that and having the feeling she’s gonna get the boot, she might lose it! This will make for a good week!


I really do wish that Becky would handle her HOH like James did, do not depend on putting up a pawn. Put up Shellie & Vanessa, or put up Shellie and Liz, rthis will guarantee the POV is used, and if it is not used, then she has Vanessa up on the block.

I am no fan of Vanessa, but Becky did something really stupid by saying she is working with James, Jackie & Meg. The houseguests this season have a problem with keeping their mouth shut, they talk too damn much, they expose the plans that they have.


I still want Nastin and the twits gone!


Its not good for Austin to show any strength in any category. HGs always go after the people creating the hits. Liz/Julia suck.


I like this show, but I do believe that CBS does play major roles in the course in which the game is steered at several critical junctures. I first suspected this in 2009 when Jeff was handed the stupid coup d’état power that was not only a double power of veto, but also allowed him to become the de facto head of household. The network was completely in the tank for Jeff and Jordan that season. In 2011, the show clearly favored Rachel – bringing Brendon back into the game (remember, did you really think Lawan was gonna beat Brendon at an athletic contest?) and bringing back the duos twist with Jordan when Rachel’s back was against the wall? I have long felt that Amanda was the company’s favorite in 2013, until her ugly side couldn’t be hidden to viewers on the live feeds. And I think Audrey was the favorite at CBS for this season, but the plan fizzled out quickly. All secret twists/powers should be disclosed to viewers well in advance to avoid looking suspicious, especially this whole “America’s Player” title.


Where does Skankie Frankie fit in on your list?

Well well...

Really hope CANessa goes this week! She’s gotten sloppy with her game play, and I’m so sick of her calling people out on every little thing cause she’s so freaking paranoid. It’s time for her to go!


What the heck are the twits complaining about… They are safe…for now.


You have to put up Vanessa and Sheli. Make them realize they are only an island of 2 and soon to be all alone in the game. Whoever remains, remind them that the next target is the twins so it would be in their best interest not to still be aligned with them.


Getting off of the topic of who everyone wants gone…I think there is no point to the have nots. It used to be a punishment for losing a comp or a REAL choice of the hoh to keep people weak and off their game. Some people were on it for weeks and it meant something gameplay wise. Now they just take turns? They don’t even show it on the episodes. What’s the point? Can production not be bothered to make it interesting this year?


Have nots are stupid. Instead, BB should make them keep the house clean and tidy. They have no structure and the house is always a mess, not just this season. Ants are always a problem. Make them do chores. Make them earn special foods, a bbq, the hot tub, their microwave. Anyone who repeatedly causes fish, anyone that leaves a mess and doesn’t clean it up should be made to keep the dishes done, the counters clean, the toilet and bathroom clean. I used to enjoy the food competitions.


I agree about them needing to be told to clean a house they are living in for free all summer. It boggles my mind that you have to tell highly functioning adults that they need to pick up after themselves and clean dishes and keep areas tidy.

I couldn’t tolerate the smells of unclean clothing and dishes. I guess they get used to it, but the place is so sloven and embarassing that you almost feel like tipping off the California Health Department to dangerous microbes about to be released into their air.

Min O'Pause

Every season they bitch about ants in the kitchen! I wonder why!


My 2 predictions:

-Becky puts up Shelli & Steve; Vanessa wins POV; Vanessa takes off Shelli from the block; Becky puts up Austin as a replacement; Steve gets evicted 6-2. Yet again, another waste of an HOH.

-All-female final 5.


And…Becky will deserve it. Becky and Meg are idiots! Omg

Shut up Becky

Put up Shelly and Vanessa or Shelly and Austin. Whoever comes down, put up Vanessa


Wow, dumbest plan ever. Use the front door. Shelli or Vanessa need to be on the block together, it will be poetic justice.


I’m not sure how anyone could think Becky is playing a smart game. She’s too cocky and full of herself. Thinks she’s smarter than everyone. Can’t stop talking about herself. Her entitled arrogance will be her demise. Also I didn’t think BB allowed middle school kids in the BB house… Shouldn’t Meg and Jackie be in school?


First clue who Becky is…..She’s proud that she was smacked upside the head by a train!


becky was an Abercrombie employee. What more do you need to understand her? factory of braggarts with empty minds.

The Truth

Yo James, Shelli is there because of Vanessa. Vanessa is gunning for you, my man.


I think I would like to see Becky, John and Jackie as the final three.

I survived last seasons BB

For all those who predicted Shelli would run straight to Vanessa and expose the backdoor option..Looks like that aint happening, based on the recent conversation

the coreys

Vanessa talking about calling people flip flops like…. she did with Jeff anddd Jason right?

This bitch has lost it. Becky told you no deals so how is she flip flopping if she targets you?

another name

okay. i’m having a few thoughts. some of them I’ve written previously while playing catch up on the last four of five post topics on here, but i’m going to try to put them all together.
This is one of those weeks where good intention can be destroyed. A backdoor on first week of jury… not the way i’d play when the sides are pretty clearly marked, but most votes have had a hinky vote or two.
Twins Austin and Vanessa would play to keep nominations the same in the pov.
Vanessa’s wheels are already turning (the poor hamster on that whell is probably pretty nauseous at this point), and she’s already feeling unsafe. She’s going to start any time now. Like maybe twenty minutes after nominations she’ll up her talking speed from 45rpm to 120 on the broken record player.
James, meg and Jackie are all on slop now. Slop has a pretty good history at weakening players both physically and mentally. A whole alliance volunteering to be on slop doesn’t bode well for the next hoh.
James is already making motions that if shelli and vanessa are on the block it might be better for his game to get rid of shelli.
Becky’s at the bottom of the totem pole of her alliance. I’m not sure if she has the charisma in her own alliance to keep them on task. Becky’s one of the ones I don’t dislike, I’m not trying to bash her. But look at the history of that group. two of them voted to evict Becky. They dismiss or fall asleep on half of what she says. If she wasn’t saying Jackie’s favorite word (Vanessa) Jackie wouldn’t even listen to her.


Your last sentence…..LOL. So true. As soon as she won the majority of people on chat on the live feeds were like UGGGHHHHH a week of boring Becky stories! lol She is the most boring HG.


Well so far it looks like chiclet hasn’t said anything to Vanessa about her chat with Becky earlier and the backdoor plan. Maybe she will keep her mouth shut til at least after POV competition.

the coreys

While I want vanessa out I think their plan is God awful.

Too many members left in sixth sense. If liz or Julia win they say they won’t use it and then they have the votes to get rid of Steve instead of shelli.

Vanessa and shelli should go up with austin as a replacement. Or maybe shelli and austin as liz or Julia would prolly use the veto on him cause he’s a vote for them.

It’s too dangerous to not nominate two from their side. But that’s what happens when 8 weeks in they still don’t think there’s a alliance.

Dear Vanessa

Not everyone in the house is obligated to make deals with you.


Put Vanessa and Shelly up and if the twins use the veto one of them is going up

Jody H.

I posted in previous bit didn’t get a reply. I donated what I could to this site. Guys if you can please do so.
Anyway, if I buy on Amazon through you can I still use my Prime account. If so I buy a lot and would be happy to see you get stuff for it.


Vanessa’s game is going down like Sabrina’s game in Big Brother Canada. It was good strategy in the beginning but people have caught on to her and has no more cards to play. No one will trust or believe her anymore.

Bored Man

Meg says we’ve been really good at not letting anyone have anything on us, AKA Floating.


Someone needs to check on Steve. That guy seems to be really falling apart. The house is getting to him big time. He’s scary

Less is More

I was watching BBAD last night and after Van and Shelli met in the bathroom, where it was made CLEAR to Shelli how much risk Van took to keep her. They went into the living room with the Austwins and Steve and Shelli just started chatting and reconnecting with them. Vanessa got her gloomy face on since I am sure she thought she would be Shelli’s only friend and went into the bedroom with Jackie who she tried to engage in a shift in the POV on the fight with JMac, Clay and James. Jackie just said how random and turned to the wall. THEN, she goes to Becky and wants to talk Generals revival and was rebuffed in no uncertain terms. It seems no one want to play with Van anymore? Very interesting dynamic to me.


I like Steve. I know where he’s coming from. Vanessa opened her big mouth.

The Rose

Becky is the one that is smart and stupid…sorry to becky fans, but this is why I say this:
1. She was Shellie’s rat-not Vanessa’s, so the ‘vanessa told her bad things about Jackie” excuse won’t fly. Shellie may out her so she’s taking a chance by keeping her and sending van home. Becky told numerous people that her plan was to take out James.
2. This plan has a major flaw-Vanessa may win the veto and either take Shellie down or keep nom’s the same. If van wins best for her to take shellie down and then Becky will be forced to put up austin or one of the twins, making more enemies by not putting up Jmac.(the plan, the plan, the plan. lol)
3. Becky is low man on either side of the house, she should know by the votes to keep jason. Basically only having jmac and he won’t throw his game for her.

I survived last seasons BB

If She took Shelli down,,Guess who would go up as replacement ?


Again….Vanessa already knows she is the backdoor plan u clueless fucks! Ha. It doesn’t matter if Shelli tells her or not. Vanessa had one convo with moron Becky and she read her like a book.

Vanessa isn’t going anywhere. Watch and learn you simpletons.

You all call the people in the house “dumb” but the IQ level on this forum is nothing to brag about.

You all make my viewing of this game so much more enjoyable. When Nessa doesn’t go home this week I will laugh and laugh.