Kyle “You F**KED up and told me WAY too much!” Monte “Yeah, she’s trying to do damage control but the damage is done.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony: Michael/Brittany
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
– Last pair standing gets a power.

7:16pm Storage room – Kyle and Monte.
Kyle – we’ve got to tell everyone about PO’s Pack (Alyssa, Monte, Ameerah, Nicole, Michael) because as soon as Ameerah goes up they’re going to start leveraging anything they can to build mistrust with us in the group. Monte – yeah 100%! Kyle – Alyssa knows she f**Ked up because when I was on the hammock she comes over and was like oh and about that Old School thing that wasn’t true Daniel … she said you know that Old School thing that Daniel was trying to form. And I just lied and was like oh yeah what ever happened with that? And she was like oh yeah it fell through. Ameerah and Nicole are so into PO’s Pack… like Nicole even told Ameerah that she is fine to take out Daniel but obviously she wants him to go further because they’re friends but yeah she is all in on PO’s Pack. But it was a lie dude, she said that Daniel started it and then it fell through. And then how she was saying that Nicole is all in on it… BULLSH*T! I’m like you F**KED up and told me WAY too much! And now trying to backtrack. Monte – yeah, she’s trying to do damage control but the damage is done. Kyle – its too late. So Michael is going to tell Brittany about PO’s Pack because that is his damage control but… Monte – we need to get THE POUND (Kyle, Monte, Turner, and Joseph) together. Kyle – yeah and then get everyone together again tonight and do the same thing. Because imagine if Ameerah gets put up and she goes to Taylor and is like we have this alliance I’ve been working with these guys for forever don’t trust them. Monte – I think we should get on the same page on what to say. Paloma initiated the alliance on day two … my reasoning for not having Joe ..was because it felt like it would be hard for us to have two .. what do you call it.. a pair.. Kyle – you could put it on Paloma too .. and say that she didn’t want to have all three strong guys and she didn’t want to have all three strong girls. Monte – exactly. Kyle – and then you can say once the girls started getting power the dynamic of that alliance shifted … The girls and Ameerah shifted and stopped giving information. And I don’t think we set the meeting as hey we want to get something off our chest … we say hey lets lay out all our cards ..what conversations have you had, you had and you had. And then we can bring it up at that point. Monte – yeah, that’s good.

7:47pm Indy has the Big Brother HOH camera and is going around taking shots of the house guests. Half of the house guests are working out in the backyard.

7:56pm Kitchen – Nicole and Daniel.
Nicole – she is a mess! Daniel – Indy? Nicole – MmmmmHHhmmm. She literally said to Ameerah, Okay Nicole and I are cool now. I trust her again. SHE NEEDS TO GO! Daniel – why? When did this happen? Nicole – because of the whole thing that she thought the day before that you and I were scheming together .. that we’re too close. And now today she’s decided that we’re okay. Daniel – lets just keep doing our thing but at least that’s better. Nicole – yeah agree. I would rather that than the alternative.

8:38pm Bedroom – Ameerah and Jasmine.
Ameerah – depends on who gets it. Indy or Brittany. Jasmine – I don’t think its going to be Brittany.. oh I see what you’re saying.. They both have to go before jury. Ameerah – everyone wants Indy out like yesterday. Jasmine – we’ll be losing two numbers. I do not know where those boys heads are .. Turner, Monte and Joseph. Kyle .. I think but I don’t know. He was really close with Pooch and you saw how that went so.. Ameerah – but he has a soft spot for girls. Jasmine – you thinks so … Joseph? Ameerah – more so than Kyle. I think the boys are the boys but he (Joe) has a soft spot for the girls. Jasmine – really? Ameerah – I do think so unless he’s persuaded me that. I mean I wouldn’t mind taking out your partner (Turner the HOH). Jasmine – yeah but I would be worried about.. Ameerah – that it would flip? Jasmine – yeah. Ameerah – we would have the number to get rid of him (Turner) now .. you would have to go on the block but we would have the numbers .. but later on we might not once we get rid of Brittany and Indy .. you know what I mean!? Because they’re definitely not with her. Jasmine – but everybody doesn’t want Turner out .. that’s the hard thing. Ameerah – I know.

9:15pm Pool – Daniel, Terrance and Nicole.
Terrance – but what are we going to do next week. Any thoughts on that? Daniel – For me personally, I want Indy. Next week Indy for me. Terrance – me too. Daniel – having mixed feeling, hearing rumors .. she is just a lot. Love her but some times its just too much! But what trumps it are the game factors, its not just personal. It seems like she was trying to win over the big dudes by flirting .. I think to flip some numbers on the girls is my opinion and thoughts. Nicole – and she wants you (Terrance) out. Terrance – yeah I know. Daniel – OH! OH?! I didn’t know that. Nicole – I might not have told you. Daniel – That is really good to know! I will say, I think I would just put her straight up.

9:20pm – 9:45pm Havenot room. Brittany and Michael.
Michael – obviously we’re going to use it (Veto) right? Brittany – I think we’ll use it. Michael – if you want you can take the lead because I did it last week. Brittany – sure, sure.. I think its probably just good for us too.. to like I don’t know if you were feeling that way .. like a little more attention on me and less on you. Michael – yeah but I don’t want to like push it on you. Brittany – yeah, I feel like I need a little more street cred and you need a little more cooling. Michael – any idea of what you would want to say? Brittany – what do we have to say. Michael – you say this line, this line and then its like give a reason. We can see if Turner wants us to say. Brittany – I think people expect us to use it on ourselves. Like wanting to keep our festie besties are okay. I am hoping that once Ameerah leaves some of the people that we’ve been talking with.. working with on the other side will start to crumble and cling back onto us. Because we’re not letting them know any wiser that they asked us. Michael – one thing that I do want to let you know about is when Ameerah does go up on the block I think she is going to try and claw and scramble and do whatever she can so .. I think this is the only thing that I have not told you. Week one when Paloma was still here she was trying to form something and it was Paloma, Ameerah, Alyssa, Monte, Kyle and one day in the storage room Paloma was like you’re (Michael) are our sixth. Brittany – okay. Michael – I was like Okay.. and I was on the block at that point and they named it. I never felt like I was a part of that .. and then Paloma left and I don’t know who it was Alyssa or Ameerah was like well Nicole is going to be our sixth person.. and we have not talked since the beginning of last week. Brittany – really? Huh.. interesting. Michael – Ameerah is probably going to try and blow that up. The name they originally named it was copy written but when they renamed it .. I wasn’t even there. They named it PO’s Pack for Paloma. Brittany – I appreciate you telling me that. But if I hear anything about you I am so .. (not concerned about it). Brittany – The only thing I .. and you probably heard a little bit of it was that the girls were .. and I think they still are working together I think week one and a little bit into last week I was a part of that. It was Alyssa, Jasmine, Ameerah, Indy, was Paloma, was me .. it was pretty much all the girls but Nicole and Taylor and they called it Girls Girls because Taylor wasn’t a girls girl she was a boys girl. It was mean quite frankly and me in my backstage position I was like I am going to go befriend Taylor essentially on the side. I don’t know if it is still in formation.. they literally ghosted me. Michael – they never had your back. Brittany – They never had our back and they showed it. I don’t care one bit. I think we’re making a smart move. Michael – you know Ameerah is going to come to you and be like girls girls. Brittany – so do we go Uh uh uh? Michael – I’m just saying yup! I absolutely have your back.. I would never vote you out.

10:15pm Random chats around the house. Taylor, Kyle and Joseph are getting into the hot tub. Kyle – go hype it up and get everyone else in here! Alyssa heads inside she tells people that they’re trying to get people to come out there so I’m going to try and get people to not go out there.

11:20pm Quiet night on the feeds. Turner is passed out on the HOH couch. The kitchen crew are eating / cleaning. Hot Tub – Indy, Monte, Michael, Joe and Terrace are chatting. Ameerah boiled water on the stove to add to the hot tub to warm it up more since Big Brother hasn’t turned it up when they’ve asked.

11:30pm Bedroom – Jasmine and Alyssa.
Jasmine – we have the potential to really make it to the end. Alyssa – I f**king know dude! Jasmine – at lease minimum top five.. final five. Alyssa – that’s what I really want to get to that final five place .. like I did it, I made it as far as I possibly could and I really tried. Jasmine – its going to be hard with the guys. The right guys can stay but the wrong ones got to go. Alyssa – Joseph’s got to go. Its going to be really hard for you. Jasmine – its going to be hard for me? Alyssa – because you said he is like your brother. Jasmine – he does make me laugh a lot. Alyssa – he is starting to talk game more. Jasmine – when does everyone go .. that’s what I was asking Ameerah. And then Indy came in and then Brittany came in and she just lingers. Don’t get me wrong but I just don’t want her (Brittany) to watch this back and like… but the lingering in rooms I don’t know how to tell her not to do that. I feel bad you know what I mean. I want to like her, I really do. It just makes me sad.

11:50pm Kitchen – Brittany, Tuner, Michael, Brittany and Kyle.
Monte – I do agree. I think that is the only strategy to create some sort of sabotage. Kyle – and the vote.. I think the ones they have the most trust in are you two (Michael and Brittany). I think they’re going to go after Joseph, I think they’re going to go after you (Monte) and I mean you (Turner) don’t have a vote but I guarantee they’re going to try and get information out of you. Michael – I feel like Nicole thinks she has me 100%. Kyle – which is awesome and I think that we just roll with it. We have no idea. We vote out Terrance that’s the narrative the entire week and then we drop the bomb (vote out Ameerah) and go from there. I think once they’re names (Ameerah and Terrance) go up they’re going to try and talk to anyone about any sh*t any of us have said because all they need is one vote to flip the entire thing. Brittany – we have to be prepared for the sh*t show. Taylor joins them. Kyle – explains how the others will try to break them and get one of their votes. Taylor – I’m not breaking. Michael – If I hear like well in week two! .. I don’t care about anything that happened in week two. All I care about is moving forward and the future.

12:55am Monte, Tuner and Taylor are playing pool. Brittany is chatting with Alyssa about her house.

Alliance Cheat Sheet:
THE POUND (Kyle, Monte, Turner, Joseph)
PO’s Pack ((Alyssa, Monte, Ameerah, Nicole, Michael)
Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)
Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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un autre nom

Saw a Jasmine d/r GIF. No sound.
Head bobbing up and down like a fool.

Made me think I haven’t played whack-a-mole since I was a kid.

un autre nom

My only real problem with the plan:
I nope Nic.
Ameerah, yeah she’s got that mob tendency too.
But i really nope Nic.
I want her out more.
It’s frustrating. I just want Nic out SO much.


I’m with you — I want both CC & Evil Elvis out YESTERDAY — and Ms. Milk My InJASry too.


Daniel can go. Nicole can stay for as long as she can now that her and Ameerah’s gameplay and how much of a threat they are have been acknowledged by other houseguests. As far as Indy goes, I want violin music piped into the house every time she complains about something minor


Yeah – there are already differing agendas within the Leftovers… (see next page where I posted those thoughts).


Every time I see Jasmine, she is laying down in bed snacking on something. She also is constantly asking the other girls or Joe to do something for her, bring her something, she’s really lazy and milking this ankle issue.

Please CBS, stop giving Jasmine so much air time, on the live feeds, she talks and there is a small slight country accent. When it’s a live TV show, she goes overboard with the twangy accent, and country antidote’s she is so fake !!!

Nicole is really annoying, she comes across as talking with people like she is so smart and knowledgeable about whatever subject is being discussed.

I’m so tired of these people who don’t really know the show, maybe watched 1 or 2 seasons, making comments about this move will be big brother history, or this is the first time in BB history we have so many strong women this season.

Also, just an FYI, stop thinking being on big brother is going to make so many opportunities for your career, or being paid to attend events etc…. Jeff Schroeder did very well, but how many other people from BB do you see on TV. Stop kidding yourself, you’re not a TV Star, you will be forgotten.

un autre nom

The production team is definitely telling her to up the twang and feeding her the anecdotes.
I mean, the house has to be aware that any for episode content where she speaks, she ups the twang.


I agree, I can’t wait until Jasmine, Nicole, Daniel are gone. I get irritated just looking at them, and I’m so tired of the mean spirited game play, Nicole really thinks she is doing such a great job. I find all of the mean team extremely irritating.


Pretty much just Jeff and the people who have hooked into MTVs Challenge cast.

Taylor Halo

Taylor Halo

Taylor Halo

Many HGs are found through agencies of want-to-be actors. Reality TV is all about finding the cheapest costs for entertainment, including non-unionized actors who can be paid the cheapest prices to appear in a TV show (because yes, BB is classified as a TV show and not a game show – therefore production can meddle in the outcomes of the show and not of a game).

To them, this is a big break. Might be the most money they make from an acting gig. Agents and production, others, may build them up with ideas of what can come next (other reality shows, podcasts, social media imfluencer, CBS shows, etc).

It’s like how Jasmine is probably told to play up the accent and TPTB provide her with her “catch phrases”.


I think Cody did get some acting gigs.

As for Ms. Milk My InJASry – it’s the ankle, the IBS, the sore stomach, fainting. I half expect her to throw herself down the stairs once her ankle heals.


Jasmine’s accent is driving me crazy. It’s completely exaggerated and the whole “southern belle” routine is nails on a chalkboard. Production must be encouraging this. Nobody’s voice is that pepped up naturally! I’d vote her out by the mere annoyance of her voice.


She reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn.

The Beef

Bwaahahahaha “Boy, I say BOY! Pay attention when I’m talking to you SON! That boys about as sharp as a bowling ball!”


Agreed, and I’m from the South. She’s putting it on…

un autre nom

Michael reveals POS to Britt.
this can go one of two ways. Laugh or Cry.
She laughs that he was pulled into the alliance he never really felt part of that he kept secret from her…
She reveals girls girls that she was in but not in, that she kept secret from him.
Keep in mind… she hasn’t thought about the besties picking angle. When that hits…
Oh. That’s not going to be laughter. or maybe it will be because well (I’ve said it before, repeat it with me)
You can’t spell slaughter without laughter.


Michael is her only real ally in the house & he is the reason she got closer to Kyle (& is in the Outsiders). While she might get paranoid eventually looking at how PP was separated in Festie Besties I just can’t see her ever turning on Michael.

un autre nom

Turn on, no. Get it in her head that she has to blab some of what she knows to get on the girls’ good sides? That is a worry.


That’s fair – especially given her penchant for needing to spill the tea. More likely if they’re OTB or once a few more people are evicted.

un autre nom

Why does Michael want Britt to take the lead in the veto? So that it looks like maybe Britt and Stinky came up with the plan and not Michael?
Will Britt ever get it that other people’s reading of social cues isn’t the problem?
Will the women think Jasmine had something to do with the change in plans, because of her reaction to ever going on the block or ever being a have not?
Will the guys ever hold a meeting before it’s morning at my house?


She didn’t stop to think b/c her desire to be viewed as an asset overruled that (and b/c she wants to get her moment on TV). That’s my guess.

I laughed at your last comment – but I’m a night owl (currently 3:52 AM & I’m wide awake) so I didn’t even think about it. Their logic makes sense though – b/c unlike the ladies who meet right in front of them (even with Kyle on the couch wearing sunglasses so he could be awake) they want to be more incognito. Besides look how Ameerah freaked out the night of Joe’s B-day b/c they hung out upstairs.

un autre nom

Oh i get it. It’s 435 am here.
The Britt social cue comment stems from when she complained to Michael that the girls didn’t congratulate her on her veto performance and then complained that Taylor congratulated her three times and didn’t get the social cue infraction. Pick a gripe already was my instant thought.


Night owl? That’s 8 minutes before I wake up to get ready for work, lol

un autre nom

Kinda sorta half Leftovers meeting happened.
No big reveals (no POS reveal, they don’t want to overwhelm Taylor with more?)
Stay strong, they’re gonna try to break us with all sorts of malice talk.
Get ready for slander, and Terrence is going to suddenly be the subject of trashtalk.
Gotta stick together. Play dumb when you have to.
Yadda yadda.
Taylor now knows the girls were stringing her, and thought she was a guys girl.

Seriously, are they going to even wonder how Jasmine wasn’t on top of what was going on…. i guess HOH meetings were supposed to move to her bed.
I think Daniel asked If Stinky was still good with the plan at some point. The answer was some variation of plans still the plan.

Another interesting possibility:
Do any of the male POS bring up Oldskool or Girls Girls when Ameerah comes calling for POS solidarity? If Monte were to do it… who does Ameerah blame? Is there a possibility that Daniel’s three hours in HOH on Thursday night might be called into question? Evil grin. SCENARIOS. If only Oldskool was revealed Ameerah would blame Terrance. But both Oldskool and Girls Girls? Hmmm.


lol on the last line.

un autre nom

Stinky, Joe and Monte think it’s a good idea to make it look like Stinky is having doubts about the Taylor plan.
This was not brought to the group so that the logical people could point out the fallacies.
Stinky is dropping little hints to Alyssa (of course, he has such a weird boner for that girl).
She’s asking if he’s thinking of changing his mind. He says probably not.
He’s hinted as a cover for the big reveal. To radio free Alyssa.

Does this mean we have to see Jasmine haul her ass out of bed, squeaky scooter herself five feet, hit a wall, scooter herself another two feet, hit the other wall, stop for a bag of chips, drag her carcass up the stairs, stop half way, go back down, get a popscile, start again… pull herself over to the HOH door…
Just to say whachoo talkin bout buttahbeeean while she wheezes for an IV drip of melted cheese?


Love your posts! This gave me my morning rofl.


SOMEONE needs to spray some oil on that squeaky thing!

un autre nom

The scooter… or jasmine?

un autre nom

Joe has been dropping not too subtle hints that Alyssa should be the next to go. Insinuated to Kyle he’s being played, she’s got a fella back home. She’s Ameerah only nice.
Multiple ways to see this:

  • He is back on the get the women out so the game can be played the way it was intended Oasis brain.
  • He is thinking Alyssa and Indy is the pair with no Leftovers.
  • He is trying to kill the showmance pre-emptively.
  • All of the above.

The idea of letting Daniel and Nic out of the crosshairs will not sit well with Britt, Michael or Taylor. Just saying. Don’t bring it up to them…. yeesh. Joe wasn’t there when the group agreed Daniel and Nic have to go… so he thinks he’s doing something.

If he screws up the crosshairs being put on my NOPES…. I’m going to be perturbed.

Alyssa post Turner hint is doing some nicey-nice talk with Taylor. Just in case. She’s spreading the manure and spraying it with perfume.