KYLE Won the VETO! “I am telling her I’m using it on her and that’s not the case.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner: Kyle
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

12:31pm – 3:46pm The live feeds were blocked for the Power Of Veto competition.


– Alyssa won $5000
– Jasmine won a trip to London, England
– Terrance – “Ink 182” 182 temp tattoos
– Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” for 1 week and perform concerts
– Taylor and Joseph will be chained together for 24 hours.

HOH room. Kyle and Taylor.
Kyle – its my call so that the blow back comes on me or.. Taylor – I think we do that so that we’re going to have Joseph and Indy on the block. Kyle – you’re still taking that big shot so you don’t really care. Yeah I will spin it like that. Taylor – I don’t care because of who I am going to put up and I would prefer to not have a woman go home. EErrr… a woman not sit on the block. Its the same sh*t that I told them and you will just pull Terrance down and you have your reasons why you don’t want her here. Kyle – yeah exactly and its honestly perfect because… Taylor – you’ve been priming Alyssa. Kyle – exactly. And from what she tells me she is sick of Indy too. And she said that Jasmine is too. Taylor – at least they’re primed and you can make that move and be comfortable.. and watch Indy Vs Joseph. And I can be like I was literally chained to you for 24 hours and I got nothing. You’re useless to me .. please leave! And then Indy goes. Kyle – I don’t think you’ll take heat .. well as much heat but I think for you it will be the most miniscule because no one is really that tied to Indy. I thought Joseph would be the most upset about Indy leaving but he’s not. Joseph joins them. Joseph – its going to be weird you and me chained together. Alyssa joins them. Joseph – Jasmine really wanted the trip. It gives us (Taylor and him chained together) a chance to get to know each other better. Alyssa – what is really great too is that I have 5k loan still owning on my car. Kyle – and I’m safe for another week. Indy joins them. Indy – is the plan for you guys to still use the veto on me? Kyle – that’s the plan baby girl. They talk about how Indy has to wear a “Punkitard” costume and perform concerns whenever she’s told over then next week.

3:55pm Bedroom – Michael and Brittany.
Brittany – I want them to go ..every single one of them. Its just the order that matters. Michael – I am hoping she is mad that Alyssa took the trip. If you want good tv, Jasmine taking the trip over the veto. Michael – I am so annoyed about “my birthday trip” … she used it to get out of being put up on the block this week, avoiding havenots, getting a trip to London… like you like 4 BIRTHDAY GIFTS!? AND ITS NOT EVEN YOUR F**KING BIRTHDAY!! Brittany – and she was telling me ..y’all better get me a something on my birthday. Michael – I WANT TO GO OFF ON HER SO BAD! Brittany – me too! Michael – she said she’s never been out of the country. Brittany – CBS is not going to give her the trip she would want to take. Michael – she will complain the whole time.

4:15pm Bedroom – Terrance and Kyle.
Kyle – We will see where her head is at tomorrow. I kind of want to use it either way. Like you made this big call out .. you’re taking this shot.. you don’t miss. Let me use the veto and lets see this shot. Terrance – if it was you .. that’s crazy. Kyle – that’s what I am saying. If I win and all of a sudden things changed.. but just know Indy is up my a$$. Terrance – oh I know as soon as you walked in the door. Kyle – I am telling her .. I am being real with you (Terrance).. I am using it on her and that is not the case. Terrance – because she would treat you like sh*t. Kyle – exactly. Terrance – and I will just move how I always move. Kyle – she asked upstairs in front of everyone .. and I just said that is the plan. I didn’t promise anything.

4:50pm Bedroom – Indy and Michael.
Indy – its understandable. I get it. Michael – yeah. As long as he uses it on you. Indy – exactly. Michael – that is the most important thing. I don’t have any reason to doubt that he would go back on his word. Indy – yeah me neither. I am just tired. This sucks. I’ve pretty much did everything, I just need to win HOH now. I am so done with this game.. I know you love it but.. Michael – you’re doing good. You’re still in it and there’s a lot more to go and we’re going to go all the way. Alyssa joins them. Michael – I was thinking.. there is a drum kit, a microphone and a guitar out there and they said like other house guests .. she (Indy) is going to get called at like 4am and she is going to be like okay Michael/Alyssa I need backup. Indy – Monte said he would do it with me. Alyssa and Michael say they would too.

5:09pm Bedroom – Joseph, Brittany, Michael and Kyle.
Brittany – how are you feeling? Kyle – good… really good! Brittany – are you going to use it? Kyle – I am telling Indy that I am going to use it right now because she is up my a$$. But I didn’t say I was going to use it either way so. Do you (Joseph) want to go up in this situation? Joseph – whatever helps. The only thing weird now is we’re (Taylor and him) chained. We’re really going to have to spin that. Brittany – they might open up a little bit more with you there but if she was chained to me they wouldn’t say anything. Kyle – what is the benefit of taking Terrance down? Alyssa joins them and the conversation ends.

5:50pm HOH room – Joseph, Turner and Taylor.
Joseph – Indy is f**king pissed. She is so mad at Kyle and she is so mad at Taylor because everything circles back to Taylor putting her up on the block. Taylor putting her on the block got her in this position it always circles back to Taylor. And obviously it didn’t help that she already came into this not liking Taylor so now every negative feeling she attributes to Taylor and right now she is trusting that Kyle will use it. So she is fine with Kyle… kind of ..she isn’t even that mad at Kyle but all this un-comfort about this situation keep shooting back to Taylor. And Alyssa’s exact words were I don’t mind what Taylor does as long as I am fine. So Alyssa has already thrown her away. It blows me away the lack of loyalty the have.

6:25pm HOH room – Kyle, Taylor, Monte, Turner and Joseph
Joseph – after I go up I know they are going to start swaying people for votes. Kyle – dude that will be so interesting because you’re in their group now. Once you go up .. its like so back and forth with them. Its the convenience store.. whatever is convenient that day, that week. Joseph – I have no idea what Indy is going to say about me. I have no idea what they’re going to say about me. And that is the thing I am not going to say a word. I will literally leave you guys to be like that’s my boy. And remember their biggest thing is threats.. the second you drop Indy blood around them .. they will be like yeah she does do good in comps. They talk about how pissed Michael was when she used it being her birthday again when taking the London trip. Brittany joins them. They ask what’s going on downstairs. Brittany – I was talking to Terrance. Monte – what was he saying? Brittany – oh that he’s fighting.. They all laugh. Brittany – it was a long conversation. They Indy “rocks” up acting like “gottcha!”. I’m purposely talking loud in the doorway. She doesn’t even ask me anything. If I was trying to hide you wouldn’t see it.

7:38pm Bedroom – Kyle, Alyssa and Joe.
Kyle to Joe – dude take advantage of the time (chained to Taylor). Why didn’t you (Alyssa) keep the 48 hours. I told her like that’s a reward we stay away from each other so its not obvious.. Joe – you would have to shower together. Alyssa – I was panicking. Joe – Now I have to and I am so shy. Kyle – you’re so shy dude. You’re going to have to open up. You’re going to have to tell her the deep stuff. Jasmine joins them. Joe – if I hear anything what am I supposed to do (he gives them the eye). They try to think of hand signals.

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It’s such a stupid lie that will come back to hurt Kyle. Also, For those who actually need to know: The trip is to London, England not London, Kentucky


?! That’s pretty close to where I’m from!

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

At least in KY they’d understand her. (They’d make fun of her and dislike her, but they’d understand her.) #getherout

Christime Ahrens

I just read spoilers for thursdsys w jour there wi be no interaction between 2 groups that should be interesting.

un autre nom

How long before Kyle goes to Terrance to make it look like Kyle is Terrance’s savior and everyone else but Kyle and Alyssa is a bigger target, and Taylor isn’t sure if he should use the veto….
oh. now.
Kyle tells Terrance:
Monte and Joseph are a pair that are a bigger threat. So are Michael and Brittany.
Using the veto is going to make him and Alyssa huge targets. He’s going to take so much heat.
blink. blink.


If what Kyle said to Terrence is true, that lie to Indy is extremely unnecessary and will come back to bite him (I will be looking at Indy’s facial expressions when she looks at him after the POV ceremony)

The Beef

If Indy goes home, I don’t see how it “bites” Kyle. Yes, Indy might give him the cold shoulder from Monday – Thursday, but then she’ll be gone. The only other person who would possibly be upset is Jasmean, and given her position in the game and the fact she’s everyone’s #1 boot (other than Joe, Terrance and Taylor – two of which Kyle is working with and the other has zero power – not to mention the Veto would be used on HIM), her inability to compete for basically anything it seems and her selfish need to have everyone in the house wait on her hand and foot, I wouldn’t be too concerned about what she thinks.


Kyle already told Terrance he’s going to use the Veto on him.

Now watchTerrance tell his leader Jasmine.

If Indy gets wind of this, she’s going to flip out, a punishment, and getting evicted!

Kyle will need to avoid Indy until Thursday, she’s going to be pissed.

If Joe’s on the block, the left overs can ignore Taylor’s wish, they should vote Joe out instead of Indy. That would shock the crap out of Joe the under cover Spy. I’d love that

un autre nom

I thought he told Terrance i’m not sure and if. not definite.

Dixie Lee

Just now Jasmine asked the girls & Kyle if London is outside the country and said that it would be the first time out of the country. Is she that stupid? She didn’t know where London is? Nice birthday present. Yes, she said so.


Trust me. She is indeed that stupid

The Beef

And this person is supposed to be an “influencer”? Nobody in their right mind would pay a moron to promote their products, or represent their company. I’m sure she’s exaggerating what she supposedly does for a living. Not saying she doesn’t have a press on nails business. Just saying her realm of “influence” is not quite what she’s making it out to be.


Sorry but wtf? No way Taylor turned in a dime when she won hoh. She wanted to be a mean girl initially and failed. So she’s back in script but out by of character. Every season bb jumps the shark and for this season this is it. Looking forward to the twist. How many ways can they screw it? Buy ruffles in protest!

un autre nom

Ruffles is a lays brand.


Sorry not a big chips person. Thanks! Lol


I’m glad Kyle won. Hopefully he keeps the nominations the same (use the excuse he is protecting Alyssa) and they get out either of the useless nominees.


He’s not and what is worse is that he is unnecessarily lying to Indy according to what he said to Terrence


If Kyle had a back bone, he’d say I decided not to use the Veto.

I’m afraid a non person of color would be put up !

See how Taylor would react to that !!


I HATE that Taylor is basically saving Terrance.

Directly before the nomination ceremony, Terrance got wind that he was going on the block next to Indy.
He was crying & complaining to Alyssa & Jasmine that it was his 4th time on the block… and then Terrance says to Alyssa & Jasmine (in reference to Taylor):

“I hate that b!tch”


Actually, they were talking about jury & he said “when I HIT that b*tch” (meaning the jury).

I’m NO FAN of Tactless Terrance fwiw & would be thrilled if he was off the feeds b/c I NOPED him quite a while ago.

A few sites posted what you noted but came back & corrected they heard it wrong. Dawg & Simon GOT IT CORRECT – not a shocker 🙂

Paul Sucks

They gave her the trip, Happy Birthday now evict her this week and end my misery

un autre nom

Took an hour longer than I thought for Joseph to start pushing Alyssa.
Mind you, he’s basing it on a lie (something Jasmine said as being out of Alyssa’s mouth… Alyssa never said it). He does that a lot actually. If Jasmine says she talked to someone and they said…. Joseph relates the tale like he heard the conversation… that never happened.
Just putting that out there because it’s not the first time.

un autre nom

At this point in their crap, if they aren’t putting up Jasmine, just throw a bunch of gummie bears in a cup because…
prenom idea: Turner and Terrance. Becomes Any combination of Monte, Turner, Terrance. becomes Indy and Terrance becomes Alyssa and Indy becomes Jasmine and Indy becomes Indy and Terrance, Alyssa and Terrance before gong back to Inday and Terrance.
post nom idea: Joseph and Terrance becomes Joseph and Indy becomes don’t use veto becomes Alyssa and Indy becomes…. And it’s Saturday night.

And surprise surprise. It’s Alyssa as target now. Who has Taylor’s brain (aka Joseph) been pushing for 3 weeks? He doesn’t even have to be in the room anymore to move his muppet’s mouth.
Turner was still pushing Jasmine. Monte stepped in to push Alyssa. Britt was fine with Alyssa because she thinks Kyle gets closer to Michael and Britt if Alyssa is gone. Petty talk about taking prizes and HOH comp comments later….

Kyle is now in the hotseat he was lying to Terrance and saying he’d be in. Kyle holds the veto. Does he knowingly pull a Daniel, and ensure his Nic, Alyssa is evicted?
Kyle was the one saying not to use the veto. He already knows the joke wasn’t really a joke. Hmmm. The alliance is saying he should want to do it, because he has plausible deniability this week he won’t have next week when there are three of them left (meaning he’d have to use Taylor’s pawn an ally scheme… and they don’t want that).

And post veto everything goes back to storyline plan. I REALLY think this whole chaos plot between HOH one on ones and Veto is plot device to keep feeders talking during a steamroll. Just saying.



un autre nom

Non-american here.
Can someone please tell me:
Is it a common belief that of course Paris is in London?
Asking for my friends in Paris, and London.
My grounds for asking: An American tourist asked me a few years ago if I was surprised by the heatwave we must be having because it was almost as warm here as it was in Iowa… and what do I do with my Igloo when it gets so warm.

Paris, Texas

There are over 20 cities in the US named Paris. Of course, she’s confused, even though she has a Masters in Geography. No, she’s just stupid.

un autre nom

Now that Britt is trying to pull Taylor back in to their secret final 2… I’m almost tempted to check the same people on twitter from earlier today. Almost.
I can already guess. Oh look she came to her senses.

So Britt is trying to get Taylor back before Taylor is chained to Joseph.
Reality: Joseph is STILL going to be Taylor’s brain for the rest of the week.

Here’s the basic thing all non Pound leftovers have missed. There’s a pound.
Here’s my question… they knew about OASIS, so how have they missed that there is a Pound? No. Really. How?


dont use it.