“It comes down to who is willing to be a better servant to Jasmine and as of now Jasmine thinks I’m a better servant than Indy” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players: Taylor, Indy, Alyssa, Kyle, Terrance, Jasmine (Host is Turner)
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

9:41 am Turner and Kyle
Turner – I want Indy out of the house this week so f***ing bad
Kyle – I’m going to go for the veto and win so we can talk about it I’m the same freaking way dude..



9:43 am Joe and Monte
Joe – Taylor has made it clear she wants Terrance going home
Joe – if Alyssa wins it and brings down Indy.. and let’s say we decide I can’t go up she’s forced to put up Jasmine. I know by her pick it’s me vs Terrance at the end of the day which is fine.
Brittnay joins them
Joe – we’re running through the veto options. Alyssa will take down Indy for sure. Terrance takes down himself, Kyle?
Monte – I don’t know
Joe – I guess we’ll see what Taylor and everybody else wants. Jasmine, I don’t know. She’s close to Indy and Terrance.
Britt – She’s going to throw it.
Monte – do you know why Taylor picked Alyssa?
Britt – my guess to build goodwill with Indy
Joe – Taylor isn’t hiding she wants Terrance to go home she wants to increase the chance of Indy coming down.
Monte wonders if it’s personal or strategic for Taylor to want Terrance out.
Britt speculates it’s because Terrance tried to flip the vote on her.
Joe – if Indy goes home on Taylor’s HOH we will need justifications so the girls don’t rally against her.
Britt – they will anyways.
Monte – if she doesn’t put me up this week they are going to rally against her regardless.

Joe says out of Terrance and Indy, Terrance will be more forgiving about being put up on the block.
Monte says Indy is the one person that will want to come after Taylor.
Britt says Jasmine was complaining again about being picked to play in the veto. “Indy said I wanted you to play in Veto so you could play with me”
Joe – Jasmine is really upset because Jasmine really wants Terrance going further. As far as possible. That is why Jasmine is pissed this week.
Joe says That is why Jasmine will send Indy home over Terrance.
Britt says Jasmine’s one and only shot to win this game is with Terrance.
Joe – If Indy goes Jasmine won’t hold it against Taylor neither will Alyssa her and Jasmine have a final 2.
Britt – Alyssa should want Terrance gone then she gets Jasmine all to herself.

Joe says they need to have a leftover meeting to determine who goes home. “We run our ideas by Taylor. I think Taylor made it clear she wants Terrance.. At the end she’s indifferent but I think Terrance. It’s her HOH”
Joe – I did offer that if she needs to put me up to help her game she can. Let’s say the leftovers want Indy to go home Me sitting next to Indy would be Taylor’s best shot of it not looking shady.. that’s a BIG move like what she wanted to make. Putting me next to Indy it makes sense from Taylor’s perspective..

Joe tells Britt the girls “Destroyed Monte” to him and not three days after they came to him and Monte for a final 4.
Joe says if it’s him and Indy on the block Jasmine will have a tough time deciding. “It comes down to who is willing to be a better servant to jasmine and as of now Jasmine thinks I’m a better servant than Indy” (OMFG that is funny)
They agree if it’s a double eviction they would much rather fight Terreance over Indy.
Monte – Indy will be the first one after she comes off the block to say Taylor is going up.
Joe – yeah, No matter what.
Monte – she’ll put me and Taylor up. She won’t touch Michael..
Joe – Indy has more problems with Brittnay than Terrance does. Terrence doesn’t give a f***
Joe adds that Indy wants to take Brittany out because she wants to get closer to Michael. “She’ll put Taylor and Brittany on the block”

9:56 am Indy, Taylor and Alyssa
Taylor – I like everyone playing The only DOOMSDAY is if Taylor wins. Those chances are so low.
Alyssa – we talked. I will take you down
Indy – yeah yeah
They agree Jasmien would use the veto on her
Taylor – odds are in your favour
Indy – I really want to win
Alyssa – if it’s a prize thing I want you to win
Taylor – if it’s down to the three of us I would be happy for you to have it.
Indy – I want to take myself off.. I’m going to win this sh1t, take myself off the block and make a cake.
Alyssa – I’m pumped.
Joe joins them.

10:06 am Turner, Kyle, Michael
Michael – yesterday he told Monte she should put you and Michael up together if she wants to take a BIG shot. He was pissed he was put up
Turner – I didn’t realize he would put you and MOnte up. that might change things
Turner – Indy will put up me
Kyle – and me, for sure she doesn’t talk to me.
Turner – I think she can win an HOH
Kyle – I do to.. more than Terrance
Michael – there’s a zero percent chance Terrance will win a competition.. not to sound like an asshole
Kyle – she drives me crazy I can’t handle INdy
Kyle – does Brittany care about which nominee
Michael – I don’t know I don’t think so, but..
Kyle – I’m sure Monte wants Terrance gone if he’s saying that.
Michael – I just wish Taylor wanted Jasmine out
Kyle – me to
Turner – what if we backdoored Jasmine that would be sick
Michael – I would love that but she’s not going to do it
Kyle – which is insane to me
Turner – Jasmine put up Taylor
Kyle – I know I know
Michael – I’m so annoyed about.. you got to play in a veto and you complain about it
Kyle – you have a chance at safety..
Michael – she jumped off the wall because she didn’t want to get sprayed with something.. granted that wasn’t your comp you weren’t going to win..
Kyle – still
Michael – I would have killed to play on the wall and you didn’t want to mess up your hair.
Turner – Taylor did say in front of us all F** my morals and brought Jasmine into the conversation.
Kyle – when?

Turner – last night or the night before.. That would be good for everyone in the alliance. I respect that message so much especially if it’s reciprocated but it’s only one-sided.
Turner thinks the veto will be used this week regardless of who wins it.
Michael says Kyle is the only one that could get away with not using it.
Kyle – I know but this fly swatters thing they’ll want me to use it
Michael – this is the best-case scenario. Alyssa wins and pulls Indy down. Taylor puts Jasmine up.. that would be best. I don’t think Taylor would do something that risky
Michael thinks with a little persuasion they can get her to do that.
Kyle- it’s not risky. Those girls are going to put her up regardless. She doesn’t realize that right now because they’re up there kissing her ass. Taylor has a big heart and I think they convince her .. She promised all of them safety the day before the Veto..
Turner – which is crazy then the whole house is in your alliance.
Kyle – she then said I’m going to put Turner and Monte up as pawns.
Tuner – the people in your alliance.
Michael – I never heard that.. sounds like that was shot down real quick.
Kyle – for me Indy and jasmine.. I want them both gone so bad.
Tuner – if veto is used there is a 50% chance we might be able to get Jasmien on that block.
Michael – Taylor did ask us yesterday who our first choice would be and everyone said, Jasmine.
Turner – I stuck my neck out so far for Taylor and she almost put me up.
Kyle – we all get into a room after the veto and we all be honest about every option. I’m open to Alyssa, Jasmine, and Indy like I’m open to Terrance.
Michael – I think Jasmine over Indy
Kyle – I’m going to win it.
Kyle – I just don’t know if I can bring myself to use the veto on Indy
Michael says he doesn’t have to use it “Just say it’s to cover up the alliance”
Michael says Jasmine is the strongest tie between the girls and Terrance getting Jasmine out will break that tie and Terrance is all alone.
Kyle – and she doesn’t want to play in competitions
Michael – then you can sit in Jury and not play competitions

Kyle – Indy thinks I’m an idiot and doesn’t talk to me she literally just orders me around and bugs me and Alyssa all the time.
Kyle says the other night him and Alyssa were chilling and Indy came to them and said everyone is up in HOH you need to go up there
Michael says Indy, Jasmine and Alyssa are all about GIRL POWER with Taylor right now “even though they cut her out of it”

They bring up how jasmine doesn’t want to play in the veto
Michael – I hope it’s a punishment prize thing and she gets a punishment
Kyle called into the Diary room.

Turner to Michael “do you think Taylor will put up jasmine even though it’s her BIRTHDAY?
Turner – I hope to god she sees through that little birthday trick
Michael – I’m so sick of hearing about her birthday.
Turner – my god. it’s so crazy..
Turner – Indy told Kyle to leave the HOH room. Indy goes “can you leave I need time with the girls”
Michael – Taylor has to see through all that right?
Turner – I feel like when you are HOH you get so much bullshit that’s so easy though I think Taylor’s downfall is she doesn’t see through it
Michael – Probably feels good they’re finally being nice to her.
Turner – for sure.
Michael – I want JAsmine out so bad
They talk about Joe asking to be the replacement nomination.
Michael – Joe volunteered so if he wants to go for it I guess.. it’s so much can change in a couple of days. I would hate for us to be locked into sending this person home. So much can happen between now and Thursday.
They agree Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa are able to win HOH there is a chance they can send one of them home.
Turner – if there’s a prize thing Jasmine will go for the prize thing
Turner – if we can get Taylor to put up Jasmine I don’t care who wins. (Veto)
Michael – yeah
Turner thinks if all of them are in the HOH and voice their reasons to get jasmine out Taylor will be open to it.

10:48 am Taylor and Jasmine
Taylor – I like whose playing we’re good.. I’m glad Alyssa is playing too
Jasmine – she was so ad during OTEV
Taylor – at least I was the host..
Taylor – those shorts.. they said give us some booty Taylor.. I said ok. (Awesome 🙂 )


Jasmine – I was like are those little fringe tassels
Taylor – I keep all of the little costumes they’re in my bottom drawer
Jasmine – the plan is anybody wins it pull Indy down and if Indy wins she’ll pull herself down anyways..
Taylor – Mmhmmm
Tayloe says she would really love to see “that poor man” Terrance win the veto and take himself down.
Jasmine – Kyle’s playing too.. so I don’t know..
Taylor – I don’t know how close Kyle is to Indy or Kyle is to Terrance.
Jasmine – I don’t know
Jasmine – Like ohh my god just imagine two BLACK girls HOH’s getting TWO guys out like SENSATIONAL..
Taylor – Mmmmhmmmm
Feeds flip to Terrance talking about the dimensions of his game.

Terrance – in order to get another dimension is to win and that is what I am going to do. that is why I’m just chilling right now cause I don’t want to feel distant or..
feeds flip back to Taylor and Indy

Taylor talking about Monte still being the backdoor. “now that he can’t play in the veto.. ”
Jasmine counts her fingers.. that’s nine that can participate in the HOH.. that would be 4 vs 5 (Girls vs guys Taylor can’t play)

11:12 am Jasmine and Terrance
Jasmine – I am telling you all now don’t give me a punishment on my birthday week unless you all want me to be somebody you haven’t seen before I’m warning Y’ALL
Jasmine – I don’t want people to be like OHH I’ll take this because I don’t want the punishment.. it’s my DAMN birthday week (LOL)

11:25 am Joe and Jasmine

Joe – I think she wants Monte out for sure there’s no doubt in my mind.. with three weeks of her being left out of everything she’s on her own to do what she wants.
Joe says he cannot see Taylor sending one of the girls home “I got that for sure. The rest of the house she doesn’t give a f** about”
Joe – you three she’s thinking long term or something. with me she thinks ohh he’s cute whatever.. but I don’t know where we are game-wise.
Jasmine asks him who he would send home on his HOH
Joe – Turner .. that is the least person I feel close to.
Jasmine – you will need to backdoor him
Joe – I would need pawns..
Jasmine – you are my number one in this game.. You are the top guy in this game and ALyssa is my top girl. Right under her is Indy, Under you is Terrance. I really like Michael.. I’m not close to Kyle.

11:46 am
Taylor – come hug me .. put those vanity muscles to work


11:48 am Taylor is adamant she won’t put Jasmine up.
Monte joins them. They talk about taking Terrance down putting Joe up and sending Indy out to Jury.

11:50 am Michael and Brittany
Michael says Terrance believes, Monte, Kyle, Alyssa, and Indy have something.
Brittany – Indy, and Jasmine approached Monte and Joe the other day
Brittany says she walked into the storage room on Monte and Joe it was one of those times when they switched the topic when she entered. It was game but it wasn’t the game they were talking about.
Britt – Jasmine scares me to cause the longer she stays.. she’s really the perfect person to bring to the end. No one likes her. she doesn’t win anything. She would have the girls votes.
Michael – Turner thinks we can get her out this week.
Britt – I don’t know, Taylor won’t do it. Monte’s not targeting her either
Michael – why?
Britt – very much deflecting.. he probably sees she’s a great person to take to the end.
Michael – that’s a good reason to get rid of her.

Britt – I feel very much on our own island right now.. it’s scary

12:27pm HOH room – Kyle, Taylor, Monte
Taylor – If you win, use it on Terrance. Kyle – on Terrance? Taylor – yes. Kyle – are you sure? Monte – 100% yeah. Taylor – yes. Monte – I think we are going with that plan because at the end of the day ..you’ve already expressed your frustrations to Alyssa about Indy and how much of a pain in the a$$.

12:31pm Big Brother blocks the feeds and switches them to the kitten cams..

2:41pm The feeds are still blocked.

3:39pm Still nothing..

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“Kinda” hope Jazmean takes Taylor out. Won’t happen but would be funny.


whoever takes out taylor probably gets 4 jury votes from terrance, jasmine, alyssa, and indy.

Game shows lover

??when will the two groups separation be done, after the double evictions?
The reason I am asking is that the house guest are playing the game as usual tell Thursday. Which makes me think it will not be done during the double evictions on Thursday but after. Am I thinking right?


It won’t be the Double eviction that you remember. After one houseguest becomes the 1st to enter Jury, Two teams will be formed that compete separately for a week; so one person evicted from each of those teams

The Beef

No. There IS no double eviction this week.

After this weeks eviction, the group separates and each plays a full week of BB – each evicting one house guest. That’s what they are calling a double eviction this time – two in one week but in separate votes from separate groups. If I have my dates correct it should happen on Thursday 8/25/2022.

Paul Sucks

I think the way it will go is that the house will be divided into two groups on Thursday. Then each group will have an HOH and they will nominate a pair. Then there will be two vetos then ultimately two evictions on the following Thursday.

This means that the leftovers could be done but not necessarily. Depends on how things divide up.


That would be soooooo Funny…..Taylor is making me crazy……

Just a viewer


Sick and Tired

I did not want Taylor to win HoH. Any of the Leftovers would have been fine. I was team Taylor as well until this week. She is all over the place. I am a african american woman and I am so so so sick of Taylor bring up race. She needs to let that go and just play BB the game. I do not feel the other players are racist in any way. Taylor don’t want to put up a black person..well Taylor guess what? Monte is black and terrance, jasmine, Ameerah and nicole are considered black or of color and the other girl that quit the game is considered a person of color. If I am wrong please correct me people. Jasmine needs to be evicted.. too many excuses her ankle for about a month, fear of heights, first one down on the wall, complaints all the time, dad day, husband b’day and her birthday too much. Her ankle is ok by now Jasmine is playing games. I am sick of Jasmine and Taylor this is a wasted HOH.


I hate Jasmine

un autre nom

Jasmine: can’t have punishment on her birthday week.
I swear if they don’t give her a punishment…. pow, right in the kisser to the moon alice.
Maybe something that involves a ball gag.

Have nots were eliminated for 2 weeks. Last time they did this in US? that was 21 wasn’t it? right after Jackhole cheated as a have not for an entire week with no punishment?

I don’t want to hear the logistics of well they had an endurance. That’s why they let them off have nots Wednesday night in past seasons. I don’t want to hear about well they have the week long split coming either. Let’s be real: This cast pulled a hissy about slop.

Game: so what’s the point of telling Kyle to use the veto on Terrance?
Kyle is the only person that may cause Joseph to lose those 2 jury votes from the girls because he’s in the swatters too.

Anyone notice the amount of complaining because nobody else volunteered to clean the bathroom for Jasmine? Three times last week Jasmne dropped or spilled or broke something on the floor and just left it there for others to clean. And she’s mad nobody did her task for her. I was actually mad Terrance helped her… but then realized I haven’t seen him do any real clean either.

Game2: Turner and Michael one on one… it’s like seeing an albino elephant… a rare sighting. Basics: Taylor is being an idiot in her Jasmine protection, and all of this volunteer shit is stupid and should be done by now.

Joseph is still in rabidgamersquirrel mode? oh. shocking. eyeroll. Actually the only thing shocking is anyone still buying him because i can still visibly see when he’s lying through the screen.


I haven’t heard this much about a friggin’ birthday since Rockstar was on! Maybe a Super Fan should clue Jazzy in! Taylor is an idiot!


Or Rodney on Survivor…

un autre nom

I don’t check often. I checked twitter.
They’re gathering torches to hunt down Britt and Michael for talking about finding a new final 3. Called them king and queen when they final 3’d with her, but now they are racist and jealous and need to be evicted for saying Taylor’s HOH is making them distrust Taylor.

me: THEY SHOULD BE after THIS hoh.
They know Monte is deflecting off Jasmine. They know Joseph is double dipping. They know Taylor is now Joseph’s way more than she is theirs. If they weren’t they’d be dumb.
Given Taylor’s protection of the other side, and starting every conversation she has with her final 3 mates with: Joseph says? Yeah. ditch her.
I mean, moving forward, should they just ask Joseph what Taylor thinks? It’s at that point.

twitter also seems to be doing contortion to try to blame this stupid plan on anyone but Joseph and Taylor.

me: no, it’s not up to the alliance to save them from themselves after she already had the plan of put alliance on the block to save the enemy alliance. Once she said I can’t put the girls up, I need an alliance mate on the block because I’m targeting men… they aren’t saying a word.
It’s not the rest of the alliance’s fault that Taylor, who was in the room for EVERY planning session last week, has decided to make her HOH as chaotic as hell for her alliance, while coddling the people that want her out. Taylor and Joseph own that. Not the rest of the alliance.

Michael’s alliance break plan was a week early but he was targeting someone that has already started planning Michael’s eviction.
Kyle’s bias alliance talk was stupid but look at Joseph’s plan and remove Monte… that’s what Joseph is plotting as his chapter 2 plan.
Taylor is being an idiot this week. There. it’ been said. Her entire HOH planning session begins with the premise: I can’t target my enemies that are targeting me, and ends with I should pawn the guy i’m ignoring my final three to please.

Anyone notice?
Joseph is getting reassurance from Taylor that Jasmine won’t go on the block. Didn’t ask about Alyssa, did he?

I’m still of the mind that this entire initial noms to veto crap for the second week in a row might just be a production storyline gag to keep feed watchers guessing… and try to alleviate the boredom of a steamroll. But i’m still writing about it.


So Twitter is saying Michael & Brittany are being racist because Taylor’s HOH is making them trust her ???

This is why non people of color have the right to complain, did any people of color go crazy on Twitter when Taylor said she can’t put a Black woman up ? Nope !

How dare Michael & Brittany question Taylor’s loyalty. Hell, I’m a person of color, and I’m questioning Taylor’s Loyalty to the Left Overs, Jasmine is a Spoiled, Entitled Bitch, I can’t stand her.

After seeing Taylor’s HOH, I’m not that crazy about Taylor anymore, she really has no game play. Taylor is all over the place, and she keeps saying she’s keeping Jasmine, did Taylor pick Alyssa for Houseguest Choice for the Veto selection ?

Taylor is doing nothing for her alliance, she’s dead set on making the people who have treated her like crap all season happy.

Twitter is wrong, Michael & Britt are not Racists, Taylor is the person who decided to use Race as an option this season. People of color need to realize, we can’t play the race card when things are said in this game, when a person of color started the Race comments !

As I keep saying, Everyone needs to just play the game, leave all the other crap outside of the house. Play Big Brother


Stay off Twitte, it is a cesspool of ignorance.


As far as I’m concerned, Taylor’s HOH is a big waste. This is why I did not want her to win, I wanted Turner to win, he would put Jasmine up on the block, just like Jasmine is going to put Taylor on the block again, the first chance she gets.

I’m also sick of hearing this is Jasmine’s Birthday week. So DAMN what!! Her saying that nobody better give her a punishment in the Veto, or they will see a side of her that they’ve never seen before. Who does Jasmine think she is ?

I’m so sick of Taylor now, I am no longer feeling sorry for her. Taylor is so happy the girls are talking with her, she was even willing to put Turner up as a pawn, the man who saved her during his HOH from being put on the block. Taylor is so thrilled to be with the mean girls, they like me wow, No they don’t !!! They are playing you they still don’t like you.

I am so tired of Taylor saying she cannot put a black woman on the block, Taylor has really gone down in my ratings, I’m a person of color, and I’m so sick of hearing Taylor use race and the fact it’s a female, and Jasmine’s Birthday, as the reasons she won’t put Jasmine up.

Jasmine wouldn’t care if it was Taylor’s Birthday week, Taylor would celebrate her Birthday on the block, and if Jasmine had her way, Taylor would be evicted.

I don’t care next week when the house is divided, if Taylor is evicted, I really don’t care, and I hope it’s Jasmine that evicts her. Taylor has wasted this HOH, she knows all of the nasty things that have been said about her by Jasmine, but she won’t put Jasmine up. Jasmine is laughing and talking with her this week, Taylor feels like one of the girls.

I’m so over cheering for Taylor, her awkward personality, awkward Social Skills, anyone who continues to fight to be accepted by women who have shown her they don’t like her, Taylor deserves to be evicted by the mean girls.

Taylor’s HOH is a big waste, next week she will be back at the bottom of the list with the mean girls, oh well, she has shown the Left Overs she’s not willing to consider what the entire group wants, which is Jasmine Evicted. Taylor feels accepted this week, and has
no issue with evicting a Black man ?? I’m over cheering for Taylor, her game play sucks!!

So don’t cry next week when the mean girls evict Taylor, Taylor did this to herself, a Black woman “Jasmine” is going to evict another Black woman, Taylor, but on the bright side you were in with the girls for 1 week, hope it was worth ignoring the people in your alliance who had your back. Taylor your game plan is as awkward as your personality and social skills.

Whyyyyyyyyy Couldn’t Turner have won the HOH this week instead of Taylor !!!!

it would have been much better TV, than the snooze fest with Taylor’s HOH.

un autre nom

What was the insinuation that Joseph made to Turner and Taylor?
They were talking about wanting Jasmine to switch bedrooms.
Joseph insinuated production pays them more to have showmances?
Use the showmance excuse / the money as a reason to get Jasmine to move.
SIdeye. That cam switched SO fast.
I mean… yeah, it was known. But I think that’s the first time ANYone has actually said it on feeds.

Just a viewer

Taylor about Jasmine: I won’t put up OR vote out a black women.

Jasmine: I’m not black, I’m mixed.

Taylor: I won’t put up OR vote out a black woman.

Ameerah: My mom’s white and my dad’s black. I only really knew my black side of my family.
Taylor: I VOTE to EVICT Ameerah (week 3).

Taylor’s full of it. Someone needs to remind her that she already voted out a black woman. If Joe goes up and goes out on a backdoor, Jasmine will then have life in that raggedy a@# foot, win HOH and put Taylor’s ridiculous self on that block. When Jasmine was HOH, she wanted Taylor gone. Ameerah wanted Pooch out not Jasmine. She thought it was dumb to take out Pooch before Taylor. Taylor wasn’t her pawn. Taylor was Jasmine’s target. Jasmine didn’t give 2 craps about black girl magic with Taylor. Taylor said, people don’t know how to play this game. No Taylor’s head got big and she will find herself in jury, sooner then she thinks.

Let’s Play Fair

There is always a point in watching Big Brother where the players show their true nasty, greedy natures and the viewers couldn’t care less who stays or leaves. Unfortunately, I think we are at that point of the game….

un autre nom

Kyle got veto.
Taylor is going to be tethered to Joseph for 48 hours.
Joseph was NOT a veto participant. Hi, Production? Stop the bullshit.
Alyssa got money.
Jasmine got a trip. No really prodo. STOP THE BULLSHIT.
Terrance and Indy? Punishments.

Mind you, i’m about ten seconds from NOPING PRODUCTION with the bullshit….
No really. WHEN HAS A HOUSEGUEST EVER BEEN TETHERED TO A NON VETO PARTICIPANT??? I’m pretty sure paul and christmas were both in veto. I’m pretty sure britney and brendan were both in veto. THIS is more pandering to the idiots that want a showmance including a guy with a girlfriend in the real world? Oh.


Yeah wth, how did that happen? Maybe it was a HG of their choice?


I agree, they are pushing a showmance. Because the kidmance with Kyle and Alyssa is totally gross, strange and annoying to watch a immature 29 year old man be so wimpy, and act like he does not really have dating experience. Kyle is lost when it comes to Women.

As for Taylor and Joseph, I’m with you. How do you get tethered to someone who did not play in the Veto, that’s BS, Production is trying to stir the pot, I get the feeling Taylor will be just as awkward in a showmance, Talylor’s people skills are off, I would not want to be tied to her for 48 hours, she has a kind heart, but I’d have to be around her in small doses.

Since Jasmine won a trip, the person who didn’t even want to participate in a competition, Taylor can put Jasmine on the block. She won trip on her Birthday week Yippee !! Taylor come to your senses and Evict Jasmine, just like you voted to evict Ameerah, she was a Black mixed race woman, just like Jasmine.

Evict Jasmine, everyone needs to stop catering to Jasmine, stop listening to Joseph, Evict Jasmine, listen to the majority of your Alliance, they want Jasmine gone. Taylor is going to regret not nominating Jasmine, I don’t have any pity for her dumb choice, it’s her fault !!

Taylor wanted Daniel and Nicole gone because they were leading the charge to get her out, based on orders from Jasmine, Jasmine wants Taylor & Monte out, Taylor, check yourself, make a move, Evict Jasmine, this keeps Taylor & Monte safer, Terrance can’t win anything.

Don’t let Joseph play you, stop playing according to what he’s feeding you, stop drooling over Joe, first you wanted Daniel because he said he used Magnum Condom’s yuck, doubt that was true. Now you are fixated on Joseph because you are horny, Get it together..


Kyle: POV
Alyssa: $5k
Jasmine: Trip to London
Taylor: Chained to Joseph for 48 hrs
Indy: Outfit & week-long task
Terrance: 182 fake tattoos


SIMON AND DAWG. You guys forgot to change Taylor’s Picture to HOH and Terrence and Indy as nominees


Thanks! I don’t know what I was smoking!



un autre nom

Michael says “Jasmine used her birthday to get out of being put up last week, this week, avoiding have-not, getting a trip to London… that’s four birthday gifts and it’s not even her fuqing birthday! I wanted her to get a punishment so bad.”
Gee Michael, you were HOH one of the times she used the birthday excuse, don’t yank out buyers remorse now when you’re one of the punkass bitches to capitulate to the environment where everyone kisses her ass so they don’t have to put up with her whining.
They are all complicit in this crap.
Anyone said no? Try it you bunch of assholes.


I was team Taylor till this week the leftover bent over backward to keep her they should of got rid of Kyle he’s a bigger threat kept Daniel make a deal with HIM and let him go after Taylor .. Taylor is being dumb as hell right now unless this is a game move to keep the weakest laziest most annoying person in big brother history I can do without the Julie your as cute as a apple pie on a Saturday night geeze save me the agony !


I am confused. At the top of your page it says Kyle is the HOH and won the POV. I thought Taylor was the HOH and they were still playing the Veto. Did something happen?


Competition was Reward & Punishment

un autre nom

Okay. i ranted a little.
Logic assessment:
Well, any thought Britt and Michael may have been keeping about Taylor as their final 3? Likely out the door with the tether line between Joseph and Taylor. Has she once asked her final 3 she’s so loyal to what they should do this week? Actually she’s started every conversation with Joseph says, so, no. Seriously, she is actively projecting her preference no matter what she says, and optics matter in the game.
The reason for the tether:
Gee, they’re trying to save Joseph and Taylor from this stupid plan…. gonna tie them together during the ceremony where she puts him on the block? And they remain tethered? Really?
Kyle having the veto? Miiiight be prodo’s way of altering course too. D/R gee Kyle, if you use veto, do you worry they’ll put Alyssa up instead? A thought.


It sounds like Indy is complaining about her punishment and it hasn’t begun yet!

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Even the feeds are sick of Terrence and cuts him mid sentence.