Joe “Then I won’t win it [veto], I’ll leave myself for you to use me as an option [replacement nom].”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

Taylor is telling the girls Monte is her target and she’s looking at a backdoor. The real plan is for her to nominate Indy and Terrance. Terrance is the target but the door is open for Indy to be evicted if she “POOCHES” herself. Alyssa could also be in danger but it’s more remote than Indy / Terrance at this point. Jasmine is safe. (only a savage would nominate her on the week her birthday is on)

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

5:15pm HOH room – Taylor and Jasmine.
Taylor – I am coming into this game and I am not putting a black person up on the block or up for eviction. Not doing it! Jasmine – I had to for that one thing. And that was another thought that went through my head… like The Cookout just left last season. I had to throw it off a little bit. That is never happening again and I told you that and if I win HOH, I am keeping my word. That is just not happening.

Bedroom – Indy, Michael, Alyssa and Brittany.
Indy – I don’t want to be on the block on Thursday. Alyssa – I know .. and she said she had another target in mind. Indy to Brittany – do you want to play? Brittany – if I get picked yeah. Indy – you know I am joking, you don’t have to use it on me but I hope you do. Its not fun to be up there. Michael – yeah we all know that. We’ve all felt it. Indy – I don’t want to be up there on Thursday. Alyssa – I wonder what the veto will be? Maybe Zing-bot? But they probably wouldn’t do to iconic ones in a row. Indy – You guys I am super surprised how I am able to deal better with my emotions. I am super surprised because normally I would be like f**k you I am leaving. I am not a quitter but too boring ..BYE! I would be really happy if I win. Michael – I think it might be the prizes / punishments veto.

5:25pm – 6pm HOH room – Joseph and Taylor
Joe – I just talked to Terrance and he is thinking of picking me for house guests choice if he gets it. And he was like if you use the veto I don’t care who you use it on me or Indy. I heard him talking to Monte and he thinks this is all bull. He thinks this is all bull and he wants you to be put in a position where the noms aren’t the same. Just so like obviously Monte isn’t going to get put up.. because regardless Monte doesn’t go home. He wants to force you to show your cards. But the best option is we don’t get to that point and we leave it Indy and Terrance.. that way your game in the long run is safe. He is for sure trying to grab someone to take him or Indy down. Like he doesn’t even care if I take Indy down. He just wants to ..kind of on some Daniel sh*t.. even if Indy goes out.. he wants to force the rest of the house.. Taylor – like that b***h is a liar.. Lets say I do put Monte up, do we have the votes to keep him? Joe – yeah. I know Monte is not going to want to touch the block. Taylor – no. If I put Monte in that situation.. Joe – I don’t think he is going to like that just after he stuck his neck out for HOH. I definitely don’t think he is going to like it. For sure, even if he does it for the alliance. My only problem with that is that we’re only as strong as we trust each other. Like its just not a good look for you. The sh*tty thing is they are going for him so to put him up on eviction night.. Taylor – he is going to be shaking. Joe – you cannot put Kyle .. they will never trust you. You can’t put Turner, they’ll think you’re a shark and wild. I don’t think its good .. Brittany or Michael because those aren’t big targets. Taylor – and I’m close to them. Joe – its Monte or me.. if you want to hide yourself long term. Taylor – I have to. Joe – the only problem is Monte will take it personal and he is a huge target. F**k! Taylor – Oh my god! Turner told Indy that if he is pulled to play veto he would play and take her down. Joe – if I pull one of them (off the block), you can’t put me up. Taylor – as long as you don’t win veto I couldn’t put you up. Joe – then I won’t win it, I’ll leave myself for you to use me as an option. I won’t hold it against you, I trust you entirely. (She has no power at that point, the house votes) (Joe sounds like he’s going to POOCH himself. Did he learn nothing from his best friend Pooch!?) I hope this shows that I am trying to help your long term game. And then that way you and me don’t look so much as a team. Taylor – there are obvious reasons why I don’t like it but there is nothing that I can do to show you how much I want to protect you in this game too. Literally putting you in the worst line of fire. Joe – but that to me.. I do not want to go to jury.. I do not want to go home but in doing that to me I am showing you how much I trust you and I would not at all ever go near that block. It is the last thing I would want to do. Me doing it on yours I hope shows long term I want to protect you. Taylor – honestly it sets the stage for Alyssa and Kyle. Joe – so it would come down to me versus Terrance or me versus Indy. Taylor – yeah one of them. Joe – that way you don’t have to draw blood with Monte he is ready for war and I’m not ready for that. Taylor – I am not letting you go home to jury. Michael joins them. They explain the plan. Joe – For the Leftovers that want HOH comp winners out, they want Indy out this week. Probably what is best for a unanimous quite vote this week.. is Terrance. What is best for the Leftover is probably Indy (out) because Indy was fighting on that wall.

7:20pm Jasmine is all suited up in her hazmat suit to clean the bathroom. Terrance joins her. Terrance – I am going to try and fight for it and see what I can do. Jasmine – I don’t think you have a problem. We know who the target is. Terrance – there are too many variables right now. I am standing to fight because either way if one of us comes down that should go up. I am not asking anyone to play for me just take whoever down.

8pm Kitchen – Michael, Joe, Kyle, Brittany, Jasmine, Monte, Turner, Alyssa and Indy are talking about Daniel and the events that lead to evicting him.

8:05pm Bathroom – Terrance and Jasmine.
Jasmine – you can go on out and mingle with the people, I’m going to finish this. Terrance – I don’t want to talk to those motherf**king people! Jasmine – but you need to. Terrance – I know and I know you’re going to force me to do that goofy sh*t! Jasmine – you got to .. and I don’t want to hear any if, ands or buts about it. Terrance – J you irritating. And you want me to have a conversation with these people and human decency doesn’t even freaking apply. I just can’t understand that and that just goes against everything I believe in. And it be just like f**k this game are you even f**king human?! You nasty motherf**kers!! Like what the f**k!? How y’all move in your regular life!? Sorry I just had to get that out! (Oh my the real Terrance comes out! Tell us how you really feel about these people!?) Jasmine – yeah I feel you. Its a lot sometimes.

8:35pm Bathroom – Terrance and Alyssa.
Terrance – Hey Alyssa if you do play tomorrow, it don’t matter who you bring down. You take down Indy, I don’t give a f**K. You know what I’m saying as long as one person come down. Alyssa – yeah. I want to play. Terrance – if I get House Guest choice, I am picking you. Alyssa – YAY! Thank you! That would be great! I will try my hardest and win that sh*t!

8:43pm – 9pm Bedroom – Indy and Joseph.
Indy – did she (Taylor) say anything. Joe – No not really, she isn’t really talking much game with me .. more like life and getting to know me. She is keeping her guard up still around me. Indy – what did she tell you if you win the veto tomorrow? Joe – we haven’t talked about that. She told me that if I win veto I could pull down she assumed Indy and that her goal is to put up Monte. If I win the veto, you come down and Monte goes up.. that’s it. She is very hesitant like not too much trust for me which is fair. Because you’re right the only reason why she is talking to me so much is because she thinks I’m cute. Indy – so do you want to play tomorrow? Joe – yeah. I hope I am playing. Indy – so if I pick you and you win, you will take me down? Joe – yeah of course. But just to be fair Michael would be better than me. Jasmine joins them. Jasmine – I am just irritated, no one offered to help (clean the bathroom). I am in a boot cleaning the entire shower in the bathroom. Joe – I am so sorry for that I was up in the HOH room with Taylor and when I came down you and Terrance were done. Jasmine – well Terrance didn’t come in till the end. Its amazing every time I go to the bathroom any other time there are so many people peeing and pooping and just hanging and the one time I am in there cleaning the bathroom nobody comes in for two hours!?!? Was everyone holding their pee and poop!? Indy – well I am in pain otherwise I would have helped you. Jasmine – well you cook all the time so its okay. Joe – I am sorry I f**ked up. Jasmine – everyone always complains about it (the shower) but never does anything about it. Only a handful of people said thank you.

9:30pm Chinese Checkers, Jasmine ploughing through a bag of chips and Terrance talking to the cameras. Terrance – there are a lot of things that rub me the wrong way. You just try to keep your composure with it but your innate self don’t let things like this slid. This has definitely shown me grace and patience.

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Please let the POV comp be Zingbot!!! If what Joe proposed happens and he stays, Much Respect

un autre nom

Betting reward punishment swap. It’s that time.


Who of this bunch do you think would be most likely to take $5k and who is the most likely to take the vacation. I think Alyssa would be the most willing to take a punishment


Michael would look cute in one of those costume-wearing activity punishments 🙂


Jasmine just said nobody better give her a punishment on her birthday, she will not wear a unitard on her birthday!

The Beef

Much respect? For offering to Pooch himself? I don’t think so. Another dumb move in what appears to be a season of dumb moves by dumb players, not the least of which is Taylor’s refusal to even consider putting up Jasmine, even though she put Taylor up when she was down and out and wanted her EVICTED, despite her revisionist history retell of the story.

I just don’t think many of them know how to play this game, despite some of them claiming to be “super-fans”. Seems to me Michael is the only one (maybe Brit) who has truly watched and studied the game, and knows how it’s played. The rest seem to be of the sort who watched a season or two during sequester, and missed out on some of the best and most basic strategic moves of the game – like DON’T VOLUNTEER TO GO ON THE BLOCK.


Why did Taylor say she wouldn’t put a black person on the block… what color does she think Terrance is?


Taylor Said black woman, guess she has own integrity game to play. Jasmine shows her cards, distasteful character. Anyone would put Her OTB soon enough. Terrance is Not a woman, and is against Taylor.


She said BLACK FEMALE not a black person. If you’re asking this question then you don’t understand why she made that statement.

Christime Ahrens

I wouldn’t trust Jasmine cuz it coukd come back on taylor she put Tay up when she won hoh.
Well see I think it will be a tie on eviction nite, and Taylor will have to break it unless it’s 5 and 4

un autre nom

Why Joseph is going to have to pull back on the volunteer tribute stupidity:

  • It’s more jury pandering and final 2 case building and the game fans are going to know it.
  • It exposes the lengths Joseph will go to protect Indy.
  • Michael and Kyle are already suspicious of Joe.
  • Monte is sick of the spygame and this is to continue the spygame.
  • Britt knows Joseph is trying to set himself up in a parachute and offered to take Taylor and Britt along for a ride in the meangirls scooter. She also knows from Taylor that his first thought was to pull Turner and Taylor over into the spy alliance.

So, Does Britt keep her mouth shut thinking that Joseph has too much influence over Taylor? How does Monte react thinking Joe said he’d leave swatters today and he’s trying to pull more leftovers into the swatters.

OR we could have 25 D/R calls per houseguest to convince them that this is a wonderful show of solidarity…. keep the team going.


Not the D/R calls because of the rumors as to how the double eviction is going to operate (2 separate teams supposedly for a whole week)

The Beef

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if good ol’ Joe volunteers to go OTB, only to have a few of his LO buddies turn on him and vote his ass out? It would be high comedy to hear Terrance talk about how he flipped the house to get everyone to save his ass once again, and how he’s running the show!


That would be hilarious! I’m so over Joseph, I hope he does Pooch himself. I do not understand why they want to save Terrence!

un autre nom

It just occurred to me:

Last week and this week, between HOH comp and veto, we’ve had weird behavior flips.
Could this actually be intentional as a production feed tool?
Let them run wild with whatever crap they want for a day to keep the feed audience interested…. then when veto hits everyone snap back to storyline?
Could this be a similar thing to bbcan7 weekend feeds between veto and veto ceremony?
Every weekend the alliance was exposed and counterplots were made. Every monday morning before veto D/R calls would happen and the house would be back to what alliance, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Is it possible that’s what we’re seeing?


Didn’t I just read that Taylor told Jasmine she wouldn’t put up a black person?


CBS staying quiet and inspiring race gameplay will be the death of big brother.




This is confusing to me because Monte is a black person, so how does this work if Monte is supposed to be the target?!?!?


again, what color does Taylor think Terrance is??????

The Beef

To be clear, Taylor said she’s not nominating a black woman, not a black person, so I guess in her eyes, since Xavier won last season, maybe that box has been checked. Maybe she just feels strongly about “black sisterhood”, although I don’t know why she would given Jasmine gladly tied her ass to the stake and piled tons of wood around her feet and would do it again given half a chance. Taylor just got lucky that Pooch did the Pooch thing, and that Ameerah and Nicole decided it was a FAR better idea to get HIM out, given the opportunity presented, versus Taylor, who they thought they could get rid of any time since, in their eyes, the whole house was against her, which it was, BEFORE the formation of the Leftovers.

So I might understand it more if Jasmean hadn’t already attacked Taylor and said so many vile and disgusting things about her, but she has. Given that, I just don’t understand it at all. There is no logic for protecting the person who’s trying to kill you (in the game).


Guessing this ? is JasMean only pass. Tay could feel things differently later..


I think she doesn’t want to put up a black woman plus it’s Jasmine’s bday, as she non stop has been mentioning-(Thursday I believe.) She doesn’t want her to be on the block on her bday. Jasmine wd of course put Taylor up, bday or not, she hates her


Interesting camera angle of Terrence cleaning the shower. I wasn’t aware they had that camera angle of the inside of the shower over the top of the shower door. Kind of creepy! ?


That is definitely creepy!


So Jasmine is laying in Alyssa’s bed with the clothes she had on while cleaning the bathroom. She has that dirty boot on while eating chips! I’d be so pissed of! She’s nasty, I’m sorry!


To be fair, Alysssa was humping the bathroom floor the other day.


yep, I know her parents are soooooo proud of her!


To be fair, that’s different than cleaning a shower where everyone’s nasty behind has been in. I wouldn’t be dancing on the floor either though!


just leave noms same


Taylor is a nice person, but it’s really hard from watching her onTV, to really understand what goes on in her head.

Taylor needs to remember this is Big Brother, lie, cheat, make fake deals, plot, plan good moves, but still try and have fun, and you have good game play without being an asshole like Nicole, Jasmine Daniel & Terrance.

With that said, forget about keeping her word with Jasmine, put Jasmine up if the Veto is won, send Jasmine to Jury. You can always get Terrance and Indy later, Jasmine is the head of the snake on the other side, send her packing.

As for Terrance, in his own language, please shut the F@#k up, Motherf@#ker does nothing but float from person to person, bad mouth Monte, Taylor, Michael, shut up Terrance, you have no game, you have kissed ass, did what you were told by Daniel
and Nicole, floated you way all the way to Jury.

If Terrance is so tired of playing everyone else’s game, win HOH, let’s see what you can do, but since you and I both know you are all talk, go sit in the corner and wait for your orders from Jasmeany. Terrance you are a FLOATER, get over it.


I tried to like your post….wouldn’t work


I’m tired of Joe, he is all over the place. He thinks he is doing good Jury Manangement, but I think he’s forgetting about the people he’s making a fool of, I don’t think Indy, Jasmine will be so forgiving. His alliance said knock off the spy game crap, they don’t need it.

What his alliance is not catching onto is, I think this is Joe’s game play. Bouncing from person to person, using his charm, kindness, making everyone feel he’s trustworthy. Flirting and leading Indy on, I’m starting to feel very annoyed with Joe, I don’t trust him.

I don’t think Joe knows how to turn this off, I could not believe Indy & Jasmine pimped him out, told him sleep up in the HOH, get intel, and report back. Shows how much they think of him, and what they think of Taylor as a woman.

Joe needs to calm down, Michael is onto him, Michael seems to be the only one that noticed Joe & Kyle are thinking about Jury Management.

Michael is aware Joe makes himself look good, at the expense of everyone in the Alliance, Joe has not won 1 single comp, he keeps throwing every comp, I’d boot him out as soon as the alliance starts turning on each other. Joe’s kind of slimy, like a used car salesman.


That’s what I said, I pray they Pooch him right on out that door on Thursday.


This year is a rinse and repeat they r cowards and it has been the worst big brother . , they don’t put the person on the block to fight to win nope everything they backdoor them ,,,,,,,, borrin


Michael cleaned the shower the day of the Ameerah/Terrance re-nom and I think ONE PERSON noticed and said thank you.

JasMEAN does it & wants a house meeting so everyone can get on bended knee for her. And this is the person who orders the other 10 people in the house around like they are all her personal servants frequently dissatisfied with how they perform those said duties and makes sure they know: Go get me my water – oh it’s not cold enough, Make me a sandwich Ally – Turner bring me that sandwich – OH it’s kind of smooshed!


As for Terrance – having the audacity to utter the word GRACE in reference to himself proves how delusional he is!


Couldn’t agree more!