Kyle to Alyssa “So what are we going to do about this showmance thing?”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Doesn’t sounds like Joe is going to be backdoored but it’s still very much a possibility. Chances are veto won’t be used leaving POOCH and Taylor to battle for votes.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


9:15pm Bedroom. Kyle and Daniel.
Kyle – the majority of the house is kind of leaning towards Pooch. Daniel – yeah. Kyle – I just didn’t want to put you in a bad spot by voting to keep Taylor. I just wanted to chat with you and get your thoughts on that. Which I think you’re fine obviously. Daniel – I am trying to not build that bridge but be better about it .. because its gotten to the point where she just like stalks me around the house. Kyle – I know, I’ve seen it. She’s been doing that to me dude. Daniel – any time I get up and leave a room she will be there in two minutes. Kyle – that’s a good sign though. Daniel – its hard for me to take it as a good thing when its annoying.. like dude we live in the same house and I barely see Nicole. Big Brother switches the feeds. Kyle – its hard to go against the house so that is kind of where I am at. I am still weighing the options but I am still leaning towards Pooch.. especially if that is the way the HOH is wanting that way. I just wanted to make sure we were cool if I voted Pooch out and Taylor stays. Daniel – I know and I even talked to Jasmine about if anyone has these talks like no matter what I am putting up Taylor if I win HOH.. That isn’t necessarily the case. She annoys me yes because she doesn’t leave me alone but I am trying to focus on game and not personal. And I am sure in the outside world its probably going to be chill but in here it is affecting me and so I would probably not even put her up next time. And then she looked at me and I was like well you’re not doing it!? Or at least you put her up but you don’t want her out. I was like I don’t know .. it changes week by week.

9:40pm HOH room – Jasmine and Ameerah.
Ameerah – I was thinking, are we going to be okay with having Indy in jury? Jasmine – I don’t know. Ameerah. Because I think she might kill us! I don’t think she would vote for us.. like when she gets evicted if she is in jury she is not going to give us a vote. Jasmine – yeah she is one of those that hold on to whatever. And also she is like very .. you b***hes you know?! Ameerah – she is freaking me out! Jasmine – she’s been freaking me out all day. Joe joins them.

9:42pm Bathroom – Alyssa and Kyle.
Kyle – so what are we going to do about this showmance thing? Jasmine said it and then Indy said it. Alyssa – about Taylor? Kyle – No! About you and me. We can’t talk for two minutes alone without people thinking we’re in a showmance. Alyssa – I know and I just think that Indy is a wildcard so that just freaks me out. I don’t know. Kyle – I want to talk to you but every five seconds .. I don’t know maybe its just me over thinking things. Alyssa – no I know that too. I think its just so early in the game too that people are like ohhh okay! Kyle – anything! No not Taylor! Stop! Alyssa – I’m like yeah you and Taylor. Are you sure?? Kyle – are you outside of your .. NO! Does it look like it?! Are people saying that? Alyssa nods yes. Kyle – no it does not!!! Alyssa nods yes. Kyle – me and Taylor… NO! Do people believe that? Alyssa – MmmmmhMmm. Kyle – no they do not! Alyssa – I think people are just trying to beef up assumptions. Kyle – no one said anything to me. Really?! What do I do? Alyssa – nothing.. just keep being nice Kyle. Kyle talks about voting out Pooch. Alyssa – I think I have to vote out Pooch because otherwise Indy is going to freak the f**k out .. I am so scared of her.. He mentioned that if I vote to keep him he would keep me safe for a couple weeks… oh a couple weeks… big deal!!

10:10pm Pool time..

10:20pm HOH room. Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Nicole, Daniel and Michael.
Michael – even today he (Pooch) was saying to me its probably best if you don’t use it (veto). Ameerah – he hasn’t asked you to use it on him? Michael – no, he hasn’t once asked me to use it on him. Nicole – okay, Brett! I know you have the veto but don’t use it on me. I’m good. I’ll be safe. Alyssa – is that what happened to Brett? And he went home that week. Nicole – yeah. Jasmine – see.. it sounds stupid for me to not get you out like what are you talking about. I may say something to him (Joe) but its going to be bad either way. Indy – but its like the point that Daniel say .. he probably going to tell Pooch. Daniel – he will tell him. Jasmine – the only way I would tell Pooch is if there was a battle back… but I don’t think there is no chance there is a battle back. Nicole – even if there was it still doesn’t matter. Jasmine – I might tell Joe like right before they vote.

11:10pm Backyard Hammock – Terrance, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Nicole and Joe. Joe is still walking around with the HOH camera recording what the house guests think is the best / worst part about the BB house.

11:20pm Storage room. Joe, Pooch and Turner.
Joe – dude, I am staying away from you purposefully so that people that want you out of the house can see if they can get my vote. Pooch – yeah, that is fine. Joe – and that was it will show me if the want to get you out of the house instead of Taylor. Turner – that’s not a crazy idea. Joe – I think people are starting to think now is the chance to get Pooch out and then Taylor next week. No one has said that to me directly but I want to make sure its not out there. Pooch – the worst case is I would have a tie and it would only be if one of you f**ked me over. Joe – you need to stop telling people that are not us who you’re going for… all it takes is one person to hear that you have Terrance, or Indy or Brittany .. and they’re 100% gunning for your a$$. Pooch – I’ve never said Terrance’s name. I would never. Joe – or Brittany or Indy. Pooch – I don’t know why the whole house wouldn’t want to get out Brittany or Indy. Joe – they wouldn’t if the girls weren’t like f**k Pooch we’re going to group together and boot your a$$. Pooch – that would be dumbest move in big brother history. Joe – if they pull it, it would be smartest. Pooch – no they would be f**ked after because if y’all didn’t go after then because y’all would be short on votes or they would make you f**k each other. Joe – and we would be out numbered. Pooch – and then you win HOH. Joe – and then start smashing back. Pooch – we need to get to the point on Tuesday / Wednesday where you tell people you really want Pooch to stay. Joe – yes, and do that. That is on you. Pooch – its on you guys too though. Joe – yes. Go talk to the sway votes which are Brittany and Michael. Stop spending time with us .. you have us. Pooch – the sway votes need to hear from the people in the house. Joe – yes bro we will advocate for you like I have been.

12:10am HOH room. Taylor, Jasmine, Brittany, Alyssa, Indy, Ameerah.
Jasmine – So you already know what we’re doing this week to save you so we just wanted to check in if you happened to win HOH. Lets talk about it? Taylor – yeah. Jasmine – because like we’re saving you so like I just want to make sure because I can’t play next week. We just wanted to make sure like what your game plan would be because this is us showing that we trust you right? Taylor – and I appreciate that. I just want you to know that I am not targeting a girl next week, or the week after, or the week after that… period. I told producers that was my game plan of what I wanted. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Jasmine – We could have just voted you out because you were up but we feel like we would be better together. Taylor – anytime I win HOH until its the second that only girls are left… Jasmine – who would your targets be for next week? Taylor – I would talk to everyone as a group .. I am not going to put up Turner next to Kyle or Turner next to Monte because I feel like that is too obvious. Joe comes into the HOH room to say happy one year anniversary for being a US citizen. They head down stairs to celebrate.

1am All the house guests are up in the HOH room celebrating Indy’s 1 year anniversary as a US citizen.

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After watching the show tonight, I understand why the houseguests are not that crazy about Taylor. She kind of comes across as thinking she’s a little full of herself. I’m trying to be fair, but the things she is doing when she talks to the camera, it’s a little off, and it makes me see why so many of the houseguests are not that crazy about her.

I was not aware that she slept in the bed next to Jasmine when they first arrived in the house, and she did not talk game, or really try to get to know her, she was full on flirting and playing it up with the guys.

Don’t get me wrong, that did not by any means give everyone the right to shun her, or make her feel so ostracized, that was just being mean and jealous hearted. Moving forward, I hope Taylor kind of tones it down in regards to coming across as being full of herself, play the game, build relationships, and try to win the game. She is definitely a good competitor, she’s going to give them a run for the money when it comes to being a tough competitor.

Now as for Pooch, I really don’t like the guy, arrogant, conceited, and thinks he’s running the house. I hope things go as planned and Pooch is voted out, what a dumb move, never volunteer to be a pawn. I hope Pooch is evicted.

Reality TV

Without question: its not jealousy its how she presents herself. Taylor rolled her eyes at Indy after Indy was upset about not hearing from her family. Never told the girls information about the men, and gives all of the women different/inconsistent answers about who she is going to nominate given power. While telling only a couple of them that she is going to put up a woman for a nomination. Jasmine had a point to nominate Taylor with her speech. Taylor sleeping next to her and not taking time to get to know her or talk game is bad gameplay. Why she is on the block a second time and still consider to be a major house target going into next week. She is not a victim with her Social and Strategic game clearly lacking. Given that she got a second chance there needs to be accountability in regards to her gameplay.

No Name

Which of these contestants is not full of themselves?


yeah, taylor’s game is not good and she totally comes across poorly, but that still doesn’t justify the rest of the house’s reaction. i don’t really think it makes her worth rooting for either though. mostly i just want her out of the house and to move on.


get outta here with that revisionist history. When Taylor came into the house it was HER that shunned the other girls

Palm Oil's Meds

The girls immediately excluded her based off their own preconceived notions about pageant queens. The guys were more welcoming to her so she went where she felt comfortable. Nicole did the SAME exact thing and experienced no hate. Not sure why some people are getting selective amnesia. I think we are all getting gaslighted and looking for reasons to doubt Taylor. It’s human nature to join the group thinking.


“The girls immediately excluded her based off their own preconceived notions about pageant queens. ”
You’re the one with selective amnesia and group think…the girls DIDN’T exclude her from playing the game with them….Taylor excluded THEM, by not approaching them, by not talking game with them or forming or joining an alliance with them,…Taylor didnt talk game with the girls or the boys,…she didnt form or join any alliance with the girls or the boys…

and what “SAME” exact thing are you saying Nicole did? and chill out,.. Taylor didn’t experience “hate”…this is a player vs player game of elimination,’s all game not personal…chill


“and what “SAME” exact thing are you saying Nicole did?”

i recall Nicole making a final 2 with the HoH in the first week, so it can’t be that…LMAO

Palm Oil's Meds

Meh. I still think the complaints about Taylor are minor and petty. To me, conceited would be Janelle or Rachel’s seasons. The hgs have admitted they hated her from the moment they saw her which is based off their own insecurities and preconceived notions.


Admittedly I just come here to see what’s going on with the feeds, so I don’t watch them, but from what I read on here I just don’t understand the obsession and hate towards Taylor. It legit triggers me, like what the hell is she doing to justify this hate and vitriol?!?! Michael is my #1, I hope he goes far. I’m hoping he teams up with Taylor and turns this house on its head. Daniel is coming off as a straight up POS, seriously the most unlikeable houseguest there.

No Name

I was wondering the same thing.I know Taylor rubbed the girls wrong from the start and Paloma rallied them against her,but it was Monte that targeted her with the personal attacks.Can anyone give any insight to his motivation?I know he wanted to squash any idea of cookout 2.0 so Taylor would be the easy target to throw under the bus and then got caught so he has to double down.Daniel is following suit,why,just because he targeted her for eviction.From the start Taylor desperately tried to get in with the guys so why didn’t the manlymansbrodudevibe alliance use her as a vote?Is it because she acted like their equal?If it was Alyssa or Indy who was in Taylors position from the start would the guys have picked her up as a number since they come off as more submissive to the men.Is there more to it?


Monte did that because he wanted to get in Paloma’s pants and he would have done her dirty work no matter what

Palm Oil's Meds

Monte is a simp! He threw a potential ally under the bus because he was delusional enough to think he had a chance of making love to Paloma. lol Now, Taylor will target him if she wins HOH. Bad move by him!


Welcome to Big Brother. So when someone gets painted as a target early on, then they pretty much stay that way. its not obsession or hate…this is a game of elimination, its not personal its all game.
Taylor had bad gameplay in the first few days, she ostracized the other girls. Some of her comments in those early days rubbed both the girls and the boys the wrong way.
She didn’t talk game with the girls and some like Jasmine she didn’t even talk to. She didnt talk game with the boys either or form or join any alliances.
She was targeted initially as an easy out because of this, but quickly became a threat with her strong athletic build and demeanor.

But ever since Taylor hit the block last week she has done a complete 180 and has been playing really well. She’s upped her social game a lot.

Palm Oil's Meds

Are we watching the same show? I’ve been watching the feeds since day 1 and that’s not exactly how it played out. lol Your mindset and reasoning reminds me of some of the confused people in the house.


Please point out which part is false and explain why?

un autre nom

What was Pooch’s original plan:
put me up with someone nobody gives a shit about like Britt. then if Taylor wins veto we can just send Britt home because who cares.
How many people did he say that to? 4 or 5. How many people did they tell? mostly everyone.
Sure, she’s going to be hopping up and down with glee to help him.
I’m so shocked Indy bought that the boys won’t target her. That was a surprise, to be honest.

The evil part of me wants to test Jasmine. I can’t explain it. I don’t trust a single thing she says. Bucket of fried chicken on the other side of the room elevated but reachable, and hide her crutches and scooter. If she’s licking her fingers when you check on her… play back the surveillance. She’s already asked them for at least 2 weeks safety because she’s injured.

I’m translating Alyssa’s talk to Kyle from the words she used to her actual intent: Hey dumbass, why aren’t we showmancing yet? Are you ever going to even make a move? Might as well, everyone already thinks we’re a couple anyway. Now protect me in the gaaa-aaame. Both admit the existence of kindasorta gender line alliances.

Daniel…. oh Daniel stfu. Yup. i reached the stfu stage. I’m starting to avoid him on feeds. And I’ve already been avoiding Jasmine on feeds. Can we just put the two of them in a room somewhere without cams for a day or two? Thanx.

Even Pooch, who is depending on the house being petty, acknowledges that the Taylor thing is just petty. Last night he admitted to Ameerah that Taylor didn’t actually do anything really, and the house piled on like assholes because of groupthink scapegoating. Hey, Pooch was happy to help round up the firewood for the witchburning, so he’s know.

Joe is distancing himself from Pooch. Now he says he’s trying to gather intel to help Pooch. This is true right now, but what is the secondary purpose? If the house does turn on Pooch, he can say we hardly spent any time together last week? Just a thought. He’s hedging his bets by chatting up Taylor. He’s iced her out since Paloma got mad they were friendly last Saturday. He’s talking to Taylor and mentions the Terrance thing. Can anyone tell me what the Terrance thing is??


If there was a way that I could put a ROFL GIF as a reaction to Kyle thinking that the others think that he is in a showmance with someone I would. In the past when 2 people were thought to be in a showmance it was actually true


How funny would it be if they make pairs next week & Indy gets linked to Joe while Dan gets linked to his “stalker” that IS NOT stalking him?

Don’t know what the Terrance things is either (and was wondering about it)


Call me an ass, but I totally laughed when Jasmine sprained her ankle (I personally know how bad it hurts.) After I saw it time my 14 yr old kid watched what happened on their own and was totally busting up while watching the episode.( It partially gave me justification) Jasmine looked like a turtled cockroach that couldn’t make it back home.

jody is back

You are not alone. I laughed too, real hard.


Karma is a bitch!

un autre nom

Taylor…. does like Daniel.
I repeat…. ew.
he said he needed magnums and she wants to see what that’s about.
I stress… ew.
I looked at twitter to see: wow, they’re all making lots of excuses. Me: or she has creepy judgement about men? Is she “stalking” him? naah. does a man saying he has a big d turn her head? apparently. eyeroll.
The women got to drinking… and are all lightweights.
Alyssa? super lightweight. Flirted with Terrance and Pooch. got in her feelings (pissy) when someone suggested she make out with Kyle.
Taylor? See above. super lightweight.

In other news,
Kyle doesn’t understand. He’s not around drunk people often. Me: What, every time he takes his mom out dancing at the club she has to home by 9?

Does this bonding work, or does this bonding make it worse? By tomorrow, I say worse.
The women were thinking let her win HOH next week, take out a guy, then send her packing the week after.
Sippycup Alyssa… I think she’s already given Kyle the head’s up. Well, of course she did. LOL.
I think Alyssa is also going to be in her feels about Kyle not being one of the men they take to the end… but the list of who to take to the end went to the top 10…. oi.

Everyone missed the Popack meeting that Monte called. So THAT’S gonna be a thing.


Monte is no X

Just a viewer

Am I missing something here?
Taylor and Kyle possibly a showmance?
Taylor follows Daniel everywhere he goes?
Taylor told someone but they can’t remember who she told, that she was putting up a guy and girl (as a pawn) if she wins HOH?
Taylor has lied to everyone repeatedly but NO ONE wants to say what she lied about. It will be explained after she’s voted out?
I actually watch the live feeds when I’m not working and 90 percent of the time, no one is talking to her or around her. So when exactly do she take part in all these things? Let’s face it. A very confident woman walked into the BB house and there are a few people in there with inner issues that got threatened: Paloma, Ameerah, Jasmine, Alyssa ( the snake), Monte/ Terrance( who wanted the Cookout plan but Taylor said, no Cookout 2.0) and Daniel.
Alyssa told the girls Taylor would put up a girl. Alyssa told Kyle that the house is seeing him and Taylor as a possible showmance. To make Kyle vote out Taylor. Alyssa told the girls Taylor was jealous of her. Get real!! How many highly beautiful women did Taylor compete against during pageants but she’s jealous of Alyssa? Alyssa is the snake amongst the women but they are too busy focusing on Taylor. Paloma was a trouble making little girl but, Alyssa is a BB snake amongst the women and Monte is the snake amongst the men. Both these house guest will make f2 if the others keep playing the ” Taylor is a huge threat” to the house crap.

Just a viewer

Someone said, “they don’t like the way Taylor talks to the camera”. She’s acting full of herself? It’s better then her laying under the covers acting defeated. Many house guests have done that. I’m glad to see her with confidence and positive motivation, whether she wins or loses. Last week, she cried alone in the bathroom and some after being nominated. But shook it off and got back in the game. Everyone was waiting for the false stereotype of a “angry black woman” but nope, nothing to see here folks. So yes, I’d rather see her positive, confident and motivated. Not constantly crying, looking pitiful and rallying votes from other black house guests, because she’s black. (Terrance)

Palm Oil's Meds

I agree! I think some people have this fixed mindset of all black women being the same. Taylor is the complete opposite of a negative stereotype of a black woman and it’s driving some people mad or green with envy. People with low self-esteem pride themselves by looking down on a group that they feel are inferior. Even some black people or biracial (JasMEAN/Ameerah) black people have internalized racism against darker skinned black women Some people boost their self-esteem by looking down and humbling black women with confidence and beauty.

And I am not defending Taylor because she’s black, but she honestly has not done anything terrible. It’s petty af. There have been plenty of black houseguests on this show that I did not like: Todrick Hall, Monty, Jasmean, Derek F, Xavier, etc). But this Taylor hate is getting old and it’s holding the show from moving forward.