“I want to be fun, like why can’t I be like Alyssa! She is cute. She is pretty. Everyone loves her.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted
– Last pair standing gets a power.

8:20pm – 8:50pm Havenot room – Brittany crying alone talking to the cameras.
Brittany – its so hard! Its just a really awful feeling to feel like you don’t fit in and to not know what to do about it. To feel like you need alone time and not get it. I am not even sad about being nominated I am just sad I won’t be able to make it. Today is only like day 17. Is it day 17? I miss feeling understood. I miss my husband. I miss my family. I feel like I am letting them down. I feel like I am letting my clients down. I feel like I am weak. I feel like I am boring. I know I am spiralling, that is the worst part that I’m spiralling and I don’t know what I need to do to get back on track but its really hard because everything that would normally make me feel better is taken away. I just miss my life because it is a good life. Man! I am an introvert! I don’t know how I passed the test to be here. And I don’t want to give up because I worked so hard to be here. I want to be here .. this is my dream. And I don’t want to give up! Man, it hurts! Oh man!

Brittany – Its like I want to be alone but I don’t want to be the kind of person that wants to be alone .. I want to be fun, like why can’t I be like Alyssa! She is cute. She is pretty. She laughs all the time. Everyone loves her. She doesn’t offend anybody. I feel like every time I try to say a joke someone will hear and they won’t laugh. And then they will repeat it and then everyone will laugh at the person that repeated it. Its like I’m not even there and I don’t know why! Because I have friends and family that love me… and my clients really love me. And I feel like I am letting all of them down because I look like a reject! I feel like a reject and it feels awful. I just wish I would have been better prepared for this. oh man! Its just tough when the people that understand you aren’t here to remind you of who you actually are. I know if Steven was here he would give me a hug and say that what I am thinking isn’t true. And he would remind me how much this has been my dream for the last decade. Isn’t it funny that you can have dreams and want it so bad that you would do anything.. you would give up your perfectly happy perfect life to go do this thing because its your dream.. and then you can get here and it brings up any insecurity you’ve ever had. I think my problem is that I am problem solver. And so the problem is not feeling like I fit in or that I can make really deep friendships other than with Michael and maybe Kyle. And I know what the problem is .. that’s the problem. I am finding it difficult to make friends but the thing is I don’t know how to fix it. How do you make friends when everybody else already has friends. I feel like I should have figured this out in elementary school. I should have figured it out in middle school. I should have figured it out in high school. I should have figured it out in college. I have friends at home.. I’ve just never had a group of friends. I have never been apart of a big group. And that is fine in the real world. It doesn’t bother me that much. I like reading. I miss making people feel good. And I only really get to do that 20 minutes a week now.. and that sucks. And I am doing it and it isn’t even really helping my game, its helping them! No wonder I am on the block! I hypnotized everybody to have an amazing week! ohh.. I just have to laugh. I hope I haven’t embarrassed my husband enough. His family is probably watching and thinking he married some psycho. Paloma was not even a week in the house and everyone was smitten with her.. Big Brother switches the feeds.

Brittany – No wonder I can’t make friends.. I am not even being honest. I am not even able to share who I am and what I do. Its hard to connect with people if you can’t share your true self. Especially as a woman. But if I told them now, they would just think I am a liar which they would be right because I haven’t been truthful with them. I am sure they would understand why.. I hope my clients don’t think I cry all the time. This is a very particular situation. I do think being empathetic helps. I know what people need. I think that’s my super power. I love helping people because I know how they’re feeling. It sucks when you know how everyone is feeling but no one knows how you’re feeling. She then does a “little self hypnosis”.

8:57pm Storage room – Daniel, Nicole and Ameerah.
They’re getting Joseph’s cake ready for his birthday celebration. They think about putting a condom on the side of the cake and then decide not to because he might be embarrassed / because of his dad (watching?).

9:20pm Bedroom. Taylor talking to the camera.
Taylor – Somehow I become the villain and everyone else in the house goes harder on everybody else… but I am still the villain. But I take it because its not worth having the house against you.
And if I am actually hurting people, obviously I would rather learn and grow from that but some of the stuff is like.. Even Brittany and Pooch .. the smallest thing like rolling their eyes and saying that you rub the house the wrong way .. I am just frustrated! But the key is getting back out there and put on a good face no matter how frustrated you are. Anyways, I am just frustrated because these are really nice people. Brittany is a little awkward but she doesn’t say anything that hurts people or upsets people ..but the whole house is going to vote her out this week and for what?! Pooch was annoying but entertaining.

10:08pm Outside the HOH room – Michael, Nicole and Brittany.
Brittany – how do you feel about this week? Nicole – I am okay but I am also scared. Brittany – its risky but I feel like it could be high reward. Nicole – yes but my thing is I just don’t want it to be a Pooch 2.0! And I know it won’t be but I’m still scared. Brittany – I get it. Nicole – but I feel like doing this will be better for a lot of people going forward just because I know that I can help control her (Taylor), we also don’t know what she would do and I don’t know who her ultimate target is but I know that I am safe.. does that make sense. Brittany – you wouldn’t be able to have control if she was HOH.. and that would be a helpless feeling for sure. Nicole – most of the people in the house can move forward if she is gone. Nicole heads downstairs.

10:23pm HOH room. Brittany and Turner.
Turner – have you talked to anyone today.. how are being? Brittany – People are being good. Gosh, Everyone would have to be bamboozling me and if that’s the case then kudos. I feel good. Turner – I feel fine.

10:35pm HOH room. Turner talks to the camera
Turner – Brittany freaks me out. Why is she standing outside that door of my HOH room for five minutes. And I am just thinking are you going to come in and simultaneously dude driving me crazy. There are just some people that .. dude its like I don’t want to socialize with anyone unless its Kyle, Monte, Daniel, Alyssa, Joseph… thats all the people I would want to talk to.. Brittany doesn’t fall into that criteria, she actually falls in the entire bottom of the barrel especially when I wake up. When is Brittany in my a$$ every time I was up.

11:30pm HOH room – Joe and Turner
Joe – What up Turn-daddy!? Question .. if I am not selected for veto do you think I could host the vote? Turner – yeah do you want to? Joe – my boy! I forgot I had to pick. Joe – but obviously if I am going to war..

11:40pm – 11:45pm Bedroom. Alyssa, Kyle, Turner, Indy, Nicole, Daniel and Monte are hanging out chatting about random things. Kyle to Alyssa – what are your red flags. Alyssa – that I am super jealous / super possessive person… but those kind of go hand in hand. I think that’s about it but that’s a big one though. Kyle – so when you were talking about Joseph having girl friends? Alyssa – no way! Absolutely not, unless they’re ugly. What if I had .. like what if the roles were reversed? Kyle – yeah, I’m the same. Do you think guys and girls can be friends just in general? Alyssa – no. Kyle – you really don’t? Alyssa – like friends but not best friends.

11:59pm The house guests get ready to celebrate Josephs birthday.

12:04am The house guests all sing happy birthday to Joseph.

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un autre nom

I tried to make it through to the end of week three without noping, because once someone is noped, I don’t un-nope, and I don’t have a pleasant thing to say about the noped.
No dice.

Nic is NOPE.

So glad they’ve never had 2 winners of bbUS with the same first name. Hopefully, in her case, that’s a curse. It’s what she deserves.

I just can’t believe she beat Elvis to the list.

She pushed one of my hot buttons once too many times.

Palm Oil's Meds

Nic’s new name is Hells Kitchen



Couldn’t agree more! (was it her threatening to beat up Taylor that pushed you over the edge?)

un autre nom

Someone with training making a physical threat, even in jest, has a different weight to it than some flapping mouth without the know how to back it up.
It just does.


In reading the twist explanation, it says a “pair” is evicted. So….two are going??

un autre nom

No. the pair are the 2 nominees. The house votes for which member of the pair is evicted.

un autre nom

Dear Kyle.
Alyssa is going to be jealous if you dance with another woman.. even if it’s your mother.
Don’t walk.

un autre nom

Before anyone asks the question why is Michael lying to Taylor and saying he doesn’t think Turner would put her up as renom.
Who is Taylor’s partner, that she’s going to tell if he deviates from company line?

Another effect of this twist: the people in the know that don’t like the plan or want to save their allies not in the major alliance can’t say anything to them in fear that they tell their partner… another member of the alliance.
This twist has cut the ability to mount a counter offensive outside of the major alliance.


Yeah, social media was killing him for that – but they weren’t looking at the semantics of him telling her the truth.

I’m still secretly hoping Tay/Nic get picked & Michael quietly pulls Tay aside, and says screw this herd mentality shit – if I throw you the POV will you take me down BUT we won’t tell anyone (including Britt or Nic). I’m tired of this popular kids’ group deciding who gets to act one way while others have to walk on eggshells. It’s bullshit.

Let’s throw the house in a tizzy – give them no time to plan – say you won’t use it & then see them scurry on Monday. If Nic says anything after – just tell her I’ve sat in rooms alone as people leave when I enter, I’ve dealt with people getting angry at me if I speak to someone too long or look the wrong way while others can say things much worse or joke around with no repercussions.

I’ve catered to people’s requests with a smile on my face & then am criticized for kissing ass. I watch people flirt & cuddle but I’m not allowed to be in the vicinity of the opposite sex for longer than a second or I’m stepping out of bounds!

I told the truth to Monte while an emotionally unstable girl lied through her teeth & everyone knows it but were allowed to ignore the facts while he still wants me gone b/c my presence is a reminder of his chosen actions. And I’m conveniently blamed for things like turning a vote to 12-0 that was set up by YOU & the chosen ones prior to nominations & outing alliances I had no privy to.

None of you care that you’ve ostracized me so that I’m not allowed to have allies or friends or they’ll also face the consequences. You want to paint me as a villain & get a reaction but I’ve come up short in that regard too so let’s just invent something.

The two people who don’t treat me like a leper were sitting on the block so I decided to save them – unlike you, I have no ties, no allies – I’m the outcast b/c of the strategy of this season & distasteful manner of targeting someone via lies, minor things that are blown out of proportion &, to be frank comments & actions that people should be ashamed about. Then again I’m not sure this resonates with you since I hear you want to beat my ass – – right?

Yeah – it’s me dreaming – so, in this REM world, Tay overheard what Nic said & clocks her.

Anyway, it’s my BB vicarious dreamland where I produce the outcome I’d prefer to happen. We all know Nic would never let Taylor get 15 seconds into that speech before she started screaming why her voice and feelings were more important & invented some reason for why Taylor was out of line. But it sure would be great if Tay got to say even that last paragraph just to see Nic’s face as it dawned on her how the truth being called out would impact her outside the house!

So that’s my little Saturday morning rant after one of the most distasteful 24 hours of feeds this season – – and that’s saying A LOT!

Also from Sarasota

I see a new episode of “Snapped” playing out. Run Kyle Run!


I’m with you

Palm Oil's Meds

I don’t feel sorry for Britany. What did she expect? She was complicit with Taylor being ostracized, but it was only a matter of time before the popular mean kids started to target her.

un autre nom

I feel sympathetic for both. Why is it an either or?
Sympathy isn’t pie.
You can sympathize with more than one person’s plight and experience without diminishing the value or amount of your sympathy. Your sympathy level for one doesn’t get smaller if you sympathize with a second.
I mean currently Taylor is complicit with Britt’s being ostracized. Currently Briit is complicit with Taylor being ostracized. Does that mean screw them both?


I feel bad for both too. I grew up in a small town which was very clique so high school was rough but thrived in college in a big town (go figure).

Anyway, I felt for her b/c it was genuine & real, and ironically both Tay & Britt commented about the other – Tay on how Britt (and Pooch) weren’t accepted b/c they’re different & Britt on how she’s closest to Tay but if she hangs out with her too much it puts her in bad stead.

I think Michael often feels that way too – when you see him staring off into the distance or sitting quietly while the others are bouncing off each other.

I’ll never understand how the main group finds the narcissistic, lying, attention whore Evil Elvis more appealing than the far more interesting & genuine Michael (then again I’m an odd duck)

Palm Oil's Meds

The difference is Brit brought it on herself. She runs her mouth too much and shares intel with everyone. Taylor hasn’t done anything major.

un autre nom


While Daniel is pushing Nic and Ameerah to take out Michael *called it.
The women are still saying Britt Taylor and Indy are the next three to go. *GIRL POWER
Daniel is still pouting that Michael will come for him (surprised he didn’t say Michael is stalking him, won’t leave him alone, and flirts with him… his usual routine).
Indy has to go Nic says, because if Dan and Kyle were on the block, Indy would vote out Daniel so that Alyssa could keep Kyle.
Ameerah leaves to check time. Nic tells Daniel bringing up Michael was a big no-no because of POS Pack. Daniel is pissy because he thought that alliance was fake. Nic says no, it’s real. Mind you, Nic just said Indy would keep Kyle, not Dan, so Indy gotta go. *I’ve got an idea Nic… you go…. and maybe stop threatening to assault people, trash.
Reality, Nic wants Michael to stay because he can win comps to take out Monte. That’s what she’s trying to groom him for. Michael takes out Monte, the boys go after Michael.

Kyle and Monte are telling Joe and Turner about Old Skool without telling them about Old Skool. They tell Joe and Turner the girls will switch to take out Michael, another guy this week if he’s still on the block. *thought Michael would have to do this after veto.
Turner’s pushback is the swing vote argument, Kyle counters with Nic and Daniel were the swing too…AND they were have nots with Pooch, so they REALLY broke loyalty MORE.
Kyle and Monte suggest bringing in Britt and Michael for numbers, Michael is more of a superfan than they think and wins comps. Kyle says nobody wants to see Monte and Kyle and Joe in physical comps, so they’ll target them asap. Turner says Michael and Britt think they are good with him…so… (thinks about having to talk to Britt I’m sure).
Joseph figures out Ameerah told Indy about the talk Pooch and Joe had with Ameerah. That’s why Indy was so pissed with Joe.. and why Ameerah was SO upset after the HOH comp. Joe figures out Ameerah flipped the vote. No wonder she was throwing up and saying she was going home. (wait… you held on to that until now? Happy birthday moron)
… AND… they’re still getting rid of Tay because they don’t have the votes to get out Ameerah.
*so fuqing close… and they brainfart. GET NIC OUT idiots.
The guys realize Nic is awake, so now Ameerah, Daniel, Terrance will also know the 4 boys are together in HOH. *tell them you missed the stench of Stinky fresh from the source.
Now Joe is reluctant to pull in Michael while Britt is here. Britt’s trying to get in with the girls… *JOE BACKSLIDES… offer her a place and she won’t be looking to fit somewhere else… maybe.
Ameerah, in Joe’s mind threatened Britt and made her cry, and that’s why she voted Pooch out. Ameerah is now a dragon to the guys. *then save the damsel from the dragon twit
Oh god. These meatheads. Somebody show them the memory wall and teach them to count.
Kyle spotlights the NIC DAN AMEERAH TRIO. Nic kicked him out of that room so Daniel could have Alyssa’s bed, Kyle was supposed to take it when the bedswitch happened.
KYLE PROPOSES BRINGING IN TAYLOR, MICHAEL AND BRITTANY so they have an alliance of 7 to combat the (unnamed but) OLDSKOOL 6.
If they put up Ameerah and Terrence, one of that side goes no matter what. If they bring in all three of Taylor, Michael and Britt, they have vote control too.
Boys get animated that what the girls are doing to Taylor now is what they did to Pooch last week. They can turn this around and slay the dragon.
Kyle says the house has kept Taylor, Michael and Britt on the outside for three weeks, let’s scoop them up and make Taylor OUR shark.
Turner plans his veto speech for Ameerah… for Pooch.
They are forgetting ONE thing. I’ll just say this: Damn Pairs twist will still be in place next week and Joe… blabs. So does Turner. This has to stay secret until MONDAY and depends on veto. Can these idiots run a long con and obfuscate?
*I still say gun for NIC. and will for her duration in the house.
Now the next week worries come to Turner. On the block with Jabberjaw. Boys say we still have the numbers (the proposed 7).
Monte is feeling betrayed by Ameerah. oh the righteous indignation is going to be barf worthy. Kyle says now or never, they have no chance to get numbers if they can’t bring in Britt, Michael and Taylor (by telling her how Nic is lying to her face, as Nic gloated).
The boys agree this could be legendary, but they need to start winning HOH’s now.

I want to see how this turns out… but I’m tired and only half awake. tapping out.
SPECIAL NOTE: Sometimes when I’m tired I call Kyle NIck. if you see Nick not NIc… I’m talking about Kyle and didn’t catch it. big apology.


I seriously do not get the Taylor hate train. Watching live feeds every day and I haven’t seen Taylor be problematic at all. What’s with this “rubs everyone the wrong way” crap! I thought I liked Nic at first but she’s showing her true colors.