Kryssie “I am pretty sure why Monte has a problem with Jason. I think its because he is gay.”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-07 23-24-01-042

8pm Kitchen – Shelby and Scott are talking. Scott – Right now my number 1 person I want to go home is Justin. But Alex wants Shane or Danielle so I’m going to do what she wants. I’m not going to make Alex take out Justin if she doesn’t want to. She’s playing her own game. Shelby – you might just want to leave that for Monte to do, you know!? I think Kryssie might use it (Care Package) on Danielle. So basically it would leave Shane, Justin and who knows. Scott – that sucks. I talked to Kryssie earlier and I said I would like her to use it on Jason (Care Package). Shelby – What did she say? Scott – she said that’s where her head was at but that she was still going to talk to people. Shelby – I was thinking of going up to Jason and asking him are you talking game with me .. which one of your faces am I talking game with!? Scott – Don’t! Do not! I don’t think you need to stir the pot at this point. You can play the middle. Shelby – I don’t want to play the middle. Scott – If you want to get to the end of this game .. you have to. You can’t be burning your bridges this early. I’m counting on you to make it to the end of this game with me. Shelby – I’m going to keep it cool until we find out who the American Nom is. Maybe if Jason approaches me with game again .. I’ll feed him some bullsh*t. Scott – I was talking to Jason & Kryssie last night and they’re realizing you’re going to make it a lot further in this game and that they’re going to need you as a vote. Scott – you and I have a really good shot at going deep in this game. Shelby – I’m not here to like betray the girls. Scott – I would never ask you to do that.

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Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-07 23-12-58-989

Hammock – Shane and Danielle are talking. Shane – Monte is going to be left with a bunch of girls. Danielle – he will probably tell you that he was pushing for me to stay so that when I do go home he can say he wanted me to stay to get close to you.

9:15pm HOH room – Kryssie and Alex are talking. Kryssie – I’ve listen to everyone who approached me and noticed who didn’t approach me. I’m not 100% but I am really leaning towards using it on Jason. I can’t use it on Justin because people know how close we are. I don’t want to sell myself out because I’m not linked up to anyone. Alex – I do think its better you use it on Jason. Kryssie – I can’t save Danielle. If I rescue Shane .. I run the risk of Danielle going up. If I give it to Jason it saves you from having to put him up. I am pretty sure why Monte has a problem with Jason. … There have been things that Monte has said. .. I honestly think its because Jason is gay. Alex – I didn’t want to think that but it very well could be. I was thinking of sitting down and talking to him about it but there is no good way to ask someone if they are homophobic. I file everything away .. I noticed what Cornbread said the other day. Alex – the Jew comment. Kryssie – yeah. When he was talking to someone about getting the price down on something and he said oh like Jew the price down. I don’t think its anything malicious .. either of them. Kryssie – If I get HOH I would put Monte up. When this week is over I want to make sure you and I are in good standings. I think if Jason goes up he will go home. Alex – I’m pretty set on putting up two power players but I want to wait to see what you do with your care package. Kryssie – I think the most brilliant minds in this game are female and its the three of us. If I do this for you and for me.. all I ask is.. Alex – I will protect you. Kryssie – I would be more than happy doing that. Alex – Whitney might be a dark horse in this game. Alex – I have your back and value you as a player I would like to keep you around.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-07 23-31-34-905

9:55pm – 11pm HOH room – Alex tells her conversation with Kryssie to Monte and Morgan. Scott joins them. Alex – that worked according to plan. I didn’t even have to say too moon and she’s on board. Scoot – do you feel solid about you noms. Alex – almost. Monte – I don’t trust Shelby either. She is so weak she has no other option than to work with us. Monte leaves. Shelby and Whitney join them. Alex tells them that Kryssie is convinced that Monte is Homophobic. Whitney – she is making stuff up in her mind. Alex – I don’t think he is homophobic. I just think he’s real southern and a conservative. Monte joins them again. Alex – I think Scott is America’s player. Morgan – hopefully the next week shows us.

12am – 12:20am Backyard – Monte, Whitney, Shane, Danielle, Neeley, Morgan Scott and Shlby are talking about random things.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-07 23-56-19-491

12:40am In the kitchen – Kryssie, Scott and Shane. They’re drinking coffee bombs – coffee mixed with coke. Shane tells Kryssie – if you don’t use it on one of us you’re going to be down a vote. Scott – It’s no secret I’m close to Jason and I might be a little biased but I want Jason to stay this week. Kryssie – If I do that where does your vote lie? Because you’ve been smart so far getting in everyone’s good graces. Scott – it depends on who the 3rd nominee is. Shane – what if its Shelby? Are you going to vote her out? Scott – doesn’t say anything. Shane – that’s a no. Scott – I promised them if they keep me safe, they have my vote. Kryssie – do I listen to you and save who you want me to save? Knowing full well that I’m shooting the rest of us in the foot? I could go up. Scott – I’m not going to break my word. I told Alex if she kept me safe, then she had my vote. Its a one week thing. Kryssie – bare in mind it is a one week thing, where does your vote lie next week?! What if its Monte? This could be the one chance to get him out. If he goes there’s a power shift. Scott – I gave them my word if they keep me safe, then they have my vote. Kryssie – that’s concerning.. it may save you right now but it may hurt you in the long run. Scott – I can’t break my word this early. Kryssie – I’m concerned because if I save Justin, I go up on the block next to Jason. If I save Jason, then I go up on the block next to Justin. If I save him (Shane), she (Danielle) goes up. If I save her (Danielle), he (Shane) goes up. Kryssie – if I’ve noticed anything its that what they’re saying to you, what they’re saying to us and what they’re saying to everyone else … is it isn’t matching up. Shelby joins them and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-08 04-37-00-479

1am – 2am Hammock – Kryssie tells Scott – who’s to say someone else gets to you next week and gets your word before I do!? Scott – I kept my word last week. Kryssie – I don’t know if you’re someone I can trust. It makes me reevaluate what I tell you in the future. Do you realize we have common enemies and not just allies. You’re going to f**k yourself over if you can’t start being more direct with people.

1:30am Shelby, Morgan, Whitney and Alex are talking in the bedroom. Shelby – Kryssie told Scott that she’s see so many freudian slis and inconsistencies. Alex – they’re working together. Whitney – I bet he is so paranoid. Alex – we need him this week. I swear to god if Scott flips on us… Morgan – I don’t think he would. He’s smarter than that. Whitney – if he does, then blow it up. Alex – she (Kryssie) was saying there are a few people playing chess and the rest are playing checkers. Shelby – humans aren’t chess pieces, they can move more than one direction.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-08 04-52-25-232

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The house is full of ignorant red necks Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Franks fumes

Monte is a fun sucker……..lets vote him the third nominee and he will likely go home if he doesn’t win veto…..I feel like if he leaves the whole dynamic with the plastics and the late nite crew will be way more interesting forcing them to form new alliances or just interact with each other in a more interesting way……real good cast has promise…… i think.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

The mud is really starting to fly now.


So Scott tells Krissie he promised the power aka Alex he would do whatever the power wanted and Krissie is calling him out, big time! She’s tearing into him!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

And rightfully so.


Kryssie makes stupid comments and is kind of annoying. I actually am enjoying the Plastics + Monte alliance much more than the other side, it’s a pity that the odds are against them because of all these stupid twists.

Franks fumes

Krissy is about to stomp the rat!……..BEEELCH!!!!!


kryssie would be silly to use the safety on jason, but of course she doesn’t know that. i don’t like alex/morgan but i will admit they seem to be playing a good game so far! what i don’t understand is their obsession with getting danielle out, it seems like they were gunning for her before the showmance even became official. will be interesting to see how this week plays out


they want to break up the strong air showmance but view danielle as a better player and i agree with them, thats exactly what i would do – put up shane and danielle and hope to win veto


i meant to type strong pair


They don’t like danielle because she only talks about herself. She never adds to the conversation and always brings it back to herself. Most people in the house have noticed this and have talked about it openly. Danielle herself said yesterday that she doesn’t really have friends that are girls. She gets along with guys better.


I wish they would have gotten Kryssie out last week. Not that I like Monte but I don’t like the fact that she is spreading lies that he is homophobic. I don’t remember Monte ever saying anything remotely homophobic. Monte slept in bed with Shane until Danielle started to. The late night crew is really being nasty. Other than Monte saying Kyrssie is jealous because Morgan looks like Barbie and she looks like a linebacker they haven’t stoop to the level the late night crew is. It sucks though because this is Jason’s group and they are probably going to pick off the Plastics one by one because of Jason’s supporters. It’s an unfair advantage bringing back a vet.

Jason and Krissy - STOP THAT!

jason and krissy should be ashamed of themselves telling the audience that monte is homophobic as if it is fact when they have no evidence to prove this – monte has been very respectful of jason and only targeted him last week because jason is a vet – jason and krissy are doing their best to try to turn this into bb15

its totally unnecessary that jason begs america and slanders who he wants nominated to the extent he is because he is going to get every vote go his way regardless, so he is stooping into the gutter and being trashy needlessly – he has the majority of feeder votes, his own fans, other former bb fans and the gay vote – so there is absolutely no scenario where every vote this season doesnt go his way to help himself and his allies

i wonder what the reaction amongst the LGBT BB community is to these kind of tactics by Jason and Krissy, would they be ok with this or would it be embarrassing to the majority and frowned upon? to me a gay person calling someone homophobic when you dont know if they are, is as bad as a straight person being homophobic, and to attempt to sully someones character to this degree to such a large audience watching is pathetic – but will jason or krissy be penalized for saying this in any way? no because jason is production and fan favorite and krissy is one of his closest allies


Monte got really upset when Jason was waiting for him in his HOH room while he was in the bathroom. Monte walked out zipping up and said Jason was staring at him. He implied Jason was looking at his package and it made Monte uncomfortable and mad. Danielle also said that at one point Monte almost used “fag” when talking about Jason. He said “fa..” and stopped. So there are hints that Monte is, at the very least, not someone who is comfortable or used to being in close quarters with homosexuals.

Franks fumes

I don’t like railroading anyone either but its obvious the guy struggles just being near Jason and Justin I think he is just ignorant and intolerant not necessarily a horrible person.


Just like Frank.

Sad But True

Monte has claimed Jason was staring at his crotch and has also used the f-a-g word when referring to Jason…though he stopped himself before he got to the G. Jason knows about these instances because Danielle told him about them. On another occasion he said he couldn’t understand why Jason didn’t like Whitney because she is “a nice Southern girl who’ll get married and have a family, which is what builds this country”…implying that those who can’t do the same are not good for the country. So yeah, there is definitely evidence that he is homophobic…something that is probably way more painfully obvious to someone who is gay than to someone who is not. I do not think the fact that Jason or Kryssie are calling like they see it is pathetic by any stretch of the imagination.

Jason and Krissy - STOP THAT!

If I had a gay guy staring at my crotch it probably would make me uncomfortable too. Jason and Krissy are basing their opinions on what someone from their alliance has told them. Danielle has also said she is trying to stir up as much drama as possible. I really don’t think Jason and Krissy should be making such character assassinating statements unless something is a fact. I have called gay people the F word ignorantly at times in my life, but I am accepting of all walks of life. His statement about Whitney I read as him being complimentary to Whitney in that should would be a great mother if and when she becomes one. Monte is a little immature and ignorant. If Monte says he is not racist or homophobic then I am going to believe him until I see concrete evidence to prove otherwise.

I feel Jason and Krissy are being a little pathetic in that they are using something they are assuming is fact to pander to America for votes to go their way when they don’t even need to. The votes are clearly always going to go their way. Jason is not dumb. The more and more Jason continues to bring it up, the more this is going to turn into BB15. I am sure Jason does not want to be on a season that derails to that extent.


Monte had no problem jumping on the ‘Cornbread is saying racist things’ bandwagon.’ I suspect that CB’s comment had more to do with ignorance than racism. Monte was also quick to label Justin as a sexist and him and Shelby have continued to spread a story that is absolutely not true. Yet, I heard Monte make a comment about Jason in regards to him not liking Whitney that made me feel that Monte had some underlying issues that had far more to do with Jason being gay than being a vet. He also made the comment about the way Jason was looking at him when Monte walked out of the bathroom with his pants not zipped all the way. Last night Monte was talking about Justin being trashy and low class and he said, “He’s from the bayou. What do you expect.” I guess that means he thinks people from certain areas are all white trash and others are all ghetto while others are all ignorant rednecks. I think I know all I need to know about Monte to know that he is not my kind of people. I am curious as to his opinion of the confederate flag. If he thinks that CB’s ignorance of the meaning behind the phrase ‘jew down’ makes him a racist but he thinks that the meaning behind the confederate flag is simply southern pride then I think that would seal the deal on who the real trashy, low class, racist, homophobic and sexist jerk in the house is. There are a lot of mirrors around. Maybe Monte needs to take a good look at himself. I actually don’t like it when they throw those terms around so easily. People can say things out of ignorance and if you give them a chance and talk to them about why certain things are offensive sometimes you find out that they are genuinely good people that did not realize the impact of certain words. With Monte it is not just about things he has said. It’s about things that have been left unsaid, his general attitude and what he seems to be trying to hold below the surface. I don’t get a good feeling about him and I just don’t like the guy.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Monte needs to go.


Well said Grendon, again I fully agree.

Franks fumes

Good post right on the money.


Your last 6 words are key. Important to know this when reading any of your posts that you will be biased against Monte as you don’t like him. I don’t dislike anyone on this season. I have been accused on here by people of not liking Jason. I like Jason and enjoyed watching his After Dark crew on BB17 very much. What I don’t like is the massive advantage he and who he is aligned with have been gifted, which is so extreme, that it is potentially season ruining in terms of it becoming too predictable and one sided. If you like or dislike Justin, he shouldnt be getting naked in front of women and talking about women from his past in a disrespectful way. If you like or dislike CB, he shouldnt be saying jew down, even if its in ignorance, with no malicious intent to be racist. If you like or dislike Monte, he shouldnt be saying Krissy looks like a linebacker. If you like or dislike Jason and Krissy, they should not be accusing Monte of being homophobic on a gut feeling if there is no solid proof. Now in my opinion, analyzing the actions and comments of that list, by far the worst is Jason, Krissy and Justins comments and behavior.

Franks fumes

I love this format and BB is almost always tilted to productions liking and it is usually predictable……so what is the issue?


It is pretty obvious, the twists are far too in favor of one player and his allies over the people he is not aligned with. The effect of this makes it exceptionally difficult for the people not on the right side of the twists from getting meaningful momentum in the game even if they are worthy of it and have deservedly earned it. The result being a season not as great as it has the potential to be.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I totally agree with you. Nothing against Jason but it isn’t fair to everyone else.


Only bigotry is coming from Jason & Kryssie’s side–Monte has only said that Jason is a vet and has an advantage. Listening to the way Justin talks about using women is disgusting, no matter how funny he is at times. Yes Monte is full of himself but so are Kryssie, Jason, Justin, Danielle & Scott.


I’m not saying anyone in the BB house is an angel and we are all attracted to different personality types. Kryssie and Scott both annoy me. Kryssie was the first to label Cornbread as a racist for using the phrase ‘jew down on the price’. Scott jumped on that bandwagon along with a lot of other people. Danielle does seem a little self absorbed at times and does seem to have problems bonding with the other girls but, to be fair, the other girls disliked her from the moment they walked in the house and Shelby even said that at least part of the reason she doesn’t like Danielle is because she is pretty. Jason is hysterical and entertaining at times but can also be very mean spirited which is why I did not root for him in season 17. Justin is crude. There is no denying that but, that type of thing doesn’t offend me. He is also an open book and does not pretend to be anything other than what he is. Do I think he would make good boyfriend material-hell no-but that’s why I wouldn’t choose to date someone like him. I do think he would make great friend material. The problem with Monte is that “Jason is a vet and has advantages” is NOT the only thing he has said. He has said things that border on the edge of being homophobic and he has had no problem putting the sexist and racist labels on other people. I suspect that if/when Monte is pushed into losing his temper (and I don’t think it would take much to push him) we will see and hear a lot of hateful and derogatory things coming from him. I get that Monte is conservative and, although I am definitely not, I can respect that aspect of his personality. However, it is possible to be conservative without being intolerant. So far Whitney has been able to be conservative and tolerant. Monte comes off as very intolerant and very judgmental.


Monte has also said how much he likes and respects Jason. This attack on Monte’s character last night crosses a line and is not cool gameplay at all. Kryssie is inciting hate and that’s wrong. Shelby was also wrong to blow the Justin exposure thing out of proportion. BB needs to step in and remind these people about the damage they can do to their housemate’s real lives with these comments. I can imagine if it had been Cornbread who stripped down in front of Dani, if she had said something about it, the whole world would have jumped to condemn him and support her. This game has become Over The Top political instead of what had the potential to be a great Big Brother season. I personally would like the late night crew to take a loss this week just to keep it interesting. Otherwise just write Jason the check – boring.


Your comment has the “hint” of a Canadian. I totally agree with what you are saying. This cast reminds me too much of the presidential race. A lot of crap thrown around and none of it is business. The big personalities will win out because of America’s voting. No game play or strategy needed here at all. While I do not care for Monte, I do feel sorry for him. He seems like a nice guy who is getting a really bad rap. Justin on the other hand is vulgar and rude, yet he is getting the star treatment from Jason and his “fans”.


Well said Saskfan, I agree 100%.


It was actual Justin that lost it today. He’s a hot head!


Danielle was very instrumental in getting the house to flip and vote out Cornbread. Maybe that’s what her plea should be to Kyrssie.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I think that would be a good strategy.


Noticing that Danielle doesn’t do touchy feely with Shane like he does with her. He likes her way more than she likes him. I smell a Natalie.

Amy in TX

James and Natalie are an official couple outside of the game now just to let you know. Check either of their Twitter accounts James Huling Natalie Negrotti.


You’re joking, right?

Yet Another Hillary Lie

So James really does have some game. Who knew?


I don’t particularly care for Monte either. I’m not really feeling any of the guys this season. Shane had some potential but changed when he got into a showmance. Justin at times is pretty funny but I can take him or leave him. Scott was trying to play both sides but got caught. That leaves Jason who I guess would be my favorite out of all the guys. Monte, however, is a number for the other side and right now they need the numbers because America seems to be on voting for anyone Jason’s side. I don’t think they should have brought back a vet when America has a huge impact on the game.

Danielle was instrumental in getting the house to flip to keep Kryssie. Maybe that should be her plea to keep her safe this week.


I love Alex, she is playing a great game. If she doesn’t win, she deserves to be in an all stars


I like Alex and am glad to see that she wants to be a player. But I certainly would not say that she is playing a great game. Her alliance with 3women could prove to be a winner, but to the other HGs , she comes across as ride or die with Monte, the #1 target. I understand she is using him as a shield, but she has made herslf the #2 target. This is not great gameplay. She also is seen as the one responsible for drawing a line down the middle of the house. Way to early in the game to bring this much heat on yourself.


The twists being so heavily in Jasons favor has forced the other side into having to win both HOH and veto each week just to be able to send one of Jasons team home – a ridiculous hurdle to have to overcome(there is a high chance the Americas 3rd nom twist will ruin the season).

Alex knows this so she is playing hard – she doesnt have the luxury of sitting around doing nothing and laying low – she also doesnt want to be a boring player, so i respect her for being entertaining and a good gamer, rather than going the safe, no balls, Scott route

This is Jasons 2nd season and I dont think he is good enough of a player to be on 3 times and having said that from what I have seen so far, Alex is the only one worthy enough in my opinion, from this seasons cast to come back and play another season, hopefully a proper summer regular BB season. She is gorgeous, strategic, good at comps, knowledgeable about the game, gives good DRs, has energy and is likeable. Everything you could want in a strong female player. She is good tv(or this season – good internet)

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Alex has game.


I hate it when alliances (and I use the term loosely here) turn on each other before they need to. That’s what happened this past season which is why I had a hard time picking a favorite and sticking to it. I am getting a feel for certain duos that seem to be loyal. As for the alliances, I refer to them as team Monte and team Jason, I don’t know who has real loyalty. On an individual basis there are people I like/dislike from each side. On a team level I am rooting for team Jason. Team Monte has HOH but, until America’s nominee is announced, there was no reason for team Jason to panic. As long as someone from team Monte was OTB and did not get taken down with the POV, team Jason plus America’s vote would have controlled who was evicted. Panic leads to people turning on each other. That’s what is happening right now with Justin and Jason seeming to no longer trust Shane. Yes, it may look shady to them that Shane and Danielle are trying so hard to stay safe but, like I said, after America’s nominee is announced, Alex’s nominations may not matter. Paranoia and panic lead to distrust which leads to people turning on each other and could very possibly lead to them voting out a member of their own team which is often the beginning of the end. It sucks that Justin and Jason are so sure they can’t trust Shane because Shane made it clear in his DR that his loyalty would definitely be to J and J over Monte.


To me, America so easily being able to rickroll somebodys HOH is an unnecessary twist. It majorly devalues winning HOH. All my votes for 3rd nom this season will be going to the person being on the block as third nominee that will most help each and every HOH winner be able to send home one of the HOH nominees/targets, as I am totally against this twist, and feel the HOH is fully deserving of having one of their noms go home rather than America rickrolling the HOH, with one of the HOHs side going home. I dont think production have quite realized how much damage this twist could do to this potentially great season.

Sad But True

The HoH is still safe from going home and safe from becoming a have not. The third nominee is announced before the veto competition so that person always has the chance to save themselves and won’t be in the position of being backdoored. With so many lives on the line, this will also cut down on how many competitions get thrown which has been getting a bit out of hand in recent seasons.


Regarding throwing comps, you realize that Jasons side could throw every HOH and still send someone from the other side home depending on the result of the veto? Being HOH should have more perks than just safety, food and bed. In my opinion, targets of the HOH getting saved and instead someone from the HOHs side going home is not Big Brother. No matter who wins HOH, my 3rd nom vote will be carefully considered to respect the HOH noms.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I agree about the HOH losing people from his side. That is a very good point.


Things are about to blow between Monte and Justin, yikes!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

It will be fun to watch though.


For entertainment and drama I would like to see Monte stay for a while so the Monte and Justin rivalry continues.

Hillary Lies Matter

Jason is really working it for the cameras. Just another reason why a vet has an advantage.

Lying Hillary Pleads the Fifth

My vote is for Kryssie this week.